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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Jul 31 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - July 31, 1879, Reno, Nevada Vol. 3. Reno Washoe county. Nevada thursday july 31, 1879. No. 18. Hokk a Putty Lack by. About two weeks Sinco the Gazette made some comments upon the Fine of imposed by a Winnemucca jus Tice As a punishment for horse steal ing. The Silver state says in explanation of the matter that the Evi Dence showed the value of the horse to be less than had the animal been Worth More than that sum the Justice would have had no jurisdiction but the value being less the Case came under his authority which he exercised As stated. The operations of Law in Nevada Are Peculiar. A Rowdy for disorderly conduct in Reno gets sixty Days in jail while a Winnemucca Justice takes from a convicted horse thief and sets him free. The Silver state has shown that the Winnemucca functionary had jurisdiction in Tho Case but Lias not shown that the Fine was an adequate punishment for the of sense. This Legal luminary it appears measures the punishment for theft by the value of Tho article stolen. Had the stolen horse been Worth More than 950, the theft would have been grand larceny and the prisoner held to await the action of the grand jury. The Law seems at fault in drawing Juch a purely arbitrary distinction Between grand and Petty larceny. If a rogue steals a poor woman s horse a school masters preacher s or editor s scrub it is potty larceny. He pays his Little Floe if caught and tries again. But if he steam a Rich Man s horse it grand larceny and if Cap tured the wretch must expiate his crime behind the bars of the Penitentiary. Such operations of Law make the excuse fur the Hempen noise und the re formative tar. History of the Donner party. To Mitoki notes Bodie with a population of 7000, has no Church. But now a movement is on foot to build a Plano of worship there and the Bodie papers gravely express their approval of Tho enter the news declares that it is a laudable and adds for Young and old a place of Wor ship is proper and the sight of people coming and going from Church the Sabbath Day is a sure Mark of advancement and we Hope that Bodie will continue to Advance but fear that its Progress will never be due to the piety of its inhabitants. E. M. Derby of fruit Dale Alameda county California has a number of Pink Pond lilies growing on his place. The existence of Pink Pond lilies has been questioned and until recently none had been seen in California. The Flower is larger and the perfume More delicate than that of the White Pond Lily. Tho shades or gradations of Pink Are vary says bul Letin the deepest colors being on the outside petals Fust now these Pink Pond lilies Are the greatest Floral curiosity to be seen in this every Farmer who can command an abundance of water should raise fish and thereby secure a pleasing and wholesome variety of food for his table. Besides supplying Homo wants a fish Pond Cin be made profitable if near to a Market. Carp and Catfish arc Well suited for artificial cultivation for the reason that they do not require running water but thrive in any kind of Pond or Reservoir. The culture of these fish has been very successful at grass Valley. A copy of the history of the Don Ner by c. F. Of the Truckee Republican has been received at this office. The narrative of the terrible hardships and suffer Ings of the ill fated company is graphically told in this volume. Many vol Umes have been written concerning the perils and privations undergone by explorers in the Arctic regions. But there never yet was penned a Story of Mure thrilling interest than that of this handful of people Snow bound in the wilds of the Sierra Dur ing the whole of n bitter Winter. The tale some of the darkest phases of human nature. Some have objected to the author s strict Fidelity to truth displayed in the work but a history should Uoc suppress any mate rial facts if it Aims at historical excellence. Re its vivid. A new paper is to to started Iti san Francisco to be an eight Page daily the size and Stylo of the Chicago Tri Bune. It will to called either the a Hominy Herald or Tho Republican Herald and will to a Stalwart. It aspires to unite Tho somewhat scattered Republican hosts in a More compact army. Its direct attack will to upon he cd Ronicle. It will go after its advertisements As Well As subscriptions in a particularly aggressive manner. An agent has gone Enst arrange for the telegraphic news. An anti chinese club has been formed in Eureka for Tho purpose of ridding Eureka county of mongolian Competition its members bind themselves not to patronize anyone who employs chinese and their plat form declares that it is their duty to drive the chinese from our midst by All Legal if we can forcibly if we a i solution affirms that All parties ignoring their signatures to the list of membership will to poked upon As enemies to their the stumpage on seme Timber land near Astoria averages per acre. The Chicago Field is a paper of great interest to every Lover of Field sports and to the naturalist. It is an authority in All that pertains to the gun Rod or Saddle. Contributions from eminent men Are always to be found in its the Field of july 19 contains an especially valuable article on the generative organs of translated by Fred Mather from the German of a Bonn scientist. The san Francisco Stock Exchange thinks that it is of no use for the Gazette to try to keep Pinn Tore troupes and Quarter hour pedestrians out of Reno by announcing that the Faro game has closed. The Exchange declares that Printer s Ink won t Savo the town. Two of our worst pedestrians Start on monday for smelters gloves Are reversible and when the front is worn they can be turned Over and worn Back to front. It is said that general Grant has provided himself with a dozen pairs against Tho receptions to will Havo to endure on his return. The Eureka Leailer says that Eureka District gets along with loss out Side puffing than any Camp on the very True. All the puffing that Eureka gets comes from the in site. The san Francisco pout Isnow using its Comstock maps for wrappers. They Aro excellent the Pur pose. The Pioche Llee Ord not Beau to sieved at this of lace for Many weeks. Tie Curt of lean Etc. A correspondent of the new York Sun writes us follows if the thin Man will use horse radish with his food he will get think Strong and fat. It has cured to of dyspepsia kidney complaint and a paralysis of the left Arm and log. As u tonic and Appe it has no equal. It enlivens the torpid liver thus digesting the food. Take a teaspoonful or two with each meal. Half a teaspoonful after the richest dessert will prevent any unpleasant effects. The International hotel in Eureka is to have a third added. Causi Rou congratulation. It Niy to a Little warmer than is desirable for Comfort just now but the Man that reads the up Poi ii in Well be thankful tint his Linos Aro East in Rano. Here no Pesti lunch stalks with destroying tread to to Sci Mato our population. Here Sun stroke finds no victims. No deadly malaria descends at night to sow the seeds of fever and death. Reno is Al most free from sickness during these warm summer Days while from the Atlantic monies news prostration from of the great mortality in Tho crowd Hies made hospitals by the Burn a Sun. And in the South Tho w fever threatens to again bring desolation in its train. While at night in Boston or new York during the heated term sound and refreshing sleep is unknown Here the evening brings always on its wings the Snow cooled air from the Mountain tops and the weary toilet lies Down at night to refreshing and undisturbed repose. Jefferson Day legacy. From the Baltimore Odette july i. The friends of or. Jefferson Davis will rejoice that the legacies which he received hands of a benevolent widow place him above the need of running for United states Sinator from Mississippi. Through the Friend ship Aud admiration of mrs. Sarah a. Dorsey of Mississippi her testamentary disposition ref her property and death or. Davis a now the possessor of two Cotton plantations and a Villa on the Gulf coast where he is now re siding enjoying his opium cum Dignin Tate. Since the close of the War a series of disasters have followed or. Davis. His property had been embarrassed and was finally swamped his business ventures were disappoint ments his children died Many of his friends proved As faithless As Hist ene Mies were Many and fierce. The heart must be hard indeed which can grudge him a Little repose and ease in the closing of his Days. Mrs. Dorsey made a very Good disposition of her property. For the opium habit from the Cincinnati to tubetto. , july few years ago or. J. H. Mcclelland of this county graduated with High honors from the Louisville medical College and married a most amiable accomplished lady. At College he formed tie opium habit and thu vice grew upon him until he forsook his business and spent every cent of his own and his wife s Means in the indulgence of the appetite that a obsessed him. All efforts to Reform him failed and finally As a Dernier resort his neighbors organised a Little vigilance committee went to the doctor s House night before last anal took him out and gave him a terrible whipping to Day he is at work and declares himself cured of the habit Aud willing to support his family. The great russian from the Golos. Our correspondent at Kherson sends us word that roubles of the Money one million and a half stolen from tha government Treasury have been recovered and some of Tho Rob Bers arrested. According to the Rumor that needs yet official support the robbery was the work of the lady who called herself mrs. Or. Nikulin and who was the tenant of the House from which Tho subterranean passage to the Treasury was made is said to be mine. Vitten Tho sister of a nihilist lady lately sent to 8i Berra. Tho Money May have been stolen with the purpose of isenring the escape or improving the condition of the political criminals in Siberia. From Tho Chicago Field. It is generally thought that Tiff leeches Arn aquatic but this is i mis Taku. In the warm regions of the old and new world there live in the Brushwood leeches which attack the traveler As Well As his horse and suck Tho blood of both without their perceiving it. Hoffmeister states that in Ceylon while collecting insects during the evening he was terribly bitten by leeches abounding in the Brush and thickets. They have been found in the Himalayas 11.000 feet above the level of tha sen and in Blind Leech has been found by f. Miller in Damp Earth in Brazil. State news in Brief. Eureka a Cloud burst. Empire is full of Wood Drivers and whiskey. This is the Healthiest summer Eureka bus Ever had. So Olione indians abandon the old and Fleck pit of their tribe wine Inucci is obliged to econ Thia dry season. Three Hundred skilled labourers Are out of employment in Eureka. Carson folks Aro Rushing to Bowers mansion where the pasturage is Good tuesday was the hottest of the season in Eureka. Thermometer 93 in the Shade. A secret society has been organized in Eureka Whoso object is to make the chinese go. W. Millen of Gold Hill was thrown from his horse near Sutro lust tues Day and badly bruised. A recent strike in the Lucky dog mine it is thought will create a min ing revival in Unionville. Mrs. Thiele and four children came from Arizona to Eureka in a Wagon a distance of 4.10 Miles in 25 Days. A woman of Anttn has married one Jonathan Start and now when he reckons the cot in. He Calls her hl0 cd pensive Awee thai t. B. F. Baber s Little boy prank entered a Cuttle Corral at Camp Mcdurn Mit and was trampled to death by an angry steer. George Bobier has departed from Elko leaving his family behind him. The affair looks dark to the Elko in dependent. Elko s now theatre is to be provided with drop curtains and scenery from san Francisco. It will be called Freeman s opera House. The fire companies of Eureka have each been donated out of the sur plus funds of the Relief committee for the Purchase of Hose Etc. The match Between miss von Berg and Madam Tourtelott will come off at Piper s opera House Virginia City about the first of next month. The president and Secretary of the Eureka Coal Burner s association have resigned. They disclaim All sympathy with the extreme course of the strikers. The air hangs heavy with the re mors of a scandal in High life the developments of which will shake cur social fabric to the very Center says the Elko Independent. The scorpion company have com. Minced work on a Large Shaft on the North Side of seven mile Canyon at n Point where the cropping swing far out to the East. Feed and water have Given out on the ranges about Eureka and Stock men Are driving All their cattle into Utah. The Prospect is bad for the Stock men this season. Austin boy Dove into Pond to take a swim. Heels remained sticking out of water. Was pulled out and head foiled to have been imbedded in mud a foot deep. Austin boy looks before a leaps now. Threats of Lynching Pritchard the murderer of set inns having been heard by sheriff Williamson Ovir Reinia he took Pritchard to Carson tuesday night and lodged him in the state prison. The ears of Carson ladies who walk unattended in Tho streets at evening Are sainted with vile and ungrammatical comments upon their appear ance.1" the Appeal recommends the application of the re formative tar. A Carson dead beat tried to frighten his mistress by emptying a Small vial his Throat. Woman laughed and he vanished gnashing his Teeth in the shades of night. Vial picked up containing traces of Bud Brandy. Very slow Poison. The Virginia chronicle states that Madam Toui Tepolt is in Virginia and that she has challenged Edwards and von Bercy to a walking match for Erch von beg Lias accepted the Challenge and is now on the com Tock but Edwards has not yet been Beard from. The Virginia an Effort is being made to raise Money to build a Bridge across the car san River at Cooney s ranch below Dayton in order to bring Trade and business to this City by keeping the Bodie stage line Here instead of allowing it to be removed to Carson. The proposed Bridge will greatly shorten the route to j Hon. We. E. Chandler of new Hampshire Secretary of the National Republican committee says the Eureka Sentinel who figured in the count ing of the vote of Florida for Hayes arrived in town last night and pro posts to visit White Pine for the Pur pose of examining some mines in which lie is interested. He is an ardent Elaine Man and predicts that Maine s favorite son will be the next occupant of the White House. The new Rooma of Tho Carson re form club will be dedicated with appropriate ceremonies. Little Dun de loony of Virginia found a lady s pocket Book containing and restored it to the owner. The lower Levels of the Savage lire intensely lint. The water has it temperature of 150 degrees scalding hot. Carsan is overrun with worthless human vermin says the Appeal and it is really about time that something was done to expel them. The ire of Eureka s sheriff is excited at the sight of the pack of tag less dogs uni the present inefficient pump master is to be removed. Tim Leader Calls it reasoning from cause to effect when it traces the connection Between the prevailing Windy weather und Tho enormous Sale of striped stockings in Eureka. All the Wells on the Richmond Side of Ruby Hill have gone dry. It is supposed that the action of the Eureka con. Company in turning its water to Tho East has caused the failure. The report that whooping cough is rasing m the Lake Shore House at go Brook is denied. All the whoop ing at Glenbrook it done by the car san boys who Wake the echoes on sundays. Scare of recent Pigeon shooting match at Ruby Hill Rogers 19 nut of a possible missing his fourth Bird Stinson his first and last Birds. The stakes were bagged by Rogers. A returned Tusca rorer tells the times review that Yankee Fork is no place for workingmen and that it will be two years before it can to developed into a Good Camp. Men Are leaving the place by hundreds the Virginia chronicle relates that an admiring Pioneer says that he never run afoul of anything like Remenyi s Piny and that Remenyi is a fiddler from bitter two Carson gentlemen were wheeled in Barrows to their Homes at night. Surreptitiously borrowed Barrows were inadvertently left on sidewalk in front of houses. On the Morrow the Sun shone significantly on the Idle vehicles. A Dove flew away to Vir Ginia a few Davs since carrying a bed Worth with which to line her new neat on the Comstock. The Bird of passage was caught in Vir Ginia and her stripped of its Downs. A gentleman in the mint informed an Appeal reporter that a few Days ago he overheard boys none of whom could been More than 16 years of j be relating their experience in a chinese opium Den where they had smoked the vile drug. Judge a. B. Levi see of Louisiana one of the Hayes presidential electors is now h special agent of Treasury department fir California and Nevada. He visited All the breweries in Eureka recently and will probably inspect All the breweries of Nevada before going to California. There is stored within a Quarter of a mile of the very business Pori inn of the town of Eureka says the Sentinel not less Thim ten tons of powder there Are three or four magazines located on the Divide immediately West of Chandler s Stone Quarry. Tin most Remote of them is not 200 Yards from the Center of population on Nob Hill. The commissioners have or dered the removal of the magazines to a Safe distance. .1. W. Oakes of Visalia gil., had still Huling arrested at Tuscarora for horse stealing the stolen Stock being found in ruling s Possession. Hilling was committed to jail. In the mean time says the times review Oakes made a Compromise with Tho prisoner who had considerable Money received a big Price for his horses which he conveyed by Bill of sate to killing s counsel and with Bis Coin in pocket lit out secretly for his Home in Cali fornia. When Huling was brought before the Justice there being no ene to appear against him of course he was discharged. A new remedy for diphtheria. Tie London Globe says a new and efficient treatment for diphtheria and ulcerated sore throats of the worst sort is announced. It appears that As Long As 1791 the americans were in the habit of gargling with Petroleum when attacked with theria. The doctors of Rostock the University of of Eyklenburg report wonders of this new and simple treat ment. A vision of the Sierra. The Pacific Hisil Ruusu duly Kluvo keen Force eco by it dying Doirin Urlac. From the pryfnct1 to Trio i Malory of the Doriner the delirium preceding death by starvation is Lull of strange Phanta sies. Visions of plenty of Comfort of i elegance flit Ever before the Fust slimming eyes. The final Twilight of death is n Brief Semi consciousness in which the dying one frequently re Peats his weird dreams Julf rising from his snowy Couch pointing up Ward Urie of the death stricken at Donner Lake May have said with tremulous voice look there just above us is a Beau till House. It is of costliest Walnut inlaid will Laurel and Ebony and is resplendent with burnished Silver magnificent in All its apartments it is furnished like a Palace. It is Rich will costly Cut ions elegant tapestries dazzling mirrors its floor is covered with Oriental carpets its ceiling with artistic arcs Coios downy cushions invite the weary to repose. It is tilled with peo ple who no chatting laughing and singing joyous and care free. There is tin abundance of warmth and rare viands and sparkling wines. Suspended Amono the storm Clouds it is flying along the face of the Preci pice at a marvelous Speed. Flying no it has wheels and is gliding along on a smooth steel pathway. It is sheltered from the wind und Snow by Large beams and huge posts which Are bolted to the Cliffs with heavy Iron rods. The avalanches with their Burden of Earth and rocks and crushed Pines sweep harmlessly above this Beautiful House und its Happy in mates. It is drawn by neither oxen nor Lior ses but by a fiery hot breathed monster with Iron limbs and t Ileus of steel. The Mountain trembles be Neath his tread and the rocks for Miles re Echo his Roar " if such a i Ion is Reu edit but indicates prophetically the prof fress of a few years. California s history is Replete with tragic startling events. These events Are the landmarks by which its advancement is traced. One of Tho Mot Mournful of these is recorded in thit work intended As a contribution not to the literature but to the history of the state. Mara thrilling than Romance More terrible than tic Ion. The sufferings of the Don Ner party form a bold contrast to the Joys of pleasure seekers who to Day look Down upon the Lake from the windows of Silver Palace where is the West the wot receding Centre shifting from York to san Francisco. From the transcript. Ask Bostoni Jins where the Vlic is and they will Tell you it is in Ohio. At Cincinnati they Call Missouri the West. At St. Louis Colorado is called the West. At Denver the Pacific slope is the West. Ask also where the Centre of the country is and we Lind it shifting Ever Ai we Fol Low the Star of Empire from the Empire state of new York to Ohio from Ohio to Illinois from Illinois to Sas until at it Takis one mighty hound of nearly Miles to san franc co which has recently Dis covered that Tho farthest Aleu Tian Isle acquired in our Pur Chase of russian America is As far to the West of that City As East port me., is to the East of it. The leap is not difficult borne up on the mighty pinions of the rhetoric of the Rocky Mountain which thus Tut websters Webster and All other fourth of july orators in dwelling on the fact that with the comparatively Small break Between Washington territory and Alaska our territory extends through 197 degrees of Longi tude or 17 degrees More than Hilf any round the Globe. Cries our Rocky Mountain panel wrist when he Sun is giving its Good night kiss to our westernmost Isle on the con lines of Belli ing s sea it is already flooding the Fields and forests of Mains with its morn ing Light and in the Eastern part of that state is More than an hour High. At the very moment when the Aleu Tian Fisherman warned by the approach no shades of night is pulling his Canoe towards the Shore the Wood chopper of Maine is beginning to Wake the Forest echoes with the stir ring music of his this is a country. There can be no question of it. The on a trouble is that we do not know it. Seriously we do not know How great it is. Cottonwood is Selling at Pat Cord in seasoned Pine for 913. Newspaper newspaper

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