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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 20 1883, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - December 20, 1883, Reno, NevadaVol. S. Reno. Washoe county. Nevada thursday december Reno weekly Gazette published very thursday by r. L. Proprietor alien g. A baby business manager. Rates or subscription daily Ono year by mall 00 weekly one year by mail .2 50 by Carrier per week to All parts at Reno rates of advertising nov on Mimi. One Square w weekly one month one Square 100 this includes both Legal and Commer Cial work 25 my Spry Christmas. I to everyone who settles his old subscription account or makes a new one Between now and Christ Mas we will give As a Premium the Continental Magazine a hand comely illustrated journal published monthly. This applies to both daily and weekly but not to club am for the Best. A Washington special says the result of the meeting of the National committee seems to have Little political significance. It is True Logan s Home has been selected but Chicago was selected so far As can be Learned irrespective of presiden tial preferences. For example it got the vote of Platt of new York. It might be said that this was part of a plan of Arthur to keep in Al Liance with Logan expecting if the latter could not the nomination he would turn his votes Over to the former but then Chicago also got new England s votes that Are not opposed to the interest of Arthur or Logan. There were twelve Federal office holders in the committee and As their votes were scattered it was concluded that the administration was not very anxious about the place. Elaine s friends will always hate Cincinnati. Some of Logan s friends were anxious to have sex senator Chaffee elected chairman but did not succeed. This Only Means that the committee sought deliberately to avoid giving any political colouring to its meeting. Senator Sabin was elected because he was a Windom Man and consequently is at present nothing be tween the various factions of the party. As regard the systems of representations senator Frye said when he offered his plan that he had no presidential candidate and never would have again. On the same subject George c. Gorham said this evening that there was do danger that the Southern vote would be used in Masse to secure the nomination of any candidate. A few years ago when the Nomina Tion was equivalent to election an administration candidate might have been tempted to secure a nomination by the whole Southern and part of the Northern vote but in the present condition of things no Man would dare take a nomination of that kind. Thl Fulvi vets alts etim speaking of the article on the Asylum Board which recently appeared in the Gazette the tunes renew says the Gaza Tab s article was a Well timed and sensible Ono. It took the same ground that was taken by the times review in an article published when the charges were first preferred against or. Bishop. The entire trouble is attributed to the Antion of the commissioners in removing or. Dawson under whom sex Erst Liing was running smoothly Aud satisfactorily to make places Lor two political Lavoi ites of different parties. The result has proven disastrous to the interests of the institution and the proper mini for the commissioners to do la to rectify their mistake in reinstating or. Dawson. There would certainly be no More a Justice in removing or Bishop even if the charges against him Are not sustained than there was in ousting or. Dawson against whose record nothing could be found upon which to base n charge. Or. Dawson was appointed solely upon Nis pre sump fitness for the position while or. Bishop s appointment was the re sult of apolitical Job inaugurated prior to the last general election. Presuming them to be equally competent All of the argument so far As Justice s concerned is in favor of or. Davison s reinstatement. It would moreover free the institution from the taint of political the Carson Appeal says the above is from a leading demo cratic newspaper and simply Illus trates the proposition that a Man s political acts must be indescribably bad Whan his party newspapers will not support him. Ki7jlk8. The first proposed Rule in the Senate reads As follows first in the absence of the vice president the Senate will choose a president pro Tern pore.4 second in the absence of the vice president and pending the election of a president pro tempore the Secretary of the Senate or in his absence the chief clerk will perform the duties of the chair. Third the president pro Tern shall have the right to name an officer of the Senate or if absent in writing. The senator perform ing the duties of the chair and the senator designated May discharge such duties for a period not exceed ing three Days unless the Senate otherwise orders. Bayard asked the senators to con template the effect of the proposed Rule which gave the View president the right to designate a person who by a possibility May become acting president of the United states. A Kleto Raij notes Christ Las books. The Progress of this generation has shown itself no More plainly in other lines than in the Art of print ing and in no Branch More than in Holiday books. D. Lathrop co. Of Boston Are conspicuous for the Talent displayed in the matter of their publications As Well As for skill in the workmanship. Their engraving binding Aud printing Are Superb. The Little Story o puff just issued la a very fascinating Story for Little folks. It pre sents the autobiography of a Canary its haps mishap reflections etc., in the choicest and simplest Lan Guage with a rare blending of pathos and humor. It is sent Post paid for 75 cents. Notes. Rev. Heber Newton an episcopal Clergyman of new York comes Forth with a lecture on the authenticity of the various books of scrip Ture and says outright that Mobes was not and could not have been author of the Pentateuch. Our Savior to the gospel of a different opinion. A late Dis is itch from new York mentions that the reporter of the Tribune found monsignor Capel in a per Day room of the Brunswick Over looking fifth Avenue and writing a lecture on of things have evidently changed since Jesus time As we can hardly imagine any special apostle As boarding at the Brunswick or preaching to a congregation of neophytes that the Savior did not know what he talked of when he referred to Moses and the prophets. It is doubtful if any Section of the world is More heavily and uniformly Mineral ised Over no Large a Region As Western Nevada. It is wonderful to see the extent of coun try where big assays can be found. Of course much of it is rebellious Ore but if it was in Germany or Vermont it would be worked at immense profit. The indications Are that before another year there will be a great revival in interest in this county. An enthusiast said this morning that there would be men prospecting in the mountains of Washoe county before an other year. We give the theory of the Carson Index an the formation of the South end of our county in another column. It is reported that general Ouel Lar refuses to obey orders from the City of Mexico to arrest Quinton the mayor of new Laredo on a charge of complicity in the mex inn National train robbery. It is alleged that several of the robbers Are known to be in Laredo. No one willing to assume the responsibility of making affidavits against them. The English authorities adhere to the opinion that Hicks Pasha and army have been annihilated. Baker Pasha has received news that there Are arabs within nine Miles of Squakim exclusive of those besiege Natoka and sin Kat. There is great want of food and forage at Squakim. The attempt to make the trial and sentence of o Donnell an International matter is far fetched. O Donnell was tried and convicted by a court having proper jurisdiction for murder and the government of the United states bad better keep its hands off. In both houses of the Virginia legislature a joint Resolution was introduced by democratic Mem Bers declaring that the people of Virginia accepted the act of feb May 1882, known As the Riddle Berger Bill As the ultimate Settle ment of the debt of that state. The last news from Pekin con firms the report of the activity and increasing influence of the chinese War party. Elaine s scheme for dividing sur plus revenues among the states fell rather Flat. It. This deponent has travelled All Over Nevada since the Asylum management has been under Dis cession and has met More people in their own Homes and talked to More private citizens than any politician. In the state and we say confidentially to the Board of com missioners that if they think the people of this state have forgotten or forgiven their per Eldous diet in dragging that institution into1 politics they never were More mis taken. They sowed the storm and will reap the whirlwind. That act Mark this administration with infamy for All time to come. On his Way East senator Jones said he thought it might be Well to Annex Idaho to Nevada. The reveille say what a grand state we would then have. Idaho is a Rich country and possesses just the advantages Nevada needs. If the Boundary lines of Oregon or Utah were not changed however it would be a very queer shaped state. This need not deter our senator from rustling to secure the coveted territory. Let him Rustle for it. Senator Blair has Given notice of a constitutional amendment prohibiting the manufacture and Saie of spirits and other intoxicating liquor except for medicinal Pur poses or for use in arts and manufactures. Failing ratification it a to become operative by act of con Gress ten years hence. The discus Sion of this project will waste time which should be devoted to the consideration of More important Meas ures. Half the papers state and All the taxpayers Are calling upon the Board to give their reasons for removing or. Dawson from the Asylum. They dare not do it. They cannot show half As much grounds for complaint against him a they have now against or. Bishop Aud they say they Are Only trivial. Won t Liose him. It is reported that d. R. Ses Sions will sever his connection with the Eureka Sentinel and go East to having seen this item in several Nevada papers the Sentinel interviewed the gentleman most concerned in regard to the report. He says it a All news to him and contains the first intimation he has had that he either intends to go East or to sever his connection with the Sentinel. Suravs on tie Ita Page. Last night the people on the South Side of ther River were treated to a regular Drunken Squaw fight. The squaws were evidently not too drunk to yell at any rate As it sounded like a whole legion of devils. It in not a pleasant sight to see two half nude equals sitting on the ground tearing at each other s hair like a pair of wild cats. A ofter. A citizen of Beno was approached by a healthy looking Vag yesterday who for the privilege of work ing for his Board. The gentleman said he had t much work to do and he did t think a Man could earn his Board. Of Well said the tramp to will work enough longer to make it the country Ortii of mount Dav Idson Ana the Intro Tunnel. There is no doubt that in the country West of mount Davidson and Between that Point Aud almost to Washoe City there is a vast Mineral Region that in the course of time will developed into a splendid system of mines. A recent Tohir Over the Hills enables the writer to state that so far As his personal experience and observation extend there can be no better indicating of vast Mineral wealth than Are visible in the Region alluded to. Our belief a that not Only is the matrix of the precious metals perfectly vast but that in variety of product it will be almost unparalleled. As a primary idea we Are impressed that were the Sutro Tunnel extended Wes Wardly from its present terminus some three or four Miles it would penetrate a very wonderful country. In fact we Are converted to the idea that mount Davidson itself is but a monstrous upheaval in the midst of an immense Mineral formation which is just As extensive and valuable West of that prominent Peak As East Wardly. Were the Tunnel projected toward the sierras it would be found to be 300 or 400 feet below the level of Washoe Val Ley. The drainage thus obtained would be quite ample. To recur to the surface appearance of the Region alluded to it will appear to the careful observer that the entire sur face and Rock formations indicate extensive and varied deposits. The color of the soil itself As Well As the Quartz formations which Are almost everywhere encountered indicate rather one vast ledge or formation of Mineral bearing Rock with More or less Porphyritic seams than any Mere series of Quartz veins. To be sure it is now supposed that the country is seamed with numerous and rather moderate ledges but More narrow Examina Tion indicates that a vast matrix of Quartz bearing Lead Graphite an Timony Iron Gold Silver and Many other metals lies deep in the Earth and finds Only irregular and imperfect development at the surface. The depth at which the Sutro Tun Nel would Cut this Deposit would speedily prove Itu real nature and value. Our recent exploration of that tract of country was induced by the operations which have been carried on for the last year or two at the so called Harris mine about three Miles East of Washoe City. We found an extensive system of shafts tunnels inclines and wines having their Point of initiation at the brow of a minor Eminence where it is supposed by very Many that an East and West Gold ledge cuts through a North and South Silver ledge. The surface indications As Well As the underground indications give plausibility to this theory but our View is that the Harris mine is Only at a More than usually promising Point in the midst of a vast Quartz formation which is not even limited by mount Davidson some four Miles to the eastward. The system upon which this mine is located seems to extend North Wardly and increase in Posi Tive outline and concentration to a Point East of the old Temeles Mill at the lower end of pleasant Valley. South Wardly the system of mines and Quartz to which we refer would seem to be lost under the level sur face of Washoe this latter fact however seems to be of but Little consequence. The North Carson mine might be deemed to be the continuation of that same formation. North Wardly the same Mineral coloration Are visible in the Low Mountain at no great Dis Tance from the Temeles Mill and again in the same line of vision almost directly North of Beno. A system so extensive As this merits attention. We find that in the Hills East of Washoe there Are numerous prospectors and Many locations or mines. The ground is exceedingly favourable for operations. Water can be readily obtained from the Virginia water a Wood wife s trials. The wife had made up a Large Batch of bread and had placed it near the sitting room above to Rise. Her husband came in shortly with eight or ten schooners of Beer aboard and seating himself near the stove cocked Bis feet up on the moulding of the wainscoting. Drop Ping off into a quiet Little snooze he dreamed that he wife was choking and jumped to her assist Ance coming Down with both feet slap into the dough. What in the name of common sense Are you doing up to your Knees in my she angrily asked. I did t mean to i thought you who Crokin i dreamed that you had swallowed a hair replied the poor Man. Of you brute if you would Swallow hair pins instead of Beer it would save me a great Deal of trouble. Now look at that bread it s nothing but work work work from morning till night and was the last he heard As he slipped out into the Moonlit Alley tracking dough from the sitting room to the Back Gate. Diamonds in Montana. Prom Helena Montana it is re ported that a Miner had carried for some time in his pocket a Diamond which he thought to be merely a common but pretty Crystal. A jeweler informed him of its nature and he refused for it. It was found to weigh Over three carats is of first water and one third of an Inch Long. Diamonds have been found previously in the United states and Montana is said to have the exact formation of strata for their discovery a Diamond of one and one half carats has been found in California and if the statement above made be True Montana is ahead on the Diamond subject. The Helena Independent says that tie same Miner says that he has sliced off a Peck of such diamonds thinking them crystals but did not Stop to look at them As he wanted Gold. Is this be True sinbad in the Roc s Cave will be outdone. Business and cattle two Well Laden teams arrived yesterday from Goose Lake and two from Honey Lake Valley and report business rather livelier a both valleys than la usual at this season. Humphries Freeman Miller state that so Long As the Mountain roads Are not obstructed by Snow. It is cheaper for them to drive cattle Over to dutch Flat using that place As a distributing Centre Northern towns and Camps. N la Wui Teton to cat tie of different owners now feeding of the Meadows to Oakland firms from the 15th to the 20th instant he reports the cattle feeding hem As in prime condition. A number of owners Are now Here examining the state of the cattle they have out feeding in the far famed Valley. School Kesort. Following is the report of Pyramid school for month ending november 30th number of boys enrolled 8 number of girls enrolled 10 total number enrolled 18 num Ber of Days attendance 339 number of Days absence 18 percentage of attendance .95 number of visitors. 5. Roll of Honor Mary Clark Reuben Pickrell Winnie Monroe Maud Monroe. Maggie Graham. Royal Mullin Melvin Doan Myrtle Hammon Joseph Clark Willi. Mullin Mamie Giles. Neither a e. Sent nor tardy Melvin Dou win. Nie Monroe Mamie Giles Mary Clark Reuben Pickrell. Josie teacher. A Wise work. The head Waters of the Yuba Are swarming with Nice fish. Or. Red Ding planted Trout there a few years ago and or. Campbell of Cisco says they have grown and Are fat and healthy. He says the sport is Fine. Or. Redding often said that his ambition was that California might be beef lated and the people made happier by his having lived. His wish will be gratified in Many ways. His practical Wisdom Aud generous nature have Many Monu ments. Jay Etc acc. A furniture dealer in Oakland is negotiating with j. I. Case for his Little Black Trotter Jay Eye see. The Oakland Man has made an Oser of Case wants the Board of police commissioners afternoon declared St. Tjoutis to be the worse policed City in the Union. Quartz Mil. I the redaction works at Mill City Are about finished. They Cost 000 and Are owned by William Leete or. Gould and another party. Smelting works at Nevada. A party of capitalists Are talking of putting up smelting works Here similar to those at Dan few. A better site could be found. It is the Railroad Center for pm company s flumes and pipes while the Railroad can Supply Wasboe City with All needed supplies for the mines. Washoe City and Vir Ginia City people Are greatly inter ested in the new investigation of the old Argentine District. In fact the present operations Are but a renewal of explorations which took place in those localities years ago and which failed Only through the demand for Quartz fully As Rich As that which was realized from the Comstock. A judicious and Gener Ous expenditure of capital would doubtless bring to an infinitely More vast Deposit of reasonably Rich Ore than is now supposed to be in the upper Lovely of the Comstock. Locations and sales of mining ground Are constantly going on. The Outlook is a promising one and we Are glad to observe that those who Are trying to develop the coun very economical judicious and successful. We Hope very soon to hear of important and Rich developments. Cattle for Spring Sale. W. Manes started this morn ing a baud of 250 Stock cattle to fish Springs to be wintered. Prospective mining loom. The Success of messes. Harris and Marker in locating what Are credibly reported As pay ing and largely paying ledges has stimulated Many other prospectors and encouraged those who have All along been engaged in the search for Gold and Silver in Washee. Many prospectors who had become discouraged have renewed work and those who have been working constantly Are prosecuting the search More vigorously than Ever. Wheat scarce. Or. Bolles of the Silver Star Mills informs the Gazette that wheat a liable to be scarce this Winter and next Spring. Honey Jake and Surprise Are using All theirs at Home and that cuts Reno off considerably. They will get All the Carson Valley and Lovelock s Grain but that will not fill the Bill. They May have to buy at Elko or ship in from California. Nevada is using her own wheat and saving a great Drain in that respect. A visitor. John l. Sullivan the blogger arrived in san Francisco yesterday via the Southern route. He was met at the Oakland ferry by Harry Maynard with a brass band an open Barouch and four Gray hones. Last evening he was introduced to the people at the California theater. Injunction ims solved. In the Ormsby county District court judge Edwards dissolved the. Attachment previously granted in the lower court in the Case of j. C. Hampton is. Steamboat Springs irrigating canal company. The was sent to Washoe county for trial. Marker s Rind. Gentlemen directly from the hair. Ris mine of much bag been said recently report the made regarding in very Little if at All exaggerated. The people of Thia state have however been so often deceived by Roseate reports that they have become As incredulous car Thomas fold. Nor Are they alone in this As it has become almost impossible to place a mine upon the new York or european markets. The reports of favourable has become so stereotyped in regard to Many mines that no one any attention to such a statement. How stories travel. A few Days since the Gaz Butk had occasion to make some remark touching the Vogue that had been Given to Jim Townsend s Story of the Erastras worked by Sand which the papers have for the most part taken up a genuine. Campbell of the Walker Lake a sullen lately concocted a Story about a whist Ling fish which the Eastern press is now gravely discussing. The Nicholas Magazine now Kas the Story in their scientific and Nat ural history them is nothing like information from competent authorities. A human head found. The Modoc Independent says that a dog belonging to or. Follett of Willow ranch was found to Havet brought in and been gnawing what was at first supposed to be an old. Beef Bone but was afterwards found to be a human head. There was no possibility of recognition As but a. Small piece of skin with the hair on the top of the Skull remained. Many believe it to be the head of Shaw murdered some time since on mad Eline Plains. Nobody else up there has lost a Bead and the keeps this one in his county. Out collecting last Spring m. J. Curtis of Rena took a contract from the Board to repair the Bridge Over the Humboldt at Mill City for his work is done and be is having trouble about getting his pay. Or. Giroux Saya the work was not done according to contract. A com. Mittee decided the work Well done and it will be paid. Still Well attended. The festival of the ladies of the m. Church was Well attended last night though the crowd was not so great As on the previous evening. Those ladies Are doing Good work and have been Well patronized in gifts by wealthy Cut Ina. And in the numbers of those not we wealthy who attended their dinners and suppers. News paper Wisp Aprl

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