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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Dec 6 1883, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - December 6, 1883, Reno, NevadaVol. 8. Tenc weekly Gazette Reno Washoe county. Nevada. Thursday december 6. 1883. No. 33. Pub bed every thursday by r. L. Proprietor 0. Mob business Bates of subscription daily one year by 00 weekly one year by mull. 3 fio by Carrier per week to All parts of Reilio. Bates of advertising weekly of in month one Square. 1 w tilts Luc Uiles both Leguil and con Imor work. Cal Luwmas. To everyone who settles his old account or mates a new one Between now and Christ Mas we will give As a Premium tha Continental Magazine Ariand homely illustrated journal published monthly. This applies to both Dally and weekly but not to club rates. for forty years the living age has been published with uninterrupted Success and has enabled its readers at Small expense of time and Money to keep Pace with the literary Progress of age. Fre quent in Issue and unequalled among periodicals in amount of matter it furnishes an unrivalled compilation of a great and growing literature which embraces the pro unctions of the most eminent Liv ing writers in All departments of literary and scientific work. And As this literature grows year by year in extent and Importante the Liv ing age becomes More Anil More valuable. Filling the place of Many periodicals it can hardly be dispensed with by any american Reader who desires a thorough compendium of the Best literature and thought of Fie time. Its prospectus for 1884 is commended to the Atten Tion of All who Are selecting their Reading matter for the new year. Reduced clubbing rates with other periodicals Are Given and to new subscribers remitting now for the year 1884 the intervening weekly numbers Are sent Gratis. To Tell a co., Boston Are the publishers. Evv kit of ill Tokatl by numerous incendiary fires have occurred lately in Milwaukee and la the attempt to extinguish them the Hose have frequently been Cut. The Striplings of that pity have a Buffalo Bill whose members travel the streets at night armed with pistols Etc., and have frequently attacked and robbed poor one instance grasping the conduct r of a Street car an l rifling the Money Box the chief of police has received a letter threatening his life which is believed to have emanated from that source. Is it any wonder that Mun Ocipa authorities Are awaking to the effects of the police Gazette Day s doings and the dime novel and that in several cities their Sale has been prohibited a Waterbury conn., dispatch states that a Watertown Farmer named Smith enraged because his wife brought him Only girl children assaulted and beat her frequently finally breaking her Teg in one o his . A party of 3 Young men indignant at the out rage proceeded to the residence o the brute for the purpose of tarring and feathering him but were fired upon by Smith and one of thei number severely if not fatally injured. One is loth to believe tha the land of steady habits could pro Duce such a Ruf Liau and As Smith. Doubtless or. Beecher imagines himself to have made a humorous hit when he suggests the enact ment of an amendment to the import Laws enacting a heavy duty on foreign preachers coming Here to compete with the native born article. Beecher s views on Politica Economy Are not. Likely to be viewed with much respect by people who remember his assertion that per Rjay is sufficient for the Labouring Man. The methodist of Canada hav stricken out the word obey from the question addressed to the Bride in the wedding service and there i a tempest in a Teapot in denominational circles Over the omission. Kui Togiai. Notes. If one tenth part of what or. Tyler the attorney against Sharon u the late divorce Case says in re Jard to grand juries in san fran Isco be True something ought to e done to break up the corrupt a Stern by which unfounded and expensive prosecutions have be ome feasible. What seems certainly to be True however is that dlr. Nellson was Rotten egged and riven from his platform on the Sand in iceman in Plain lot lies and otherwise standing by without interfering for his protect Ion in the exercise of an undoubted ight the supreme court of Georgia Bas decided that Cotton future Rioto Are absolutely void. Oue cunning my made notes for to a Wallace co., in Cotton future transactions and the firm negotiated the notes to the Bank. The Bank having sued the maker he latter pleaded that the notes were void being Given for a Gam bling consideration. The court decided that Cotton futures were As really gambling As Faro banking and that the notes were utterly void whether the Holder knew them to be Given for futures or not the new York City Board of education demands a appropriation for the support of Thi schools of that City. As this amounts to nearly pet scholar it in difficult to see How so much cuu be honestly expended. The people object to us appropriation Anri want first to be satisfied that the Money is needed and properly used o which facts Large doubts seem to exist. Statistics from the various col Leges show that there is a steady falling off in the number of graduates Olio devote themselves to geology. Law Medicine and Clyl engineering Are the Choice of Large majority. Of a class of 114 Yale graduates this year 37 pursue the Law 30 civil Euginea tag 10 medi Cine and the remainder mostly mercantile by Alueta. This is the Way a Worklin nmn of Wyoming is said to put it when i lived in Colorado i would have spurned an offer of a few Dol Lars Lor my vote. Here when i am offered for the votes of my wife and daughters gives Way to a Valcu Latoi that is equal to what i earn b five weeks labor. It does t mat Ter to me who holds the trained bloodhounds that Are kept at the Marshall mo., Jai recently treed two escaping prison exp one of the fugitives was Prett badly chewed but the ends of jus Tice Are to be looked to rather thin the Wujs of prisoners. Sex speaker Keifer refuses to withdraw from the speakers Hij contest on the grounds that by m doing would be a confession of tin truth that the charge that his Cau Dudacy would cause a division in the Republican ranks. A decree has been gazetted a Madrid abolishing the right o cuban slaveholders to punish slaves with stocks and Fetters. Mrs Loring Pickering died thurs Day at Birmingham England. She was an excellent and accomplished lady. A Lively scrape at the depot sat urday moral Iii. Joe Allen of Sacramento wus a passenger on the West bound rain saturday morning in route loin Churchill county Home. I y after the train arrived he met his father c. Allen of this Jace and a Young Man named Ohn d. Adkins who has been at Vork in this Vicinity this summer. I. Allen who is quite an old Man and Adkins entered into a conver action regarding the taking of Sev ral Hundred dollars from the Safe f Lena Allen a merchant at still water and a brother of c. Allen last Munior. Adkins and the younger Allen had words regarding the mater ending in Allen shooting Adkins. A Gazette reporter writer viewed the men shortly after the of Ray and gleaned the following facts Jurant Adkins a Young brother of he wounded Man was clerking for Allen at the time the Money was taken and was accused of having had Omo thing to do with it. During he conversation this morning j. D. Adkins fluid he thought Bis brother iad been wrongfully accused and alien said he thought Tho voting Man took Tho Money where upon Adkins culled him a damned our when Joe Allen interfered saying that his father was an old , and he did not want no Tulkop to in tint Way that if it Hail anything to say about it to say it to him. The two men Adkins and Joe Allen entered into a on the subject when Loe culled Adkins a liar. Adkins struck Joe in the face and the 1wo men clinched and Allen putting his pistol close to Adkin s Abdomen fired. The Ball passed through his Vest which was badly powder Burnt his outside shirt and three undershirts entering the Abdomen about two inches from the Center of the body and to the right of the Navel. The two men were having it Scuillo Over the of the pistol when w. It. Chamberlain appeared upon perfect autcmx8. Western Nevada blessed with Beautiful weather. This part of the lord s Vineya is certainly blessed with the delightful autumn climate of any country known. While the Valley of California have heavy Rains am the mountains lots of Snow the East Frozen with cold and the Mississippi country away below Zero Beno is indulging in almost Perfec weather. Hardly a Cloud is see for Days at a time and though the nights Are Cool the Days Are warm and Bright. Ice forms every nigh so that boys Are skating and in the Day time men take eff their coat and sweat at their work. Nor 1 this an exceptional season for there is hardly a year when Winter set in before Christmas. Of Cours Spring is late and helps to balance but it is no later than elsewhere which certainly makes the Winter Here very Short. Changed his mind. A deserter from the first cavalry stationed at the Presidio was arrested at Lovelock thursday an taken below. He got away to Mouths ago the 1 Wihtol. The scone and separated them. Kins walked away saying and was shot and guessed he would go and take off Bis boots. Allen was immediately arrested and will be held Here for his examination which will take place As soon As the extent of admin s injury i known. The is a two barrelled Derringer of 40 Caliper. Doctors Dawson and Koritan a careful examination of Trie wound and found that Ball passed . Ales but they dul not pro to the wound deep enough to find the Leaden missile. They will make u further examination after he recovers from the Shook to his Nervo is to is necessarily a dangerous wound and May prove fatal. A Mitru urn Indian. A fearfully Drunken Indian howling and furious from the effects of Kins alcohol was arrested Fri Day ii Tenison about 1 o clock by the Volore l Henry Hender ii jail placed m the Ca Laboose. Was not in condition to appear but will like Nisi White confreres have to answer for his offence before Justice Young so soon As he be sober enough. It is a pity that the White Man who furnished him with liquor is not in with him. A Lari re crowd following him on his Way to the Ca Laboose seemed to be divvied in opinion to whether or Henderson had a right to arrest him. The Indian was ii Runk noisy abusive and obscene and under such circumstances any citizen is empowered to arrest. Or. He Deison certainly is a citizen. Pood for thought. During the late High wind Mono Lake was swept from one end to the other by a Young Tornado which lashed the water into foam and piled the lather up on the Shore 20 feet High in some mixed up with the lather were thousands of dead duty thai had been killed by being dashed against the rocks of the that is the style the Bodie free Piess dishes up a Mono Lake Duck Story. No bin As a Storey county s treasurer toes on a expedition. About a. M., Friday Saya the Enterprise county treasurer Dennis Nevin assaulted a. Ii. Edwards in the office of the county auditor and gave him a tremendous beating. Edwards worked awhile As Deputy in the treasurer s office but recently has been at work As a Deputy in the office of the auditor. The as8a.ult. Edwards Days he was at work last night in the auditor s office fixing no his monthly statement. He wan alone and had the door locked. About o clock there was a rap at the door and he said who is it is said Nevin and Edwards got up and let him in knowing his voice. The relations Between the two men had been perfectly Friendly. On entering the room Nevin accused Edwards of having had some thing to do with the publication of an item that appeared in the chronicle last evening to the effect that the Bank of California bad re fused to Cash the warrants of school teachers signed by Nevi i unless on an Ordor from the county com missioners. Edwards denied that he had done so and said be had not even seen the item referred to Nevis then called him a liar and struck him a heavy blow in left Temple knocking him from his chair to the floor. Nevin grasped him and showered blows upon his head and face. Edwards shouted for help but no one coming to bin assistance begged Nevin not to beat him any More. Nevin said i ought to beat you to and continued to pummel Edwards till tired then arose and went away. Terribly mauled. Edwards was Able to got up and get Down stairs when he found that Juicer Breen and none of the other officers and deputies usually about the jail and sheriff s office bad heard anything of the affair. Lh9t night Edwards was attended by or. Collins and at one title had a chill in which it was feared he would die. At last 11 was Corning out All fight but will have a fearful head on him this morning. Or. Has been in poor health for a Long time and made no attempt at resistance feeling himself powerless in the hands of so Strong a Man As Nevin. At last accounts last night Nevin had not been arrested but he probably will be to Day. It was at first reported that Nevin kicked Edwards and stamped him but Edwards says this is not he Only beat him with his of std. The pest of California Farmer the Stockton Herald h. Dawley is engaged in the Squirrel destroying business. He hires four men Ami proceeds systematically. His Reward is live conts Bounty for each Scalp paid by the county. He assigns his men to different districts. Farmers pay the Rue a Day and Board for going Over their ranches. That nearly pays expenses Anil the Bounty on the Scalia is largely profit. Dawley a Poison that knocks the squirrels out the first round and generally before they can get into their holes. He claims to have scalps enough on hand to clean out the Squirrel Ane Gopher Bounty fund and have Many left. He presents his scalps Only As there is Money to pay the Bounty. He has Worth of scalps awaiting an increase in the fund. Joe turn of Bishop who tuner. Bishop Whitaker with his wife returned from the East Friday morn ing. He has been for some time at Philadelphia in attendance on the protestant episcopal convention. The platform was crowded with friends and acquaintances and a Large deputation of girls from the Seminary was on hand to Welcome their Friend and instructor. Fashion the buckwheat cake season will soon be Here and therefore it is Well to advise All housekeepers that the cakes this year should be Wade lighter and full of Small holes. The nearer you get them to resemble a porous plaster the More fashionable it will be. The Helena Star s annual report of Trie wine yield of Napa county shows a product of Gallons 1 from 63 cellars. Premier Creek weather. Ice is of sufficient thickness to commence operating which will be in two or three Days if the weather continues As cold now. At pres ent the ice is Only about Eibi inches in thickness but cutting Wil not commence until or. Mcdonald has about 20 Hardy Good looking men to feed and will have 100 when the ice Harvest begins. His table is one of the Best in the mountains heat Long on the Tutu Kee. Their Hus been Good abating on the River above Becks during the past two Days and Large numbers o ladies and gentlemen buys am girls have availed themselves of the Opportunity so Seldom afforded o enjoying that salubrious and exhilarating exercise. The ice is smooth and will with present cold nights afford Opportunity for skating of some time to come. Pyramid. James h. Kinkead came in from Pyramid saturday. He report everything going along smooth at the mine. By to Morrow nigh the Shaft will be freed from Wate. And will be connected with the up raise in a Day or two when a Ter Mitic development of the mine will be pushed As rapidly As pose ble. Adding machinery. The Silver Star Mills will and rollers to their present machinery in a Short time and will increase their capacity considerably. Or Smith the new Miller Bays the Mill is a very Fine Oue und think he can make As Fine flour with it us any Mill on the coast. July Lotf Mabeb s old whoe Awakening from her years of silent Hep oae. Much work has been done at the Harris mine near Washoe City and splendid prospects of Success have kept the gentlemen owning the property much encouraged. Every new Days to very Rich specimen of Gold bearing Quartz would be picked up assaying up in the thousands while All the Rock found carried rom to per ton none of t Lew than this has also stimulated others to Prospect the Hills in the Vicinity of the Harris. , who is interested in the har had located an Extension of the ode believed to be carrying treasure enough to but Nevada Back to the lace in the hat of Bullion producing states and territories so Ong occupied. Senator p. N. Marker also located an Extension of the same ledge. It sturday the men working there found specimens Aken from Tho cropping of mar Ker s Extension that Are fabulously Rich in free Gold. If any of the pieces found were completely filled my covered with wire Gold coiled and twisted in All shapes. It would seem to indicate that one of these Rich Gold pockets which have been frequently found a tha Gold mines of California has discovered at Washoe. The owners of the Harris the Allan Extension and the Marker Extension Are in High glee but very reticent As to what they really have Lacov ered. They All say that Washoe will soon attract More attention than Pyramid Orpe Avine have eve attracted. From present indications Washoe county in about entering upon an Era of unprecedented Prosperity. An old picnic Crove the last of that Fine Grove of Trees in Franktown belonging to Captain Dall in which were held numerous enjoyable being Cut Down for firewood. The flood caused by the bursting of the dam in Little Valley covered the ground with about three feet of Granite Sand through which the water from the Franktown Creek flows quite freely within a foot of the surface. The Trees could tit stand so much water hence their demise could be plainly seen from time to time As the color o their verdure changed to a yellow red and Brown successively and finally the leaven dropped off Leav ing the Bare trunks. The last wind storm broke one of the largest about 10 feet from the ground. . Thursday was celebrated in this City in the most orderly and Quie manner. One seemed almost to be in a new England town to judge by the cheerful decorum Thal pre failed. The dinner Given tit the Public beading Boom by the Ladin of the w. C. T. Union was largely attended. Services were held in the various churches and at the episcopal Church Dona tons were taken in Money and pro visions for the poor. Inthe evening the dance Given by the Junior Hose company came off and Waser Ijoyce by the participants though the numbers present were too Large of convenience in the Waltz and polka ban ring White above the dam West of Reno the Banks of the Truckee Are lined with men and boys engaged in trying the snare Whitefish and a considerable number have been caught. These fish Are in demand and bring read ily from 15 to 20 cents per Pound in Beno. Pirate Fol Mother Dolores desires to return Bauks to w. F. Berry and Johnnj Mulrooney and to or. And mrs Dave Evans for courteous and Kin attention extended to the sister and the Hoh Lars of it. St. Marys acad Emy yesterday on their trip to the terminus of the n. O. The Knight a Ball. In View of the fact that the Young ladles have arranged to give a bal during the holidays the knights o pythias have postponed theirs to some future the Anni Ersary of the order in february will be named As the time. A heavy Drain on the Comann Ltd being stopped and Bill Nam built up at Home. Postmaster Jamison says that tha people of Reno Are not sending ourth of the Money to Sacramento and san Francisco to buy goods hut they formerly did. It used e quite a Drain on the town but now in hardly Felt. Doubtless the Fine stores which have been built in Here have something to do with to but experience also had much. The Gazette has often said that if any Man would take in Cash and Lay it Down on Lindley s or Everett s counter he could buy As Many pounds of sugar Bacon or supplies of any kind As he could by bending below. The same is to raft f Levy or Jamison in the dry Roods Trade. The Manj who. Here in that Way has every advantage Over the Man who below. He can see. What be is buy no. He can take Little or much. He need not wait for it to be shipped and perhaps get it in a damaged state. He gets the use of it at once and saves delay. Besides he Helpa us neighbor and thus strengthens Utu self. If everyone bought their clothing Here it would keep half a dozen tailors Busy. That would make business for the hotels for the dry Good stores for grocers the Boot maker tha furniture dealer the newspaper the Farmer and everybody else. That makes a town and gives it the Hundred advantages which come Only with arge of men and Money. A bad Afflic Teloh i 1 Cimon boy threatened with hydrophobia. Some three months ago Days Carson Appeal Percy Elstner the 10-year-old Sou of Milton Elstner was playing a game called snap the whip at school and was thrown up against a building with such violence thut he was nearly knocked senseless Troma blow upon the head. He has not attended school since that time and during the past month has been delirious. He Bas also exhibited symptoms of hydrophobia displayed id biting the bed clothes Etc. At times he is not Able to recognize anybody and Hie malady seems to be beyond reach of medical skill. The trouble seems to Date from the blow upon his head but some of the school children insist that about the same time he was bitten by a dog. However never stated to the faintly that be had been bitten. During the past two Yean there has been a great Deal of sickness in the Elstner family and during that time they need to have been subjected to More than their share of worldly affliction. A sew idea. B. H. Lindsay thursday invited a party of friends to Dine with him at 3 o clock at 2 o clock he invited them around to Jake Becker s to take a Schooner of Beer and took occasion to fill them up at Becket a free lunch stand with Turkey Chicken Etc., after the Turkey had been devoured and a Large dish of Beans cleared up besides stowing away a stack of Bam sandwiches Bob told them to be on hand on time and retired from the scene. Becker thought it a Little Cheeky but said nothing. Bob s guests were on time but were not very hungry. Decrease in High school Mundle. Storey county superintendent Grey recommends that studies in the Virginia City High school reduced to a review of grammar school studies and the elements of philosophy chemistry algebra and physiology. His grounds Are that these Are All that Are practically valuable that school fund is yearly decreasing that in Conse Quence it will be next year impossible to hold school for 10 months and that a year will thereby saved to the scholars. The Carson Branch the Index says messes. Sunder land and Burlington have fairly embarked at Carson and Are filling up with flue goods. Quite the record Union red weather morning and evening is caused by the late great Volca Uio eruption in Aluska

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