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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 25 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - December 25, 1879, Reno, Nevada 3. Reno Washoe county thursday december i no. 38. Reno weekly Gazette i Veky the wahdat by Publ stud " it. Or ill Willy one year to mall i i of my Yew by so Dally delivered by Carrier in Ken att 9ft cent the Gazett has twice As Large a circulation As any other paper in Yoshpe county. Hence it ent advertising medium. Tiik for Hso. We can Sny with Assurance that the will be a better newspaper in 18so than at any previous period in its history. Our facilities have been increased in every department and with larger we cannot fail to make a thoroughly live Irelia Bio and newsy paper. It will contain in a condensed form All general news Politica Commer Cial religious and while this country will a scraped for Home news. Everything of a vicious or immoral nature will be hereto for rigidly excluded from its col it will Iri Short. Be a com plete family newspaper. The weekly double the size and contains All matter. Al though in our bus there no Advance in for terms to clubs Etc. See kmiorant4 from Kun Itok. I a jilt Euini grupa of Nam Europe will be double ithe it Wilt be of in in " a Tiroly different and Superior class. Of Tom miserable poor doming Over on borrowed Money or charity1, to i the Well to will the balk of it. The Middle class of become discouraged. They have found that j n with african they. See our r4heir yearly the of these immigrants will be Richer by which a Large Popula Iti onh be of Felt town Vutla to spread information throughout Ilie Tutt to the Chari Cesi there. Citizens object to recon Tai estate to any thu wanting k a Hoir Fey sic Jefe Itow recently and i Servini a Little Money to go bring their families. No 5 state in the of f of Lisa a tit Fulp in one a state society would lie Raro Perly warrant Tost of the Truckee cd Irge of libel i i i Hubli thing an article charging Pinney with fraud. Which Way is a communication from or. Towne general superintendent of the Central Pacific is published in another column Olllie Oak Ktuk. The petitions from Keno Carson and Virginia Weri received exactly to Fije the governor had returned from the. East and the question was open and being discussed pro and con and the desire of the. People Here to have the train Straw which turned t he scale. The a Zittu has always Laboured to induce pie in Nevada to establish intimate and Friendly relations wit the rail Road company. We believed and still believe that not Huhg Good could come from Mutual Friend ship explanations and understandings. The Rai i Road officers Are Jii Tom client. They Don t they could learn from an hour s corp a creation with tithe common heat of us and. We in turn could Vee the Othir Side of the question. We would learn that there Are Many things to be considered and Many to contend with in every department of the Buie Ness. The Nemira laugh at the idea of any conc ass on or even they try to make people believe1 that the officers ave unwilling to be fair or even listen with common politeness to what their Pat r Ujj to if i Rons have to. Say. Nothing painted Bla Olier temp the character the who. Built this great Road. Even congressman Daggett a mall who Hiya oho of positions in lha gift of Tia to his work breathing threats and curses on them. Instead of bringing his Brilliant intellect to Bear upon the subject arid giving the really valuable Aid of he is capable to those who Are struggling with it he joins in All the impossible Ach Emesi a prune in Congress and works with., might and main for measures that cannot possibly be carried and if they were could not be enforced. The Railroad question is one of vital importance to not Only Nevada "1c states and the Eri tire Oom Leroial world ii should be studied with cure and legislated upon with prudence and judicial calmness. Am important tie most important i business come the of the agricultural Mon Day huli i be Etecha Naif turns ties for the coming year the society Are Lia very and its much on the of the Board. Combined with Yery hard work will pull it through other fair if there1 done. This is no secret Ibert Way is to in fact a. A the Good work and deserve a Isle Otin o it i 1--a i f but we understand that some of the Mcm Bors positive by Deij nil to any longer. In sors the greatest Caw sedum be taken to get live men Good i siness men Mea who will Tavan site Fridri has Jast Beciri to the fact that at the third Conj Ress of the United states phia Iii the. Senate pissed a Resolution ing any Otyce Preany Stock Franyi institution in of or notes p by or order of the House while he holds such office or that Law remains on the s statute Book been state very Well indeed thu expenses no Only Twenty Livia Hundred dollars a month. Comprised the Storey co Vinty we determined to keep their jail Clear of tramps and vagabonds by Kompp Llin All prisoners to hard labor on the Roidis. As that roving class Drea hard work More than anything Els the rigid the new Orde of it Likely the desired effect. Virginia oily a been infested by a gang of the Tise web their amuse dec ended Upo them the evening capturing Roun cd. Dozen sheriff of flies Tjai constantly to care statute Tria p Ris Riners committed to j a i shall considered sentenced to passed last March. E Eloise thus at corded our jail Bif Dii h had a Salu tary influence on the Bep bated the to keep a Tram and vagrants out of the place. Hard times in of work in several and the recent crash in. The Stock met ret h Toncae mucin in Vir Ginia a editorial in it is useless to seek to i guide to is mid As severe As the people Hor were Ever before Trie in the dream fun in. Unexpected that Many who Felt a two Rio a a Tran Dedi to of reducing the in Many of Trie mines has to the idlers of thle Street. There Ai Many destitute families in the Cit and Many who heretofore have Alwa responded to Itofe Aarfor help Are no carrying All to pc burdens they can to Sibly stagger under. A Telegram Frodo Virginia Ith Safte noon published in c Plumi indicates that the worst has not a beep reached. Editor Tai the this morning dieted the report that some no Mien this irises holism on the co Strick a it says Chat the ban Toof i closed its will shortly resume business. To dealers in Stock s have lost Nios of them Hope to Wes Thon the Pinol iliac Tuohi in to Grant has not a sept the i a n i j Rritt f Apdal warning a nigh the utes have surrendered for the i i Bewab Lycans Cou Tea out in i Boron december 16 count h As been made by the e govern an Coli Neil w the effect Iii return which will result in. I i cats to Morrow to a Euffie Cinat Nua Ber of fusion lists dam Ostrat Green a a Jarilei. I both branches of. The that. Feeling arring the rep Ubati tp1 i the least in the world Solo is not a painted Belt. Widow and Ber adore Weri betrayed at party. From the new . Was a widow lady of cot near Active Arbuth and personal attractions m ind Fie the local a Protist to accept Thi rank and Emblem edits of her late husband. The dentist however was a cautious Man and although i greatly admired the widow Doc Lipec to commit himself. About a Moll ago Esquire Smedley of Canton Gav a party which was most Brilliant affair of Tho kind within the memory of i the Ottest inhabitant1 the parlor of the Smedley mansion was crowded with guests who Over flowed into the. Rose gradually to the top of the staircase. In the course of the. Evening widow became faint in Quence of to hts Teaf and requested the dentist to her t into the Gar Den where the fresh air. Might revive her. It did revive her to an immense extent and the dentist found this Gar Den such a pleasant place the he kled to remain with his Corn Brapion and smoke. Whih the pair Utu hid to the parlor a curious phenomenon attracted unusual attention. The widow wore a wide Belt beautifully o of lamented painted Tine of some undetermined botanical species. The dentist wore a Black Cost and to the amazement of the. Public Panji Side of his right sleeve was seen to be decorated with Stem Anc leaves and the Brilliant White and Yel i Low Flowers of the Vine that ornamented the widow s Belt. The conclusion drawn by wicked Andt heartless people was inevitable. There was no Possi ble defense to be made. The widow wisely slipped put and went Home the dentist followed her example no with rage and. Wishing that ton had but one Back tooth Liat he. Might draw it with an old fashioned turnkey and without the of Anas the tics. Of course the widow lost no time in pointing out to him that there was but one Way in Thich he could repair his indiscretion and injury which he had done her and accordingly he was brought to the altar Mere he expiated. His fault with Pinch fortitude and furnished an awful example of the wickedness of painted belts to. E. I Bank Notts originated in China. Lubbock a the nineteenth Century credits the chinese with the invention of Bank notes. It is related a Jat about 119 b. C. The court being of Money the Halifax of the Day bit upon the following device when any princes or courtiers entered i lie Imperial presence it was custom Fry to covet the face with a piece of j it was first decreed that far his purpose the skin of White in arks should alone be and u afe these skins which appear to have from one no Blob another for a True Bank notes Hare come. Into. China about to a., d., Ami Money. 1 a itome . Issues. Of the Patent office we find devices for a chairing to Achinee removing hair from honeycomb to save the labor of hoes so that they will attend etry Coly to regular business Boot and shoe polishing Mac tithes to Render coolers log acid lastly a combined accordion Abd flute either these according to the popular impression is capable of in listing great suffering in their Vicinity but combined and patented hey to ild be e m to1 p resent pos Sibili 103. Sufficiently Terri be fill the inst unthinking person with App re r the Aid and Benevo Rew society of Cincin Rufati stated with a which the mayor presided and three pc were wedded under rices yielded a profit of it1 was announced that the work l Poult Youmg persons to Parry would be pushed by giving them . But the scheme has already failed. There Money in Fife Titi Simiry the Young husbands and pot Jec envied assistance it is even charged that presented Toth i three brides at the picnic Are Only plated. John Brown. 8ome of the great a Peculiar pintle Tatore during the Day he staid with me ii Lawrence i Hod my first Good Opportunity to judge the old Man s Ter. I had seen him in his Camp had seen him in the Field and he was Al lays1 to Enigma stowage compound loft enthusiasm methodic Sto Volcano beneath a Mountain Pasnow he told me of his experiences As a Wool merchant and manufacturer in and of his travel sin eur rope i soon discovered that his tastes a military rather than., a. Com Mercial Channel. He had visited Riany of the fortifications in Europe and criticised them holding that the Modeio system of warfare did that a Well armed the Best fortification. He criticised All the Aims then in use Fine specimen of a repeating Rifle which had Long Range sights and he said would carry 800 Yards but he added the Way to fight press to close quarters. He had two Small pamphlet s or one he had had printed r on the armies and military systems of Europe the other to the soldiers of the armies of the United states and was an Odd mixture of advice As to discipline and soldierly habits and wound up by advising them to desert whenever there was an attempt made to use against a free govern moot and human Liberty he looked upon passing political movements As Inere preliminaries or import with him men were nothing principles everything. In his Ordinary moods the Man so Stern and when i first Ikner him that i thought r poetic and impulsive nature Lay behind that cold exterior. The of the wind Ohi the Prairie of voices to him and the Surk As they shoes in the firmament of ged seemed to inspire him. How Adner Able is the symmetry of the heavens How grand and Beautiful. Everything moves in Sublime Harmony in the government of god. Not so with us poor creatures. If one Star is More Brilliant than others it is continually shooting in some erratic Way into space. V one of the most interesting things in his conversation that night and one that marked him As a theorist and perhaps to some extent he might be styled a visionary was a treat ment of our forms of social and Polit ical life. He thought society eight to be organized on a less selfish basis for while material interests gained something by the deification of pure men and women lost by it. He All great refers like the Christian religion were based on , generous self Sarif Sciog principles. Fie condemned the Sale of land As a chattel. Fahd Tomt there were an if indie number of wrongs to right before society would be a Fiat it should in our country slavery was the All and its abolition the first work. If the american peo ple did not Lake courage and end it speedily and re Bubli can1 Liberty would soon be empty names in View United states. Note counted oat in _ a coma my. December 18. The full details of the count made by the governor and Council show the follow ing result in the Senate the fusion its Are Given 20 members and the re publican Sll in the House the fus ionians 78 and the republicans 61. Five cities with 12 Republican repro Bath. Lewis ton Are without c rear re sensation. The House will thus be 12 members Short at its organization. The a c Tual result of the election according to the returns before changed by the Council was As follows republicans 19 of unionists 12. Its net change in the Senate itt the House 48. Boothe elec Toni i returns the bad a Pacific coast if Ems. Y main will have a Bank next Spring deep Snow Between Chico and 8u Sanville. Lassen pass is reported As wholly unfit for travel Nevada county has this competitors for the floor of Price Jos. Asebu of Millville Shasta county has been found insane. Asbell testified that he had drank from one quart to a gallon of wine every Day for the past eight years. . 0-Wen, editor of the san Jose Mercury is lecturing to men Only the r evils of at Nevada City three women disguised As men Beard his lecture. James Skinner of Green Valley Al Dorado county offers a Reward of Tor the arrest and conviction of the person who attempted to Assassin ate i m on Tho night of the Lith in Stant two indian1 Vaqueros got into 1 fight in san sunday night and one was literally Cut to pieces with a knife. The murderer but Bas been since captured and lodged in the Berkeley advocate says that Joseph Chappie went Hunting to Eijiu Landing on Friday last and his powder flask exploded in his pocket tear no away the Arm of his Burn us his Side whiskers. According to the Union company comprising Sacramento and grass Van by parties Are erecting a Furnace near the head of Rattlesnake Creek Nevada to work the ores of that violin to by the Robertsen process. C t. Mcglashan proprietor of the Tri Yokee Republican hearing that Geo. I. Pinney had sworn out a warrant for his arrest an a charge of libel started for san Francisco last night to i Milf and answer Day to Iii morning within a majority .86 As a punted Council the joint ballot. By and Musior tests have a major to. Of 28 Aii the republicans claim tha t the rejections and changes Bri technical grounds.? tie certificates to the sen tors and were sent put by Nia in of county officers is about completed. A committee 6f the Council is engaged n preparing a statement to justify the count. In Miles surrounding Chico some 1600 gang plows employing As Many Drivers and 10.000 mules and horses Lave probably begun work. Bays the Vallejo chronicle with he exception of a Little filling in at he curve on the outskirts Suisun he Railroad is entirely completed and cars could run Over it to Day. The Lew depot at that town is Well constructed and quite ornamental the Yankee Fork Herald claims for hat Section of Idaho a production during the last summer of total yield from the discovery if the country to Date of there ii hot yet a Quartz Mill in that dec tips. Says the Fresno expositor a whirl wind at bosons in Shasta Valley last wednesday struck a header Wagon which requires four men to lift ind raised it Twenty feet in the air Arry Irig it a distance of Over two Hun ired Yards and splitting it into Good kindling Wood. A poor old lady known As auntie Jope who lived on cover Creek in Shasta county was recently murdered. 3he was quietly eating her dinner when some one who was concealed in the Bruah near by shot her. She was lulled Down the Bill some Hundred of cards arid left there to die. She was bund Early the next morning by some Assers by. Murderer during the past or three ays the record 7mon, a Large is been seen near the line of the Sac Ramento and Placerville the of Alder Creek where he Evi Leontly has made his Phese animals occasionally make rate s upon the sheep on the Norris and san Tuan Grants but this is the first one Een in this Side of the american River Bis Side of Folsom for Many years. The Tribune gives the following account of a Little unpleasantness in a Saloon yesterday morning an Uptown sporting Man named James Joo rubs was playing a game of cards with Little Jimmy Burns another of he gambling fraternity and a heated discussion arising James the larger Crews self Cocking revolver and truck his opponent Over the head causing a concussion of the latter s brain1 and the former s pistol. Tie Ball crashed through the West end of the bar escaping the bar1 tender and causing a general scatter ing among the in a recent speech sir Henry drum mond Wolf told his constituents that in Wtissia Germany and Austria he had nearly reve Ify Day

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