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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Nov 1 1883, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - November 1, 1883, Reno, NevadaI vol. 8._______ Reno weekly Gazette Reno. Washoe county. Nevada. Thursday. November 1. 1883. No. 28. Published every thursday by , proprietor c. Bracq business mamber. Bvtk3 of Dally one year by mall to one year by mall. 3 w by Carrier per week to All Parta of Reno abates of advertising ally one month one w one month one Square. I this includes both Legal and Commer Cial merry chbistma8. To everyone who settles his old account or makes a new one Between Dow and Christ Bias we will As a Premium the Continental Magazine a handsomely illustrated journal published monthly. This applies to both daily Aud weekly but not to club rates. Pmj Batty by Hetesi. A mormon missionary on his Way East last Spring in broken English was explaining to the passengers in the oar the beauties of his religion and especially the charms of polygamy. At last addressing a prominent gentleman of Salt Lake City cheap. Two schemes Are being studied by senator Mahone of vhf Glenla to the Success of either of which would make him a very important Man next year. The first is to organize in Virginia and other Southern states a plan for securing control of the delegations to the National Republican convention. If he it denied admission he will take his delegates away and organize inde pendent electoral tickets in Vir Ginia and a few other states and try to have them elected without being pledged in favor of any presidential candidates. If he can elect such a ticket even in Vir the a Tomb wards. The annual report of Indian com missioner Price says a decided Advance has been made among the indians in Industrial and school education. It May now be consid ered settled that the Indian must be taught to work for Bis own sup port Aud to speak English. Among the thing so needed in solving the Indian problem Are first an appropriation to Survey the boundaries of the reservations so both indians and White men May know where they Are second a Law for the Pun he asked Are you a married us the gentleman responded in the affirmative whereupon the Saint continued you Are married things and As follows if you know some can understand one Beauty of polygamy most Man led people know r have Little As they Are called. Now polygamy fixes All that. If one wife puts All you have to do is to go to the House of another wife that Suir brings the obstreperous wife to her senses and i Tell you it causes them All to use us mighty Well you Damn Able said the gentle ashment of persons who furnish ammunition to indians Law now exists. Third Man you s heart to hang it on the Wall to minister to your own pleasure and another Aud another As your pleas ure was satiated and you have been selected to preach the gospel the Tribune says it was even so and from that Circum stance alone we can estimate How much of Devotion is blended with the marrying of plural wives. The ruling thoughts Are simply selfish Ness and brutal lust Aud under the system there can result Only women deformed in mind and with hearts either turned to or to Stone and in men in whose souls the nobler instincts have been blunted forever. For the government of the United states to draw the Mantle of Protection around this practice and to shield it through a sensitive dread of interfering with anything which is called a part of a religion is an injustice to the noun try at cruelty to the mor Mon people themselves. To this Founty h is what it would be to a to permit passengers bring intr a dreadful epidemic sickness to land without quarantine. Giuria alone he will take the Field after election As a and will offer his electoral Voles to whichever candidate will give him the highest these Are said to be Mahone s plans. They Are bold to recklessness and the accomplishment of either is very improbable. Or. Blaine s friends Are organizing a straight out Republican movement from the remnants of the party in Vir Ginia and they will be Likely to do the same thing in every other state which Mahone captures. These anti Mabone delegations if they Are Bent will apply for admission As regular republicans and the convention will have to decide Between them and the Mahone delegations. Shut out of the convention a hone would have nothing to do but to resort to his second plan unless the democrats opened negotiations with him for his not improbable contingency. His strongest position however would be As the Holder of Virginia s 12 electoral votes a pledged to any candidate. The next presidential election is Likely to be very close and if As was the Case in 1876, the vote of a single state were to decide it Mahone with Virginia in his pocket would be a tremendously important personage. That would be the position which All his Hopes Are centred upon for he would then be Boas of the whole United states. But the great difficulty for him would be the carrying of Virginia for such an ticket. Arms or no such More Liberal appropriations for Indian police fourth an appropriation sufficient to defray the expenses of detecting and prosecuting persons who furnish intoxicating liquor to indians to Confer Juris diction on the states and territories Over Indian reservations and make the person and property of the in Dian amenable to the Law and give him All the rights in the courts enjoyed by other persons. The com missioner will adhere to the policy of allot in lands in severally. Con is invited to legislate to Elia me indians to make entries under the Homestead Law without Cost to them. During the year there waa paid to indians in Cash the commissioner Calls attention to the need of a school for indians in Alaska. The con Kotteh. Tract signed last summer with chief Moses will open up two and a Quarter million acres of Fine land in Washington territory. Death s Shadow has fallen slant the Sacramento see office and James Mcclatchy the Veteran chief editor of that journal has been re moved from the chair he Hafso Many years faithfully and Honor ably occupied. Last evening s bet comes to us with turned rules announcing his death. It occurred at Paraiso Springs Monterey county last thursday. In or. Clatey s death the Bee has met with an irreparable loss. Avi merx1iaudt j. Ila Ken Towse says in the november Century Madame Modjeska is undoubtedly advancing in artistic growth. She is and Long been entitled to a place in the artist rank of living players but it 13 not easy to determine her exact position. She has challenged com Parison with Bernhardt her chief female rival and in comedy is at least the equal of the famous frenchwoman but the latter has a Range of character in trag Edy. In respect of artistic accomplishment the Mere Mastery of stage device there i Little to choose Between them but Modjeska when her Best is far nearer to nature than Bernhardt Ever is even if she Noin times fails to make so Brilliant a theatrical effect. If Bernhardt has the brilliancy she has also the coldness and hardness of the Dia mond whereas Modjeska in Addi Tion to the resources of her skill possesses the sympathetic Power which stirs the the germ of mercantile Agency which has become so important a feature of business was taken from a popular Barber memorizing the remarks concerning tradesmen made by the merchants frequenting his shop took to writ ing them becoming a sort of refer ence for the standing of out of town a foom8h proposition. It will be mo.4t unfortunate for France if the Rumor proves to be True that the extremists Are about to move a second time for the expulsion of the remaining members of the Orie Anist family from France. Should the Effort be made and should it succeed it will be a positive calamity for our sister Republic the me card Union. A re Public has no reason to fear such a Man the comte do Paris now the Ucko pledged head of the House of France so Long As he con ducts himself As a Good citizen. It will be time enough to assail him when he shall Manifest any desire to have Royalty Rule in France. Princess Amelia her the i Gueess de Bourbon arid their Mother do not recognise him As their i Ince entitled to reign. Of the , they claim that the be of the eldest brother of the Prius i Sia the rightful heir to the throne. But the contentions of these people do not menace France As Long As they arc dignified by the government order of exile. If the republicans really wish the Strug Gle for the throne to be renewed let them make martyrs of the or leans family by exiling them fifty thousand francs is the prize which France offers for the discovery which shall enable electricity to be applied economically in one of the following directions a a source of heat of Light of Chemi Cal action of mechanical Power As a Means of the transmission of intelligence or of the treatment of prize being open to All nationalities Aud to be awarded in december 1887. According to the Carson Appeal John Dennis the Austin poker Sharp lays. If Yon should happen to run across Dick Proctor Tell him to bet a pair of aces very High be fore thu draw. A pair of aces is much the Best average hand. You can but absolute certainty that it is the Best average hand in a five six or sovid handed it stands to reason then that it if senae to bet the Best hand when you it. I can Maria a machine that can play poker and beat the beat average player is nothing in the Meteorol Oleal Terpil Horenn acc and matrimonial. Wadsworth october 24. Editor weather has. Been unusually pleasant for the past two weeks and the Farmers Are Busy securing their crops so As to bid Winter Defiance. There is an abundance of Hay in the Valley there will be no fear of Stock suffering for Lack of provender. On the evening of the 20th lust., the Young people assembled in Gladding s Hall for a dance. At 9 o clock the musicians struck up a Lively air and soon scores of neatly encased bunions were tapping the timbers in unison with the intoxicating strains of Mcguire s flute. Cole mrs. Pope miss Pope mrs. Mccormick miss Coolidge mrs. Carey miss Manassa mrs. Aristien and a Host of gentlemen who sported the aesthetic Sunflower and Lily for ornaments were pres ent. Our town can boast of being free from sickness i. E., its White Resi dents and an m. D. Would starve Here for want of patronage. Not so with the piste however and their doctor at times holds us spellbound by his inimitable flow of musical cadence in his efforts to combat the machinations of that much abused you May boast of pulpit orators and Long tongued lawyers screaming housewives and Silver tongued politicians but a piste doctor takes Theca Keenan All night extemporaneous Racket and if the one out Here cannot Knock the spots off Tom Fitch with Spurgeon de Witt Tal Mage Ana general Kittrell thrown in we will hang a fragrant Bunch of Conlous on our next christinas tree for your office Devil s Sweet heart. Occasionally the switch engine Here tries to hold him level and silence if possible the Silvery rhythm of his oratory but her lungs fail after a Brief Effort and on a 12-hour go As you please oration the doctor could bust her the chinese Are rapidly rearing another Sodom on the West Side of the Truckee and a few weeks hence. China town will again be in full blast. Since the annunciation of John Richards engagement to a wealthy and buxom widow of Han Francisco several of our bachelors have Beer investing heavily in Allen s hair restorative and Are struggling hard to make the Bald head Blossom As a Berkshire hog s Back preparatory to going on a mashing tour. Our hotels Are doing a Rush inf business our merchants except Arnstein who says pish Ess Vash very Dull by Shim Many Kra Are All smiles with ladle ditto and from the Thrifty appear auce of the youngsters we Are let to believe that they prefer a dose o mud puddles to a bottle of mrs Winslow s soothing syrup. Ther is no climate in the world that can equal that of Wadsworth when Are you for the latter Spe cies of vegetables and the Fertility of the soil unsurpassed if one a judge from the number of sprout which throng our streets. The Rev. Or. Helsey is trying hard to have our bloated Bond Holt Ops erect a Church Here and we Wadsworth should not have a oae 600 years ago is beyond the scope of our Conception. Yours i noon Nito. Contrat Nevada. What transpiring alone line of the Humboldt. Silver state of the 24th inst is some 25 cars of beef cattle from Allock and other Points on the per Humboldt passed through esterday going West. Yesterday John Fitzgerald s team revived herewith pounds of re from the Ohio mine at rebel reek. The Ore will be shipped to Alt Lake to be reduced. In the Case of t. J. Harlan is. C. Imler and the Bullion of the Par Adise mining company judge to Ugelow filed u is opinion with the Victoria. Mrs Oliphant writes in the no vember Century there was a Story current at the time that at a stale Ball very near the period of their betrothal the Young lady gave her princely suitor a Rose which he without a Button Hole in his close fitting uniform Slit the breast of my coat to find a place for and that this was a Token to All the court of the final determination of the great majesty As it is pleasant to hear having herself a Little Coy add disposed to put off the explanation As Happy girls Are wont to do. No More perfect marriage has Ever been recorded the Queen herself attributes the for mation of her character to it and All that is most excellent in her life. The effect of the late frosts la St dealers. Hot. An an jury father shoots an old fool the Greenville Hillel in of the 24tn says on last sunday a Man made a felonious assault upon the Little daughter of or. Brown who lives four Milea from Quincy on the Greenville Road. The girl is aged about 10 years. Her father got a shot gun and let the brute have the contents of it wounding him severely but it is feared not fatally. The above version of the Story is said to be incorrect and the the facts is named David Bushman he is about 55 years of age and has been enamoured with miss Brown for some time though always repelled his attentions and her father bad forbid Den him in the House. On monday he went to or. Brown s place again and was ordered our in rough Tei ins he went the former going out at the same time. Once outside the House Bushman whipped out a pistol and shot at Brown but with out hitting him the latter stepped Back into the House took up a shot gun loaded with Bird shot Aud blazed at Brahman who deceived most of the shot in one Arm but was not injured otherwise. Or. Barrett picked out the shot from the Arm of the wounded Man and in the Arm 01 me Wou Uleu Mau Spring is being Felt by the High 9aya he not much the worse. No Price of apples. I arrests have As yet been made. At the track. The first race thursday was Ami and a half dish Between Jim Sun Box an Doubler. Jira won in the mile dash was won by con quest Baldy Green and Fawn Clos together. Tune in the mile and repeat Trot to Gau won the first heat with Harl. Second Graham third and bal Home it fourth. Time Chart won the second and third heats had news. De. Batea thursday received the sad news of the death of Ruf us Buck spy formerly of Reno he died a Balouse City Washington Terr tory on the 17th inst., of Erysipelas deceased is four daughters the youngest of whom is 10 years f or. Butler was a brother a Law of or. of ills injuries. A. 8. Wright an old resident q Honey Lake Valley was throw from his buggy last saturday re Civ no injuries from which he die monday night. He waa a member o the a. O. U. By which society he was buried yesterday. He leave a wife and three children. The tournament. The Riding of the ladies wedge Day at the fair grounds resulted a follows miss Nettie Winters too the first mrs. Lizzie Cannon the Mies Katie Campbell the third prizes. Misses Lexie Finlay son and Alice b. Jones wer awarded special prizes. Bad i fake on the Hill. At Clipper Gap one of the by engines on a freight train Wen Over the Grade and turned up Sid Down. It will further detain the East bound Overland so she i not be Here before or 9 o clock Only uhf of the court yesterday in Avor of defendant plaintiff to pay costs of suit. Larry finn informs us that mar on Howell has struck the ledge at he depth of 140 feet in the Sunrise mine near Patch. There is considerable Ore in the vein and says show that it will average ver to the ton. This Lead is said to be on the same Belt As the Humboldt Queen. The grease Wood lands of big Meadows Are proving to be the Best wheat lands in the 8tate. Naturally this land was soft and springy on the surface and in dry reasons was divided into blocks by cracks and fissures from one two get deep but since it has been under cultivation and irrigated this peculiarity is not noted. John i Kane sowed 87 acres of this Lam o wheat this Spring and this fal threshed from the same Lounds of Good plump Grain. Lie says nearly one fourth cr6p was Eft on the ground the Straw being so tall and the Heads so heavy that the Grain lodged before it was hut vested. A funeral Accident. The Halley Wood times of october 22 says about 4 o clock yesterday afternoon As the Funera of mrs. Eldred the deceased wifi of the Foreman of the Jay Gould works was coming Down a Stee Grade near the idahoans works the team of the first Carriage Back o the Wagon containing the remain of the deceased stepped off the Grade and rolled Down to the Creek no one in the Carriage was serious la were even thrown but the Tongue was broken Aud the Carriage is almost a total wreck the team of the express Hugo ahead scared at the noise too fright and ran off the Grade an Down the Creek upsetting the Folti and throwing it against a Roen the Glass in front wins broken by no other damage done. The re Mains were replaced in the express Wagon the mourners found Beai in other vehicles and the Funera came on Down to Hailey. A timely invocation the children outrage fiend a appeared in Stockton. The enter coast would be improved by Lynching picnic. It wants Purifica Tion it aches for some shall Quick method of punishing Thos fiendish crimes which Only i Honor judge Lynch can furnish. The above from the san fran Cleo Exchange is believed to reflect Public sentiment generally concerning the above class of Vermir How would it do to give them on Chance in judge Toohey s court Aud if they get less than 50 years turn them Over to his Honor front whose court there is no Appel allowed. Short Mike feeders. We have it from Good authority says the Ogden Pilot that the Union Pacific directors and Man agers have in View in making the inspection just completed of the Oregon Short line the idea of constructing feeders to it at various Points. After constructing Abou 60 Miles More of the main line it i intended to commence the build in of three feeders and run them t All important places in the adjacent country. Too Many saloons. The Portland oregonian says saloons multiply faster than an legitimate business and area Caus everywhere of disorder and crime it cannot be doubted that the legislature of Oregon at its nex session will consider this Subjec and take measures to Check the rapid growth of this great evil. Hack id. Be of Beno b former married to a then Lenan. Miss Mary Toombs formerly of Ieno was married october 1st at Lipon Wisconsin to or. H. J. Tevhit Dierof Cincinnati. The Ripon free press says Ripon again oses and this time Cincinnati aids. Miss Mary Toombs waa Narried monday morning at 7 mock to or. J. H. Whittier of Cincinnati. The wedding took lace in the Parlours of Hon. A. P. Larwood s residence the couple banding under an exquisite Floral orse shoe Rev. Newman off Chat no. The parents of the Bride Are id residents of Ripon the Bride a Vang been born Here. Although be has been away for several Yean her return this Hummer has renewed of old ties and we shall miss her right face and Sweet singing. We Lear Tlly congratulate the doctor and suggest that he inscribe upon his coat o arms vent. Vidi vice miss Toombs has a Host of warm friends and admirers in Reno among whom Are several Young gentlemen who would snatch or. Whittier from the Toombs if they Ould but As they cannot do that. Hey can inscribe upon their coat of arms veni Vlodi. But did t he Gazette offers condolence to he stricken hearts in Reno and Learty congratulations to or. And mrs. Whittier. A bad 3ian" from at. Does James Gordon Bennett of. Europe desire a season of per Sonal journalism if so he can be accommodated says the new York world. Unless he instructs his donkeys in the Herald office who. Are permitted to idiotically mis manage his property to Stop lying about the world we will be pleased to enter into a Public discussion of the ownership of the Herald and the Peculiar characteristics of the owner. It is barely possible that there Are some styles of entertain ment to which the luxurious or. Bennett has not treated himself and that in permitting his representatives to maliciously lie about the world he is preparing himself for a sensation which will beast rec of Solace to his dealing years. The murderer of Glenn com evicted. A Colusa dispatch of wednesday says Miller s Case was Given to the jury at 3 p. Is. After two Boon a verdict of guilty of murder in the Flat degree Aud he my the punish ment at a life imprisonment was returned. Of the first ballot the jury stood four for hanging three for imprisonment for life three for murder in the second degree two not guilty. The verdict generally satisfactory As it is considered impossible to hang a Man in Colusa county. It is Baid that coun Sel for the defense will Appeal the a hard jump. Two cars were left standing on the siding at Pino last night and a puff of East wind blew them out on the main track and they run Down to the in. No. 1 found them there and went crashing to them miking a pretty heavy wieck and injuring Chandler the Engineer pretty badly. The train got away about 9 o clock this morning nearly 12 hours fire in Valley. The Union contains an account of a fire at grass Valley. The fire originated in it Block which had escaped All former conflagrations several of the buildings being built As Early As 1851. Cats wanted. The Enterprise complains that Virginia City is being Over fan with rats and Calls upon the boys to let up on killing cats. Reao cart spare a few. Live Uto olt Market. The average daily receipts of live Stock in Chicago is hogs cattle and sheep enough to Supply the Reno Market for a week. Effect of a flow Tariff Wool by the Quantity is Selling in Lander and Nye counties for cents a Pound. _ Hosp Aprl

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