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Weekly News Standard Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1915, Page 3

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Weekly News Standard (Newspaper) - December 16, 1915, Uniontown, PennsylvaniaThursday december 16, 1916 the weekly Standard Yrya Page three Good for the news Standard was the Way a Santa Caius letter was addressed today his boy did not oven put Box 324 on his letter just Good for the news Standard.1" k wan Good for this paper and the letter will be Good for him too it is hoped. But of course every person wants to hear latest message and hero my boys and girls Caro the news Standard Uniontown a. Dear children your letters with their Good wishes and their thoughtfulness of the poor Little children with out fathers mothers or any one but old Santa to upon touched my heart. Surely my aeroplanes will be heavy when i Start for Fayette county Christmas week. Do not know know just when i will reach you All Loi Yon May hear my motors thurs Day night. Someway or other these new fancied machines can t get Over ground like old prancer dancer and my old team of Reindeer. Poor Oid prancer he is too crippled up to Ever travel again. But there to must j not to sad. Forget your own troubles and help someone else to be Happy. That s my motto and look How fat i have grown Llo to goodbye til Christmas. Santa Claus. Uniontown a. Bear Santa clause Santa i know you Are a Good Man. I Lovo you very much. I want you to Send to a baby doll Loaa and a pair shoe no. 13. Yours truly Matilda Simon 10.7 Grant Street. Thank please Santa bring me a doll Candy nut ii Hod oranges. For Ali brother an a Ngoin. 1 am g yours old thank you Santa. Live on a Allumi Street 1 4 j. Please answer. Mrs. Santa whole 3-Lenry Ette Joy of 20 Franklin Street Snowie Mountain but the Post of lace clerks All know that mrs. Santa s mail belonged right beside Santa j own letters so they put it in Box 324. Henrotte s letter said dear Santa clans 1 know that Yon Are Busy but i think you will do if you please bring me a pair of shoes and stockings and a doll baby and please Don t forget my doll. I am age 10. But think you will bring me what i want because you Are that s the Way boys and girls whole Butch of your letters arrived for Santa Glaus today and it Tho letters coining want at Many erectors Gura boots motion picture machines Dol babies and kid gloves Santa clans will have to put a night shift to work in his top shop or he will not have enough toys to go around. However it does not Hurt to ask for what you want. Who knows but i you will get it one thing is sure the Only Way to give him any idea Al All is to write s letter and Send it to him giving your age and address better put Box 324 on the letter so it does not go astray. Just received a Little message today Santa must be saving tolls so he can get More toys. Here is what he said news Standard Uniontown a. Everything o. K. Letters received. Keep Vliem coining. So Long. Santa. It sounds funny but what he Means is that the elves Are turning out hundreds of every kind of toy that the letters printed the first of the week a Good Man. I live on Twenty Frank-1 have been received and filed by his that a Nice letter for Santa to write it shows he appreciates All the kind thoughts which Piave been in Liis letters and it sounds very much As if he was coining with his Aero planes full. There is one tiling however that Santa can not bring Little girls ally that is now Teeth. There is just one Lin Street Uniontown a. Goodby. Henryette Joy. Dec. 10, 1915, Uniontown a. Dear Santa 1 am age 6 years i go to school try to be Good please dont forgot to come to my House i want you to bring me a train and track a drum a blackboard and desk a pare High top shoes a pare kid gloves Ono set of colors Ami some Candy and nuts. My no. Is 44s Bradock ave. Y cur Little Friend Maran Mcclelland. These came from Mcclelland person in this whole wide world that town. Can bring those tilings to Hoys and i Mcclellandtown pa., dec. 13, 1915. Bins and that is old father Kiaie with i dear Santa his Jang a card and hour Glass. Even 1 am n boy ten years old. I have i Hen he brings Thorn one at a time. So it is too bad Evolyn but Ycu better see a Teeth fixed. Hud Whoso t f Santa to bring you now ones because Ca Xot do it. Evelyn wrote dentist and have Don t Trust to i four Brothers. There names Are Ray Mogul Joseph. Emmet and Edgar. They would like to Liao a lot of things this Christmas. I would like to have a train a pair skates and a Story Raymond wants a pair ice a Model builder and a coaster wants a taxi Auto and Book. J skates j Wagon. Secretaries hat he wants us to keep sending the others on to him As fast As they arrive. So yes that s what Calls for goodbye when he hops into his aeroplane and starts off he did not say where he was going did he so of course i Don t know. These Are not All the letters we received today because All the store wanted to Tell everyone what Lino presents they wore having for Christ Mas and who knows but that someone Reading a letter and then Reading an advertisement will want to be a Good fellow 1 there was a real pathetic letter came today and Santa must be sure to go to this House for the girls Are do pending on him. My dear Santa Caius i would like a baby doll and a coat to and a sled and a set of dishes also bring my sister Nellie a doll and a set of dishes to and a go cart to we will have to depend on you dear Santa As we have no papa to buy for us. 1 thank von Verv much from Jeanette and Nellie Dir Santa rom i am just a Little girl seven years i Book. Pm Nisi wants a lire in Tuit. And a Auto. A Crar wants a gum i Mccormick a. I i Teddy Bear Ana horse and Wagon. T Uniontown. A. I and Brothers r addition Downer ave und a of furs and if anything More leave it at 15 Street Uniontown a. From your Little Friend Evelyn Van Gordon. Hon been is a child whose education hits neglected sadly but the Kne a what to do As soon As she heard of the Good old Saint and wrote him a letter right away so lie came last year can t write English very Well but she knows what she wait a to say so listen am Wiki nor to you to Tell you Yon for Var Chic tit Christmas and 1 Kevcrk know there War a Sant Claus before. I am 12 years old. 1 want you to bring me a piano and a boy of candy1 my Little sister doll baby Box Candy for my brother and a sister like have a Teddy Bear 3 and 2 picture books. Good Bye dear Santa clans. Much wishing you a Happy Christmas Mary 2alixski." my dear Santa Claus i i am a Little girl 11 years old. I j want you to Send to a ring Bracelet i locket and a Large doll. I your Little Friend i Mary Tokos Mcclellandtown Fayette co., a. Dear Santa i am Little girl age 7 yrs. I want in get. Well Well to think that Dolly dim pie h Here again my dear Santa i to write a letter to you to ask if you will please to Send me a warm sweater and a pair of boots am s years old to Wear All Winter to school. My Home is almost to Dunbar. Lint now t am visiting my great auntie on Connellsville St. Happy Christmas to nil. Dorothea Emily , Santa you did not come to my go to school Evory Day and study hard House wrote John Hump Anil Lope that you dear old Santa. Rey who lives it Llouel no. 53, of pliant As a the follow Iii letter dear Santa clans will Yon pleas give to a pull gloves and a blot Book a game a pair Scales i a Roclor and automobile and a Tinl hat runs on a track and a air go and some Candy and nuts and som Popcorn yours truly John Humphrey. I have 1 More brother and Flo siters and Don t forget my father an Mother. My brother wants a sled a ii tie Wagon and some and a do Babby and some Candy and nuts. Of House no. Is 63. Please put tills in the Standard what with seven Young Humphrey and eight Young logans missed Las year we Are sure Santa must liar been exceed ing by Busy but since h has appointed his Good Fellows to acas aids he will to pretty nearly sur not to miss any one this year. S John and Ruth must Hope for the bes Ruth s letter did not give her k. D or House address she just wrote i car Santa Caius i want you t. Send me something for chrismas. Lai christinas 1 did not get anything be cause mama said that you have s much to do. There Are three boys an 4 girls. Huth How about those names Ages an real address Riith dear Santa Claus i want a by. Doll with real hair and a table and to loll chairs and Little suit Case Toboc Gin and Scarf Pink in color pairs of be room slippers and some Candy an nuts and sonic Lor my Sisters am Brothers Wilh lots of love to Saint Laus. Miss Ruth breading age g years 211 West main Street. Bless Annette s Little heart. If Ever one wanted As much As she does Santa will need one of her father s biggest sleds. Dear Santa Claus i would like a baby cart a desk for the desk a baby doll a Sec. Vith a Chain to it a Little bed a Stor if Babs in the Woods a Nice Little dress my a coat a hat for my baby doll lox of writing paper a Nice Pencil in in my Santa you shall have a Load 01 Back for everyone wants so much your Loving Friend Good Bye. Annette Cornish to Santa Claus. You to Send me a doll Carriage dimple my Antie Calls me., and a set of dishes. Millie Tokos. Dorothy sends a dozen a Dolly and a bed for her. A rain Cape. Make it a Hoy Dolly and hand kerchiefs and lots of Candy. Lucy wants a set of dishes Hobby horses and a Todd Bear. Steve a of skates sled and Pony and buggy. Goodby. Avi Ibur must be going into the Novit business. Dear Santa Claus Are will Yon please Send me a dear Santa Caius i would like to have this year a Christmas tree a stocking Lull 2 Tab Els a pair of Cowboy gloves a Box o -.andkorchiefs, some Story books a Mir scissors a pair pants a Kewpie and some games and some fruit nuts my Candy. Harold Conway. 59 Highland ave. I am 9 years old Edith is very listen Wise for her years december 7, to. Dear Santa Claus i am a Little girl three years old. Want you to bring me dishes spoons bracelets doll baby Cradle go table piano and Seine Cady. M Fivie a an Automo pop gun and a pair of gloves and Wilile a hires Iii machine pair of boots and some nuts mid car and von had better bring of w. Peter St., Uniontown a Orange and a Little automobile and i him a Libby doll or lie will break mine dec 9 1s13 a Man on in and a watch and n Bax yours Irule dear Santa cause and a Beloon and a electric Edythe pin . I am a girl of seven years and ill outre machine. Dear want you to bring me a dark Blue our i a a Dolly and some dishes. , l a table Ami a Kite. 1 trunk to Santa Claus. a Ncry 1 want Star and and cornflakes and Here s a Pink bail to 11 n and dog and that will doughnut that the Sooil Fediow . Jet. Clips this letter has the same Iii Ijlal uni Kali Medley. As the writer. Newcomer a. Dear Santa sweater a Story Book nits and Candy. 1 have enough dolls and do not want any this Christmas and Yon May bring any kind of Little toys you want to bring. Emma Rutter. Dear Santa i Ani five years old. My sister. Friend with a dozen am Emma s brother buddy and i j Helen is three. She wants a doll a your Little loves. Dorothy Mechlin. Age 5. I live on West Berkley Street ill a red Brick House. Am five years old. 1 want a toy for it a cupboard a Coffee a Neil a Tor an automobile wheel Barrow tire piano and a doll House. Engine and a lot of toy animals. J i would like an erector a Horn a i Lilic Titan no to tit nil _ i ours buddy 6 West Peter St. Also Wain a policeman suit. That s what conies of having birth Joseph is a Little artist but it was hard to Tell whether he signed his Ter with Liis picture or was drawing Sania . Jie said Days near Christmas Patrick and dear Salta clause. You re not the Only one who has com i want a football and a Box j nuts that s All from Joseph show Shamrock a. Union town a. Dear Santa rot.1 us. Book some blocks a any thing you have. Don t forget some Candy and a tree. Please bring Mother a Kodak so she can take our pictures. Frank Earl . 45 n. It Vernon ave. Won t Santa be glad that Margaret can own Candy will lie Waken her what do you think doar., Santa please Send me a big doll and a go cart for her a rain Cape a new White dress and. An umbrella. I help Namina. If you Waken me when you come 1 will give you some Candy. 1 can make some sea foam fudge Aud i please Don t forget any poor Chil l am a Small boy today birthday. I did Liol get very Muci presents. Please Don t forget me Xmas. I want a sled and a Horn and wrote a Good boy. Was Santa clause will you please bring me a magic dear Santa will you bring me a flexible flyer sled a Booi named the motorcycle chums of the Northwest patrol and american Model builder or erector no. 1 for from Raymond Vaughan Allison pa., Box 154, House no. 504. It s going to be her last doll Santa you know what that Means so please bring her a pretty one. Dear Santa Claus please bring a a big doll this Christmas As it is my last i am ten years old. I want a Box of coloured handkerchiefs with coloured Borders k lantern a set of american Model game of old maids and a Story Book builder no. 4 and if it is not too arabian knights. I Hope you won t pair mittens and an automobile and like a checker Board. My lit a forget me this year. Won t forget me. I d like you to bring me a american Model builder Homo Buster Brown books some Nice Candy and lots of nuts. My address is Harry m. Magee 33 Pittsburgh St. Uniontown. Dear Santa clans 1 am 7 years old and go to school. I have a Little sister. She is staying at her aunties i Pittsburgh. Wants a engine and some trains and a. Bag o Candy and a gum Ball and please Santa sister wants a. Doll and some hair ribbons. 1 will have the Coffee pot on the stove. H be Are nil in bed you help yourself to it. I know Yon must get hungry and cold filling so Many stockings. Good by dear Santa. My address Robert e. Parker. , pa., r. F. D. 1., care j. H. Parker. This Little boy on mount Vernon Avenue is seven years wrote James Whaley jr., and i would like to have a drum and a sled. 1 would like in have a Pool table and a tree a Christmas tree. Dear i would like to have i game a Good one. I wonder if you cd Nind bring in an unto 1 am a Ood boy dear Santa. From James w1ialey, we just bet Suntup knew that Biliy would like his watch when he slipped into the House last year. And now Billy s Mother is going to have a tree or Santa to trim. Billy and Yvonne put their letters All together and wrote dear Santa Claus please bring me in erector set no. 4 and anything else you can spare 1 in nine years old. My sister Yvonne s ants a Large doll and go cart and a sewing Box. She is three years old. 3ring us lots of Candy nuts and fruit Mamma is going to have a tree for us and you can put the tilings on it. Thanks for my watch last year. Don t Orget where we live at no. 1 East Fayette Street. Billy French Yvonne get together mayor elect George m. Baily interested in the Selec Tion of Good men for treasurer clerk and solicitor visit to Connellsville James Hackney Johnson has a lit be chum Christine so he wrote her Elter in with his own and said dear Santa Christine wants me .00 write she is Only six and i am seven. Please bring her a doll furs my a blackboard and a pair oif kid loves and everything Yon have for l Good Giri. Bring me a tree with lots if things for a boy. James Hackney Johnson. Christine hero s a Happy Tittle girl a shut in whom Sarita has written. In t Fiat Nice Uniontown a. Jear Santa i got your letter this morning. I Ini much better but i can t go out much yet. I am 7 years old. I will Hank you for anything that you bring be. I want a big doll Wilh Curley hair. Tanuma said i will have a tree. Dear Santa Don t forget the Little orphans Chii Deren on Highland Avenue for they a Call for an informal meeting of the four councilmen who will guide the affairs of the City under the third Ilass City charter beginning with next january Lias been sounded by mayor elect George m. Baily. The meeting which is to be held at the convenience of the new councilmen will take up Imong other things the question of selecting department Heads to carry out the work Laid Down by the old Council. Councilmen spoken to yesterday indicated that an Early decision among themselves As to who would be at the Ead of the various bureaus was most this would allow time for each councilman to acquaint himself with his particular departmental Dut of from now until he assumes of ice. Mayor Baily and councilmen h. D. A Hutchinson and Robert Hogsett the successful candidates on the citizens ticket have received Many Assur ances of continued support from non partisan voters in their pre election Promise to s veep aside partisan poli tics in the municipal government. Appointments to office it is said will be made on Merit and in the selection of the personnel of the new government Lon t have no Mother to love them i fairness and impartiality vill be shown to All. Appointees of main concern to the taxpayers Are the City treasurer City clerk and City solicitor. Upon the shoulders of these three men will fail the Burden of Many of the daily prob lems of administration. The City fathers Are impressed with the Wisdom of making competent selection in this group. Tie will be one of the matters of first consideration for the new organization. Another will be the fixing of the time of meet ing. The Uniontown body met As one for the first time since the election last tuesday night when they paid a visit to Connellsville and received a generous Welcome from members of the Connellsville body. After enjoy ing dinner at the Arlington hotel the visitors were shown the entire work ing system Connellsville gov eminent and were invited to follow grandpa Hanaw says that t am a Good Ottle girl. This is All. By by. I wish on All a merry Xmas. Edith Lucile Ellis. 50 Lincoln Street. Any of the details perfected by the three Little humberts at Dunbar Are looking for Santa too. Dunbar pa., dec. 10, 1915. Icar Santa Claus i would like for you to bring me a new dress pair gloves pair of shoes air ribbons Story books some games doll baby. Please Don t forget my title sister she is two years old. She ants a doll baby a cart to push it in and she says a pair of dresses for it. Lease Don t forget papa and Mamma. I am eleven years old. Love to you. Sarabelle Humbert. Dunbar a ear Santa Claus i thought i would write to you and Ell you what i would like you to ring me for Xmas. An air Rifle two is both red two Story books two Imes a tool Box a sled gloves ome nuts and Candy. I am a Little of 6 years old. John Howard Humbert. Please Don t forget my three Little sters. Administration that would be of Bene fit to the local organization. Captain John l. Cans and Frank in. Wright were the hosts. From in. The evening until after 11, the Uniontown body plied the Connellsville councilmen with questions investigated the bookkeeping system and Tho Hundred and one details of municipal government. All agreed that a big Job awaited the Uniontown Council i when they take charge next month. The Connellsville City fathers were Able to steer Clear from the Shoals largely through the guidance of City solicitor e. C. Higbee who has worked out successfully Many of the intricacies in municipal government in i chiding knotty financial tangles which i made themselves apparent when the forms of government were changed. S. T. Keenan one of Bojt Teiry a the u East hic i. Men in Greene county Rode off Tho at Provins ferry wednesday night and Mot do Atli in the Waters of Tii i1" Monongahela River before to could l rescued. Deceased who was known is one of Tho largest cattle dealers in southwestern Pennsylvania had Masontown wednesday until o clock when he left and his for Icouls saw him off on his Way Home persons who saw the Accident say deceased forced his Lionso to the River and to stuck to its Bach til to had made three fourths of passage when he clipped off and roller around the Bottom while his went on Home. W. E. Ward owner of the ferry and Holmick who heard Hie splash started after him the fall Anil in less than 10 minutes he was under a physician s care or. G. W. Kelt get Ling Oft the train nearby just a few minutes after the Accident. Or. M. I. Cloud was called also and both physicians worked with him but without Avail Asho was pronounced dead about an hour and a halt later. Or. Keenan s body was taken to h. A. Johnson s undertaking rooms at Masontown where it was prepared for burial and thursday morning it was sent to the Home of deceased s Broth to Hugh Keenan of Carmichaels. Five. Children partly grown survive. Mrs. Kee Naii who was miss Lou no prior to her marriage died Hort time ago Brownsville dec. 9. Another Brownsville boy won signal honors in athletics yesterday when Frank Hogg Pittsburgh and formerly of Alace was elected Captain of the 191g Princeton football team. He is a son of the late Frank t. Hogg and a Nephew of Charles l. Snowdon. Hogg who is just 21 years old played a Uard on this year s team and has been frequently mentioned As All America material. He has played a by consist Leiu game for the past pie seasons Wilh the tigers. The Cap Aln elected is a Cousin of Snowdon who captained the 1914 Yale varsity Crew. His return to. Ionian jump to safety ear Santa Claus their path first floor blocked by smoke and flames or and mrs. Frank Janik of North Pittsburgh Street near Oliver no. 2, returned to Bell. Be Suro and Send every one of them. I will he expecting it. Patrick Mctighe. Tie brother Harry Clyde says he baby dolls and a Horn. And please Santa Don t forget any poor children i us s years old and my brother Nara is May Louise Gra Ham. I live at 316 West Berkeley St. Lane can t write but she surely can 45 Walnut St. My goodness in t it most unlucky f Tor Uncle Bill that James had to Send a. letter dear Santa 1 forgot to give my address my and stress is 242 South it. Vernon Avo. 8 lout bring my Uncle Bill anything be tries to Bluff me. Jambs Hackney Johnson. Dear Santa j i am a boy s years old. I been painting set and Story of Uncle Tom 3 Cabin. A set of crayons and a Book to color and some Candy and nuts and anything else you wish to bring me. I remain your Friend Thomas Craig. 25 race Street. Will try to be Good boys even furniture was spelled you come. Correctly and that is a very hard i our Little Friend. Worcel. In her Jetter Jolle is very mod Joseph Cottom Buk will. Tins sounds like a Case a Good Uniontown a. I tear Santa clause. J i am a poor Witlie girl and have no would give me. 1 would Hyce onto a nic3 big doll and of Little Broom j with and some Candy on two letters were from Shamrock. Read them and see How they arc signed. They must a digs for Little girls do not write do they dear Santa Claus f Picaso bring to a Dolly baby and a set of dishes id a pair of shoes and i one Scarf. This is All for this Christ fas. Good Bye. This is from Koc Silibon and please Don t forget to miss Mary Koc Sukon. Santa will you please me a set i goodness me. Wilh the weather Liko this Well have to get a sweater for Peggy sure. Deal Santa clause i am eight years old. I want to put my order in for Christ Mas. This is what i want. I want a big baby doll. A baby cart. A Book with poems in it a Little Kitchen set. A Kitchen Cabinet. And paper dells. And that i want. But i have a Little dog. Which she wants a purple sweater. And that is All she wants. My name is Pearl sex Nett. And the dogs name is Peggy. Tie number of our House is inn incr 50 Mil View St. Est for she asked for Only a few gifts. Dear Santa Caus i am too Little to write so i will print i Ani a Good Little girl my Mother says i want a desk Book and dolls Airai Ture. Jane Evans. 173 Beeson Avenue. J Irene is certainly practical about her gifts but she forgot to put in her Aga j and How is Santa going to know whether to bring her number Ono or j number s shoes we would like to j know that j dear Santa writes Irene. All i wish for Christmas is two pair of underwear and a pair of shoes and a pair of stockings and that is All i wish for Christmas and a Good dinner x x kiss to you. Yours truly Irene Paxton. I thought i would Tell you what second floor and jumped to safety ant Formas some hair ribbon a morning before 2 o clock when dwelling new dress Fountain pen handkerchief jh6ir eight room Frame Story books games Randy oranges caught fire. Barking dogs awakened nuts and bananas. 1 am 13 years old. Til0m from sleep. Yours to e Structure valued at Caile Binl Humbirt. I was burned and surrounding buildings badly scorched by the j frames. A Frame House and Large barn adjoining owned by Robert Miller How do you do Dorothy and Rich d Ard letter last year must have won lie in answered. New Salem pa., dec. 11, 3915. Dear Santa Claus i have been a Good girl this year. Please bring me a doll and rain Cape and a pair of skates. Good by. Your Little Friend. Dorothy Jean Swan. Ore on fire at times As was a six _ room barn adjoining the property of a. 6. Higgins dead friends of a. Higgins and exceedingly popular representative of the Victor talking machine company who 1ms been making every month for the last eight will be grieved and shocked le., earn of his death in Youngstown wednesday night at 8 o clock. Deceased Iliad had heart trouble for nne years but Only his most intimate lends., knew it so his death from hat disease May be a big Surprise to ils acquaintances Here. Alien be left j Uniontown november 17, he seemed As Well As Ever but it is understood he took sick soon after his from spent his thanksgiving. Recovering from what was supposed to be lion or. Higgins went 6n his. Rounds As usual december 2, where a e 1 Fly that ills manager Romish of Burgh was sent for-and-he1-was to the Hospital where he die wows Day night. Jur better wednesday his heart action was almost but at 8 o clock the end Caine Suai. Denly and peacefully. Fel what arrangements May be for the funeral not at Jef noon today. As he was a native of Virginia having been bpm rated in Richmond it is ment will be made in that City. Var. Higgins was genial Clever and an exceedingly Good Friend his Good Fellowship winning staunch admirers wherever he went. In Uniontown. Through his acquaintance Pic. Simon one of the Victrola dealers or Here he met Many persons All of whom liked him better knew him. When the Victor talking machine invaded the West or his. Gins the Pioneer Salesman Wiite made the first trip to the Pacific coast Rocco Quarranto a Miner. The Stone and Union Hose companies of the War West. The Victrola to the music dear Santa Claus i have been a Good boy this year. Please bring to a tool Chest and a of skates and a coat and a hat. Good by. Your Little Friend Richard Swap or. Sponged. Just previous to this fire the end company extinguished a slight Blaze in the Griffith Home Jefferson Street aim Stewart Avenue caused by a defective grate. P. R. R. Schedule j important changes will go into effect on lie Pennsylvania Railroad lines to o clock tomorrow morning but 1 am a Little girl age eleven three changes in the leaving time i would like to have sonic things Tor of trains Over the p. V. C. And bet dear Santa clause. Banker a Sariri is now indicted n 1 Lii Christmas. The first thing i want afternoon service from Pittsburgh Ion of Locust Street. The doll i got last Christmas and i Union Torii is not greatly affected. An Henry Fusa. Rigi the Well known local with violating the Bauk Hig has been turned in the form of a True b Utby e Gravid jury. Fusami has been the object of search by the District attorney s police for the two. Weeks. It is said that he slapped Ott in Cli Ienuso in his Fli Glit West. J the indictment alleges that Ensti no number. J want it dressed and some handler a and a ring a us my birthstone in tie Crown Svitil and p Etsu. engaged in the banking Busi holding a License. The i rain which left Here at 4 o clock has Lluc Valilios which to is charged in been to while the information made before a Justice c. Will leave 20 minutes ear of James a. M the noon train 01" the banking department were committed within the past two years. The Layette title

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