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Weekly Civilian And Gazette (Newspaper) - January 3, 1853, Galveston, Texas A. Virv 1 j 9 it 1 a. N s. A Arr in tire 1 a my fat of i fax bringing seve y i. Are Lee cart. A ires to Fig accounts brought by Khe Jin Ted \artctti-�aditioflaiirrtrt8 were being Minjir Pfeto #5sfe i in i jmmeam$ftl6a. Fortifications for the last three years have either Beten refused or greatly reduced under fees Ion that it depended upon the prosecution of the " system of permanent fortify Catiti it is proper to remark that Titis provision is not dependent upon the extent to i which the syne is carried but it is indispensable to any system of coast defence that May be adopted. The construction of permanent fortifications Anil the Jer eation of arsenals and depots is necessarily the work of time but h 4 i Era were endeavouring to renew Pacific neg the armament for the More important posts both in Texas and on the Pacific coast should there had been three desperate Battles in at the earliest practicable period be sent to the fusions were repulsed and the Xoai territory captured two fortresses. The turkish Fleet has returned to Thebes chorus. The turks have been generally royces Sauk and they Are therefore heartily rejoicing neutrality there was much sickness prevailing in the armies. Them and when in position temporary works sufficient for defence against any sudden attack by a naval Force could readily be thrown up by the labor of the troops. There should also be sent to the Pacific coast and stored at suitable the ordnance and ordnance both Powers be leavin her Tew i re Tutti be Trace killing. 8�auww it the mate $ or Amfin or Arre n Stone i to be inexorably Bent on the i Jiju to the of War. Turkey has refused the three months armistice Inan ded by England. Nevertheless it is said that the Sultan id Deal forms of peace if the Honor of i and his Sovereign fifteen sever Tel other perms were a 4 a k 4 a Uia from cholera Are re ii Itri a Oti eans for f 4 i Turkey j rights Ore respected but not otherwise. The to re have gained More victories in aria. Tiv russians after three sanguinary engagements have been driven Back from to pies and the fortresses or Saffa and Akita have been take by Selim Pacha. Tjie russians attacked the turkish in tre Mohed Camp it Bay Azid but were beaten Back. They also failed in their last attempt to retake the fortress of St. Nicholas. Itis Matfes Ana Oft cies the appoint. Piwin i Fiey Mour of new York of t As attorney i s. Chatfield who at a Gjert Bouse. Captain15th nst., the Mexico top House on ship Inland Crew of the Board we months a thai they were Short of a of magnitude has been e Gage men t fought in the neighbourhood of Akita in which the russians were Wood and provisions and had no boat Beloncir a to ite lightship Tafert hey a Ouw put in the no Rora Ftfe Fri their ill he Madu by himself and assistants to Render the sojourn of his ones try not Only comfortable but agreeable. It one great Eon Deniem e attached to Thi hotel i that Metis cat he had at nov Plizia. A great fire took place in Philadelphia by which Keene s Tannery was destroyed on the 22nd. T two police officers and one fireman were killed by the falling of ruins on them and twelve others were wounded. Increase of the army. New yom dec. 22.-the military committee of Congress will report in favor of an increase of the army by the addition of at least one regiment. United states hotel Boston mass. Tin is the Lirajr a St fioum1 in now of Norland i a location Cove giant for i it intr the Etthof on by no or for plow ure. It i site not a on reach. Kkt Efto and Ltd Gold Pike Kef. Onno Sitt the new York and ser Harn of Tilro in it put. New York and no ride team Nat Lin depot. Ruo Appos Ito the depot of the inf Filo and a Lenny a Irlond. Ind with ii three minutes walk of the new York and fall River Steamboat and Railroad depot Nanri to a Evv dry goods. Hardware and Slor dealers Thau any Large House in the City. The House u in a manner to ii vat Tho Comfort and convenience of its due to. Icy the of tin Southern and Western Mer Chad is Partick nil Soli i Ted. William it. Spoo Vek. Noi try. Proprietor. I Houston House Houston Tepas. Tit in it Ai re a it1 Tuffe report or the Secretary of War w. A in their sender it see and have Alfir cd buy Oiada to Fere we i a a 11 y. I h Al h p 1 As list on reduced pay for the faithful 4he discharge of the a efficient wha have no claim on the Bounty of their Over Lent for Iery idea to ered too regulated by Canad to Merit and of up Maision pay to sea a ervice a re added by the coh Diun of Miry eon�4�r�tk�n� of Justice feat to the preservation of of these objects and far the construction of the Field works of their defence. As a part of this system orders have been Given for the establishment of a Strong Post on to e Rio Grande opposite the mexican town Al Puso in the neighbourhood of which Indian hostilities and collision Between the Frontier inhabitants of the two countries have occurred. It is also in contemplation to establish a Large Post at the Point where the great Trail of the Comanche indians crosses the Rio Grande. Other dispositions fur the control of the indians on the Northern Frontier of Texas Are also in Progress and when they Are completed the department Hopes with Confidence to give a very great Sec mtg. To both the mexican and Indian Frontier of that state. New Mexico has been Parat ively exempt from Corn Indian disturbances to serve against a mim\0iet % few fan ago proceeded to if Jae i Chauy of South Street and i a a ayah a Constable of using the i"181 Jear the few that have occurred have generally been traced to marauders and outlaws for whose actions none of the tribes in that country can justly be held responsible. 4na Celler into j those to which they nominally belong have flowed and the floor was Cov 1 i Yff aces which it is believed they Are endeavouring in Good Faith to carry out of their intention to apprehend and deliver up these marauders and restore the property plundered by Thoni laspt1 clip Capitol for r pm m yes. Aim uial he is now i Epan i in Amer Ai .1 �11 i be rom pain that in a cd a he has Comiti Penceil a Xinai be who when Compi Ezeil will furnish a " social Liall of the Bullifin the Ems blk h Al i a local in a Irnel airy Root nil if i in miss. Wilh a lame unsure up up l by 4iiy Colht r in tie , in , Quality Anit Junn Iii a l make it at All times an As Prame re Vinu place f or the traveler. R plea Uris Liotine for a by Anler. More Oit Iford than Fri play is Png a 0il. I he spacious stable has by in re a i re an i is we 11 fun uis Keil Wii Cornfo tip Ler amt he. Nil an an Eil i i up Osi Ler. \ Lar Elisier i is nearly comply lieu us Lue con v of wat Prins fiores the p Ronase if in come Unity a solicited july a i nol. Age t b j. It a i lev. Eagle bots i at the hrad of that Luck whip. Oni,vk9tn. Y i Sii Sci birr h 8 Rici a 1 v fit Letl up 1 he Hoo be , in a a Psia Iliia Inai Iner. For hip Accomma diction of a trailers unit Isi ugly prepared to acco Zimm Luftie cuff Tom a Inch Best Tyle. Kaiui Hie Bouse Bein to Ili Baiei Jinni my Ely i i he Aiea Inskip la my i us oilers a Erim Neitis to unveils the bar is sup Heil u h h in e lip ions. An the table Wal be Iii Nishii ? the quark i ail ads Ait it a himself Muse Hiber a to add us the Coniton of Ilise nil j nor him a Illi their paint Miagi no 1is re id a. E in the injury hurl u Imparl i. In v7. Koukuyt to y att. Day boat iders. ice. They were enea a it ctn to of Lihe cavalry regiments one will be re Texas one in new Mexico and the 7 i 1 h 0� a Erite one Tor the Western Frontier for ser Juk Bhe plaits for the protect Iori of emigrants. Three regiments of infantry Are required in Texas two on the Frontier West of the missis  j i s Pic one m new Mexico and the remaining estimated i one in the in uan country or the Pacific. With an army three times As great As ours it would be impracticable so to guard All Points of our extended Frontier As entirely to prevent Indian depredations. 1 is therefore the intention of the department to put the troops in Large bodies at commanding positions among the indians and to restrain aggressions by the exhibitions of a Power adequate to punish. They will not be Likely to engage in hostilities if their families Are in the Power of the Troy a a fog 4kmr absence. Small posts however muck it May appear to have been called for by More than Aten Ett its term a this e cart of the a tax of twice he can thirty or forty Day boarders at fair prices. Breakfast at seven a. M., dinner at one supper at seven o clock without any deviation. After thursday next the bar will be furnished with Choice liquors \vines.cigars. A. Is lunches served up from to 11� a. Mun i f oni 9 to 11 in the evening. House will open at 4 a. A. And close at 1 o Clork at night. Isaac Shaykh. Horev july 12. Isis i. July -2-tf commercial Tremont Street. V Orleans advertisements. St. O cart. W. H. ?s. Carey Reese & co., wholesale grocers App dealers ra7 t r vate boarding no. 4i3 3tirclay Street . Saiu cuts. Lve Stop Emale Seminary. Pic induce via. Tibou Sitoula Street. New Orleans. Sebl1gsoiv & i on commission & forwarding Jie chants 5 no. 21 bunk place new Orleans. Michael see Brorson Lewis i keel sox 11knry s Eele sox. Up 30-Ly. Brady Gorman & co 0 r m k Al y of North Alabama a and forwarding Merci lants Avo. 91 Gunier Street. or leans. Drc Spring Mihl Ncry Aud. Fancy goods just received. Mrs. J. A Rex. 189 Camp Street to. I Rick h Church new Oil he. Tiu old Respo Peru her m i innings off i d to wholes i e Piaf a 8fts the of Gilill in ii it of the in or in in a do we re a Erer ,1 Assn Rimes run in ways found. That she in and vol con ally keep on hand h a iut Neil of Bov n ets Straw Rio a x Flo i vices. Parasols. K a Porner a Uress Tri Rel a toilet . Variety of ools. Which in by sold chop . Conniry re after punctually at tended to old bonnets cleaned and . Canal streetfwtnitest01ie it tapas i5 pet Day fio be Taylou & Hou Gettist Tetuo Lasale m Asch act Crebs of plan shed tin Ware 156 Wiliam Street la tie rear new York w \ and Coffee urns chafing dishes Venison Mio. Dish levers Descg coolers Coffee pots Roffey filters Norse lamps and Viyo Stu the Clerch a 92-w so of. New Orleans. Bern d Stag Iione Are offering at whole to a great variety of cd Iii or. Pc made from rider ? Patent vulcanized gotta Herclia 01 new style a a Bias Trucl fix set. These goods Are water proof free from unpleasant Sun ii. Pliable and elastic Liko India rubber. Not injured by fatty , and nut decompose Audi become Sticky they Are very Dif Trentin character from and other ood.-3 heretofore made of Gutta Percha. Either in Tai country or Europe and Are warranted to stand All climates. Into nor the variety May he found coat. Loake. Capes pen Caius Liffin. Jacket overalls. Be Fri ifs. Ton West ers. Caps. Camp la anklets. Horse overs Shower Matts. . Or a it pumps. Balls. Pencil and Ink erasers. Las hags a Orts my in a i in in cups. Steam packing. Machine a Felt intr. Carriage Moths. A.o., with a very cheap and effective life pre or Var m Aie expressly to meet the new passenger Law of con Greij. All of a finish and Quality Superior to any other water proof goods now before the Public. For Sale at the warehouse so Cedar Street blew Volc dealers in water proof goods Aye invited to examine these a Root. Bid Ievins they will find them Chhap a and a 11 Kioh to anything they have Ever seen he Ove. A orders to and extent executed at cd a of gentlemen of science and educational sex vice no have occasionally visited the institution aup"10 have been present at the Public examinations of pupils have encouraged the teachers to spare no effory4 sustain the reputation of the institution and to Lair a tuition of in hic Confidence. The number Pipit during the past year hag averaged upward is of 0#hunrtrl d the instituii011 continues in operation ten Mouths a the year Divise 1 it to two sessions of i a months each. The first copy ounces on la nday in up Teiber. And ends the of a tvs in january the second commences on the first a a of february and cuts of the last Friday in jitf6 terms per session primary of Arment spelling. Reading writing. First lessons n6iuniiet Antl ,.$10 00 j in i or lip a tint a Rita kinetic. Geography s English apr mar history i impositions and primary Jil Sophy botany and chemistry.----15 00 a Mentor department English ram Jabr snr-3 composition. Algebra. Geometry Tigai it to or rhetoric natural philosophy p jtai1 v Jim biology. Geology a . Miner # a a a  aug 30-0m. 9 ?vcceb3r to l0x i & worker in Copper. Tin and Luet Iron. No. J St Kkt. New Orlean. A 20-w w Al i ver & co booksellers and stationers a 29-w so by or. Cd Iliili i Jtj it new Orleans. P. e. J. A. Hah1uzat. H b lab Rke to bko., commission , Al is Western produce no. 4 Poydras Sti not Between Fultom and new Leree to Rev new Orleans. A -.29-w swy. By a f Shields & commission \ it Kolow a re i no merchants. -1 Offee. Sugar and Mola so brokers and commission a Magazine try t. N to Orleans. Orders solicited. I Fer to e Aiebi a civilian Ollick. May 6-Lv Premium piano Fortes. Grovesteen & co., no 481, Broadway new Yor Kold e All the attention of Thorf about ing to their splendid Stock of Guo 7-i octave piano which they he i Csc cannot he exit dlr by and other in the City either is tone finish qualify of material or workmanship medals have been award by the 1 to tote of their instrument five i tors in Sucre Siua. Having m t i Iii purchased the entire Stork of the in firm of schots la War rink. Formerly Dubois k Stodart. Favourably known for forty years Aspi of makers Liev would invite he Leonti Usanee of the favors of their friends and customer " with the certainty of giving a tial satisfaction. Fur the Southern Market we Are making with Dolle Ikon frames and detach 1 cases be Uli Arlo adapted to the climate. Feb psf to. Iron bedsteads. Comstock Bromley 8l co., Mino Ait k h is Loci a. Tatai and \ Oral philosophy. Evidence s of Aud political Economy. Latin of Creek French. Spanish and Carman language a hdrawfeat1 a ailing a. N cd Fri or embroidery Wax work a. Mu5jk Iuo guitar each. Use u instrument. Koala. Waal a a p1 r Frozen. A furnishing their own towels ind Lighth. Fees cd half the a mount o f Board paid in Advance re inainjn1 at the close of the session. Pujols will he charged from time of Entrance till close of to sess in an 11,1 Dean Chiun for absence unless of casi4 a by prozac cd ill mass. John Mcvol Louir. I Ann v Cul Lugii afe 9-tf. It Dell. 4  .20 00. 5 00 .10 00 10 00 .25 00. 5 00 .62 00 50 tuition. Vincent s College. Cape Girade Ati shia Sotiro. His col be in Earp me Lay a he l pm 1 a mfr of the site of Missouri in l 4 to with t1 e a Radej ?  f i in visit i Situa to on i a a1n j put. 4" com the a ugh of the t he of i comm Mij a no a Rio a View a b a sides a the River forty acres of land l of Reefer lbs a. A comfy the Zommer Ini Milhein. Tical Ane classic edic Hon is l i in in this i \ ent to Texas for i his u be mar 4-tf. Richard Havnes apr Dent. Badway s sea Lay Krelll a. Rain was renovating rf.? Kadi a 5� ready begula1\�rs. The use of it huh will in All casts 1nstahtlv Stop air pm cult Cark did talk a it Al a Miv knt mckn39 Radway ready Relief. The moment h in applied h will n Lieve the Tufft Rit Fri a that most Turtur Roro Palm. Its two a Elf v its primary action is to allay of a in to no Maliz ill of. Feet of a ii leased Naclion for if la re were no my e Tbs would be no Eft cts no diseased deposits or unhealthy Tai Louh there would be no pain. Lis free Andary action is n in to Vehe cause Wulf �s4 relieve they eth from by Force Fri runt re and entirely dirt All complaints Efrain enumerated Tju moment it 13 a fund it a tool Ahfaz it cures rheumatism neuralgia Lumbago tit a Dort us. Gom or nuns and 8tr�iif a blurted limbs. Per Lysis. A cd a endless painful so Ellins. In a few hocus 1ntfual pain. I a Arr a a by entry lids a Morbi cholera chill and fever Fain in the Feor Fri and j ans to Ai to Viper it r am de and Hanve led sex remt Fie. And pm cd the Lra from All Niia Metic a nil epidemic of Uuie. " a Mijck he-\1 a he r. R. Remit f Wim Stop the i inst Dis ironing Sirk Havu. A a few non utes. . R. R. Relief will ii it try relieve the tue term a fro to. Moat a acacia aug u of ?n3 of x eum1�in. The Truk or r. A. R. Kim hunks to one of the non in important Risco Roiti in olefin science no sound r Urt applied log it fair Siul pm it of taken into they Lem Tiffi cited with d sen they for i in their pain relieving and health res Kornj Infine Iii ulleans of the body. I hey a re prep red from of Active in of maim. Als. A Ihirg inert or use a i Chin Ketr com jul to Nib. Kai was s Rakiey Lrtil Lal ohs Are prepared run Ihei. C Ivy gum roots herbs plants and a links. Oil atone h Hep. qua in print Power to no or or fit of Tum cathartic or Vesei Ardc p is. They had Lipil  Anil Pleis int in their operation. Regu Utin the to cd i in of the hnwel.-. Liver skin and All other ups ladies will Liml . Ili Cut. Reyzul Aoi a. a Tiv in or of the denial is Sun Khromc cos7 . A Jim plur sent i Iii. Hiil i \ no Well known to l no i i ii i i Tineil Miles to no pro onto a u Zitur ii Lam Cirou the Ouei or to tue. H i in Istir Pur in him Down tue use i f rude v u t t a Mae a nil he via school books for the million p= Erik. Best and cheapest school looks Ever published i l e l be 1 a e k in s of h o l-1 of i k s win prefer of 1 by Taihi Well Kion Fie n d nov Rute of c ammo 8i d Ste a of nil i Prin Beds Lusk & co wholesale grocer and t Ommi Sion a Rohann no. A new Livee and o co Manta Mav 6-1 v. T3 m. M t thews 7j"0. . Ravior Street. New or loan. Will Tention to the Sii v its no in ref o strict at 11 once of. 123 Gravier Street Vair a leaks. La cures cancers Sundh and. White shillings sores7 sales room. I of 95, Lieou car a Vani " Trul t h 11 Reo a i in or m irises. It the a u it i i is be a in a or tit c k. A Home Tkv a a nov a Fin i Torrini �t., n e v r to r. 0. Nyk smoke & of Moor Okrand diver in China uld and Kartne Nwa a Duck Ion. Prntv�m.,t v m h. titty of ih1 ten if a sity of Vircinia. Who a lift 1ms la Een spent in the West air s uth where a Relve labors As a jul inc Kris in in ctr inv trained him flip a pro u 1 if n of in in of n Anund a rare i til and Prog Siva eur Tiiu a. The Reurs no books he Rinir his Ohni have be n proved by us till trial. And a re new Nore of i Siverly us d a i others and Are Andy re Civ nig tiie he Pinion nid tiie most ii Tel gent .iiscrimin.ng ten Harp of the land. To s r Pinko no Hor id the or a Mius it ten pms ii Pri pcs r in r.nr11�i e a i Insixi uhf min Hind is no. So Uii i a l cd. New Luik. Dec lil i y a Diu w Peirce. Or. I the Fedl in inf in another info inner of the a Toni Ling urea which an Kii r a Yno is c horror is Tern it Thoc a who Are nah i i cd with tii1 Drej do 1 Disen a or any t Uit Are enu Iguera de a Hovi i. I nil that he Premier i a tins Curt a sever cases hat have Hen up by the in to Fin Reir or Rii to a nor in the country. And in a shirt Perinor of time. He treatment is mild and gentle a i r,e? t i in nut to suffer when Relief Jau tet 19,1-."der sir pern Ime try to pres thu my a uni i thanks for the great in to i re Civ d from Unur tre if Mut and to say to to i to i h m now Centiu la Vve i. Aud As it is a which should Iid to your Srov Vanir rep i tation. I to think it but jul re it the in res should he cominus ii tvs to the Public. You Art n a return. It Iii arty in make nay use if this cent Ficat y u May desire a a if persons visitirg1 he c to. When Are i Felt cited As 1 a is hour with to inquire fur her the hinder 1 no pro re i Aati Afy them of the truth of my statement i he id n Large Rencer on the calf of my 1. And was under the treatment Nothe f in i amed or. Ebert of r ii it m nth when he pronounced me cured. Dur ii a r his Lima .1 a a fits red n Deal for no his trea . And him r considerable Leas he dire Ted when the Cunt r broke nut worse Rhan Ever. In my i applied to Yon and i am Happy to Sty hit you Uve effected a cure in n Ali Oiler Perm of time with it Audi Peng me to Wear by Odin is and with far be can be found at the Corner of z Ned new levee i Francis Arnold. Up 2q a tsp by. Trios. W. In kick. Co. Baton per ice v Macon wholesale Gro Cefis am commission merchants w 153 3iilkcorpcr Oblo a onion j. B. Iia Klow Fjaler in doors sashes and blinds no. 9. Beikman St Pearl new York. Between Cliff and Street a b. Iia Klow would invite thi1 attention of of doors. Sashes. And . To us tin a i a of Ali above in a Wmk Niji like a atm i. And t Lin the by dated i i Muku Ila Al Sasi iks on hand us to order. N. attention paid to packing and ship pm a to any port. Up i0-3m. Abdo p a to n t pre m1u m Inal mpp0rter.  ii f the system is expensive far toy twi to a Jami results that Are Attai n de by Ami a Fri Viebey of troops and it is believed that a 4rntiwftejriion, by that exhibition in aunt attend the tit ii Force. The benefits of the Pirp Kwid change will w an improvement iri0bfo fat a inline a greater degree of Effi Clercx Ai 4wd a Raiter ithe jli6trii�utio Raio House formerly of cupid As Postof lice and Bookstore. Ti1k proprietor of the above establishment Reepes fully informs the Public that he intends to keep a House equal to the Best in Texas for . Abundance and delicacies of the table and that be will spare no pains or expense to Merit the patronage of the citizen of Galveston and of the travelling Community. The Cook of the House is excellent and meals will be seved up and prepared according to the taste of All. From of in the morning until 11 at Nair it. Wines of All kinds will also be furnished at Low rates. A Bill of fore will be found on each Tabic daily and the Price of every dish marked. By such Means any person May take a meal at almost every Price from j ten cents upwards. Regular hoarders Takou at reasonable rates. The advantages offered to these Are great because they May eat when they please. Private parties either at the House or out of it will be attended to on Short notice All kinds of pastry and fancy dishes made to order. Please Call and examine the House and you will be satisfied the House is superintended he july 22 j k. Cabreras. Pierce House Runis delightfully and most pleasantly situated Cuhlic House situated on court House Square formerly known As the Lal Bam a having been purchased by the undersigned and having been thoroughly repaired Aud cleansed is now open for the reception of hoarders and Tea velkers. The proprietor begs leave to state that he will of part no pains to Raake All comfortable who May visit ban. His table shall not be surpassed by any in the state. His room Saad bedding Are equal to any. His liar will be Well supplied with Choice list Oak of All kind. 15cub&servants always in attendance. Housionvmay31-sm. Car los r. Mith sold Only at a St. Char los St. Oft polite Luion Vic jul eats. Uski in Illine Katiem a Arr la. In merlot i cures Kirms Fth womb sinking Hub be feeling of the inn Stom sch or Ide in Hipfl the Whites Preven a my. I Iriane sire Nethus weak Linss weak voip tvs Harry inc s gives place to fruit full is the in Iii Mion is Imp Oci and restoration to Hall i is hip Lual up Guin attn him sending for a supporter must so cd the number iof a Chufi around the i tips May 10- v Large and attractive Stock of Del a sips. A. O. Wilson 6l co. Import Joni sad Job bars of Dii i o \ s piano Flottes. Melodeon and music Horace Waters 333 , n new York extensive publisher of music and music Hooks. Dealer in musical instruments of All kinds. A Uclusin ent for the Sale of t. Gilbert same As at the manufactory wholesale or retail. A Erv in frument War ranted to rive sati fact taxi. In a the refunded. Sec oud handed pianos t Reat Larj Rains prices from $40 to Sloo. Ole runt for s Itu s to per Lou Melo dons.  these Mcl Odorns arc tuned to eur Tern Era ment like eolian pianos Ino organs and Are Superior to Auy in use the Harmony being eau aug Ood in All the keys every instrument fully a Era n. B. T. Gilbert & co., the own ent. Will Supply the Public at Luw a House n a a popular my Sigby Tbs a published daily. Dealers. The Cir plied at the lowest prices Teova of the Ioian put Ces than any other to celebrated authors and seminaries sup ept 27-3m. John Bavens. Wm.41av John save Fly Phoenix works warehouses n e w York Alex. Law. Sons 54 Cliff Street 1 pm Yemen. Of House its Tox Texas. 1 staving Curchod All the i by. Title and inure to that is intimate a i to a the to atm to proprietor  Wraa Seiy. Had Maud Hon Sec. I pall us my Best Effort to my f 1 supplies my id m obtained and it and Northern and required of Sitlow of j manage the same to the entire satisfaction of my the facilities of wends acquaintances find the trav Euin com Manity. No pains nor expel a shall be wanting of n part to please and i solicit their patronage jue2.8-Ly j. W. Mccown. E depots w Here these Fen _ .1 1 j. T 1 pm or Rajm ,. T i j no my a Linebe Are concerned 4& a fret Joring Faient seems with new and expensive is not on and would not be we jw1 u 1 p. T offs ent with a god to Texas a we a which from Luteal Tea its remoter Ess Tilla View of War and the 1 b Cordovan go neral land i Agency. Austin and Houston Texas. Nuti Cul a quention paid to collection of Debu payment of t a est and Reo radio f a eed in their proper Countie. Land located. 3 Veysal rates Valu Oue Yacu of land for Sale in various Paru of uie 3 nor 9 1853. Tft0ft wat bring i Ace. pleasure in again notifying the Wulw Umu Thia watering place is Atill being improve a to their patronage. From the fact to Attlee Nedical qual Tiea of the water1.ro no t problem it w helmeted that All will Avail them 9 no 1 Courtland Tkebi of of Ponitk tub National and was Truk hotels a d nos. 11 & 13 Day Street new York invite the attention of a Sholk alb by yobs to their be y Large assortment of goods which is kept Complete at All seasons of the year by the addition of All the styles and fabric that Are constantly arriving by. Steamers " and " we have Large departments devoted excl Lively to the Sale of cloths Cassimeris. Vesling tailors trin innings White goods. To Iery. hoods. Shawls. Yankee notions. Domestics. Etc a. In addition Are displayed Large lines of prints including Merrimack an cock echoes. Gingham lawns Farage. Black and Otbo Staple Silks Vierino bomb Zines alpacas and the serous other articles appertaining to the dry go Trade. Also. Agents for the Sale o in Hoyles Royal ent Swan Down sewing Otton we invite the attention of the v credit. Manufacturers and dealers in Light and heavy hollow Ware. Tinned und enamelled Ware. Fry pans ground Wagon . Sad Irons. Fancy dug. Air tight cooking. Parlor and Box stoves i Velinde . In and castings in general. Sept 13-Ly. . Bisil6i\ coach maker Arni Ein Ftp u w in a is Horn s h in nth Mere up v no been much needed a Miilu \ re Are Siva and Thi Tough series if Lext Hoik a a heading and Seel in a Boole is Mcgurf. Vav e a inc to Iner. R 111 tic child my mfg Tilte a t let tic fir Tui i a h Suna in spelling and re Idini for the Niin or a a r4 i $ i Guf Leyn Kie tic third Reie for Middle classes Chaste it cd in Tomici v lest a in prose and. A ii for a f. H up or. Re it Ric r died by the new Eliy o in a a. Act note or it he in re a to a red to the pc la he it i o be a Snen tue by Ruig per Timeir l enter pro Iii i it it in Llu a h��.-1 Noin and in View tit Tkv Kris a Amo Rii 0 mater Rhey cd or. Fri. Che Low prices Utah 1 h they it Ivi 1 in y a e \ or out b cheaper an ther similar in. I Igliski grammar in nary a Tun or i the one had a Complete Vork of f a i Tneia nth no i a Primeo s any Cut i full and comp Ete or a 1 is. Fur cum in inies a to Clu oif pinned s Engli a , in which Frau i it to mryc ure if ii Grid a a Hesi n adm Muhs a uric. N he in Lvi of Kyj we 127 Profe or pin Den s Wio is h Mott Elax bogus on the Sun Jeci of or Ujj he a i m r. The  study Usu ily dry and in Hiick Tii a to learners i it a dared Inthirat i fumes Hittne live and Ini reming. I hey a re Trike ugly simple Progress re and Rhor nigh in their plan uni Arr gement and in a Ide j by Cion a go d a Nairn ring. J lit a Are. Chi hot t Burke j Nijiu de. Arithmetic. Ray s arithmetic Art Tirats Tiitu Iez on for the Jit tie Lear or Ruy s arithmetic part second Complete text Book in me Nihil Arith Meier by induction anal m8. Kay a anti Ihu to put third for schools and academies a full and Complete treat a on the inductive and analytic methods of inst ii tier. To Kilgal in rust hrs record the Brj Thomet is professor As the Leio re Sive Methodi Cal Ard Thi rough Ujj ii of so Ihrer cent cheaper than other arithmetic of be ai2e und of to equal v m unt of matter a Hose volumes Nta 1 e Remtul if a practical experience in reaching and they a re prepared in compliance with the toll citation if Many Friend of education who were co�ni3at of he marked Success of the r a a Thor Asun in Trust or. Algebra. Ray s a of Ebro or. N fist Tor c Inman schools and academies a simple or car be Ai d Celciu Nury fre to e. Try s 1 it ii pm second for advanced students to Aca Demie and fur colleges a progressive Lucid and comprehensive Erk the get at excl Lance of Rayn aria eme in War rented the that an Alj retire t v the i ame Ambor would be n m a movement on a Al similar treatises. Fly a algebra has thu Nuj. R Bati n of the most jew docious is Sui or setting All oilers in Many of the Best school in the United i m1les. It rash a t of the arithmetical course As Well As the algebra c is a us Pete bunk in itself and is sold separately nil i k Lone he n complied expressly Iutok a in this re admitted because of their Merit the ext Talent the us their manufacture and the of ainu a runt in d in them to be the Nhea Perst Cla. Nooks a a lib. A d in med i tales. In Virginia. M a land to i r a a Eutiky re Enne be gear get Ain Himin Lou Iai and we r care the entire Eclectic series being a pied u the beat Chi of in prefer Eyce to other a. I Tex a me Hei. G adopted As an j Excel pm economical an serf of Snow i. Regular far Dajoh a taken a part Irh of Medicine Lor six Montu Pantie Rufi volts Ami Rea Olvo. The Woli it . 1 he 1 pm it it away from the body Al Lyrla up Dei Oslo s. Its of trial Genova in of the Donod i he no or id do is in Uburn 11.t the b by n a Imit a Bra it work 1 of 1 e Psi Iii nil . To ii a shul Ari Folini Wirlin i mix us i Iset de Drosc. Lid Ami in Hole to its Birtt n. Bap blood. Blog d that has become impregnated w the corrupt and Pio i Ous adnii\iure5, is i Quickl . Cd ii qty Punk ii and Imide pure and Keadby Obj an that have Ucris Tuiai Ute and ruler k1 i iwo Paide o a no 1 into r 1 a ddts a i Ivi i Saied in i Furm Kheit nut until onto. Every 1 r g n a j me . L in a �4 to i i re made sound von Tim Unis ind to jew heal by 1.d Strung a 1 weak ? Una in up it makes it 11 4 a a u. In male or female is a Mckay cuing. And the a t of a to Uhrie sir -iij.�, via thus and he ltt.\. T impotence and Emit Aniis in in or drum l it either one or no re 01 1 in Rieur Rajive i to of . A few armits arvo Rumm. Ajin of a e n the numerous cd. In Plain u 2ni a rho tit which a Jim t Mich a pm 111 Over their Ken a i 1 a of the a to a la no w u hit yield to the Kemi Satim we k Lem me ts1l ii an whip supposed the a this Rump t a red Surv 9 hts Fri july. 11 ii i bad been i Mitt j i h a Huju la a i birth was run i b Jet i Seol w Tew Klitt 1 Iber of t i ent a Khitam 3t1 r k i. T or All r to a Ikon Fri Snail s Pisa so re. Disease that Umi How in in i sum for Svi in or Twenty , where the human Hoit Lush n pm und part Rel to dist used , a one Ihu it but a Cowie n it can a fish be the end to to the to ulcer in \ w he est a . I 2�wetlins, Luw Nwe l cd raid u4-h h Heie a Holt in its Lilly Forror Hie a 1�j to v Imron it i bin he Hosiea. Speedily resolved away .10 of Rupi and Pic i out us a Stril it a Ovate cite system pnit5 d i the and Huntu i Ute of by w Rah nov and Ufa inv blood. Kal was k Enoy a Tinli is fold 1 drug Aisis a ener Liv r. K. R. Urtice Uri Fulton Street new a it n b look the Syu Aitt a of r a i a a v & Cut each bottle. U r. R. Is so div druggists every a Here. Uni Dall & rub Soi general agents fur to Xii. Maw swim. And Uealer in carriages Haune 3 i wagons 4 of every description. Of our own make always on hand. Beau Usley s old stand w 14 Broadway sew York. Sept 13-Ly. A owl a pc acutes. Sint or baking Powdar. The cheapest tji Iest most useful Ami economical Artiete for having bread biscuit t rect ii def Aud Johnny cakes pastry Poddi a is. Weet cakes Corn bread tf&e., Butr invented Thi is the most economical useful. Convenient find the Clear profit from the $5 k to s1000 a year dope we wish to Call the Atte Early to our newly invest machine to sew to a Slagle Tia bad. A Tori , and the Public Are assured that Elf a Rte Wii e made to give Utzig faction boots and Hoea. Received by from new York and now opening a Large and general Stock of i00ts and shoes consisting m part of calf Seal Kip and fishermen s boots Patent leather. Cloth. Goat. Seal Ca f. And Kip shoes. Ladies gaiters Buskin booties and slippers. Children s Patent leather. Cloth Borneo and calf shoes. This Stock was bought by the subscriber expressly for retailing and he flatters himself that he can offer an a a Iborti Zient that cannot he excelled. Oct of. _ _ Alheit pall. Just Tec Eivid cd 1 for Saje by strand opposite to at Ltd Aluma dozen Lane Khiv a 5 Doi Copper sugar dippers do do do skiers 100 Dux ass a Cain and Cotton hoes.2 do oui us axes Titt Kes rails 2doz Spades 12 do shovel 5 do a a Long Hall led Spader 5 do Dodo oho vets %2 do a Coffee Mius 5 do Corn do 1 do Coin Huer 3t has ,2utt Piir Trace chains log and of do. Also 4. Lytge also Runnel old us we of a suitable of Plania Ion and builders. Act i two Liu Miuki Ploll ims just Recd and Mort a by net 22 boo i a Al Kulans to key to a Rev of Leri Tofy for the a am Tiht of the terms Are per month or week. Ter Day  m   m $25 00 a  m e is running from Anahuac for the conveyance Roll a St d. L a Coll a " c6. Albeit Ball. Would inforoj1 i old customers Aud he Public thai his n jew opening 10 his Wesl Short on the Brand Ibe recently Oey fued had. Neil Esq Genera to and Well one Eler Elf 6tckif clothing hats boots and shoes and gentlemen Furui kilns Croody hich. Ave hero purchased by him self for Ihu Liuti Al Atid tie afe Naran ried 1 be As fu6d. Aah Hahle and cheap any Oliero a in in Lett Porc Hairic a Reed Pec Futy Houct Ledioux it Fine he a Tock it of thu this instrument to admirable in contrivance and so perfect in its operation and result that it commands the unqualified approval of All who understand the Art of sewing by machinery. For Linen stitching this is the Only machine that can make a stitch which will remain distinct and Beautiful after washing for shoe work and every sort of leather sewing bag making mattresses and a viewing in which great strength of seam is required the work of this machine cannot be equalled. It is More simple in in construction Aud much More easily managed and operated than any other. Hereafter we shall he prepared to Supply a variety of sewing machines each perfect and Complete of its kind at Trofo lowing Carl prices. 1. Needle and shuttle Machin a of present style on wooden Box $100 2. Do do do on Iron Frame $110 3. Do do with newly invented feed suction a checked Spring $125 4. Single threaded machines for Linen & Light sewing s125 5. Do do. For Newing bags sacks & carpet bags $125 6. Do do for shoe work and leather stitching,sl25 7. Do do with apparatus to bind mattresses Etc $135 s. Do do of extra size for quilting coat linings $140 9. Do of larger 126 for quilting extra size linings $150 10. Do do adopted to Lap teaming coat sleeves Etc $160 11. Embroidering machine making an ornamental 9 stitch with two threads $130 in machine8 Marge size for sewing awnings and ships sail with fixtures and apparatus Complete from $40 to $1500 machines will be fitted for any unusual peculiarity of work on reasonable terms. The machines Are securely packed for transportation to Auy part of the world and full printed instructions for Uhing Aud keeping them in order Are Ami shed with each machine. Machine Needls silk twist of spools-3 Cord Linen to read a Al Iva Zahand and for Sale at lowest Cash prices. Princ Tow 4 no 333 Broadway new York. 3ka3.g9 0fic9�hd7 South fourth Street Philadelphia 159 Baltimore Street Baltimore. 51 Washington Street Boston. It film a feet Cincinnati article in the culinary departments of every household establishment and there is no Cook or housekeeper in Ireat Ioa who will be without it after having fairly tried t. Cold he the princ pal grocers and druggist. Opinions of the press. Those who have tried it have found that the advertisement does not vaunt its praises too highly. Tallahassee floridian and journal feb. 19, 1853. Housekeepers who have tested the Quality of this powder pronoun e unanimously in its daily courier. It surpasses every thing in the shape of rising we Ever yet saw used in the baking of advocate and Register april a 1853. This is an article of such Utility in various kinds of caution i ers rns a tured should he a ire Btl have in ite Iii by against strangulated Hei nit horrors by 1 in a we air . Sherman s new truss and rupture remedy will effect a speedy by this truss theft la w"rri2 objer.tions.50 almost every other in use Are trl vied Tiff Spring with its or Erity. i inability to cure. And the following Vivanta gained penile pressure Complete it or Niiori. A tract ease and a Permam in cure. This Trub 3 entirely gift Prener from All Osheb form and principle of action o a Seq Pii by Plhal -1 flex find All the Al it is free from Law j Jeci ions Atli ionized to the vat tuns it kinds Herem if a a the pressure More natural Heinz Tnp rain Fly in bad Kufa ures run t e reanimated i ii Brot Hefu by directly nver the hernia Speni is. Thereby i lt4i Security it All times even Umer the most two wow Rise. By its use. When fined Pretor t i skillful Sureini fihe wearer is ply up s b6 Iii ask of Sirany us Smeu or Auy a per painful or a brew. Svigir plots. Whip h is a a t Iier Ruwen i " " a trusses ii u by nir�ner80w Tel led with hernia. 10 elect a Rush and Appo a toil so selves. Ii is d by dad the re Cind a be Seio Only i y those who under Iai Niiori Ijar nirl Famili Kir wih the nature of k up no rpm. Lei ii re111 be red the Best tru a Inay be in Wop Sun the form Al u u Pine applied serve the Sis 11 of the Over the door. To e Folio Wiiks in Ile Nied sufficient evidence of superiority of Elliis f Rucks. Hii Viii had Tuiner a of seeing wet of mail s i uss api hed Giitl Wurn in �se. for a Lii we to i have armed a very up Uhl Tsirin Zient with ,c Pressor of surgery in die coils be a Physt i no surgeons min a Tofu a Ndu be of the Uri 11 new Voru h a pit i. I Cerii ii nit Vii Eer handed 10 to proprietor a a the of Al wins Piru Nii l John Hubbman. To surgeon 1 to i i us. La Avinel i Dobs m. I. a n surgery new York Thinoi of mid line. To 1 Sens Send ans Lor a fuss Insisi Send Iron a inches a Minn the hips and the site the Hutu etto i 1 sunk Man s Patent elastic bit less Brace. 5 r dec2-Zmu i. 9ik 6�a.ft co co Okery that when its Virtues become properly known no housekeeper that studies Comfort and Economy will willingly do without York Pic. May 21, 1$53. To one need hesitate to use Dur yes All in por unt article to Banner and Nashville whig. Feb. 17/1853. Would you have tight bread Sweet read bread that you can ent with a Good relish do not forget to procure Durkee s baking powder and you will not fail to have Good bread cakes. Sec. Troy daily times May 24, 1953. We have tried this article and can recommend it with perfect Confidence. Quebec Gazette july 185s. Durffee s baking 1 order we have tried at our House and our better half was astonished at the . Daily times oct. 23, 1853. All Good housewives will rejoice in and glorify the name of Durkee after they have Given his raking Ponder a fair York Tunit sept. 30,18o2, Durkee s baking powder undoubtedly the Best article for this purpose that has yet been . York dutchman feb. 12,1853. 1 he highest commendations from hundreds of the largest and most respectable wholesale houses in this and nearly every Large City on this Contin it could be Given if space allowed it. 07 the article is warranted to give satisfaction. Orders accompanied Wuh Cash Mill be promptly filled k. R. Darker. Sole proprietor and manufacturer wholesale dealer in Sal soda Cream of tartar Jup carb soda cooking extracts Wax matches a. 13c water Trevett Vav Tarli. A it sold Only at 70 St. Charlest i 9ppoiu let a we w essentially adapted in those Hose 1 Ift Ife Render is incl incl pm few no the the , and a j11t my their daily Pursuit have theh bit mov flex Ivan Iii airing a Nam on the Al nli5 w mentions Tihe. i which Linfs fun who ate Contemp Banff of files bouy Anoy Sod vigor w a Aciga Trai Oihus in Lis Adtoon counter actin la 7 Suji a by Sei which Lead 16 i sea a of shoe re ssh Aud to numerous Era la of nervous hts a. Feb la f Aresu Jeci. Persons Isis i numb of Khz ?if$�4t Ujj gis. From should to wry be a la is Mac Iii 7 always on band and Maito measures. W asap Tenent of of Ilso 1 4 dozens paint an to nto axe is it a a 1 of if
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