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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 27 1883, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - December 27, 1883, Reno, NevadaVol. 8. Reno weekly Gazette county. Nevada thursday december 27. 1883. No. 36, published every thursday by r. L. Fulton proprietor alien c. Bragg business manager. Hvte3 of subscription enily one Yew by null weekly nor a for by m 2 of by Carrier per week to nil parts of Reno Kates of Padvek Tisino ally. In of Square j2 w one month Otic Square. 1 of this includes both Legal Stirt Commer real work. Milk. Axi fever. It Baa developed that the recent phenomenal outbreak of typhoid fever at port Jervis was due to the use of milk obtained from a Dairy where the fluid was charged with the disposed germs. This in the opinion of Testate Board of health of new York establishes As a fact that the unsanitary condition of a Dairy farm May be the Means of conveying diseases to those who use milk from that source. This opens up a new phase of sanitary the necessity of proper drainage and other sanitation on farms daily supplying fowl to the people. It is certain that in the near foul Earth or cesspools or noxious drains the water is liable to contamination and by its use in the Dairy the germs of the disease May be easily disseminated. The sanitary inspection of the Dairy is Likely to be made a health regulation hereafter in new York. It is announced by Cable that Gladstone finds it necessary to be guarded by armed policemen while at divine service in his Parish Church of Hawarden. He seems to have More Confidence in the eng Lish cop than in the Efficacy of Liis own prayers. When the Boston preachers unanimously prayed that the state might be saved the humiliation of Ben Butler s election Ben quietly remarked that the bos ton clergy did not seem to have much influence at the court of heaven and Gladstone seems to have quite is Little co if dance in the Powei of his own prayers or in the willingness of the almighty to protect him. The new York Herald referring to the introduction by a Democrat into the House and its adoption by it of a Resolution with a View of obtaining a respite for o Donnell had the courage to say that it was All political Gammon a proposition to conduct the diplomatic relations of this country on the basis of fenian opinion and while it is Mere demagogy As to the american people it is As to the Irish Only deceptive Flummer. It cheats them out and out for the Only answer that can possibly be made is tha1 o Donnell was regularly convicted and in View of that fact it does no matter whether he was or was 1101 a citizen of the to United now that France has taken the initiative the German citizens o the prominent Eastern cities Are pro testing against Bismarck s pro i Botlon of american pork. The threaten to have the importation o Limburger cheese into the United states prohibited and it is statec1 that the Chancellor has weakened our pork is Good while Many per sons Are strongly dubious Abou Limburg cheese and if the German Empire cannot stand our pork w Are determined they shall not out stench us with the products of Limburg Dairy. A convention of delegates fron each Ward in san Francisco wednesday effected a permanent Organ nation for the purpose of supporting either Butler or Thurman As presidential candidates of the demo cratic party. In the declaration of principles it is stated that if the candidates selected by the demo cratic convention Are opposed t the principles advocated by the to men named the organization i vote the san Francisco chronic Speaks of a woman in san Fraucisco arrested for dealing at the Frau the innocence and guilt Les Ness of these Callow Berkele graduates Are to be expected but w suppose that the City Edito would knew better. Both branches of Congress hav adjourned until after the holidays monday january to 1884. Emt Kiai. Motes. The government of the United tates is the custodian of lands held in the people. Such a Trust is not discharged when it has sold lands o anybody and gotten the Money. Thing stands Between our labor is and the condition of the same ass in Europe but the headlands fou country. The time is rapidly Apio aching when the labourer will and to cheap lands Whereon to Ettle. American and foreign spec gators Are segregating Large tracts to private estates and Tho United tates should take henceforward he utmost care that Laud shall ily be sold in Small quantities and actual settlers. Measures should at once taken to prevent the be of Large tracts of land to Indi dual owners and i this is not promptly done our posterity will eap the whirlwind for which we ave been for years sowing the ind. Judge Hamilton of the Alameda Superior court decides that the chinese laundry ordinance of san Francisco is unconstitutional. He ays that a Board of supervisors Annot make anything a nuisance y def Lang it As such and that All persons have a constitutional right o carry on any business that they May choose without infringing on be rights of others. Thus they go air Law the queue cutting a and now the laundry Law. Can thing be made to stick the wealthy relatives of Jacobus he defaulting Secretary of the Eureka consolidated have come to is Rescue and the probabilities Are it a felony will be compounded and a thief escape the meshes of the a. But for the interference of is Rich Kin folks he would doubt Ess go to the state prison. This Light to be a warning for Young not to steal anything unless hey have affluent relatives to quare the matter with the Law. An order is promulgated from the Inglish horse guards abolishing he use of the razor in the English army. To old soldiers this will be n offence since the prejudice is by his time almost inveterate that a older should be shaved and shorn. A we have studiously copied oui entire military and Marine system rom great Britian we May irime. Imitate her so far As to know hat a Man with a Beard can fight. Post after Post is steadily falling before the assaults of the ladies in heir movement for the franchise the fact is that it is much easier to ridicule the movement than it is to ring solid arguments against it there is after All no Good reason Why women should not enlist in the not by and Navy become had car hers and Texas cowboys if they please. The latter would be a Grea stride in Advance. Dana of the new York Sun i much annoyed and predicts dem socratic defeat in the next election because Carlisle free trader a been made speaker of the House the Sim cannot see any show of Success under the Banner of Frei Trade and denounces the new de parture with its accustomed ability president Arthur s Cabinet i thus described Brewster is the most punctilious member freling Hudson the most aristocratic Lin loin the quietest Gresham the Ablest Folger the most judicial Teller and Chandler Are the two who keep track of things generally and the hardest workers. It has been decided by judge Nel son in the United states court o Massachusetts that evidence pro cured by paid spotters again liquor Sellers cannot be received he decides such testimony to be against both Law and Good policy thus throwing it out of court. The contest Between flood an Sharon for the control Fop nor would seem to warrant the Belle that the mine May vet contain Bonanza. Iliac units 1x8t1tutje. Interesting programme prepared and a time assured. This executive committee of the Tate teachers Institute has pre ared a splendid programme and Nade every arrangement for Mak in the coming session very inter Stag and instructive. The school to flyers school teachers and people Une rally Are cordially invited to tend the meeting. It will be ailed to order thursday morning december 27, at 10 o clock. Illen will deliver an address of Velo ome to followed by the of the minutes of the last session and appointing of the excess try committees. Following the programme for the Day. Address by Hon. C. H. Allen How shall we improve our Public address by superintendent t. B. discussion by h. A Howe m. D. Owen t. P. Mcdonald and miss j. Brown. Address by q. F. Foster the character of the True wads Rorth school report. R report of Wadsworth school of month ending december 8th num Ber of boys enrolled 34 number o girls enrolled 28 total 68. Aver Ace number belonging 52 average daily attendance 48 percentage o attendance 92. Boll of Honor George Macpherson Maud Johnson Walter Macpherson Lottie glad Dine Waldo pro actor. Jessie Mac pm Jason boy Lewis Nellie Mac Pherson Eddie Gladding Georg Watson n. A. Hummel teacher. Second Day. Address by j. E. Bray a Model Laramar class discussion by Hon. W. H. A. Ike Hon. W. C. Dovey Hon. C. H. And mrs. Haile. Address by Hon. C. H. Allen objects in discussion by m. Vanwagenen ring g. W. Oman d. D. Bris ova Aud mrs. H. C. Mygatt. Essav by mrs. S. C. Scoville kindergarten in Public discussion by miss e. C. Bab Ock miss h. K. Clapp and miss h. M. Atwood. Address by h. H. Howe the est system of grading discussion by Hon. C. H. Allen f. Foster. T. B. Gray and i. D. Bristow. Address by c. H. Allen the id and the new in our common third Day. Essay by mrs. M. H. Swift natural history in the common discussion by d. L. Huntsman or. Alexander mrs. M. E. Jones and miss Kate Hodgkinson. Address by Hon c. H. Allen Reading in the primary discussion by Cassie Hen Lerson miss Delia Mccoy mrs. S 3. Mooville and g. F. Foster. Report of committees and discus Ion of the same. General business. Address by Hon. C. H. Allen Home address by Hon. W. T. Welcker the school in the evening there will be a reunion of teachers at the Nevada theater. The mate of tin help Traitli Erer again arrested. William Watts the inhuman male of the american ship gatherer having been so As to lace himself again under the Juris diction of the United states courts was arrested yesterday morning by United states marshal a Kennan on Bird a mexican Schooner lying it the foot of the Stimart Stree wharf. San Francisco. Watts Hai been indicted by the grand turn on charges of cruelty to Seaman by upon search for i an it was found in was of his Way to Queen Stowe from which place he was Brough of a requisition from the unit i states. At his trial he pleaded that the charges of the indictment were other than those in the requisition and that the offences were not mentioned in the treaty be tween this country and Corea Britian. Judge Hoffman sustained the plea Aud he was thereupon re leased from custody on the 28th o last March. He was Given sufficient time to leave the country with the understanding that i he ventured to return he would tried on the indictments pending against him and being so incautious As to come Back he was accordingly arrested and bail a exec at of each of the fire a it cafe Copper a Teton. The entire Range do the North Ern Side of soda Springs Valley near la lung 2 Miles in length by 10 Miles is prolific in Copper deposits Many of which Are True running Ciutac lodes of by usual magnitude am Promise though not As yet prove to any considerable depth. The ores tire in the main High and of easy smelting Quality Bein mostly red and Black oxides carbonates and silicates with but Rar admixtures of sulphides. There i generally at or near the mines Wate sufficient for Camp purposes an the claims Are of easy Access from the railway stations in the Valle through the arroyos which Cleav the Range and afford natural Road ways of easy grades. Water of smelting operations May be foun anywhere near Luning at a dept of 60 or 70 feet or May be Brough by pipe line from adjacent Moun Talna. The West Brothers will begin ship Ping somewhere in the Early Par of next month. They have sum 800 head Here. Public school notes. Ivery department closed for the cloning Kex the Oral examination and closing exercises of the various departments f the Reno Public school took lace monday tuesday and wed essay afternoon with literary sex a cases in the High school Assembly All. A Large number of visitors were present yesterday afternoon to witness these last named exercises. Among the Many dialogues Recita on songs etc., it would be hard single out any and Call them Best it the Gazette has heard the de ate on the question resolved that compulsory education is full in a Ord auce with the spirit of our free in which miss Milla Aimer and miss Renie Palmer a eared for the affirmative and pro Missor f. M. Alexander appeared in the negative highly spoken of 3 a masterly Effort. The same raise is accorded to miss Laura Olwell and miss Haslund in their Ong and instrumental accompany nent and to miss Ella Lamburth Rhose two pieces on the guitar cited several rounds of applause. Mong the humorous efforts Happy Uncle Tom was finely Jade red by Geo. Frey and Geo. Mcfarlin in costume and Young Lac Sample on the miseries of the Oung lady who does t know Hicken from brought own the House. Miss Milla Palm julyl2tl r s Ebay on the use of text books tiring class indicates to Ashe understands very correctly he duties of the vocation for which she is making prep ration. The Gazette has Only Oom to mention the names of the ther Young people who took part n the exercises and acquitted her selves nobly Viz Burton Aimer Henry Cahn Jillie Ord Way Bonnie Waggoner Gracie Calmer Maria Pendleton Albert Derrick Jennie of Arlin Vesta lice and Ida Pratt. During the exercises yesterday afternoon a Charm of California Gold Quartz was presented o professor Franklin m. Alexander n a neat Little speech delivered by miss Lizzie Malotte. Presents were also made to the superintend ent and to mias Hailey and miss Irown. The entertainment of the preparatory department of the pubic school was financially As Well As u a literary and musical Point of View a Success. About was received netting about not quite enough however to Purchase lie Organ especially desired. Pos Lily the remainder Inay be of Tiiu de through donations. Miss Flora Finlayson who gave several weeks toil to the work of preparing he Little tots for their parts de serves the Especial thanks of the school authorities and the to Amu Silty. Prof. Alexander ? an excellent Singer himself has been drilling a Large number of the pupils of the High school in singing. The clans is known As the High school it is whispered that there is a military company to be formed at the Public school after the holidays. Several Young men have been Active in soliciting prof. Alexander a former adjutant in the Kiili Timof Illinois to Drill such a company. It would be an Excel Lent Drill forthe students and would teach Many of them the Art of walking erect a thing which a few of them badly need. The exercises at the kindergarten on tuesday afternoon Are praised without stint. It is rumoured that this department will be continued throughout the year a thing devoutly hoped for by the majority of the taxpayers of this District. It cannot be closed without serious detriment. The reporter did not attend the literary exercises at the South Side school House but they Are highly spoken of As reflecting special credit on the teacher upon whom devolved the toil of preparing the pupils for them. The schools will reopen wednesday january 2d. Weekly there is not in this state a paper to equal much less to Excel the weekly Reno Gazette. It contains Ever thing that a first class weekly should have and its repute is such among its subscribers that they frequently remark i d rather be without any paper on the list than the weekly Reno a examine the paper and see for yourself. It is a fitting or Gan for the town. It is sedate staid enterprising and trustworthy. It is invaluable to Send to friends East As it contains All the coast news. Subscription sent to any address for per year. Read club rates. By tub Cash. A Trump from a Brake beam and in beheaded. Wednesday morning after the Central Pacific train no. 7 had pulled out and when about half a mile above town says the Elko Independent the conductor who was standing of the rear end of the caboose noticed the body of a Man lying on the track. The train was stopped and the remains of what was supposed to be a tramp were found mangled in a horrible Man Ner. A portion of the head was lying on one Side of the track and the body on the other. Orve hand and one foot were crushed but the body appeared to be uninjured. The face was severed from the head As completely As if it had., been done with a Cleaver. The Engineer saw Noth ing of the body As he passed the spot and As the body was warm it is supposed the unfortunate Man was stealing a ride on the Brake beam of train no 7, from which he fell and thus lost Bis life. Of his person were found quite a number of songs one piece Sheet music and a pair of dancing shoes which would Lead to the belief that he was a song and dance Man. Also a Pacific express receipt Given to John Jenkins for one trunk dated san Antonio Texas sept. 21, 18s2, the scraps of a torn up letter dated Ackley january 13, 1883, com mencing dear brother Johnny and signed sister but nothing definite could be gained from the scraps though Boston is mentioned. A card with the name of Geo. Glass printed in Large scrip was also found among the scraps of paper. Hhrhin.vtv8 Stohs. The wads Worth Ball. The engineers and mechanics Library association at Wadsworth Are making every arrangement Nec Essary to make the masquerade Ball on january 4th a grand Success. A special train will be run from Beno to accommodate All who de sire to attend. The committee has secured half rates from All pints on the division. For a splendid time go to Wadsworth. An incident Attlee Battle of Stone by Var. The Cleveland Leader tells a of the Battle of Stone River which illustrates the Devil May care bravery of Sheridan. He and Gen eral Wood each commanded a column and each strove to see if he could reach the Summit of the Mountain before the other. Sheri Dan Rode in front of his ranks under the fire of shot and Shell encouraging his men and swearing at the enemy like a fiend incarnate Bear ing a charmed life. Twenty rebel batteries were turned upon his troops but he scorned the dauger. At one time he took a canteen t whisk by from his Aid and filling it in the air an yelled As he held it out toward brag s head quarters How Are you or. Just then As he was moving it to his lips a Rifle Ball struck it and took whiskey Aud All away. That s he said and unmoved rushed 911 to the Battle. His horse was killed he jumped from the dying Steed and led the rest of the charge 01 foot. He was the first Man on toy of the Mountain and he jumped upon one of the guns which his soldiers had captured and shouted for Joy and swore at the enemy in vacation. Clotting Kier Cohen at1 the achoo for Cir la. The closing exercises of the school Foi girls took place Las evening in a splendid rehearsal a the department of music unde the direction of miss Quaife. It i not too much to say that this Wai far ahead of any of the previous rehearsals the style of music Man Ner of execution As Well As the familiarity with the notes shown by the Young ladies reflects much credit upon their instructors. The Gazette dare not undertake Specia mention of the exercises though i cannot forbear mentioning the piano duet by miss Quaife an Misscare. Suffice it to say tha those who were not there missed great treat. Thus closes one of the most prosperous terms for the school since it was first opened the Gazette Hopes that it is on the beginning of still greater Prosperity and that at the close of the next term it May be our part vile and pleasure to record a yet More abundant Success. Certainly the efforts of the Good Bishop and of corps of teachers richly Merit i Purchase cattle. Brooks purchased yesterday considerable Long Ley. Band of cattle from a of teak of and Cedar tree and As one. Parties who have had occasion to o to Webber Lake by the trait of Sierra Valley have no doubt noticed the most curious growth of vegetable matter to be found in the orld. About 100 Yards from the stands a tree rather two tree rown Injo Nejat the base but become separate at a distance of twelve Iet above. One of these Trees is a truce and the other a Cedar appear to United forming diameter of nearly four feet. To re aware that the perfect uniting f these Trees of entirely different series is contrary to All Laws of nature but Here is the living proof f Complete amalgamation which sows that oven natural Laws Are subject to exceptions. But there is nother More striking phenomenon n connection with these Trees. At distance of a Quarter of a mile an see standing out in bold Relief n the body the tree or Trees the Etters a join gothic form of elected Bye character resembling1 n upon closer inspection no race can be seen of these letters nor by sign that they exist. They an Only be seen at a distance of a ii Arter of a mile and gradually the As the Trees Are approached. Society a votes. The Indiana enjoy their annual banquet. There Are 300 or 400 indians in own As they have been coming rom every direction for a week. Their fires were filled with dried Abbit meat being Rouston for the East. Their baskets were Well sup lied with Acorn they Ake the meat and Pound it until it s thoroughly pulverized then mix t with water and blood until it is about the consistency of wine Jelly and of dark Amber color when it la for the Dusky Maiden and Turdy Buck to dip into. They go or it with their hands and convey t to their Mouths with an ease and that would take away the appetite of a Coyote. The Oast Rabbit and Pine nuts made hem a Good meal. After the feast hey built one big fire gathered about it and took a few Whites from he pipe of peace then turned in or a which they played a social game of poker. Many of he notable braves captains Jim Dave and Johnson sides departed rom the see lie to buy. Method. Of rail alg woman o Al Elliod herself fan objectionable Hus band. At Denver last saturday Mary Kofford called our. Bose a prominent dentist of Leadville and made the startling request that he furnish her with Poison which could t be detected by an autopsy. She uttered compensation reluctantly admitting that she wished to get rid of her husband Hans Kofford that her husband s brother of whom she was enamoured and herself might together enjoy the insurance of which the Hus band carried. After making a appointment to meet both at his off cd last evening the doctor arranged with the police and several interested insurance men to be present but concealed at the inter View. The whole diabolical plan was made known. They were immediately arrested and jailed. The parties Are All danish. The Young est brother is woman is 35. 60 years of age the did not like the color. Emma j. Harrington brought suit at Baltimore thursday for divorce from Bobert fearing she married in Maine four years ago. She thought be was a White Man but discovered recently that he was of african descent when he took her to visit his family in North car Olina and found them of decided negro tint. One child was the fruit of the the Hok Market. Whitaker has still about 200 of hogs left. The butchers Are out hand and bold off for lower prices which they Are Likely to get. Since the re Ion of the United states hog in France. Prices Ara sure to go up instead of Down. E w e w sva Peil

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