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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 23 1883, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - August 23, 1883, Reno, NevadaVol. 8. 1883 no. 18. Reno weekly Gazette every thursday by r. L. Fulton proprietor Ali him. Kates mall. Justice 1h India. The following curious Legal deals is k1htohiai. Moteff. The protective policy is a doubt 1ou Vulcu 10 Thul Vou i j some that have emanated from the the people in this be pubic and the Bench in this country is recorded Republican party in particular is on the archives of a court in India wedded to it. And have Uever enter four men partners in business trained any idea of seeking a. Vorce. Bought some Cotton Bales. That the new York Tribune thus Speaks 1 a rfcs 0v i ally one month one he rats might not destroy the cot on the men bought a cat. They greed that each of the four should the company spoken of below re now looking at property Rada with a View to Purchase and fhe Boston Herald in its no anew Ticle Boston capital has Jne As much if no More than the capital of any other people in build up and developing the a West and in addition to previous ventures now comes in an Oregon Aud Boston Enterprise controlled in this City. The nominal capita is in shares. Sev 1 eral Hundred thousand dollars have already been subscribed in net Greet i Iii Ini cd vim a i in a particular leg of the cat and democratic opposition All the tar. Ach adorned with beads and other diffs for the Protection of Home in ornaments the leg thus apportioned Dusty that have been adopted since o him the cat by an Accident 1880. Under those tariffs the m injured one of its legs. The owner destries of the country have grown i or tit to. It Narv Elousy and it has attained a Prosperity and Power which was of this Union and its results to the country the Republican party framed and enacted in spite of the of the member wound about it a Narv Elousy and it has attained a rag soaked in Oil. The cat going too near the fire set the rag on fire scarcely dreamed of thirty years and being in great pain Rushel in ago. Among the Cotton Bales where she was accustomed to Hunt rats. The Cotton thereby took fire and was burned up. It was a total loss. The three other partners brought a suit to recover the value of the cot the Chicago inter Ocean say that the author of those fulsom dispatches from the president a thur party is colonel Mike Sheri Dan a brother of general Sheridan. Whoever he is he certainly missed ton against the fourth partner who Cal Lilg. When be assumed the owned the particular leg of the cat. Of an Assoc Latel pre9g reporter the judge examined the Case and k there is a very viable vein of a but an interesting interview Between a prominent knights Templar and Captain Sam. The Washoe and piste indians Are an interesting study for the Eastern people now parsing West. It is quite amusing to listen to Johnson sides or Captain Sam when hey get wound up for a 20 min utes talk with the travellers. This morning a party of Louisville ky., j gentlemen listened to an interest ing discourse from Captain Sam. They started the old Scalp lifter by asking him How Many wives he had. Sometime twelve some time two replied Sam. Then you believe in mormonism i you like asked the visitor. Yeash me Heap like inn was Ham s rejoinder. Do you was the next question asked. Yeash me like said Bam As he froze to the proffered Cigar. I have heard of you july emf Utah assistance me and 80. England at 85 for the Bonds and a Sto k Bonus of the same amount at objects of the corporation Are to Purchase improve and sell real estate property in Oregon califor p Washington and Idaho Terri decided thus Oil rag on it the leg that had the was Hurt the cat could not use that leg in fact it held up that leg and ran with the other three lugs. The three unhurt it Iii legs therefore carried the Rue to the Cotton and Are alone culpable. He injured leg is not to be blamed. He three partners who owned the lire legs with which the cat ran Mubbub. Finer Tham the finest and Carasea speaking of the Marble quarries of Spanish Fork Canyon Utah rial t Lake Tribune says sometimes 1 fenced to Fresno county the canal i ago the parties who have smooth As a remarked which will be the largest in the claims to these valuable Nereu a Ign. Before. I am from Louisville and have been told that you with the Yajiu j of Captain Dave took the census of this Yeash Dave catch urn census in an 1hbuexbe i an irrigating Dot he to be one Hundred feet wide. The most Gigantic irrigation Enterprise Ever inaugurated in the state of California has been com lories and British Columbia. To instruct and dry docks elevators depot Bui wings factory dwelling houses Highway Sand rail 1 roads Aud to do a general Stevani boat Railroad and commercial Busi its railroads Are in part de Mied by the building of a Road from co Bav to the Eastern Boundary Regon by Way of Roseburg Road be built it is not that it would connect on Pacific. The Oregon company will give it Tiou to the Coos Bay to the vast for o the Cotton will pay the whole Alue of the Bales to the partner who was the proprietor of the in ured leg.1 n in Mpr Babl with the u Short Lin earliest att Region regius ests of White Cedar there. It Wil for there is a very Toad ism Aud Man worshipping not at All palatable to the a rage american Reader. The Savannah news Calls Atten Tion to the fact that what the South needs now is to give attention to education. The Progress of a Eor reel educational system it remarks has been proven by the North to be slow and the South cannot expect that it will be rapid but it should lie thorough in the Best directions. It is very Gratifying to note that the South is awaking to wats i mines on the prop erty which it controls. The Partle identified with this undertaking Are Well known capitalists whose names it is published. Wot desired to have states a few years ago it was that one thousand millions of United states Bonds were mild in Europe. A recent bulletin issued by the census department shows that of registered Bonds foreign holders own Only the balance of Trade which has been steadily in favor of the United states for the past five years has paid the rest. The total amount o outstanding registered Bonds is now pm these private individuals hold saving Banks insurance and Trust companies National bunks i. An j a t last reply broke up the interview it not until Sam Hart made a de Mand for two bits for his Papoose. Tue Potomi Tunnel wives Promise of a Uliuli mine. During the past week a new body of Ore was struck in the lateral a in Philadelphia Bays an change during Cen Tennil exposition of 1876, u lady entered a Street car which happened to be tilled with the attaches dorks and owners of the French department of the exhibition. Several of these men lighted cigars and pulled them in her face and their conduct be came so rude that she was forced to leave the car. Some of the Princi pal French exhibitors Aud u com missioner were present but made no attempt to interfere. Happen ing to meet one of them afterwards she expressed her amazement at the brutal conduct of the whole party. But he exclaimed they did not understand that you were a lady you had no i am a woman and therefore entitled to every Man s was the indignant re ply. He shrugged his shoulders and was silent. Now Mark the difference. At the same Exposi upon near the exposition buildings an temporary hotel was erected. Over women from All parts of the Union went this hotel protected visited the exposition alone and returned Home As secure from insult As though they were princesses. The first principle instilled into every american is respect for women. There was not a Man who met these Young girls who seeing that they were modest and Well behaved would not have interfered to defend them from insult. These two in stances aptly illustrate a Radical difference Between two nations. Sit Henry Thompson the London surgeon Reorg Xea i fish a co Inbi 1 nation of elements of food that the human body requires in Almos every phase of life More Especial la by those who follow sedentary employment. To women he considers fish to be an invaluable article o diet but be scouts As a compleat fallacy the notion that fish eating increases the brain Power. The Only action fish bail on the brain was to put Man s body into prope relations with the work he had t As Security for circulation so far As the accumulation of these Bonds indicate wealth i Khe new England Aud Middle states ire forging Abend of the Union. Seventy eight per Cut of the hold ers reside in these ten old states while but fifteen per cent reside in the West the other seven per cent. Being divided equally Between the Southern Paivi Pacific const states. The full importance of this subject. A new Law of Missouri allows no one to practice Medicine unless holding a diploma from a Medica College of standing. Statute applies a Flo to dentists an surgeons. Dealers in Patent medi Cines Are required to take out a special License. The Nevada supreme court a closed for repairs. The justices a taking their summer vacations. Litigants Are incoming anxious to have of Midi a Case submitted to that tribunal Uei uly two years ago. The democrats Are settling Down for the Senate and Den Nis Foi Congress. Drift running original Potosi at a Point higher than any other Debauch. I in the ing from the same Stream. Its i not Only deals in marbles of America mens Iotis Are one Hundred feet in b to extensive importer. The Width at the Bottom levees an average of 15 feet in height and eight feet wide at the top Broad enough for a Wagon Road. The depth of the i water is expected to be five feet with a fall of 18 inches to the mile. The dam in the Mountain Canyon whence the water is taken will be establish the Quality of id hence the parties Send ing him samples waited very anxiously for his report which came two or three Days ago and was not made until the Marble sent him in whence the water is Token will of ,.aased through i j southward from the l w0nderful and permanent one. It to Tunnel 25 feet High 801. Feet Long 140 725 fret Distant. The feet wide at the base and i feet on Ivin the top. It is rip rapped on the this Mau Gays of the had passed through All the various determine a. Ling of the various marbles giving prices etc., this Mau says of the Utah samples tide with heavy Rock and every is the finest Floren Beai Titial Chloride similar in Char precaution taken to make it sum and Saracca the actor to that which 1ms always Clelly Strong to securely hold the Given or imported marbles by the Ygnacio. The great weight of water that must be a. Of 8om.e size of the body of Ore is not yet de supported. The water is into marbles Are sue Ter mined but it gives Promise of the canal from a Large Nead Gate k Ufa Shipp Illg from Here. Being extensive As it lies at a most constructed of heavy Timber Loo feet _1l and favourable Point in Width and 18 feet High. It is i Betanc under the open cut1 planked Over so As to make a Bridge from which has been extracted the for heavy wagons and has wings past few Yean some the to protect it from the floods. The strike is now at a Point where All canal is expected to carry a tekh1bl.f. Child a a Trig 18 Luw Vul Law i experts who have examined the cubic feet of water per second. Mine have agreed there should exist i to Init in Nett u l arge body of Ore. Without doubt the problem of the continuance of the Ygnacio mine is now solved in its favor. The co named itt House. We learn by a private dispatch from Hawthorne says the Vir Ginia Enterprise that the boarding House at the mount Cory mine was destroyed by fire yesterday How the Cable company which is to operate in connection with the postal Telegraph company May prove very troublesome to the old companies and the Western Union. The latter company has guaranteed 10 the existing Cable lines five per cent for u9 years on of Stock. The new company has contracted for the immediate aying of a Cable and another at 3h same Price in 18 months. Be ides this advantage from lower the company con Rols patents issued on inventions made since the Western Union con facts with the Cable companies were made by which 60 words a minute instead of 20 As at present Oan be sent Over the cables. The Ariff proposed is 25 cents a word. the in a mending her hop Rewn lion to this in Iii Prore dented tin knights 1 Emp Lai Tuo flocking to the Tilden Gate in Largo Mai this morning s train was the largest that Ever passed through Fleauo. There were eleven couches and sleepers loaded with Over 400 passengers. The train of to cars including express mail and bag Page with it3 put Clovis Load of Bir knights Rushing for the shores of the Placid Pacific to take part in the grandest masonic reunion that Ever before occurred on this coast pie scented a magnificent appearance us the steamed out with the plat forms crowded with sight seers and banners and handkerchiefs v swing from every window. St. Bernard commander of Chicago travelling on what is said to be the finest train of cars Ever put together will arrive Here to night at 10 o clock in a special train of eight pullmans i sides baggage cars and to Morrow no. 2 will run in four sections the first arriving on express time in the morning followed by the other sections during the Day. Over sir knights will pass Peuo dung the next 24 hours. Too f.4btimoub. The malt Lake live and their a guest at one of the Lake Tahoe hotels writes to the Carson Appeal desiring that journal to denounce said hotel for Nate bathing without Silvi Cicuto Rai ment on the Pait of the bathers. The Appeal with a sigh declares its inability to do so unless the proprietor of the hotel will pay extra for the advertisement. Evidently the lady is too fastidious. Hic should come to Salt Lake says the halt Lake Tribune and on a late excursion train. She would Back Anil gut Down on her Knees o the Tai Ioe landlord and would Tell her lady friends in a whisper that the Western people Are Mere children in us Qurience that they ought to is to Salt Lake and see the saints live up to their a religion. Severely injured. About 2 o clock this afternoon says the Virginia chronicle of yesterday Albert Luke a teamster which explains itself san fan Cusco aug. 13. To our brother Hood has been shown an order addressed to Ull agents of the Western a cow near from Headquarters i of the brotherhood. J t. T v. The Gazette received the Fol afternoon at 4 o clock and that die lowing circular yesterday morning no particulars As to the origin or the fire or the cause of its fatal re sult Are Given. The mount Cory boarding House was under the management of mrs. Mcdougall while. Dict Cucu a associated press emanating from Clit i i lilt. A i Bli. Mcdougall bad charge of the their Headquarters in Chicago Roll Howe on the Wagon Road of the which directs them to suppress All Flo int Cory company. Or. My news items concerning the present 00ukull is a. Brother in Law of a. Of the Teleg Raphers. This is Queen Victoria will stay near John Brown s grave and continue to decorate it and the family Are very much annoyed thereat. The Prince of Teck has been sold out at sheriffs Sale though it did t pass by that name and the Prince of Wales loaned him All the Money he could spare and they have packed the Prince of Wales off to a Little German watering place where he can live cheaply and be out of the Way of his creditors still unsatisfied. Well the Royal troubles seem very much like common troubles after All says the new York graphic. There Are not wanting indications that More will leave the United states to Settle in Brit ish North America than will Cross the Southern Border to become Citi Zens of Mexico. The Dominion received an accession of Immi Grants last year and of these More from the United Asphalt As a handsome Fortune Hearty for the inventor. Inventors ought to find a Good Field in the study of some effective Means to utilize Asphalt As fuel. The solution of this question would be of great service to this country says the mexican financier. It is said that Many of what were thought to be Coal mines recently discovered in various parts of mex a Vii to ii Mart Tatj Luca engaged in hauling Rock from the Monte Cristo mine to the wind Field Mill in seven mile Canyon met with a severe Accident by be ing thrown from a Quartz Wagon he was returning torn the Mill which is a Short a Lance up the Canyon and above the mine when the horses became scared Aud ran away throwing Luke to the ground and seriously injuring him. A Messe Iger was sent to this pity for medic in assistance and a physician at once hurried to the scene of the Accident. Authentic and plainly the policy adopted As a last resort by our oppressors. The object of this ruse of course is to make it appear to the Public that the business of the company is no longer suffering from Lack of a full and efficient Force to handle it and to cause the great Public sympathy which is now ours to die out for want of news. Our official news from All parts is of the Moat encouraging nature. We have already won the strike but Jay Gould is not candid enough to admit it. The brotherhood of Teleg rapers l. A. 2507, k. Of l. An keel Tlok Content with a Cougar. The Portland Oregon sunday the ingredients used. Beer drinkers Are hereafter to than states. Are Ico Are really be bolts of Bitumen. Now while Asphalt is highly combustible there seems to be at pres ent no practicable method to utilize it As fuel owl a to its melting when subjected to heat. It is Likely however that with the de Mand for cheap fuel now Felt All Over the country for railway min ing and other Industrial purposes some effective method can be de Vised to make practical use of its heat producing qualities burning it perhaps after reducing it either to a liquid or vaporized form. The inventor of such a process could command a handsome Fortune to the use of the right in this country. The products of the new Oil Wells in Vera Cruz much of which Are said to be too heavy for Illuminat ing purposes might also be utilized in the same manner. Know All ingredients used by Beer Brewers in the brewing of Beer says the Eureka Sentinel. The new forms under which the Brewers Are to report to the collectors require a sworn monthly statement with All the details on the and the penalty against fraud is heavy enough to make it very dangerous. We have from time to time heard alarming stories about the harmful ingredients put Inte Beer by some of its manufacturers but it will be Well for them now to take warning and refrain from evil practices. Not yet exhausted. The Bodie free press contains the following summary of the amount of Gold shipped by the four leading mines of that place for the first six months of this year stand Ard con., 13 Bodie 85 Syndicate. Bodie Tunnel 25, making a grand total of 04. When it is understood that the Syndicate Mill was closed from Tan. To 1st, this is not a bad showing. Mercury is responsible for the Fol lowing thrilling account of a mid night encounter with a wild animal. Wednesday night last while Lou Creith de. Mcphierson and James Butts were sleeping on the Banks of Johnson Creek a tributary of the North Fork of Lewis River whither they had gone to Hunt they were attacked by a Large Cougar who pounced Down upon their Berl from a tree and grabbing Butts by the Arm proceeded to carry him Oft. It was Only after three Well directed shots from Mcpherson and Creitz were fired that the animal was Dis patched and then tearing butt s Arm and leg in a bad manner. The boys brought portions of the Cougar Home with them As a reminder that that Section of the country is a rather dangerous locality to Hunt in. A at of Romeo. Vav e learn from a letter received by James Goodrich says the Pioche record of the 12th, that a Man named Dan. Mahoney was killed at Frisco last sunday. The letter 1o Mckenzie superintendent of the mount Cory mine. He was a for Mer resident of Virginia City Ami a Mau Well known on the Comstock. The remains of the child will be brought Here by this morning s train and will be buried about 3 or 4 o clock this afternoon. The parents have the Heartfelt sympathy of All on the Comstock. The state teach Cra Institute. Last evening s Virginia chronicle says it is thought that the state teachers Institute will be held in Reno As that town offers the Best inducements to the teachers. C. S. Young state superintendent of Public instruction says that the Institute will be held in the place in which the Best appropriation Given and where it would be to Best interests of the Allen of. Of i j states no particulars of the affray. It appears that Pat. Callaban a Miner working at the Carbonate mine at Copper Gulch was Down at Frisco and while there became involved in a difficulty with Mahoney and killed him. There was Strong talk of Lynching Calla Hati. This year s crop. The first of the new crop of wheat county superintendent Washoe memorialized the Board of county commissioners of that county to set aside for the Pur pose of defraying the expenses of the Institute and the Board acceded to his request. As yet we have. Heard nothing of an appropriation from Carson and it is probable that if none is made the Institute Wilt be held at Reno. Tsar Lel Enio by defended. After a serious perusal of the Dorsey memoranda the editor of the Springfield Masa concludes after All the people car but very Little for the spiteful Gerlev auces of a set of political tricksters who mane Vered and intrigued to commit candidate Garfield to shadowy bargains of doubtful character. The people Are concerned with pres ident Garfield a record in office. They find that he repudiated the tricksters and prosecuted the Ras cals and died at his Post like a moral hero. He indeed lives in the hearts of his countrymen. Dorsey and others cannot efface or obscure Clear lines of that picture which to vm3iu Xiu Telb honoured in the Homes of America. Raised in this Valley was brought in w by messes. Art and Mayberry who her. Mrs. Day goes of a two 1___11 i a triv to her children in to Stu. Of vol Ltd. Mrs. W. M. Mcclellan and Daugh Ter mrs. Ella Forkner and in. P. B. Day from Susanville and Vicinity left thursday to make visits through the Eastern states. Mrs. Mcc Leftwi and mrs. Forkner expect to return Home in novem sold n a Load v is t o her Elt Ildren in Boston drove them in. Re paper

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