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Weekly News (Newspaper) - February 24, 1844, Galveston, Texas The Ive Anita vol i Galveston saturday evening -1 i 4 the weekly m h. On 1 c a n a i Ain ?-ris5v.?-rnr Siviia to a. And a div Loop. Is p a a a i. 111 Lufto or cuff i iliac in 113 have been presented with a copy Nav in manuscript the joint Resolution to is Oit a the Ruver r  a ail possess nil in Tali see a tribunal for the impart i trial con. And Abs Moore and others " which will found in an i"i"1 mfr a a doubt whether the act will the a Tor  .,.  o \ tron Rev Isane so i to perform both tha Board pm one. Podr a Jipp v. V inclined to believe that no court martial a j absence mod ,.vo, for Tut hot his a a ing the duties Vla Yot. During such time in for chive All the emoluments said office m by Pupp in Maar Din a by a too a Voo. Up. The o a a too r i l 4 Mot Tsih. For than this act Congress. The co Stit Utoft by Nories Peh n Sirsi laser mkt cleans Money Pic a to Kkt. In Ensch nil. It a . N w i in a to h s hav. i i j ii \ a a is g to i 5i? my pen for the Wpm i \ Vav a Uhi to a r by dlr Cucu a but in solemn seriousness would Prein t a t. A flared that no sex pos Facto Law shall and As this Law creating the tribunal to j m the Commodore has been passed after Ellb Hai no. W Par p ? r Pecie act Hes been committed it mainly deprive i per r it a him the right to tried by the tribunal pro uss 1 i \ r s r. U a i . Speoit1. Pecie a Pecie. A a ,1 i j piously established by Law can therefore plead to the jurisdiction this court upon the j duty ground that unconstitutional and think Las the Piea would sustained  any competent . Up rep  Fth Ruiru Pili by an act and Smy a act i file i a act Fonoti it i v a vector a apr vet by ? 5 Ibe it Narici by it tiou., Jit j or Nia Iii  a in res assembled that the a Suomi tit in Nisi Hon to few the and ecu a see lion acted i titled an a. A in a incur a i ratio i Usu i a i. Galveston approved a Ebru rvs a thou acid Cim Liuji idled Ait Jurty Ana same is  by up Linh. It. A Elk i1 fit the Wladja thai the the Lineal prudent St and name ipad Ottiero said pm with the government a Hereof fail vested in one mayor aldermen on a grand off is Pic a j i p i r 0 v a v top i a Rad off n r. P. A p 1 Hank Pio p a \ ii i Ato la a Council shall direct. N it for her Enar fity. Tuu or. E ii Fay i fur exacted thai i in flu &4fp def Vei Ner ther Ned . Is or ii pvt in a10 a Oss a Hoard a i to reviser  1 ban to ilk Eis up pips. I. I c r pm Dudi. R Dod i. by the duly up died voters the no. A a. In Trio in Spee a p.,. Rur a Roii liquors Vino a -. One p Inin one quark p Cotton i us h severally Ike and subscribe an oath to perform the duty Liou is. Or i hire a their Oili eps to the Best their abilities before the chief a Sar soit a a que Juerice. Or Voy Justice the peace resident in said Euy.  nge tax i Miv five in Hyrc on each Billr Feo 5-t- it further enacted that any free n Herb Annua License tax a Verv Joll Oner a h i male inn Bitont who shall have a aimed a. a?.e Twenty Ain ahey5 or any 2aine the kindar5innuni i and is All have ended at Hast Lem to enav or in h to or och a i one years months previous to Ibe Day election in the Tini irs o a. a Eye a Trifuno or City gan8lo�j and who Shalt have paid a corp Miot  jct tax ,.f a i. F . 0tj j. Tax at least Len Days previous to the Day said Icci Iori Eab How . In non it i Wjk 0r est hah have and right to Vole at the election Fify cents one exp. Eio Uhi Eun mayor and aldermen said City. The Arrige goods or mar a my c or for in -7 " so c. 6 -4j? Dav the month March the qualified voters each each Rev Sti Hof -itiaeg1 " d shall meet for a mayor and the Alde Miers sues Hin or where horse a,.f. Koo or Ihre iof o n a audit v Phpps 0 / a p 0 a 8i 0-.o i \ up it a a Ward i Aikui votes Given in for the Eaid everal officer tax psf o " pin i in a love a o a Iuo. A co Pou in in port Ard meeting by causing the names the persons Rohtla for. And the number votes Given for each a Riita Tir Ain words at length. The Ward clerk within Al hour. Sini a r r a thai Erpf a to in persons elected aldermen Cert in ate j Oer a kieo5 Annu 1 Erie a in a a election shall forthwith deliver to i . Cark the a room to " "ecul1shau a Woitt Council a certified copy tace Redor r u ulv treasurer.  a a i " univ rip which Beni t Phall Preo. H up Bush to Day the act Aro  for. o some or crop so the pm existed in ?he_6ld Ohio Frei Are in Serl this and Soch Al Amend As should and a it Rooen Viv Chat doubt whether v w i not Short a the Board aldermen shall examine toe cop., s pc 1 records the several wards certified As store Aid. And Sill Cao the persons whom they shall determine to Nave Benn r the elected Mavor by a plurality Legal votes Given n two a o v 1 i j 1 s Sui a t for 5 / Ruhr a Vartest tha a Viv a engage is i Jpn cum. Which by in ordinance copy. Is subject to Hoene Tonj without fit \ Tor another a action and incas the vacancy in tie. O4bm-th a office mayor by death resign Tion or other Vise n Arnii a. To 0 filled for the remainder the term by a new election to ref. _ ,. A " by a warrant a that flee frown Board a Heimen t is i Is pm h r " or a vac Jincy in the Board aldermen by death a Fot am r " " t ont. O a  a a i p " a a a am the wards to notified in a writing has elect Oriand in Case the person elected shall refuse to aet ept tie office the said Board aldermen shall Issue Tael a warrant end a doen a. In Aee Oranee Wii i pm r. Mavor the party holdings a. O i j. ? new Eek i the Fermer to 5-. F. Lod before p ask Many persons Heher this. Sion Tion or otherwise the Board order a in would pos i Biff to fro us us a a the Vaca Raa cuff in a r  "  v i ration shall conducted inches an Maimer As hereto a. A a would extend the right oof race to before provided. The aldermen elected on the first Moi. To. A it Coil a a.,.d to o Hatok Day the month March a meet on wednesday Foll in " s " i a r. Lowing when an oath for performance o Ina  a in. Ids right upon too Broad a boo do Dot shall several a administered to Buheit a the mail. In a furl a or and Justice the peace resident a the cite. Y a to that whenever a. . A i . ? each. On s o Ere d reason to Iod v i ipod on it Nola eds Doe t . O is a 3. Warr Fei on p pors Imd a a i . Room 0 j p j ii or. D How o old and or Thev h onop.ot again-5.? " in Orr Thi Saef. And . A 4, Sadi ordered for the Oenid v. For k feed and empowered to Menhir and carry Mlo Deci Sij to in on which or. In immediate la a so a Tor tvs Mac Pfilf Ͽ�Ͽ�Ho-1= oot to _ Tye a is and ordinance As the corporation City St 4 Thra either nov a per to the Oij that r-., our a tie from time to time ordain it. 17. h ii has . Pit pm Taf the Board and Ermeti without a Vole sex ?0ppii for to Urpo Roi Hond Roo leptin Case a ties and in ase the absence or Vith 3 t o j a pc Miro but a i \ a a i u h v Ite rat a eel " a a a r. Lest n the in to Hul get s to up estate according to��5 Oft a is y h. A. ?.  a a a
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