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Weekly News Standard Newspaper Archives Nov 25 1915, Page 6

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Weekly News Standard (Newspaper) - November 25, 1915, Uniontown, PennsylvaniaPage six the news Standard thu Suay nov Mueh freight my he i Auto pushed along tracks for thirty or forty feet. But fortunately does not upset no Mem is Given him Young Man asserts he heard neither whistle nor another narrow escape at the of the most deadly Crossings in town. Fiji by in i he Kusi if i. It nun ii Linn deeper it tin labor Hrew by the my Vou d have been ground tin of the the nut Oist was j Roc ceiling to i Hon ii in Miflin Avenue of Citron a Nti Vilier heard a he was an hour. The track when him. And unable what Are a Figi iting for is asked c i i Iii l Muiir i tin i m i Mimi tin Mcdue i it Hool i t h in in the auditorium of us building Friday u in n it ii 3 in Pupik of t no t Hool Ohio mud in Guiou Halls him a Tractive auditorium to Libi Ilc Pioppi 1 1 h 1 01 m in Drdla .1 Giro to Ducat coital hour set for Tho sex patrons of lie Craig and in outliers of tie in a taif i tools of i Chinini from the Farnoux i my o til if 01 i la 1 Shrouf huk pit a1 nit i in Ibl Ith and Gay ferns and Lowers 7 i o Lof k u i i i in tin Una town i armies win people suffer vow arts again comos out with do Inland for end of covering with stupefying rapidity complains Volke Veltung let u make peace before it is too late Ujj j War of aggression not defense. London nov. Re papa f 1 Purs in Germany Aro now talking of i is in and chairs w in hmm lit in Iii Ami to i it i i it in i i Kholv. Duly to 1 of no As Minuit Pissi Ilowit of to Mafir the t lir Nuil Othi t him u Liou i i i inn n t program by the tilth Stim and he male quartet in Len a since it vice ol1 ill Rabs Salb to be angry at his appointment Sultan of Egypt. Daniels fights builders j peace and Trio desirability of Penrou Intro deed mini it to be. Oniya talc which Robi inked pub h j cation a. Week ago after having born n h fyn govern in it Lor a Parent tej i a Pear. Pica it published i even Iii in of the Jafie school Ilieff of Rinn Nick Abonit rank team Pica a zilch it published Renews its demand in Strong hmguns1 action no Tho part of Tiia Tro she improbable in View of Tho 1 act thai repress of to several other leading papers Are 1 or. Hinitt Linn permitted to discuss Tho same Kiib Bijj. I refer a to the solid Fonda ii tie von averts flatly demands j riven the democracy of America fairly Astri struck him. In jump from Ilie machine was left helpless in he Power of Lite moving train. One Side of his ear was badly battered his fenders and lights j a t re smashed and to entire car dam a aged. The motor still ran. Haw and the car was brought Back in Xvi. The last prude Eros Sint Accident at poorer Moro intolerable. The Hiir Point occurred Early in the safeguard in Tho 1 against when attorney Nicholas Hnsen Bers the increase of prices would to the jumped just Cluj car in which Poedy termination of the War. Tho great manufacturing interests i to popular press and even Tho Imperial Chancellor declare that there Tho end of the avar saying the real canuso of the of living the Long duration of Tho War. To j every successive week of the War lit fat found school immediately after founding Fth it very Plain that to be truly Eli event t of i a Jishi i Dpi r it 11 ii v to renders the economic met nation Mohe Riligh Woli As 1ilo pm spils he. Was Riding was ground to pieces beneath a engine. Many accidents Hiiva marked the history 01 t Anionio in Crossings Ermio Loo Well to be forgotten by i Resi dents of this Community. Springhill no reason for terminating the stink Gle Iccino that Germany Bolda Bel Gium part of France and part of Hun sin and ban the Road to Egypt and Tho indies Frao. What does All this prove that we Are not fighting id Elza Warrian mrs. Laura Lloyd of con culls Ollk is Al shins mrs. John Kwing . Marlon. It will be an for taught to of protect our Frontier but to add to our j the Vossis Chc Sayn Icv cry serious 1 or practical edic business principles vol. The East enjoyable part of the program was lie music nip Givon by jibe High school students in the orches tra Leo club and Jiva Root who rfcs Dorod hit t Oll Wing numbers j a Kircou a by Tho or Fliestra tra inc Sci and hungarian Fiance no. Violin by Alex Goldstein the Sun worshippers and in Oksom time by lie girls glee and loan to cry Liy the quartet Coin of William Ija Olair Lulian it is , Thomas Why i and Darwin in the orchestra Woro Darwin linger Alex old Stcin i Lorbert Ito Den cd that mrs. Bowman in Spring Bill at the log Cabin Hack in of Agar to div e u Olin instant consist Lara us ready and Smith Lake Johnson uie Liani lion. Germany in prepared a Inifi and Nell Scott notice to accept a pen cart the funeral of which shall correspond to Romeo a Tony at with the Sac which the War has imposed on 70 s the misses have returned Foj their Cousin or. A Imit up Scott. The Farmers and the Gallatin err will hold a meeting at Oak grove1 her and which at the same time shall Church Dee. Beginning Aio clock pc a. No or. Daugherty Ned Rosulin obtained. Tir is or a is to enter of in l Tain ideas of peace Una nor our to make Tonj school the most at Tractive and tie most Mellicient Grade i building in i Nion Lown and if ii. Only figures on building dreadnoughts in Navy Yards. Washington nov. In Otlien Effort to Bent Down prices of private contractors 1 or construction of Nava posse his Creary Daniels announce t that he would Call for bids from Stool makers to apply Hie Navy depart mini with go. Pounds of plates shapes rivets and casting is for use government Navy Yards in Tho con ski ii fion of battleships i and 44, the additions to the Fleet. , week Tho department received bids from private shipbuilders for the construction of these vessels and them As excessive. He believe that with tie government buying thu steel direct from foundries the Navy Yards can do the work More cheaply anarchy in Persia gymnasium and a. Pc Wimnie Wiiilie. He Iusi hit Al would he tie equal of a be commensurate in a certain degree j school in i its Burgh or i Weri Tern part of tiie state As Pravi Rii ban Beau made for departments Unis Ehold and manual arts. Nine room do their part and Are also ready for j building is a nine room unit i sacrifices. Let us assure them in a tie Luis Torii Iii which seats too miss Madonna cans has returned i rom Mckeesport where she has been Lucuis inv of the visiting relative and friends. J Friendly manner that it High Vitae Hal and the majority of our Farmers Are for Thorn to abandon their throats of Nim. Each end done husking Corn though Many have tic destruction of the German nation of in Glidius arc room wings More than half of their Corn yet to threats Wirich Are Noli Iino but words i with windows on two sides. Dict week Husk. There will he preaching Friday and saturday nights at Oak Grove Church in Rev. I Saunier Marion. Al so on sunday at la a. No. And 7 p. In. A cordial invitation is extended to All. A recent card from Myrtle Jour no Mckalen. States thai they have reach Honolulu and iliac they like it very Well. In a recent letter from mrs. She states that Egors Are 40 cents per dozen butter 40 cents per Kim to until potatoes lit Cenis per Peck. Aud hour co cents per k Pound sack Scio furrier states Itiat to lip people of the South have a life More free from care than people. Of the North. Some of them do but Little except to out to daughter socials and of ail of our Tii hardly suit at Home enough to Cook or oversee their meals Rons tautly i their Auto. Your scribe would like to know How make their Money on that. Bank or where it monies from we Are glad thai Ilie news Standard gave an account of the retrenchment of valuations in Greene county and Hope that to similar notion will he taken in these valuations have been too High for yearn and As an listen to Tho voice of As we Are ready to in repeats the Sites in the German press the or Pcrfectly-Tor-1 Nurt the de that sire is even More ardent that those1 journals appear to the Viies do Ilie enemies Alps and Tho Tiliano and the Channel Coin i knew Comfort this Way j j j the school May be emptied in a mini mum of time. The Bui Julins planned and erected in Archi Kocl Harry w. Latinan at an approximate Cost of and it combines the latest and efficient ideas i of school Bouskos. With its con Tor practically Tio feet from the Street. In a Small find pretty court formed Liy the wings the building has a do i ached air which makes in nost attractive. Red Brick while Jar file and term Rotta. Trim arc Yod effectively in it s construction. Ii in ii., combination of Muter Alp american minister assumes charge of Teuton interests ministers flee. Washington nov. Of a Aemi official nature received Washington indicate that practically a state of anarchy exists in Persia according to the reports troops of various nations Aro doing As the please in certain the govern ment being to curb their action. Many government officials Aro said have used Alfrom the areas in which the most serious condition prevail. Trio state that approval had Van Given Jyh action of american Caldwel in taking charge of the diplomatic in Toress of germ airy and ii Persia said that the minister had taken the step own initiative. Hammers takes cases into Chicago Market at 25 cents. Chicago nov. Thousand housewives Are to be called upon by the local chapter of the Antiona housewives league to help j Henry Philadelphia s fight ins 031 the local vg2 . Henry Lias he head quarters at the j3rigs.s House Chocs or eggs to Case All ready to be hurled into to breach. Every dozen of these eggs mus be sold to the conf Eumer More than 26 cents. Unless grocers promised riot to charge More they Are refused purchases. S Hie our glorious victories or Ess pleasing. He Hal tool set in Cement for safety arc practically the Only Wood to win Why not quit Trio j int nigh doors and it in to i a but i really the wainscoting is formed of think Piave Sujlo Sciont. Piid genl Brick and the Walls of while k h to Muhle ilium to that plaster which with the. Fumed Oak for peace Hurriy work make an attractive Cochio i notifiers if it have by Victoria must t Abi nation. Each of the class rooms six electric. Semi Itu direct Mylius cast no Shadow provide almost perfect artificial illumination and an1 Beautiful. The same lighting fixtures Are used throughout the Bui uling. As for Tho drinking water system. Atonement ought to he fur Mie cum that All have to ardent desire it hero will he no Lack of pure ing assessment divided by 10. The i for peace. German nation included j for the boys Anu girls As four foun have been built on each Hoof being in an a Rativo Alcor it Eccl at each end of lie Hall and two in the Center act " evening the end fountains were banked with Delicat ferns and Vinos and were really Beautiful. We still have to reckon with probably most important of a the to since 1ss5, your scribe yen Russia who Noti Bstanding trem ii i in the new school the Ven o say that if put up at sheriff s Dous losses which she has suffered isl . The excellent air in the May. Be bomb planter Man arrested near Kingsland n. A munition ant. Kingslamb St. J., nov. Man j giving his name As Thomas Wallace was arrested inside the Fence of ammunition Plant of the Canadian car and foundry company Here. Chief of police Mclntyre is holding him Foi ignition. The Plant has been in operatic about four months and employs men. It is shipping ammunition t a Lifis. Xoi Liing was found on a lace to Lead to his identification. School Tux As returned delinquent from j in be Mun had to Deal Only Wilh Springhill was against or. J England it would not in Thompson and partners making Over ,0 1u Ancans 01 my Tuul and in All county and Road tax against their holdings of Coal in township for 1915. The Saino have paid taxes on Coal in one town ship to the stupendous sum of Over turns t an f o con elude peace wit flout the of future complications. How we still have to reckon Wilh it would not bring ready Money enough to pay these taxes. It is pure a time for tie authorities to Cali Hall in these matters. Recovering with stupefying rapidity. All tin same it is to Germany ? advantage of a favourable situation to Frank Crow uni mown Ami j Piir Cril for Carly i if stif allows Hie present Opportunity of wit is. I Jud will return i full find Only Tho children of flit first four grades of 1 Ark und Iho Glrst. Throo grades of Tho Kast lond lick tool will continue on half time his native town j Crawford in the drug Hansi less with the Robinson drug store. Ater lie came to Uniontown and for i time was associated with j. Kid Rit Miour. More than years ago to Inre biased Tho Fuller pharmacy tie i Roseni Home of the store bearing lame from or. John Fuller and con lulled a Husi Neso there until a failing forced him. To retire. Of aug Metic tonic ocies or. Crawford continued from first Page j ook particular Delight in his younger lays in any sport. He was regarded in one of Iho Foremost oarsmen Alpoim he Monongahela River although lie lever took part in ally Large matches. Jne of his j Avrile pastimes was Bicy Linig and Many hours lie spent with r. Denny o Neil county commissioner Gold and Orchid brocade Pale Orchid coloured net Orchid coloured r05e5 Ajja Gold a i leaves a Kurt 07 Pau Violet ii eke is Tiik Troi Sheau that will us the Pat Uke of mrs. Galt k Thol Sheau. Allegheny county Riding about Fay county. The two were warm Asso rates years ago. Kneeling at Hor bedside a a morning in Ayer. Miss Juno int Ter maid in hib Home of or. And j. P. , was painfully Proba Bly seriously tuesday morn. Ing when her night ignited from the open Gas stove at. Her Back. Miss Gutter who is a. Native of was a member of the trial Blit of German Hirth arose Inion own Lodge of and was a Jason of High standing. To also was de Lier then Knelt l member of the modern Wood Nien of Wilh which jn3 a h in the of de from the and the Llames creeping Cumberland Presb Tenall Churchi of i mans vile and never withdrew stove otters irom that Churchi after moving j o Uniontown. Lie served two terms n Council Weink elected on the Rcpnb-1 lean ticket of which party lie was i estimate. Clerks who have been Tou Hays a staunch adherent. His the pc paring them in eve in 1907 was marked by the con-1 accordance Logal conf Natiw venture to say thai the total Nins higher than the majority of this amount is against or. Thompson. Of the police station. Heas president of the body at that Inie. Or. Crawford was tie youngest of lire sons. Ins to o brother the suits Range from tie amount of Iii Cli a o sons s rovers Amne of Brownsville and attorney to less than the i0r of or crave Ford of Pitt Bubi go surviving. July 14, 1891, or. Crawford married is wife being , daughter if the late Charles h. Nush of Union 16 representing the claims of creditors of Gigli and of own. Mrs. Crawford two sons in 1 a daughter Luther scrap Ford Ibert r. Crawford and Edith l. Craw Ord survive. Funeral arrangements under the diction of Johnston Are As yet income cute. Interment be family of at Brownsville. T or intendant of Puritan Una paid his farm a visit int thursday i to pass ill the department of of sent your Karibo the pinned hereto and requested Ilia it be sent to the news Standard for pub heal Ion Din rim was both a surprise1 Delight to lie three Hundred men and Ninon Nackid the room Friday instead of a enjoyed every 1 i the unusual crowd ind to spend thanksgiving Here for being listki1 he state department of Achi cult ii. Or. And mrs. Or rank per Shixiu ii if of Minneapolis. .minn., and mrs. And children o i i. Are for or. And mrs. Are vis Ilioiu the Pennsylvania department and mrs. H. F. Of kist is1 now preparing n and or. And mrs j j. In s Vang list of farms in Pum Isyl Llo Pwood of Grain Street where Venia that Are for Sale. Anyone Jiva Ami ii Cli Ildron an guests ing a farm for Sale who is Ivil Lins to also. Or. And mis. Hiram Lre told dispose of it at a reasonable have gone for Hie receive Aid by writing to Dir rotary of apri Cul Uro at Orr for Probach its and All praised the ventilation syst i a Himli pm Vida for Stair spi ays of we not Only in Riff in. But Iii. It tic proper moisture. Altogether the building the Archit and Albraham. President i if school Board and f rum the Craig Street i Striet. Pulling but Praise from the veiling. Ile canse a tint insisted slates g Overn the Meliers of the of kudu cation ill evening to draft tax in i s i Belld Issyk for Soho of ill the Park Ami its. I is no Iii own will in1 presented t s of but it is pre the pupils ides and one the Central new building. Which were i Day in i e the rooms Occum in by clerks and carriers Dull in a body and tied up Ilie service. Tin Rule or ruin policy of the Republican Purly in any Antii of Lichoy t Winch Timve. A Iorii at Uin Mast and school Sinco Lui abandoning of the Park building. With thisfhautfo1 Mil Llin i claims to the sex Havo Beon entered the local receivers and defend ants in such actions while the suits ii surrounding Pennsylvania Couttie vary widely. Tie prothonotary s Force has Bee. F unable despite the Aid of clerks to keep Pace wit ii the business there being hundreds of suite i yet to be entered on Tho dockets. All of tie actions brought have been nun j bored and the writs have i sued so that they can come he same return Day. Many suits have not been brought attorneys admitted this morning. This i step was decided upon by a number of the lawyers in the belief that new developments will nullify the action now brought before sniff Wicent time has elapsed to have executions made on Hift Many estates by the sheriff. First Rush of claims entered against j. V. Thompson and associates is practically Over Tom is Over Lakhs run from s200 to a3 much As than 2300 suits entered up to Date prothonotary s of fice cannot keep up with the work. Even with additional clerks. Ever closer were not perceived by the girl lest in devotions until site was u mass of Lames. Her screams brought ready assist Ance and site was Given every Comfort possible uni the Burns around her body and limbs Are so serious that she was removed to the Hospital where it is possible site will be con lined for several weeks. The lire victim who is about 21 years Lias been in country for the last three years. For the last six ivc eks site has been in the employ of mrs. Lal Larre and was getting along nicely when this Accident happened. Merchants of the Chi Init is the tempt ing bait Hrinik up for exhibitors who Aro coming from Sill parts of Trio state. Fas cite Colin trans will be most prominent in the display however. In addition to the main display of chickens there will be Side exhibits of turkeys ducks sense. Pigeons and Ether Birds of the farm. William p. Of Hannersville. Pa., Anil a. Fred Kummer of Butler 1 a., the judges selected Are both expert Pohl try men arid have decided competitions in Many shows in the country. A special inducement is being Mailo. For school children to whom several thousand tickets have been distributed in Uniontown and nearby sections with the Hope of stimulating interest among the juveniles in the Chicken Industry. The association owns its coops and All other paraphernalia making it entirely Independent from the handicaps which generally follow the renting of such equipment. Meetings will to held each week by the members to Complete arrangements for the event the sessions being held at the Titlow. With All prospects pointing to a Dis play of More than Birds the an Nual show of the Fayette county Poul try association to be bold in the hush garage in the rear of tie Titlow hotel promises to exceed this year the High Standard and popularity attained by i former exhibitions of to barn Yard i fowl. Already the entry list has this is the last Day for filing suits i readied pleasing proportions and the o by made the first Mon Dato of the display is not until 13e a of december and the first Rush a Cher 13. Concluding on the Lgth. F claims entered against .1. V. Thomp in accordance with their usual sushi and interlocking receivership for Tom of placing All their show profits Lowry due on promissory obligations in the Purchase of premiums Ami at. An end. The docket numbers for for the following with tie in term reach Over and of this idea of creating More interest among any actions More than Rouru the exhibitors and in so doing by wild Seei Herships. What total of Therio claims valued at for a can Marrh and the association has arranged a list hold medals ribbon funeral expenses off frred by i auspicious beginning of thirty first yeah Friday marked the thirtieth anniversary of the dedication of St. I Eter i i protestant episcopal Church by right Rev. Bishop Whitehead. While the dedicatory services were elaborate and Beautiful no attempt was made. Of commemorate them Friday. However t be Church is beginning a year s work Vilich has a and a broader View thai Ever before. Menalled town ship Dunbar and Scottdale parishes Lave been Allied with St Peter s Par so which is pushing its Circle outward n every direction. Then too in the last few years St. Eter s Church has taken its place As he Leader in movements for the Bette r nent of the town. The Parish House formerly judge Nathaniel Ewing s res Dence purchased and opened about a year ago is at the service of any Engin nation or organization needing it for any civic charitable or Church purpose while the individual members of St. Peter s Church Are leaders in clubs. Morris estate is an estate valued at is left by Milton Morris late Constable of the sixth Ward Uniontown. To his wife. V mrs. Catherine l. I Norris in his will which was probated yesterday. At the Vidow s death the estate is to be divided among their tour children Morris Helen Morns Donna Morris and Milton moms or. Coal holdings in Harrison county. West Virginia Are Loim sold to meet time Tim Coil is valued

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