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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 30 1883, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - August 30, 1883, Reno, NevadaVol. 8. Reno weekly Gazette August 30. 1883. _ the tended. Stb1kes. Teleg Raphers strike Nas published every thursday by in the War namely the r. L. Fulton proprietor Aliu c. Bba9b, Katkus of ii Ines manager. Dally one year by Moll. A Jujj Wal Rev one vent by mail All arts of vent y per week to All parts of Western Pauy the operators and the Public. By Carrier Reno. Bates of jilty., one Legal Anc Clyl work. 1 of Cominer the influence of the Canon and Colorado Railroad is being Felt in More directions than one. It now the great Factor in developing the various resources South of us. One of the direct benefits other than to Aid in developing a Region Rich in Gold Silver and Copper it brings the vast yield of Borax and soda which is abundant along its line within the reach of a Good Market. It was not Many years ago that the people of America were wholly dependent on foreign countries for these commodities All Are worse off than before the trouble. The Western Union lost enough to pay the wages the poor under salaried operators demanded for years to come. The Public suffered by not having the news Channel of Commerce properly handled and last but not least the operators. Many of them could not afford to remain Idle for 20 Odd clays for that time represented Money and Money would pay Little Bills and buy bread. taking it All in All everybody interested is worse off now than before the strike. The the september unusual variety and Range in illustrations and Reading matter and an out of door Quality befitting the season Are the distinctive qualities of the september Century. A Fine portrait of Bobert Burns is the frontispiece. It is after a Daguerreotype owned by or. Edmund c. Stedman. And made from a Minia Ture which belonged to a sister of Burns. In the same number is a delightful account of a Burns Pil Grimage lessons it teaches Many and valuable. Which were produced at _ Pense. It is but recently that Ause. All the either of these productions which figure so extensively in Mau fac Taring and Domestic uses were found in our country yet Nevada is Rich in both of these minerals. B. If. Gray of Churchill county who is one of the pioneers in producing soda at soda Lake and is undoubtedly the Best practical soda Man in the state by his observations at the soda Lake developed a theory in reference to soda before unknown and one which scientists were forced to recognize. This theory caused him to believe that there were Rich deposits of soda elsewhere in the state and he put himself of the Alert. He was attracted to what Are known As the double Springs near the North end of Walker Lake in Esmeralda county which were utilized Only a a watering place for a cattle Range the owner of that Range Little of the wealth there is in that Basin of Gray by thorough tests satisfied himself of the value of the for want of cheap transportation that bed of wealth was unavailable and it Lay As so much waste Lill now. The Railroad there has made transportation practical and now after years of waiting and watching Gray has associated with himself John Horstman proprietor of the Pacific soda works san Francisco and they have combined their prac tical knowledge and from this de posit they will become doubtlessly great competitors of the English and american soda producers. Through nature s process n surface of nearly a thousand acres in that Basin is covered with a coat from three inches to several feet Triick that will yield by reduction from ten to ninety per cent pure soda. How this Deposit was placed there we will not attempt to say. It is sufficient to know that it is there and that the formation is such that As fast As one coat disappears through Mother nature s chemical action another will take its place and if it were not for the Drifting Sand in an almost pure state. Care experts have estimated that there is on the ground now owned by Gray Horstman material to produce at least n half a million tons of pure soda. One of the valuable features of this discovery and its utilization is soda is largely used in the making of Borax which is found in Large deposits in the form of chlorate of Lime and other forms farther South. Thus its value is not Only As a marketable article but its nearness to these forms of Borax and cheap Ness will add very largely to the production of Borax. These two comparatively new industries will invite and bring capital into the state will afford employment for labor a Large patronage to the roads and a Revenue to the state for state purposes. Messes. Gray and Horstman Are now putting up their furnaces for making soda Ash and will have them in operation in a few Days and As fast As possible place their vats and drying Sheds for making the lateness of the season will prevent them from producing much soda this year but it is their purpose to be in readiness to make urge shipments Early next year. However Are in it proves conclusively that a labor strike is not the Best Way of redressing wrongs or of adjusting difficulties Arisi Between the employer and employed. It proves too that those who were chosen by the brother Hood to act As the leaders of a move against capital were too dishonest and incompetent to conduct an army of aggrieved labourers to Victory. They have shown by their to manage organization was lacking and that their failure was As much due to Lack of brains on the part of the management As to any other they Way were out general i through and have Een obliged to suffer the Humilia Tion of defeat. The poorly paid operators Many of them at least ived in tenement houses before the strike with Large families to sup port and Are still living in them with no More flour in the locked than before the trouble. The tired wife must Wear her dresses a Little longer to make up for the 20 Days lost time the children must go barefooted until Snow flies in order to give Jay Gould a Chance to make More Money by paying this Little army a scanty salary for doing the work he requires skilled labor to perform. Labor strikes Are bad but Jay Gould is worse the Sacramento record a Iris by h. H., who relates by a. _ several anecdotes fresh gleaned in the poet s country. A richly illustrated paper on Cape by f. Trans forms that curious look of sea land into a homely Yankee Paradise where the Fields Are Green the Woods Are filled with Birds the vol Ages Are quaint and the inhabitants Are honest and witty. The article has a colonial which allies it to or. Edward Eggelston s illustrated histor Cal paper in number on Indian War in the this i., a careful paper of thrilling a Erest based on much original re search. Striking pictures also accompany lieutenant Schwatka s account of Muskox which was an incident of his Arctic expedition in 1879. Of popular Scien Tifi interest Are Ernest Ingersoll s account of professor agassis s lab at Newport with portrait of Alexander Agassiz and the Trako Sifsof the by John Burroughs who describes in his in manner the dangers that Docx Obs. Or. Keply to or. F. B communication in evening s editor Gazette in the of yesterday there a an article from or. Waggoner on Lep Rosy asking me to Correct the mis takes i had made regarding the chinaman Sam. He gives a Long description of the disease by Vir Chow and says i will recognize him us authority. I certainly do. Vir How and i agree is i agree with Virchow but differ very materially from the gentleman who has quoted him so learn edly. I have no desire to gain a cheap no nothing More about than or. Waggoner the does never Tan a. Having seen a Ewe of it. It seems or like having seen a to me that a family newspaper like yours is hardly a proper medium m which to carry of a medical controversy Between two such very cattle of the pi.ai1ss. Continuous from Hittle him Liboldt to the Platte bluer. 3. P. Holliday who left Crutcher s Troverso Between two such vein j p Holliday who left Crutcher s erudite and scientific gentlemen As in part Alae vol lev of the or. Waggoner and a May mtg with it band of dec "oni3 i i 4-it l Tolt _ his words we should Hunt up Auu Pau i hurl at each other of which neither horses for North Platte City neb., know the exact meaning would be the Silver state from Lara water Melon. How to Tell a boo done keep cholera Morann by following these directions. High prices Are a great induce ment for getting watermelons to Market Early consequently they Are generally pulled several Days too soon. It is True they afterwards Ripen but they Are never so Good. As follows i am now camped the pulp becomes Tough and if under the Shady cottonwoods on the eaten in any considerable Quantity v Arm i i i _ i in Tia me under the Date of August 15tb, article is Roger Bio Dnn s Orna mental forms in it has the completeness of a paper by an artist who has ideas and who knows How to bring Pencil and pen to Bear perfectly appalling _. 1 3, who have no idea and Learned we doctors can 5 arrear by the i under me i eaten in uuunmcic.u.0 some of these Large Platte River surrounded by 600 the table to produce cholera Moi Biu. Time we have chewed or horses which Are feasting on the if 8uch melons be eaten at Al stored away for ready Rich grasses. Twenty years ago i pulp should not be swallowed Bufi id Ana Sieu y camped in the same spot on my a merely chewed for the water it con allow me to Way to Nevada but things have gains. The Rind of melons when v that i Row the note to m. C. Changed in that time. The cow left on the vines to mature Gen Cyl the bes10 intentions boys have taken the place of in rally becomes hard and the pulp Toul write the same note to Day Diane and cattle that of buffaloes. Dirt the. If the Melon be gently one word of it. There is one continuous Herd of cat borne of Aud you hear the inside whist wrote the note i expected tie from the Little Humboldt to the crack or give Way it May be re would do just what put tote River. Feed is very Fine Garden As a sure sign that the Melon or. I the Routtu especially in Idaho matured on the Vine and Conse it As i believed he could which is the Best grass country i Quentlyn is a Good one. Z such an Opportunity pass to have seen and cattle Are generally h another Good plan for selecting a Jet such i j and his Eru in Good condition. Droves of cattle Meion in to examine the Side that 11 in before and Intelli Are coming every Day from Texas Lay of the ground. If the Melon Mph Oal Board in this state and the Atlantic states and ranges remained on the Vine until properly be r Waggoner on the Sweetwater in Wyoming matured this portion will be found or California Wuu or. Lare stocked with them. There Are to be changed from a White to a very few horses in this country and Yeu owl and upon close exam Saddle horses Aud in fact horses of nation numerous Small and kind Are in demand. There is us me what like measles As it were a heavy emigration through Here win de noticed on said surface Par from Kansas to Washington Terri Tipoai Triy near the outer Edge. Thesa tory reminding one of the Days of pimples May be regarded As a sure 63 our horses Are in Floe that the Melon remained Tion and we have had very Good on the Vine until mature As they Luck. I will be through by the first never appear on those that Haw of september and will then return Deen prematurely pulled. Some to i times the Pale yellow is produced prematurely by turning this por Tion of the Melon to the Sun for Day or two. In this Case the Low is Apt to be too deep. This fact. In connection with the absence or pimples will readily Tell the experienced Eye How said color was keeping season. Tor the latter is a full Page engraving give the reason for the opinion by Elbridge Kingsley. The picture r gave taking the chinaman with drawn with the Graver like As the opinion was not the striking engravings by the same band which were published in recent numbers of the Century. A timely and valuable illustrated wifi Hort med Talon. But i have much of your h. Hogan. Beno August 23, 1883. An amen tax Beauty. I Haw Chamberlain looked by to has a Long article proving that in the cemeteries there the Graves Are so shallow that coffin lids Are Only from two inches to two feet below the surface. The Bee says our co temporary Una publishes a local article on the Condi Tion of the Graves in the various Ceme season eries of City wherein h appears a miss Chamberlain of Cleveland Ona subject Well thought out. Is figuring in Soudou As a Hows How a pure taste in Decora Beauty is described by Ucli live Art must be based upon close Wethersby who happened to meet observations and simple treatment Ner in a gathering of the Prince of i of Beautiful forms in nature. As 10 5_ulllllk i Uruu reveals its motive As a Spir Tuelle Marguerite air with the Abor unions or socialism Peculiar dash and conf Denoe com my part of a woman s Mon in Yankee us a menace to the living. Ennedy for these evils is the Best the second part of the bread the Anonymous Story which is exciting wide interest and curiosity satire of labor in the eighth part of a woman s which will be concluded Tober lord Bain Ford proposes marriage Oine and is rejected. The third and last part of Joel Chandler har Ris nights with Uncle Bemus is offered in addition to two humor Wales set As about As pretty As 10 per cent of All american girls. She had rather a captivating Way about her oddly combining a the How at the Bay. Clear of was electric bit was her her figure toll and ion.1 i Onescu in Aurim. The Gazette has published suf Short storie8 our by h client evidence to prove the Cor Frank k. Stockton showing flow rec Ness of the Bee s opinion to any resulted from literary col unprejudiced mind. If it were and love in old possible to preserve the bodies of j a modern new York love White Crape cos tume with Silver. I heard her in conversation with the any she seemed to possible to preserve a Mozum treat him with barely respectful our dead perfectly it would be the store in the quaint style and spell deference. Her voice is musical Choice of All no doubt but even if eng of three Hundred years ago by and a process were discovered that h. C. Bunner. Would do it there is not material capital enough on the Earth s surface to Bank capita i. Make it practicable. A few thous trip in vital Stock of the Banks they Are the con Clave period. The Benoite now at the Bay Are enjoying a Happy season. T. K. Hymers rides out every afternoon produced behind the Best pair of steppers in curly Bill s barn. B. Kinney improves every Opportunity to find out something new about agriculture. W. B. Chamberlain some times rides in a buggy then again a Coal Black horse when he takes his spin on the Road. Judge Webster is devoting All his spare time to and is doing a much As t a other one Man to make the sir knights from the East their visit. George can Ninghe ii is of Ulm fish stories and Powning is talking polices. Bobo is too sick to Suud in As he would like to do. The Are All enjoying life and Are not anxious to return Home. Nasby of bourse had a time and no i Koght no Fob title. A chinaman eats i while being impaled. A correspondent after describing. By impalement As a French other at make in the capital Stock and years of such absorption As the beginning business during the year human race makes of the materials Nas averaged considerably Les Thau that make soil and grow Grain this brings the general crass would impoverish the Earth. Average of the National Banks of the country Down to about an Atlanta Telegram of Fri Ulber of Banks is now and Day contains the following casual their xh3a Vutuc a manages it a di9coveby an ancient Furnace discovered in Southern Cali fornia. Stoiu Lilac matter from what country he came knows More about the conclave than does p. A he took in every thing he could find to take in and i struck his partner h. S., for a couple of cart wheels to get Home on. Nasby says the boys from Nevada have stood in nobly but that As All things end some time he is inclined to think they will be alleged political the Georgia democracy. While the Georgia democracy. 8tock the of govern worthy of All Praise yesterday the Georgia legislature passed registration Bill which stands As a singular anomaly in the legislation of a body which has not in it More than six republicans three of whom Are coloured. It has deliberately made an apportionment for Congress which gives the republicans Sis certain districts of the ten unless the republicans them selves fail to cast their ballots. It is an act of political honesty which will redound to the lasting credit of the Georgia democracy provided the Good name thus gained is not upset by dubious methods at the polls. A hard fight against the ment Bonds or one third of the total outstanding Bonds. The Cap ital Stock of new York Banks is and their Loans and Dis counts or five times the amount of their capital Stock. The Loans and discounts of All the Banks in the country amounts to or two and one half times the amount of their capital. Henins Kabaj vigorous. The Bodie free Piess says in a i renin. One by one the scenes of the old franciscan fathers Are brought to Light As excavations Are made near the old Mission says the Santa bar Bara cal., press. A singular Dis covery was made near the City of san Luis Obispo a few Days since. The Tribune is authority for the statement that some workmen in making excavations in the Side of the san Luis Obispo Mountain discovered an ancient smelting fur Nace the remains of the Arches and smelting pots being quite abundant. The discovery when taken in connection with the tradition that the old missions of the coast had an abundance of crude Silver is quite significant. The remains of such a Furnace Are known to exist m the mountains Back of Santa Barbara and Ventura and piles of slag at test the amount of work done there in former times. n rustling for Money to get Home on 1.0w water in California. A trip. The Knob to of pythias taste of an excursion to Mew Orleans next april. The supreme grand Lodge of the knights of pythias of the United states will meet at new Orleans next april. Members of the order in this state Are talking of getting up a excursion from Here to Atteno the session. Several prominent members have investigated the subject somewhat and think arrangements can be made with the several Railroad companies for a rate of or for the round trip. It would be a delightful journey to take at that season of the year and Many would Avail themselves the Opportunity of paying a visit to the old folks at it is that the annual mardigras festival will be postponed from March to an execution witnessed by Tonquin before the recent trouble remarks that the orientals fear Ordinary forma of death very Little and decapitation and hanging has. As Little terror for them As the work House for the Core Anglo Saxon criminal Llor Over their nervous system the Chi Nese and kind cd not Alto Gether similar to the nervous sys tem of aryan races. The French officer who witnessed the method of execution by impalement avers that the criminal continued to eat a banana until the operation was half completed and Many travellers con cur in bearing evidence that the chinese exhibit under torture a de Gree of fortitude equal if not Superior to the Well known stoicism of the american Indian. But Thek correspondent thinks it is rather strange to learn that a part of tha Ron machinery used in the Impal ing process referred to bears the Trade Mark of a French Iron master. Piscat orial show eth. The opinion of scientists relative thereto. The coast of Mexico near Vera Cruz not Long ago had a Shower of fishes causing the utmost conster nation. A similar thing happened at san Luis Potosi. Superstitious talked about the end of the world. The fishes were a species of sardine not familiar in the neigh people Bill and in favor of a gerrymandering policy was made by some of the members but the Bill was promptly signed by the governor. The Overland for september is one of the Best magazines for that month that has reached couple of Well known residents of Lone pipe natives of Chili Are presented notable examples of longevity. Bucario Serrano who is every Day in the Saddle Hale and Hearty is Over 97 years old. Esteben san Levanis who served in the chilean War of Independence is aged 9o years. He lost his hand at Lone Pine last 16th of september while celebrating Independence but now Able to work several Lens and out walk from Cerro to Lone Pine most any Young the Nevada transcript says this is a season of Low Rivers i Cali fornia. The Sacramento Yuba Feather Bear american and Truc Kee Rivers Are All said to be much lower than usual at this time of the Vear the cause being that the Mountain snows by whose melting the Rivers Are fed in the summer Are less than usual in Quantity. Man. Or. Aye to cards. The advertising cards issued by or. J. C. Ayer co. Are works of Art worthy of a place in any col Lection. On receipt of a Green stamp they will Send a set of the a ads to any address. Win of april in Ortler to give the visiting knights a Chance to witness this the grandest of Spring festivities. A solid boy. Thursday afternoon the 16 year old son of Stephen Ede who lives on the Road to Steamboat while hauling a Load of Loose Hay in front of the Wagon and the wheels passed directly Over the body just below the vitals. Or. Dawson was called at once but failed to discover any serious damage. When it is known that the Wagon with at least half a of Hay it is almost a Miracle tha the Voung Man escaped serious m jury if not death. Boyhood. A Shower years ago in Wales was of a Small fish known a sticklebacks sprinkling the ground Over an area of several Square Miles. They were alive when they fell it if caught up by a whirlwind rom any brackish Ponds near tha a in which this species of fish bound they must have been con eyed through the air a distance of 0 Miles. The theory of scientists s that the fishes Are transported with wonderful Speed through the air to the place of Deposit. In Ndia such a Shower is known to Lave taken place the fishes vary no from a Pound to a Pound and it Lal each. Department. A Reward of is offered for recovery of Lillie May Putnam aged five years. The girl was forcibly abducted from her Home la Missouri by Wilson Putnam Ana was last heard of at Belle vue Idaho. The girl has red hair Blue eyes in quiet in her movements Aud a Small scar of her forehead

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