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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Jun 12 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - June 12, 1879, Reno, Nevada Vol. 3. Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday june 12, 1879, no. In some social prob Luis. Republicanism in the United states is menaced by two dangers. Socialist ideas Are rapidly being engrafted upon our population. The american socialists have a Strong organization with branches in almost every state in the Union. There Are six million germans in this country of whom a considerable percentage Are socialists. Several of the most noted leaders of this party have recently arrived in the United states. Bismarck has made it his policy in Germany to secretly bring about the emigration of dangerous men to America. The socialists last year held a convention in an Eastern City and adopted a platform that embraces All ideas of communism. They aim to confiscate All private property for Tho use of the Community to have the whole Busi Ness of the country transferred to the government to be administered for the common Benefit. The working men s party in California openly repudiates communism. But among Tho men who compose a majority of that party there is a marked leaning to wards socialism. The socialists in America have Able educated leaders. The movement is not confined the foreign element of the population. Among the american factory opera Tives of new England towns socialistic dec rings Are known to have taken Root. They subscribe for socialistic newspapers. In this political move ment lies Clanger to the institutions of the United states. Tue Large corporations the great land owners the moneyed men the property class As a whole have Dis covered the signs of coming trouble. Among them is growing a sentiment in favor of what is called a Strong government. The wealthy class Faver gigantism. They desire to add to the Power of the National administration. They fear that the foreign element in the Community will work mischief they Are beginning to distrust demo Cracy to doubt the Success of republicanism in America. The property class Are inclined towards a Strong of in other words a despotic govern ment. Is exposed to attack from both sides it is threatened by communism on the 0110 hand and on the other by the demands of the property holders who seek for Protection in a stronger Oover Ament. Perhaps it is yet too Early to Dis cuss this matter but to think not tue subject is receiving attention from Many of the deepest thinkers in the country. A recent number of the North american a review contained a Long article on this topic. The Rise o socialism has been rapid and its pro will not to slow. Ignorant poor men Are easily fascinated by its doctrines socialism appeals Tho sympathies o the Labouring class. It is not a ques Tien of Tho existence of Clanger by the problem is How Best to meet Ano Avert it. Some newspapers con ten themselves with denunciation of the men who advocate Tho new doctrine and indulge in copious abuse of the foreigners among us. Such a method but adds to the strength the move ment. John Stuart Mill at Tho Tim of his death was engaged in a work on communism and some fragment of it have recently been published his Calm and logical mind saw the Force of the agitation and perceived that it had some just foundation. But he pointed out that while the Labouring class had grievances Thoj would find no remedy for them in socialism. Passing Over for the present the fallacies upon which Are based the the cries of communism the futility of the agitation is Best shown by demons that ing its impracticability. Corii Munison says that there is no right of property that All land and All property must b divided among the people. How Ca this division be made shall the be parcelled out equally Amon the adult population who then shall receive As his portion a lot at the North pole and a lot under the Equator who shall have a City lot nil who one in the wilderness and f Tho adults Divide All the property hat shall the minors have when they ome of age t no division of property an Ever be made for the simple reason hat there can never be devised any Sis of allotment to which All would ree. No basis of division could be quit Ablo. Socialists do not advocate a Ivision. They argue that All property hould be held by Tho Community for he common use and Benefit of the peo ple. Here again is an Cheme. There Are an infinite number f occupations among All Neces Ary for the Good of the Community. Who shall Hoe the Corn and who shall the treasurer of the commune and of by any possibility the work of the could be so divided As to give satisfaction How shall the com Leosa Tion of each occupation be fixed shall the rag picker draw the same pay As the physician and shall a sin re Seive the same compensation As her Ert Spencer if not what shall be he basis of remuneration and who Hall fix upon that basis thus in whatever Way the doctrines of social so Are examined they prove to be utopian impossible of practical application. As for Republican government t is the form which secures the most Liberty. Majority government is More equitable than the Rule of a minority. Government can be absolutely just. Republics Are formed principle hat All men Are born with equal this principle is no Mere theory but a demonstrated Law the a upon which Herbert Spencer Jason the whole Structure of Tho principle which he has established the foundation of morality. A despotic form of government is utterly inconsistent with this principle. No government is admissible but that which rests upon the will of Tho pc pie. Lately Readin one of the Ablest newspapers of san Francisco an Arti Cle in which it was stated that civilization is going backward. We can not accept such a conclusion. It is contrary to the Law of evolution a notion at variance with the lesson taught by the natural history of Man. Natural science has shown that the history of life upon this Earth is the Story of a Long course of development that it is Tho narrative of a constant and uniform Progress through count less Ages from lower to higher forms Progress is the great Law of nature races and nations May perish but tin fittest must survive. Men Are no yet adopted to social life it is not so Long Sinco Mankind emerged Fren barbarism. But adaptation is con stantly going on it is. A necessity o existence. There Are forces underly ing society which compel Progress we cannot see the daily growth of an Oak but time beholds it a Perfec tree. Effects of great fires. When a fire has swept away in few hours a town or City the los usually seems irreparable. Discouragement is natural under such Circum stances. To see the flames con Sam in an hour Tho whole accumulations o a lifetime May Well break Down the stoutest heart. But in a wonderfully Short time such disasters Are repaire and business is resumed with increased vigor. Fire often improves a Tow or City. The new buildings fir usually of better material and appear Ance than those they replace. Exten Sivo fires of course usually involve Groat destruction of merchandise an other property a loss to society tha can never be made Good. But the re covery from such calamities has alway been so rapid that the attention o political economists has been drawn t the matter. How is it that n City utterly consumed by fire at once rises Phoenix from its ashes and that where to Day May is nothing but making ruins in a year will stand a Roud and populous City the expiation is very simple. A be Flagra Lon May dust boy capital but not the conditions which created it. Tho City nay go but the site is left. If it nourished before the fire it will again. He reason Lor its existence still re the recovery of individual wealth destroyed in conflagrations must Nec scarily be slow. But it has been to marked that the privation which Neo is drily follows such disasters brings Beut greatly increased Economy. Men ave where before they spent. Siness usually flourishes As before and they work harder. The result is. Paid accumulation and the Restora Ion of private fortunes. Is Fust recovering from her ate calamity. Good substantial buildings have in Many cases replaced inferior ones. The work of Restora Ion is going on vigorously. In in months Reno will be a better looking town than Ever. To use a Ereign idiom there is a Rassu for a town is needed Here a source of Supply for surrounding country a shipping Point for its pro ducts. And Reno is growing and will Entique to grow with the develop ment the great natural resources of Nevada. Here Are minerals waiting to dug rom the Earth Trees to fell and lands m till. Here is unlimited water Power for manufactures. Hers is a dry and invigorating climate a land of Sun Hine a soil that repays for every drop of water a Grain of wheat. And Reno ies in one of nature s Amphitheatres encircled by grand Mountain ranges whose summits Are White with Perpet Lal Snow. Bending Over All is a sky of matchless Blue where Snow White Clouds Are Ever Drifting or hovering Over the Mountain tops. Four thous and feet above the sea the air is pure and dry and bracing a constant draught of Champagne to Tho spirits. Lassitude and ennui Are Here ii Possi this Region is fitted to develop a race of men in mental and bodily strength not to be surpassed by any people under the Sun. The coming battl15. The Ohio Campaign promises to to a exciting a one As she has Ever had Ewing is a very popular Man with his party and is very Wordy although in sound on Money matters. He is an inflation St of the most Rabid Type and will doubtless make All the Capi Tal he can out of his Peculiar theories. Foster his opponent will make a very Lively fight taking High grounds in finance civil service and the recon appropriation Bills. It is not Likely that the bloody shift will be a very Large Factor in the fight and it is to be hoped that it will not. There Are plenty of issues of the highest import Ance before the country without that and we do not think it Wise or honest to fight political bathes with no Unpi Tal except the Low state of morality in sections of the country. Great principles involving most important interests for this nation will be discussed both this year and next and i Hope the leaders of the party will no mix in too much Nigger with the National currency civil service Silvo coinage appropriation riders Anc other questions of a like nature. I some Southern blackguard bastes a blackmail we do net want our Nevada heart fired by stories of cruelty. We have a president and he has attorneys and marshals who Wil at least keep us posted of any Politica persecution. And even it he cannot Hel it and if Tho Darkey Man gets Howors Efa Cern or Cetton Trade the Whol North need not go into hysterics Ove it. Let us fight this election through on High ground and win it on Prin Ciple. Fkk15 coinage Laws. There is a men engaged in the Endeavor to Securo the privilege or parties owning Silver to take it to be United states mints and have it joined into dollars containing an mount of Metal which would be Orth 83 or 84 cents in the Market he Only Way they can gain the least import for this scheme is by making Fiir followers believe it would bring Ivor up in Price aug at the same me make Money More plenty. That few really do believe this we do out but a great Many advocate it or selfish and corrupt reasons. If we Cleved such an effect to be possible lie Gazette would be working with Light and main for the Success of the a but we Are entirely unable the see it would Benefit the state at arge and poor men in particular few already Rich men to be allowed o take 83 cents Worth of Silver to the Uiato and after it is coined give them Ower by Law to compel us Paer Fel who have Silver mine to Ake it Fer 100 cents. Tho present method is better. The government now gets the Benefit of the Low Price f Silver and whatever Silver works to Way into circulation is a profit to he people of 17 cents on the Dollar. T seems to us however that the de Mand for Silver would be greater and he Price advanced by putting More Ilver into the Dollar our daddies f that were Dene every one would be willing to take Silver and instead of millions of it lying in vaults on Pur pose Fer it it would be sought for All Iver the world. It would go to China and India in preference to English or German Silver and America would be he depot for the Silver Trade As she might to to. Inch a Wise measure Euld easily be passed with the Assis Anoe of Nevada s delegation and we advise our readers to think it Over without prejudice. Free coinage of a depreciated Dollar Means hard or All but the Bonanza firm and a few liver producers. Editorial notes. A correspondent of the new York writing from Dallas denies the Story that Texas husbands Are in the habit of calling upon their wives for heir revolvers when they Start for prayer meetings. He insinuates that he ministers have been lying Abou Texas. One minister had recently Jub shed an account of a number of tragedies that he had witnessed in Texas while travelling through the country. Tho Sim correspondent docs not entirely understand How the gentleman could have wit Nassed events which occurred Almos at places hundreds of Miles part where there Are no Mil roads. The writer says that the North Ern newspapers have lied about Texa because the state is democratic. I gives the area of Texas which is the largest state in the Union and if i figures fire Correct there Are few murderers to the Square mile in Texa than is generally supposed. He state that a citizen of new York is in mor danger of being clubbed by police men than the traveler in Texas is o being robbed and beaten. It appears that taking its area into Cen Sidera Tion Texas is a very moral state Al though not an absolute Paradise. A f. Clark who is under indict ment for aiding the escape of Ander son one of the Tullis murderers a brought before Tho county court a Sacramento on tuesday. His Counse tried to have the indictment quashed on the ground that it did not direct la allege that Tullis was an because of some other the Eroica omission. The demurrer was take under advisement. It is time for re form in this matter of indictments thieves and murderers Are constant eluding punishment because of som flaw in indictments. The Reform the abuse has been commenced i Eagland. The Laws of England Are contained in some Twenty thousand statutes. An eminent Jurist has been engaged in framing a code of Laws to embody this mass of statutes. The code Lus been so drawn that a indict ent can be amended in open court o such thing As quashing an indict sent on Mere technical grounds will Erc after be possible in England Lould the proposed criminal code be adopted. Such a Reform is much eucled in this country. The Laws hich permit the quashing of indict ments were originally intended to pro it the rights of prisoners. But they no become in for e escape of criminals a trip by rail from san Francisco Reno furnishes much food for bought. A familiar journey now it what a never ending wonder is is Railroad through the mountains. That a Triumph of engineering to arve that railway through the Sierra. Is one climbs upward thousands of get upon those narrow ribbons of Teel and listens to the tireless Pant f the locomotives to is led to con Rast our civilization with the cedi Ion of primitive Man. He compares re historic Man coming out of his Ava in the morning to kill something or his breakfast with the Railroad building Man of to Day. There is a ride Gap bet Cen the Stone club and Ullman car. There Are Leme things from which newspaper offices Are exempt. In a i dance with the Emerson Ian Law of compensation the newspaper Man is ree from of the ills which befall men in callings that bring their recompense upon Earth. The newspaper Man always feels a sense of selfish satisfaction when he reads of a Burg Ary. No burglar Ever eaters a news office. There is Only one Case upon record of a newspaper office hav no been burglarized. The burglar was caught but had no difficulty in getting free on the ground of idiocy be established his idiocy by proving hat he was guilty of Theo Flence charged against him. That was sufficient. He was committed to an Asylum where be soon recovered the use of his faculties. Nothing seems to pay so Well now is Foo hardiness and useless exhibitions if endurance. A Man can make More Money by pedestrian ism in these Hare times than he can a any useful Industry. Tho last foolish exploit was the leap from the Bridge Over the Niagara River which was recently Madi in safety by some Man with Strong nerves and a weak head. It is Aston Ishing that people can be found to Pat Renicz such exhibitions. Human Sifein jeopardy is the attraction in sue performances. Nevada people distinguish a Nev arrival from the California coast by the freshness of his complexion a Well As by his air of simplicity and innocence. These signs soon disappear however. The Sagebrush quickly All sorbs the dewy of his complexion and his skin is soon Wel tanned by the Sun and wind of the plateau. Contact with our keen witted population fast brightens the californian intellect fac an expression of keenness and Zitelli gence. Congressman Daggett writes to the Virginia Enterprise that he fears the Silver Bill will vetoed after it passe Tho Senate. Re says that the so Rotar of Tho Interior is worried about the matter of Timber of Public lands a the present Law is unsatisfactory conference of Western representative was held at the Secretary s office an consideration of the matter postpone until next december when a be Timber land Bill will probably i framed. Californians Are provincial in the nations. It is owing to geographic reasons. All shut in people Are a be so. One of the California con its is that everybody wants to live California. They think that All nevadans would live in san Francisco they could of lord the expense. Tha it is that Many of our people could of be hired to stay away from Thil ate. They could t be driven out any of them. Sage rushers some Mes go Down to san Francisco to end their Money but. As a Virginia an expresses it they soon get tired Tho Picayune ways of the people own the Stock Exchange very sensibly ays the republicans will come to a sen we conclusion when they Realise that rant cannot be renominated without great Leal of opposition and that to sure Success in 1880 there must be Armony in the party from Turret to und Tiou Stone. The democracy Are oing for All there is in sight and Wing with Grant Tho lord term candidate will sweep the eld. The n. Y. Time publishes a Large Ody of reports upon the present con Tion and the prospects of the crops Iron Ghat the United states. The turns indicate that the Harvest of "79, though not so great As last year will e generally Good All aver the country. To Prospect is average yield in nost sections and at most crops and a increase in some Staples is expected. In Oregon the most popular poem is Longfellow s the verse hich follows is the one which most wrongly appeals to the sympathies of in we feet it but dimly through their and Vipon. Amid to desc earthly hat to i but funereal May be Lic arcu n die Tunt Lampi. Tho Austin reveille of the 4th, and he Winnemucca Silver state of the so a curious coincidence published is editorial matter n interesting paragraph about mount Etna. Strange say the paragraphs n both papers Are exactly alike in. Heir wording. Rather curious. The Eureka Leader says build no operations have about ceased at this is news Here. While he great Rush of building is Oyer Here is considerable being done yet not less than Twenty houses Are now n course of construction. Tiie Cha Zotti a Tuo Only paper he coast which had the news of the nomination of being by the Ohio Imo cratic convention yesterday. They Bagan to ballot at and the Iho Ico was made on the second ballot. The Gazette is indebted to Tho san Francisco Stock report for a Large amount of free advertising. Our City is is being extended considerably by it. Trio Stock report resembles some physicians we wet makes up a wry face when dosed with its own Medicine. A woman at Santa Barbara upset a Kettle of lard on an infant. The lard was spoiled and the child died. Judge Goodwin of Tho Virginia in Erp Iise will deliver an oration at the Pioneer s picnic at Carson to Morrow. The n. Y. is now coming out Strong against Iho re nomination of Grant. Sagebrush leaves will be ready for delivery about july first. N. L. Squires Fau id guilty of Mur Der in the first degree at Colusa last , committed suicide at tuesday night. He Cut both arms and his Throat with a Nizer. One of the prisoners a the jail gave the claim and when the sheriff got to Squires he was yet alive but died a a Short time allow he received the razor is a mystery. His wife visited him of monday and must have car ried it in. He was to have been sentenced saturday. Newspaper

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