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Weekly News Standard Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1915, Page 4

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Weekly News Standard (Newspaper) - December 16, 1915, Uniontown, PennsylvaniaPage Roun the weekly elms 5tanoar8 thursday december 10, 1015 the Standard a str Thil into the. News publishing comp and Corner Pkt Burgh and Peter 811. John editor o d 0 n n e l a and manager. George e. So e Ron busiest John m. Cokes president c. L. Lewellyn John o Donnell entered the Potof Floc Union town pi., Ai second Elk so mall Mitter. ,1 War foul it within n month should much a War become. Inevitable. La1 his for Luwi Judi ii other forms at tax of 25 cents a ton on i and our extraordinary Inisi Lilac luring to be Lei t no the president a Lihwa Welicki ild Tot uie Resh Iii i a Ltd Tatei proposes a pvn us into Anu int step vedness. But Riecl. Inst Nuy the program Welch up a yell. They charge i tint or. U Olson is following up ills Piny in a . Of mom 1 our Hundred millions a year. Than tin ii Arhat i. Choose to Call traditional. U contemptible position of la Dorshie that but Atli in Tang to defeat it i kiting every form of taxation de cd to meet that exp inso sex cup nil the country s loading lulus by. Tiny that tiflis Industry of the North Kasl and by that the administration proposes to Al tax these for the Tan ill of those forms which Aro impossible he West and South. 1-h us like Tho of senator Tref re t. Oliver s a simple i th-1 of Pun n in at i the til v by is Loray i i Viand in i Iii a Urc of Mili int riia Vional import i Suir jilt Villa Vord Lii i i j of so it Iii ice All ii Moira inns of land Many of tin to Noii s to which it , h he a a iffy in on i to Wiir dial still tit to i the country of con in. Arc wit i our Ina nerf a army and. Navy of Tju Cli l these sifts Uniontown in. Lei ii Santa civils i am a Little boy eight years old. 1 Ive at Hopwood. I Santa Bruni for i wont a Mot it fur my american Model builder and two Biu Tork Al. Aljo in Box with Komi Pencil pins a two erasers Anil Rumion a i Ivo u Lugo Muir cd Lipiuma Fleauo Brhlik Ber a baby car Lago and to baby doll am blocks. And sumo Eairly for us. Krupni Scott. Us Cimic. That postscript sounds Good i , i a., 1m8-15. I Little flu years old. 1 Iive Boon a a Fry Knowd . I would like fur you to bring me a we doll baby Wal Long desk trl Siulc hair rib Bony babies Bod. Lovingly maidu Akht Cowan. J a Payette St. I. Kaitin a Taus Don t for b cd Iii Hium. Aptt Don t forget to briny brother Geu. A train and Don t forget Mary. M o a Nice Hipoli for you Wieri Ycu your work done As i know you be ii Ungry and body you will appreciate Trio lunch. Good Bye dear Kanta. Here in a christinas gift the Stork the boy forgot to sign his name dec. 10, i Ujj u. Dear Santa clans a Hoy Stout Mill to the. Loop and a Truy Wagon. That will to All j., my Little brother would to Siivo a drum a Horce a pair of bed room slip pork Aiida engine thank you very Milch for what you brought me lust Xmas. With love from h. Tuu wet. P. S. Don sonic Cundy nuts and full. I Liopo you will not forget me tin s year. Hope you will bring me a gun a baby doll a bugs for my doll for my Little sister is seven year old on Christ Mas Day. Good by Deur Santa dims. Deer Santa i am. A boy of ten years old i want am Ilcau Noodle. Builder a pair of ice skates and a sled that nil. Yours truly Raymond Dean. 92 South St., Uniontown a. Iii Goat und n Wagon. Pair lines and stockings. Pair skates Ami l . And some and nits. I have n Holli brother Cim Lea our years olo. Ime Aso bring him n Ittie Wagon a so eater Stile Andy and lists. Fron your Aiulu Friend a Killin will ill. Some oranges Candy and Ihling that is. Olno for Little from Stather Brothers i Martli. Dear Santa. I am ii Little boy to years old. I less iring me a plod Anil a pair of skates an Orange some Candy and nuts. And try Little Broth nor Nayi Nond wants a Iii Ibby Horac. I Don t forget and this is All. Ueo Kok Bra Tishu. Mouse to. -1. Dear Santa i am ii Little Hoy c years old please. Bring me u filed and a. Meuir o skates very Boyr. Ivov dont forget to ea1u, 8tatj1eu-. To Simla. House to. I. Of St., in ionic in 1 a. Dear Santa clans. I least bring me a Story Book a doll n doll baby buggy a Little foil with a Back on it Anil sonic oily. And please bring something to even poor Little and boy. A my. To my Cousin Helen Livingstone. With love from 1cathiiyn snide it. I Ani five years Oid. For Mother Uniontown a. Santa clause will you bring me a Shirfe Ami Hood and please bring my Cousin hat Over coat and my Mother u new apron. My Cousin is four years old and r am ii old and please tiring us Sonio Candy and nuts. Tills is All i want dear Santa. From Gurovs ii Ami Paui Jinkins no. Ave., City. Car Santa not pug ago Colvin s Mamma was very Eick and was telling a grown p Friend about it. Can t you help her to was asked. Liu help her i Are kind to her. I rail on her and i buy her ice he explained very courteously. Now you. Santa Don t you think a Little boy who is kind to his Mother deserves a Good Christ Inas dear Santa 1 want a pair of bed room slippers automobile aug african Modle builder rain cent pair boots checker game too client with quote in a stocking full of a Miffy a Ivorn sonic Marble u football Ami a stick a by Eicie a Toots and blocks a watch i id Chain pair ice skates and ring pair can boys shoes. Friend nge 7. Colix . In k. Pc Rona ave. P. S. Richae bring Bud col oium and vend Al something to. Us Toyal majesty . Of signs supremo this week on uie i Ivr Lionor of tie nah garage in Veler Street rear of Tillon Listol. All Dav of poultry breeders from Many parts of the East were received at show rooms Ami when the. Exhibit for Mally opens tomorrow it. Is estimate i that 1100 Birds will be on display. This is Iho largest exhibit Ever hold by the Kayette county poultry Clation. Missive White Buff and Black Orpington strut proudly about their in Competition wish tie morn solid looking Plymouth Hocks or uhf Larri. Particularly pleasing to the children will be Iho display of ban which is the most Comielo tin Ai to citation Ever had. Lark Breas de Rod games and White to Ockrin Ore the inst attractive appearing of this Mii Slature of trawl. Among uie features of the Uluis will be tic crested i blk polls i in Irir a of which Are 15 and Bine Orpington exhibit. This latter l the latest creation in the poultry fam ily and has been shown in but places in the country yet. Mem tiers of the association Wero hard at work today con Iii Ting Linn arrangements. The big Evator be us Oil to convey gues i Llie Cejic with Holicki stationed itt the Tho a starts tomorrow afternoon at t o clock with a. Fred Rummer of slut is and William Auerswald Ille pa., in charge. Band s family Are getting uneasy relatives of t. Haird. Contractor find of tills i f ice but when b i at pc. For Ali is the Days go by nid no word is of in from ibo Luciand father. Muu service Kopf Ivha a inh Saj is factory at a St. Is or. Lauird has Kritun Tho Polo tree la in a Jour re. Inhabited by a e finest and us bettor clip i baby and oranges and a set of. Flint. Is All for this time i 111 1c Jan Sennett. Uniontown a. Dear Santa clause l am a Littig Ige in years and i would like to give you n order for some Pluth first i want a doll be opt have to Trust to an Agunlo Ami some Candy and nuts and Deus eng die mail. Ninth mrs. Buir l Cotini Nink it a ii we i him born Horti from him sync uie Tabt Lay. Arc mrs. Hail but. To arc not. Antic ruling bad news. Had Huto been any word that had loft and injured i Doji f. Know Ului we would Hugo done but so for is we can learn i hero Only a few deaths. To hop ing lie will Send us a letter or a Tele a new apron he id a Good boy when he is Salce this letter Mounds As if lie was naughty boy awake. Newcomer a. Dear Santa. Claus i am a Good Litlo boy Beu i m Sloop live years old. 1 would like to Uto. Bring me a train and a track to rain on a set of blocks a now pair of gloves and Auto Mobil 1, n Christmas tree with candles on it. Jumping Jack a Wlad , and mils and Candy peanuts and gig Gnu and Popcorn and oranges. And Picaso Don t forget Finy other Little boys and girls. Little died Wendel Uniontown a clause i am a Little ago four years. I ant play Jiing for Christmas. The first thing i want a a doll Boby. H go cart a act of. Dishes a Story Book and. Some Candy and nuts and that is All for this time. Your Friend Eloise Kittic will be waiting for Yon Sauta please. Uniontown is dear 1 am u Hula Hwy 6 years old., have been very Good All the Yeier. Would like to Havn a Kinas stocking i christinas present for Little baby i dear Saitu clans h if Yon be so Kloid and of fool Luul a new Hook of clause and Camly i Uio a pair of shoes and for tiie that else you wish to bring to. I Reivi Iii your Friend Okoro Craic. 25 Raco St. Tony wants sensible presents Toni Nell. Up. Dear Santa it ring me a pair of shoes and n pair of stockings and a Toque Cap and a pair of gloves some Candy. Age Nuis he of lips Bro liw a Rifle and a pair and for my sister a pair of Nui a Niue netbook Natl a Story i i Onk for me dear Santa Ciau i to Nair of a Hilo gloves pair or and a Nice White apron did Nice pocket for my i in ii to Ieiri each i a ring them in Foote Lilac number of it ouse 101 Hundred and Cue or Semi to Halm -.507. Liv. Hundred and seven Pear shoes is no. Of luus do As 1 by cause i you. Good you at Chru Una i i ours Tonkov . Here s n wants est a Yukins fice and nothing for tier self. Uniontown up. Dear Santa club so Jive com ring through Tiiu Chinney. New miss kat1k juju. Salem. I a., i of got. Iron tub. Coat Ond furs. Yours truly. Ruth Santa t want a Ihre of Cindy. A doll baby Roe Yurt is of ribbon Yards of Gonion new pairs of s inns a new doll doll inc doll shoes. Yon Liu v to Mil tin paper Tania in Nann in s us on. 92 1c. Sou h , a. I i Semi inn a Grout big baby Dull i. Ring and a pair kid gloves and a roller and ii sled Aud dont forgot my brother and dont for get any Little child. I in i year old Mauga duct Mccask Kitty. So inf a. F in Pinili i far Siy Broth my s v uld nit mils in Stu u in i v from your it in t Wii iils i f k 1 d to boo in i Infin o nirac1 Mil in of Iii to it la you Bluit i Wai Hijii i 1 1 i f 1 of s i p not ind i Purol i i it u ii t g in i. Of rat 1 or on if Imp in i Una 30 id ind it to a. With of love to Unta clans True it t u Lusinchi m to put flu s in the Standard i Ford. Mtg Mooi of s a. Kennedy n in t Rte finals were Tolm la i s ii kill of i. And Jun i i Mth i i i i1 hit f i t n in in suit i flin i i. Any Hiti Hoo to buns i n fou Paula. Chiu i i will i Ilo you a few Linos in Tell i you what i want for Zimm i worm like o can Loq some despite reports to the Toai Ai d and mrs. Uilk Berrick and the other residents of the. Imposing1 Wost of Uniontown be at Mionie All Day at big informal arc Pilon to to yield a county Home when every part of tie remodeler institution will for Public inspection. Since tiie meeting of the grand jury Al Lii Home last Friday and the publication of its rep o it Wiir i Complete description of the they appeared i the news stand Ard. Saturday there has been much Public interest the Hist the renovations tiie present of lion of the building and persons whose idea of such an institution by run vague and unplpa3ili.it will be Grelly surprised at the cheer Ness of surroundings and tin sanitary fireproof build ing. This is not a directors race Plum. To is n. Public opening of Tho fount Home for Hiu visits of each and in know Iii Iipp i Ayr Etc county is caring for sic Vitul dependent. House Burns at Collier org limiting in an unprotected Heater pipe Dos Royce Home of Charles h. Welty it Collier Bun triv morning it can King a. Loan of about of by is u Boss at col Lier works. He won suffering from a sore Kiu a and Hart o be carried from the place by won. Can rfcs a Yulty .ir., who discovered the Waze. First Aid at Allison first Aid Loams ors Anixt a at Allison ill u inc tick of a. Employees o Iho the of ulcers Choa ii ten Limity. If. U. Rain. K us i 1 i in Din m 1 join Var i 1 Arl nud John in Tuioi Iii Iund us Cut t loin d i Tunlin is i if i 1 ill 1 of Itji u Liioi in d 11 in inti of course no Luis Las Tea. Oko out. ipod Oro c in n is s. Lop i to fisc no fun Tiara office your via to ii ibid gel. Your Supply in Lici a priv i Gill Foi null Man i lot of i flt

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