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Weekly News Standard Newspaper Archives Dec 16 1915, Page 2

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Weekly News Standard (Newspaper) - December 16, 1915, Uniontown, PennsylvaniaPage two the weekly news Standard thursday december treasurer Craft and Bondsmen because county con ml.lei1 did t audit his accounts official denies there s r any deficit Little fr1ey hit Trio Ayello county Insl Olulo wus in a Lianjie mood Llilas Ninni Ink. Evo Ryono wore u look i pleased j at a mooting of do la Kinin Post on his or her act runs to held this in in the rooms no the a. It. Society j Troolis who have Uiel plans to Laid As Ade innate Prole Mou piano recital thursday. Jilin r. Lagan has cum oui cd a enjoyable in Osun for Che Phino recital id lie Jov Cli ill his studio Iii to uinxlii.1. Iii. Ai o clock a in inner no his i Sisti d by Oiler local will i the following Allegro from the new world Dvorak piffle says my r r win new Yard freight office and warehouse. Had Hoik before and the Hope of even Post definite in to event of arrest has mrs William Husni and j. It. 1 Lagan be Ter filings to Elim. Prof. W. Sur Ayers will be Pivon by be commit our Atiim in i Nio Ntow a with the pm. Man Muto he Schubert Deffen Annh. A Collu Tuc 01 the Midi i1 in charge that a toxic cd forlorn or niacin a a visit to Llose Temury Vallier teacher in Al Follum of in Tho Days win a memorial to lie soldiers it payday Etc Tom a to Ruck of Day Rogers to Imit school i Fayotta Frimm against Spain and other the bund consists almost in i Mary Pew Alt slates or education at item county solicitor declares denial is merely technical and that he will get the taxpayers Money Back if it takes All will probably take longer than that. In ton d. C., made his debut before Institute amid which fought against Spain and other foreign the bund consists almost in countries indy to secured for Ilita Iiri by of men Ivo nerved Lime in City. 1.1.3 taif Monument which is a from government to All those eur Minuni k Iii re by in a hip endur arc if to it Clion i y will Boex had bought the adjacent i and now like Railroad owns All Vns a t n up Wiiliam s. Frail to or Pujji by it Fay the shortage toils tsp in county to bother v Ith the answer of Captain no i had the answers of his iwo defendants in net Ion in Nirid by county solicitor Thomas 11 i to secure a it Shiuninn of Iho j Cash. . Irenr ral denial is made by f Trail the other i hat itk1 county is i defaulter and i to Niini Aoa int for the k h j admitted thai the sums of we re collected from John Kelly i heir property of it i previous to this from Kunii o. Voort tax collector of Luzerne a township us july a 191 j. All of this for Fay a county the declares amount a Hych can Only be deter mined by a proper audit of Ilia a i ounts treasurer was for state tax Lor which or. Hoover or Thomp son is a ure Jos in no Way by. Liable. J persons Sogn Lzan the situation this morning declared that county treasurer s admission part of the funds received from tax collectors More and Kelly was Tor this leaves him open Ionn us part of the suite for misappropriating its Money. Iii Giddin on i Jap Doc i ire.1 that no Hob rare has Ever been shown 10 actually exist for the reason thai no settlement of his accounts has eve been Iliad with the Eramay co Trolio my no audit of his books has Belr. Jade to prove the absence of any Money. Other denials Art made. Appearing for Captain and us Bondsmen Are w. J. Sturgis Arit the. Firm of umbel Libinson Luck ear Williams. Tarro is Nti rides Linn but that the Goa Iii is out declared county solicitor Thomas ii. Hudson seen this morn in Tho defences in Ore merely technical and purpose is largely a Mailer of delay i intend to push the until the county gets Back but the Cape a ill not to tried a the january term of who Coit Mijoi court. Its Yards bark inn Strim is and l f ii Jit. Ulrico and Varrino Isis which will be no i Only to roughly modern but will be More Jahule to care for the greatly inn eased of his Railroad inn nor Hiot i Onn Street of its main line through Len Ionov n and cast of str Jot. Kips the i Gim by Ivan Iii approx Mattilyn 50 in Perm Street Pau my As much in Pittsburgh. It is Tho freight do pot will on 1 Enn Street and to meant or arty nicome. Prof 1v 10 u of soldiers baud s Lalk on Toad Lions i have of to us warfare was full of interesting abolition led from Tho Kroun l. Struc Tive anecdotes Izui much bond1" 1h an reproduction of Hift of which be rained both 1 on a Ihrck Mot Pedestal. Acc try and indirectly from his notes on classroom work. The need of to o fix in the mind of tiif1 the which May by la or was in Iliia hour. Henderson who has won a. Iii of Ion ilif1 by Lizul Punj Thih As by th-1 s Correct and. In Cut imply to emphasize in each of Iho most Ini Admira e and of Ion included i of in genl Takon from or capt red Spanish War Raris to .1 historic Maine Are ii Rietl i each mom Mim. The to Lias Distri Nuu a Many of the statues the country and each boasts of ii Vair one. Let forc is of Curr a is will be in or who Are Well Peim Loffton to the police through previous h. As a result of ills plundering thut a of brei Nii s report Tami to the police and ii ii tits Durlik to past i rec and lie daily already Arras a have been made Ami of i i Miler nature arc on dec Kwh Tor this term of court. Varied Iii push Aro employed to i f Lipov the victim of Bis Money. One the favorite Mejt gods is to lure him Loil rom Ali Coon hollow where dam self of color i re Tivi Smith be Yunior Henrietta Hohen Bei k Dvorak ill find ways u rub him. Small the Scarf Rooming Bouses run by alien prop Sara Iii Holni Helen l Ducal. Due Harriet Silva Noiin and sketch Mcdowell u the Ilariu heart Kom Harriet. Silver Ina a to. A Jie Tilton fruit spec Iliad number of names of local and of ill county Iii the of in charge Pavico Khz Anor Manado Lio Cclif Roro and Heli Evo Ilia Street. The. Ware houses Bein to Ihu Bro sent Freigh Colic As Bonn Only temporary. Celebrate quietly years Wundt a. Mis min Vork will be Start after the first of lit specially on Ilie supper 11 the appoint ii Nis Xiv. Die actions prof. March is training Muhan Klie Rili and m. A. Kir Fer. Or. And mrs. D. or and mrs. Doors h. In Ort and n his Nock Froni Burns thai Ruver lion ins ins Hinr Ilous shortly but of t he Compi Iny Zuj Mic pit. In in Bun not be on lie a a i. la Irrice d h. W f morning Mailer Iliad lost ?1j. Will a display of cleverness an Murphy that. Had Maple Leaf club in Uli Cihiy and rtv.torinj.1 from his Inki Sers Pickei. A a v the mail of id h Vernon a Enue Tang the Tri state Tell phone in the a twp Standard office his morning i a. Merry it Ariizu Iriceil i ouzo for Mabelle dams is Star in some Haby miss Mabile Davis daughter of or and mrs. Jacob Davis of Uniontown who is Star Reg in some will play Greensburg Christmas Day and Many of her friends from ibis place Aro planning to pee her. When miss Davis started with the some baby " company which opened in Pong Krep Sie Nuye Mhor 1, she was playing the ingenue Rale but Coon afterwards she was Given Trio Lead. Her rapid Rise on Tho stage has been of great satisfaction to her parents and relatives Here and her appear Ance in Greensburg is of no Little in Beresf to All friends. Ii the. N if he does nest this year he Viil he it now Yon will i in t in j indeed shall she was and Click went Tho. Receiver. In t that if Best you Aro having into Slih the toys that. Santa ii cd Liy a to Fujihi or Llo of Len is this the news Standard i am looking Tor Santa the voice was Nui a child s. Ii was i grandma flier whose own children ill i own up 11 and i you there will to other children w Are far. Far do you know where 1 con i him speaker coot snied. Not. By she was told but if you give us your message shall Nee that. He gets Well j want some Hoys and girls a bowl Ful of Jelly when he gel note Book jottings from the Institute Tivey Are Nunuo the prettiest Iii Civ ors Fay Cue county has Over bad utile miss frn Lcy has Matle the hit. Of the 1 fast Iii not. Sno vie this cup Pung of course Jian Tulita thai u iof. Found in thu West end theatre Between i and o clock horse just the a Parade and poo. Chin veils lire a Sirion or. S. Furu Erly president of Antioch Dilt old schoo Tai Aclid of prof. Lii Piini h. Martin who hns a Tjie school mass Jio May be Mablo to Renli who t fold once airs. Agne be enjoying he toys and warm Caoili Stover Martin of loin Viown the soft Hud been it Inonu 1 Render was n Schmo Lintn of of this kind lady for them join Ai King s school of oratory. How old Saint will chortle. Owing to n misunderstanding with and How his Tummy will shake j Hie West end Ibe nire management the Book agents have had to move their for a Christmas the Rotor j word of this party. The elves wares to Ilie old Brownfield property Lor gasped Wiir poor nil. Lii a Tiwi Joe ave been and maybe some o maybe this purty to he held How Many eachers of that old boys and girls who have been and maybe some ones Carroll . Sending letters to Santa. I could Kive to to Weir names indeed we us wires fairly rang with the glad tidings. We know of the very ones you want was too Busy to get to them last year and Thev did not. Have any Christmas at Christmas eve will decide they can have a Good christinas unless Thorp the sound of laughing children s Voi building s pan in lie Early Commerce of ibis Region when it. Was the White Swan tavern and one of who most is i the part of Andy bios film drove Franklin township. Revealed in he tr7.tl court today. Tin1. Defendant ged by t no w. .1. Raincy coins my. Whom lie employed with manipulating order in Tho company store to Iho exion of the company of Tiver he is being tried on to o Septa in indie Meihs. Tho Kaindoy t omit tiny a 1 Sya Icin in use for its who Deal Vith the Coin puny More. Tin card which is Soofi for is Pinch it i the Iii oui. Each Imrch ase Liny Iisalo in made. In sales have pc on recorded tiie card is cancelled. It is alleged that secured a Kumdi like the one in nne by Ilsc. Com Pany and managed to punctured order card to origins value by in thf1 . In All the Man it is claimed received order Blanks to tiie a Lieut Saft clerics at the store havoc punched tiie orders for George is ill Way since june .10. Told of the Varieur a credits the defendant had received in his testimony thin morning. Counsel for lie common wealth Are j. G. Car a Oil s. Hay shr Allty and s. J. Morrow t. A 1-Ludson is representing the acc. A present a held. A mass Rush hostess. Knur tallies of ii Karla Louth in "1 i of i air t the a am asst Ciau va., if. At a Lio ller tzo. Made Home w Bazar and dinner successes i Burn july did following be Delu Smout of Bills l no 4 the Turey dinner and supper served by and ill Vii Olli was a he ladies Aid society of the first woman in episcopal Church. December k. Dilliner the i Al Lionor her lond a Carn caul s City a Eurso for Tiff Way n she h Al of Foo y Cliv Retuta . Of nil of Dit u-11 h due l of. A. A further speculation if. Oklahoma lands by local investor has been prevented. Avilliah f. Who makes Tho information is Malinger of the sales Force of the Mcallister real Oslai Way and necessary for the Luigi Way depart meat to scatter several met along the thoroughfare they shovelling paths bit tile most varied Ever held at 1 o clock afternoon by Sau the his task of picking the prize winners from tiie. 1100 Birds now up in tiie mountains the Snow display. It is not expected that All so High and if. Was made possible Only through the Mort careful work commit pcs and seamstresses ill m 0 c i ibo i i who planned the dinner and sewed for a raw figlus for live the Bazar. Has when the donations of food phys were totalled it was found every m 0 i stip sons. Mark. Anid Tise. Harry and Porter. Davisi incr. Mrs. Stella. Krait g. A. R. Veteran Dies Cue aids ice. Is. A. Rit thing had been Clear except the in leaves one brother Iti Idy Kliper i Veteran of Liin keys and ice Cream. The Bazar for Iii irl and three Sisters ?.irs. James p i v will decade a which almost everything was Donat i Jakur. Mrs. Tubeo. Williams and mrs Ella of i . Died at the. De had a much higher percen lag profits but its Eon Miniee s work not yet Over As there remains unsold yoai1.--. Some of its Prett est articles. . Or. Oberhart the school director for n Good a hotel wednesday morn in it 10 from ailments due to old deceased. Uius old year. Lie had who respect and esteem eee ased. Attlio was an these of All who knew . Iron Altai an was s2 years Are now on exhibition at Tom Home of Warman. Wife and foil cd who in was a Veteran of the the chairman mrs. H. In visited in Springhill last sunday. J although or Altimu was married f he awards will be known until late theatre movie Star contest who has stration overcome a late Start in casting of bal in Uniontown. Low. From the Day of her Entrance Gorsuch testified that Porter into the race she has made special of Thech Diac Harocd from the company forts for votes. Miss Frey is on in i november 29 last but that he had ibo spastic movie fan and has ached for i continued to represent himself As this Opportunity to try her ability. Tii Cir agent after this Date. Plank anyone with a spark of ambition is tracts of company which Porter is going to grasp this rare Opportunity f alleged to have inapt use of without by the a pcs Standard and in dosing land parcs of is Ponn local buyers Liim into Troubie. Mis Prev. England puts ships to use wind More interest to Man Homo at 2 an o clock Friday in Ter noon. Other funeral arrangements v la he announced liter women who made the Success possible Standard to Sav your readers than anything you can five them. There is now Bond Given kor value of vessels to Halifax Prljic court. Halifax. A ti., dec. Dut ii Courtesy of d. L. Rowan who provid Coffee in behalf of the when it comes to furnishing Ria Jatoi Pons As to Why Tho local Bull Sheet up Tho spout h Niehl be i ship Pink business now Iho wharves in now York Philadel phia Boston Bah Moro and calves mentioned Liat the rafters failed to ton Aro crammed with american goods favor it on Cue hand while on no ships to take them away. The plier it lacked punch. Trusts will be served j Lam hum born at the it admiralty gave Bonds in Hwn amounts in Case Tho prize court a 1 John other Day and swiped my it Brol i us Jill Uhl i i vows a i to non Oil univ a 1s Slio Avn is a Hocij u like och big. I ainu ciomber of Commerce of his City people Well and Hamn Loffl can t Nowoy. Spol. A million or. Mullori porn n Lief lips Soni Tinics Alio of Candy. Somo men i Avo urn airs with Sunn climb Olliso. To from tliis1 lain Wrigg not a Jill lion and some i ave that olo Volanis no Milf Christ a Chews her t us. Million without the airs. 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