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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Aug 21 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - August 21, 1879, Reno, Nevada Konto vol. 3. Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday August 21, 1879. No. 21. Reno weekly Gazette notes. very Tuuu Day i5v a. I. Dully one year by mall s o m weekly Onu Yungr by mall 2 0 Dally toll Orcil by Ciu rom in Ruso at it inn Pur Wui k. A. Good Man in tkou15lk. The misfortunes of ii. Murray have afforded Ilio Lillo wits of the pres a Fino Opportunity for scandal and detraction. Or. Murray hns been Well known for Many years us in Elo quent Preno Hor of Boston. With a Grent love of nature mid a fondness for Lipold sports he explored the Adir of Dick wilderness of a tvs York and afterwards wrote it Book about the Region which made both it and him self famous. His fondness for the horse induced him to make a close study of that Noble animal and out of his knowledge of horse flesh he a Book entitled the perfect a work which added to his reputation. Recently or. Murray embarked in the manufacture of Buck Board wagons an Enterprise in which he hoped to retrieve his losses in Ether business. He lost Money in the Golden Rule newspaper and in his Stock farm in Connecticut. For the Sake of rest or on business Murray went to California about a Mouth Ugo. During his absence his farm was attached some of Hia creditors Down came an Avalanche of slander ridicule and abuse upon poor Murray s head. How easy it is to kick a Man when he is Down from the new York times we clip specimen of the prevailing style of comment or. Murray started in life is a single person to wit n minister of tin gospel and by degrees took to him self sovino other characters much worse than Tho first. He first eff it at combination was tha attempt to Combine with and to be at Knob a minister and a sportsman. Lie went to the Adirondack Region then the most Delte Noih of wildernesses and was so delighted at his Success in catching fish that to immediately wrote a Book about it. This alone proved that he was a bad sportsman and had failed to learn the lesson of reverent Sile hcs that nature gives to the True sportsman when she to him the secret of a Lovely Trout Stream or the haunt of the idea that a Man cannot be both a Good minister and a go my u Sherman is ridiculous. Angling has been the favorite recreation of Many of Tho bust men of whom history gives us any account. But Tho to inst goes on to make it appear that Murray is a bad sportsman because lie wrote a Book about Tho Adirondacks. That is to say when Ona finds a Good place to Hunt fish he should to a Howiand keep the knowledge to himself. If to write up Tho Adirondacks was unsportsmanlike then old Isaac Wal ton kit and Frank for and other distinguished writers of our own Day have born manlike. It would appear if the times is right unit to to sportsman like to be by Leah. Tho Timi x further on to As a horse jockey. A a i Iain of people who have no appreciation or Luikim for horses fail to Clis Ting i Jyh Between horse Ivan jockeys. A horseman is one i Umili in with All that relates to Horsefly a a one who tin Putty Noks of hoist trading and manage ment. Many cultivated devote much Tim-3 to Tho study of horses and find their chief i creation in driving. Timo spent with horse s is onion move profitably expended thin from various parts of the Sierra. I come reports of extensive fires in the Woods. Those now burning will de stroy thousands of acres of live Timber Worth per hips pet acre As i stood and will kill out the so conc growth in the burned area. These tires nil originate in carelessness 01 neglect. In almost nil cases the catch from Camp fires left burning by Shuc herders or excursion lists. Such Caa Mesunos is so greatly culpable that it approaches almost to criminal Ity. The destruction of the standing Timber is bad enough though in Evita Bio by Tho Woodman s a if not by fire but the death of Tho Young Trees is even a greater calamity. Should these fires continue to ravage the Siarra every summer what 13 now the Timber Belt would become utterly destitute of vegetation. Posterity Wil. Suffer from the shameful recklessness of these Forest incendiaries. The thu in the ship labourers or navies have made considerable trouble at Quebec. There had been a division in Hsii society an organization cat respond ing to the unions in the United states the two factions yesterday had a collision which terminated in a free fight in the streets of Quebec. The Altair assumed the appearance of a bad Liot necessitating the interference of thu military. The outbreak at length re solved itself into a War Between the Irish and French Canadian workmen of the City. The frenchmen gathered on the Plains of Abraham just outside the City to the number of two and All armed with rifles and Revol vers. The authorities planted Canon in Tho principal streets and made every preparation to protect the Citi Zens. Several deaths were reported and upwards of Twenty Meu were known to be seriously wounded. The 6 if or state remarks that there is a great demand at the present time for a Mineral known among miners As pitch blend but to metallurgists As uranium. Tho new York mail a paper which is taking quite an interest in mining matters says an English manufacturing firm Are inquiring for it. The firm mentioned offered to to to per ton in not York for Ore that will run Twenty five percent in uranium and for Ore that will run sixty per cent thu Mineral is Coal Bliok in its natural state and has tha same Cut Vago As hardened pitch. The yellow excitement in the Outh has added to the negro exilus until it has become1 almost a rout. The poor darkens Are flocking to Kan Sas where Ali re Are no preparations for them and no employment or Means of subsistence. The probabilities Ai e that there will to n great Deal of suffering among them this Winter. Elko Winti Pucca and to Cir Ora get Ico from the not Tuscarora. Ours comes from our own Crystil of Wahoo. Tnie Kee ice is to strongly Flavoured with tar to mint the average Tus Cironi Timex i View. A Little tar Laid on with a of Uher or would d j Tusch oni g if re Potts Are. Correct. To Cir Fri is being canvassed f.n1 Lor the purpose of constructing works to to supplied with from Ilia grand prize tin object is to protect the town from fire. Tuscarora is to he iu1 la m a upon Tho Possession of Whan passed m the inc Iota of a certain i kind of deacons. But the 1 v1 sol11 03 of ils against Murray is not so much that to Tillat Allor Dod by the grand prize. Owned horses but that he knew a great Deal about them Aud drove them fast. There is some doubt As to what gait ii . Six Miles an hour the Lyon county times says there were Over two Hundred bilks without tickets on the excursion train May be. Murray who drove to the caledonian picnic. The times horses is deemed guilty of heterodoxy however docs not Aud worldliness because to seeded of the Road. Why slow driving should Thuro Woro Ullh be a characteristic of a Ely it is hard to say. But it May be remarked that Haw Many the ministers who drug on the Road usually drug in the pulpit. Texo Silver taef Miner one of the brightest papers on the coast been and. Led to run Exchange list. Thai restless Crew lure Man has be gun to make alterations on the Earth. This round world seems not to have Buen built with an Eye single to his convenience for Soiree thousands of years Man has put up with certain natural defects in his earthly abode but now to proposes to make such improvements on. Tho Globe As his advanced civilization and growing needs Call for. The nautical Man was con tent to double both capes for a few Hundred years. But those Little strips of land connecting the great Conti must Long ago have suggested the Iden of inter oceanic canals. It seemed to capitalists a fool Hardy undertaking when the Suez canal project took definite shape until it was successfully completed. Financial the Suez Channel has succeeded beyond expectation. Tho Stock of the company is Selling at 40 per cent above Par. Yet Tho English distrusted and denounced the enter prise from the Start and looked upon Lesseps its during originator As t Lunatic. The British government eventually were glad to buy the Cana. At a Premium. The duri ii canal scheme bids fair to be carried out although it is Likely that All the capital needed will have to be drawn from Europe. Lessons has u splendid reputation abroad and the magnificent Success of his Suez project has gained him great Cocci Douce. The Cirin canal does not Offu such difficulties As the Suez. The distance is Only 1mlf As great and its Way through solid Rock and Earth the shifting of the sanely Soi of Suez was the great trouble will the canal there. Tie Summit of Darien route does no exceed 200 feel Ubold the sea. Tho proposed method of working is to commence excavating it the Summit and to carry the dirt on tramways to the shores whore it will be used in constructing artificial harbours. Politically there appears to be u Well founded objection to the canal a powerful nation like the unit ii states should hardly fear the control by foreign Powers of a ditch across the isthmus. As for its commercial features the american shipowners Are Lenci ally in favor of it As indicated by interviews published in Easten new papers. The Panama Railroad company is supposed to have joined forces will the canal company and to favor scheme. The business of he Overland roads would to Dut Beil th-3 opening of such a now or inter oceanic to adj but the canal would probably Woik no permanent injury to thu railroads. As to the Competition Between the two great Aii als the following is the opinion of i leading merchant of new Yolk both would be about Tho same. The British steamers now from fifty five to sixty rive Days Noin Ilung song to new York by Way of fim transit by Way of Danieu uni Iii occupy about the same length of tin route would be Supe Lor in that it would avoid tin Intuit of the r in sea. Tea and other product1, which Cociu to us imn i a Pacific Mill and r i to id to Mireh and sweeter thin ice Iii in via Ruen no of not been through the 11 a pro pm m an id i of the which Viil there and which ii thu refraction of the tin s Ray Trou i he or Iii deserts of Asia Ami Africa l to pm Iii ular. And Oriental and Illier line which run he Comal have Tii Cir steamers fitted Vith port holes As Large As Longs to itt in As much Nair As possible. Great awnings Are provided for the Leeks the passengers dres in the Jit est and thin nest clothing iced i inks and Cooling draughts of All r the night was greatly stir Alkil and ii armed at finding two rattlesnakes in her bed. Two Barbers of Virginia prof. Ashe in and Henry Morris Are in have a shaving match to see which can give a Man a clean shave in the shortest Timu. Drunken indians Are frequently to lie seen on the streets of cur Ken the Thrifty chinaman is use Ceil of being the medium whereby procures his Rivwa or. Says the this class of Hialit prowlers becoming thick c irs Nii a Ifil gome off ctiyi1 Means should a employed of thu town of their try tar. The familiar notice it wails 001 t r a m p s 001 Trike i 001 w a l k 001 the sinn of has been de by the Citize in of Tuscarora for he i of Witer works. Trio estimated c to is the work ill he on ii put under Way Anil the Irjud City of the North will before Ong in Able to Cope with fire. Cirson gnat swallowed a lady s pocket Hook which a stained ten he s of Sierra Nevada Stock ii 1 2 75 in Coin. Tha a. eviscerated and thu contents . Appetta the Story. Oil Oriun kind freights from Eureka to n i. In not appear to vie by s the g ild Hill Onu of the Lour Ouhl Irie had a so Nuller Dis Loo i do. And i Meitner had his fool buddy hurl. The Driver was Colin what bruised but not disable l. Was said to be drunk at the time. Some1 two or weeks Ngo an item appeared in the eol Simns rela Tive to the accidental i Cavern of a Stream of water by Railroad agent Henu. Near Brown s Stiim while he. Was engaged in a Shiok Sand Bank. The Kilcur state say that since then the water has become strongly impregnated with Sulphur and probably several kinds of Iii or Ala and the Railroad buys say it is Ane ice Lieut remedy for Catarrh a com Saint , ii consequence of the Ilu to Maiv of them arc in bled with. Oylen i Winering the Field in com put i n Wii i san for ui9 Trade of b Stern Nevada and such of Tuni Idolio. A lot of in r Hati disa from a House at Lyrline was i minded at the depot in Wii i Niu Civ i Orsher City Iii Uhn. It looks to the killer mute As if Oylen ought to h ii this of so Franci co in furnishing Eastern at holc to in the Interior of nevus i Franci co is 4d3 Miles Wii to of Winne Micca. And merch Nunlie to be shipped there and Back yer for s Mike reason nearly All Nevada merchants Mike their purchases in san Fraucisco. Aci i Titi Young Ady residing on Nob Qili in eur can has been enga Gedio a , no a re int fir a tin if and the i in has been Al mid All the is Maile four differ unit hut i Ach Lime the Young lady backed out it the lat moment Anil asked that the Rore Rii Iny be hit off. She would Avo no reasonable excuse for her Vetious l professes the greatest Aff action for Alii he Hind but thei Iii oat of her friends and the pleadings it her Lover have always failed to in Duce her to full la her at the appointed time. Her late it Freak of Murreil lat week. The Leader Snyir that tin gentleman is willing to Tii give Ami Fin gel and a anxious to try attain. Mi3czllaneous items. Brother Moody rowing on it Pond it Northfield mass., Ami sing ii g pull for Ihu Nhu Unur went the to it and Tiu Covani Jusimi was compelled to swim for the Shore or Droun. Zing a zing the Chines eight tent High Nyrl 23 years nil i on i thib tinn at the or. Peters. Bn1 a . In attracts As much Atti ii Tion As the zulus Ilid who were lately on Hitha same place. Mitchell Jofferson of Scottville vhf. Found the in Liis cup very Bizier and turned it Buck into the pot. Soon afterwards his Mother in Poi Ivil some Lotfie Furnin in e pot drank it. And did. It s. Jerter Sou then can i Sud that her Nio Ili a Hurt Iii Lucid irm to attempt to kill her by putting Poison in his cup. Sarah Root of Reading pi., Cinie an exceed Izmirly pc oui outlier a and finally a it Ligio is Ino Nominni a. S in by Lii Ved that food was poll Niiro and i t a Eil to i at Dee an pm that is o would fist forty Days. Shu had near y is i veil in death when n Phy in Iii forc Uii fond into her stomach Thronseth i and in Way she is being i or alive. I Hoyc in 1878 i hero Wero 3708 from film 53 collides of Ihu United . Ashi at that an no Bingo of 50j pop e Epport one physician lie v a constant apply of Over who i is inv the inn Semi of a . In Norli i to allow each doctor Only 83 a suck it. H Emiil i that the r no m. "ti1b i u was by a of a v. I i l ill Ijo inn thu truth of the i re and if As a i i Milci icon. Spinel a Iho Iii Ilinor Wisa , i 1 l it in of. I b i i bar. Xuwu y in. U into Jin by s i Stet in Mill Witer. Tia i Jiing ii mid in urls to ii Ito u ride. Ali i u Ai 1 i til t it a. A in fir i. Visit ,1 Aill i 1- i in nun old Reju t inn in tiie Well after from the h i y ii old n a summer Tho Elhiu thu old Oaken bucket in in the struck u Ood Worth at and the picture of the Well it boyhood Home came to his unit d. A few hours a had completed this poem. A very Fine article of be it Hia found my in no ii i Bei in put on the Marker a six dollars pm Cord our in said in ill two cords of Wood. It Burns Well and Lua Kir a very hot ire the Silver beef Miner Chews at 105 in Iho Shade. News ape

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