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Weekly News Standard Newspaper Archives Nov 25 1915, Page 9

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Weekly News Standard (Newspaper) - November 25, 1915, Uniontown, PennsylvaniaThe Pinla democratic weekly in volume 9. Escaping steam starts pupils of leisenr1ng room on a rampage and three Little girls Are injured. Brave teacher swept aside who has not heard that Litlo bed alacrity the More studied attempt of time verse simple yet finding a Charm the younger Philip Thornton Conaway in its simplicity which Nic Tiv lulls Miami ill most isl Myron work the Little ones to rest and gives to a certain sense of spiritual Hoyle he youngest. Why a trove per 25, ores prize a rhyme nation wide in its popular Ity it 1 Lay me Down to sleep i Pray the lord my soul to keep. If 1 should die before i Wake "1 Pray the lord my soul to one of Union own s prominent Citi Zens was cuddling his live Lusty youngsters in their Beds in the absence of Friend wife had heard their Uttz Clr i i till u Viita Jill la herself in doorway but is when a certain thought struck him. Unable to restrain he remembered the Prontip Luniw ened children As they Oil with which Sloben. Jr., bad dash for stairs. Steam blows out Radiator valve. Frightened by a dense Cloud of escaping steam from the air valve of i Radiator ii room no. 5 of the Leisen eng no. 1 school just a few minute s before the opening of the session wednesday morning the children be came panic stricken and several were injured when they made a concerted Lusn for the stairs. During the time the children were i assembling in the room which is or the second door of the building More Nolice ahle. He a of. The country Freer ?22s-15 when the county failed o Forward that sum to. The allege inv Coli qty Ivory House of Licals of Fiat institution refused to Advance the amount to the probation officer. Fayette county official has Beeti forced lore was a nation s prop Essma red by More ii Lynn to Many urgent appeals for inc lines of civic and economic rent. In a word. No rope is Delro Niji . While she is slice Ldina the blood of in connect Iii with this amount Fayette i her manhood femoral my her womanhood and strife clip Lahood we he people of the i United Stales Are follow Vine in the Allegheny county i Oolep of Vinc Deslin. Such is War and Suc by to Lac s of divine destiny. Such is War and such is peace. Here at Home we have a situation to contend with which May be Causi Zuj some distress but in he main it affects lie More than the mass. It is no he fault of conditions so i the Allegheny officials refuse to Rico g Mir Lias it is the result of Man s Over but even work in a Niu Lou ii and within a radius of less Oliai ithe i tire amount allowed Bykow Frau a Twenty Are Dinon into be bowels of he and extra Clini a million dollars Worth weekly. Our Ellis Section Are county pays Oul monthly payrolls amount to As much As to millions More. On an ement Favette c Minim operations Are surrounded with every Safe and5 a Olegheh couniy5 gets Juard to like and limb. Our people Are prosperous and Roll civil f6 " e la or nov could. Some of our business men May have cause to Aru Nible. Lite other edibles were cooking n pan Khmer is. Davidson running for i 1.1 a meet Etc Street who has been most Faith i ing Wil be Cai Lold Rar next month to 1 in her work As accompanist during Complete the project. Preside at the wider use of. Inc school houses As Public buildings and the creation of a better neighbourhood spirit through the members Are being brought from Pittsburgh to augment the rut f in Nijen a Ter orchestra of tills place. I cities the school houses Are being Only will the minstrel he in or Lillei Benefit of mcil11 to " Ifni the rehearsals will preside at the. Ano at the regular performances dieting the music and playing for the Chestra of 10 pice in off Rinji Banks for a highly Salish Bielory year. I generally speak Ifil for he of the states which has done so much so promote this peace and pros a peril for the Hie sinus which have conic with plentiful crops and for he Beneficence of nature for the flood health of Wiir i selves and our families and for All the in Fly and favors of mum us arid a fruit cake a few ticket contributed s100 to the Cam-1 paid for tickets is to be used Durinzi. Minutes later she turned off the of Charley Schroyer. A Jive comic us a incr in providing cloth Lary for keeps and went off about her bus his account tiled Loday with ing and food for a number of worthy Uoss while the heat stored in the of courts Richard Davis. Davi i families on the Elk s Charity fund au-1 oven cooked everything to sri Clion. Spent All told he con a that the patronage promises to be an j tented himself mainly with the Dos Good is proof of the Quality of the mine victims to be buried go to Clerch sm4ay in mind to i Iurco ii sunday matters of civic welfare forma part of the act Levities of some such Organ children. 0 lord. Nations entertainments Are frequently conducted while the educational Tributino of his election fund by the show and of the. Big hearts of is after with Good literary party however account Luigene t. Norton candidate evidenced by his town s citizens. J Cugene t. Norton candidate for Milto the two old vestry men j programs or addresses by Well known speakers. The organization of the club was j urged by superintendent f. Wright Jin his talk at the dedicatory exercises for the Craig school conducted is the remains of Patrick Dowd and Ivo lers according to his account which Nonias j. Kane victims of a mine expended for postage and fill m the stale of Wasilj Eglon a jims costs amounted to Rived in Uniontown this morning. Kel Charles l Dave him too i 1 u. Spent Triail u Lui ulcer Hoo director i two of is. Peter s Oidest vestry men am pointed out the piously ill that their Svith which the for Pic Craig school con Are seriously Iii emphasis cd More general use of school buildings As a Center for trip across the country. The bodies will be removed to Phil ill lit i and to i nominal i Quiem u p0i a coiling to his statement hied. Oheare so , of mis Kane at i Rok .1 cd Pio Mali d for the Tup from i Hll Lipi o Dnn Lwi and i ctn All the i tails Are not j it Complete it is Able Lylial the 0. A. Ii. Of Jason town to which Boll or Kane and or. belonged will atle Iid inc service in i body i. Scime was .1 inc bit Ilie c i a in idol Linoir to the 0 ii v. Ola Titi eel was refill la easier till Itu of t n Odice of Burgess j morning it was thought he a Craig Bui Ding was equipped for such the auditorium with a capacity of 3do furnishes an Ideal Gath ering place music Icv oink Ubavic talks conferences and just Plain communal go to make up inc Piot inuit in South Joseph a. "kit-1 much improved. In Buskin i Jolin Thorndell tiie Junior Warden similar Vigini zillions who has been confined to his Home in places Silun Outing i Antu Street air the 111-, o ii in thu ii i plans for thou Bast showered upon us in so splendid a measure we thank at a Masting no. Thee. 0 Jod. From the very Bottom of our hearts and hat while we Hope by dispensations shall continue ibo i two Conkins not for Jet the Pooi. Be Bull and the Blind for her loom was set As Dau i l " eral Church attendance by everyone in j the county. I go to Church sunday is an annual event conducted in Many parts of the country. Those behind the movement ire endeavouring to make it a Day of Observance for those tenants who desire to. Manifest their s beliefs by coming to Church Hanter shot in leg goes to Hospital Joseph Sandusky who was shot in he leg a ago last saturday while Rabbit Hunting in company b. K culled amenities in and his son Dennis there is no in the Tim s condition and Iii recovery i petted in i i t Thongt h St 10 k move him to the 10 in can secure us uie i Burgh a Nome at the i i with his head swathed in d. Wartina. Coloured appeared at Niagara shooting the rapids of would vol be a Whit More Ihan the spec it Trio of. Senator Doles porno to up Iron Long the. Ilex us Lleah. Nom the pics Dency. Weeks was taken to Cleveland Dav to enter i Crile s Hospital in other a boy la this morning and made of j lion against Humphrey Bell for As Sault and Battery. Hat Nigga a bounced a pop Hotler ii m Bein live limes declared the Lum Jagod negro. I Hen i5-11 had been rest no i patrolman John Stanley and was thus Brinn Asimus to attract tin r. Being last from mis Thorn of the or ight Orihood 1 Tho Hairom i the or the club is a ready being discussed with much a inn Ltd him mom i Luslie High Mil to had stood the trip to that City Vei Well. Seymia of Flint Wail Hisiu bolts he Lei a Constable up the d he Irinod to Mas Licate me with k the is of Coon hollow Ori j old by Alicd at a Healing in Ollice on the this Uniontown repair shop Street Bell Bonc 1643, res. 609-1 new ready for business we wish to announce to All owners of machinery that we Are in position to Lake cafe 6 All mechanical and to have men ready at All time s for and emergency Liwaj arise at Lour plants on boilers engines air Tony pret sors and pumps. Give us a trial and be j. N. Timmer

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