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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - November 20, 1879, Reno, Nevada You Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday november 20, 1879. No. 33. Reno weekly .11 f. .1 i Vuk 1.1. L s i Tiiu Mishay by i or i Liy mail a k i to l Carrier la Kami at cent Tii life twice As Large a Cir tit him us any other paper in ii c i mtg. Ellenee it in Annex in Francisco s we Jie Piort Here is what they a t 1 Iio the Day Al Tei the big the 1 town lit Reno Uviel ii of Ali Central in Cutic and Virgin a a Nii in a broke out yes t Altim i in. Viii the wind and in i no hour Ali. Urn a wit1 the Tion of lie or tied Lier i. Tii .h is bin left Lor. A n Annly Olca a i Ille i it Tili rend out Nii on which Thi i to flu o o 1 Twohig Drizi i ii .1.1 i d i Ansini Qirici. To " d i in the of i i1. J c ii was. N i "mli1 the Eastern Zerini of acid before i1, was the1" Shi Tiili polio u my Ai. Tii Livim die Towie Chris i Vilic livid flu _ Lois of past. It in Liguri m or 1.--- extent and one or two m had is Here. Doubt if the town will be rebuilt before. There will Ivel i ii to. Lie n Lettle Liu it Lor it the Junction of two r.-ulro.ui-, but i town the Days of Kini or probably Over i Nili run. Ilium 1 tin1 Vir ".-i in pcs the following comment upon our District attorney s Lui inf to suppress news the District of county seems to believe that his duties include a censorship of the press. Recently a Man was examined in the Justice s court i no on a charge of grand larceny. The k had no reporter present to the examination which was Public. It depended on to of the testimony Hicri Down by the Cienik of the court. This the District attorney refused to let the .4a7kttx, hive on the double ground that Public eation would make it difficult to get a jury should the prisoner be indicted and that there was a Good Deal of profanity in the testimony which it would not be Well for a family journal like the a mkt to to print. This District attorney is an excellent Type of a class of Rural officials who have an extraordinary estimate of the importance of their position. A newspaper has a Legal right to publish All Public court yid the District attorney has no More title to interfere with that right than the time crier has. Virginia City Eif not entirely free from such Dunder pistes the District attorney of u Ashou coun to seems to internal improvements. Tier. of a Xii mis mount and the join it la a. Actually had an idea it a also put the idea into print the idea is that if it win get Washoe county to sue the Gazette f a the District attorney it would hint its business and bring Sheue a into the coffers of proprietor. The brilliancy of that programme is worthy the mind of the the Brilliant editor of that paper. The desire to injure a business rival is perfectly natural to men of his Char Niter and the Means he macs Are of very Little consequence. It is perfectly natural for him to try to make All the newspapers in the country As Dull As his own but it would take More than one Law suit to do that. Fortunately this is not Russia. It is free America and the efforts to suppress Nens will oily react upon those who make them. The Gaza Oak will stand up for its rights and the rights of its until both the editor of the Xvi Triine and the District attorney Are retired to the seclusion for Winch their Talent and education so eminently lit i a press dispatch says the commissioner of agriculture has engaged the sen ices of lir Cabin Walker to investigate and. Report upon the possibility of reclaiming the arid lands in Colo Rado by Artesian Wells and other Means. We Are unable to say what or. Walker s methods of investigation arc or How lie is going to decide whether tin Artesian Well would be successful or not. If he can make i report which will induce Congress to try the virtue of Boring for a few thousand feet it will be a Good year s work. everyone who knows anything about the country and con siders the tremendous snowfall of the Sierra Nevada Range and others far ther Inland has a firm belief tha powerful Wells could to got almost anywhere in the great Basin Between the Hills Oil the East and thu i Pacific Ocean on the West. No with i St finding the favourable theories How , the evidence has been almost i Loimil negative. The experiments made have proven nothing. We Cli not know of a single flowing Well of any importance Between the Summit of the Sierra Nevada and the Lis Sotiri. There is a Well at Battle Mountain and to few in Reese River Valley which flow enough to Mcclain two or three a arcs of Laid but they do tuft go through Rock and have no pros sure. Years ago the Union Pacific rigged up a locomotive for the work and used it to bore at different places at Point of Hocks they got the water up to within five feet of the surface and put on a pump to raise it the rest of the distance. The Central Pacific has made experiments of the same kind one at Lovelock and without Success. An unsuccessful attempt was made lust summer in Eagle Val Ley near Carson City but the result was not satisfactory. These experiments Only prove that the great Des Ert will have to wait Many a year for its reclamation unless the matter is taken up government. If a Man with 160 acres of land could reclaim it by Boring 300 feet or if he was cer Tain he could by going Down 1000 feet he would be in position to calculate his strength and the country would have a Chance to receive some benefits from his desire for a Home but if he does not know what he can do there is Little inducement. If the state of Nevada would expend a few thousand dollars somewhere under the Shadow of the Groat Range the Fossa ability of reclamation would soon be settled. It seems to be n natural and praiseworthy office of government. Should sue of in under the heading of a spot on the the Winnemucca Silver state has the following the talented Young Washoe states Man who edits the Reno journal and Lopre bunted Washoe county in the Stute Senate last Winter says that he Wiit one of the thirteen who were Friendly to the state Board of equalization Bill and announces his Intel Rion to vote for a similar Bill at the next session of the legislature. It is Hir prising that a Man with such a record and with such intentions at tempts through the columns of his journal to apologize for those who voted against the equalization and every other Bill introduced in the late legislature that was objectionable to to the Railroad companies. That one so truly Good should be a defender of the wicked is the libel suit of senator h. A. Corning of White Pine against Hoyt sex publisher of the Cherry Creek inde pendent was set for trial at Hamilton on nov. 17. Many prominent Public men had been summoned As witnesses but almost All of them have b Cen excused and the Case itself has been continued. When it does at last come to trial it is Likely to be a tame affair after All. A. North Keno. The initial number of the sum Villo Mountain review has the follow ing sensible article in relation to the Superior advantages of us a Ter Minal Point for a Northern Railroad und contains .1 merited rebuke to oui morning contemporary an article in the Keno journal of t recent Date speaking of a Railroad from the Central Pacific to Oregon while it advocates the claims of Reno says that Winnemucca seems to be the most favourable Point i or beginning anyone who has a knowledge of the country Between the two places am the Willamette Valley knows that Road from Winne Meea would trav Erse an almost worthless tract. There Are no valleys of any importance and no Timber lands. A Road from la inc would tap the richest country East of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Be ginning1 at Reno it would Drain Honey Lake Valley Madalino big Valley hot Spring Valley Fah River Goose Lake Surprise Valley Che Taucan summer Lake Prague River lost River and Klamath thence Down rogue River to the Southern terminus of the Willamette Valley Rai Boad and in Al would Tavere a distance of less than 400 Miles. It would pass along the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains and at a distance of from ten to thirty mile reach the vast Belt of Timber which extends from plums county to the Columbia River. There Are no Mountain ranges to Cross that would impede its construction and an abundance of material would be found along the route for building purposes. There Are no greater inducements Foi a Railroad than for one controlling the Commerce of Oregon and opening the Rich country East of the Sierra Nevada incl Cascade mountains which will never be developed until better Means of transportation Are secured. A owning at a disadvantage i owning Guam. The Virginia clip Mycle in fre quent the rapid Rife of the pawning Boom has attributed the unexampled Success of our Young Washoe statesman to his fluency and personal Beauty. But us Are the senator s charms of Peison and of diction they do not sufficiently account for the Dutieu Tiou he has attained. We have discovered what we believe to be the secret of to wiring a Power. It is stated that no Telegraph opera Tor can transmit o receive a dispatch within the sound of Powning s voice. No other Man has Ever been known to exercise such an if Luevee. Why is this if the vibrations of the Sena Tor s voice can thus make electricity powerless is it not probable that the source of his influence Over men if due to an unprecedented gift of Sime kind f magnetism a Man possessed of such pre Emi nent qualities should be placed second to no other. Therefore instead of Powning for vice president we Sug Gest that the ticket be altered to pow Niue for president for u. Grant. A word of caution. The Virginia Glt snide speaking of the Central Pacific fire insurance its officers Art .1. Ii. Campbell president a. N. Atwood Vico president Charles r. Gale Secretary. These gentlemen Are unknown in Virginia. The name of the company is not familiar either. It be us Well for intending in Streis in this City to something More Bont the Cental pm Clifio be orc giving it Reno has been flooded with circulars of this company and its agents will probably follow. It will be Well to know who and what they represent before giving them any business. Be Kiotis charges. The Cli Ronicle and senator Powning Lave got into a 1 of about certain mat ters in the last session of the Legisla Ture. Finally the chronic accuses or. Powning of certain offences which if True should cause that officer to be broke of his indicted by the 3rand jury and sent to state prison. Or. Powning has but one course to Myrsue to Clear his demand in investigation prove its accusations and insinuations i forc a competent court of Justice. Neither the Gazette nor Oiron icle shall wilfully and maliciously publish any matter with out our giving them an Opportunity to prove it either before a competent court or at the Mouth of a Tho above is from saturday s journal and the capitals Are our Coti temporary s. It is surprising to find senator Powning stating such an alternative As this. One might suppose that the gifted Young statesman would rely upon his rare Powers of pet Sun. Sion and dispose of the matter for Good and All in a competent but could there a found a court competent to try or. Powning we Beli ovo that the Stern est judge in the Hind could not but be biased by the senator s eloquence his youth and Beauty and More than All else his marvelous magnetic Power. There remains then Only the other Shotgun. From the senator s reference to the Mouth of a we infer that he Means a single barrelled fowling piece. We Havo too deep a Faith in the generosity of senator Powning s disposition to suppose that to would surreptitiously discharge a Load of shot into the per. Son of the editor of the Gazette. No doubt the honorable gentleman Means to level his destructive fowling piece ouly after due warning shall have been Given. As All the firearms in the Gaz file office Are double barrelled it is Only fair to notify senator Powning of the great disadvantage he would be under should the editor of the Gazette not fall first fire. Shotguns fou two. A dreadful affair. The Public at Large at least such As have never bin to or other Wise been put in deadly peril can form but a faint Conception of the state of mind in which the Gazette e Tor Lalord stepping off the morning train after a few Days trip grueling lands for the Central Pacific Railroad company his mind filled with pleasant thoughts of Home and breakfast he saw a Man flying to meet him with Pale face and trem bling Finger pointing to the ominous of a Shotgun in let ters nearly a food Long in the morning journal borrowing an us protect his Manly form Frem the Shower of shot from the big gun in the minds of the pretty Little he made his Way to the Home so soon to be made desolate. There he made a solemn vow never again to Lead the wicked papers which said the diminutive senator ought to be tarred and feathered for his course to never More to Disten when yer into n was carrying a Hundred shares Sierra Nevada at 60 for him never to listen Wien any body said his votes had anything to do with the new dress the journal got the week after the session closed Nev onto listen to Busi Ness men who say that he will go Back on his word whenever it suits him. None of these things shall be mentioned or hinted As Long As the shot i policy lasts. The argument is so forcible and convincing the application to neat and elegant and the Man behind the gun so famous for his Mil itary sagacity and courage that Ordi might Well Quail before it. The Man whom general Grant de lighted to Honor and who delighted to Lionor general Grant is not the person to allow anything like familiarity from Ordinary scrub editors. A plucky woman caught a burglar in san Francisco the other evening. She kept a lodging House which he entered and from which be was de parting with a Case of her jewelry under his Arm. She seized him at the Lead of stairs Down which they rolled together in the struggle but to him and he was secured. The Carson Appeal of Friday makes the following reference to the editor of the journal. Mrs. Mig Liels who now edits the Appeal should pre pare herself to face the Mouth of the senatorial a hotpot senator Powning has already began to outline his course in the next legis lature and the chronicle alludes to his utterances As specks on the Sun. Or. Powning can hardly expect the people of Wahine county to place much Faith in his promises considering How outrageously he went Back on his rail Road pledges made to them last editor Katy notes. The Rainy season having commenced in California the periodical predictions concerning the rainfall Are in order. The newspapers Are already beginning to take sides on the weather question. When the Rains Como Early the Reader is sure to see in some Jour Nal a log article bristling with Statis tics headed Early Bains not indicative of a dry should the the Rains hold off and at last come pouring Down heavily there is certain to Bot published a like statistical mass of matter under the heading of late Rains not an Assurance of a wet the California papers a great Deal of pains to demonstrate that they cannot Tell what the season is going to be. Opium smoking is such a formidable vice in Carson that a determined Effort is being made to break it up. The grand jury have indicted two chinamen for keeping opium Dens and three Young White men for opium smoking. Two of them Thomas Coddington and Clinton Colver Are in jail and George Duffy is out on bail. The punishment for opium smoking is a term in the Penitentiary and it is said that the evidence against the prisoners is very Strong. The conviction of one or two of such offenders will go a Long Way towards breaking up the practice of opium smoking among White men in Carson. The Jow nays correspondent andromache writing from Long Valley about the wind says i would have Only the gentlest of breezes just to change the conformation Anil color of the Clouds when their sameness tired to Rustle the leaves of the Trees to carry the fragrance of for the purposes of Taviga How much wind does it require to change the color of the Clouds and would t Andron Kanehe allow just a Little for the wind Mills in California or James a. Hunter of san Franciseo Well known As a successful specialist in Catarrh deafness and Throat and lung diseases has promised us and several of his patients in Keno to take a run up Here on the fast train some saturday evening and remain Over sunday. We Hope he will do so. One of our most prominent citizens who is under his care Speaks in the a highest terms of the doctor s skill and we believe he deserves the Confidence of this class of invalids. Our name stick in Ohio the Cincin Nati Gazette has unearthed the biggest Rascal of modern times. It has proved beyond a doubt that or. Blackburn he governor elect of Kentucky in the same Blackburn who shipped clothing infected Vith smallpox into Northern cities and who actually tried to get a suit on president Lincoln by representing it to be a present from a Friend. He now Beaure Garil ordered it done and gave him passes which the latter denies. The murder trial in which i. V. Lord a former resident of Carson an d Tahoe was one of the defendants is exciting renewed interest in califor Nia. The chronicle says the evidence on which Sprague and Curlice were convicted and sentenced to death was Curlice was released last Mon Day but Sprague is still under sen tence and is out of reach of lie courts. He must be pardoned or die. Governor Invin will of interfere. Senator vice presi this iat4 from the to Tell the truth we would rather draw per year As president than is had grader for the Central Pacific or any other Railroad when the Railroad company refuse to let a Man peddle peanuts on the trains they Are not very Likely to offer him any position of Trust or Honor. The first number of the atom stain review a new weekly at Susji Iville has Iuie its appearance. Albert l. Shiun is the proprietor and editor. The Jive Ira a Fine appearance is Well edited Ami full of local news and we Hope it May receive the lid cml support it merits. To week in october seven Pur sons were injured by being run Over in the streets of London. One person was killed by a two by by cabs two by Alltis ivc bicycles. The Eastern arc crowded ii freight. Tito traffic Over the Erie Road was so great one recently that there were sixty Miles of heavily Eastern bound freight cars in motion at one time. The Mercat and growing Power of the press finds a most striking illustration in the fact that the Pope has established a daily newspaper As n pontifical Sam Davis says that Conlon a Vir Ginia City reporter asked general Grant if he intended to run for a fourth term in Case he was Happy with a the official returns from the Minne Sota election give the republicans majority on the state tick Jet. Tho Comins Hoyt libel suit has been continued until the april the District court in White Pine. The supreme court has attained the drummer License Law. Holidays in 1880 on sunday Washington s birthday demo ratio july 4, and Christmas. The Julle in Psi Sec. From Hie new York Sun nov. 8. A Good Deal for St. Julian a Good Deal for any horse in itself considered Ucli a compared with the performance of two of or. Bonner a horses Barus and Edwiu Forest. It is a Little discouraging to Cali fornia to know that accepting its own tracks and timing to be Correct yet or. Bonner has two5 horse s that have trotted faster than St Julian. California usually is ahead on pears or. Bonner has the pair this time. We Hope some Man Alie Ady born will live Long see St. Julian come Enst and Trot a mile not in but As rums has done in _ come California and equal either of or. Banner s two Best and then but not before do your boast ing. Lilly jail in new York. A. York dispatch says the ninth game of the billiard Timia Merit was played last night. Rudolph beat Heison scoring 300 to 204. The win Ner s was 15 Lo-19. The highest rim of Rudolph was go and that of Leisor 50. The next game was Between and , Daly winning by a score of 300 to 00. The Winner s average was Daly scored 32 As the highest rim and car Ter 1c, Slosser played the next game the former winning easily by a score of 300 to c8. The Winner s average was 1-13. The highest runs Slosson 107 gamier 33. Twenty Miles of the Nevada Cen trial Railroad Are in operation and two nov six Miles of thr1 track Are Laid. 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