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Weekly Reno Gazette Newspaper Archives Apr 10 1879, Page 1

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Weekly Reno Gazette (Newspaper) - April 10, 1879, Reno, Nevada V vol. 3. Reno Washoe county Nevada thursday april 10, 1879. No. 2. The government Timber lauds. The san Francisco pout of april Tocong has the following important Lorica in regard to Tho men indicted for cutting Timber some time ago the United states District attorney decided not to Tho pros Ccu on in Tho cases against the persons cutting Timber on government and which Thore arc a Mironer ending in the United states District court and it is probable that the com plaints will to dismissed in Conse Quence. Meanwhile the defendants Are seeking a settlement with the proper department in Washington. Thu authorities in Washington Honvo Shewn their accustomed capacity for business in. Protecting the Public lands from depredation. It has been Al most impossible to convince the Hon. Secretary of the Interior and Hon. Hundred Dollar clerks who make Tho papers that there was such a tiling As technically breaking the Laws and still being innocent of any Franr. An agent sent to California found Puit ios through Whoso winds stolen Timber had passed. were brought to make them pay the same they would have suffered if they Hud deliberately stolen Tho Timber. No Atten Tion was paid to the hundreds of men cutting and slashing All Over the sier Ras. The agent redo Back and Forth half a dozen times through a be until that Wab full of Timber thieves Mak ing shakes cutting Wocl and even running saw Mills without paying the cast attention to them. The do Striction of Timber in the mountains is enormous and a great Deal of it is owned by the government. It is one of the mysteries of Tho Public service that m ally and feel very per. Still if All boo id Hoard what few dollars they get hold of it will be All the worse for till m and for tie rest of us. If a Man hangs on to a ten Dollar piece while to May owe several Hundred it keeps that much out of circulation Aad if a Hundred do it a thousand is lying Idle. If a. Givot his ten to b. Who pays it to c. And he to e. Lie May Ewe a. And he sends it out again by paying his grocery Bill to a Man who owes Tho Butcher who pays n Little of his debt to his clerk who i uns Buck to a. With it and so it goes until that one ten Dollar piece May have paid off As debt alone forty or fifty dollars and in the town May have liquidated hundreds of dollars of grinding debt. Much better All feel than if they had not handled a cent and there is cause for congratulation for the operation was a real Bou i fade business Success. The ten dollars was the drop of Oil on the wheels of the great., mystical business machine which Rune in men s brains As Well As their hand and but for the drop would grind and Wear and inflame and ruin. Tie Les son is one worthy study and if put in practice will help matters exceedingly. If anyone cannot pay Bear with him. If we help one another we will All Prosper and see the greatest Prosperity in the near future. The coming California is becoming thoroughly awakened on Tho Constitution ques Tion which comes up for its final Pas Sage four weeks from next wednesday. If the popular feeling continues to go against it As it Lias for the last month. There is but Little Hope for it. The papers have picked it to pieces with a Zoal which proves their sincerity if not their Wisdon. The danger is that they will overdo the matter and pro Duce a revolution which May sweep Over the country As swiftly Aad violently As Tho one against tha instrument and if it should happen to strike the ebb just about the Day of election the thing might step through. There is one thing certain the entire moneyed Power of the state is arrayed against it and the papers and politicians Are advancing a great Many strained if not erroneous arguments which will Hurt their Case very much if a reaction sets in. Those for the Constitution Are making very Little fuss but there will be a great Many votes cast on that Sida that Are but Little suspected now. There is a Many a Man who would give another a Good kick in the dark because a got ahead in the race if indeed there in t a Streak of that in All of us. The argument that capital will suffer is very convincing to men with Money but to a great Many poor men the conversion is More apparent than real. Men who fee a Little reluctant say that they would Rob Rich men even by Law will put in a vote for when they know that they can do it secretly. On the whole the chances Are largely against the adoption of the Constitution As things look new. Tie s. Of bulletin says Kearney Lias returned to the City with a Crip pled jaw and one Eye in mourning the result of the Santa Ana affair. Edito Rux notes. Thousands of coloured people Are arriving destitute in St. Louis on their Way to Kansas and Nebi Aaka. An a peal has been issued by Soma of the leading coloured men a tint place setting Forth thut these people Are fleeing from political persecution. Whatever May have been the persecutions the coloured people sustained a Louisiana and Mississippi their re Moval to a new and cold country Only result in suffering. There is something radically wrong in a system that drives these people to a Choice of evils. Our Southern friends can ill afford to lose the negro while lie is neither congenial to the habits nor fitted for pushing Active pioneering ref the Northwest. The South wants immigrants Aud climate and usage a Iive made the Blacks a necessity to it therefore the Southern people had better it them enjoy the full Benefit of their rights. The Austin reveille has this to say in relation to Tong sing the China Man whom George Avery took off the train last monday night on suspicion of being one of the murderers of an other chinaman in Austin we interviewed sheriff Harper on the subject also Deputy sheriff Par Rott of Battle Mountain who is in town and they say it is the first they had heard of it. As last tuesday was the first of april it is probable the Gazette is giving us a Little the Story not having the slightest Mou datian in fact. The reveille is mistaken. The Gazette s item was strictly True except in one respect. It was sheriff Miller of Humboldt who telegraphed for the instead of the sheriff of Lander. The scene of the murder was Laid in Austin As the Gazette stated. It is very generally supposed that the Catholic Church is the wealthiest Church organization in America. This is wrong. The methodist Church has not Only nearly double the number of communicants but owns Mure Church property in fact it is the wealthiest Church in the having 121 invested in churches. The Catho Lic Church comes next with 560 then the presbyterian Church 733 the episcopal 549 congregational the Baptist then follows a Long list which brings up the total amount of Money invested in churches in the United states to it appears to be generally conceded by the leading journals of the East that Grant is to be the Republican Standard bearer in 1880. It is also conceded that Tilden will marshal the democratic hordes under his Banner and All. Should this be an accurate forecast of the political situation in 1800, thousands of fair minded and intelligent men will look upon it As a Choice of two evils and the Pacific states will Mast skely give the votes to the party that promises them Relief from Tho chinese curse. A South Carolina journal protests Agaric St the practice carrying concealed weapons saying that peace and order should reign in every Southern state but that people pull out pistols and kill each other at the least pre text. Quondam friends cannot enter into any argument to matter Haw trivial w thou hot words and they draw their pieces blazing away at each until Ona is disabled or their pistols empty. Tie exodus of Blacks from Louisi Ana and Mississippi continues and Tho emigration excitement seems to be in creasing. Any one familiar with the Pla station negro cannot fail to Forsee a vast amount of suffering for these people. The West is a splendid Field for energetic intelligent men but for the indolent ignorant coloured Man bred to the habits of Shif Tessness and waste on Tho Plantation no More unsuitable country exists. Wha tevet their trials were in Louisiana Thoj could better have them than be Cuoio pioneers in a new country. We regret to see the incorporation scheme dragging like it is. The advantages of it have been so often and vigorously pointed these advantages have not been there would soem no room for differ ence of opinion on the subject. The better Protection of life and property would not Only make rods a More desirable place to live in but would with out doubt Chaunce the value of real estate while business would get better terms from fire underwriters. A newspaper reporter has interviewed Jeff. Davis in Boston and the associated press been sending his Rei Juks All Over the country. What use or sense there a in res erecting the Corpse of a Man who died a political death when the confederacy collapsed is More than we can Bee Jeff. Davis opinions on our government Are Worth about As much As those of the King of the Cannibal islands. The senseless prejudices of fools and agrarian. When you do the latter you fall to the level of Kearney and try to out Herod hired. Anybody who wants to shuffle of this mortal Coil can save himself the trouble of being his own Butcher by going to Texas and stumping the state for the Republican party. Texas is a Good country for suicides go to. Somebody always kills them before they have a Chance to kill themselves. A letter from Bermingham eng land to a gentleman in Reno says there Are 3000 poor House inmates in this City and 3000 others receiving ont door Relief. There arc Many free soup Kitch Cus but Many still Lack the necessaries of life. Trade prospects arc gloomy with no Prospect for in an appalling picture. We recommend this to the consideration of the striking Workingman in san Francisco. Should the new Constitution Borati fied by California circumstances Indi Cate that it would be of incalculable Benefit to Reno. The Central Pacific r. R. Company would very Likely move their machine shops Over Here the Waters of the trucker be utilized to run Mills and capital driven out of California would diffuse itself ten ooh other channels Here. Chalmers sex Confederate from Mississippi asked if a remark made by general Garfield in a speech was not a Mere galvanic Shock of eloquence in tended to stimulate the president s spinal Colun if lie he has got any it needs stimulating bad Aud if car Flold can stimulate it into anything like stiffness the country will hold him in Gratful i Veronce for it. Tho euro a Sentinel says the con Gress is in extra session not by fault of the Dein sciatic party but by the determination of Tho Republican party to prevent the repeal of acc Tutu obnoxious and outrageous Laws. The Laws spoken Are Only outrageous and obnoxious to democrats because they interfere with their usual methods of carrying elections by anal ballot Box stuffing. There was a Good Deal of Stalwart republicanism in the speeches of Gar Field and others on that Side monday. The be Lubons will soon discover that an Able minority wish right and the Loyal sentiment of the country on it s Side is so easy Bull dozed As a Plantation Darky. It is Safe to any that the election Laws will not be either repealed or emasculated this summer. The Austin Tho postal authorities and says Iti letters and exchanges Are often delayed beyond All reason. We have experienced the same delay and annoyance. Can t something be clone to regulate mail matters for to Money it , our postal department is the most Lumo and impotent institution know of our National legislature. Some of the California Are striking blindly at the new Constitution when they say that the Monopo lists and great land owners Are in favor of it. Messes. Editors direct your arguments to Tho Intel Ligeno and understanding and doa t Appeal the bulletin Heads an article a proper subject of if there is anything in and around the Bay City that is not a proper subject for investigation then the papers there have Gnevo Wibly misrepresented Tho facts. The scissors of the Stockton Herald has Toui world i. C that Alice Harrison s virtue is of National importance. Glad to hear but to notice that the papers just How Are Busy with her Lack of that Mitial commodity. An Exchange compares the modern Democrat to Judas Iscariot that comparison won t do for Judas had Tho Good sense to hang himself while the sheriff has to do the Job for the average Democrat. The California papers for inst the Constitution Are piling it on mighty thick. We expect soon to hear that it will cause the Falls of the Yosemite to shrink in size and the seals to Emi grate from the Cliff House the scissors of the Gold Hill news must have been a pretty Long Nap lately. Yesterday s news copies an item from the Gazette published March 18th. Wake no neighbor. Tilden seems to be the Man of Des tiny to be buried with the democratic party in 1880, an its presidential candidate. An Exchange asks Why is the democratic party like a Don t know unless it s because its motive Power is near the Tail. Bathing is already Tho Rogo Over at Alameda and the Waters of the Bay Are fast getting of a murky dirty Hue. Hotel Register. Put this and that together. The editorial Page of the car Sou Appeal is about As interesting As the preface to a volume of sermons. Down at Sutro. About 100 men were yesterday put to work in the Sutro Tunnel at moving Tho car track to the North Side of the Tunnel in order to give room for blast ing out the Drain on the Softli Side. It is expected that by next monday the track will to thus shifted and a flume put in to carry the water Natur ally flowing through Tho Tunnel and in about

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