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Weekly News Standard Newspaper Archives Nov 25 1915, Page 1

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Weekly News Standard (Newspaper) - November 25, 1915, Uniontown, PennsylvaniaThe Only democratic weekly in Uniontown volume 9--no9. Uniontown pa., thursday november 25, 1915 per year escaping steam starts pupils of Leisenring room on a rampage and three Little girls Are injured. Brave teacher swept aside Burgess Warutian composes Pra i m who has not heard that Little lie alacrity the More studied attempt of in its. Simplicity which nightly lulls is cn0ugh to under the Little ones to rest and gives to All stand combined with the Dada of a certain sense of spiritual Comfort a John Boyle the youngest. Why not a rhyme nation wide in its popular a morning thought to carry miss Minnie Miller throws herself in doorway but is unable to restrain fright ened children As they make dash for stairs. Steam blows out Radiator valve. Ity it now 1 Lay me Down to sleep "1 Pray the lord my soul to keep. If 1 should die before i Wake i Pray the lord my soul to one of Union own s prominent Cili zeus was cuddling his five Lusty youngsters in their Beds in the absence of Friend wife had heard their offerings to the maker on High Hail turned the Light Low and was retiring when a certain thought struck him. Lie remembered the promptness with which Robert jr., had made to his prayer to him How Nathaniel Ewing had followed with scarcely less the Day ran into the mind of this sturdy citizen. Late that night Burgess r. D. War Man arose from bed and composed the following and now when i arise to work "1 Pray the lord i do not shirk and if i die be fore the night i Pray you find my work All someone sent it to Mother s Maga Zine and it captured a ?5 prize appearing in the current Issue. Ail of the warn Ian boys Are now saying the morning prayer As Well As the Evan ing offering and it promises to gain More than passing popularity. Frightened by a dense Cloud of escaping steam from the air valve of a Radiator Iii room no. Al of the Leisen ring no. 1 school just a few Minuter before the opening of the session wednesday morning the children be came panic stricken several were injured when they made a concerted Rush for the stairs. During the time the children Wen assembling in the room which is on the second floor of the building one of the children unscrewed the air valve of the Radiator so far Lii at the Force of the steam blew the valve out of its seat. The sizzling vapor immediately spread throughout the room in a choking Cloud. By United press nov. Realizing the danger of a panic the Cruiser teacher. Miss Minnie Miller of the bar. Placed herself at the door and1 to . In mexican West adored to Calm the then Thorou ii a coast to protect americans and others in irishmen de children. As the door i threatened by the Vainini Indian raid of the room swings outward in com hers. The san Diego carries to a Plia uce with the state Law. Her efforts irises who will be landed it necessary to restrain the panic stricken protect american lives and prop were unavailing and the concerted icily. Rush swept her to the stairs i Admiral Winslow was invested with the noise of the Rushing children i discretionary authority. The san alarmed the pupils and teachers of Diego will not be Able to reach the the other rooms in the building and scene of disorder for six Days. The lire alarm was sounded quickly mollies where trouble is greatest is emptying the building. The injured about 15 Miles from then o i american lives Are so far known to Ball aged 13, sprained ankle been lost. Anna Danko. Aged fainted Smitj Fering from and bruises Anna Morgan aged 12, Chest crushed in the Jam Oil the stairs. Miss Morgan is the most seriously injured although physicians have not yet determined the extent of her in juries. Several other pupils were bruised slightly. The p. O. K. Are tired a wee by Appio pensive but exceedingly Happy because. There is scarcely a seat left for the show thursday night and a big House is promised for Friday. In addition to the hundreds of tickets is schved Ilie matinee afternoon is sure to be Well patronized by the younger generation Espa what seems to be the most wonder by United press new York. Nov. Ford to 1 Day announced he had chartered the liner Oscar ii As a peace ship to sail from new York on december i carry american delegates to a peace ing fill stove in the world is on display a conference to to held in Europe. Today at the people s furniture store plans for the peace i a p ill Lilian is do my lbs Vot Verv a definite. U is admitted. V rfngmth0 tse Nofz new he at and the conference will be held nine labor Saver manufactured by the eco Neutral country but just e Thermal company of Warren o. I not been determined. It will be a. an interested audience of entirely unofficial conference but Ford approximately 75 prominent House said he was confident it would be give wives of Uniontown mrs. Milliken in the support of All peace advocates baked boiled Fried and roasted vege in other Neutral countries. I have chartered this peace ship Lurono to Call into life go Al said Ford. "1 Ford told president Wilson of his plans at his White House conference yesterday. He not say whether or not the president had approved it. Tables meats and pastries in the of this magic stove. Not Only j to were broken All the Laws regarding no intr. The transfusion of flavors. The length what Way i Ell later of time required for cooking the Vari cams articles and the watchful waiting policy followed by most Cooks but the demonstrator proved by the most irrefutable of tests that her stove Couch do All the almost unbelievable things t Rcd Ted to it. In the first place she put into the oven a containing a cup of Rice suit and three cups of cold an uncovered roast with i to and one half pounds of pork Loia and numerous potatoes a contain ing sauerkraut and pork chops a . Of peeled onions covered with salted water and two Sweet potatoes one Large and one Small for baking. Thor. The lighted the oven and when the Mercury thermometer on the Oyen door showed the proper heal she slipped into the compartment where tiie other edibles were cooking a of muffins and a fruit cake a few minutes later she turned off the Gas for keeps and went off about her bus final right for Possession or Little Balkan country is evidently at hand trouble in House of lords by United press London. Nov. Teutonic Al lies Are face to face with the serbs Northern army today. The final Light evidently is at hand. Olli Cial news from Vienna tells of the austrian capture of Mitro Vitza let us give thanks there will be Standau to Morrow instead its score or More of employees will repair to Lii ii various places ill Wor ship give thanks o almighty Iod i of ii Happy and Prosper Ous year and Devoir the rest he to seasonable recreation. H is the in Kinin of this institution. Ilie tier in foreign office announces or Isth s occur at by German and tins year the. Hirer of Hie big Lars. The two towns Are a Miles Sta Xoai i l ii Hie apart on the famous blackbirds Plain i will on fills Plain stretching from one town ii to the other the serbs Are Cut Reich. Itself Riillo a greater aggregation. This year we join Wilh lie Hundred Odd millions of souls living their lives in d. Whether the germanic have come up with the serbs in sufficient Force yet for an immediate at ack is not . Trouble in the lords. By United press London nov. Censorship Over the of lords was advocated by lord Derby today in recruiting speech at the Stock Exchange. "1 can give the direct he to lord St. The speaker referring to u Hie presence of Woien at Heli Dequar is. I am in a Iio Sirion to do Der use ships and stripes in a Caius of i Timise him from whom ail mow. This year we enjoy the of peace and plenitude. Perfect flip re us ill o Icell inc world p Eon Laradis Ope inc Biol her elaborate settings. Typical sons. A leasing skits and music nature this year s production which us Many novelties to introduce to from All accounts there is -.0 doubt but thai kit minstrel Sei a Neu Siau Dard for future Lioi in Luhn . C. Wil be this year a lilt the include Herman wi.---c-. A. Walter whaler. Ivan r. Bank George Kirk and i Tarry Levy. George u. Rolkin and Philip j. Callachan Are tile Ballad Singer. While the out it is composed her Ger Ted Deforest s. P. Flenniken and i Atil Fletcher i the chorus Are Fred Miller Losch Kollmer o. M Shomo. Bernard c. Todd. Thomas Joseph j. Michael Zed n o gent would have said wha ird David said and no guilt la i wiil believe million italians lost. By United press Vienna. Nov. Million italians wounded the lint the recessional Hod of or fathers known of old lord of our far Flung Batlle line beneath whose awful hand we hold Dominion Over Palm and Pine. Lord god of. Hosts to with us yet lest we forget lest we forget. The tumult and the shouting die the captains and the. Kings depart. Still stands this ancient sacrifice an and a contrite heart. Lord god of hosts be with us yet Cust we lest we forget. Because of the inability of Fayette county to meet its obligations work House refuses to Advance Money is one with Xin Evoh and Tyre if drunk wit ii Sis Jet of. Powder we Loose that have not thee lord god of hosts be with us yet for Heathen heart that puts her Trust in reeking tube and Iron shard valiant dust that builds on dust. And Suan Lens Calls not thee to Liard. For frantic and foolish word thy mercy on thy people. Lord Kipling. Live been killed or lighting with the it is Tat in an official War Oprice bulletin to h. Springer Lawrence 11. Hirsch ii. Malone Clarence i relay Julian Kose Baum. Lesse u. Honnet a. Earl Eulars occupy prist1na by United press nov. 21.- hungarians have Pristina it is officially an a unwed. Urgent request on Greece by United press Athens. Nov. 2-1. An urgent request needy families Are hard hit inability of the county to meet the payments for the last three months on the fund used for distribution among the families of men serving sentences in the Allegheny county workhouse for failure to support their Homes has caused discomfort and in some instances suffering among these families. Temporary suspension of payment on the county s obligations it was stated yesterday was due to a Lack of funds. This condition has Arisen from the failure of tax collectors to make returns in the usual amounts on their tax duplicates and the shortage of in the county Treasury for which suit has now been brought to recover by the county. As a result of this shortage and in ability of heavy land owners to meet their taxes the county has been handicapped to meet current obligations and the desertion and non support fund has suffered accordingly. It was stated yesterday however that incoming revenues have allowed the county to meet the debt this week when the Bill for the last month will be paid. This will enable probation of incur c Harj Fis e. O Neill who has charge of tiie distribution of the Money to the husband is families to make i he delayed payment which to almost All concerned is a matter of sustenance state Law the sum Tor a definition of Greece s attitude toward the operations of die allies in the Daiki uis was handed to Premier Sunti Notidis by the entente ministers today. The note was Friendly in tone and specified no det Lite period with a which an answer will be required. Elmer. E. Davidson running for director of the poor on the Republican ticket contributed to the Cam prion fund of Charley Schroyer. Of j the comma Huston j. R. Mel Dan Little. The Parade led by Captain w. S. Craft the oldest f.1i in the county will Start from the club promptly at 11 o clock. Thursday. Forming in Church Street the line of Anarch will pass through South Gallatin Avenue to Fayette Street then to Wilson ave nue As far As Jefferson Street Down Jefferson Street to Pennsylvania a nue and to Bietico to East main Street which it will traverse to the intersection of main and Fayette Street where will turn into Fayette Street and go East to Down Morgan town to Church and East on i Iurii Street to the club. Featuring the Parade will to the per formers the citizens bund the b. P. O. B. No. 370, and the new High school which will make its debut in fantastic costume. While the program contains the names of Many Maidens fair it s All in the name for the Only real girly girl in the entire show is to be in the pit where she will be heard and not seen. Miss Marguerite smart daughter of or. And mrs. George w. Smart of Kast Peter Street who has been most Faith fill in her work As accompanist during j Complete the project the rehearsals will preside at the piano at the regular performances Jav renting the music and playing for the orchestra of 10 pieces a number of whose members arc being brought i from Pittsburgh to augment the Rul Ter orchestra of this place. Not Only will the minstrel be in it self Well Worth seeing but the Money paid Lor tickets is to be used during a Community club for those living in the Vicinity of the Craig school is an idea being fostered by the school authorities. Plans Are already under Way for its organization and. If sufficient interest is Manifest among the residents of the eighth Ward. ing will be called Early next month to wider use of the school houses As buildings and the creation of a better neighbourhood spirit through the Means of such an organization furnish the motive for its formation. In Many being we our blood i som of nature. Vav Are not sacrificing the Slouer of our Man Hood for the military and potentates. Are not engaged in the frightful Industry of turning wives into widows Ami Happy children into tearful orphans. Political upheavals and governmental crises do not dish Irh our Domestic . It e Are nol turning our farms Ami firesides Over to Blond mad men and we Are not sowing death and desolation from Titis can my to instead of he ing crops thai the lord god of hosts de c a Creed should lie the proud product of the Earth. On the Oiler hand we americans were never happier More prosperous or More conf filed. Never Hei Ore were our men so fully employed never Hei Ore were higher wages paid. Never Hel Dre were our crops More plentiful and never before was Here such a Market i or hem. Never before was the country Freer from pest and pestilence. Never before were american capital and labor so amicable. Never before was the absence of strikes or other forms of Imus Leiai strife More noticeable. Never he j j i 10 him urgent Vituj Chiin fore was a nation s Progress marked by More advancement along because of the absence of the the lilies of civic and economic betterment. In a word while j Money during Europe is destroying herself while she is shedding the blood of Fayette county officials her manhood her womanhood and pauper izing her j also have a Lack which is. Directed childhood we he people of the United slates Are following in i ool Sieps of divine destiny. Such is War and such is peace. Ment of the Money specifies that the Here at Home we. Have a situation to contend with which "tof.ihl. Mav be causing sonic distress but in the main it affects the class amount turned Over to his family. Tore Thau the mass. H is not the fault of general conditions much As it is the result of Man s Over reaching. But even thai j Ere As of any value. They charge will work out. In Trio blown and within a radius of less than j offi Fais Twenty Miles we Are reaching Down into the bowels of the Earth j practically All of the men sent from and extracting a million dollars Worth of wealth weekly. Our monthly payrolls amount to As much As two millions Iii Ore. Our ran gement. Fayette county pays out dangerous mining operations Are surrounded with every Safe guard to like and limb. Our Ped pc arc prosperous and Content to officials say they have protested some of our business men May have cause to grumble Init without aral Iii he main Insl of them can join with the news Standard. In offering thank s for a highly satisfactory year. Cents a Day May be paid to families who Are Eft without Means of. A Liv ing by reason of the husband and father being sent to jail for failure to provide find support the twelve such cases have been sent from this county to the an. Curtis Henry Laub. Alpha Maust Stephen Robbins Fred Duvall Ross Rizor. Charles Sumey prank r. Ery p Miner John Burrella will Huu 1-Lannery, Charles Addis and Cassidy. The amount required for the families of these men each month is ?228.15 and when the county failed to Forward that sum to the Allegheny county workhouse officials of that institution refused to Advance the amount to the probation officer. Tha Fayette county official has been forced to turn Down Many urgent appeals Tor Winter in providing cloth while oven cooked Cord in to today with j ing and food for a number of worthy mine victims to be buried Friday us of Patrick Dowd and i j goo is of the evidenced by his j town s citizens. Party however a account. Eugene to. Norton candidate Tor county treasurer on the democratic made an Appeal Mau to voters according to his account which a 1 Al 1 go to Church bunday generally speaking for the government of the United slates which has done so much to promote this peace and Prosperity i or the blessings which have come with plentiful crops j and for the Beneficence of nature for health of our i selves and our families and for All the gifts and favors churches of the county were for thou has showered upon us in so splendid a measure we coming december 5 plans for a go to Church sunday two old vestry men Are seriously by conducted while the educational Shle is looked after with Good literary programs or addresses by Well known speakers. The organization of. The club was urged by superintendent f. W. Wright in Liis talk at the dedicatory exercises for inc Craig school conducted Las that time he emphasized Hunter shot in leg goes to Joseph Sandusky who was shot in the pkg a week ago last saturday while Rabbit Hunting in company with b. F. Manning and his son Dennis near Sini Thield was removed to the West culled amenities in or Ilist religious beliefs by coming to in Ruurt one sunday of the year. Country. Those behind the movement Are endeavouring to make it a Day of Observance for those not regular attendants who desire to Manifest their with his head swathed in l. O. Martina coloured appeared at the office of Justice of the peace John 1 can Hospital Pittsburgh this morn Joy in this morning and made infer a against Humphrey Dell for As thought Best lord is Amilt and Battery. J hero lie nig Guh bounced a pop bottle olt my bean five declared the peeled Mil in in move him Iii la can secure close Sandusky. Burgh was i. Home at the is a of Pitts bandaged negro. I later when Usell had been1 arrested i i re Hli patrolman John Stanley and was valid for tiie trip from Phillips to township and others. A Kinbar and return. While All the de tails Are. Not yet Complete it is prob Able that the a. Ii. Of Masontown to which both or. Kane and air. Dowd belonged will attend the i body. was a member of m. Ii. A., in addition in the a o la shooting the rapids of n Niagara would not to a Whit More thrilling thu ii the spectacle of. Senator holes i Enrose spurning the he publican Nom Illarion for the presidency. Well Uniontown repair shop 38 Arch Street Bell phone 1642, res. 609-l now ready for business. We wish to Aai ounce to All owners of machinery that to Are in position to take care of All mechanical and pairs. We have men . All times for. Any emergency arise at Jour Plantt on boilers engines sors and pumps. Give us a trial. Arid be convinced. J. N. Timmer h.

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