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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Jul 3 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - July 3, 1879, Reno, Nevada Vol. 3. A Fino Washoe county Nevada thursday july 3, 1879. No. 14. A. fish. The Tus Caroi a times review says that a Salmon thirty six inches Long and weighing Twenty three pounds was recently caught by an Indian in the Owyhee River. Tiu Lish was co cred with unhealthy looking spot the incident mentioned by the i View is interesting As showing the be Severance of the Salmon in its Effort to reach the head Waters of the Vive the Owyhee River is a Branch of to Snake which in turn empties into to Columbia. The Salmon described b the Leview must have swam fifteen Hundred Miles from the Ocean in in journey up Stream. Great As seen this distance it is by to Means Ali of the Salmon s capacity As fresh water Voyageur. We have the testimony of an co witness to the fact that Saliou Are found in the Malundo River a Branch of the Snake in Idaho at a Point fully two the n Sand Miles from the sea. They i there by hundreds and the Banks the liver Aro lined by their Dea bodies while the air is tainted b their Doc Ivy. The fish push their a tip the Snake to the foot of the Amer ican Falls near the Montana lint about eighteen Hundred Miles from the Ocean. The question whether the Salmon o the Pacific survive spawning or no has been a matter of much discussion Deputy u. S. Fish commissioner Liv Ingston Stone assorted that the ii Moi of the Cloud River in California All i after spawning. Prof. Baird is of different opinion. He thinks tha Many Salmon return to the son Noti spawning and come again to the Fresl Wato in the following season. The indians of British Columbia maintain that the Salmon of the Fraser rive All die after spawning has been a com pm Shefl. A Clergyman who Livecc Many years ii that country and wrote a Book about it asserts the Sami thing in regard to the Salmon. The matter hns recently attracted the attention of English in not Long ago there was in article in nature ipod i Tho subject. In order to test this question of tin survival of Tho fish an important Experiment has Boon made in one of the Rivers of Oregon. The result proves that so far As the Salmon of that River Are concerned a Largo percentage spawn and return again Tho following season. K. D. Hume who owns a Cannery 01 tue rogue River Ciu cd two Hundred mature Salmon which had been manipulated at his hatching establishment to be marked and returned to the River. Tho Mark was u deep a slut per notch in the dorsal tin of each fish. Of those Hundred Salmon Twenty were Reed poured at the same place Early this season and their condition proved tint they had but recently arrived from tha sea. The result of the Experiment is of great scientific importance. the population of the Earth increases fish will come More and morn into use As an article of food. Any Light that can be the natural history of fishes is of economic value. The natural history of Tho Salmon is of Peculiar interest. It hns Boon established that they out nothing after leaving Tho Salt water during their stay in the Rivers. Thousands of Lish have Boon examined at a Cannery on Tho Columbia and at the u. S. Hatch cry on Tho Cloud and in no instance was any food found in their stomachs. The fish has great adaptability when Salmon Aro prevented from reaching these i they adapt themselves to a fresh water existence and what Are called "land-locked1 Salmon. These thrive Ami reproduce their kind but Are dwarfed in size. The califor Memluks 01 the ska. Many of Nevada s citizens were born and brought up near the St a. Tha Roar of the surf was in e irly life to their ears a familiar sound. They in toned to it at night when All other sounds Hail ceased in murmurs Rose in line weather and fell upon the and soothed them to sleep when they Lay Down at night. And when a storm was raging they often Laid Wako and listened to the hollow booming of tie surf As it grew and thundered with the freshening Gale. A Man who born and brought up near the Ocean takes up his abode later in life far from sight and sound of the sea usually feels a longing to return to Tho coast. Sometimes when he lies Down to sleep to listens for the old sound that used to Lull him to rest. In fancy he hears again the Thunder of the Waves us they dash against the Rocky Cliffs or Rush break ing and foaming up Tho pebbly Beach. Once More he sees the sunlight danc ing on the Blue Waves nod the Gal Lant ship with nails alls to scudding before the favouring wind. Again he walks Tho Sandy Beach and watches the Breakers is they come rolling in and their might hissing to his feet. Threatened the skin of the prosecuting attorney and he also was asses eel for an offence against the dignity of the court. Trio outraged judiciary was now thoroughly aroused. It Rose to Ila foot and thus addressed the crowd Tho majesty of Tho Law has been nipped in the Bud and Tho reverence due this court has been tramp led under the feet of communism and Vagabond age. And if there s any Mure of this kind of thing i la Inave the Bench and Knock the spots Silt of the whole caboodle of be i will by by Telegraph. Special 10 tub Gaz Ktuk. The h. B. Platform. Tho Khedive consents to crime presided in the Wins the first hear in the place tills after True. Tho doctors who attended mrs. I Mccummins have published a specific denial of the whole Story. End of the h. B. Convention. The Gazette s Isis due . The recent developments in the Bodio mine draw the attention of the Public to the District in which it is situated and excited a general desire for information relating to that Sac of the country. The Gazette desirous of presenting its readers with trustworthy information in regard to the condition and prospects of a District whose growth and development will Benefit this whole Region secured the services of a reliable and Ca Pable correspondent who furnished an vaturi St Iii series of Lett is Over the signature of honest As confirming the accuracy and impartiality of those letters we Aro pleased to the following from the Bodic Standard of the Twenty fourth instant the Reno has a special correspondent Heie who is writing up our District in quite a and unprejudiced manner. The whole series of letters from honest together with a Gazette reporter s description of the Bailie mine visited by him in person under the Booth Silver Bill which provides for the exe Liang of subsidiary Silver for currency at the treas Ury or any of the United states considerable transfers have Al ready been made in san Franciseo. Last monday sub treasurer Sherman redeemed Over in half Dol Lars Tor currency at Par. The City Railroad companies expect to Exchange Over 81000 per Day in dimes. Stan Dard dollars Are not called for in fact they have been presented it the sub Treasury for Exchange into half Dol Lars. Or. Sherman expects to redeem More in half dollars. His Stock of those coins will then amount to and he thinks there would still to left in circulation about the occupation Money brokers is about gone. Tie bail whiskey kills Many men in Nevada. But impure water also has its victims. The prevalence of typhoid fever at Sutro is in All probability due to the drinking of water by filtration from privy vaults 01 sewers. Nine cases out of ten of typhoid fever originate in that Way. Medical men have time after time made close investigations in District where typhoid fever was raging an the usual cause of typhoid has Bee proved to be the conveyance of to germs of the disease into the syster by contaminated water. The if. Is. Convention. Sacramento june h. B. Convention this morning elected temporary officers is permanent and adopted a platform affirming the new Constitution repudiating communism and agr arianism demanding that the stringent clauses against Tho chinese irl the new Constitution be put into elect favouring reduction of freights and fares one third opposing double taxation and demanding that Munici pal and county officers be elected by the people rot appointed a Resolution that delegates should by District nominate congressmen was tabled after considerable debate. A Printer fix Oil ill Sun run Okcu of Lenry none bilks meet As Iii. The h. It s. Again. Vex , june it. Tie Chicago races. Chicago june the races to Day for Tho Allerton stakes mile the first was one by Murk l., Bill second time Washington june being absent Eaton presided to Day As chairman of the Senate. Tho Khedive constantinople Cam Pollex. June Khedive has signified his compliance with the demand for abdication. Appear cd in the last weekly Gazette. Number of the Isdio Tokatl notes nothing has been discovered in re Ard to the assault upon Tho two girls t lie it land which throws any for Hor Light upon the subject. A Cor of Pondant of the Sacramento Bee from what kid that there was is Whitely no foundation for the icing that Tho Roddas were imply item in the Al air. She thinks that lie outrage was not the net of a sane arson. Tho fueling in the commit Ity May to gathered from the follow i extracts from the last letter of the Lei s correspondent the greatest anxiety exists in the High boyhood All classes to Nve the affair solved and every Cour Esy is extended to is who visit 10 of the fearful Tui Gody. One i met on every hand with Earnest the press dispatch which went the rounds of the papers two Days ago i reference to an alleged outrage committed upon a married lady Neu turns out to to entire unfounded in fact. The desire to Ore ate probably induced som one to fabricate the Story. Such u invention is an outrage upon human feelings and the fellow we originated the last Whon lond Stor richly deserves in application of the when land Tarbush it Wheatland i provided with such an article. There Are indians in the Dominion of Canada. Maui on am the Northwest have and Britis Columbia Ontario contain and Quebec accurate yearly returns Aro kept of the in Diu population and they show that the indians Aie not decreasing in Canada at Eureka Tho president orator Reader und poet for the fourth Willal is selected from the members of tin patriotic fire department. That excellent newspaper the Eureka Leader hns entered upon it Bird volume. In the ii. B. Convention Many nominations were thurs declined. Nia fish be Conley placed in the tip Vickee River having no outlet to the sea will in time stuck Tho Stream and both Pyramid Witul Tahoe lakes with land locked Salmon. They afford excellent sport for the Angler making a fight the i hooked. Ste Welling appeals to help ferret out the perhaps that Asso sin ont of ten dollars guilty actor in tin fearful drama. The woman of this whole Region Are nervous ovoid the affair that they ill not remain alone on their ranches i hour or night and the anxiety. Not tie fear is shared by the men and Erich vies with the other in hos table Welcome to All who come Here they take it fur or Intaj that the Cool headed stranger will be More inc Cal soul they have Boon. The administration of Justice in Austin is not always marked by that dullness and decorum which attends proceedings in tile English court of chancery. In 11 Case recently tried in the Justice s court of Austin a lawyer was lined fur contempt. And while Richard Downs giving his Evi Dence Ashi veracity was i called into question w i to on each c Irli inti was More than Maui Iii honorable bilk could Bear. Ornery bilks. Nominations for associate justices und suite no aril of the in. B. Convention have Nami noted associate justices of the supreme court As follows Alexander Campbell of Alameda c. A. Tuttle of Jamoda j. H. Mckune of Sacramento Cal Lious Benheim of san Cable Dorsey of to Johnie and John c. Burch of san Eyu Nanco. The Onri nation for member of the state Board of equalization for the Suconik District William m. Cruther of Placer for the third District John Kelly Volo for the fourth District Tyler Heiskell of stanislaus. Honorable bilks in Council. Nominations by the for superintendent of Public instruct com. The lieu land Story it Llouis. B. Convention reassembled last even ing and appointed a state Central com Mittee with Power to conduct the Campaign and fill vacancies in the ticket should any Telegram was received from j. P. West of los Angeles declining Nomi nation for lieutenant governor d. C. Reed of san Diego was nominated in his Stead. Adjourned sine die. A. Printer suicide. Portland june 27. Coleman Brown a Well known Printer of this City committed suicide this afternoon by shooting himself through the head. Deceased had been drinking very hard for several weeks and had of late frequently made threats against his life. The Chicago walking match. San Francisco june o clock last night at Chicago o Leary had made 100 Milts and left the track. Grassland at o clock had made 113 Miles and was still going. Price of Gas. San fila Norsco june supervisors this evening fixed the Price of Gas at fourteen and a half cents and refused to Pat s the tax Levy Over the mayor s veto. Pacific coast items. Severe frosts in Lessen county Sun Day Naglit. Most vegetables killed. Grain probably injured. A new vein of con five feet in thickness has been discovered on the ska git Livor Washington territory just our mile West of the original mine. It is estimated that Over head of cattle have already been driven from Madison and be Verneail counties Montana tin s season. They Timve brought in average Price of 817 per head. Crops in Boise Valley ionic remark ably Well. There it no indication of Grasshoppers. Tile Fanny shave their irrigating ditches in Good order und every Section of the Valley is Well supplied with water. Sub treasurer Sherman has shipped in Gold Coin to the East As third dabs Usail matter during the past eight months. Lately the ship ments have been made under a government Frank and without Cost. The Salt Lake trinum remarks that a petition is being circulated in Heno praying the Board of commissioners to put n Stop to trading on sunday incl makes the comment that the noise of business disturbs the poker nominations for Loti Trontl t of mils a loners. Sacramento june Sev eral Railroad districts have made nominations for Railroad commissioners As follows. First District Henry Partlin of Al District 8am Soule of san . The third District endorsed Gen. Stoneman the working Inen s nominee. More nominations june state convention has nominated for Surveyor general j. F. Clark of Alameda for clerk of supreme Curr Smith of Sacramento. Edwin p.1 nominations last Kven Luff. Saoi Umerto Juno the convention last evening Lauron e. Crane of Sierra county nominated Secretary of state and it. M. Larue of Sacra Trento for controller. For treasurer Cyrus Jones of Santa Clara was nominated. The convention in Dorset a w. Cross of the working Meti s ticket for attorney Geu Oral. A plague of locusts. Russian province overrun with filled and water i courses choked the Lin can fihe journal de St. Petersburg has Ihfe i following extract from the c a a afife on the plague of locusts in the province from which the latter journal takers its name Tho whole province is in terror. Old men remember no such visitation. The possible consequences of the Locust invasion were at first too lightly regarded. When on april 8th a Cloud of these insects were observed in Ellsa Bumol no one dreamed of the danger that was near. The locusts were multiplied Day after Day have invaded town and suburb and have pitilessly destroyed Vine Yards and fruit gardens. Tie streets and the courts have been filled with them rendering All locomotion impossible. People Are literally stopped 011 the Way by Clouds of insects. On april 21st the shop keepers put up their shutters to consider what was be Dune. But a superstitious terror prevents the people from Rilling the insects and the police have lad to is sue an order requiring each inhabit ant to destroy two pounds of locusts. Even the watercourses were choked by the insects which is a new Calam Ity for the population which thus finds itself deprived of drinkable water. The in the bed River country 35 Miles North of Fargo contains noes of which Are devoted to wheat culture. The farm has a Telephone on it with four Miles of wire and an i Levator with a capacity of bushels. A 7-year-old daughter of Michael Wilson of chinese Camp Tell in a Well on monday the 16th. A boy org immediately sent Down who succeeded in securing the child and was drawn up by the Windlass nearly to the top when in consequence of be ing pulled so fast he lost Lionil of the Little girl who again dropped Down the Well nod drowned be oru being rescued. Matters in Sutro. It Fanti for superintendent of Public instruction. Sack Mesto june h. B. Convention has nominated a. L. Mann of san Francisco for superintendent of Public instruction. The a b. Convention thursday. Lawton of j3utte proposed As a candidate for governor or. Grelun of Colusa. Wosencroft Howard. Nominated Volney e. Ii. S. Terry declines. Sacii amento june s. Terry Vas placed in nomination for chief notice but declined in order to pre Erve Harmony in the convention. He imposed the name of Nathaniel Beni Oil of san Francisco who was mom lated by acclamation. Webster 245. Nominations a sense tonal to ii. Samba Viesto june 27. Press dispatch published in All the papers esterday concerning an alleged Ige on a married woman at wheat nt1, is now considered entirely in Boivard took the floor and declined the nomination. Campbell placed in nomination j. V. Webster of Alameda. The nominations for governor were then closed. Neither Webster nor Glenn was present but Tho platform was endorsed for them by Campbell and Spect. The balloting then commenced resulting in the nomination of or. Glenn by the following vote Glenn 128 the total vote was for lieutenant governor order Thompson pro posed j. V. Webster but the name was withdrawn. Hitch cock of san Joaquin proposed Thomas Mcdonnell of . Manlove of Sacramento proposed Marion Biggs of Butte but the gentleman peremptorily declined to serve. Hancock stated that Mcconnell was a Candi Date for state and would not accept. He nominated John p. West of los Angeles. Cornelius Cole and w. G. Manlove were nominated but declined. Bachrach of san Francisco proposed j. A. Weymire of a Frau Cisco. Wily Intro was withdrawn leaving the Field to West who was nominated by acclamation. Operations it the to minuet humor. About Ore of tie drifts. Sutro Independent .tninjsitli.1 when the flooded mines begin pumping their water into the Tunnel business will then begin to thrive in Sutro on a solid basis. A Fores of men will be put on about the first of july to re Limber the Tunnel where necessary and to dig out he unfinished portion of the Drain. Shaft no. 2 is being put in Reid diners for the working of the air compressors. Last Musil try a Torco of machinists was put on in the shift which has Boon sunk in the machine a 13-Inch Turbine wheel will put in at Iho Bottom Ami a sufficient amount of water will be Diawn from the Tunnel Drain to Woik the Machi Nery in the shop ttys dispensing with the use of steam. Ujie waste water will be carried away through the 1coo foot Tunnel or Drain which empties in to the ditch in 27th str cot and used to irrigate the Trees on each Side of the Street and the two Largo plazas in. The suburbs. The water will be allowed to descend to the wheel in a pips or column two feet in . A body of water of such volume calling perpendicularly and furred suddenly into a Small pipe before striking the wheel will exert an enormous pressure and As the Force will by constant sufficient Power will be in Reserve to run a shop of twice the capacity and also to operates a wire Cable for the transportation of Ore through the Tunnel. It was reported sumo time ago that or. Sutro had purchased the Machi Nery of Tho Hock Point Mill for the purpose of removing it to this place and working the ores which will be taken out through the Tunnel. This run is has not yet been substantiated but it is the general belief that a Mill or two will be erected shortly and that ores will be successfully worked Here. It was also reported that1 in cutting the sub Drain Eti ingers or feeders of Ore bodies were found by the miners but Tho matter for Somo reason or other hns been kept very if Titch to the fact however dark. And the Rumor was circulated in Vir by some of the discharged min ers in the Tunnel the Tunnel company Cun take out and reduce its own Ore irrespective of Tho Supply from the Constock. The North lateral Drift to the Utah will be commenced to Morrow at u print feet from Tho Mouth of the Tunnel. The South lateral Drift has been already run to Tho Julia shift and will be continued to the Overman. The Savago has All its pipe Laid and is nov ready for pumping. 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