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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 6 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - November 6, 1879, Reno, Nevada T vol. 3. Reno weekly Gazette ill Tell Kelmy j Illy i Iii by mail. 5" Vav i Khz on o a mull .3 n fluid i i la civil by i u ii in at coi Itu j a k. Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday november 6, 1879. No. 32 the new York election. A km1.uo 10 10 1j01uk, tar Virginia birder Prim of Friday in nun is tint tin Virginia i Liu Keo will be Inu Nedi Txton Ilu l u die. The inti Ali gents is of m much importance to i his d no i id publish to in valium s i ii l u Liu led Milf Jill i a in by who de pends Upin manual labor for a livelihood or we with Ihulse to hotel. I. T u. Mills who is at pies jut in a has negotiated for Thi Tonii Texial necessary to extend the a Ironia and Truckee Railroad from the Tomid to use via Mason Valley iwo sixty und Ihu unti i has "i1 will to j Day or two Ivin Tyr i to ties. So so a tin can of landed bore Active Woi k i the will big h Ive Luter Rul to Tho us Wheeli this in Loail Extension will worn. It will awaken Cautivo life in Tivi or 3.x which arc now Ilu Oil it will in a c heavy machinery and building material to to to Aurora Aucul Budiu oust and it will also place acres of first class lain n Mason Villey convenient to Market. This Lonu will furnish 1000 Famili i comfortable Homes on the Best co it Numis body of land in the i rate. I will be Leoville Candelarit Marius a new Boston Columbus Sun Tim and Indian districts nil in one Day s drive of the Railroad it will bring Uke District Btu Limont and Alida Valley nearer Vir Ginia City Tun Autora now is. It ought by the Tima it is finished to give Active work to More miners than Are now employed and the farm ing population of the state ought to be increased by at least eight Hundred families. With its completion the taxable property of Esmeralda and Lyon counties ought to general chant. The citius of Reno wednesday gave general or tent As Hearty a Wel come As his most devoted admirers could ask for him. It was a genuine and a spontaneous Welcome. Grant himself was pleased with it. The reception of wednesday had no political meaning. Democrats and rep Blans alike came Forward to Greet Grant a Man whose past ser vices to thin nation had earned their gratitude and admiration As citizens. They did not go to Sou him As one whom they expected to serve them in the future. The Public honors that have been heaped updo Grant have been made use of As politic capital. Unjustly so because they have not been so meant. It is indeed probable that Graut Hopes and expects to get thu Republican nomination for president. If he does not wish it he would be Apt to say so. His attitude seems one of expectancy. It looks As if he did not want the nomination unless his elec Tion were sure. Grant has now a Opportunity to distinguish the close of he Public life As Washington did. Let him decline is a Good Republican to serve a third term As president and the act of patriotic self denial would be a fitting end of an honorable career. Our Susanville correspondent jul Ian desires to thank the fair association and e. A. Wed of the allocate for courtesies extended. The election in now York state lint tuesday is the digest important of the year. Its influence Over the general Campaign next year makes it so. Some of the leading democratic journals say that defeat in new York state this year Means defeat in the presidential election next year. The political situation in the state of new Yolk is curious and now Al most on the Eva of the election should by generally understood in order to properly weigh the significance of the vote. It will be remembered that at the democratic state convention held at Syracuse this Tali there occurred a split in the party. The Tilden element secured the renomination of Lucius Libinson for governor. The tammany action were violently opposed to the nomination that they bolted from the convention. Subsequently they nominated a separate ticket headed by the name of John Kelly for Gover nor. The Tilden political machine s and noiseless yet powerful belts Atid pulleys throughout the state u being run in the interest of Robinson. The tammany machine u a piece of metropolitan mechanism but commands almost All the Usu to Static custom in new Yolk City. The republicans on the Thui hand Are less disunited. Conk Lilg Lias a monopoly of All the Republican machinery in the state and their was no bolting in his convention which nominated Cornell for governor Lauy Good republicans made a wry face Over Cornell but As he was machine Ziade they said to them selves Well Cornell no Isles a Lilile bad but lie is bettor than any and they cried aloud that Cornell was Good. But other republicans of an inde pendent turn wore displeased with the nomination of Cornell in whom they say there is a taint of corruption. Their protests were voiced by two such leading papers As the nation and Lla per i weedy the disaffected at lust organized for the present Campaign and issued an Independent re publican ticket. It differs Only from the regular machine ticket by the emission of the name of Loomell for and of Sou be for state Engineer both of the they have thus scratched they regard As unworthy of Trust. The Independent republicans have been derisively dubbed the Young thus there Are four tickets in the Field. The wide split in the demo cratic party is Likely to ensure a re publican Victory. Kellcy s defeat is almost a foregone conclusion. He does not expect to win the election but Hopes to defeat Robinson. The great body of democratic voters will probably vote the regular ticket. It must be borne in mind that the election of Robinson the regular democratic candidate not necessarily be a democratic Victory. It would be As much a Triumph for the Independent republicans because Many of thew May vote for Robinson in preference to Cornell and All of them will scratch the hitter. Only by the comparison of the democratic vote with the total re publican vote on the general state ticket Oan the significance of the result of the election in be rightly understood., the complexion of the state will not be indicated by in Choice for governor. The inventors Agency offers us 8125, one half in january next and the Ballance in april to publish their cheap jewelery and. We Don t want journal. Obscure papers cannot expect to get High prices. The Gazette gets nearly double the offer Mode our contemporary. The firm comes recommended from men we know and we have4seen nothing identify them with the class who have been swindling our citizens with Stock combinations Etc editorial notes the dispatch makes War i the snobs of Ogden declaring they must go. But if Thackeray s idea of a mob were taken As a Standard a Large por Tion of the population of Ogden must needs depart. There Are Many forms of snobbery and to slay All the snobs n America would be to Kiu Well nigh half the population. People should be careful in address no letter i to give the name of the and state. In Case Here is any doubt As to its proper destination the Post office authorities Are instructed to return a letter to thu sender if known or if not to the dead letter office. An astonishing number of letters Are untitled insufficiently directed. General Grant arrived at Ogden at p. M. Thui Ajay. A sudden Jolt on the journey sprained his Back so Tiit he con id not walk without As i stance. The injury was received while the train a i swinging round a now who favored and soft Reform could not be Hurt in that. Way. He it used to swinging round a Circle. The Tuscarora times Jie View contradicts Tho minor that Gen. Grant 1ms accept cd the presidency of the do mining company. There can Kinever be to doubt that he is deter mined to be president of something but to will first try for the presidency it the United Pacific coast items. J. H. Gregor of this place has a violin for which he was offered 8200 in join to Day. It is an inferior look a instrument made in demons tuly in 1718 but it is High toned. Silver state. Used in that connection but is Ood. The burst edition of copies of the history of the Banner party Lave All been sold and a second revised additional facts will Boon to issued. It is said that Sam Davis is about of take Clerge of the local department of the Carson Appeal. Grant will have a big reception a Maha. Bilk a in Klaje that bid Mot work. Berger was in the Chain gang at Salt Lake of a three months sentence or Petty larceny and the work great y disgusted him. Bearing that a pair of mules had been stolen at a certain place at a time previous to his own arrest to made a false confession that he was the thief. His object was to be indicted and transferred to a cell for trial thus getting out of the Chain gang. He did net debt that this innocence would be made Appa rent in court but in that he was mis taken for he Nad confessed so plausibly that the jury convicted him and tie has gone to state prison on a five years sentence. His ease is before the governor. Why dirt a gun it rat. Fire arms frequently burst the it fizzle has been accidentally Stop Ped with Earth Snow Etc. Prof. Forbes explanation of this fact id very simple. If the charge moved slowly a very slight pressure of air in the barrel would be sufficient to Clear the muzzle but As the charge actually travels with a Speed More than the velocity of sound the resistance offered by the obstacle becomes excessive and the gun bursts. It has been demonstrated that the pressure generated by a plug of the density is seven and a half tons. Fur a Nihil Radael thou Ali Southern Nevada. From the by loot Conner. A prominent cilia in of Eureka is busily engaged in gathering information concerning freights express age Etc., to and from the various mining Camps in Eastern Nevada. We arc reliably informed that it is the intention of the Union Pacific Railroad company to extend their Southern line from Frisco District Utah. It they do so Bijl Mont and other Camps South of Here would be benefited thereby. We obtained the above in formation from a letter received by s. Tall in an co. One capt in Taylor has been ing the eurkans. Sugarcane will be planted on a Large scale in Arizona next year. A divorce epidemic has broken out at Vancouver. Colfax Washington to to Dis incorporated. Four Miles of the n. P. R. K. From Snake River have been graded. Philip Ritz of Walla Walla has raised bushels of year the thermometer reached 122 de Grees in Tho Shade at Napa City last a sunday. Farmers in county Washington territory Are cutting their second crop Clover. Nevada contains Square Miles acres of which but have been surveyed. The Novada ventral Railroad will carry the u. S. Mails Over the new Section of the Road to be opened on monday. Hen Deisn commercial editor of the s. F. Chronicle come cited Suic de on the Domestic troubles and in Stock. Ca fornia Oil Wells Are now product of Over 700 barrels per Day Viz Ventura 200, Loa Angeles 360, and Santa Clara 200. There Are six newspapers in Tucson Arizona. Mrs. Bonilla formerly miss Lindley of the University of 3alifoinia, publishes one. Judge Clark of Northern Idaho has Vised two Gloria Mundi apples that weigh three pounds and two ounces apiece. A Young lady school teacher named Rosa Tipton was thrown from her Lorse last week at Loo vegas new Mexico and received fatal injuries. When the Eureka methodists get up a Public entertainment they never Orget to have a dish of Well baked eans As a lure for the Yankees. The family of or. North of Pinto consisting of the Mother and four or Ive children have All been attacked with the whooping cough. Latest novices give wheat buying at Walla Walla at cents per Bushel. Buyers pay 55 cents per Bushel de i cred at Snake River and 40 cents in Dayton. Jack mar Stu while crossing the Railroad mean Woodland on the 30th, with a Load of Wood was run into by a to Ain and himself and both horses were George f. Smith Largo Farmer of Sun Joaquin county has purchased 450 head of cattle at Winnemucca to Attu on his ranch near Stockton for to san Francisco Market. Bodie has five newspapers two Anks masonic Odd fellow and other lulls h fire department seventy salons innumerable dance houses people and no Church. So says he Bodie chronicle six Hundred thousand feet of logs were recently sold at priests Point Washington territory at the month of the Snohomish on an execution 25 and 83 25 per West Point reached. Governor Irwin has offered a Reward of for the arrest and conviction of the murderer of Pedro Lopez in san Bonito county sept. 25th. It is charged that Mariano Gorman committed the murder. A party of a dozen is to be organized in Carson to go out on a big Deer aunt. It will be stipulated that no one can withdraw from the Chase be foie he kills five Deer. The Bunting around is not decided upon yet. A class of girls in one of the Public schools of Virginia was asked went into the Ark with Noah. A Rifle one who had Pinafore in her i is of embezzlement. To waived examination was held to answer and admitted to bail in the sum of after the past bound train loft col ton san Bernardino county last tues Day the body of a Man named Weiss was found lying across the track completely Cut in two above the hips. T is supposed he was killed in trying to get on the train. The North bound train on the Ore gon Central Railroad was ditched on wednesday morning u few Miles Frum Portland and five freight cars Bailly wrecked. The train was moving slow y around a curve at the time or the incident would have been disastrous. Ujj was caused by the track spreading. A Telegram from Santa be says that port Wingate has Boen reduced to wishes by the Nava Fie indians and All the mules stolen. Another Rumor says that a station near fort Craig Hud Ean captured by the apaches and thirteen Parsons killed the Maryville Appeal says the California and Oregon Kail Nad com any will soon open up a vast amount of foothill territory for Sale and from the Best advices the prices be within the scope of almost any one to Leturc a Home at a very email outlay. The Walla Walla Union says the Early Rains have put the ground in condition for the plow and Hun Aroda of acres been slowed and in with full Grain Chieti in Many Fields has already sprouted. The Pios act Lor getting in a Large Aiea of All Grain was never belter. At d. Johnson ? sheep Lazich Al Dorado county about Bee Miles from Strawberry , a native of , 60 years com Mitu d suicide by cutting his Broa with a Butcher knife some Timo be when the 12th and 17lh instant the ast seen of him alive being on the 12th. Tho Nevada City transcript says Hajor Mclaughlin an agent of Edi son to the mines of this state in Seaich f Platinum is visiting Butte county. He found that the mines of that locality carry a Large percentage of Platinum in thy Black Sand. Some of Sand collected by him assayed Worth of Platinum to the in of Sand. Five counties in California contain quicksilver mines during Itlie past three years the aggregate ims been in flasks Napa county red Nguten mine 25, 493 Lake county Sulphur Banke great West Ern mine Sonoma county Oakland 4687 it few Idria suntan Tiara new 4 a flask of quicksilver Cut pounds. I1 i i i from Dlly to girl i in i m i ,.i-, Olive Logan who knows How it is herself gives the following advice to women and and ii Don t charge anything for it n k in a i i Coal Oil a3 fuel. A Ami Couten Lont Way to us it. Replied his Sisters and a his i divid w. At Sleison a. Logged on Whidby Island opposite Low Washington territory Accident ally shot himself to death while clean ing his gun. He leaves and four children. V a plot to abduct Jan Japay of Jan Jose and hold him for Large Ransom is claimed to have bean dis7 covered by the Sun Luis Obj so to Riff Une. The place t for the abduction. Was to have Margarita county last week a chinaman was taken sick at big Flat Del Norte county and his Comrade s t the each and Lefly him Behi Iida i cog where he died the next no bed and nothing to1 cover hit Plaut an 6k piece of cloth 1 r. B. Dense no assistant agent 0 the Central piieffi6 Railroad it Stock ton was on a charge i 11 Tom tins journal of the Franella lung Lutc. Air steam and Oil Spray arc injected into a suitable tire Box. The result s an in flammable Gas burning Wichta Moke loss flume which produces in Cense heat. Into the tire Dox is pulsed i tuba which brunches into two pipes. One of these connects with the boiler and the other with the Oil tank. Valves in Charly constructed regulate the i Mitty of steam or Oil to be admitted 0 the Furnace. No other machinery s required. A preliminary Blaze Soofi under Tho boiler is needed to Nise the steam necessary to sure Tolje Turner into operation. Upon the first Mie Lical test of this new fuel1 tile Fety valve was blown of 1 20 rounds pressure in twenty., minutes he Burner was ignited. But this Ible flame can be regulated by f the hand. A is Worth about but or i i its heat pod Cinn Oal Autv much greater than of assuming that Oil Wil rein a in cheap and that its Supply will be ii limited he r in can and mildly simply Calcii Lablab. The and. Cost of ring up arc dispensed with. The anger froth Spain iu1 i udieat6tl neither Bioko dirt to use. The space Tinl s compared wait Jiin value. Oal is hardly Iii thin g. i aves Ali Niblo Rob m for Ca fax a Mit Deri Toioi Hitik situated fat Anlo it Oili the in a ship would fun enough Tyr , and Woultz a Plaut tiie great Coal bunkers with i Cuilon child-mayor., Fri m 1thi new observe r in ear stable where free Iau and1 Flis wife the Shat Bat Secor d Liiv elitists Ari in a till awaits of their of their Hild us an offer ing to Niue fac i i Petricig upon the there has recently been fount itt Reid an s Ortuse a copy of " Josep liw history at Iai which Jho Lory there of Abraham been often studio Al inter ined and with the utmost e Ai Hestness a dd1 interest at mans assistance Stead of his just Tell him in Plain English he May. Not like at .be.will, respect you in the future Tea fold More. Men will be and do just Whir the women allow them to do. Men _ give a Man i your Arm and you will. He Wau to twists that he doing and the Opportunity is just what he la after. A few More words of advice ketfp1 your girls off the Street cent Evhen . Each unnecessary Togo to the Post of cd every time they go out. By w girls c in Whlor alone just a s Tell dds Anllo Wyo or girls if they must have a bean t o boys much older than themselves. Ii possible Job till Are Safern their own hands. Han do of any Miu eiceptecl.1 i Ravean Well Oai Kiir Scotchman. I i four Scotchman one of whom was lord have indulge of. In real heroism. A pleasure Yach was Wrecke the1 hebrides waving three woo England two chill Rewn f Rock coast. The Clung there with nothing to eat am suffering intensely from Day and a half. No boat would at tempt perilous n Foj their Rescue until lord Dunmor and that in an o per i Shirfe the the spiritualists Laboured at empt was the o of Freeman s i it of t he r religion of h e offering to corded ii Eihan still claims Hadil and it though wife under sit i c. . Plenty of try but a Harles Young his wife jew Philadelphia Ohio week Slie Een a popular n Young probably including pointed suitors decided of avenue1 her f to rigs they Sif Eze a Wing in me Street ft1 Dirk night carried him to he Gas Warks and pumped no he coated be Verjil inches deep. Pm iced "him1 against Wie door Portia add rang Tho Belu h i .11, t a Cut Lon a Brake beam. I i 11111 i ill ill t ii i prom Silver Stute. Old i a cat tha Brake. Head of train arrived., Here from the jest yester Day by the car inspectors. The Over hat they saw it at it Fath station East and Pihion Tali. It Una appropriated by j. It. May Olio keeps it in Ilie Fusle Rupli of-1 How the was by not known. Hoj stole s from lie new Yor Sun. When Thomas was arraigned Forg w Dali Ceny before judge county court of sessions yesterday the judge asked him Why to stole tha goods. The to get Money to in to the Bis walking match and to the theatres 1 he was sent to the House of Refuge. m. The exempress Eugene seems to go every where inv to her Mother at Madrid v yet site1 is her Only surviving and i has hardly a Ouier relative in the vol old newspaper a

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