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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 22 1883, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - November 22, 1883, Reno, NevadaVol. 8. County. Nevada. Thursday november 22, 1883. No. 31. Reno weekly Gazette published every thursday by k. L. Fulton proprietor alien c. Brabo business number. Rvte.4 or subscription Dally Onn your by mail .j8 00 weekly one year by mall 2 50 by Currier per week to All parti or Reno. 25 Bates of advertising Nelly Ono month Ono Square so weekly one Ganare. 100 this includes Bot i Legal and Commer Cial Mabby ch.h1stmas. To everyone who his old a ascription account or makes a new one Between now and Christ Mas we will give As a Premium the Continental Magazine a hand illustrated journal published monthly. This applies to both daily and weekly but not to club the of an English author g. B. Stark weather thinks he has discovered a treat Law of of which the London athenaeum gives this sum Mary h the husband is Superior to the wife the family Wilt consist mostly of girls and vice versa. Dark complexion is Superior to Light dark plants and Trees Are the most Hardy and dark horses Are the Best. A Square forehead and prominent veins Aie a Large prominent Pye which Indi Cates conversational is the reverse. But the Best indication of superiority is a Large and prominent nose roman or aquiline full a third the Leneth of the face. Philosophers lawyers editors poets literary men and brain workers generally have a Large excess of daughters. Wine merchants Tav Ern keepers Small retail dealers orators physicians and musicians have a Propen Eranee of boys. Clergymen appear just to struggle through the ordeal without incur ring the stigma of inferiority be ing equally intelligent sober and moral with their wives and producing an equal number of boys and girls. Of course fur the stability of the new Law it becomes necessary to dhow that musicians medical men and orators Are inferior. Accordingly the Fust Are Lymphatic the second Are made rather than born to their profession and the most dieting wished As an exception have Large families of and Mere Public speakers do not possess the highest order of faculties or while in most of them the base of the brain will be found to predominate Over the Superior meteors. This is an interesting Seison of the year for astrenmers.1 there1 have been a number of november meteoric displays which have been among the most remarkable Phenomena Ever seen on the Globe. The scientific american makes a summary of the most remarkable instances in the year 599, on the last Day of in Harrym wars hot hither and thither and flew against each Oiler like swarm of locusts this Phonon Noii Rastert until Daybreak people wore thrown into consternation Ana made Rippli ration to the most High was Nover like seen except on hip coming of the messenger of god on whom be Benediction and Pence. In 1799 a Meboldt then travelling in the Andes saw before Sunrise thousands of Meta Ore in the space of four hours leaving a track behind them Iron five to degrees in length Many of them having a nucleus As Brif Futas Jupiter. In there was a Shower marked by grandeur and Sublimity. The meteor passed Over the heavens like flakes o Snow and according to Arago s Esti mation two Hundred and forty thou Sand of them fell m Threa hours As seen from his place of observation. In 1866 the latest Shower was seen in Europe and a portion of it was seen in America in 1807, the next Shower is due in 1899, and is eagerly Antiopi in the that it will confirm several to florios based upon Pio sout and previous observation. So beces8. Monday night professor Joseph lectured before the Young men s Christian association of san Francisco on the influence of darwinism on philosophy and be the lecturer stated that in 1802, when the matter of darwinism was first taken up the Public were not sufficiently enlightened upon the subject to thoroughly understand it. The succession of animals is like unto the construction of a building. The lecturer that everything in science that has been discovered in the last Hundred years tends to Point to Ward darwinism. The lecturer that Man has reached his perfect state by gradual transformation and evolution. Take the said the lecturer he has now three toes in his Hoof. Go Back and you will find that he had five toes thus showing that he sprang from a five toed ancestor. There will be a greater change in Man which is imminent that will bring out his religious nature. It is reported that a or. Freire has successfully inoculated five per Bous with yellow fever germs and the people so treated had the Dis ease but Bililly. The germs were attenuated by frequent trans Plantation in gelatine. Aud yet it cannot be determined whether the inoculated Are proof against further attack and this can Only be Learned by observation and experience. A new York paper growing jubilant Over this discovery asks Whethe consumption could not be similar la treated and prophecies that the Day is not far Distant when contagious diseases will lose for suffering humanity much of their terror notes. Truth says it would seem according to ail reports that the time has arrived for Nevada to Plant the red Flag of one of her lofty peaks and ring the Bell for an auction. Her population is now Down to Aud decreasing at a rapid rate. Her citizens Are beginning to make fire Wood of tie Large and costly building erected at Gold Hill and Virginia City. We move an amendment to the Constitution that will enable Hon. James g. Fair to possess himself at Cost Price of so much of the state As is not already under his control. The Cologne Gazette referring to the hostile articles of the French press in regard to the German Crown princes visit to Spain especially alludes to an article in the Paris nationals which be says is plainly intended to incite the Span ish republicans to commit revolution. In answer to Spain s recep Tion of the German Crown Prince the correspondent Money has been sent Barcelona from France for this object. At a session of the american Public health association a Large number of papers was read. One was on the removal of Able matter from it advocated the system now practice by the new York Board of Heally one paper on overhead ventilation of sewers recommended the Ems Hon of separate pipes from sewers to and above the loot s of houses. The the Reno Gazette Are the Only two papers in Nevada that pay for the full Pacific coast and Eastern Day press report. We invite a comparison of our telegraphic columns both for fullness and freshness with any evening paper on the coast. The first counterfeit postal notch their appearance. They re badly executed As Auy engraver lithographer or Printer can readily detect them. The scroll work on tie counterfeits cannot begin to compare with that of the genuine note. Judging from the steadily in creasing number of immigrants added of the Pacific coast from Japan it California paper predicts hat the government will in a few years be called upon to Deal with he japanese As it has with the chinese. The new York Bible House re ports that not a single copy of the revised new testament Lias been sold in four months. The Eureka sentinels report is to Start again. The Leader and Bodie free press found it so Dull they had to quit. Wadsworth school Jetport. Report of Wadsworth school for month ending november 10, 1883. Number of girls enrolled 22 num Ber of boys enrolled 33 total 55 average number belonging 53 aver age attendance 49 percentage of attendance following is the Roll of Honor Maud Johnson Thomas Smith Lottie Gladding George Watson Jessie Mcpherson Roy Lewis Walter Mcpherson Eddie go Wop. Iff. A. Hammel teacher. What a educator has to soy about it. Editor last saturday s if Csc of the Gazette contained an item concerning the no recess plan which exactly coincides with my ideas on the subject and i there fore White to you expressive of my Hearty approval pertaining thereto. Many times while in school Ponder ing Over some method by which the insubordination of disobedient scholars could be restrained i have thought that if they were deprived of recesses it would be a much easier task to govern them and hence the discipline of the school would greatly improved. Finally i put it to a test and find that it works admirably. Among some of the a vantages which Are commendable in Envor of no recess Are 1. No interruption in the course of the Day s study thereby getting the full sense and Benefit of what they Are studying. 2. Not being absorbed in their games Over which they sometimes become very much us cite a the pupils Aie More Atten Tive to their studies. 3. The teacher can have better control Over them As they Are constantly under his vigilant care. 4.1 the scholars not Settius Over heated and excited their games Are not liable to Uptou. Cold which fact is often the Case resulting in diphtheria or some Kindred disease which oftentimes ends in death. 5. Having no re Cess the tendency for using profane and vulgar language will be diminished considerably for the excite ment of their games often leads to its use. A no Chance to steal away to smoke cigarettes no Quad reling nor lighting As is always the Case. 7. Finally As a result they will learn More in the course of a term. In fact the general statues if tile school will become better. Now the reverse is mostly the Case. Every school contains some vicious or hours who Are unceasing in their efforts to contaminate others with their corrupting influences. What the opportunities for doing evil Are less frequent the Tei option being the scholars do not become a co Tomeil to use vulgar and profane their minds will become More elevated and a pure sense of delicate refinement will permeate their thoughts. Contact with the wicked often vitiate the mind and blunts i in sensibilities. If the time Given to rat Ess every Day were de voted to a Short lecture on Good morals and manners or if the time we rec pied in Cales Thi Iii exercises 111 my opinion it would have a decide i salutary of text upon the character of the school and hence the morale of the rising generation would be beef lated. The change would be noticeable in the course of a Tei m. A trial is sufficient to con Vince anyone of its superiority Over the present antiquated syst Etc Wlinich dates Back to our forefathers. It May appear strange to Tome that the i a Tom be abolished now after it has stood so Long but education like everything else in this age of progression is constantly advancing upward Auu outward Aud when we As , see or hear of a new method of improving our schools i think we would be direct of oui duty did we not give it a trial if Farmers were to follow in the foot prints of their forefathers they would Cut their Hay and Grain with the old fashioned sickle or a scythe Aud they would thresh their Gram with the Man killing Flat. I would like to hear from some of our porn neut educators month sub sect Foi i think it is one of vital importance to our schools and which greatly interests the teacher and patrons. Respectfully yours Franktown nov. 12, 1883. What the think of the county internment. Both at Home and abroad the fact is becoming recognized that Washoe county is As Well if not better governed arid its affairs As economically administered As those of any other county in the state. There Ness like air about the court House that is quite reassuring to the tax payers who have to foot the Bills. A Friend of judge Boardman said Fflint he really had been agreeably surprised himself to find How persistent he win working steadily and carefully to keep the docket Well cleared up arid to decide Points on their Merit. There has been no trifling anywhere. He has made the court respected. He is a patient Man Aud listens to All sides and still he has a mind of Liis own and decides firmly when the Point reached. In sheriff Emmitt the county made a very excellent Choice for sheriff. In fact there was no room for a bad Choice for or. Flint would have made a Good officer Aud the Only thing that beat him was democratic politics in a Republican county. Or. Pm Mitt has Good subordinates and is making an effective and clean administration. Or. Mclnnis is a thorough going officer and so is Dan Pine. County clerk r. S. Osburn is a no. 1 official Aud in rising above party lines and giving him credit for his Clese attention to his duties no one can complain. His Deputy or. Knox is a Good lawyer and a very capable map in any place. J. B. Williams has written his own reputation in years of the most faithful service that any Man Ever gave to Washoe county. He is a demo crat but he is also an obliging careful and courteous officer Llie Iron Box has a Small but Iron a jul v. Bull dog in the person of Dan Boyd. No one has any fears of Dan being As Long As the door stays on its Hin area. The county has a better Bond than any that friends can hive in jigs own honest nature. J. F. Alexander is ably sustaining his rep Latsiou As a talented Young Man. He made a big Mark for himself and the county out of the Coombs murder Case. Father Fogus is giving careful attention to his duties As chairman of the Board and his Long experience in is own business makes him very capable. Joe Frey is Al ways on hand also and after look ins on Alt sides of every question settles Down pretty near right. Or. Sawyer is As careful of the county business As he is of his own and is an Good a commissioner As could have been picked out. An old timer a Gold piece of the private coinage of Moffatt co., issued in 1850, when was scarce in Cali fornia and it was Only with difficulty the Miner could get sufficient to Gamble with was taken at the tax collector s office at Han fran Cisco on tuesday. The Call says it is not often that these coins Are found in circulation now although in Early Days they were hailed with pleasure As a medium of circulation. Upon the fillet or band encircling the head of the goddess of Liberty is stamped Moffatt instead of As a pith the National Coin. Upon tb.3 obverse and encircling the is 8. M. California Gold five dollars. The Tient Lymun Jack of the Pacific coast at in the Mill. Bolton the Man arrested in san Francisco the other Day supposed to be Black the Highway Man has been one of the most successful stage robbers Ever on this coast. For years he has paid his compliments to Wehs Fargo co. Whenever he needed a few dollars and in every instance he was successful. Bart h invitation to pass Down the Box was a i ways promptly accepted when he would break it open take what Money Aud other valuables it contained and strike out but not before leaving some thing to show that Black Bart was the Workman. To would Gener ally write something on a Way Bill for instance atone ume after Rob Bing a stage near Cha to be wrote on a slip of yours respect fully b. At another time he wrote the following on the mar Gin of a Way Bill Aud left it in the rifled Box Here i Lay we Down to sleep to wait Tuo coming Morrow perhaps Success perhaps defeat and everlasting sorrow i be Laboured Long and hard for bread for Honor and Tor but on my corns too Long you be tred you Fine haired of let come what will i la try it of my condition can t be and if there s Money in that Box Saunny in my purse Black Bart whenever Bart commanded a halt he was obeyed but he was always very polite especially to ladies. H would never any of the pay Segera but confined his operations to Wells Fargo s treasure. He always dressed the same Wear lug it White Slouch hat Linen Duste Raud disguised himself by drawing a hour sack Over his head. Detective Hume has been chasing him up for everal years past and has probably Ost More sleep thinking about Black Bart than any Otner one criminal. Oui Bart will most Likely go to Quentin for a Loog period. Cask. Jbell Corv not Good morals. On a ranch near Petaluma is an animal that is unmistakably a Cross Between a California Brown or Cin Namon Bear and a dog. It was caught when Young in the mountains near Salinas fourteen years ago and has been kept by its pres ent owner Ever since. The says of it in color and appearance when laying Down it would be taken for a Bear but when standing the dog Cross i plainly visible. The head and Tail show the Bruin and the feet Are about half Bear and half dog except the Crook of the Hind leg which is longer and More dog like. His habits Are More of the Bear order being morose and sulky and during the Winter inclined to sleep and is ugly when disturbed. His bark is that of a Newfoundland dog while his growl is that of a Bear. Altogether it is a singular beast and an Arian a Cross that we never suspected existed. A Tezy fall. A Carpenter at work on the c. P. Shops at Wadsworth fell from a 25 foot scaffolding Friday evening. He lighted upon his feet and miraculously escaped without breaking any Bones. Or. Bergman called to Wadsworth but when he arrived there he found the Man All right with the exception of a few severe bruises. The excursion. Several lodges of k. Of p., in California have organized the California club to go to new Orleans in april next. The club has sent of a circular containing information interesting to anyone who May con template going on the excursion they calculate the expenses of the trip from san Francisco and return As follows fare to new Orleans and return sleeping berth meals at stations seven Days in new Orleans say total the stay in new Orleans will Likely Cost 50 per Day. Truckee troubles. Truckee has had a Little unpleasantness with a gang of tramps. Two of the gang had been arrested and locked up in the jail charged with Petty larceny they were liberated by their pals and were subsequently re arrested after they had thumped a Constable Over the head with a Sand bag and shot at him a time or two. The says the town has More tramps opium fiends. Bumm trs and Blanket men thai All the other towns in Nevada county combined. _ the Holmes Belle wednesday to the taking of testimony of witnesses on the history of the location of those famous mines at Candelaria. Maps and charts of great size show ing various details were exhibited in the court room for the illustrating of the testimony As delivered by the witnesses. Or. Gar sides the Surveyor was on the stand yesterday afternoon. Or. Holmes has concluded his testimony. Blk i men s troubles. A gentleman of Long acquaintance a san Francisco said thursday that the Best Protection City Mil Bonaire should have from blackmail ing women was the strict enforce it it of the License Law. He thinks there should be no marriage held to be Legal unless the county clerk has issued a regular License to the parties ind put it of record. Batchelor millionaires and widowers Are Black mailed to such an extent that in has built up a profession among repossessing and educated women who have lost All Hopes of having Homes of their own and Are ready to take in any adventure that comes in their Way. The late Thomas h. Blythe had several such experiences and now a son turns up in in Glanert. We. Barren always used to take a receipt from All his servants every time he paid them off. Each had to sign her name housekeeper Pooh Etc Michael Keese after one or two lessons adopted the Rule of never seeing a woman except in the presence of his clerk. Ben. Butler is said to practice the same Pescau Tion. Others use different Means of Protection All except or. Sharon who seems to use none at All. A detective making a Deal trouble on the Boad. Tuesday night a fellow made raid on the stage horses at Fefe eight mile House on the Pyramid Road. The Hostler heard a running about and got up what the matter was when found one of the stage horses Buck ing about with a pair of blankets tied to the Saddle and a lot of Ginger crackers in a sack dangling by Side. He also saw a Man Riding another horse Down the Road. Mounted the Loose horse and took after the thief when the latter finding himself Aud took to the Brush. The Hostler caught the other horse and returned the two to the stable. The Sama fellow came to town yesterday and hired a horse at Hymers stable to go to Francisco s place paying Tea Bill in Advance. He claimed to a detective searching for a Maizc. Who committed a murder at Canyon City Oregon. He Rode to Pyramid yesterday Aud put up at John Hymers place. During night he got up stole a part of a. Sack of Barley and another stage horse and made off with the the one hired from Hymers Here Ami the stage company s horse. Sherier Emmitt left thursday in pursue lot the thief. Deserting the old Camp. Uncle Joe Gray and family going to leave Truckee. Or. Gray has purchased the Fine residence of George Sacramento and will remove there with family As soon As possible. Mrs. Gray and son Joe Stai Ted for Sacra mento in a buggy monday morn ing. Mrs. Gray will return the latter part of the week Aud As soon As they can pack up will take their departure for the capital City. Or. Gray a is the oldest family in Luckee. The Republican says came Here before the town iad a name b built the old lost House which now stands on the Corner of Bridge and second streets and Dur ing the flush times of Washoe kept a stage station. He was one of pioneers in the lumber business Liere. By strict attention to Busi Ness Uncle Joe has amassed a considerable Fortune and now seeks a More congenial climate to enjoy it. Frucce loses one of its first and Best families and Sacramento society gains a valuable acquisition. Bead. The supervisors have abolished All tolls on county roads in Plum a. They also bought the Boblin Bod toll Roa i for Beno s Loral expert. A Large Lump of Liverpool Salt at Martin Augustine s wednesday attracted much attention. Julien thought it was very Rich and said 100 tons would be All he would ask for he thought Gold predominated. Dean said it was Good looking Rock. Bill Anderson thought the Cotton Wood miners had been amply repaid for their years of toil since a ledge containing such Rich Quartz had been found. All the local looked at the specimen and were All Liberal with their opinions until someone in trying to find the Fine tasted the Sample and pronounced it paying off. Paymaster major Cox and clerk arrived from Bidwell wednesday in route to forts Hallock and me Dermitt on a paying off trip. Major Cox la another Friend of Reno. He says this place is the Best Point on the line of the Railroad for a military Post and is strongly in favor of the establishment of a ten company Post Here. Kali Road the v. T. Road has reduced wheat rates from Carson to Reno to 50 per ton. The Central Pacific has reduced the Rale on potatoes so that the Farmers will get More of the profits. If the railroads Cao fix. Rates so As to allow Grain Aud pro Duce to be raised at a profit it will give Nevada real Prosperity. It looks As if the Farmers Day had come and in the loner run the farm ers Day is the Good Day. Booms and great excitement but farming builds up Homes and school houses and supports Mann Ito a. Tures and tradesmen. Every Day s work the Miner does he makes his Clai m the poorer but every the engr the Farmer does adds to the value of his own place and All around it. Not a Farmer in half a dozen coun ties can Clear off an acre of Sage Brush or add a Rod to his Fence or improve his place in any Way with out adding to the importance or Reno and enhancing the value of property Here. Even a Tremea. Madame Modjeska is a woman if As she is reported to done she Bald what follows to a Cincinnati commercial attache i mean to retire from the stage after two years More while i am session of my Powers. To a there is something inexpressibly sad in the last years of actors Ana actresses who linger on the stage. Last year i met Pale feeble. She had lost nearly All of her Large Fortune trying to sustain her great reputation the Public that cared no longer her when her Powers began Wane. Drand bal a acne. Bobby Mcginley favors the Gazette with an invitation to a Grandl closing bal masque at win Neon november 26th. His company bad a very successful season.

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