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Weekly News Standard (Newspaper) - November 25, 1915, Uniontown, PennsylvaniaThursday 23, 1015. News at a Noah r improving 4cousftcs of Law court room How woman came to sue the pank How she came to withdraw her action and How she came to withdraw her withdrawal. Of mall Mailer. Two deliver ies in la business District in the morning. All i a Tirles will by Mado from to minutes to one hour earlier than the time usually made on other improve the acoustics of the am mails will to dispatched the larger court room decorators Are now same As on other . Special do at work placing heavy strips of Felt liveries will be delivered As Sun otherwise rearranging the Interior promptly upon re Coll. Lobby will of the room in preparation for Tho lie open nil Day to Box holders As us heavy grind of criminal and civil courts which Slit next month. Com plaint has Long been made that the voice of Justice As uttered from the judicial Bench has been weak and at times inaudible. Attorneys too have Dilli culty in sex i Landing their vocal cords to reach the listening ear of court jury and Public. With the result that the improvement was decided upon. Koine ref rescuing a congregational Mec Lunf a ctr on being brought a in. Limn whore mrs. Ijiri Niju win Monif Niv rate Mcd a cull u at term Alia so the ceremony Contd her lather. The Llev. Or. J. H. To Romly Pistor of like place an planned. Al riot Baptist Church of heading ulterior interests at work How the situation is being worked by individuals political scores ,0 Settle and How lawyers secure clients and add to the sum of litigation. Aum or will be done together minor alterations. With Ollier wheelers know where to bag game who knows t in Wheeler Brothers residing in the Northern Sec City office Tholt out local events Al riot Lla list cd Macli Friday november 21, Iii Ujj. I wednesday november 22, 190d. _ of up flux a00 grocer of the e Kant and of v o was destroyed by lire entailing u ors ready Market Loi the i vim i d he ii Thiv bunnies at cents each. I i rum news Standard files locooo.000 covered by u Kov. Josiah Mansell. Who s4 tic of rendering lard from Over the lire. Uly Ull Bun m i slipped and pitched Forward. He saturday november 19, 1910 hands and arms going into Aid Mou of the .1 a i tuesday november 18, 1390. Announcement was made Liat Coo Coke ovens would lie built by the of Young Man of that place was shooting latest and strongest added to list is that of present tax collector j. Searight Marshall illness of 18 months. Mull Hunt this year was 11 rabbits. 11 pheasants and nine Grey squirrels 1 a very year this Trio consisting of Kay Inonu. Bruce and Charles shoulder i their Bruties and hit the Trail Back i the i the ring will insist on gainer thursday november 20, 1390 the news Standard printed the tuesday november 22, 1910 there were plenty of thanksgiving turkeys on the Market at 23 cents full dressed. Rev. Or. J. H. Bromley Sermon at the Union service i Dinini Straton the Case of Mary i Olla and her business relations with officials of the first National Bonk has interjected it of their own particular interest in Public self into a troubled local financial in Ami they always return Well Loa 1 As awakened her suit brought Aga not rank cd. They were away to Days this meeting of the City m Semans jr., and John 11. Strawn season returning saturday evening receiver for the first National organization of the new Council and Happy by the receipt of their monthly i the of municipal appointees fir checks which amounted to ice her subsequent action in withdrawing i the suit which is to recover abated until the meeting of the fathers the first monday in january the distribution of executive work. One of the most important positions and a later move made by her coun Sel George Patterson in rescinding her action of withdrawal Are causing comment Here. Drawn into the office of a local at Torney and her action used for the Blu Clit of local politicians whose actions Are directed against the defendant i the suit the woman appears in tiie Light of an innocent tool. I at this time a statement of the facts j in the Case May be of interest mrs. I i Oliak was drawn first to the Tolice of attorney Patterson by interpreter John Kamensky. She wanted a judg ment opened. In the course of Tho interview the question of payment of fuck Sam is preparing Lor debt costs and fees arose. Then Santa chins Rush. Thousands of do came the woman s statement that her liars of Stamps in preparation i the funds were in the first National Hank parcel Post demands Jor when she exhibited tiie Bank Book to packages have been Ami air. Patterson the suit against additional clerks and earners to Jolt m. Bank followed. When the statement hired Lor Over the Holiday which Council will have to fill is that of cily treasurer. Taxed with the responsibility of collecting the Revenue due the City including levies assess ments and taxes of All kinds tile position is generally regarded As one of valuable ones of the administration. The tax collector s Tolice is entirely alone away with and the City treasurer assumes All the responsibility of that by tie Workings of the third class City charter. The amount of salary to be paid to the one holding the Vilice will be fixed by Council. Already six local men have Bee. Mentioned As prospective candidates and i i oils have been Active in til a half of some to secure Tho Plum. In Muilman James e. Gainer of the a Volte title and Trust company is no Choice 01 ring men for the Posi Ion some of the citizens arc favor the first mesh Odis episcopal Harry Johnston shipped 20 minor Cas to the Somerset show. Monday november 18, 1895 sunday november 23, 1890, wednesday november 20, Fata attack of membrane guests at the West end hotel in i loved a game dinner which included the room will be ready for occupancy j. Harry Johnston lost a valuable horse by Colic after the animal had been allowed to indulge Iii a Good feed of Green Corn. Sunday november 18, 1900 More than 20 denominations were ulu in i Uniontown a Cordier by january 1. To the report of the religious census enumerators who had canvassed tins town the Day before. Mrs. Mary m. Mckinley Mother of cars. Mrs. George deck died at the Home the Brick of the of her son in Law in Oliver at the age of 67 years. Ii was a delightful Day and Many parties drove to the mountains. Mer stood at go and it was though was Lih d last week the Liui Utown in practically All the cities towns and morning Herald which has been hamlets having Post Ollices. In Tiv 10 or. Ever since to Koa ally 520.0110 in Stamps was re Ilku Rcd in the Deal which bought the. Cei Ved by postmaster Harry Hasan of news Standard and changed its Noli local office and stored in Trio Natick the averments in such tonal Hank of Fayette county s for the Christmas Trade and the regu Lar stamp business of the t Nion town Ullic. Lii la arrangements Are bring made Lor the enilo Zinent of from ill id additional clerks and carriers during the next live weeks. As the Posto Clicc department has been urging the people to Mark their manner As to reflect on both or. Semans and receiver Strawn. This was saturday last. In monday Andrew Polshik. A Rran of the Spanish Amel lean War. And son of mrs. I Olla. Came to the Hank and declared to both receiver Straw n and or. Semans that the Liling o f the suit had been a mistake. Ii for it. Was offered no induce ment to Slop her suit and was Mado no Promise beyond the fact that inter est on her Bond would be paid when i. Fell due. Her Bond deposited in the Bank for Safe keeping was ready to he turned Over to her. She was made no Promise of the. Payment of As a matter of fact her Bond at its present value is a much better secur Ity. Than her Deposit of the no sooner had word been received in Uniontown that the Case against or. Semans and or. Strawn was lifeless than the hand of hostile interests Dis played itself. Attorney Patterson summoned Anton s. Pollac. A Nephew of the woman finally mrs. Pollak herself was prevailed upon to come to i a Tor nov Patterson s office. The result was that the woman was induced to sign. An order counter manding her earlier withdrawal of the action. Attorney Patterson her counsel Well known As one of the associates of attorney Lee h. Brownfield part owner of the morning Herald through whose columns lengthy details of uie transaction have appeared. Patterson and Tilrow Nield specialize largely foreign cases their participation what were known As the Gas company cases of a few years ago being particularly Well remembered. The repeated efforts of the attorn to maintain his Case against seitan. Mid the. Publicity Given Are looked up on Liy Many As an attempt to make a Scapegoat out at one of the Bank Oili coals and at the same time off a political score. It is through the morning Herat hint voluble protests have been made Hij by against unfavourable newspaper stories which have appeared in out of own newspapers reflecting on liar local h is this same paper a Liili now tells the Story of Mary pol Lak As guided by the hands of an in i crested counsel and it is employees of this paper who have been largely in in inspiring Many of the malicious stories which have appeared in the out of town press. Trial list for december term being completed parcels Thea Mihov a visit to his tag and mail then Mother who desired to explain tie a in the morning Early Litlie or. Strawn was too Busy with Bank Al fairs. Hut or. Semans agreed to visit the woman s Home. On the Way lie secured Rcv. Father Francis s. Sebik. The woman s pastor. At Revere mrs. Polshik declared that she was in veiled into bringing suit by attorney Patter son that she was perfectly Sali tied with the Security and that she desired to have the suit slopped. She declared that she was not responsible in the season in As Ash. The Christmas Hustle and Hustle it the various Posto flies begins car Ier Fach season. This year in addition to the shop Kari slogan which storekeepers and Postol Lico Ailt Hort Are teaching the Public the lat to have added further instructions o wrap plainly.1 people expect that no matter when hey mail their presents they should c Ieli Evered on or before Christmas Lay. But with the wonderful growth of Ircel Post such deliveries cannot he expected unless mailed in Advance of he Rush period. In order that patrons May have the advantage of mail no As far in Advance of the Christmas As convenient and yet not have the presents received until Christmas it is allowable and patrons a he Well former shoe Mercian Low engaged in the automobile dual less. Councilman elect j. A. Strickler s advocating Trio election of Nis Broth to 1c. K. Strickler. A Teller in the n a ional Hank of Fayette county. Or. Leob Hackney brother of a h. Lackney. Cashier of the first has a number of friends who ire urging his claims. Stasing their representations on the ground thai he was elected Lor a four car term and will have to step Asid with the induction of the new form of government friends of j. Searight Marshall Are Active in his behalf with t. Mecic Llan. It Cilman Elee urged to either write or use stickers Jeorge w. Hibbs. Would like the Posi .1011 and will have the backing of ills associate in the event there is any of his election. While the position will probably a he most remunerative on the City Rolls it. Will involve Many vexing Ems incident to putting into operation he new form of government. An in Ircy new so Slenn must be worked out requiring he services of one familiar with this kind of business. Taxpayers believe the new admin ii i ration will enable them to get a True inc on the financial condition of the City. In the past the Borough audits Lave been so incomplete or juggled to neet the needs of the politicians that. Ninny believe a fair presentation of the City s resources and liabilities the not Only will the present Force of clerks and carriers on All Christmas packages the words not open until Christmas present of augmented for uie Holiday season but it is very probable the enormous business will make it imperative that the hours of work be changed and from two to four hours additional time will be required from each employee who now Ever. Receive overtime and credit for this extra labor. In addition to the Post Wagon now in use three have been engaged two for the Rush seas on each will be manned by a Driver and from three to four carriers who will facilitate the delivery of incoming mail As for the outgoing parcels weighing tables will be set in the Job by and stamping of tiie parcel Post packages which May be insured and sent special delivery at Little addition Al Cost. Parcel Post popular during the last year the growth at the local Postof lice. Has been steady a comparison of the business in parcs pos mail Nione showing the following figures for the last year at intervals of six months. What the Christmas Trade will equal this year remains to be seen bin Tiia will be larger than Ever according to the postal author at the local Post office. For the first 15 Days in october 5.114. 4.062 packages were receive from other offices and 20 parcels Foi local delivery were distributed Here while during the same period a Tola of parcels were mailed Here. For the first 15 Days in april. 1015. The figures showed 5.54s received from other offices. ?.7 mailed for local de livery and 1.757 outgoing parcels. October w6. Broke the records with 6.371 incoming parcels. 119 local was White mrs. A. F. Copier were the Audilu Riim of the he by Terian Church was in the hands i j Lle to shoot Interior Ilee orators and it is expected. It there would he More pleasant Weathe before Winter arrived in Earnest. Lis consent. Willimin siness partner of c never been made. The recent report of snowed that Union town s liabilities exceeded her assets by approximately later it was claimed Tarj auditors forgot to mention Tho Street. sewers As an asset which if Dona would turn the balance the other Way. A minute appraisement of the Bor Ough s Pipperty and lengthy Examina Tion of All the Borough accounts will he the Only method by which the City will be Able to learn the exact state of her financial standing. Mayor George a. Bally forested Spectator while Puiia on his recent Eastern trip at a Public session of the utilities Bureau which took up the subject of valuations and the relation of the third class City charter regulations to this important question. Countrywide sex Perls on municipal utilities were among the speakers. Much of material interest to this City in the a of valuations and assessments was brought out. Saturday november 18, Daniel Eufield of Mill run arrived at Olarri Ihirg to Clear up title of his property after walking the entire Dis Tance from his Home to the capital. Warren g. Duna Ivay began his tenth year As agent for tiie news Standard at Fairchance. Lint four cases of any consequence two of them murder trials one the prosecution of the former school superintendent. Ii. F. Brooks and tie other the prosecution of Georgc h. Proctor were on the december list. Or. And a. T. O Neill were ionic from Cleir wedding trip to Cal fornia. Oregon. Washington and the Portland . Jehu concil. So years old. Of Mer Ristp on Solomon h. Johnson t years id. Of Smithfield. And mrs l Smith 34 years old of Uniontown died that Day. Friday november 13, 1s1u Fayette county Coke was be Iii hipped to Panama to provide Povse Tor the building of the canal. The members of the Christian brotherhood of the Central Christian Church enjoyed an Oyster supper at he close of their monthly meeting. Master John Miller jr., and miss Mary Graham were the principals in a toil thumb wedding held in tie first presbyterian Church. Miss Helen Halsley celebrated her twelfth birthday at the Home of her parents. Or. And mrs. G. E. Balsley. Or. And mrs. William Mcshane entertained a number of friends at pleasantly appointed dinner. Miss Estella of nude Barnes and the members of her bridal party were guests at a luncheon Given by mrs Brooks Johnson Goodin of Pittsburgh miss Marie Kelly of Denver miss Ruth Kelly of Fairmont who were the guests of mrs. H. K. Mac Quarrie. Were honoured at a "500" part riven by their Host and hostess. Was an in Phi Hidel parcels and 2.1s7 outgoing parcels. Or the daily Jor a grand total of s.g77 packages articles of parcel Post matter was h. H. Hormell dead South Brownsville. Nov. Harrison Hormell. Aged 71 years Trio oldest and Best known business Man in the Brown Sviles. Died at his Home Nhut this morning following an illness of about ten Dyt duration Lusi a Lille Over a week ago the late or. Hormell store. Despite his advanced age he was very Active opening his place of business in the neck about each morning and Reginai Nln there throughout the Day. Lie was prob ably the Best known Man in this Sec Tion of Fayette county and uie familial figure 01 Harrison a orium astride he favorite Saddle horse became a was stricken business duties in his routine in the Liroi Vns wednesday november 19, 1890 Hamilon Byers Well known and leading citizen of pm near died a his Home in that City. L. P. Vahi Texin. Owner of the War Ren g ass works arrived today am announced that he had suffered a Oss of in the burning of the Ilant. He was planning to rebuild. Isaac Semans purchased the hazzard property in East Fayette Street for a Isle hairier and son Grant returned from West Virginia bringing wit them one Large Buck. Two foxes to raccoons and one Large wild Turkey. Postmaster William Hugh Johnson of Woodside made information again four Young bloods of that Vicinity of disturbing the peace. Jesse Strickler of Vanderbilt am miss Leanora Core of High hous were married at the teed House. Tuesday. November 19, 1895. A horse hitched to a dog cart an driven by James Harford ran away o main Street knocking Over sign Post and scarring up show Case window until winded the animal was Langh at the Gallatin Avenue Corner. Tie tenth anniversary of the co cration of the episcopal Church b Bishop Portland Whitehead was celebrated by a reception at the Paris House. W was very Low. According t reports from country districts. A resume of the Uniontown a service showed that approximate were being served. Monday. November 19. 1909. George of Charlestown w. A. And miss Ada w. S Ockels of Man Nylon township were married hero new Bri k inn of til .1 i r i a orm Var re a a Liat Munging. The pc bids j Tion which Wuh oat a Gencia. Secretary would close its rooms for in present. Venison Rabbit Squarrel Quail Pheas unit Ami snit c. Proprietor Titlow and had Jeen limiting i and had brought Home with in Iii 2-Io , two rabbits and one snipe. Burglars blew up the Safe in the of Ces of d Shriver Stewart and his Roth Ralbert in Ohiopyle. Securing valuable watches but no Cash. Tuesday. November 20, 1900 census officials announced that Fay the county s circulation had increased during the preceding 10 years he population was 110.41i.1. Supt. Charles j. Coll of Tho Lemont nines resigned to become general manager of the Acadia Coal a in Spany f Cape Breton. N. S. The leaves were beginning to fall after an autumn which had extended nto tie beginning of Winter. The Veather had been unusually mild. Mercury was above 60. Irving h. Cotton of lower Tyrone Ogush Iti purchased the j. A Hutson Louse in Union Street and moved his Amily to town. Isaac Jackson resigned his position r. Uie National Bank of Monessen to capt a place in a Pittsburgh Bank. Saturday november 23, 1895. Word was received Here that miss Anna Keener and Chan Coy Kendall of Jerman township had been married at Cumberland. I the Street crossing at the inter Section of kit Yette and Morgantown streets was badly in need of repair. Isaiah Whitby was in a serious condition at his Home from injuries Cei Ved on a Hunting expedition several j Days before. Fell and in. Wrist and Side rendering scions for a time. Large production Early in week vanishes and prices stiffen with increased consumption monday november 20, 1905 the ii. tiie Sale of 111 Lickte to Rittsel Hiigli sunday. Officers had been instructed to Arall boys operating bean shooter As they were causing Inucci annoy Ince. Sheriff Kiefer and police officers Ere searching for the thieves who the houses of Waller Springer Samuel Wood near the fair pro Iid. Former employees of tie Bali Tele labor Supply is a problem Elveu on a lining several j ays before. Or. Whitby slipped and the minimum of ?2.no is now Al l and in falling Cut himself at the. Pushed and secured by he operators of Rist and Side rendering him the t Onnell Sivilie Region for Contaoi ious for a time. For the first half of the year it word was received Here of the mar was stated this morning by a Lead ii g triage of j. K. Rush and miss Kather operator. A Short time ago contracts Ine Lawrence of Salem. Of Iii which for the first half wore made at took place november 21. It was a Cul the a shoot of Coke production Mina Tion of All Indiana state Normal Fence these prices to and it is Romance. Impossible to prices in this figure for contract Coke at pres Friday november 23, 1000 ent. It is stated however that most of the contracts for the first halt of. Members of the w. C t. U. Held a reception n Tho Central Hristian readjustment in these Church in Honor of the new in Emikio who had joined the Union during the Gucci until the Lime Loi of preceding year. Miss Belle Doran. Who had been employed As a stenographer at Waynes Burg was Home for a visit with her these contracts. Spot Coke fluctuates slightly hut re Mains practically at an even Ligieri u eth the contract output. This wee i a Large production tilled Limo Railroad amounting to .73 of an Inch of u r result thai fell during the night. A social and musical was held by the Youir people s society of the first presbyterian Church. Ihone company were arrested in Pitts stir go charged with the robbery of thursday november 23, 1905 Joseph r. Laughrey 80 years old and a wealthy Coal Ami Coke manufacturer died i his Home in Davison. The Coroner s jury called a. James Ross killed while at stations in Uniontown october 2. I tempting to Rob Orin Moore exonerate Maje one of Captain j. Is. Hus i cd the latter from blame. Daily news Standard con Lead s big St. Bernard dogs was no and it was feared he had been stolen. Sunday november 20, 1910 aunt Betsy , Jne of Fay Ette county s oldest ".voir-en. Died at the Home of her daughter mrs. Albert Clark at Centerburg o., where she lad been visiting. Or. And mrs. H. Franks returned from West Virginia where the former had been on a Hunting trip bagging i total of 21 rabbits. Edward Herbold appeared oppor the Market went to ?2.25 earlier in us week but recovered to later. Another operator states the Connellsville Region is now working at it capacity. With a greater Effort a larger output probably could be secured. The activities in the under the stimulus of work and goo a wages for All have been carried at a Pace sufficient to meet All ii Mae demands. Over 00 per cent of tie most vexatious to the mine owners is the tendency of some of tiie Regii nunely and saved tiie chickens in Harry inks Coop in the Yard of the inks Home in tie East end. Maraud ers were at the Coop when or. Her bold heard the noise and aroused the inks family. Or. Ii. Spence was granted a three months leave of absence that he might accompany e. S. Hackney in a tour through the Orient. Saturday november 22, 1890 William Wilholm of re i Cei Ved a letter from his son Dan was at port Louis in Mauritius in the Indian Ocean about 00 Miles East of Madagascar. Daniel Huston one of the oldest ainu most respected residents of Union and the father of Frank Hus ton of this place died at his residence tas Rlou of or. And mrs. T. D. Bliss. Or a. W., one. To it All of these men could to Lin jul steady to their jobs the operators would Liao no difficulty solving inf labor staler an authority in uie Coke Market today. As it is Tois no shortage of men in the Region at present although it May to said work for everyone who wants to thousands of families in county will enjoy a Happy and prosperous Holiday season this year As n result of the Prosperity which come to tiie Region. Bank have increased while mercantile bus iness reports a real Boom. Mor Money it is predicted will be spent in the Storey Here during the Holiday season than has been expended i or years. Bliss and daughters mrs. George b. Kaine and children and miss Bessie Bliss of Florence Alabama who had just returned from a three months trip abroad. Mrs. Phoebe Witt and daughters were hostesses at a Large and elaborately appointed reception at their Home in Willson Avenue. Wednesday november 23, or. And mrs. Frank be Willen and family left for Doylestown pa., to make their future Home. Prior to her departure for a Winter in California friends of mrs. S. Jones save her a Farewell Surprise. Harry w. Altman left for tie East where he expected to see the army and Navy Anil the Penn Cornell games. Members of St. Paul s lutheran Church save their pastor and his fam ily a donation Shower. In Church Street november 21. Colonel Andrew. Stewart offered to anyone who would explore the Cav Ern which had been found under his farm monday november 24, 1890. Mrs. William Mcclelland has re turned from Kirmington. Ala., where she was the guest of her parents or. And mrs. Joseph Hadden. Turkeys were being sold in Union town at 16 and 17 cents dressed. It was announced that All bars of town would be closed at 10 o clock thanksgiving Day. Seventy five invitations were issued by Little Alice Messmore for a maypole. Anil birthday party which she gave at the teed House thanksgiving. Sunday november 24, 1895 her revolver on Iren Wao were he i cheat River was still very Low de tempting to enter her Home in spite tiie recent Snow and rain. Street and it was believed she had Dis a colonel h. E. Robinson was bidding outraged for the time being the Farewell to his friends prior to his ight prowling which had kept thai departure for fort Sherman Iowa. Region terrorized. J it was announced that the net re Sam of the second Ward in ice its of the birthday party held Sev pertained 14 friends it a Turkey dinner j Cral Days before in the first Presby in Celebration of the recent Lle Public Terian Church amounted to ?217. Can Victory. Many Uniontown people were mrs. I Oldsey Lessmore fell Down i Ning to attend the Jacobs Carsten wed Friday november 22, 1895 mrs. William Kemp opened fire with her revolver on n in who were at a the trial list Tor the december and handled in the Uniontown Post office about four years ago he was strict-1 by or. S. Jordon. In by a similar attack of by Ghl s Dis ease but after a prolonged illness re in Vert. For the past week his condition Bud been precarious but Hope was entertained for his recovery. Open i Nec Elised is survived by his widow the m. Thompson. De. S. Hackney and Springer went to Pittsburgh to attend Tho show. William ii. Lwellen left for Fairmont to Lake charge of the Fountain inn. In Cir is of Mcke Sporl. Former mrs. Ley Elsmore e own eng o a stairs in the rear of the Messmore Ding at Brownsville november 27. Block and sustained a badly sprained i i saturday. November 24, National bunk of Fayette county declares its Semi annual dividend. At a meeting of directors of up National Bank of Fayette Coaney this morning the Semi annual dividend of 12 per cent was declared for lie Bene fit of the stockholders. Distribution of til is amount of the Bank s earnings was adopted following reports show ing the Bank to be in a highly Prosper Ous condition. The dividends will b payable to the stockholders on and after december 1 and wi-1 be by Check. Attorneys. Geo. M. Hosack attorney at Law 1113 Park building. Pittsburgh 1 a. General practice. Telephone Long distance Bell Grant 922. Augelli. L. H. Frasher attorney it Law. 1900. Office in Dawson Law building near 1. Thirteen Hundred and eighty one court House n 57 Enst main Street thursday november 22. 1900. Children were enrolled in the Public. Uniontown. Prompt attention to col .1. Dawson Aiu Davis Henderson j schools according to the report for sections and All Legal business. Were taking the Linal examinations for the month. Admission to the Fayette county liar. Shingles were being blown from i Hibbs had typhoid fever at roofs and the Valley War in the grip of no lit his Home in Lincoln Street. Attorneys at Law offices Corner main 111111 Gourd streets Sions for several years. Sen ses stamp and general delivery windows i will he open from s a. M. To 12 in. And from c to s p. In. Ali Ormeli 01 Morigi Uminn. In. .-.u, Are civil Liere will be no deliveries made Bulj Irsai have been made for Tho Hryce Chi Dreu Thuv Are mrs w. O. Christ of tack Cespon. Lormey ins in Iii. In i-.. Regular nor Caslor r no Mison i id i i Irr o Hormell la of Uniontown purchased the Union a train passed Over the new won .1. S. Carroll t Rev Sumic f f town Agency of the Pittsburgh now Dike Railroad its so cd too teachers ii Iii of Aouni a Carp. Causing newspaper comment. County Institute. In. Q. Carroll. Attorney at Law. M wore Harry .1. Mall hews and miss Mary Joseph will iced Hough county Oil ice in Blackstone building room Ision of a Houche kenyans were married at Ilio treasurer died at his Home in second floor head of stairs. Union Sorgan Home of tie Bride s in for ,1 lingering illness of Tot in. A. Jan 1 15 Gan town Street to Venber 21, or. Mat two months. In is. Who had contracted typhoid or. 0. A. In linger who had bitten ii. 1c. Mac Quarle. At Tintcy at Law. Lever Between the issuing of the wad in Galveston with the used Cross staff of Kayette county build tvs 19, 1905 apus Church it Dine invitations the Dale 111 Cloit Willil lieu sum. t l i ult cil usus Iii sure the flood rett irined to to. Both phones. Silt

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