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Weekly Civilian And Gazette (Newspaper) - January 3, 1853, Galveston, Texas 9 10 0fr% fed. Kara lint from a cd Al Rby table Baoqing and Bop so look 16 3 17c fkel6s#8.-Omtwt to wow York Ufa sugar Cotton to Barton 1. X germ a Barq Oft taken Fot ii Verpoelt " of ring. New York right a $ item sixty Dayal of Gajta f Dia. New Orieana a Fht f . Prem. Flirty Days 1kr2 v " dec. 80, to. 09mav_a 4mbbb& appeared fish a the greater a of a or Timpl .000 Tela i crowd Mali a. 101�10 Lafe Star. S  a or�iaaiy.v.,.t #8 1 i Altaf fair .11 r " 1 Taft. 3 a a fart ram poia88m-u ��#t8e. Flock Illinois $60 $1. Lett ii 6 vhf to Cosul-76poe. Kopk7�8 e. Rota la sat full 75. Retailing $12 . Whisk in ree feed 9 cent. Ftaooit-8i�mv��m 4at� lat��_10, Echt. Salt 11� of vat Island Iva Raatik. llr12i Cut. A Cha a Haw York m Days 1 9s Par As Dis. 9a. A Fht of Par can pram. Hurt cattle Texas a�6�. Par . A Noil win a a a Taw from n. Orleans. A Udo rom key Marley and lady mra. Christian. Mia Beatum Laa lady and 2 of held my my mrs Star Van Stork mercy and lady Man. John. Snow. Lady and 8 thud run Farrow lady end children a if tier end son Tidball and. I adj , heat . Jonea capt. Stat Aav e. Downey. J,, French we staid Jun. Lio Kiaie in scr Barrier re Cade Char shul Mnew motown Moray ranking Henr Njuki a sprit Hrnson Enwen Leld Ward a a a Ftp Arit Koj Riah Noraa Toltan each for a  Agra a Sain r7. dam after Date the other Dee the lat Carer a aary vat. The negro was Vaad the owner and let flatted i Wittl pay said notes. Utwald Mea Pih. A a a la or uitts Way to Dieter the ate a and Zavor of tha Coila or Cocoa. P a data tha Ambar Tiger a Pho i in by draft a a Davie. New " a pm shoe Are a Hun Fetta matter. Win have im-1 mediate of Patch Aad take freight and Pam anger Lowritha apply to to of Puma or a att b. 8. Par80n8. Ltd Makr feet Par Chr Lucretia. Laaff Flor 30,000 do per a car native. Landing 65,000 Laatz Wuhr Madam Tif arrive 90,080 feet per a or Pom. Altae Taai Arrora. Yellow place an Oprea. Of the he to bus pavson3. Ju8t boo Eidbo $ blk lard j5 Kef. Do. 30 Kef Batter. 16 Kubu Rte a to Toya of a for aai.tlll.". . A i i a a Dite Barc mock to k Malta get i by earner and cum Tartle or a of Aai Knifa and All Kuaea of Arette Twat in work. Imn jubkeww1 a a team rate a Toad veranda by Isette i. . With Baqa a of Peol Iaal Iun or Lea Anlo 6azftk, Ifred Lea Bre Ner Lebeere. Death by boat Melhor of i Fenniet Rait and. Tan a roam with a f a a Ebli eation. to 8. Strand. Of Trade i to thar Nama Road a that their Large ?8 youth s is sow a athlete Vallati Dox 8 lr$lfri22� 4k. A a fee a food and Shoap. Is pm i cd thief esp May Tor for he Trade by Var Lailaa to Tait the a Emporium from a Cotton to adorn a ent of travelling canes toilet a Freab and new n the Manu fic i Leaea hide bot33 Dice Tropa be Diee but. A. H. Pallas 8tranrfalveston. Received by late . Oroceo Pearl Ivory and Shell port movie and 0tcaet Mosie paper perforated card Boarde pocket try Lawet pocket com piste a Piaf and Thanh la Catt Derma hirer sport Agate coat link Goater i Scales Oates of Ora Winf that ramen Pei paint boxes French Crayon. India Tharmon Zetera Ivory a Napkin Rin i Meier can a Chapman and English r sniff and tuba ceo Boxer Bee Fammon Board Chari men n min i Agate and thin Marble Tea by in fancy paper Waichi pocket in stand a Hemet India. Bubber Banda Shell Ivory Buff Leid Imit Uon tick. Neck wedding and pocket comb Ivory Fine to the Combs flair Neil and to a Bru he Ivory and fancy Wood fan Molto Seafe. Motto and transparent wafers v fancy note Paar and envelopes violin to beat Quality violin guitar and violin Eltos no indelible Tak pocket diaries for 1854 file gent Al hams Rich. Gib and Plain port f a a buob a oks or All kinds pats Boot cd Nib sees Bank and Brt Whas p. O letter boxes w. Daily Cile Deri Alexir a office Pencil Brooxe and Gilt paper clip Bill files dec20 Roku Jalaa auct1ux. Francis Hughes -9�� a Eer. Cansar Twenty second and list office streets in Block East of Tremont Street. I also Sale tuesdays Aad saturdays every Elk 10 o clock. A. H. By 30. Of undies of Pepper 1 10 Sebasta Black Aud Freeo teas sack per 1 Ense untrue a 10 boxes Lemon 25 bit extra . Loula Floc 10 kegs land 20 be i Burn Etc. Jat 13_e. L. L of fed for Sale-10 Bales India bagging 30 Blu Varnar Cretin air is pkg chewing turn co favorite Brand 13 jars French Rappee 35 d respectfully a Nonnce to Hie to friends and the Pablic that be has removed from lies no. 8, strand and leased the Corner of strand and try Nasont streets where he continues to repair and make pet. Form however Inja Rei every description of Fine watch a jew lbt a. Wits a Thorn by Twenty eight years of practical experience the Public May rely on the satisfactory performance of All watches entrusted to his care. Ͽ�7 All orders from a distance executed with dispatch. Dec. Fily in 44.uart bottles. For trims the blood and Rox Thi ctr a of scr Fula mercurial diseases r lieu mat am cutaneous eruptions stubborn ulcers liver complaint dyspepsia bronchitis Salt Rheum consumption fever Gores female complaints Erysipelas loss of appetite pimples Btl a general debility be. His preparation has now borne the test of Over 14 year experience since its first introduction to Public favor during which time numerous imitations have existence founding their claims to the confident of the Community on the curative Powers contained in Sarsaparilla Root the great reputation and extended use of which has been mainly attributable to the a foil wonderful cures effected by the use of this preparation. While Sarsaparilla Root forms an important part of combination is the same time compounded with other vegetable remedies of great Power Aud is in the Peculiar combination and scientific manner of its preparation that its remarkable Success in the cure of diseases depends. Other preparations imitates in the style of putting up and in bearing the name of Cue of its ingredients and Here ends their resemblance to . Those needing a remedy and purifier like this Are requested to note where this difference exists and in making Choice of what they will use to take any other but that one entitled to their Confidence from the Long list of cures has effected on living witnesses whose testimonials and residences have been published and who Are still bearing daily testimony to its Worth. Astonishing cure. New Orleans la. Sept. I id. 1852. Messes. A. B. Is d. Ands received so much Benefit from the use of your Sarsaparilla. I cannot refrain from adding my testimonial to those you have already received. For about six years 1 have suffered much from disease of the lungs which tidies was so severe that was with difficulty that i could cough or expect rate. I was attended by one of the most celebrated physicians of new Orleans who finally declared my Case hopeless and that i had Only to wait for death. After this one of my friends who bad used your invaluable Sarsaparilla advised me to try . 1 procured six bottles from your agents in this City which i took with decided Benefit and after using for three months i was radically cured. I remain yours. Very truly Eugene le1i0me. Prepared and sold wholesale and retail by a. B. & d. Sands druggists and chemists 100 Fulton ., Corner of William new York. Sold also by druggists generally throughout. . The United states and a Nadas. Price $1 per bottle six a thorough knowledge of the business obtained bottles for a no ii so to ii rat tra of or a Tel a. louies word. Nov twin. 150 Western produce. Packs Corn. 100 suck Oats 75 do bin 25 blk extra . Louis flour 25 superfine do 26 Keri Choice , to tasks London Porter very Fine 10 cd Kudo do Rutherfor Brand also new Louisiana sugar Corn meal be to Duffield Haras lard Oil Winter strained dried apples peace Rasih currants Etc Etc. Also to arrive from new York and Boato fend hourly expected 100 ones codfish extra Fine 50 do Herrings do. So kith a no. 1 Mackerel 20 Titu no 1 Salmon 10 Kitts no 1 sounds and tongues 10 h if bbl no 1 Mackerel 15 or Bis do. Do. 5 bbl Mackerel so Kirkiris selected Goshen Rotter 30 boxes do. Do Chee a All of the above we offer to the Public the lowest Market fates. Dec23 a. Lewis & co. Take notice that the House furnishing warehouse will be lighted and kept open during the holi by evenings and a Large assortment of goods Wiit Alile for presents in. Blank books & stationery. Large foil bound ledgers journals and for counting Kooms Banks and Public Dav books office sub Tantal Spring backs extra Tine paper paged. Large 6 8 and 10 quiz records for county clerk s see in same Quality full half and Quarter hound Blank books in great variety memorandums pass books pocket ledgers diaries for 1854 bils Exchange books of Noie drafts English record Cip Fine counting House Cap close ruled extra Fine packet Post commercial Cap Quarto letter Puper envelopes note paper. Tracing and drawing paper Bristol boards Lusic Pater Parchment steel pens Aber s office Ped is ladies super Gilt port Olua Laynard & nudes Ink copying presses and books to suit Etc., Etc. J1lso v variety of popular and useful agricultural books Krokson mechanical science history fill Sophy Cook by song books letter writers Fortune tellers Beautiful Gilt Story to iks for children l be family protestant hit Les Aad player books Duay bibles ursuline manual Daliy piety path to Paradise Etc., Etc. Foyil lowest Cash prices. N,.ya _ f. H. Pall at68. Strand. Valve str. More & Gal Laghlin ride Boad and Coates ., Philadelphia Irea founders and manufacturers of a bight and cast Iron railings and All kinds and Iron works for Public and private grounds. Verandahs. Settees chairs tables a. Part Cilar attention paid to the Enlo sure of burial lots. Mbere 4 Gallagher s Book of original designs and list tpwsw.ckjjp.sivjc-t1 a i a t3.ih from �4 to $150, and Housty. By nolo and for Sale in Galveston 3. P. Davie. R1 deceit be per late arrivals-800 kegs of assorted in paint 60 kegs White Lead 30 bbl fire proof pain Tor Sale now. In Galveston Aud Houston by Povis a. P. Davie. " to the Public. All Perst interested will please take notice that the unde sigm stir owns an interest in the Steamer col. Jack Hays. That responsible for the sum of ten do Lars per Day unt9is interest is satisfactorily secured to . 13. F. Dyer. Harrisburg jew. 1. 1853. Cypress tuber feel part of 1 Inch lords 1� Inch 2 Inch and also various sit scantling. For Sale by nov 11-tf. Safford & we have now on hand about Perior Cypress lumber consisting in "3 Inch planks Lidstone. Now open from new borne matting. X err ear Aadu to def a Laa Feii. A " to. Last re w. A. Gliddon Sale travelling agent for or. A. Sherman. 70 . Charles ., new Orleans is to he found for one month from Date the Tremont House room no. 5 where he is prepared to fit those who need his service with Sheri an s Patent truss and rupture remedy for the Radical cure of hernia shoulder races abdominal Suppo Turs lace stockings Etc. Etc. Country orders solicited. Pamphlets on the subject of Liu tute to be bad Gratis on dec2-lm f. Wheeler a Cimic Brazoria Texas tenders Ufa professional services to the citizen of Brazo Ria and Vicinity. B always to Baad and for Sale horse and second Yantti Cartag to York and Boston a hand Superior and extra Fine tapestry Inger Brussels and three ply dutch do hemp and Cott Njock a Linen and drugged do rugs Matts Tec. Oci Lynch & Savage. Glass and pints-120 kegs White Lead 180 boxes window Teai from 8 by 10 to 24 by 36, single and double plates 6 hair yellow ochre 4 bbl glue 8 barels Copal coach. Japa and leather varnishes 4 barrels sets. Turpentine 10 Barf a hiking and Chalk besides a Complete lock of dry a into Riis is &.c. Just received by ship Fannin and for Sal n. D. Labadie. Mh-26. Be just received Pei de Rhioe silk a lawns �g-indif8 hams for to Taconet and printed barges Swiss embroider a mull Swiss Isle lace. Swiss died Ohinen ladies assorted coloured kid gloves ladies and m belts ladies filie. Handke chiefs Ponge col tars w to u go r d infants waists Ems d sewing silk Feather f by Nib Spring goods. Mary from new York Black Gro muslims Blick greed the printed in globes is lawns Check Ging Gandy Robes de nou Plain us i d Swiss Robes dotted plaid tissues Nain Sook India Onet and Check muslims thread bring Linen Bohm. Of doing Figur Uniack and spun Suk h be ladies gents military Lisle and kid Black and White lace mitts Funcy ladies Lawn and he stitched hat and cup ribbons my Ems d dered lace capes Muslin do i Ems d Muslin sleeves spool " Ace and Linen buttons. For Sale j. S. Redd bar. R. D. Johnson United states commissioner. Master in chancery and commissioner of deeds for every state in the Union. Deeds mortgages Powes or Torsky and other or w�itis8 drawn and authenticated Tor use or record in any part of the United states. Instruments acknowledged before a notary or other competent officer in any Tity in the state of Texas and certified to by me As commissioner can be used or recorded in any stats h the Musios. Documents forwarded to me through the mails will meet with prompt attention. N. mar be found All tines the office of Martin i Johnson. Land and go sural agents augi6-tf. Galveston. Fall and Winter clothing the largest and nest Stock ewer brought to this Market now offered for Sale on the most accommodating terms. By David Ayres . Ctr s Row. Tremont but Gale Stoh. Consisting in part of the following. Viz Black cloth frock Ani dress Coats Blue do Brown do Oll Edo Black cloth sacks Bluedo Brown do Olive do Petersham Oxer Coats lion skin do heaver do Jean and Tweed business Coats jockey do. Pants Black Doeskin Cass Fanjel do plaid do mixed do Blue and fancy Sattin to do Cadet do vests Grenadine silk fancy silk Ipp Black cloth do Black Satin and velvet do Satin Cashmere. Valencias".,lasting and fancy silk Plush and Cass. Vests. Hits Moleskin Mirror Angola a Marian Kossuth metropolitan boys. Wool. Artist Jur. Caps Cotton and s la Plush. Gotten mohair. Silk and Cotton glazed infant s. Velvet a. In addition to these May be found collars suspenders gloves neck ties and fancy cravats silk and White bordered Linen handkerchiefs. Striped Cotton and lambs Wool socks coloured Plain and embed. Shirts. Ladies list. Silka Black figured brocade. Plail do. Fancy do coloured do. Satin Dechine. Gro. A Rhine. Muslin Delaine Wool Delaine. Satin do trimmings. Gim fringes of All colors a. In great variety. Ribbons Gauw Atin and brocade. Cap re bark figured velvet and mourning of All colors. I shawls silk Satin chinese Crape Winter Wool Waterloo Long mourning a. Prints madder shirting Gingham. Gordon Lancaster and mourning in. Combs puff Side c bombs. Tuck do. Rubber neck do Shell mde do taper. Shell do. Side do. Open Shell do. Tuck do. Italian sawed Buffalo dressing do Ivory press do. Jony pocket Ivory Fine do. A. Brushes York Oval hair brushes fluted Back do. Union cloth do paint do. Horse do blacking do. A. Staple goods Brown and bleached sheeting Irish Linen. Linen and l Otton diaper scotch do Dennis. Iverton Brown and bleached flannels White red and yellow flannels Laid Lineys jeans Tinett Black and fancy Cass Meres. Buttons fancy Metal. Agate Pearl Linen. Mohair. Satin. Brocade twist lasting twist and fancy coat. Brace White and Black and dress buttons Jacv Sund ies " a ladies and gents carpet bags Ink stands rubber bands silk and rubber elastics White Wax hair pins pins. Pin cushions. A great variety of Needles stocking Yam boots Aud shoes is k. Cotton and Gingham umbrellas Kersjes and negro blankets Linen lawns Linen Cambric. Sleeve protectors Cable Ord co links. Pocket knives. Eyelet machines Lead pencils. Steel tweezers. Silver and steel thimbles violin strings. Brussels satchels. Bonnet boards. Boys belts. Iva. All of which will be sold Ery Low for Cash or City act Leporace. Oct 25-w so tic Armani fat 001. Six Iet Brick store Tremont Street important news la1-Gkst Stock of fall and Winter goods in in City of Oah Aton. Or sen Fern a frer spending some months in three  of the principal Eastern Cults in a inking Bis s be lion of fall and Winter Good his now opened one of the Richer and most attractive assortment of and fancy goods Ever offered in Bis m bet and which be u Detent tied to sell lower than Envoi her House in Galveston. His Stock comprises a general assortment o fancy coloured and Black pit in or fades and plaid la Russ silk Best .Tlian Barf cloth English and Loieri Cau punts furniture Hintz. So my a and scotch Singh \m9. A e Splete assortment of Monn in too is mvi33 goods. Chi own and direct Tiv Fie to stuck of a  Merwin rods i inc otitis. Ii Nib a i cd Coteil an Siri e i df., to Abr id red curtain and c Irta Lii Mu-1 n to Brood Cerii Mantilla inc a capes Nick. Cajili of trimmings the Only comple a assortment in Newi style in the Cit Homes i in Uoc ids the largest and cd a jest Sio k Eer Here Blanket f a Nel k jerseys Lens yes a to. Etc. Also the Best Irish linens Pillow do Kins sitting in Linen Iha pc Tuaolo , Linen Aud Cuth and Dumiak Nnaji Kins. Men s Ware. Cloths Cess Mere sat meets leans a to tonnes Satin and Faucy Vert is no a a i Uiso Nareni of gym Tell Hiir. Cast Mere with by run bid cloves men s Cotton Lamb s Wool silk and Merino under Piiru. Aud drawers Culton and woo. Half Hose. Ladies kid.loves, gaunt ets. Silk Cas Niere and Lilc gloves s a o l and Nash nere Vest. Ill Nery. A Fine assortment of silk and fancy Straw bonnets ribbons trim Ninnis find artificial Flower. The Ling Stock of Gouvis and every to in hit May be called f r. Shoes an l gaiters ladies. Misses and cd 1 reus in or Iti variety. Boots fees in great a and boy Cioth Aud Glazel Cap and 11 a c pets a fresh Supply of Cotton. Dutch Linen superfine ingrain and three by. A i Ting is pc a d White matting , 54aud6-4. 1 Oil cloth. Purchas Pis ire respectfully solicited to Call and them gives a. will be to their interest As rm. of in .ick is boil get for Cali and will be sold Lor Eish Only Bui w Ith a Smalie r profit i b in any body else would co. Otice. H in no nor Ottily made la be sales ii prices Are reduced v Uli the Winter when Buven inn want Tbs in also to make room tort in Large Stock to arrive soon. Piea e step Arn my to the Brick store on Market Street Liere the Suosio Iber is ready Louic on every body n a i Evjy Len. Is Siiss ii if i new route from Galveston to fort ii Xii Wharton and Colorado Corneler. Via Steamer. Railroad and stage on wednesday september eth and each wednesday and saturday succeed until further notice. Cars will Harrisburg for Stafford l int in fort fiend carrying passenger and Frt tight. To 9 o clock . Returning la a set lord s Point 11 o a re. Lipp to Al. Ntow sent or 8h� to a Lith and Mth of Sach month Dur Njg the coming �As.,n the natron aae of clock p j v no is q i Between the two Portt passengers for the West leaving Galveston tuesday or j p. Ril a r0.r no a North to tharval Friday evenings reach to o clock p. In  a Gegaj 1s53. Tsep27-Ly.j philae Iphia Stop Over a get and arrive in Richmond by Diu is time1 next Day. Leaving Richmond s o clock . Veaasen Gers reach Harris Burg in season for Didner and for Gal a Jon boat. Facilities will be afforded for transport log Rory a and marriages by Railroad freight forwarded promptly and to charges for wharf i a a or re shipment Harris lure. Jno. A. Wllta15. I supt. B b b i c. Railroad. , Slot Zogut i by. Nth of Texa a n. Yufik Jne of packet n i allow. A i a Aore .-.,.0ri, is Una a  Rai a fit a ii l a tvs a Toh Milin i inf jaw j. S. Vedder invites the attention of the Public to his new and full assorted Steck of Nncy and Staple dry goods As Well As other merchandise now being received from the Boston and new York packets. Sep 2 fall and Winter clothing. Albert Ball strand is now opening a Large Stock of fall and Winter clothing of All qualities. And of the latest styles among which will be found the following , Petersham. Beaver and Blanket Over Coats Blue. Black. Brown Road cloth. Frock and dress coat Blue. Black Aud Brown loth and fancy sack and frock sack Coats Cassi Niere. Sati Tweed and Jean business Coats Pilot. Flushing Blanket and Kersey Monkey jackets Back Blue and fancy Cassi Niere pants Black Blue and mixed sati pants Tweed Cotton de Aud Kersey pants Satin. Silk cloth Cassi Niere bom Bazine Alpaca and Marsailles vests of every kind and Price flannel worsted and Cotton under shirts and drawers with . every other article in the clothing line which will be sold wholesale of. Retail As Low As the Loiet. Nov 1-tf. Al inane. Fi.c.-100 ounces american quinine received per ship Fannin did of English do received per Brig Keily 120 sulphate morpheus 15 of strychnine be a de o her Chenier ils. I Ideiil medicines l tools camphor Etc., for Sale Lor c Uli or City acceptances a Small Elvance from con dec 2 a d. Lab a a e drs. Buy a Ai Isby j surgeon dentists j office opposite tilt Pitol Houston. Persons in Brazoria fort Bend. Austin and Washington Countis. Wishing work done can Vve the Sutney executed their residence " adj Ressin us our office As one of the firm is always Itin rating Aid the other Home. July 19-Ly or. Mcgowen manufacturer of All a kids o orca  Sittre. Mcgowen s old stand. Main Street Houston keeps on hand & variety of Fine sofas. Bureaus. Mahogany. Cherry. Black Walnut. And common tables All kinds of hoc ing and parlor chairs bad Stead. Mattresses. Wah stands. Tva Drobes. In. A. persons wishing to Purchase would do Wall to Call and examine before purchasing elsewhere Jue 2s-Ly boots and shoes. Just opening a Largo and extensive assortment consisting of gentlemen s alg dress and Waterproof Toots Congress gait is opera Aud Oxford ties shoes slippers 4c., a. Ladiko Satin . White and embroidered silk and French Sandal gaiters English and French kid bootees busking. Jenny loud s. Is Randi s. Lola Montes. White and Olack Satin uppers velvet and kid toilet shippers. A with a general assortment of boys and misses boots. Shoes. Gaiters. A. Which he offers Low for Cash French cock soles-20 dozen pair of Al sizes. The Best preventative for colds keeping the a couture from the sole of the Boot or shoe. Cents furnishing goods shirts. .-White, Check. Hickory and red flannel shirts undershirts and drawers cravats silk. Linen and Cambric handle chiefs silk and Cotton umbrellas. Gloves kid silk. Linen Erlin and Buckskin gloves and . H05ikry-\ Large assortment of silk and Cotton fancy Stripe Lisle thread Lin i and Cotton half Hose Oxtra sizes. A also ladies. Us Yand children s Hose fall sizes. Manufacturing repair aug done the Shortu. notice As . "no\8 j. U be.nedii. Tons ,s3n 400 40 1 Post mini i1 v Moss. Ii m a. Most. K Collet p Morris. I. In Havlu of c Brown. One Selp Sabita r a a a ship p ill a. New Ai i or / 7h.irt. Al in j if i to h us War a co. Wil rum in. S in be to Alt i Sybril yen s Iii new . A i is May r y a i Hii re. I Abs a Floi j Fly to a i i Jii Laid i of i lie i rms a y r i quire h is r. A in for Cabin. A nil Rue piss Neil icon to Imp a i b us Kiks and so opera ladies k a with and. Morocco j g.1 items and bootees Chi id rep s cloth kit a d Morocco Aud ladies and chiljre., s rubber Over shops Etc Etc. I ural lasers Are invited to examine the Stock As the go. Is i l be sold on the most moderate terms. _nov2a Ball Strind the americ in Bible society has established a depository the Galveston one Price suture where Auxilio Viries and other i can procure All the society s publications for cask on the same terms As the Bible h use in new York. Uuv25 1. A Kes. Sock Lake regu Lait packet. He Tine be Schooner ii a re n Wilcox warts master having Superior a commode. For passengers will run As a regular Pac to touch Anahuac. For email s Landing and the head of Turtle Bay. Leaving calve Tou every Tell Day u o clock ., and Turtle Bay every saturday c o clock f. M. Juel a Row of. Texas and new York line of packets for new York. The regular packet ship j. W. A in inapt p Norris will lev iia inedible Lisp such. For freight or Russ be la shed accommodations aprily to do cd of. Lien a co Galveston & new Yolk Star li.\i Lle Fol fwing Vessiot will r n regular Liei in a tween g Al  Ston new York so Vistak Blic g. Is a master. Bak Roit lev j. Mcvair. Mars. milfok1j la Norton. Maser. Or f Empire j m a ninian master. Brij Mary j Lindsay n. Osier. The us Lucifer 1 make liv9r-i Ivi inces upon All ship Dieul of p Oulu e p. The Eddres of my Srsa Wakeman. Dino n &. Co., Agu n no�08 j c Kahn. Agent . P age Only enquire nov2 2 for Boston i a a. Cd despatch. E. B Nichols a cd 1"he fist stilling Brig Choctaw having cargo engaged will have q her for a Gables. For Boston. The Fine Fust sailing Lurk Helen Cap Misti g Ber Capo er.gage. Will her dispatch. For pay face Only a i v to nov- Kab no Hill q nov-22 l. Ii 4 co removal Lynch i. Savage having removed to that commodious building known As the Star hotel recently purchased and fitted up As a warehouse by Williams. Lewis &. Co., the foot of Williams a co s wharf Are now opening a Stock of House furnishing goods of every description. We will keep constantly a Supply of family groceries and a Choice Quality of wines Aud liquors. October4 a i i k y Spote Point the undersigned would again Call the attention of the citizens of Dallas and the adorning Cunti a and he travelling Community in , the above Long established and popular ferry known As Markham s ferry which is Wells applied with Good an Soff Clent boats for the transportation of horses Cut be wag . The tinder Sig led his also on harir1 n Eood and Well assorted Toik of dry goods and groceries suited to the wants of the country and the travelling Community which will be sold Low for Cash hides Deerskin dressed Deer skins beeswax tallow Etc., for which the highest Price will be Pic d in goods or Cash. Thankful for past favors he solicits a continuance of the Public p Itro nage. Geo Ktie Markham. Spring Point Dallas coun a Jar. 1. 1853. Dec 13-Ly. Books books the publishing houses of the me-1" Tho dist episcopal Church North and South have established a depository my store where All their publications can always be had on the same terms a new York or Louisville. Novi5 i Ayres. S school Eoj Al and station eur constantly kept of Sale by nov2j a Large Stock a. Ayres. Elks bomb Zines and a Large variety of dress goods j and tru Nanys for ladies i i esses just received by noy25.1. A he j leg cloth tweeds and a urge Siock of domestics for Sli by nov-25 d. A yre9. In b blankets count Novim panes and quilts for j. A e by Ayres. Receiving from new y Ork and Boston and for Sale 11-4 Phoenix and Conestoga Cotton sheeting and 10-4 Linen sheeting 10-4 bleached and Brown Linen table damask damask dollies anal napkins English furniture print enamelled piano covers table covers Bobbi Mosquito bars White Buff red and yellow furniture Dimity figured curtain Muslin Mackinaw and who tue blankets bed ticking. Oct Lynch & Savage. Received from new York and for Sale fancy Centre and Side Rosewood pair tables mahogany Centre and Side pair tables Walnut Extension tables Cherry and Walnut breakfast and dining tables Walnut mahogany Cherry and i Rosewood Faucy worked toilet tables and a Large variety of fancy card and parlor tables. Sofas a Black Walnut and mahogany sofas Tete a tees French ofas sofa bedsteads Black Walnut and mahogany parlor rocking chairs of various Pateros and styles Astor Pearl inlaid do. White Maple fancy guilt. Spindle grecian guilt. Walnut Osk and Maple office do. French Cane seat and Back guilt chairs Jenny Lind. Pearl inlaid rocking nurse chairs Boston Kockers and All descriptions of chairs. Oct4 Lynch & Savage. Valuable property for Sale. I he subscriber Fri ers i Sale the league of land a Purchas. D by of Mif .1. P. Caldwall and lathe title to which is Clear and Undis Pii Ted. Lying one m be n. W. Of Texann which is the head of Nilvio gation this land is unsurpassed in any or. Of soil or Limber of the inter there is ii sufficient Quantity to Fence the league twice Over with Wood to Supply the demands Only of Texana but of into Finnla i Ivarue. And other Points having Access by water Teall. My improvements re new and of substantial build two Lintul de acres under a Good Fence with lots of 4 or 5 acres is Many As three picketed off the water equal to any in Western Tex a. Being a Well that rever fails and Othor supp ies by running streams in Dieter ent situations. This league can by divided into Mahy different farms or ots of from i e Hundred one thousand acres each All having an be Supply of Timber and Wood. I will sell the whole league with Stock firming utensil of Etc. The horses tire a late importation from Kentucky among which or two Fine stallions and an excellent Jack. For the land one third in hand the balance in Eli ill annual payments with Lien. I have a lot of Tine Young negroes which will be disposed of fir Cash in hand. The Stock Etc., Wil be said on a credit of six months Bond with approved Sec Urivi required. This property offers a most desirable Opportunity to persons wishing improved lands mock and negroes dec 13 c. V. Floi Roy. New goods. Albert Ball. Strand Galveston has received by recent arrivals from new York a Large and Well selected Stock of clothing. Boots and shoes hats and Caps blankets Aud a great variety of gentleman s Frau Tsitso and fan of goods which will be sold wholesale or retail on the most favourable terms. Ͽ�"7" purchasers arc respect fully solicited to examine tit f fancy goods Mitama tha approaching holidays would respect nil y invite Tala attest too. Of his friends and customers to his my of Straat Lasart Sahebi of fancy articles comprising Wood a pie Maecie and inlaid work boxes and writing do say a Faney work baskets Perl Ivory and Papie Maehoie Laid Ca d Ozaas ports movies port fouls paper Wasj Ishii �te Selth a a a variety of other articles Suita Bla for to approx inf season. Jew to Anawal gift books juvenile s boosts bibles pm a or Bonks bound a the most elegant and attractive a a. For Salabit ". Lov a j. M. Jon Etc tin. 6, strand. Inq if Lifite lumber Landing from Brig r. Av7ivvv Bingham Superior and 50,000 feat daily esp acad Par Schr Eliza Fisk. Rouh and dressed tap Tost its sizable kinds Etc. For Sale by Aak a the. Sovsa. B 8. Parsons. To a Tab cot is Par steamship Mexico from new or f sans and for Sale a a Floar so do. Extra do., 75 ban 75 bags Oats 15 Bow Flat bread 1 Euska Aida Side. Extra am a Mew Arap 1 a ask new Rice Etc. A. Lewis ii 00. Cd sexy tvs Rrt of Trust Irr Terss s833l Tais tolls to All persons interested in Ststa of Pikaard Victar Dee d. C Hatch her. The after sail Saasta a Viag had m the dark s " to test Adsa a for audion a Tad to by and appear before _ Cal Aastra Conaty its Der a Jim Akrc a Lse Sjuk a a ism court House of i4 Osu ily Anitaa last mayday in said is onto of Pacasa Sai anal of Carara Aua Sasi saw of Toad aes Nuat. If you seem i to other things Jia mce9rt Tajra Orda Raad Deere Eluie ill of a Bai �f3r a 4ris�ia, f Pur Niter now receiving i any and Walnut desks Walnut and a Glass Ware Sli on Sandwich and Glas toral Globe and parlor a candlesticks Chimney do. Silver plated Castori German Silver Forks by waiters and trays in is handsome style round a scape. Pencil tre win jew shades Oil ured Muslin curtains or White and Black Stone m cloth overs Wall paper centres a. opening company a handsome lot a gothic striking lever Cal Kossuth Caio and Wenst watches Woode a War Blu and 2 hooped buckets and tubs buckets and keepers and brushes half bushels rope and grass Watts 11 Wash boards Cocoa dipper our friends from the City give us a Call before Purcha Dent we can do As Well by the state octl4 rockery acc. Eddi Gand Dedham Magog us wardrobes Book cases Side boards. Hat Tan is. Are the bos a Glass and China Ware As Mantle do Glass and Chi Atles cramped edged ground be. Dessert and Tea spoons lad fish knives Tea boards Nife boxes fancy baskets Are work do. Fuu land bouquet base Oval. Cen a scenes i base and Fig i White venetian shades dil loth and Oil window hangings Aper Jerome manufacturing or cottage Brond s 8 Day gothic Muse 8 Day Fay clocks Gold lever a yellow and Green 3 brass and Iron bound and mops dusters cd wet barrels and kegs baskets clothes pins be and rat traps Ftp try would do Well to a where. We Are Jpn any other House in Ynch & say agr. Paints paints paints o non Points White Zine in ii Ujj u 3.000 pounds White Lead in Oil 1.000 do Black Lead in Oil 100lbs Turkey umber in Oil 100 lbs Burnt umber. 150 lbs Chrome Green in Oil 150 Chrome Green. Dry 150 lbs Paris Green in Oil 50 lbs prussian Blue. "200 pounds Verdigris 200 " lit Harge 200 lbs read Lead. Of lbs Pat. Dryer. 50 pounds Ter de Oinna 2 barrels lamp Black. 2 bids Brit. Varnish. 1 barrel coach varnish 1 bbl Japan varnish 2 " Copal varnish 2 " linseed Oil 3 " turpentine 3 bbl davis1 White 3 bbl Spanish Brown 3-lbs eng. Yen. Red 3 bbl yellow ochre 3 bbl Putty in bladders 200 boxes window Glass assorted sizes just received and for Bale Low by Jan 14-tf. Brown & Kirkland. 30 barrels calcined i and for Sale by sort received-20 bbl mess 50 coils assorted Corda 30 Bales oakum 15 boxes j 10 barrels Winter whale i hot 1-tf. 25 bbl hair in store a. Lewis co. Pierces hams lies sail Duck merces Rice Sam. A a3. Jet j. Wrigley former the business or. Sync Merit a Liberal share of Public Laverty jul continue stand and Hopes to a 15-tf. Is. Sydnor having sold  of store to messes. J. A j. The Street nearly opposite his i the summer Deal Only in i and heavy groceries. Recei Vii Orleans. Tiant Uriah a anal Kharaei nov. 29.1853. A a Oscar Parish Cietek. I thud Purav stud but l . Ketch. Both the co partnership hereto Fri under the firm and style of Day dissolved. Galvez ton july 30th, 1s53. A so of goods with lease has removed across Aud and will during products Coffee very boat from new r apl5-tf. Tohe Hare formed Tore purchasers will be instructed How to work them by mrs. Ayres my residence where the machines can be seen in operation. Prices of machines from $50 to $125 novl8-wrw______ David Ayres. Fresh goods per ship j. W. Anain from new York and for a e 10 Firkins selected Goshen butter 10 or bbl cranberries 50 whole half and or boxes raisins 50 half pockets new buckwheat 10 bbl onions 50 do potatoes 5 do new White Beans 20 boxes Goshen cheese 5 half bbl mess beef 30 sacks Oats together with Ropo. Anchors. Sir sheathing paper Etc. Novl8_a. Lewis & co. Ails and 40o kegs assorted nails 100 kegs spikes assorted for Sale by dov18 Brown a Kirkland. Ballard s hair Bye new and 1kpr0vkd edition. The cheapest and Best in tee world. Warranted Only to color Tho hair an Shade from a Light Brown to a Jet Black in 20 minutes but to Correct All bad colouring produced by any other Dye. And is positively no Way injurious which is its first great Merit together with its permanent and life like colouring make the most Complete and desirable article Ever offered to the Public. Price 50 Eta and $1. For Sale by the principal druggists. Office o &13 Broadway opposite the Broadway theatre new York. C Sale new y Ork prices wholesale and Treuil by mrs. C. Branard. Up 16-sw w-6m is. Postoff Iee Street. E. S Wood hardware store g.vj.rf. a. . C Faa . A sorted in c and be id tji Evju paints linseed Oil and turpentine 400 kegs of nails and spike.-, is sorted -500 ploughs assorted a Large As orment of Holl a were 2d tons of retired Iron assorted 15 tons of swedes Iron is or de10 tons of plough i ali3, assorted Casslee German steel and steel cooking stoves and office .ive�, the l a Quality tin i Laie Onset lion wire and Block tin a general assortment of s leaves g Orts c, Etc. N. B. A urge assortment of Widus Iron is expected in a few Days from Sweden. Forsake lobby n v25 e. V. Wood. House furnishing goods tie immense Stock of Job Al Ai the House furnish inst were Hoile is now offered tit reduced prices in Orr of to make room for the f 11 Supply. The As Sorwine is very Complete in every Brunch and purchasers Uro re Lect Why invited to exp nine As then Are Juv g Oil in Dirc importation offered i m Las thai can be i a big Wilfrom new York Edn sisting in part of parlor furniture of hug my. Rkewoim1, and Vul Silas chairs Centre tables in arts Complete lir m tech. Bedroom Pur nature Fevry . A i b Hsih posts or Low French hods a ads . Bureaus Wadi stanch and toilet set to correspond. Mar Moss Aad Straw Matrassi Feather lie bolsters and i allows dining room furniture Walnut-.ruj. Mahos any Esle lion and tall be if tables cd dvrs Side boards a i i via a . Aaulimat i Frrtz. Otto , sold new prices. Plated Ware Las tors. . Card and cake b islets. Tea Ware Tahle in d Tea opium Forks Etc table cutlery the Best on \ y foil Anre Handlei knives mid Fork Iroku tiie Muhu Mctory of Vav a. 6 Culibr personally is iced. Cli Iua and Qucen were a bite gift decorated China dinner ten and rare giant Fth Wing Blue and in ferry Ware in be s to a Uit. I Glass Ware a a Thiau. A Tuin Liler f a Niers Siward belnites i Hera in is in match cake trend preserve dishes. Cd Rel is Fik s and carpeting Vel a try Prus a Elk 3-Dy ring r Alf and Vii Titian. Milling Hup Send Matts. Curtains i unus is , Cornice Rand and1 jobs. i ans asks a a partition Ever discovered for keeping ii Ruess f Ruvii cracking and for preserving leather in evry in. M h i h and shoes a tuneup a will Throe limes a l,.ntr by tie ire of this a wry out. Furaas a  ski tech. For acoustic Oil a Hole Aie and retail by deafness a certain corp. For Sale �u�i2. n Oal Coal -8000 bbl Coal suitable for stoves grates Steamboat and Blacksmith s u3e, for Sale by "8 Brown a Kirkland. Nov8 h air hair-80 bbl plastering hair a Superior article for Sale by Brown a Kirkland. Corn-100 sacks White Corn received per steamship Louisiana on consignment. Nov 18-tf.____e._l_ Ufford. Potatoes and onions-100 bbl. Potatoes 50 bbl. Onions just received and for Sale by nov 18-tf. E l. Ufford. Ranberries-20 packages bbls., a bbl. And \ bbl nov 18-tf. A. L. Ufford crockery-90 crates c c and Blue edged Ware in original packages comprising a general assortment for Sale Low a Advance of the original invoice the j uci28 of. Booze in Misiag Ware hons. C i us Bone liniment and elixir a Meruin cure for the genuine for Sale by augl2 w. D. Kobi a on you Are referred to the Annex a la Ier for farts Berry Creek Fayette co Tern june 15, 1851. D. L. S. Comstock new York dear sir twelve months Ngit 1. Bonsal a half Dollar b of you pain extra Tir and a be Gibbor of mine. Judge win. Menefee in this county Hotd a negro woman that was Burnt uti her foot 14 Jears ago that every month w old break out and run. So that she was an entire cripple. H sent to me fir my Box of a Alv a. I let Hare in he Aputi a . And hat made a perfect cure so thai she is now a baud sound Irjud we Udd the judge says he will always the in Len on hand. I have tried the save in my family and f and Good. I would be without f r any Price in the world. I have neen the cause of several of my neighbors trying and All that have tried i Are Well satisfied Slih Aud say they be without . A neighbor of mine by the name of o l. Hil Lebrand from Liberty county. Eastern Tes As first told me about and i am Well satisfied with w. A skis wkly shingles-400,000 for Sale Low Haspil of. J. Iier Lochio strand. Trustee s 8ale. Talifero d. Johnson in Ord a to secure his note to David Ayres. For $83o 25, hearing Date 24th feb y. 1852, and payable 12 months after Date with interest of ten per cent per annul from Date did convey in Trust to the undersigned one warehouse and storehouse together with the wharf and wharf privileges also Tho lease on the lots Whereon the said property stands being situated in the town of Quintana of , state of Texas adjoining the property then and that Date occupied and owned by Williams & Browning and known As the property formerly belonging to or. T. D. condition of said Trust being that the trustee upon the non payment of the note of maturity upon the request of the Holder shall advertise said property for Sale in one of the newspapers of Galveston for thirty d is and the same sell Public auction in front of the court mouse door of Galveston county and Tho interest and principal being nip old and Tho Holder having requested me to sell the above described property notice is hereby Eiven that i shall offer and expose the same to Public Sale for Cash in front of the court House door of the county of Gal ves on on saturday the 24th Day of december next Between the hours of 10 and 11 . Such title conveyed As rests in me under the deed of Trust and none other. Nov22 h. B. Martin trustee administrator s notice. The Hon. County court for the county of Galveston having on the 31st Day of october n. D. 1853, tip pointed the undersigned administrator of the estate of Henry Hubbell. Late of said county deceased. All persons having claims against said estate Are required to pre but the same for adjustment within the time prescribed by Law. Philip c. Tucker jr., " nov l-6w. Administrator. Administrator s Totlee. The undersigned having Beon appointed administrator on the estate of Cuba Silks mitchkli., deceased by the honorable the county court for Galveston on the Twenty eighth Day of september last. Notice is hereby Given to All persons having claims against said estate to present them for adjustment within the Tine prescribed by Law. Danl. D. Atchison nor 1-tf. Administrator Silver w re-ko0 Dollar Worth Siver Tea table and dessert a poor-.bi re dessert Furko soup Aud Gravy ladies solar-012-, due k lives Salt Sellers can Tei spoons. Just received r Mer Meaux. Per hardens express from Mew yur for Salo f i Jer of. the non-30._ Aspeling and matting a pieces4-4 Ami Plain and Check ered malting 4 pieces Imperial 3 ply carpeting 3 piece sir Egitian do., 4 pieces and 10-4 Baize do., Gro a Pei to Dong. assorted Chen me and tufted bugs just received per Stephen f. Austin and for Sale the oct29-tf House furnishing warehouse. Summer cordial for summer Are Alwa s subject to Thi complaint in summer. This preparation is a certain ends Aad preventative. For Rale by augl2. To Etoh. Notice. All preparations heretofore known a Comstock a or Comstock & , alway belonged & now belong exclusively to or. Lucia to Comstock and though the signature of Comstock of will be continued this extra Label with the fac Simi signature of or. L s. C. Will in future designate to genuine. All others must be spurious for Sale by fetch w d to Blvain Gal Wespon w h. Rock Rte co Houstonann by merchant and druggists Gener Illy info Shont the United states. An 245m. Wanted a apply to Voung Man who oct28-Tfl Urffer ands Norn wry j. P. Davie. Re moved. The Galveston one Price store in Cyl a new Stogie West Side of Tremont Strait Fulton Market beef in Barren half barrel pick. Pork and tripe in kegs and prime Pooh constantly on havoc and for Sale by oct 21-tf. A Lewis oils a Barnes lard Winter strained new y. And boded Llna de o is from new Orleans and is own by apr. N. P. Lab hats cats bojt6 and shoes or tale ____nov25 i., guilty Ohio or i. A Johnson invite the attention of the prolesnioi., through no to United states to their very Complete assortment of Law books embracing All Merican. And a Large Oum Ber of English and French publication constantly of Sale the lowest rates. Privity and association libraries supplied and new Votmos of reports and elementary books forwarded upon Public icon. Our business being to the Publica Lou and Salo of Law books gentle urn of the Bench and bar will find us Able to Supply any Law publication of this country or of England. Our cheap series of Inglish Nenorts and elementary works Are urgently Recomb be Oleti to your notice. Books bound or unbound weighing Over four pounds sent by mail on prepayment of postage of one cent. Pef ounce a general catalogue of Law b of bad just been tatted and will be mailed to All postpaid application. Seut. 27-tf________ drugs and c88mical8.s Bot a and Mairal. Drugs Medici us and Dye stuff Lawaun Zirato ship Fannin no a. I apis. Vifot cat. The undersigned having purchased the Stockm Trade 1 of a Laws co., will continue the granary and ship chandlery business the same anti Der the name of a Lewis a co. Allan lfwt8, Stacy b. Lbwi8, Galveston Sapt. Huh 1883 having this Day sold out oui Stock in to a to tha a apr parties and wishing to close up the old concern a notify those having Culaw As to to prese tapas for payment and All those who axe Tede Biad to of 1 Pleasa eau a 3 Latris Del a who a less Toivo api j4h is /
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