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Weekly Galvestonian (Newspaper) - May 8, 1841, Galveston, Texas Morton called again Sai Nae who seemed to have formed a most Damnable conspiracy against my reputation and my life and whom the facts prove the most fatal enemies of in. Morton and his sister. I received a message from or. Morton to the effect that he wished to Sec me at his boat and from the manner in which the message was communicated and other intelligence i had received. 1 inferred that his intention might be to attack me. And accordingly prepared myself for defence. In the course of the afternoon 1 called upon or. Robert Conway and he accompanied me to the boat. I found or. Morton in company with one of his Brothers and or. J. W. Andrews of the firm of Jar vis and Andrews. Or. Morton asked me to walk with him to the Back part of the boat. He then told me that our meeting must end fatally. I replied that from intelligence 1 had received 1 was prepared for his attack. He then remarked that he wished a younger brother to hear what he had to say and called him and or. Andrews Forward. I then called or. Conway and these gentlemen were requested to witness the occurrence. Or. Morton asked me if i had taken any improper liberties with his sister. I replied that i had not but on the contrary had always treated her with Friendship politeness and respect. I then briefly capitulated to him the important facts contained in this publication done of which he denied. It was theft agreed that there should bean impartial investigation of the entire matter by disinterested gentlemen and if it should be determined that i had actor trained in the following letter written by or. J. W. Andrews. The letter was in reply to a proposition i had made for an interview Between or. Morton and myself. Dear sir i called to say that or. Morton is unwilling to meet the gentleman you named this eve but will do so the first Opportunity after arranging some Little matters then he will signify his readiness to me of the gentlemen who have taken an interest in the affair. Therefore he wishes every thing to remain in state quo until he is ready. Respectfully your3, Andrews. March 31, 1841. P. S. Please Call and see me this evening at 8 o clock and i will explain further. March 23, 1841. Upon this note is the following certificate this note was shown by me to col. Milton the same afternoon i received it upon his enquiring in regard to the meeting and then the colonel said he should Lay aside his arms and requested me to communicate the same to or. Morton. J. S. Conklin. I Laid aside my pistols which i had carried while expecting an attack. No further message from Morton or his friends reached me but on saturday morning As i was walking alone to my office near the Corner of Camp and Gravier streets i perceived or. Morton accompanied by two men advancing at about eight or ten paces Distant with a pistol in his hand. I had my umbrella Over my head held by my right hand and my walking Cane in my left. Almost As soon As i perceived him or. Morton commenced levelling his pistol u Pon me seeing should be involved in immediate conflict i informed or. Morton that i had no pistols but his Counte Nance manifesting a determination to shoot i advanced rapidly upon him As the Best Means of escaping the effect of his shot. He fired and missed. 1 grappled with him and brought him to his Knees at that instant one or two men who accompanied him grasped me around my arms and Waist and thus enabled or. Morton to release himself and pre vented me from making any defence. I struggled to free myself from the Man urging him to release me that i might be enabled to defend myself promising not to injure Morton and repeating that i was would not release me and while thus confined Morton picked up the pistol i had knocked from his hand and struck me several blows on the head which nearly fahd me. In the Strug Gle i seized Morton the second time but unable to contend with both men Morton again released himself and Drew the second pistol. I then told the Man Morton had the second pistol scuffled with and urged him to release me until Morton put the pistol near my left Side and As he Drew the trigger 1 struck it Down and the Ball took effect in my left hip. And the assault thus ended. Since that time i have submitted a proposition for an investigation by disinterested gentleman Heads of families which has again been refused and Conse quintly i have been compelled to Lay before the Public this detailed statement of All the material circumstances which resulted in the attempt to assassinate me. And from All the facts let it be adjudged whether her brother is to be regarded As the chivalric Avenger of the Honor of his sister or As the unfortunate dupe of an artful and revengeful woman. John Milton saturday april 3d, 1841. Tuesday morning May 4, 1841 monday morning May 3, 1841. De unjustly with or. Morton or his sister that i should to him such satisfaction As he could honorable demand. The next Day i was informed that or. Morton had resolved there should be no investigation that he would not meet Mac fairly and openly that he would Send no Challenge x me but had determined to make an attack upon me. I communicated this fact to several of my Fri tends expressing to the friends of both parties my unwillingness to enter into a personal conflict the Issue of which might be fatal to one or both until my demand to an investigation had been complied with because such an investigation would conclusively prove that there was no cause for quarrel Between Morton and myself. On the 23d ult i received through or. Con Lii the notice con id3 the notable Sam Patch once said that some things could be done As Well As others but there is one thing which we believe it is impossible to effect and that is to convince a Flea by argument of the propriety of biting folks when they Are trying to sleep. Last night we shall never forget it As Long As we Ive we were attacked front rear and flank by regi ment of them. It was in vain that we got up and remonstrated with we finally struck a Light and vowed vengeance against these nocturnal revellers but As Paddy says when we looked where he was he was t again we threw our wearied limbs upon the bed and sought repose just As we were becoming unconscious of earthly things and fancy was Busy weaving a Bright dream of Hope for the future a Devilish Flea gave us a nip which caused our eyes to pop open and All those Bright and heavenly visions to fade away before the Light of the Candle which we had left burning to keep the rats from knowing our toes. After passing the greater part of the night in this Way we recollected that the Good Book says there is no rest for the wicked and with the calmness of despair we closed our eyes once More and let them bite and this morning we looked a Good Deal like a pig with the measles. It we regret to announce to the Public the death of the spicy Little our regret is sincere for although perhaps opposed it might be to our interest to have another daily paper yet we respect or. Callender and Are always willing to live and let Friend c. Has our Best wishes for his welfare and Prosperity wherever it May be his Fortune to sojourn. Pc the installation of the grand Lodge of the i. O. O. F. In Houston is said to have been a spleen ded affair. After the ceremonies of the Day were Over a splendid Ball was Given at the Capitol at which 84 ladies attended. Foxford a communication has been received and shall appear in our next. We think his suggestions rather premature however. 53we have received our files of Austin pairs up to the 22d ult. There is no news of importance from the West. All appears quiet the on Lyle Mon stration of War is the following summary with we copy from the Austin City Gazette capt. A. B. Lewis with the expedition under his commod left town on thursday evening last in Seaich of in comanches and other hostile indians. It wild have started my h earlier had it not been Fortine detention of getting their horses shod. The Day was not the fault of either officers or men for All were anxious to ferret out their country s enemy. The volunteers from Fayette county Are under the command of capt. Thomas Green of la Grange. The volunteers from Travis county Are under the command of capt. Brown. The spies Are under the immediate command of capt. Lewis who likewise has the general command of the whole expedition. From the known intrepidity and enterprising spirit of the commanders there can be Little doubt of their final Success. If the enemy is to be found they will find him and As sure As they find him they will flog another Good thing from gentleman recently resumed from Arkansas says that while there he overheard the following conversation at a tavern hollow boy hollow  can i get breakfast Here i Don t reckon As How you Why not " father s away Mother s drunk sister s got the shakes the baby s got the measles and i Don t care . The converted native. On Heathen shores to kindle Christian flame to India once a missionary came a pious Man Replete with holy Zeal and really anxious for the Public weal the sweets of christianity displayed full Many a convert had our head made and Many a native who damnation feared Heathen no More a Catholic appeared. To put the padre s patience to the test Washee a sly old rogue among the rest to Chapel went and so the Story Saith embraced the doctrine of the Christian Faith the priest As usual with a pious Grace sprinkling pure water o or his Sable face exclaimed with change of Faith you alter names so he who Washee went returned As James. The native listened with a mute Surprise but thought while on the priest he fixed his Eye altho me know that you would change my god to change my name is very very Odd. Me forty years of age and All my life Sweet thick lipped Balsha Bam my Lubly wife has called me Washee Washee was my name until this Massa White Man Parson came water he put upon my fact that Devilish strange and then he Tellice me my name be change he Call me James Well James is now my Washee or James to me is All the same. But then the Parson say i no must eat on what he Call the Saint Days any meat nor if i Hope for mercy on the last Day. Must i touch flesh on Friday or on fast Day. You will be damned he bellowed if you do but Masa Parson let me Teller you dam or no dam my belly i will treat and curse me if i Don t still eat meat Well Washee James i mean James kept his word. Which the Good priest with indignation heard to be convinced however and shun mistakes he to the native s dwelling hied and there upon a Friday spied the White washed James dining on beef steaks. A sinful wretch what is it i behold i Grieve to find tis truth that i be been told eating beef steaks to Day i wish to know where you expect your precious soul to go what Masa me eat meat no Massa. No then while a Mouthful Large the fellow takes he adds what for you Callee this beef steaks this Massa that you see upon the dish is no beef steaks indeed but dam Good fish fish the astonished pries., with fury cried for very True it was the Rascal lied a Why wretched Man can t i believe mine eyes they Are beef steaks fish fish the native cries and now Good Massa to relieve All doubt Stelle you which Way i make it out. One Day you take poor Washee by the hand you speak Fine words he no can understand water you put upon my face that change my name so this morning me have done the same Nifte take beef steaks make talked Over dish and putting water no them called them fish in 1834 a White Oak tree was Cut in the town of Lyons Wayne county n. A two Miles West of the Village measuring four and a half feet in diameter. In the body of the tree about three and a half feet rom the ground was found a Large and deep rutting by an axe severing the heart of the tree and exhibiting with perfect distinctness the Marks of the axe at the present time. The whole cavity thus created by the original cutting was found to be encased by four Hundred and sixty years growth that is was concealed beneath four Hundred and sixty layers of Timber which had grown Over it subsequent to the cutting. Consequently the original cutting must have been in the year 1371, or one Hundred and eighteen years before the discovery of America by Columbus. The cutting was at least six inches deep. Wednesday Lif orning May 5, 1841. Jcj the steamship new York arrived Early enough yesterday morning to allow us through the politeness of or. J. Simonds to Lay be fire our readers the latest news from new Orleans. We have dates up to the 2d inst. Texas Money is quoted in the daily Picayune at 27 a 30, and Bonds at 30 a 35. In the absence of news of More importance we Lay before our readers a condensed summary of foreign news brought by the Columbia from England. The steamship Columbia capt. Chas. E. Jud Kins arrived at 7 o c Ock last evening having left Liverpool on the 4th inst. And performed the passage in fifteen Days and 8 hours. She encountered a heavy sea and head gales during nearly the whole voyage. She brings dates from London and Liverpool to the evening of the 3d inst. " a notice was up at Lloyd s for transports to convey 1,600 troops to Halifax where 4,000 Are shortly to be sent to reinforce the battalions already there. There was much less excitement in great Bri Tain respecting the relations Between that country and the United states. The British press has evidently cooled Down in its tone towards the United states. The Only pugnacious article of consequence is the following from the Liverpool mail we understand that government have received despatches from or. Fox the British minister resident at Washington intimating that his demand for he release of Mcleod. Has been received in a most conciliatory spirit by the new president and the american Cabinet and that the strongest assurances have been Given him that the unfortunate and much injured gentleman will be safely restored to his friends and ample compensation made him for the insult he has sustained and the sufferings he has the supplement the Liverpool journal of the 3d april contains the following paragraph on this subject United states the times states that government received despatches from or. Fox by the Britannia Steamer and that those despatches leave no doubt of an amicable and immediate settlement Between the United states and great Britain As far As regards the question of Mcleod. Or. Fox had received a communication to that effect from the american government couched in the most conciliatory language. Tho Liverpool mail of april 3d, save the United uneasy feeling existing relating to our relations with the United states has been a Good Deal diminished by the arrival of the Brittannia. No idea of the possibility of War seems to be entertained in America nor Are there the sea lest signs of any preparations to meet it. It is admitted that the states Are defenceless and Mere is every appearance that or. Fox is conducting his very delicate Mission in such a Way As to obtain satisfaction. It is said that Admiral Elliott of Chusan celebrity is to succeed sir William Parker at the admiralty. Though unfit to do his work abroad he is Well enough it seems to fill a place at the family passengers per steam packet new York Wright master 43 hours to Mckinney & Wil Liumis. G. Southwick and daughter mrs. Birdsall and 2 children mrs. Strather and 2 children mrs. Miskell and 2 children , and 3 children messes. Morris Metcaf Lange Sanders Sage Hagar rapier Sibley Dennis Kidd Pinckston Rice Jones morey.-6 deck passengers-9 b Acks. & Williams Durst & Kuhn. Lange & Howard capt. Sterrett c Power w half e Wade. Gens. Houston & gent Eman writing from fort Houston Burnett co. Says i am pleased to see that Gen. Houston and Gen. Hunt Are the candidates in nomination for the presidency and vice presidency. They will run unanimously Here and throughout the county. L3=every Day brings us fresh testimonials of the Advance of our paper in Public favor. This is indeed Gratifying and we Trust to be Able to continue those favors by making our Sheet More interesting and valuable to our readers. It we Hope that our neighbor of the civilian is not entirely annihilated by the communication from the ladies which appeared in our paper of saturday. The ladies dear creatures Are too forgiving to allow him to remain Long in disgrace provided he makes the amende honorable. Come neighbor out with the sweetest words that you can Muster and we will intercede for you. It will hot be the first time that the French acted As a mediator. Fashions of patterns stripes and checks will be fashionable this season in morning dresses and for the promenade Poppins Brocheys watered Silks i armure Prairie in Small Baochen
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