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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Apr 17 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - April 17, 1879, Reno, Nevada Vol. 3. Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday april 17, 1879. No.3. A fie1d Fob the novelist. It has always been a matter of sur prise to us that Poats and novelists have crowded the every Day Fields of literature. Making stories and worse verse about Winter Spring and All the seasons Snow and rain love and passion and other overworked subjects to the exclusion of what cont is a world of room for Tho imagination prehistoric life. Tho mysterious tune of the framers of the massive Stone buildings scattered All Over America and pal to of Europe of the moulders of Trio Beautiful pottery found in the monads is one that proves universally fascinating to common minds and a writer with half an imagination could weave romances by the acre of their lives and deeds. There would to no limit to Tho License they might prac Tice. As citizens of the new world we have been taught to look with respect upon Tho aged civilization of Egypt Assyria and China. Research is Dutily endowing our own country her rightful severable traditions. We now know that from the Lake of the Woods to Patagonia we can traverse the Sites of m settlements and find the remains of people who lived no one can Tell How Many hundreds of thousands years ago. As Europe loosed its hold Ipen the earlier industries and arts of Egypt and was for Ages plunged in darkness by the raids and revolutions of barbarians so Amer Ica was lit up with Art and science and had her Light put out. Far Back in the misty Ages is traced the Dawn of that first Day. Long before Cortez or or Pizarro landed on these Western shores repeated changes had swept Over it. It Rose and fell and Rose and Rose and fell again at epoch beyond the Ken of mortal Man. Peru is sup posed by Moil Resinos to be the Ophir of Solomon which makes it old 3000 years ago and Thoro Are roots that it then contained prehistoric remains. Professor Orion says that geology and archaeology Are combining to prove that Sora to looked Down upon a civilization far More ancient than that of the incas and perhaps Coeval with the Flint flakes of Cornwall and All the Shell Mounds of Fossil pottery ins been found below a mar Ine Deposit several feet thick of the coast of Ecuador. This pottery was made. The land Sank under the sea and was covered with the Shell and Sand at an incalculably slow rate. It be Gan to Rise and at an Inch to a thou Sand years and within ten years the Tho scraps of plate have been dug up to Tell us that at an age so Remote As baffle on the imagination men lived on the Western land who worked in Clay. The Only thing science can do is to say that these things belonged to an age prior to the icons but to Defi Nite age to assigned them. The write1 could Bridge Over time and write the history of such nations Cut of a head like Shakespeare a or even Dean swifts with an interest which would have a world of imitators. There is Only one obstacle a the Way and that is the Only Shak esperian head in the country is engaged of the Stock Exchange to the exclusion of other studies. A democratic paper says the democratic party is the Only party that can justly Lay claim to the proud title of we never said the democrats were not consistent. Horace Greeley said the two Cardinal principles of the democracy were to love rum and hate and they have religiously Clung to that doctrine Ever since we can remember. The Cincinnati saturday night published by a. Miner Griswold the fat is out in a now dress. The sat Day Nim is one of the brightest and most readable weekly papers in the country and its editor is master of the Art of injecting the proper amount of wit in a paper to make it spicy and interesting. Excessive Temperance. Temperance would resent the insinuation that their doctrine would drive Tho human race into deeper dissipation and double the misery con sequent upon drink and yet such is the Case. If Beer and Light wines could be prohibited More men would drink whisky if whisky went too the use of chloroform opium and a syn would spread. This May be contrary to our wishes and the popular belief but it is in Accord with experience and n settled fact. Some o the Beer drinkers would become Tota abstainers but the condition of those who drank stronger stimulants would More than offset them. People who live in wine making countries like parts of Germany and the South of France have but a Small percentage of drunkards. On the other hand in Persia and Turkey where Mohamme Dan Law prohibits intoxicating liquors opium which is imported very conveniently from India is used openly and often offered to callers by their hosts. In India where its Usa is very Large a preparation of hemp known As Banff takes its place and wherever the Milder drug is used the deformity and suffering Aro less. Temperance people Are often very impracticable. They know very Little of the causes of hard drink and they Battle away in arbitrary inconsistency All their lives. Men do not drink whisky be cause they love it nor because they wish to displace their minds nor be cause they would rather get rid of their Money than to keep it. A great Many business Mon drink with their customers and friends and such suffer but Little by it. The confirmed Drinker that Good templars and reformers and All Good citizens would like to reach drinks almost solely because time hangs heavy. tries hard very hard to do without his drink and in he had something fresh and exciting All the time he would win bub there is nothing doing he has a Dull Hall Day before him in the absence of his morning lie is Blue and discouraged and he knows All the time that a stiff cock Tail would Brace him up wonderfully. He gives it up and As he leans up against some hand some bar the delicate Aroma from bursting kegs and sweating bottles greets his nostrils with a fragrance known Only to him who has made a Good Resolution and broken it. All efforts to Reform men like than should be accompanied by a great Ileal of at Tention. Their time should be made As pleasant As possible and an untiring interest kept no for them in All sorts of agreeable pastimes. If they enjoy Good society they ought to be constantly surrounded by it and their whole time taken up in one Way or another until they have made a Start. If they Are worthy tha Effort they will work hard on their own Side to save themselves. If however they will cot if they seek Only the company of blackguard and think the Man who can Knock another Down is the nobler of the two or Pride themselves on their Low accomplishments they Are not subjects for the philanthropist and it is labor wasted to try to help them. The Best thing to do is to let them kill themselves off As fast As they can Only trying to prevent them from marrying and leaving their children the legacy of a craving for liquor. A performance. Tha cum stockers to use their own elegant vernacular Are having a of a time. Or. D. Banks Mckenzie is preaching a crusade against alcohol and prof. W. Frank Stewart is hurl ing earthquakes of Fossiliferous Elo Quence at the Heathen Chinee. High Ball poker opium smoking Amateur walking matches Hodges disappear Anoe and the Scutio Tunnel Are minor sensations. John Bull taxes the Rich when hard times Are pricking the people. In this country the poor Are taxed so that lard times shall not prick the Rich. It is natural for men to become Cal loused to the tender sentiments of humanity by being constantly exposed in a business Way to their in fluence. The doctor cuts into the quivering flesh without a touch of nervousness. The lawyer Davys up divorce papers just Asho Doe Bills of Sale. The judge pronounces sentence without a sigh for the unhappy vie Tern. In All these acts thera is no Call for sympathy. A has be done and if there done there Well there done but society demands that in these As in All other matters a proper decorum be observed. The feelings of the sufferers and their friends should be respected. This is especially True of undertakers. The solicitude for proper treatment to the dead is Universal. Even the Digger India to feels it. If a Man Falls into the undertaking line who is by nature coarse unsympathetic and Ruda he should spare no pains to overcome his natural propensities and conduct the last sad services due the dead in a subdued quiet and dignified manner. The spectacle witnessed last night by passengers on the Overland train of a Man entering tha car and gathering up the body of a poor lady who died at the Summit and carrying it an express Wagon containing a coffin in which he Laid it must have Given a Strong Shock to sensibilities. If her friends saw it they must have been very deeply grieved at the Lack of re Spect shown. A More solemn and appropriate method should ally Means have been employed. Prope Assis Tance should have been in attendance 10 remove the body gently and decently without the disorder to cloth ing and position which gathering up so would cause. Editor Vul notes. An unobserved ilk Buke. The san Josa Herald refers to Sev eral editorial notes in the Gazette when it says some of the Nevada papers Are and Yoc Ahng the new Constitution for California because they Hope and not without reason that its adoption will Benefit their own state. Still we think it is hardly generous to thus take advantage of our misfortunes. They might have an attack of Kearne ism themselves same Day and then it will be our turn. But then their Kearney Are not Likely to be treated so leniently As ours have the first hint of burning a City or wading in blood they would probably be clapped in jail and kept there until they could behave themselves. Neighbor your sentiments Are own but in the application we differ. It would be inhuman monstrous for us to encourage by word or deed any thing which would bring disaster to our own great Mother slate for such you Are to us a Many Waya. We doubt if there Are two other states in Union so closely joined together As Nevada and California notwithstanding the great natural Barrier Between and the artificial grievances so often made much of. The readers of the Nevada papers will say that at no time has anyone of us advanced any encouragement to the. Kearney or demagogues and the now Constitution has been largely and intelligently criticised by the Enterprise cd Ronicle reveille Appeal state journal Gazette and other papers. If we used Nevada Gold to help the vote or said things we do not believe we would deserve censure but if California passes the instrument and it does drive men out who use Money and does discriminate against capital we will get it if we can. It shall not go to Oregon Arizona or Chicago if we can bring it Here. Gath George Alfred he Washington correspondent of the new York graphic eulogies gee. Orham and praises the "tenacity1" of is friendships. The tenacity of coolie George s friendships did not forcibly impress his California friends it Bis tenacity is seeking and hold no on to office is something wonder Ful. George William Curtis in Harper s Weddy is fighting the Grant move went with the keen logic of a Power Ful mind whose intellectual and poli tical Bent is opposed to that of the Grant coterie. But it not Likely to effect much. Curtis takes a lofty stand and Speaks from his elevated plane in the language of Broad comprehensive Nen partizan statesman ship therefore his arguments Over shoot their Mark and fail to reach the understanding if the Ordinary party Man because they not catch his sympathies. It is a Little humiliating to confess but it is nevertheless True that the dirty undercurrent of ignorance and partisanship often controls the Stream of our politics. The effect of machine politics was1 shown in the recent City election of Chicago. Chicago is Republican by Large majority but a ring of spoils politicians had gotten control of the party machinery and nominated a ticket of their own kind in Defiance of the honest sentiments of the party. The1 democrats nominated a Good ticket and the republicans who would not Drill under the party ban Ner when it was borne by pot House politicians and Ward strikers voted for and elected it. When the machinery of a party mis into the hands of Polit barnacles and professional Pap suckers it forfeits its claims to respect and will very Likely be repudiated at the polls. A Keg Gold amounting to was lately recovered from a Mill Pond where it had been hidden for fourteen years. A guide that was with Jeff Davis when a was making his flight through Georgia deserted the party upon arriving in Wilkes county stole the Keg and rolled it into the Pond. Of his d ath bed at Tho Penitentiary where he was soon afterwards sent he he disclosed the locality of the Troas use. A calf born at Fred Abel s ranch Paradise Valley last sunday weighed one Hundred and Twenty five pounds. Huff Boldt is therefore entitled to the Premium Fop Large calves us neither Elko nor Washoe both of which boost of Large bovines can beat that though we acknowledge that in the matter of jackasses both Are ahead of Humboldt. State. Don t knew about that. We have not seen the weight of the Silver state Man. So. Many politicians in Congress want to speak on the appropriation Bill that the speaker has to read the riot act to them. How would it do to let three or four of them spout away at a time. They could put their speeches in the Globe and catch their Gullible constituents and Congress would be just As Wise As if they had listened to every one. The widow Oliver is going to lecture on my Lato trial with senator Cam the i div thinks she can Beecher on it but Sho is mistaken. Beecher would to Tell and the widow did. A people have satisfied their curiosity and Don t care anything about the trial. The stage is authority for the state ment that j. P. Cosgrave late of the Ohnich and James Mcafee for n Long time Foreman of the chronicle Job office will revive the Sutro Imide Pendt shortly. The Patent jacket will be dispensed with and a new suit of Home clothes substituted. English diplomacy with the Semi barbarous tribes consists principally of Saltpetre. The element mostly employed in this country is whisky which shows How ranch More Sangui nary the americans Are than the Brit it is an actual fact that the old superstition in regard to starting any thing on Friday affects travel on the Overland train very perceptibly. On that Day the officers calculate on one Sleeper instead of two or three. No moral. General Grant new Youk april Wil Liam Curtis says in Harper s weekly regarding the renomination of Grant to say that he is the Only candidate who can be elected is a conf Simon of a despair we do not share and to assert that be is the sole distinct representative of Republican principles is to insult Republican intelligence. How Ever probable the nomination of Grant May be it seems Likely that it would chill the sincere part of the opposition to the democrats and would be accepted with doubt regret by an other part and would be really Wel come Only to a third Chicago april 9. A times Lon Don dispatch says it a reported from Agra on Good authority that after a Somi Public dinner mis Grant the sex president s wife spoke As follows to a number of people Tho genial is travelling abroad so As to to out of the Way in a natural manner. is g ing to run for president again next elec Tion. If to were at Home there Are any amount of Bui Nim questions of which lie would be forced to commit himself or look awkwardly. By trav Eling around he keeps himself Nice and free and he will go Buck to the White House quite untrammelled by any activity in Silton. Virginia chronicle Little town of Sutra at Tho month of the great Tunnel just now presents a scene of Bustle and activity greater than it has before known. Last night 150 additional men were set to work and orders were sent to this City to engage about 100 More. Town lots heretofore a drug in the Market Are now Selling at from in too to according to location. Steve goad an the Well known restaurant Man paid Day before yesterday for 40 by 130, and he is now put Ting up a building for a restaurant. The lodging houses Are All overcrowded and in Many of them the miners sleep on the floor in their blankets. The floor of a Large Saloon in the main Street is utilized every night As a dormitory. The total number of men at present employed in the Tunnel is 600. The town of Sutro enjoys special advantages in the shape of level coun try Good soil and abundance of water for irrigation and All that is needed to place it on the High Road to Prosperity is the continuance of the Active work in the great Tunnel which has just been fairly inaugurated. Milwaukee jeer. Milwaukee lager Beer is by Many considered the Best in the United states and it is generally supposed to be at least As pure As any. The Mil Waukee news however has accused the Brewers of that City of using Corn and Rice vory largely in place of bar Ley a substitute that is said to make the it May taste As Well nutritious less suitable for keeping and less no Retablo to the digestion. In six months of last year one brewing concern is shown by the books of the internal Revenue depart ment to Hava purchased Bush Els of Corn and pounds of Rice. Only five breweries to judge from their reports to the inter Neil Revenue office have confined themselves to the use of Barley and hops and even sonic of these Are thought to have used Rice and called it Barley. The Olive murder trial. Omaha april tie celebrated Olive a Durdei trial at Hastings Nebraska now on its ninth Day the jury was finally completed at 3 o clock this afternoon. Two Hundred salesmen Wero examined before a jury was obtained. Judge Gatli requested news papers to re Fain from publishing 01 commenting on the evidence during the trial As it might prove pc judicial. Olive and Fisher s trial commences to Morrow morning. The other five defendants will be tried separately. The new York press has been in formed by one of its a Poi ters that Seymour declines the governor ship of the state which is a strange proceeding in his. Part. Still More wonderful is his apology for refusing the Honor thrust upon i can he accept it because i am not Only unwilling but unable to per form the when citizens re fuse office because they Are conscious of their incapacity to fill them with ii edit Tho Republic be considered in a bad Way. We Don t know what Tilden May not be Able to do someday when he is feeling a Little sat Day night. The Only time to Ever crawled ont of his bandages an d spoke was when he said i am not responsible Pelton did East Brit Steinm. New York april 10. The says there Are some glorious Odin tags aside from commercial consider tiaras to be gained of the flooding. Which governor Frei Piont proposes. For the Arizona desert some millions of rattlesnakes would be put where they would do mole Good a thousand or two Ooary Indiana and mexicans might do the world some service by browsing unawares and the nuthors1 of far West literature for boys would lose so much of their favorite territory that they might be into silence. The Stock of he Standard Consoli mining company of bite California which put upon the Stock Exchange sold to a a minor killed in Ere hot. Eureka nev., april 10. A Miner known is big Dan Sullivan while waiting at Tho Mouth of the fifth level for the Cage rut the Richmond last night was caught As it was ascending and then fell b ick to the ninth. No one was on the Cage at the time and it is supposed was dead before reaching the fourth level As head was crushed beyond All recognition. Sullivan was a married Man but separated from his wife and was about fifty two years old. He has a brother at present residing at Silver reef. The Coroner s jury returned u verdict that no one was to flame for Tho Acci Dent. Suit for Al reach of contract. New Zotik april 10. Miss Marco the operatic Singer has sued Max Strakos Cli for breach of contract. Slie claims that Early in february Stra Kostli engaged hot to sing in san Francisco april 8, and in the latter part of March he wrote her he would not be Able to fulfil his engagement for California because the manager of Maguiro s theatre objected. Miss Marco believes that the cause of the abrupt closing of the engagement lies in the fact that subsequent to making the contract with her Strakos Cli concluded an engagement with Marie Roze which at an earlier Date he did not believe possible. She sues for official vote of Cincinnati april official vote of this City gives Jacobs re pub for mayor 412 majority Boyce for Board of Public works 200 majority Foraker lie for judge of the Superior Couit 723 majority Kumler re pub for City solicitor 048 majority Knower for City treasurer 1111 majority. Wilson Democrat for judge of the police court 1325 majority Murphy for prosecuting of the police court 701 majority Setchel re pub for police commissioner 272 majority total vote East Indian in the ill acc Hlll i. Deadwood d. T., april party of seven indians attacked ser Geant Kennedy late signal observer at Deadwood and a private Soldier named Bader of Tho second cavalry. Tho two men were eating lunch at Mizpah forty five Miles from fort Keogh their destination when fired Nunn. Bader wits instantly killed and Kennedy badly wounded. The latter crawled into the Brush and kept the indians off with a six shooter until assistance arrived. Bader was scalped. Kennedy will probably recover. Sitf the electric i from drop notch to Taco i Torr a smarts Villa april sex water Anil mining company have just put into successful opera Tion in their Deur Creek mine Tho Brush Patent electric Light the first Ever introduced in a Hydraulic claim. This Light will enable them to work nights As will As Days. Fifteen thou Sand pounds of powder was exploded this morning prep iring a Large amount of Rich gravel for washing. Big clean ups will undoubtedly result. The Enterprise says Sam. Davis is contemplating the writing and publication of a Boik. insure Success lie says he intends there shall not be a word of truth from preface to he might have saved himself the trouble of that statement for people Only need know that Sam. Divia was Tho author to be aware of that fact. The Sun shines scorching hut cd mayor Cooper of new York. Cause major is trying Reform the police commission contrary to the sum s ideas. Kos paper news paper

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