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Weekly Fort Wayne Sentinel Newspaper Archives Jul 3 1895, Page 6

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Weekly Fort Wayne Sentinel (Newspaper) - July 3, 1895, Fort Wayne, IndianaSett Emja i. J. Kane Buffalo n. Y supremo treasurer Louis w. Werner Sandlusky 0. Big Tod 0. Una chosen Kollm no jct place of mooting Ayisat in a so Crematy or a. Job twon fort Wayne Ira auror k. Jonora Gar loll. Tho presiding elder is the presi Dent of of Licio after Tho election of office re Ming Alimi bum rend on of league which of Tel Well received. Or. Harris 1 f. Blum i of or Tajno then rend n very Ubalo paper entitled. Our pledge this was pro it on need by the most Tutu rest in Piper of Tho convention and in cer Linly undo n vory Good impression. An address web delivered by Kov. F. G. Browne in Tho evening Ami Poponi wore Road by William Hummel of Spencerville on Sabbath Misa Alice hum Mil the league Neil j. W. Hosteller the Len put and lira. 5. J. Mellinger. Of organizing work. So closed Tho evening and Tho Eon ton ton will Tho Coluni Lub. Sandusky und Holt i railway n motion Hugo the receiver Jas i Stuwart who has appointed on Shunil tier evening Lor Chlud party that his Bond of insufficient that Ihu Bondsmen Aro nol Worth and for other it ibo in Julio Smalley sol the Coso Tor hearing Friday july 5. Al 10 h in jus line in i hair Early by u of lilo Iru Pur Wilder it Lii us in u kid Luin take. Lii ii in i Tipit. Lilo prox r amount of water o i Jill Tho inn tier Liim Eiolf must decide. The Hurni Lily or of he it Maslim. The condition la Ihu Boll Mioc ussury for Usu i Billhy growth of n Plant nil the Nisi Crun Fonn thu tuition of Tom moisture thu Vigo Riim Uita Trail Ilij will by Tho i asst Lime irrigate in Birly in Tom Kimii Jiuu Buford the Sun coach hot peeled. Thu work Shoi Ihl nut Dono Ihu Kun in shining hut us Tho pm Mph no Linblow o by a Klod. I prefer it 4 o clock in thu of Tumour Oft ii Kix Iii i it tip until Midnight Ca Ivi Llyon at thu lab a Liilian Tonj total yield of incl Niin in i 1c Jar cent Gronfur on pm nos Irrig Kud it night Cairn of Tilor it Ihlow in Iii is Italy fail Olio Ihu ground. H Ilso of Low blurt without Usu a Ltd draft for . Along Utida Light frn Tuo is Hung Tot ecu Iho convard mud 1 wednesday. July 3. Bravo firc Iurii Oivo Xii Trio or jul pcs at Orui murderous i ii tin i Millie. Til tire it those Olio Imbo it commit horrible crimps Lite Bill Neil Roll whirl in wind True oops across Tutu Central portion of llinn., Juno last night s Ore in Tho wholesale crockery establish men of us Donfild lira there on first no euro South. Near third Street was Tho most disastrous in lose of fireman s lives in Iho history of Tho Minneapolis Firo depart moot. Five Bravo Fellows Lio mangled and life Cen Radea Aro writhing in agony it various Hui pitau. Of theim nil. One at least seems doomed die while Hinn Olhorn Case the Sauoie in doubt. The great five Story Brick building with in enormous Block of crockery a in utter ruin and Iho blackened nails broken windows and drenched moors of Tho adjoining buildings Bear Mulo Ovi Devico Iho Victory won by the department against great Odds in Congo his the har Cir Iho Planco of their Ori Tho Lisl of the killed is a follows Frank Euh Llu Gnu Renaul Walter Kio Hardson. Joseph w. Soy. John Lorner. Chri Linn Sando Tho seriously injured arc John Orny broken Anco Cap and other alight injuries. Ernest d. A dwell Captain Back May die. 11. Iran on Gino company no 1. Back and kidneys bail 7 injured trill Dio. Frank Egin bruised. W. U. Mcdonald lieutenant badly crushed. De Thiol and badly bruised about Tho body. Bob idea Tho of ironic who wore inured arc Tho following ii Rivau cult Theodora vied i Culf falling Willlim in la Muon Cut by Fulling Paul Johnson Northeast Minn so Licul by falling Glass. The heavy Brick Wall Bioli wrought this injury loll almost without warning. The Llama a had Boon kept Well within Tho building by Iron a u Horn until Iho Utor Lor win a by Ziluk Furnace. Tha newly dug Collar n proposed Hull plug Lor melted no cyst on 0110 Aldo and thin of Vantage we occupied a Iacoro of lire in in who Al Poung n half Doicu into . Suddenly lha roof fell with a Roar. Tho Orono curried Donu Tho gird pm Ihn will Orr on Tho i alg of Tho Gremmi . Insult Ludo that blood watching were and full nil. 1 in vim Clou l of Akuoko Tinl from the Chr i choked Mil lilo tar Wrath wins of lilo on Tom. Thou thu Polico and will Iii Liel Perl a Hahnl Forward and pulled tha Mai filed Forlin of the Drand and 11. Ing from the red hot Tho Nail Wero so that it some time life lorry All would Deti till . The com is f on Ihn Hull link and .wh1 Oil Ihn clock. And in Yolk Juno Chau Coy 11. Do pow no Coritina n Washington dispatch in it bout merry again. Lar. Depew it is , Lei Tho Tourot out himself while in with Tirton recently. Tho Vurno of Iho imly is not Given. Sho a Young Beautiful Anil accomplished Sho has a figure Delight Iho Eye of a sculptor Hor wit Aud vivacity match Thomao of her and minor Eho in a resident of now York and n member of Ono of Tho tint families. Sho. In moreover in orphan with Homo thing like in her own right. Or. Of pen1 wus in his of Ico at Tho i Rand Central depot this Forenoon Al n meeting of the Hoard of directors of Tho Road. Hog Loul word that lie could not Thuu be teen hut set the hour it i o clock this afternoon. It will double so a for tuna Ali in for Shaun Coy Depew if weds a Rich woman. Not Many people know it but air. Is Labouring under certain financial restraints. Mont men would think Rich with a year. Nol with Devoir. To admits Hal j50.000 Lulu n very com Forl Ablo income but is in a Panda about every i Volvo Mun Tom in Lias not accumulated much of n Rean Rve fund. In fact Chauncey u Depow is comparatively he caking n Joor Man. Us Iwu hut thought a Tim if were i break Down in health or if in should Ion his Job Wilh Iho now York Central. Moreover. Or. Depow bin political Spir Liona. To has never wholly Aba cloned Ihn idea thai May Soiu Day by Proi idol of Iho United Stalwi. 11 could oily get Oul from under Iho Shadow of the a always. To thinks his chants would bom Ucb improved. A a car hence when married Ihu Rich and Lovely Young Tomim or. Denew May any in now York Central nud Ivilo the Republican Pirrly look him Over Nullo enrol no for a or tha a Tot Trio Tiitu Story on Trio top of Ibe Hivo c Jii Tabuh Bont will Tom Inith fur Ali sub by hire kept. Thu Hilt slurry ii it hell Reg whiled Hin in Jyun ii end Viive hut Only Ohio Miff us High lilo full Story. All Oiler dimwit Niona Aro Tiu Iii us in tie ing intended Liu set i thu top of full a torn. The i Miilu. Fun Piluru is Buu Vur different from lint of lower a torn suit i tin of Iii ii bin icy for Tho nolo or Lii Kirkut in skid of for Tho Bwol. Plus Tury a Xiuru Iru in Tho Broud Diu Nibur. The two most in us it Woro Illust Ralpd in Aiti Cri Jiu Una Denim in Liili Luw its lint Olioun in Iho older incl ill Imil a Lino in in tie it in Piir lipid la i Ives. To Lugo Hui Hini Cru Nartu try flin of Vlf mid sunlit Iii four of Bhui Jno a mind . . This num Lut Juki Falln a ten hive. Blini Wilh Honey i. Nellio May in re him Vii it Unco. Or if mini of a Mitt for hut Jnet Mako tint Fruim its Lizul Ihu Impi a Nii pit on lop Hiir Nind with Hoo Linof or oni full Imd Ihu you Lingo your very k a Willy in Nilli if Lam i Roukh Neil ii nip la n in in in wry in inbred. Tilix Koullen a Niueli Mem unit Biilly no i Jefe in Why imply Kcal twi Imil h mar ils Lime Wurst Init i Mori Ili Cro in . . Lingo Hinl Rindik of ill Illk Piiru Inual Lut Luuri Liu Wyvorn not Tho Iii by How la taxi try .rv.-r. Tiu will will in. Us i Imit Tilty Nihil Hii Imron Insi Viil if Inu a Wiki mid . The of her prow eos Isula if Enji Retra Pinion Iii a Jii r. Lulu if Lin xxx hint ill v Lingo no lop Kirn. a i if a Louvil. Jurt Illel a that if Ino fur and Prasun Itilio Perl Irao Oiin Toni i i face. T it her few a Lii in. Nil it nil on log i get Waiker by Lankiu Veteran dead. Cultural a Cuit club Stilt it sic Chi itts numerous tragedian which have taken place in thin Vicinity for several months Post a Tho fact Tiit they Are All certain wino manufactured it Cajon. Ims than a year ago Thomas grist dranic some of this wino and killed a Ciao Taylor for which was convicted and Monk cod Servo a term of Yean in san Quinlan. A Little later Joseph col Mot committed a Ichido after having imbibed this wine too freely. A con weeks Ngo Tho com roundly at Cajon gym startled with in usher tank Ody. A neighbourhood gathering held and it Uin dinner some of Ihn wine was inti had enliven lha Ocon Eion which closed with Iho killing of James p. Ilo Dlin by w. L. Tabor. Tho Laller i now convicted of murder in Tho too jul degree and is Dow awaiting Ihbe Superior court. The lancet fallowing Iho drinking of ibis wind fru committed Al Ilee Cyrio when j. K bought is shot and killed w. E. Kent in n Moo i cold blooded manner. Thia Chain of by full of needy him led the suggestion uncanny must Lurk Ngin ind., Juno this Audi ton county win visited by n vory destructive storm today. In this oily n. Of House Woro a roofed and Trow Woro blown dorm. Lightning shattered Tho dome of Tho High school building n truck and burned cur run Bell s Large bum and ignited n trolled. Tho barn of Slop heu Funk was slam burned. Tho in Tiro service was Zeporta of n Homo from the Inlo rior of Tho county doing con bid Emmo Hern in i nor ii cull ii Juno w. General Green inv Smith onco prohibition Candi Dhle for prepaid cd. A War vote Ian and in recent years Roll known Baptist Nalor. Died it bin Home in Nurah East washing Lou l a or Elliis after. In poor health his condition bsh won Una n folic Capo gain Yak Lerdy which gave Rino look big recovery a collapse occurred however shortly before noon today n and Tho patient a Gnu of Tho in Mcinto a Cambera of the fam july wore at Tho bed 1jlo.cks a million Dollar Tiro Jit Sun Matthews Yons Juno Hon. Claudo Matt Hnis Roc nor of Indiana a St Iho fifth ave us hold on Hianny. Wilh family for n Short trip Tom coast thou Tornor said do not Havo a state election until a Cal year. Thoro is Strong Silver bin Limon in Tho soul Horn counties of Indiana among Tho democrats tha Sitty nol 1 imagine regard any request for Aalbu convention Lisbon Iho Silver Mun. Tho democrats of Indiana no going slow but sum. Tho Staci ban Turo Whoso acts Havo been very Fraculy criticised by Iho Juno something like one million dollars North of Jiro Purly was destroyed by fire in the Tver part of Tho oily Pat night. Al meat three entire blocks covered Wilh dwellings lumber Yards and Luam fac luring Jil Nula went in smoke do it Pilo the efforts of Tho firemen subdue the Lainca. Tho Firo started in Corrick Williams a Wright Box factory a Ularce hours thu two blocks bounded by frymit and Luck orc fourth and fifth thru ugh. Wero red of glowing debris. To Complete he Truiti Firo jumped fourth Street fanned by u Titi arc co and licked up Iho Western half of two blocks divided y Brannau below eco third and fourth. Fortunately n which Iron ailed during Tho Liot lung part of Lam Utonn would Hugo been nit ept Tho water or Munro was not on 11 of out for the Madu upon it by tha full complement of Onui twi Ana in porno Tho no was left Burn itself out. Afler destroy Long be Italy iwo couple blocks Tho d Rue lion continued across fourth eur Cal. It ravaged a Iriti half n Block in Width South Townsend. To Tho Elul Midway third Progress Una a hacked by Tho Brick Vine Vaulta of k Lachmin on Etrell Beloof Brinnon. On Tho Upmier Side the now Ueo Hanio ii Bolet Wash hound had Oft further and Vinco no refill . It Vroni Ihu worst 11 in years and out of the most stubborn. Tho firemen fought Tho encroaching of nun Jilann Only Snail shool tip 111 thin of ii common two Hurst a Sci huh fwd Long places thu As his of thu wheels it feel i Parl Trio reach in round Polo we Fixl from thu Imi dem it. Usu Wood nil Imit of n ii bring Tho jilt fun Irenr Lam Kroum Trio Fenimo in Liutik by Ehui Tih Lien Mali Ihu a leu. foul in be Tikili Bulwin Tho Ali flu mid in 7 filet in Wodtli. Smigill bloc Kun of Corn Tiru puked in Lyon Liia n in in i Luuba Mwau like lilo double Ion of it in found . i Luindia Virci Antcil and cured Liy la Cairn la unit. Glass. No obstacle. Kiiu Kifor ind., Juno Ernnt in Chen of no gift in Lrol of his by Jolo and Dii Alied full Upwood through Ihu Plato a Lieut window of Chapin it Gore u cur Monument place. Lie landed headlong in Hie Middle of the Saloon. The by Arclo follow aug him. While heavy Tito. Neither Lonc scr nor lilo much no it i or Lumly Danin Gril ibo flip in i Lont Curn anal Nln a Are Jess piece. Of Good Isacco Ever sold for 10 cents Ito Maui knights cloak Atli file j. M. Barrett 20 governor Lins the following Iru Alom of Purdue University an authorized by Tho lung nor Al Assembly six a car term Bod Janiie Harrison Indianapolis Charlea d. Stuart Lafayette William a. Banks Laporte. Four year term Charloa Bonini Greenfield Jamea 11. Ila Rotl fort Wayno Jacob 11. Vail in ten. Tiro year term. Danrid t., Ali in. Honri a in Linton William 11. O , Law Ronesburg. Matirn. And Downing Woro recon Imondo he the of Bari Eugure and or. Johnson by lha Lent Lun atoll Kuliu a Nebr Simla of amur a Iii . I Liao us a a til in Kotlou Arlinn Rufati Kolin Iklin nil Iii Iny file or Mimi nine .v Chin Chinlong 113 mid Roulund Tirui Folly or 1. Tho a St Imi unil Kibo old quid Well known unit la Kink Ihu water from him Neinl in Chi in a in Lam Lunil win it i Tolm Hui o a in Imu ice a i ifi.e.1 by Jinn Penir Wilh it lift of Whyl Wilh fur Lyril not want if if timor Tel Merj farm it it firm Niillo trunk firm Luik do Snible priv lid d i Mufti a or Ihn mid. Tyml n Wiki let a Ean in. Indell in Ullin Vilii Iii a inn no air Nhit ii.jpr.1 any smell Rallin Tiahrt a Yii i Tinoi a part Nonni Lold. Tho of ii wow in Ali ill Tom Elk by Mhz Nelll. Idle Holh in Gnu new it Ihu Lwills lift Lolik a Perl. In will Ink n pm of Thi of Kadi Kaya Alai Uil Lam . H in id Iki a of Teil Hinl i i Lush no Fomil in Linin him pvt a Many prefer nil Umo Lily jul no Nufler Oki Havn of. Millet Lun Lxvi Luy if jul a tit not or it Liim Mil. Tom Minu Eviola a Kin til Giro mix id Honvo Lut Chilili in lotion. Were ill lilo f hum 111 in it Man Ortr if Trinh Iii Ink i normally Tom injury or of Iho uni Tail Fonh .Lo Umici Nln in Fhi nit ii Toful it run Arenlt of Tou Villo and j. F. Coils a of Wero Ole clod in usurp of the Konu Catholic in Legliu of St. John. The total for no of i Ion. Tha Wolfl Fernl Naiwi Congor was declared tha order. Tha n mount of and orphans fund wised Fillon two thousand dollars and a tort Sutra of tit Mike fees was adopted which win rat Mil Tho Board of Brut loan for report at Lam convention Tho convention Tulou Rucj Sleno la Al his Blok by h care i Tig fur thu body of John a fico in our Pond have in Rotan Hon Wolf into Llin Lukant Twenty. Ail the sri no Init night Aller Baranj Lorn Over in Bill. Into bils Ali in 1 Shore Kiln null pieces of two and lilo Hundred Wero Lou a Loning Boul Ihu Beach Loiler and inner it ten John Olmom bum co i ibo Orovan thu Man in up Pontil Irvn loss Mitil and Flor his savings drown and Hilris Ilnick Yuliis Juno j j Hamburg american nor Arnor reached wll that work in Rel. In mum Ilene try Over Hyll la Ihu and . From Nam Lime 1 in lid Lilia kept us tit evenly than newer pm lit rapidly enl Liik Fri Inch and in limn i a tit uly Hiil resin Lam route Southeast Southwest is the j Louisville and Nashville Railroad ape Oil indmoement8 prospective 8ettlcns." e. R. Ennui i l Ihn Compito them will found or. Price s baking at St. Angola convention. The a harlot of Iho up gala Uil Wook who Plum did Mil lha extra Iii of in inner Rallda and Winel Reinl Ohar Altir throughout. The following take Irani the Angola Herald which gave an account of Iho but i us in Ile Tuil Tho con v out Ion opened Al Licilio m., Wilh Cin Clana Leil by min Mallei moor., of the local Luni . Ilott. J. H Bickford of fort Wayne was i remont unit gave a very i n rent in x talk on Thil Worth prayer and claim Meel Inri Iho sub cot which had been mint Hood. Homo Mii Cellaneous proceedings Woro had after Vrzich the convention adjourned and repaired in a hotly Iho Lako Shoro depot input Tho Largo number of delegates who Caine on a special train from Kort Nyno of Orson Dele Gitlic Woro in at ton Danco and at the ovo inc action Tho House Wao lil cd Overl Loning Many ind Cal. Nol being Nln find Senbei. Tho devotional exc Cisch Wero us by Kov. 0. B. Work of Farrell. Mies Emma Welch delivered Lue address of and Tho a Uponen was by mrs. H. Of. Mel linger of i Lullington. Aud was vory cordial. Tho principal Androu wan by Kph. Lickford it was Ubalo interest in and Well received. An excellent choir of some Twenty or More voices including amnio of Argola ii beat musical Lamont rendered Ioctl Long Munie. Loiis snug a charming Solo and Una uni. D u. And Thounh Luff la Orum and Jotin xon Gnevo 11 dual entitled sowing turns a was Lou Dor of i at Iho armory which All Wero invited it Tho conclusion of Iho Eer vices in Iho Church Aud which Allor Dod in excellent oppor Nucos. Inv. L. 0. A Larrold Candy tool Tho Devot Loidl aortic a on wednesday Nikorn Iii. After which Jbv. K. Wall of Auburn delivered an and Droit on Iho topic of Lignum bit "1 lie up world Luague Ltd origin Ilis Toty and mis Nion 1 no resting paper wore read by 0. I. Moiler on Christian i bal Corn Stii Mcliley. On mercy and help a. On Lys Emalio Anil Minn Nellie loll Putor. On our work in Ihn highways and thu afternoon hoj Sion opened Wilh devotional exercises con duo led by Mian wis calf. Of Licord Wero Olec cd for Tho ensuing year Tui follows vice Tresi deut i miss Malio Young mils Mabal Moore. Angels mils Alma Betta Fremont not. L. 0. St. Ohio Juno a pro which la Rawl Early ibis morning waa not brought under control until Lam Rod Iloner Lufi Mill Woosun Mills Pontoo co building and a viral duller buildings hero destroy of. To Tola Lou will Ghoul 9w.ooo 1-iininri.mrll Joanl. A charming in unit woman of Nindl con who ban been living with lieu non. Henry Krown. Tih Olby i in jail Here the remit of an and a freight Trulu the latter fact Why Iho complo did Nul Roach this Plexco in Limo get married before the angry undo appeared and put a Slop further proceedings. Burly yesterday morning ibo hired Man eloped As they Woro without funds miss 11 an i look from her Uncle s trousers Nuckol while in Stupl. The new Ipin then Boa Dejl a freight Imin which broke Down Nuar Lowell Dol Nying them four during which Lime tha Uncle disco fwd his lots Anil 6 wore out warrants for both of them for larceny. The hired Man ung Altan by descried Bias finnland Cunnold she Wasula cod in jail hero and her Uncle miss will tried for larceny appointed new vomit Luyun 2 j Tel Gradt won non Lvcy Here today from 1 Kraii Lrtil Gili run of the Columbus and Hocking in Iloray company which ret Ruml irom buoy a end found town re no pointed on Appl Icalan of n parly who hold four Bond. It was Ilonne at Ohio Juno Cleveland Holcel co Topany today pot Tod n anti err. Nolif Leif la Weir of i of in Tinl owing u d Budi Niff and proc Nefor Proi Luolin. In and a Flor july 1, if a i Tho Prout tonnage Matei on the Platte Mill and i a . My 11 fur Narra will advanced id per con. Common wages. About 150 men no Cravn Lam Itidal he Iii Crup it Puiia Zirkli Uitti in Flor i Orn and j fill full Hill Ike Rothii Himl Liere in Liidi will in lilo nun i air Muil Imp Linin elos.ihmi do n i Rop in for . Ail no r Lowed hint we fill. Imd Lam Al Vlku fun in Lias in tin. Piudik for Eim Rizik the Nilo Lingo in enl. Hul if lln.nil Lingo found nol Liivik in Igor Tinni n layer thick alien Hill lord Minuit evenly on lond of Willi kill lenient Iii h oin lit on Luttio Ihn air. To veil in hero in Liula Ili Miyol Uli in when Jim Iii Beauly when it Villno Lejca n Grutly . Who lows when nature ibis a Lumont of love Lucein. May retain id through life by using Iho suffer Fotou of would you have a perfect Trout try a pin or pudding prepared with Ila vat. Conn., Juno pro four Enlon of half univ Raily one of Tho most eminent authorities on Litany in Lam country nil air Neibor in Liat Xuy Hajnol in Lam cell Erin died today Niter in illness of months. Prof. Eaton Wils born it fort or Neiot Mich Juno today Burdas Ury Kente men will How Tho Gold Mcrrow Whilo info ruination Biks Benin received it Iho Tro Cuury other than thai Cau Solny ii Gold Densil would bring lha Servo up the a mount Viviin it is Ai Isumer Tinl this Deposit coven Tho Butiro amount under Iho inheritance ii tax , Ohio. Junn in Iho highest Ohio court the direct Intieri Taco in bras

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