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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Apr 24 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - April 24, 1879, Reno, Nevada Vol. 3. Is irrigation indispensable when the american landed in Cali fornia he is Mil tie vast pins lying in their primitive wildness and for several years it was the Universal be Lief that no crops would Ever grow. Even when it was found that with irrigation the soil was productive no one Ever thought the whole country would Ruiso Grain without artificial it was looked upon just exactly As of Side lands Are to Day in Nevada. It is our firm belief that there Ara tract to of land in this state that will produce Good wheat Barley and grasses and bring them to perfection without a bit of artificial irrigation. We believe there Are other and far larger tracts that will if slowed deep and sowed in the fall with wheat or Barley grow Good Hay. Of course we hear at once the cry of non from those vrho see that this is not done now. The mass of humanity believe be impossible whatever has Mot been done for a couple of Hundred years before their time. To such we say look at Frank Dickinson s Fields of wheat in Winnemucca Valley the first time Yon go through to Ore to Baa raised Twenty bushels to tie acre for fourteen years without a ditch. Look at Chamberlain s bar Ley Patch on the Susanville Road or better still look at a Little piece of wheat just East of the Bridge this Side of Verdi Lown last fall by m. Benitz. It is strongly rooted now and will make Good Hay although it bag never been wet except by now and rain. Lemon s Spanish Springs Valley and Many Fine pieces of land in the coun try have patches that need Only the Industry of an intelligent Farmer make Thorn productive and valuable. We look with the greatest interest up on All experiments in this line and would be glad to be informed of the results. If such a possibility can be established Nevada has Little need to regret the exhaustion of two or three cd stocks. Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday april 24, 1879. Til def and to Lukaian no matter How the chronicle and Enterprise Settle their important argument is to which is the Choice of the democracy for president Tho fact remains that thurr Nan ii Cabool boy in politics Cam paved with Tilden. To has had the presidential Bee in his Lousy old Bonnet for years and could hardly conceal his impatience while waiting for his turn. He was a hard Money Man when Tho Dis ease struck him and fought his Uncle Bill Allen very hard that proposition. He was whipped in however and made Tome speeches in which he swallowed the inflation platform in a Way which humiliated his friends very much. He has since Flung consistency the the dogs and is shuffling twisting and trading every thing and everybody. He coached Blackburn and Tilden put Randall in Tho chair. He is doing his Best to keep up the fight which makes con Gress a revolutionary body and while he May help to ruin the country he cannot help his chances in the least. Every Day sees his prospects weaken and he stands to Day a Monument of Folly second to no politician the half a cent ukr of Freedom. Fifty years ago the Catholic Relief Bill passed the British parliament and the Irish people breathed free for the first time in centuries. The English nation went at Ireland like wild beast Ping for a Lamb with the avowed purpose of exterminating tie race. They Weie pushed to a fiery Zeal by religious bigotry As Well As National prejudice and there is no Page of human history blotted with Darker crime orse persecution or cruelty than that relating to the two islands from 1100 to 1800. At Tho beginning of this Century William Pitt was in the prime his glorious career and he conceived the Noble idea of doing Justice to the groaning Island. He failed to see the end of his work but in 1829 Robert Peel finished it in an Able manner. Intelligent travellers Are unanimous in the opinion that no country in Europe is advancing As fast As Ireland. Her schools Are full of Bright boys and girls who have Royal opportunities compared to those of their parents and the most rapid advances Are made in the most benighted districts. F the condition of land titles was the same As in France so that Smalt parcels could be obtained Ireland would have a Brilliant future inside of the next Century and she will be far More prosperous than in the past without doubt. The Case of b. B. Fabkin9ok. C. 8. Van u. S. District attorney publishes the following card the Carson Appeal of yesterday morn ing in regard to tha Case of r. B. Parkinson eds. Moreiko the Tribune of last evening appears an article relative to the Case of the United states is. Richard r. Parkin son charged with offences against the registry and naturalization Laws of the United states. I assume that a son by Law is justified in supporting and defending him gave him life. I find no fault with e. J. Parkinson in that respect. Enjoined by All Law it is the duty of the child to Honor the Parent. Nevertheless in the truth lies the justification. Or. E. J. Par Kinson in his statement on his Appeal from the United states District court to the newspapers has intentionally and unnecessarily misrepresented the facts and deceived the Public. Pre testing against Tho jurisdiction of the newspapers nevertheless i now publicly assert Over Iny official signature that i am prepared now and Here after to a bomb the charges against Richard r. Parkinson. C. S. Fabian United states attorney. Just As the Gazette predicted the coloured immigrants in Kansas Are be ginning to suffer want and hardship late dispatches show that the most of them Are indebted to Charity far food and slip Ter. If the Plantation Negros Wero educated and read the papers such reports would deter to Benin from immigrating without knowing where they were going or what for. But they canno real and they naturally will not believe what the planters Tell them hence the sufferings of those who Hava gone before will not hic Clai others from following after. The Dow Troville messenger lion cos an article ignorance is the editor of o ought to be us porn by ii spy tha Downieville copies the Gazette s item about or. Turner and his Bride 400 Miles around to get 40 Miles across which it credits to the journal and then says is it not strange that the to Quincy is carried by this route while the Road from Quincy to Reno is ways open. Why not carry tie mails from Reno to Quincy a three times a week and thus avoid the trouble de Lay expense Anil inconvenience of the mail route. Governor Seymour repeats tins say ing of William l. Marcy s most difficult duty that a politician has to perform is retire gracefully from the stage of Public life when he is toe old to be of further the most difficult duty politicians have to per form out Here is not to retire when tha Public have no further use for them. The democrats of Providence Rhode Island put a coloured Man on their ticket and he was Defeated As was the rest of the ticket. Now seme of the democratic papers Are pointing to his defeat As an evidence of Republican hostility to the negro. We presume the republicans voted against him because he was a Democrat and not on account of his color when the republicans set Tho Man free and raised him from the position of a chattel to a citizen they did not obligate themselves 10 veto for him just because he was Black. An Impromptu mock auction Sale of women was amusing and profitable at first in a Racine wis Church fair. The Young men bid liberally for the attractive girls and it was All very funny indeed until an ugly but in entail sister was put up. The auctioneer was compelled to Knock her Down at 25 cents and she was so an Gry that she put on her tilings and went Home. Not15-3. In ashes the Sentinel with the rest. We Are not so sorry for the people As we Are for the Sentinel. Tie refusal of Seymour to head the democratic ticket for governor of new York May be taken As conclusive evidence that the Tilden Wing of the democracy hold the whip hand in the Empire state. Seymour s election to tha governorship would bring him in direct Competition with Tilden for the presidential nomination. Therefore somebody at a candidate for presidential honors will be selected. A Washington dispatch says that George 0. Gorham will soon leave there for California and begin at once to organize the Republican party there. God help the Republican party then the republicans can win this election in California with reasonable prudence but if they undertake u carry coolie Gorham they invite defeat. The san Francisco Exchange comes to us this morning illustrated with cuts of de Young and Kearney. This is the last shot in the exchanges locker and if it Don t fix Deyoung and Kearney then they Are Invulnerable. A late dispatch says Kearney has fled the country and Deyoung is a raving maniac. A the democrats have an incentive the defeat the new cons citation from the fact that it vacates the seats of All the bold Over senators of which they have a majority of four. The republicans have twelve and the democrats six teen hold overs. This is an element in the Battle to which politicians Are Awakening. Of the 362 congressmen 241, or two thirds Are chants 16 Farmers 12 Bankers 10 editors 9 manufacturers 7 doctors 5 Railroad men 8 teachers 2 preachers and 18 Are without occupation. There Are 4 Union and 20 Confederate sol Diers in tha Senate and 50 Union and 65 Confederate in the House. The Brilliant Genius that furnishes the glowing rhapsodies for the local columns of Reno Gazette says the storm last night covered the pea Vine mountains with a Hood of snowy Well have thought it wonder if that fellow Ain t the Chap that wrote the Beautiful Exchange. He is but Don t give him away. The 8. F. Stock report devotes two Sticks to an account of Chalfant the shooter of Bacon in the Baldwin Hotal giving himself up and being placed in close confinement and just below says the murderer has not yet been apprehended. England is spending millions to con Quer a tribe of barbarians while her mechanics and factory operatives Are Home. Yet she has no Sand lot orators and1 the oppressed irishmen Are More Law abiding in their native land than their compatriots in California. Sex judge William Carter of St. Jouis lately Mada the following strange utterance in defending a client. The Low cowards who framed our slate give to Man Liberty to himself on he Field of Sam Davis of the Cli Ronile has o Book in the hands of publishers and he Appeal says Whereat his ene Mies Are pleased and chuckle unto themselves. Poor our pity Akes a contrary direction. Poor pubic the latest and most impartial re from California indicate that the vote on the Aew Constitution will be close. The main Battle ground is san Francisco. Whichever party carries the City will probably win the the fight. The Stock report says prof. Swing Hinga utilizes the Telephone in making pastoral Calls. Now if Beecher had Only adopted that plan hew much trouble a might have saved himself. An irishman is on trial in san fran Cisco for Persona Ting the Savior. This reminds us of what a Man once said that an irishman killed the Saviour and threw him Over in a jew s Yard. A chinaman not Long ago died in sew York of opium smoking. When a few White boys and girls it May change the opinion held thew of the mongol. Somebody Calls bluing the main Spring of he Republican party will never put tsp main Spring in tha presidential chair. A Nice old lady from Long Valley started bust on the Overland train. The first Day out she got up very Early and had her bed All nicely it do up Jefre the Porter got around. The Eureka Leader says Isabella Mcdanell brings suit against Henry kind for damages for an alleged assault. How could Henry be so or Mayhap he Only Laid kind hands on her. The Sentinel has for a Long time been warning the people 0f Eureka o what they might expect unless better precautions against fire were taken. No heed waa taken and Eureka lies vessels in san Francisco have to lie Idle for want of sailors. Uliey Are waiting to vote the new Constitution. Troy Dye and Anderson have been refused a i new trial and Are now awaiting sentence of death. Bulletin says the retail dry goods business is picking up in Jan Francisco. Had said my Delphia his Nome clonal p hat the council1 should Send a station to Calif Oanfa to Hume. He the no to California Ilse went or Twenty first Ward going into the cab net but i cannot Sec the Point of ending a committee All the Way to California to receive a private i divid or. Copeland in answer said 10 clearly understood the dishes the Jemo costs had to general Grant. Phey hated him before he took Vicks org and had been hating him Ever ice for taking it and whipping their Southern friends. Beckel replied As a Democrat i love general a Tribune Albany special says in he Assembly yesterday a Resolution was offered expressing pleasure at be honors paid Grant and recommending that on account of great esteem of his past ser vices a committee of three senators and five representatives tender him hospitality of the state upon i return. Military in. Y. Side by Side with the recovery of ice Prosperity France has kept in View the recovery of her military sit Ion. Out of a population if the zulus would Emily emigrate to Kansas England would be quite Lippy. The governor of Maine receives the princely salary of per annul. Retribution to u first clubs scoundrel. A Man named Thompson but known As old a resident Plumas county California for a Quarter of a Century was fatally Hurt by the fall of a Rock in a mining claim at dutch Hill last week wednesday. He has always been a very dissipated Man but would and then have several Hundred dollars that 110 one could account for. After he was Hurt the National says he made a confess Ion that when 3. Younger Man he was an Railroad Engineer and was hired to throw a train from the track and succeeded so Well that he killed several people and was himself badly injured he received for the Job Over since when in need of Money the Eastern parties have forwarded it to the president of the convention o1 coloured men of Louisiana now being held in new Orleans in his address among other thing said if White capitalists will put Down Ruffia ism will to the Best of May ability endear or to prevent the exodus. We were born Here and the climate is congenial but it we cannot live Here in peace w had better leave and again i know the consequences and we know that our labor Here cannot be replaced but the White people have presumed upon our Good nature and unless we Havo Batter guarantees than have be been accorded within a year there will not be a Man woman or child o our race left in g runt i keep ton. A trinum Philadelphia special ays the Council to Day continued he committee appointed by lust year s Ody to prepare for the reception of Jeneral Grant at Sun Francisco. Col. Charles t. Jones who made Tho to on said the eau Neil decided Hen general Grant hey would re speaker was go whether anybody not. I have said the gentleman or. Becket from Tho no. 4. Truckee items. Fran Tho strawberries Are in the Market. Tho Trout Aie fit Tho dam of the trucker lumber company above town James Mcdonald is driving sixteen Hundred cords of Wood Down Prosser Creek. Lio Corey has obtained a divorce a. Corey on Tho ground of to provide. Odd Fellows will celebrate both anniversary by a grand Ball. Scott of hens will furnish the music. Or. F. E. Sickles who has had charge of or. Haye s Tahoe property will go to Virginia in a few Days to assume the Secretary ship of one the Comstock mines. By to of about men Are in the retire army in the Reserve in the territorial army and in the territorial making a total of about men. All of whom received some of military training. Besides these then Are about men nominally belonging to the army and liable to serve in contingencies have received no train no. Against these figures the Ger mans have to show in the Active army in Iha Reserve in the Landwehr and in the lands term in All 000 men who have received some mount of military training besides men who have received no in Litara training. In cavalry the Jerm i s have the advantage the figures for the two countries being 1.000 men and in artillery he numerical advantage is with the the figures being for prance guns and for Germany uns. The immense Drain of labor which the maintenance of this army must impose upon France is in Addi Ion to not in lieu of a Drain of Money. The army estimates reach yearly american sex gov. Mece Miok the chief com missioner the United states to she Paris exposition tells the Washngton Post that the Yankees pleased the europeans with american Scales watches locomotives Anthracite Coal and machinery. It appears Toj that exhibit of Deadhead ism caused astonishment for he says the officials were overwhelmed by crowds of Camm Soncra who came Over and made demands of tickets and social privileges and greatly puzzled the French officials who could not imagine Why they should be so numerous. The Law p evaded for the appointment of Twenty additional commissioners. Then honorary commissioners were created two from each state appointed by the governor and confirmed by the president. Then it was decided that each state and territory might Send As Many As it pleased and Gover ors made out Blanks accordingly. Such a Cloud of witnesses made con fusion which the French government finally reduced to order by deciding that they would recognize Only those appointed by the president too particular. York april times Washington correspondent illustrating what he Calls Ila yes Sham Benti mentally towards the mentions that sex congressman Ramey has been an applicant for the office Kcf third auditor of the Treasury. Yester Day a White Republican sex member of Congress , of Michigan was nominated for the position. Hayes tendered Rainey the position of assistant appointment clerk in the Treasury department. He rejected the offer indignantly. Tin marriage of the the new York Sun says a i Mark Able marriage will take place in that City next sunday that of the midgets lie two most diminutive people in the world. Lucie Zarate the prospective Bride s fifteen years old and weighs a Ess than five pounds. Her face in right but not repossessing. Racel cts she wears cannot be buckled round the third Finger of a Man of Mclinary size. Her shoes made to order Are inches Long and her measure about one Inch from he tip of the longest Finger to tha Button at the wrist. Her cup was made originally for a doll in a Broad Way show window and is a Good fit. The matter of jewelry she is pro use. On each hand she wears a Dia mond ring her brooch is a Diamond my she has a fondness far dangling ornaments on her such for stance As a Small Diamond supplemented by a California Gold Quarter f a Dollar. Gen. Mite whose real name is fran Cis j. Flynn .4 years old. Weighs 9 pounds and if his face it Bright and intelligent and hit conversation dets not belie it. A terrible Tornado. S. April evening a violent rain storm occur us Lere which continued throughout Trio night. Accounts from the Interior show the storm began with a terrible o Renado which swept through the Ower part of the state causing great destruction to life and property. La the Village of Waterboro More than .00 dwellings and All this churches were swept away. Three fourths of he inhabitants Are homeless. Fifteen of the inhabitants were killed and Many wounded. At Oakley All the negro houses were levelled and one of to killed besides Many Hurt. Simi a casualties Are reported from Vari Ous Points in the track of the Tornado. Fratricide. Portland april Brothers Namad William and Harrison Huntly residing on a ranch on John Day River about seventy five Miles from he Dalles while engaged at work a Days since became engaged in a quarrel. Harrison Hud a Spade in his land and struck William with it on the Arm. This maddened the latter and his brother avers that he made a movement As if to draw a weapon. Harrison then struck him on the head with Tho Spade. Tie Blade crushed the Skull and penetrating the brain prod cd death in a Short time. The murderer surrendered himself to the authorities and was taken to Dalles. He waived preliminary hearing and is now in jail. A game of with living figures. New York april Aca Demy of music was Well filled to night in the occasion of a game of chess with living pieces. Tho spectacle was a gorgeous one and the Kings Queens knights Bishops and even pawns were arrayed in Silks satins velvets and blazing jewels. The game was played by Captain Mackenzie and Eugene Delinar and was won in three quarters of an hour by Mackenzie by a move of Queen to knights second scene h wheat elephant. Chicago april the Tribune has ciphered out the Keene wheat problem and finds that Keene must pay about monthly for Stor age on we that henceforth provided he has ih.3 amount to is credited with and that unless rates mend materially he will lobe in the Long run. He has engaged Stonig Eie Juno Toledo has a Wou thy and fashion Able shoplifter an argument in her defense As a kleptomaniac is slut she hid a prayer Book in one hand Whin with a stolen piece of silk ii the other. 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