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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 13 1883, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - December 13, 1883, Reno, NevadaVol. 8. Reno w shoe county. Nevada thursday december 13, 1883. No. 34. Reno weekly Gazette published every thursday by r. L. Proprietor alien g. Bhama business kit is of subscription Dally one year by mail 00 weekly one year by mail. 2 by , Pef week to All parts of Reno Bates of and Abb of Sixa ally Rio Mouth one Square weekly one month one Sun so. 1 w includes both i cent and Commer Cial Multry Chi Bitmas. To everyone who settles his old subscription account or makes a new one Between now and Christ we will give As a Premium the Continental Magazine a handsomely illustrated journal published month Jar. This applies to both daily and weekly but not to club Stefl. Cd urge of the Asylum and to hold office during Good behaviour. Y in san Francisco that before b. M. Dagget sailed the last time he stated the him positively that he would return next year Aud make the canvass As a candidate for the United states Senate. He was in dead Earnest and said he was cer Tain of a Large support. In fact it was the pressure from All parts of the state Aud All classes of citizens which had decided him. Senator Jones has some idea that Idaho should be attached to Nevada. He thinks it would make a Good state and would give wealth to the Union. It would Only be necessary and population sufficient make an important member of ers. With the exception of two members each has shown himself to be utterly incompetent and unfaithful to the Trust confided to him. Each has imported into its administration the elements of favouritism and rewards for personal not Public service. Witness the Dis Graceful spectacle of four Publ Loffl cers with deliberation and premeditation dividing the official spoils of an insane Asylum. The supporters of Laughton n and the blood relation of certain politicians be put in place and to accomplish this end the Friend and Follower of Adams must be associated with him and to clean up Aud round off the in Savory Job a member of the legis lature who Rode with the Lieuten ant governor in his bushwhacking raid on the state Treasury is also brought into Camp. What sort of Huc stering is this Are the offi Ces of the Public to be bartered from hand to band like stale fish in the Market will the people of the state permit the unfortunates committed to their care by Al mighty god to be taken from the Protection of science and handed Over to the ignorance of politics we Are weary and sick of the of charges and counter at heart for the wards of the state Over Heads the warring politic ians Are giving Battle. Unless we greatly mistake the temper of the people the next legislature will be required to find a remedy for the evils of the present system of governing the Asylum. The Board of commissioners is a nuisance and should be abolished As a purely political and mischievous institution. Let a gentler Ian be selected by the legislature for his professional and scientific attainments to Taku for the legislature of the state to pass a Resolution accepting the new territory As an addition to its own and then Congress could make a Law ordering it done without any action on Idaho s part. When or. Dawson was removed from the management of the Asylum the members of the Board claimed that there was sufficient reason which would be Given to the Public in due time. We augg Eit to the honorable Board that the pub lie has a right to the information and All the facts and that this is a Good time to publish hem. We respectfully offer the columns of the Gazette for that purpose. The National Banks have been enormously profitable to the government every year from their Ere Tiou Down to the present time their actual Cost to the government from 1863 to 1883, according to comptroller Knox s report has been and during that Perio they have paid in taxes the sum o 87, exclusive of thei taxes to municipalities. The Carp was originally a Nativi of Central Asia. It was introduce a into Austria in 1227, into Engram in 1504, and into this country in 1830. The first Experiment Here though proved a failure and the fish was unknown until or. Hesse brought 345 of the different Varie ties from Bremen for the United states fish commission in May 1877. The supreme court of Massachi the Itoko. The in estimation of the Asylum management. Thursday morning at 10, the Board f commissioners for the insane met at the Asylum with governor Adami in the chair Wells Drury Secretary. Geo. Tufly w. E. F. Deal g. W. Huffaker and j. F. Hallock present. B. H. Lindsay presented or. Bishop. Trend for Fofiu appeared for or. Bishop at be request of his friends. Or. Bergstein called for All the books which were brought in by w. L. Star seen commissary and clerk. He was sworn. His duty was to receive and account for goods and be that they were economically sed to see the patients provided with food and keep the books. He Ead the rules to show what was expected of him. He performed he duties except As to the conduct f the farm which or. Bishop re sieved him of. Or. Bergstein asked in if he understood the relations be tween or. Bishop Aud himself. He said he thought so. He had rave led Between Virginia Aud Leo trying to make them. As atm Misdary he had no specific work but All Hia time was occupied. Answer to or. Lindsay gov. Adams said it was the desire of he Board to learn everything per dining to the institution. Or. Bergstein said he wanted he facts to show that attendants had been retained who neglected heir duties. Or. Marsden said he received goods and checked them off but did not enter them. He kept the Bills of Lindley co., Aud chucked them off in the even no. When there is a Large amount be keeps a memorandum to com pare with the Bill. Sometimes the Dills May have lain several Days. When or. Bergstein came he directed that every article taken out of the store be charged. I found it impracticable to do so and now make the charges once a month which shows what is used. Or. showed in the books an entry of goods delivered june 30th, by John Bowman of 26, with out being itemized or. Marsden testified that he could not give the items on that Bill. Or. Bergstein asked if the last item on that Bill was not a dozen chickens be also if the Bill for cigars used Asylum and or. Bishop said or. Bergstein could not have mrs. West because she battled. She told about an attendant that abused patients. In the afternoon or. Bishop came Down town and or. Berg Stein would go Back All should be right and he returned. John Sunderland said Bishop said he would not permit mrs. West to come out because she was a mischief maker. Nathan Bishop Bergstein and i talked it Over in my store. I understood that it was All settled amicably and or. Bergstein came in answer to questions or. Sunderland said i sold some pegs and a child s last. I did not charge anything for the last. They Are Only parts of lasts and were of no value to or. Marsden was recalled and or. B. Endeavoured to Shew that he sometimes drank too much and was rendered unfit for duty. Case and he were at several dances at Glendale. Or. B. Explained to the Board that the attends often left the institution Short handed so that if anything happened the inmates would be unprotected. On the night of july 4th, most of the attendants were at or. Bishop s House to a musicals. A week later and at other times or. Bishop invited some of the attendants to his House. Or. Marsden had never seen a patient stretched. When Ben Frank Iii came with his Throat Cut he bad gone into his cell one night with some visitors the Bandage was off and they talked about whether he breathed through the Hole in his neck or Bis nose. M. Lighted a a match and held it within a few inches and found it effected by air. He did not bold his Finger Over the Hole till he choked Franklin. The evidence brought out showed that patients were allowed to attend other patients funeral. A work Man paid by the state painted or. Bishop s Phaeton with paints bought of Osburn Shoemaker and paid for by the state. It is used by or. Bishop and was painted on bad Days or. Jannish explained about the Zinc lined rooms. He said he furnished the Zinc for in May but did not put it in till August when it wan paid for. Or. Marsden s examination was resumed. Or. Lewis comes some times when or. Bishop is away. When lie and i Are away mrs. Walker the Matron is in charge. Or. Bishop has discharged several attendants for cruelty to patients. July Lotf setts has overruled Butler. It insists that in the Eye of the Law a woman is a person. When Butler was of a spanking age he never had an idea that a woman was not a person and a very vigorous person at that. He must have lost his re Spect for the better half of creation along with his i air. Paul Tulane 8 most recent gift to Tulane University of new Orleans is stocks and Bonds of a face value of but whose Market value is much greater. They will yield an income of a Vear. His total gifts to Louisianna Are Worth More than a Large congressional delegation called on the president to Day and presented a petition praying him to exert his influence to secure a res Pite Foro Donnell the presidents reply was satisfactory. We suggest to the Board that the argument of counsel in the insane Asylum investigation be held in court room. _ Texas officers scout the idea of bringing suit against the govern ment for slaves freed by the War. The desirability of annexing Egypt to great Britain is now freely discussed in Cairo. Senator Anthony has fully re covered and gone to Washington. The death penalty for murder is being revived in Switzerland. Secretary Folger is better to Day. When the grand Lodge of Odd Fellows visited the Asylum was on the books. Or. Bergston suggested that the dozen chickens was in fact two boxes of cigars. In the Jour Nal 135 is Blank. Or. Mars Den explained that it was left Blank because he Hud not the Bills that belonged there. On Page 114, mar tin Augustine s Bill in May for lining and Zinc on rooms was or. Bergstein asked if the rooms were completed when the Bill was paid. In August their Bill was Al Lowed for 12 Days labor. Or. Berg Stein thought that that was the same labor paid for in May an account is kept of the property of each patient that enters. Mason s account shows 60 cents. Or. Bergstein showed an error in the trial balance Ami a forced balance which or. Marsden said he was aware of but allowed it to stand rather than erase it. His next balance proved his books Correct. On May 18th John Sunderland delivered some pegs and a pair of lasts. Or. Mad Den offered to bring in the lasts but or. B. Objected unless he could swear to their identity. I am in charge when or. Bishop is away. If anyone is sick i Telephone Tor or. Bergman. When he Bishop went to Pyramid or. Bergman was Here nearly All Day. No one was Here when or. Bishop went to Long Valley. I remember one Day there was a noise in a Ward and found Harry shaven a patient struggling with Simpson Simpson put him out of the Ward by Force or. B. Asked if Simpson did not put his Iii ers inside the Collar of his clothes and jerked him Down stairs. Did not or. Bishop say that s right George make him go where you want him witness did not remember that. I get up about 8 o clock but sometimes lie in bed till later. The wards Are to be cleaned up before 10 o clock by an order from or. Bergstein. No one banged at my door for two hours to get me up. The Butcher comes at 6 o clock i Don t always weigh the meat liquor is not permitted most of the attendants have brought i have George Avery and Madden have also done so. The session of the Board for the insane lasted until 5 Al clock thurs Day Aud the evidence is continued from yesterday. Or. Mars Den was excused to examine or. Jaquish Aud others. Or. Jaquish testified As to the work in the six rooms. Or. Folsom furnished a piece of pipe and covered it with Asbestos which or. Bishop thought was too costly. Or. Deal Here said that the Board had ordered it done. Or. Folsom was mostly done by state labor and be charged for two Days attention to it. Or. Bergstein thought ought to have found out what the Job would Cost before doing it. M. Nathan testified that last july or. Bergstein told him that he had left the Asylum. He had some one to attend to his room and or. Bishop refused to let him have that woman. Or. Nathan went to the or. B. Asked him about mrs. Wat son sitting Down on his Lap in the Yard he thought Marsden did not use proper dignity on that occasion. Mrs. Walker the Matron de scribed her duties there is always an attendant among the female patients. The patients fight some times but one attendant can hold their bands and prevent them. If the attendant is away i am in the Ward or where i can see them. My instructions Are if they fight to throw a Towel Over ones face and Call for assistance. There Are Large stones in the Yard but if there is a fight men can leap tote Fence. I have Nover seen a patient abused. I Beard some one say mrs. Crause a patient but did not see or. Deal said that if the idea of or. Bergstein was to show Lack of at that was the Board s fault for they limited the number. Mrs. Walker said no one was Ever beaten Black and Blue. Mrs. Glas sett has to be held to be undressed As she resists and she May get Blue spots but she is never abused. All the female attendants were at or. Bishop s on the evening of july 4th. The next time mrs. Quinn was in the Ward and mrs. Cranse and i went. Mrs. Quinn went once to mrs. Bishop s House to work an hour and i did her work. Ifa Nynne goes to Church i do their work. Mrs. Whalen did what i asked her we were not unfriendly. Or. Bishop comes into the Ward was Ever inflicted on patients so far As she knew. Henry Ben Frank Lin the night when Marsden went to his room. Marsden replaced the Bandage on his neck but did not put his Finger on the wound. Lucins Cox testified regarding the farming operations. Two cows bought. They were not Worth As much Money in his opinion As was paid for them. Everything done on the farm under direction was properly done so far As he knew. Or. Bishop never denied him any facilities at his command. A recess of one hour was taken when the examination of Cox was resumed. G. W. Avery in the employ of the Asylum from april 4th, to August 28th, 1883 was commissary for the first month i dug holes and planted Trees during the time the first month doctor Bishop did not spend much time at the Asylum he was doing outside work after the first month i was night watchman or. Bishop stated to me that he bad Learned from Good authority that or. Bergstein was making a move to have him Bishop displaced i had an inter View with a Man named Suther land son in Law of the Matron of the Asylum he told me about it i did not hear what the character of the efforts were i used every Effort to find out the truth of it but could learn nothing i heard or. Bishop state that mrs. Cra ise was creating a Deal of trouble and must go in the morning Marsden and i talked the matter Ever and came to the conclusion that if she was discharged she would expose the Watson mat Ter and make a Good Deal of trouble Marsden told me to Call him up at 6 o clock and he would see or. Bishop and Stop the discharge. Whilo passed through the Hall every hour but was told by or. Bishop that there was no need of it a Ward was often left unlocked with no attendant present there was a Frenchman subject to fits in the Ward i always called up an attendant when a patient had convulsions i have seen female patients abused i have seen Sarah Smith a patient slapped by attendant Crause i was coming up from the basement and heard some one fall i went into Ward a and found mrs. Smith on her face on the floor mrs. Crause came and picked her up and Laid her on the bed Aud slapped her i told her i would report she said i know i am wrong so Don t report she told the patient Smith that she would beat death i reported Bishop the place on the Promise of employment we had no but some Little disagreement attendants seemed to be running the place instead of Bishop and triad to run me and i would not have it i told Bishop do not remember what brought about that Conversa Tion i quit of my own not care to stay any longer Bishop told me that the found fault with my firing up in the morn when questioned about being found asleep on watch witness Sake Bishop never to him about it when i left i told Bishop that if this went on in the Way it going that when Bergstein went he Bishop would go with him i never saw miss Cramo use any Vio Lence with any patients other than. On the two occasions stated above while i was on watch i Laid Down on the lounge for an hour or More i was very sick while in the employ of the Asylum i frequently brought liquor to the Asylum but always reported it to berate in when i left the place i did not authorize any one to sign an order Lor my warrant for a full month s pay. But received the full amount. When i made the change from commissary to watchman i did to at the solicitation of Marsden to make a place for him. Or. Bishop told me that the Board Neld Blev Bishop and he alone responsible for the Asylum management. Continued to 2fl Page school Keport the following is the report of the Glendale school for the last three months september whole num Ber of Days attendance whole number of Days absence whole number of boys enrolled 8 whole number of girls enrolled 12 total number enrolled 20, percentage of attendance 94. Boll of Honor fan Nie Steele Sarah Steele Pearle Steele Sarah Foster Katie Higgins Abbie Higgins Abbie Denning Lou Whistler Bertie sessions Fred Stephens october whole number of Days attendance 334.5 whole. Number of Days absence 11.5 whole number of boys enrolled 8 whole number of girls enrolled 10 total number enrolled 18 percentage of attendance 96. November whole number of Days attendance 314 whole number of Days absence 8 whole number of boys enrolled 8 whole number of girls enrolled 10 total number enrolled 18 percent age of attendance on the average number belonging 97. Boll of Honor Jennie Alt Sarah Sarah Foster. Pinkie Steele Lou once a Day at irregular times. He visits the dining room two or three times a week. Or. Bishop refused to let mrs. Went come out to care of rooms because or. Bergstein questioned her about the wards. I never heard or. Bishop say mrs. Leonard had better be licked. I never said mrs. Watson would do it. No one was Ever put in a cold water Bath. It is not True that during or. Dawson s time mrs. Watson s head was put under water. If Mary Whalen says she got a cold water Bath it is not True. The time i complained about the milk i was told the Cream was taken off for or. Bergstein s table. We were at or. Bishop s House on the 4th of july evening about an hour and were Back before 9 o clock. The night watchman was in charge. I went to Stockton for instruction in caring for insane persons and have been Here since a year ago last july. The Matron under or. Shurtleff has been there 15 or 18 years and she uses a Towel Over the Mouth As the Best Way to handle patients. Since or Bergstein left we have been like one family. Are 35 female patients and two attendants Are adjourned till 10 o clock Thia morning. Friday morning mrs. Walkers lamination was continued. She sex never abused a patient and never Saone abused. Nothing new was elicited. Ellen Freise never saw anything done except what was necessary for the welfare of the patients. When fighting occurred they were Separ ated but no More Force was used than necessary. No punish Anent it to Bei Stem i talked with Bishop about it Bishop said we will see to the matter and have her resign it would be better than to have her i saw throw a patient into her cell one night by the Arm but report it be cause the Matron was present. I have known employees to be under the influence of liquor i have seen Marsden come Home also Madden and the Engineer in the same fix i have seen them drunk saturday night after the dance. I was in Reno on september 9th saw Marsden in town several times that Cross examined by Lindsay. I was an employee at the Asylum Lor five months. Did you come to be employed was there any understanding Between you and drs. Bishop and Bergstein sir. That end you took consid Era Ole interest in the removal of Dawson and the appointment of Bishop did sir the agreement was that i should be appointed commit sary. A Bergstein objected to the line of fuse i Al Tui Vic 01 Whistler Abbie Higgins. M. P. Henby teacher. Examination think it bad gov. Adams did not any bearing on the Case but was willing to listen to it. Avery acted As commissary for one holes and Plant ing Trees. At the suggestion of Bergstein the other witnesses were asked to retire were Yon put to Plant ing Trees instead of doing duty As commissary Bishop must answer that question i Don t know. The next month i was put at something else i did not ask for the position of watchman but told Bishop if he would give me the position at per month i would resign and give Marsden the comi Isary s place. At this time we were All very Friendly i had assisted in giving Over theh Ine. W. H. Haynes and miss Fannie t. Warren crossed the line of single blessedness last evening and decided henceforth to pursue life s journey together. The Cere Mony was performed by eve. E. B. Hatch at the residence of wok Warren about five Miles South of Keno. After the guests had Par taken of a Bountiful repast Haynes presented to the Happy Groom among other gifts a policy of insurance against accidents goal. For Twenty four hours. The leading Milliner. Attention is called to the advertisement of miss Susie Dugan tha leading Milliner of Nevada. Her store is in the Adams Block car Soti and is filled with the finest Stock of millinery goods Ever brought to this state. Miss Dugan employees a corps of assistants which enables her to promptly fill any orders sent. If you desire to be in style write or Send to miss dug a for a hat or Bonnet or trimming to fix Over your old one. Superintendent Kinkead sent in word from the Pyramid mine last evening that the Praise had been connected with of the Shaft without Accident of any kind. The mine has been drained of water and will now be thoroughly petted. Tie company will soon ship a Quantity of Ore to Denver for reduction. The wounded Joseph Adkins wound is doing Well. He was anxious to get up and around Friday Bat was prevented from doing no by Lite attendants under the directions of Hia physician. Newspaper

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