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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 27 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - November 27, 1879, Reno, Nevada Vol. 3. Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday november 27, 1879. No. 34. Reno weekly Gazette published every thursday by it. Tbbm3 or 8i-d90bi1tion Dally Ono year by weekly Ono your by mall. Daily delivered by Carrier in Heno it 23 cent pet week. The Gazek has twice a Large circulation As any other paper i Washoe county. Silence it is an excellent advertising medium. Samuel h. Col. Samuel h. Fulton an Uncle o the editor of this paper last Friday in Carson. Tha was his old enemy rheumatism of Thi heart. Col. Fulton was about 64 years of age and a native of North Ireland. To Cirne to America ovo forty years ago living in Philadelphia for Many years where he made and lost Large Suras of Money in Trade at one time he had a very Large stationery store on Clie snut Street by his generous habits prevented any permanent accumulations. He mad and lost a Fortune during the Oil sex Citera ent in Pennsylvania. He was always a noted traveler and his read wit and Liberal education made him u valued correspondent. Lie represent cd several leading papers at the Vienna exposition and took a great Delight in views paper work. The is indebted to him for the very interesting Carson letters which have appeared o late. He leaves a wife Yand four children two sons and two daughters who reside in the City of Philadelphia the colonel won his title by Liard work on nov. C in in s Slaff during the War. He was remarkably Youthful n appearance and but for his Gray hair would have passed Easly for a Man of thirty. He belonged to a very Long lived , and gave Peru a o to reach the ago of his parents who both lived to a Hundred. The three new Bonanza. Col. Diane s lecture Drew in crowd sit Union Hall in Sun Francisco thurs Day. Kearney was there and made an attempt to capture the meeting be fore u had Boon culled to order but he was. Clubbed into submission with his followers and marched off to jail As lie deserved. Deano addressed the audience denouncing at great length j. C. Flood and the Bonanza firm for their corrupt management of the Comstock Ninea. He asserted existence of three Bonanza on the Comstock nod that they were kept secret and undeveloped to suit their own purposes. He declared that there is a Bonanza in the Ophir extending into the mex ican probably into the Union and perhaps into the Sierra Nevada. This Bonanza Deane asserted was discovered on the 2200 level of the mexican two years ago but that the develop ment in the Sierra Nevada was a sur prise to the Bonanza firm. There is another Bonanza according to Demic on the 3200 level of the Hale Norcross. This one he claimed had been known to flood and his partners for four years. The third Bonanza he located indefinitely in the yellow jacket. Daue in closing called upon the brokers to form a combination Strong enough to fight the Bonanza firm and break their control of the Market. He did not rec common any one to buy Stock in any of the mine to flood would now do All to could to ruin those who invested in them on the strength of Donne s representations. The new York Sun in com menting upon the remark of a con temporary that Sam Tilden is politic ally says this seems to be True and it May even More safely be stated that the democratic Purly seems to be politically finished Indian Justice. The Carson Appeal of Friday had a Good article under above head ing. Having read it several time and admired the striking contrast draws Between red Devil Justice am the Legal procedure of the Whites we concluded to give our Reader the Benefit of the following portion it is common to speak of the Indian As a Lawless set a glance at thai methods of dealing with criminal will readily convince one of the fact that in matters of solid Justice thei code is Superior to ours. The White May have More Law Plum the indians which makes Justice More respected with them than us. It might be Good thing for the Whites to be As Lawless As the reds. In an Indian court nothing but the solid facts of the cose Are taken into consideration by the tribunal. The sheriff docs nol go round looking for a jury that Wil stand in with his Friend. Every mom Ber of the tribe is on the jury. There is no change of venue no stay of proceedings no objecting to any sort o testimony which helps to throw Light on the Case no Appeal no motions for a new trial no challenging no Pica of Infinity no Pardon no i Prieve no stay of execution. The guilty Man has no Chance on Earth to escape. If a murderer to is taken out the Day after the trial and shot a Squaw who is unfaithful to her husband is burned at the stake or stoned to death. A Pituc or a Vav shoe who takes indecent liberties with a female is buried up to his neck in the ground and the coyotes invited to make a supper off his head. Thieves Are ignominiously kicked out of Camp and wander for the balance of their lives among the Hills homeless and friendless wretches 1 what a havoc the Laws of these Lawless people would make in our society. There would not be a dozen men roving around in every town with blood upon their hands and pronoun cell stainless by a july. The wolves of the Sagebrush would fatten off the deals Sot out daily and the forests would to peopled with Bank presi dents dishonest Stock brokers and Scallywag mining manipulators. There would also to some Cre Kiji Tobias notes the Glass Hopper we direct the attention of our read ers to the series of very valuable Arti Iles on the Locust plague which we Are republishing from the Sacramento record Union. They Are from the 3en of professor j. G. Leinon Are thoroughly scientific and highly in resting. Our Farmers would do Well o real them carefully and from their Irusal May derive hints that would Rove of the utmost practical value. The Grasshopper trouble is most ser Ous for the Farmers of this Region and by information that can be gained in Rogart to the habits and nature of the insects should prove valuable. The tic la on the first Page of this numer of the Gazette is mainly devoted o a detailed account of the ravages commit cd by the locusts in Sierra Valley. Bodie news publishes a of ,11 the deaths that have taken place a Bodie from oct 80, to nov 17, in elusive. The list is signed by ii. Vard undertaker and is no doubt or rect. In that period there were Lino teen deaths of which four were rom causes Ether than pneumonia. O it appears that the mortality from pneumonia in Bodio has been much exaggerated or else the death rate As greatly declined during the past fortnight. The statute of general Thomas was no oiled yesterday in Washington. Nearly All the officers of the govern sent were in attendance and the cer monies were very impressive. Horsemen Are somewhat impatient to hear the result of St. Julian s Trot against time which was postpone last saturday of account of the Vorabo condition of the truck. N Day has been fixed for the trial o Speed but it is understood that is Julian will make the attempt to Bra his own Best time of As soon he can to got in perfect condition the track is now All right but Owin to unfavourable weather recently the horse has not been Able to Tonko the necessary preliminary training the deferred Trot is however Likely t come off Early next week should the weather continue Fine. Agreed with the Clergyman that it was a serious Case and locked up the crazy Man. Bob Pixley has been in the Ophi Mike. That settles it. Here every body has been wanting to know wha in Thunder was the matter with the Murk it and the mystery is Bob Pixley has been in tha mine people who Are interested in the Wel fare of the Stock Market wish that or Pixley would stay out of the mines Evcic time he goes under ground Val us go to smash. Look out for a Tum ble in report. It sounds silly to hear such Power attributed to a Man who Only few yours ago was ,1 poor Ticle Griph opera Tor and who knows As much Aboul mines now As he did then. The commissioner of Indian affairs has published his annual report show id that in the year 1879 the indians not including the civilized tribes of the Indian territory cultivated 056 acres of land and had broken 131 acres. The number of acres cultivated by the five civilized tribes was the commission r advocates As the Only sure any to and Vance civilization among the that each family be Given 100 acres of land secured by government Patent. Lie also urges the enactment of a Bill extending the u. S. Criminal Laws Over the Indian reservation. An old gentleman in Massachusetts Lias been going about in Hie bitter cold weather very thinly Clad in order to punish himself for the sins of his youth. It would not be Safe for vet ran nevadans to attempt to expiate their sins in that Way. If they should commence to atone by refrigeration for the sins committed in their Man Lwood the most of them would be Frozen to death Long before they could get Down to the sins of their youth. G. H. Hirsch Backer had lighted the use for a blast in the Bottom of a mining Shaft near Nevada City the other Day and being drawn to the surface when the rope broke and he Ell. He wag severely injured and Al most stunned but yet he had the presence of mind and the nerve to crawl to the buining fuse and pull it rom the charge of powder thus saving his life. From the annual report of Tho superintendent of Public instruction in. California just published we learn that that state has schools with in attendance of in percent age of average attendance on school population California stands ninth among the states the highest being Massachusetts with 72.75, Anil the Wost Louisiana with 10.03. Otto Greenhood late of the Carson Appeal has now in press a novel entitled at the Book will e issued by the Argonaut publishing company of Sun Francisco. During he time of his connection with the Appeal or. Greenhood obtained considerable local celebrity for1 his pow is of invention and description and we have no doubt that his Book will fulfil the expectations of his friends. The people of Bloomington ind Ana used to laugh at a resident who inc cd himself a dog and barked to the passers by. But when he be Day rushed out of his House and it a Baptist minister in the leg they the Truckee Republican has jus began Iti ninth volume. It is a prosperous paper and is constantly extend ing its circulation. The Republican i exceedingly Well edited and deserve the Success it has obtained. C. F Mcglashan is now the sole editor an proprietor. A recent decision by judge freely of san Francisco declares that the courts will not interfere to compe secret societies to Grant benefits to their members. It establishes that a benevolent society May Debar any o its members from the enjoyment o customary benefits without dread o judicial interference. The dreadful Snake. Awful dentil of n fee punt child mar in Midi lil. The Ward reflex states that sixty Good citizens of White Pine county have subscribed a fund for a. Loyt sex publisher of the Cherry creek77ide pendent. The Money is to be used in defraying the expenses of the be suit brought against Loyt by senator . Comins of White Pino. The Complete vote of Massachusetts stands As follows Long 123, 007 Butler Adams Eddy or Long s plurality is prof. Richard a. Proctor predicts a Brilliant display of meteors on nov 27, thanksgiving night. He is not absolutely certain but feels pretty sure of it. It up Prius that the Tion Are not yet ended. Three russian peasants have recently been tried and Nond guilty of burning a Witch to death. Our morning contemporary the n Elia do sme journal entered upon to Lith volume and year saturday. Tha proprietor is determined to main Tain a total eclipse of the Sun will take place on january 11, at 2_ p. M., via ble on the Pacific const and in Bodie. J. E. Baker has transferred his pen com the Bodie news to the Standard. Governor Cornell of new York is an expert Telegraph operator. Congress meets on monday dec. 1. The Colton Tau Topaum. S. P. Poet. The widow of the late general d. Colton is having a mausoleum Erec de in his Honor which will Cost about and will take eighteen months o Complete. The work in plan a corinthian Chapel and is a Minia Urc copy of the Colton mansion the Ronze doors ornamented with mural designs Are now being cast in Munich. Tho Interior is highly artistic and elaborate in design. Subdued lights n Rich and harmonious colors Are admitted through a Beautiful memorial window a tribute of to Flection from Lis daughter mrs. Cook. Over the intr Aace in n panel is the Monogram d. D. Which forget me was and lillies Are gracefully festoon id. On Tho frieze of Tho pediment in Alto the family name Colton linked by four Immortelle wreaths Chapel is Twenty feet Square and feet High made entirety of Levae Cioni Marble and was designed v mrs. Colton. Coat of the Intro Tunnel prom the Gold Hill news. In his lecture before the Bullion Lub of new York a few Days ago Leolun Sutro stated that Tho Cost of in Sutro t Jonnel was about 00, Aud the accumulated interest on Jis sum now amounted to about nearly hich is the total Cost of the work so a. A cat in the Cri Ulta. A three year old child of George Usener of Hicksville Long Island while sleeping in its crib recently was mothered to death by the family cat. Animal was found icing asleep Cross Fie face of the child. From the London Telegram. One of the most intrepid wild Beas tamers in Europe Karolyi a Maya of colossal stature and extraordinary physical strength has recently Fulle a victim to the dread contingency o his perilous profession. He was per forming before u crowded audience in Madrid the one of his sensational feats consisted it allowing a huge Ove Twenty feet in length to enfold i body in its tremendous Whei suddenly a pict cing cry escaped him which was greeted by the Public with a round of applause under the supposition that its utter ecu constitute cd part of the performance. It proved however to a the outcome of a Strong Man s death agony. Tho Gigantic Snake had tightened its coils am crushed poor Karolyi s life out of him with one terrific squeeze. As his head fell Back and his eyes became fixed in a Glassy stare the plaudits died away and were succeeded by the stillness of utter consternation. The shake and its lifeless victim swayed for a second or two of inexpressible horror and then toppled Over on the boards of the stage but the Boa did not in the least a club his Hole on the Corpse which remained for More than an hour imprisoned in its hideous Thra Dom nobody daring to approach the Lithe monster of whose Powers such appalling proof had been Given. At length it occurred to one of Karolyi s attendants to place Botlol milk in a Cage in sight of the mighty Serpent which slowly unwound Itsell from the Send body and glided into its Den irresistibly tempted thereto by its favorite Dainty. A Post mor tem examination of the unfortunate athlete s remains discovered no less than 87 fractures of his Bones effected by the constriction of the Serpent s coils. His death must have been almost instantaneous As the spine was Dis articulated in several places. Expenses of the government. Pacific coast items. Of amount required for 1880, the estimates of the amounts re paired for the expenditure under the War department for 1880 Aggregates for Public works of a Riou kinds for military establishment for River and Arbor improvements for sea const fortifications for buildings in and around Washington the Cost of the naval establishment is estimated at 148 for Indian service or foreign Intercourse or salaries and expenses of collectors of the internal Revenue for expenses of the mints and assay offices for salaries and expenses of the Treasury department proper for the Interior depart nent proper for the de Init in the postal revenues 00 for construction of new Light houses beacons and fog signals Sooj for new government buildings throughout the country or judicial salaries and expense of courts for salaries and expenses of he two houses of Congress about for Sal Erieg of the president and vice president and expenses of executive office for Ripen Eso the tenth census Phe grand aggregate of estimates is the total amount a Iro Priatno by Congress for the current fiscal year which in lured for arrears of pen ions and about for the Dis Rich of Columbia. No estimates for Ither of these purposes Are submitted n the Book of eat inmates this year. In thin True about the Jersey girls Froia Trio Ada Coln Momna he Jersey girl is constructed on a Iberal scale. Her heart is in the right and is big and generous. So ire her feet. Her single looks like he Are of a parabola. Her shoes Are built ont of doors. It is hard for a foreigner to dance with the Jersey girl an 1 Dodge her feet at the same Ime. A Waltz with a Jersey girl us to be danced strictly on the go plan. A Box stall costing ims just een., finished in the stable of Baron Rothschild of Vienna for his favorite Torso. Ithe stable proper has in Aible oors tiles painted by Dia Ingn shed artists ring chains Aud rain traps of Silver and the Walls re frescoes with Hunting scenes. This building Cost marriage is epidemic in Carson the Appeal says. Fighting with fists is common in Mammoth City. Very cold at Sacramento Wonch Day degrees below Fram ing Point. Two men have been arrested at los Angeles for passing counterfeit pieces. The Honey crop of Sun Diego county this year was pounds or 1037 tons. Some enemy of a Minnesota saw Mill owner drove spikes into the logs so that Worth of saws wore spoiled. Robert Atkinson of Redwood City died suddenly from a nip turn of the diaphragm onus cd by a Strain and Over exertion in lifting Bales of Hay. Fred Ficke of Santa Rosalia an. Apple tree that has borne fruit twice this year also several Tob Cert plants which have seeded twice in the same time. An Oregon teacher miss voc uni. Has taken up up a Lan-1 claim fenced it built a House and raised this year 613 bushels of Grain besides teaching her school. The parisian dinner hour grows in hour later every Twenty years. Now and consequently the Thea tres Are allowed to keep open till instead of 13 As formic by. Napolian v. And his wife princes Clotilde have made up their quarrel anal she has consented to return to Paris and live with him this Winter. Her brother Tho King of Italy advised her to this course. The Reading room of the British museum contains three Miles of Book cases eight feet High. The dome from whence the electric Light irradiated the vast room is next to that of the pantheon at Rome the largest extant. Ditches Are dug alongside Tho Iron Mountain and Southern Railroad three feet wide two deep by Means of an enormous plough which is drawn by a locomotive. This machine does the work to a thousand men. Says the Sacramento Bee the Lucka Sentinel Heads an item the i lint made to this is u mis Ako. Every person who knows is fully aware hat i should read made to Sec the e. P. Farnham has been engaged in dining on the North Fork of Feather Iver about live Miles from the Moun Ain House for three months past. Be Day Host week to turned Over a would or and realized Over from he Earth beneath it. The male members of the a conk tar showed no jealousy when miss Dannie Smith was admitted to prac ice. The presiding judge descended rom the Bench to shake hands with or and the lawyers subsequently rave her a banquet. Ahyun who was shot by one of his countrymen a qui in a quarrel about a dog of Squirrel Creek no county on sunday died of his wounds on tuesday. A qui the Hoot St who has been a Fri t peddle t Nevada City during the past sum Mer has disappeared Ami no truce of in can be obtained. Criminal a special dispatch from Sherman exas says w. , one of he wealthiest and most prominent citizens of that place suicide last Light by taking morphine. Tho cause s said to be a criminal intimacy Between his wife one of the most Beautiful women in Sheraton and lev. Conrad Hancy Odo of the most eloquent ministers in Texas he City is said to be greatly excited the affair and threats against lie personal safety of the saintly reducer have been made. A bad breaking ont. The eruption from which the Sun was lately reported to be suffering would appear to be for he astronomers now announce that Kipiler is afflicted by a pimple. It is a Large As the continent of Europe and of a splendid von nillion color. It s situated on his uppermost extreme u differential Mode probably f saying the top of his majesty s Ead Aud is of an Oval form appear no attached to the planet vol the Fine fetes in Honor of the Oyal nuptials Are to be abandoned in Spain and the Money they would have goes to mitigate the miseries of lie inn Biront ruined by the floods. News paper news paper

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