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Weekly Galvestonian (Newspaper) - May 8, 1841, Galveston, Texas Austin City Gazette. Published every wednesday by Sam. Whiting. Those interested in the Gazette being of opinion that during the present crisis of affairs in Texas it is absolutely necessary to commit the Helm into the charge of some skilful Pilot who not Only possesses the ability but also the will and nerve necessary to guide the vessel of state from he midst of the Breakers where she at present Labots Flo imminent Hazard of being dashed to pieces and viewing in Gen. Sam Houston the Pilot that weathered the storm and enjoys the full and deserved Confidence of his fellow citizens will support him for re election As president of Texas. The columns of the Gazette will be particularly devoted to the furtherance of the political agricultural and commercial Prosperity of each and every Section of the Republic. In this journal the Laws and Constitution will at All times find a fearless advocate. The Gazette not being based on party politics will lend its support to the executive in every instance where the measures adopted by him Are Likely to prove beneficial to the Community but whenever he May attempt aught that May be injurious to the interests of Texas or calculated to delay our Anarch to National Prosperity which is and must be Onward or contrary to the Constitution it will be found among the Foremost to expose his plans and schemes. In whatever support May be Given to or opposition evinced against the measures of the executive the editor will he influenced by the firm conviction that in a new country where the Laws Are continual la under Roins will be Given in the Gazette during the editor to Render the Austin City a the subscribers respectfully inform the citizens of Galveston and of the Republic of Texas that they intend publishing a daily paper Uii i per annul payable invariably in lie Texas Money d at its Market value. Urd to and letters on business to the publisher or i or Amsl be pot paid. " of tin general land office. Austin june 21. 1s11. $ commissioner of the Genet Al land Oitice sets Alt county surveyors to comply with the Law. By having their Bonds transmitted to state department Eise he can hold no correspond Viii any person As county Surveyor until he is Noti lie missioner As county Surveyor. Thos. . Ward commissioner general land office. Y the papers of the Republic Are requested to publish the above three times and Forward their a Tii s Between the Days of publication of tri weekly papers often prevents merchants and others from making Public matters of interest to themselves and the Community which would be entirely obviated by a daily paper. The principal object of our undertaking is to furnish a regular advertising medium. Toge thit with the current news of the Day both foreign and local. A new Orleans prices current Wil be furnished corrected from the latest dates and All so the Money markets of that City. I Lou Stein and Gal Veston. In polities we Side with no party but merely claim the right of every free citizen of our country to think and act on such matters As we phase. The subscribers being both practical Prin ters. Flatter them Lvi s that they can and will put As Good work on their paper As is now exhibited by any other publication of the kind either in this country or the United slates. To make up a sum total of owe intentions and avoid i the tedium of a Long prospectus we will merely say that As far As we can possibly Cit it it we will try to furnish a Sheet similar to that highly popular and widely circular d print the new Orleans French the produce of France and imported in French or texan vessels free. Madeira port rhenish All kinds Spanish red. Do White Sherry Teneriffe wearing apparel the personal property of emigrants free. Woollens and All articles of which Wool forms a component part 45 per it. Adv. All articles not otherwise enumerated 45 do prospectus of the Colorado Gazette & advertiser. At the solicitation of Many influential citizens of Western Texas the undersigned has purchased the press and appurtenances connected with the Colorado Gazette and advertiser now published in Matagorda with a View of lending his Aid to that system of government policy which does at the time being and May hereafter Conduce most effectually to the Protection of our Frontier the development of our National resources and the dissemination of such moral and political sentiments As result from a conscientious regard for principles of right and wrong. It shall be his aim to Render the journal useful to individual citizens by keeping Pace with the rapid improvement of the limes in the practical affairs of life and by establishing such connections in Texas and the United states As will keep his columns Well supplied with matter useful to the general Reader. He will also Endeavor to make it influential m Public affairs by a strict regard for truth by vigilant scrutiny into men and measures and by an Earnest Devotion to the Best interests of the country at Large. He looks to the citizens of Western Texas for such prompt support As will eventually result in their own Benefit he therefore particularly asks them to use his columns for advertising and to extend him a Liberal patronage by subscriptions. It is his intention to enlarge and otherwise improve the appearance of the paper in a Short time and he promises to exert himself to make the journal every thing it should be by an application of so much of his own time to its editorial department As May be necessary for the fulfilment of his pledge terms of subscription three dollars payable in All cases in Advance. Texas Money taken at its Market Price. W. D. Wallach b a l. E. Nordman wholesale and retail j r u it g i s to Galveston near the Market. I april 6 7 by j. G. Claude to sue sign & ornamental Painter Galveston strand 3 doors e. Of ten pin Alley. April 6 7 3m John w. Pitkin commission merchant main Strodt Houston. Groceries provisions a the subscribers have received by late arrivals and offer for Sale a general assortment of groceries &c., articles suitable for the City and country Trade Viz 5 bbl Superior rectified whiskey it Hhd. Bacon sides shoulders and hams. 20 kegs Goshen and Western butter 20 bbl. Prime and mess pork 40 kegs lard 50 boxes soap 10 boxes starch 20 bbl. Molasses 20 sacks Havana Coffee 6 bbl. Dried apples 5 casks sup Claret wine 10 baskets Olive Oil. 12 bbl. Oil 20doz. Mustard 50,000 Havana cigars 10 boxes Maccaroni and 20 boxes boots and shoes Vermicelli 20 bbl. Brandy 3 pipes Holland Gin 40 bags assorted shot 5 kegs Green paint 50 Doz. Cordials Anisette Absinth 5 boxes chewing tobacco 20 bbl. Ref. Loaf sugar 5 Hhd. Brown Suar 30 kegs nails 10 kegs Gunpowder 5 sacks Java Coffee. 40 is. Cotton de 17 is. 4-4 Domestic 19 is. 3-4 do 6 Doz. Shirts 8 is. 3-4 Plain Linsey 4 is. Striped prints 1 bbl. Smoked beef 6 boxes syrup r o t ii e r j o n a t ii a the largest newspaper in the world. The proprietors of this Mammoth Sheet the great western1 among the newspapers have the pleasure of spreading before the Reading Public a weekly periodical containing a greater amount and variety of useful and entertain nor miscellany than is to be found in any similar publication in the world each number of the paper contains As Large an amount and variety of useful and entertaining miscellany As is to be foe Mel in any similar publication in the world. Each number of the paper contains As Large an amount of Reading matter As is found in volumes of Ordinary Deo Decimo which costs  2, and More than is contained in a volume of Irving s Columbus Bancroft s history of America which Cost s3 a volume and All for six cents a number or three dollars a year 5 pierces Rice 12 Doz. Champaign wine 6 casks Claret wine 6 Bales negro blankets 0 is. 4-4 checks 5 cases Bre Gans 10 is. 3-4 checks 4 Bales Osnaburgh 10 boxes Gunpowder 15 boxes pin Apple cheese 30 Groces matches 50 Doz. Brooms buckets tubs and other wooden Ware 30 boxes sardines 6 boxes Glass Ware 5 bbl. Peach Brandy 5 bbl. Monongahela whiskey 3 cases women and misses shoes. 4 is. Striped prints 2 dozen boots. 10 Doz. Pants 5 casks port wine Pepper Catsup spices a. A. A. All of which will be sold Low for Cash by Barbezat & Philippon m 30-l-tf Tremont St Blanks neatly printed at the office of the Gal estonian strand. Aim a to the general land office. L-3t right hand of Fellowship and give us a Start and if they done Tinel us what to profess to Bee will not renew our petition. The Galveston an " will be published on new Type and Fine paper and will contain nearly is much Reading matter daily As any of the tri we Klys. Terms eight dollars per annul Par funds in Advance. Vej All communications and letters should be Post paid to Samuel Bangs. T in. Brother Jonathan being a genuine Yankee and we sin \ thinking that some things can be done As Well As 1 by the statement that such person has been com j Cerely Hope that our friends will extend to us the j others islet Ciminel to present to his readers a Medley hitherto unrivalled by any other anecdotes amusements allegories accidents biography Bon Mots conversations crimes dramatics droll eries erratic essays eloquence Fleetia geography history jests learning morality , music news novelties oratory poetry philosophy quid cities Romance religion sports spectacles sorrows sufferings , truths teachings Wisdom wit wonders Etc. Etc. Etc. As a family newspaper brother Jonathan will be found to present attractions beyond any other. He comes the Herald of a noisy world news from All nations lumbering at his the earliest intelligence foreign and Domestic and the latest novelties in the literary world will be promptly served for the gratification of the Reader. Strictly Neutral in politics it will contain nothing in favor or against any party and will As sedulously avoid any of the controversies which agitate the religious Community. Strict morality virtue Temperance Industry Good order Benevolence and usefulness to our common country and our fellow men will be advocated and circulated in every Page of brother Jonathan. dollars a veer in Advance. For five dollars two copies of the paper will be sent one year or one copy two years. The evening Tattler is published every Day at the same office and is put to press at 12 o clock Meridian in season for the great Northern Eastern and Southern mails which All close at about two o clock p. M. All communications and letters should be addressed Post paid to. Griswold co. 262 Nassau St n. York City. Regular mail packets. Eye other Day at ten o clock. Hue Fine stumpers Albert Gallatin Loha h Stem it master and Dayton Eves. Master. The above boats will ply or ran As regular packets Between Houston and Gal \ in the ensuing season and As it is the intention ale and All other kinds of malt liquor of the proprietors to make the above boats permanent in the Trade they Hope by constant attention to the Emu fort of passengers and interest of shippers to Merit a share of Public patronage for freight or a a a apply to the captains on Board. An 4 1-tf prospectus. A or in the City of Houston a paper to be called the Houston Ian. A of he undersigned having procured the Materi Tariff of the Republic of Texas As fixed by the fifth Congress to take effect from and after the 1st Day of april 1s41. Per cent. Adv. 45 books. Cali Coes and All articles of which Cotton forms a component part cider in cask or bottle Coffee. Farming utensils implements of husbandry and furniture the property of emigrants in actual use not exceeding in value 8500, Iron pig bar or Rod All manufactured articles of which free. 45 45 15 free. 15 a lib Unuer Signesi a avg procured inc Materi it forms a component part 3 als for punishing a paper and feeling a deep Linen All articles of which it forms a enter St in the welfare of their adopted country have component part the pm asure of announcing to their fellow citizens liquors Brandy Gin rum cordials 45 45 that they will in a few Days Issue the first number of a paper to be called the Houston an in doing which at the same time that they depreciate the practice so common among publishers of making Large promises which arc Seldom performed they deem it their duty to make a Brief statement of the course which will be pursued and the character which the proposed publication is intended to assume. The paper will be issued Iri weekly on a medium Sheet. And weekly on an Imperial Sheet Well printed on Good paper and in the style of execution will no be inferior to any work of the kind printed in the ret Public. Its columns will be devoted to politics local and foreign news literature agriculture and Commerce. And while a necessity exists for so doing a space will exclusively set Apar for the publication of the most important acts of Congress. In All matters of political controversy or electioneering contests in which it May take part its course will be strictly honorable without resorting to Low Trigue or Scuri Lity to accomplish its objects while it to hymns will at All times be open to Communia liquors list and second 81 00 per Gal. 1 25 1 50 0 50 0 75 1 00 1 50 do do do do do do and other proof so and 4th proof Over 4th proof whiskey 1st and 2d proof 3d do 4th do Over 4th do Salt. Silk All articles of which it forms a component part 45 steel bar or Rod -15 sugar,.15 Tea. 45 tobacco 45 tools and implements of Trade in actual use the property of emigrants wines Burgundy Hermitage Cham Bertin and All other varieties of Burgundy except Champaigne 45 do Champaigne $5 per Doz. Claret in cases 45 per it. Adv do in casks. 20 cts per Gal 15 per it. Adv. A do do do do free. Architecture and engineering. He subscriber offers his services to the citizens of Texas As an architect and Engineer. Orders from any part of the Republic addressed to him at san Luis Post paid for designs plans specifications and estimates for buildings of any description or for drawing maps of towns cities charts of harbours Rivers or for drawing plans or views of any natural or artificial object or machinery of any kind with a View to Lith graphing or engraving a. Will be promptly attended to and executed in a neat and Workmanlike manner and forwarded with despatch according to directions. The subscriber flatters himself that his experience in his profession and his Assiduity to business will ensure him a reasonable patronage. San Luis april 0th, 1841. Charles g. Bryant. A 12-0m-12 he subscribers have received by late arrivals and offer for Sale Low for Cash j. P. Cole attorney at Law Galveston Texas. Rev. Ira Parker would respectfully inform the citizens of Galveston that he has opened a school in the building adjoining col. Turners residence. The course of instruction will embrace the various branches of English education and the latin and greek i languages. Terms of tuition made known on application to the teacher. Barbezat & Philippon grocers and commission merchants Galveston Texas ap-4-l-tf 1vv smart Active boy to carry out this paper. Apply at the office March 28-tf-l 50 bbl. Potatoes go bbl. Flour 10 bbl. Mess pork 15 bbl. La. Brown sugar. 12 sacks Coffee 40 baskets Olive Oil 2 Hhd. Hams 20 kegs Larel 24 Doz. Ass. Cordials 120 sacks Corn 1 Tierce Rice 20 bbl. Phoda. Ale 12 bbl. Albany do 25 boxes Claret 10,000 feet scantling 10,000 Doneath Erbing. 10 boxes cheese 10 do smoking tobacco 2 do chewing do 4 half pipes Cognac j Dupuy Brandy. 2 Hlf. Pipes a Signett Cognac 2 eights bbl. Alcohol 15,000 regalia Sega a 12 Doz. Extract a synth 40 sacks Oats 10 bbl. French win vinegar 12 casks Claret wine 100 Doz. Madras he Kos. Direct importations. Cheap for Cash by Durst & Kuhn strand opposite Menard s wharf april 19 14 of the undersigned Are prepared to make Liberal advances on consignments of Cotton to their friends in new Orleans. April 19 14 of Batezat & Philippon. John Dorr Saddle 6f harness maker main-St., Houston Texas. April 19 3m 14. Lost. About july 1839,1 placed in the hands of j. S. Summers my individual head right of 640 acres issued in Brazoria county on the 17th april 1838, no. 511, for the purpose of having it located since which time i have heard nothing of the said Summers or of the certificate. This is to notify All persons from trading for the same As i shall App a for a duplicate at the end of the time of advertising this notice in the manner prescribed by Law. A 19 14 w8t Thomas s. Parker cords Oak and Pine Wood for Sale by Durst & Kuhn april 19 14 of Durst & Khun wholesale and retail commission merchants store on the strand opposite Menard s wharf Galves Tofy Texas. April 19 14 of Loo
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