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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Mar 4 1880, Page 7

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - March 4, 1880, Reno, Nevada Keno weekly Gazette thursday March 4 1875. Strong men wrestling. A. L. Hurd winning the championship of Reno. The match de tween the american Kwh the italian tuesday goes speedily to weigh than science Contes in which the spectators were disappointed. The wrestling match Between a. L kurd and Angelo Caldera for Tho championship of Reno and a Side took place tuesday in the Nevada theatre. About 150 spectators were present. Caldera stepped on the stage before nine o clock and prepared for action. Kurd made his appearance a Quarter of an hour later. Or. Logan Foy some reason did not appear As ref Eree. W. J. Curtis and Asa Dawson were chosen referees by the wrestlers. W. Ii. Getchell acted As Umpire. The . When the men wore ready for the contest the curtain was rung up and or. Dawson stepping to the front announced that there were no other rules governing the match than those mutually agreed upon Between the men and reduced to writing. These Rulea were that a fall shall consist in both Shou Llera striking the floor squarely. Either party breaking his hold to save himself from falling it it shall be declared a fall against him. An intermission of fifteen minutes shall be allowed Between each bout. The contestants to be called by the referee and either failing to come to time shall be declared the loser of the the first Boot. Time was called at the men stopped Forward bowed to the audience Shook each other s hands and then grasped each other by Collar and Elbow. Both men were dressed As usual the Only preparation they made for the struggle being the removal of coat and Caldera not being encumbered with a Vest required but Little time to get ready. A few seconds were spent by the men in getting each a secure grip of his antagonist s clot ing then followed a slow scuffle pc half closed by the Ita Ian s feet flying out from under i and his shoulders coming in somewhat violent Contact with the flooring the stage. A fall was declared by the referees. The bout lasted about on minute and closed amid the derisive cheering of the spectators. The second struggle was with what is called a Side hold time was called at the be hand of Hurd gripped Caldera s High while each embraced the other s Bod with the remaining Arm. Hur asked for and was the High hand upper tha disproportion the size and weight of the contest ants showed Tho most in this Bon Caldera could not reach his left Arm around his adversary and was Conten to grip the Belt and Waist band of i trousers. The italian struggled to be his head under his opponent s Arm an thus get a leverage which his Burl antagonist could not resist. Hurd1 policy was to trip the italian. Each seemed afraid of the other s legs am the two displayed about the same de Greo of agility and activity that would be exhibited in a contest Between an elephant and a Rhinoceros. Yet i this bout there was a nearer approach to wrestling than in either the first o the third. First one and then tin other of the men would have his fee lifted from the floor and each had several apparently narrow escapes from falling. At last the italian go his head where he wanted it and put Ting out All his strength lifted Hurc from Tho floor and turning him in the lir threw him on his Back. The ital to himself fell to Tho floor face inward but Clear of Hurd id s shoulders had not touched the Wood but still he Lay there and after a pause of five seconds the italian crawled Over him and pressed his Back to the planks. The referees declared a fall time of the bout three min utes. The third tussle was again Collar and Elbow. Time was called at the men came prompt once commenced to struggle. The italian betrayed an anxiety to get the roman hold hand behind his adversary s Nock but Hurd would t allow any such . There was some of like shuffling about the stage n Little pulling and hauling and at last a Quick trip from Hurd s loft foot sent Tho italian sprawling on his Back. The referees declared a fall and Hurd the Winner of the this last bout occupied Little Over a minute. The general opinion is that the match was a tame affair and Many of the spectators declared their ability to do better wrestling than that which they had disbursed four bits to witness. The italian s backers appeared disgusted except those of his own nationality who announced their readiness to put up j Money on him again for a match at roman wrestling. Caldera says he can wrestle in the Loman style with anybody but this Collar and Elbow hold he no Hurd thinks the italian s strength is All in his fingers and that he knows nothing about wrestling. Hurd is willing to have people think that he purposely allowed the italian to win the second bout. Ide Winner of tub match is a Man of enormous strength. While engaged As Section Boss on the Central Pacific Railroad he has been known to lift an Iron rail weighing 600 pounds in his two hands and to carry in front of him a Short distance. He is six feet four inches High and weighs 240 pounds. With a Florid Complex Ion full face and erect figure he is a picture of robust and vigorous Man Hood though not a Model of Gracs or symmetry. Referring to Caldera s of raising a Man with one Finger Hurd says that to tried the same Hing himself the other Day for the first time. He succeeded in lifting a Man weighing 150 pounds on one Fin Ger but it Cost him a consider Ible Effort. As to lifting men by the Ankles and holding them erect in the air Hurd thinks that it would be a Ery heavy Man that he could not Han dle in that Way. No one questions he fairness of the match. Caldera seemed to be doing his jest As a wrestler but he was con ending with a giant both in height and weight. And it May be that Bis knowledge of wrestling is less than is backers supposed. Skill and Agil to count for As much in that sort of intention As strength. Caldera had 10 Money at stake and Hurd had All this Coin an himself. Neither could ave had any interest in giving away he match. Hurd is so confident of is Superior strength that he is willing o pull Sticks with the italian and How him thirty pounds extra weight n his Back. Caldera was d sip Point d in the Gate Money and says the ext time he comes before the Public t will be in Virginia. Steamboat ditch taxes. A letter on the subject from Secretary of the company. Tin the Frescott robbery. The robbery of a. Prescott s House n monday afternoon was kept As Inch As possible a secret by the offi to better enable them to discover the guilty party or parties. They be Lieve that they Are now on the right track and Hope to recover the stolen property in a Flay or two. Prescott had for a Long time employed a Young chinaman about his House. About two weeks ago he found the boy Wear ing a Peculiar Charm on his watch Chain. The Charm had been in or. Prescott s Possession for Many years and he at once know it to be his and took it from the boy. The Domestic left the House and did not return. It is believed that lie perpetrated the robbery. The House was entered through the Central door while the family were absent. The lock of the inner Hall door was picked off and the thief then made his Way through the House. Among the articles stolen were a Gold watch and Chain a breast pin sleeve buttons and a pair of1 bracelets. The value of the things stolen was from to editor Gazette in your Issue of yesterday appears an article headed by is that the Steamboat ditch co. Refuse to pay the poll tax for its chinamen As directed bylaw and that there was eight Hundred and forty dollars due from the company for poll tax j and nearly sixty from the ditch property. Now or. Edi Tor would it not have looked a Little More like fair dealing to have Learned both sides of the Story before pronouncing sentence permit me to re Fer Yon to Section fifty of the Revenue act As amended. It is there provided that any person company or Corpora Tion shall be liable for the poll tax of their or its amp Oyefes to the extent of what May then or thereafter be due them and no at the time the assessor went Over the line of the ditch company s works the contract ors were indebted to the company several thousand dollars and the com Pany never has been Able to get even with them. Hence there was nothing in the hands of the ditch company be longing to the contractors that the assessor could reach. Had there been Money due the contractors it would have made no difference to Tho com Pany whether it was paid for poll taxes or other purposes. On the contrary they would have Tunch preferred paying the tax. But with the Truckee items. Cattle notes. A. A. Longley has sold his beef cattle 127 head to Carrick Hayes of Oakland. They were sold at so much a head but the Price is not Given. The cattle will be delivered on the Lola instant. They Are considered the Inest in the county. A Roan named Merrifield is on the Frem Surprise Valley with 80 Lead of cattle to sail in this Market. Hay is said to be getting scarce in Surprise and the other Northern Val yes and is advancing in Price. This vill have the effect of bringing cattle nto Hay is still abundant. Large amount then due the company from the contractors the trustees did not feel called upon to contribute eight Hundred or a thousand dollars for and on behalf of the company for state and county Revenue. I can not construe this into a refusal to pay their Legal taxes. In All Candor or. Editor do you think the above facts susceptible of such a construct Ion again you state that there is due from the ditch property nearly sixty dollars. Now or. Editor if you can show me any Rule of Law whereby a canal or ditch Cut Only in places on the line of its Survey the connect-1 ions yet to be made and the portions Cut not aggregating one half of the entire length of the whole can be Tor tured into taxable property 1 will then cheerfully admit that the com Pany ought by All Means to pay the sixty dollars and i must to permitted to decline conceding the Point before. There has been a great amount of la Bor porno Mcd on said canal since the Date of assessment and yet it is not completed. It will yet require an outlay of several thousand dollars be fore water can be run through it. Please be a Little lenient towards the few ranchers that have had to Shoul Der this Enterprise that will ultimately yield considerable to the state and county Revenue and Deal justly to wards our District attorney who has doubtless looked into these matters in All their bearings and proposes to act accordingly. By inserting the above in your valuable paper you will Confer a great favor upon yours truly John s. Gilson Secretary of the Truckee and Steamboat Springs irrigating canal co. Benn March a 1sso. Prom the Truckee Republican of wednesday. Jas. Miller of Sierra Valley took a Large band or cattle below yesterday on the freight train. Or. Woods whose marriage to miss Kate Edwards was recently chronicled died last week at Berkeley. Fine Silver Trout Are abundant at Donner Lake now and bite readily. Philbrook has brought in a Large num Ber which sell for 25 cts. Per Pound. Donner Lake has remained Frozen Over All Winter. This is something remarkable and is said to have never occurred since the dreadful Winter of 1846-7, when the ill fated Dounar party encamped on its shores. Personal. T. V. Julian is Back from san fran Cisco. Stephen Connor has returned from a four months trip to Modoc Sierra Anci of Tseu counties where he sold Many Joung Trees. Bev. We. Bluett leaves Reno this week for new York. The people Here have formed a High opinion of this gentleman and his departure will be much regretted. Or. Charles Wright and wife of Brooklyn n. Y., Are in town. Mrs. Wright formerly Louise ice Nilo is Well remembered by those who have heard the Berger As she was a general favorite and has earned for herself a High reputation As a vocalist. The Price is made and the goods warranted As represented. Send for one of our new catalogues -4s pages. Complete in every detail of description and Price. It will Cost you nothing and Lviv save you Many dollars. J Sleigh ing on Alkali Lake. Alkali Lake is White with Snow which covers its dry bed to a depth of several inches tie of the the Sun melts a lit Snow every Day and the the red House Trade Union 706, 714 and 716, t Street Complete lines at All times of dry goods fancy goods notions millinery men s furnishing goods clothing hats Caps boots shoes Etc. Verdi school report. Report of the Verdi school for the he month ending feb. 27th. Whole no. Of Days attendance. .223 whole no. Of Days absence.32 pal no. Enrolled.16 loll of Honor Maud Merrill Lizzie Renehan Nettie Wood George Langh on Charles Langhton Joseph Fitz Erald. George Foulks Claud Merrill Obert Longley. Addie Park teacher. Verdi March 2nd. Twenty two knife to Mali. The Lyon county times gives the following account of the recent blood thirsty assault at Gold Hill John Mgginley a former resident of this City was stabbed Twenty two times in the Abdomen Chest Side Back and Arm in the piste House lower Gold Hill about 9 o clock last thursday night by j. A. Colwell. Mcginley Colwell and a. M. Cro Raer of this City Are partners in the Arrastia run Ning opposite the Justice mine. On thursday a clean up was made and after it was done Colwell took away the amalgam and kept it. Will and Mcginley meeting in the piste House bar in the evening a discussion ensued which grew very hot when Drew his pocket knife and inflicted Twenty two cuts body of Mcginley. Colwell is in jail and Mcginley is in a critical condition. Water draining through to the Bot Tom freezes into a hard underlying Sheet of ice every night. The so called Lake is an Alkali Flat two Miles in length by one in Width. This Flat is As level As the surface of a Frozen Lake. There is splendid Aleigh ing there now but none on the Road. Viewed from the surrounding Hills the Broad expanse of glistening Snow is a most Beautiful sight. He Way to do business. I. Fredricks has built up an excellent business in Reno and Hia Success is an illustration of the truth of the old but not universally believed Maxim that honesty is the Best pol it has always been his practice to and faithful work never to overcharge his customers and never to misrepresent the Quality of his goods in this Way he never loses a customer and his established reputation daily adds to his Trade. Country order department part of the coast at the same Price As retailed samples furnished. Price list free. Goods sent to any Over the counters. Address House Sacramento Gal. A dire Ful Young Mun there is a handsome Reno gentle Man who keeps a Complete set of accounts for his Linen. Everything he has is numbered and the number entered in his books. When he puts on a shirt or Collar or takes a pocket handkerchief he gives it credit for the time he uses it. When he has it washed or repaired he charges it with what it costs him. A gain of 25 per cent. The great annual a or Lirkle of tree planting. At a horticultural society meeting held in san Francisco the other Day a b. Redding said that he had Learned by experience that irrigating ditches should be on the North Side of they were liable to be burned As they not Only received the direct rays of the Sun but also the reflected rays from the water. The Hussain police attach immense port acc to the discovery of these it printing press in St. Petersburg. He detectives who made the descent Ich received a Grant of roubles and the Captain of Tho police who was resent in person on the occasion has 3cii promoted to the Grade of lieu Nant general on the occasion of one of the Czar s numerous recent escapes an Odessa Stice who foresaw a Long sitting so of gently exhorted plaintiff and de Jdant to Mark the blessed occasion y settling their differences that they Reed to do so Ond the Justice got a oliday. For lame Bach Side or Chest use Shi of 3 porous plast Jar. Price 8b Eta. Id by Ostran Shoemaker druggists no Nevatt. Hot 3 m w f Weston the walk list. Edward Payson Weston the celebrated pedestrian passed through on the express train for san Francisco monday Weston is built a Good Deal like a pair of tongs. He runs to legs like a Derrick. Weston s Best feat was one of the marvels of human endurance. He has walked 650 Miles in six consecutive Days of Twenty four hours each beating the Best time Ever made before. But Weston s Best time was beaten in London by Blower Brown last month. Brown covered 553 Miles in six Days. Weston goes to san Francisco to walk a match with o Leary. It will commence next monday news. Hop bitters which Are advertised in our columns Are a sure cure for ague bilious Ness and kidney com plaints. Those who use them say they cannot be too highly recommended. Those afflicted should give them a fair trial and will become thereby enthusiastic in the Praise of their curative qualities. Portland Argus. Loss of Stock in id Aho. The recent severe storm has resulted in great loss of Stock in Mal Heuer Jordan Reynold s Creek and other Winter ranges in Idaho and Eastern Oregon. It is estimated that the loss already in these and adjoining valleys reaches nearly head and losses still continue the weather being unusually cold. Old there Romany reputed remedies for that very prevalent disease chronic nasal Catarrh but none tvs sch have Given general satisfaction and Leamo acknowledged Standard pre far tons except or. Sage s Catarrh remedy. T continues to enjoy an unprecedented popularity. This reputation is been earned through tie permanent cures which it hat proved itself Asp Cilc in the worst forms of the disease. In act 10 Relia ble is it that Ita former proprietor offered through All the newspapers at the and a re. Ward of s3c3 fora Catarrh that it would not cure. Sold by All druggists. Says the Bodie news All the wild animals in the country Are ravenous caused by the deep Snow in the mount Ains and will attack Man or beast. Even coyotes charge into the very town. Last evening at dusk the Little 4-year-old boy of we. Higgins step Ped outside of the door and was go ing for a Little dog. The Mother looked out in time to save her child from a pack of hungry coyotes. Dry goods carpets cloaks Dolman shoes fancy goods All goods will be a Snow slide occurred in Logan Canyon Utah on the 27th, about 25 Miles from Logan which buried Sis and several teams. Four of the men got out but two men and Brea teams were left hurried in the Snow. Fifty five men left Logan immediately to dig for the men. The names of the victims Are not known. In a fight on the 37th of february near the lower California line one White five indians were killed. Will continue until March 1st, 1880. Disposed of regardless of Cost or value to make room for the immense Stock of Spring goods now being purchased in the new York Market goods axe Choice and fresh and no such bargains have even been offered on the coast. Come on and take a hand in the rust you could not invest your Money to any better advantage. Sol Levy Virginia Street Reno furniture and bedding w. D. Gomstock Corner fifth and k streets Sacramento Cal. Solid Walnut furniture Maple bedsteads chairs tables largest Stock. Lowest o6tf Comstock. In spa Peri 1wspaper

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