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Weekly Civilian And Gazette (Newspaper) - January 3, 1853, Galveston, Texas Of civilian Annc and a. Has Seo lined from Knoot to 1800 tales. Out titled the Market. Qty two at from i to 9 a f for a it Premium. Ice Cap. Lawtha Money Market is easy. . To in a at 8c. R a. F of i there has been a destructive fire at Montreal by we ii to t or. I j in a ill r Tjho watered to tear up the Railroad track. Much exp t1 for item ent or Erbil. The United states Marshall was the tank m my the lives j to serve a notice to Day warning the people to Del a Papua inti further to Lestition of Tho route. T now lying in abort to re to Fea Rve Bow on Boru a lug fam Poh a a a a co Cai a m. To dior Nava. A Large body of. A Neh headed by the mayor and High Constable Are engaged in removing the track of cube Street Crossings. Bells Are ringing and Cannon firing. The citizens of Fairfield Are about demolishing the feral pc in that Village i i Boston Deo. 22.-the Brig Vintage capt. Enl lop with in Crft which sailed from Shlem last february for the West coast of Africa is supposed to have been lost. The Captain left a Large family of a i in "#rt5cincinnati dec. 21.- Iff Lii Oil a to Boner to m the i cwt Fth of aet a before Day last satyr m Ftp a Bales Jende Between he 6t0nid1hbbtjtot\ck the Flat new Twat Sboto had been discharged Robro 1dnfttjqjkr,%j6 Towi ofic fairy Pilip was we pre Imey a the dam age was probably about $500. How the fire a of know e the log woj Boob a a Friom Austin to the 24th a butt a Otto if it merest no important " it been since the Pacific fail Road Law. I .1 gave Aba Isar tar ple titty crowded with and private boarding i in providing room for a Era l other filibusters 1 a Al Fly i fryc trial Lliel Bice Boa. John c Watrous judges of the u. S. Coo Hii Jeta Nied of ii City from Austin. 0c#jsl�mrt8ipb.-the new York courier it it  a of the strip says messes. Harris &. Mor pm of a ism Aye just concluded & a of tractor Tjw by sujing of a new Steamer to be Vaji Fabat Poi Illma brass Santiago. Edea to my a to toe Tivey have two other steal we Sis sum i the Vera Cruz for till we $ft$p.n&. The Charles Moc Gao for ibis Tau line. On the com Baktis Janof the 1 Sente messes. Harris mor nov win have built a Fleet of nine Large steam a i ree ears 7 Qwyn ii ont i the National Intel 3t Lancer Aga kit col. Benton s Central Pacific rom of af#6 win a. Per la. All the upper livers Are now closed by ice. The riot or Here is falling with 4 it. 6 in. Water to Cairo. Kew Yolk dec. 2s.-a dispatch from Montreal states that a fire broke out this morning in that Ohy which has destroyed buildings and a Large am ant of valuable property. The rioters at Erie continue to tear up the Railroad and demolish the Bridges at Erie. Chicago . 22.-the weather is cold and navigation suspended. The Illinois River is Frozen Over and the Mississippi at Rock Island is full of flouting ice. Pro Videnov dec. 22.-the Rockland Mills at soit Nate were Burnt this morning. Loss $8,000, which is covered by insurance. Boston dec. 21.-the whigs of this City have nominated the honorable John p. Bigelow for mayor. Boston dec. 21,-last evening while a party of Young ladies and gentlemen were amusing themselves on the ice at spy Pond in Cambridge the ice suddenly gave Way plunging them into the water. Assistance was soon at hand and All were rescued excepting miss Percy Peck daughter of a. G. Peck a merchant of this City who was drowned. Cronin Tatj Dee. 20.-three of the defendants in the recent Martha Washington Case have brought unit against the proprietors of the Gazette and com Mercial newspapers of this City for libel. The damages Are Laid at 60.000 in each Case. New Bedford dec. 21.-Rev. Or. Gardner a Baptist Clergyman disappeared last thursday and has not been heard of since. Foul play is suspected and the mayor has offered a Reward of $300. Diate track of the steamers and lighters Iii too i Lilian Usu Stuie Suav 11 Bay and Rivers and has become a very dangerous be Forgee Aud that Ftp to that officer8 ft8 far a obstacle to every Craft that comes in at night. In Case of a Hurricane every ship in the Harbor is jeopardised by that obstruction. The immense weight of the machinery now remaining renders the expense of removal so enormous As to place it out of the Power of Ordinary Means to undertake such a work and the material a cig in such Large pieces would be at this place worthless. The fact of this obstruction having been placed in its present i position by the naval officers of the late Republic of Texas renders it a work calling loudly for the action of on general government to its removal. A comparative Small appropriation to what was required to remove the wreck of the steam frigate Missouri at Gibralter would do the work. Again the fact that our new Orleans steamers Are often i delayed in coming into port As Well As every other 1 vessel of Large size in consequence of Tho water in the Channel boing too Shoal except at Ordinary High Lay in their Power did All they could to save the lives of the passengers and also the Eago. H. E. Lawrence Galveston. Texas. Jas. Keigwin Louisville by. Jane Keswin "  Martha Keegin " " Nancy j. Goodwin. Yountville Ala. S. Mccall s. Carolina. C. F. Mccall m. Mccashin Galveston. T. J. Philips Galveston. Wra. Jameson " m. Sweeny Joston. Chas. E. Fairty. Chicago 111. new York. Patrick my pity Ireland. Bridge Over the Keokuk whig says that the District court of the United states has graced an injunction to restrain the construction of a Bridge across the tides to admit their passage around and near the Mississippi at Rock Ishad this injunction a ,. ,.point of our Island is becoming a matter so Detri uu-.-. T j i. I a a laying his Finger a de of his nose will in All probability be rendered perpetual,1 and giving a . No the Chimney he Rose. Mental to the interest of our City As to require the he sprang to his Sleigh to his team gave a whistle y came called them by name " now Dasher now dancer t now prancer now Vixen on. Comet on Cupidon Donder and Blixen to the top of the porch to the top of the Wall now dash away dash away dash away All " As the leaves that before the wild Hurricane Fly when they meet with an obstacle mount to the sky so up to the House top the coursers they flew. With the Sleigh full of toys and St. Nicholas too and then in a twinkling i heard on the roof the ranking and pawing of Eich Little Hoof. As i Drew in my head and was turning around. Down the Chimney St. Nicholas came with a bound. He was dressed All in fur. From his head to his foot and his clothes were All tarnished with ashes and soot. A bundle of toys he had Flung on his Back. And he looked like a pedlar just opening his pack his eyes How they twinkle his dimples How merry his Cheeks were like roses his nose Ike a Cherry his droll Little Mouth was up like a Bow and the Beard on his Chin wan As White As the Snow. The stump of a pipe he held Light in his Teeth and the smoke it encircled his head like a Wreath. He had a Broad face and a Little round belly that Shook when he laughed like a bowl full of Jelly he was Chubby and plump a right Jolly old Elf and i laughed when i saw him in spite of myself. A Wink of his Eye. And a twist of his head Toon gave me to know i had nothing to dread. H e spoke not a word but went straight to his work. And filled All the stockings then turned with a Jerk. And laying his Finger aside of his nose. J and thus prevent the construction of draw most Active exertions on the part of our Public a thormities to bring the matter in proper form before j Bridge Over the River for All time to come our delegation in Congress that they shall not Loose the Benefit of the present session to urge the necessary appropriation and immediate action on the the n. York commercial advertiser of the 13th inst., referring to the part of the government towards the removal of the late fire by which the Harper s Book publish obstructions and deepening of the Channel. It \ eng establishment was destroyed says i from a. new ilk Herald learns from a passenger front. I of Statti that Frenck Steamer of War had y pm Pitt of Ojni Nican government to pay three Bof Canad a thirs for Tuting expelled two French Mir tits from the country also to fact the of Meek had demanded of the president Gen id Anna the dismissal of his Cabinet Edmal Tjuk appointment of another More in accordance with French interests. The greatest prevailed at the City of san do Rit food the 2 Khz Figov Ember. A serious riot it occurred at Lasalle Illi Amof the of ratites on the Illinois Cen trial stat Koto a consequence of a reduction jiving been Mukin their Wales. A conductor was killed and his wife narrowly escaped he same Fala 8everl other live were lost 1h� sheriff a Mitt with resistance in his en-1 a orto arrest Aop e of the rioters having Ems Juett Kiberd one Irith Manatad wounded two thirty were rent wily treated. To hts i inv Tom Tot messes. By by a & Brady of the in Tejml a per a of or Cir Batby t died of yellow fever it lava the Vbk my to along fit physic wins Mil the epidemic to that place the Luvator Indiver says their Bijj Al in duty re Tho Alum a do Raja Mit a Eagan Oil Bowie county Daw is of Ahot pc Short Tima since the a i Iok Yea Troe Saya of Mhz aloud Joa Jat a in Ana coast pm to Sadsad. Proa Peet is a a Feik the mat Fra at Shreve Poi to South Western of the 14th ult., gives the Folio ring account of the great fire in that place by which from 7500 to 9000 Bales of Cotton were Burnt yesterday Rooming about a Quarter to 1 o clock a fire broke out in the Centre of the extensive Cotton warehouse of Ogle by and Griswold. And before the flames could be subdued the building and its contents were totally destroyed. Its the largest warehouse in the South out of new Orleans and waa built of Brick and covered with slate and con-1 trained Between 7ip0 and 9000 Bales of Cotton. To to which Iise Risinit s All Proha bibly we owe the preservation from ruin of the greater portion of the town the flames spread from the warehouse to the dwelling of the late or. Scruggs which was total it destroyed. The dwellings of col. Douglass and ills. Battle were repeatedly in great danger a but were based by the Energy and perseverance of a citizens. The front warehouse of messes. Ogles by and Griswold filled with produce groceries and merchandise in transit to other Points was also preserved unharmed through the heroic labors of a Gallant band of Young gentlemen. The warehouse destroyed was partially insured and will be immediately re Nih and made perfectly fire proof in the meantime no interruption will occur to the business of messes. Oglesby and Griswold. The sooth Western gives a Long Liston he names of those who had Cotton stored in the warehouse All of whom with one exception wore without insurance on their property. The loss Falls Hea Vily in Many planters some of whom had their entire crops Burnt. Pacific Railroad in Washington correspondent of the n. Y. Courier and enquirer in his letter of the 13th inst., writes As follows there is a rivalry growing up Between the Northern and Southern routes for a Pacific Railroad. Or. Wentworth in a measure tested title strength of the Northern route yesterday and found himself wanting some score or More of votes. The friends of the Southern route #111 not expose their weakness by submitting to Tjoa process of addition and abstraction but rely Mote upon management and strategy. The hew York Pacific Railroad company Are understood to favor the Southern or Texas route and it is said that arrangements have already been made to receive a donation of the Public lands belonging to the state of Texas sufficient in value to construct the Road through the state of Texas to the Eon fines of new Mexico which will secure to the texans the valuable Trade of Santa be a company will then probably be formed a California to construct the Road to the confines of the vacant territory laying East of the state leaving the hiatus of be filled up by Fortune or some Lucky hit. Texas is the Only state which has retained Possession of its vacant lands these a re ample and valuable and the plan if carried i into effect pronged the Road never reached 1 beyond the Borders of Texas would shorten the distance to Santa be some 800 or 1000 Miles and would enrich the state by receiving that lucrative and growing Trade. This is deemed to be quite a stroke of state policy and is much better than Boring in the lobbies of Congress. Must be borne in mind that our City is largely the sufferer by every obstruction to her Harbor. The underwriter is fully aware of every obstacle and our planters and merchants must pay them to insure against All these risks. Geniove these obstructions Aud every Ore in our Community Yea every one directly or indirectly connected with our port whether planter merchant or consumer is alike benefited by the improvement. And if by a proper action the services of a competent government Engineer could be secured with necessary assistance to make such Experiment As might be deemed necessary on or near our outer bar if such results would be obtained As we Are pleased to hear has crowned their efforts at the Mouth of the Mississippi River would not our City be largely benefited and amply reimbursed for the necessary trouble and sprang to his Sleigh and away they All flew like the Down of a Thistle but i heard him exclaim Ere he drove out of Siht  merry Christmas to All. And to Alia Good night " Snow to the depth of three inches lately fell in the Vicinity of san Augustine Texas. The treaty of Alliance Between France and is stated that the treaty of Alliance agreed and signed by count Walewski on the part of France and lord Clarendon on the part of England guaranteeing the integrity of Turkey was dispatched immediately by couriers to Berlin and Vienna with an intimation that from the Day of its ,, arrival at each of these capitals a period of pared to pay the amounts of their policies j seven Days would be allowed to the cabinets of promptly without formal proof of loss. Not Prussia and Austria to determine upon their the least touching of the Many evidences of assent or refusal to enter into the arrangement sympathy is the statement that the domestics if agreed to Well and Good if rejected it was employed in the family of one of the members j to be understood that France and England j of the firm on hearing of the disaster earnestly f Woulk take the settlement and responsibilities begged that they might be allowed to work of this Eastern controversy into their own for some time at half wages. Hands. It is inferred from the terms of the the harpers have taken rooms in the new. Treaty that Russia will be required forthwith building Corner of Gold and be Kinan streets to evacuate the danubian principalities or occupied As a Type foundry by or. John t. I that in refusing she hazards the momentous " the harpers have received the most Gratifying indications of kindly regard and sympathy from the Trade and the Public generally. Loans of Money have been offered the facilities of numerous printing offices have been tendered and several insurance companies Are said to have notified the firm that they Are pre trifling expenditures necessary to carry out such an \ wit of i pc foundry by or Jonn t. A that in refusing she hazards the momentous undertaking i incl a Jarge Quantity of books rescued consequences of an immediate join declaration i with their pain twin no Tuai i. Nunn a to. A ,r_____c___t._l__.1___1 t7_____ Gold mines and mining in new Mexico. On this subject the Santa be Gazette of nov. 12, has the following Brief and interesting article j a a in. , Colliu Lucthi tily new Maya we we have on two or three occasions recently 1 Elauf before they wil1 be Able to give employ feared to the Placer mines and to some to pm to i in a Ain t0 Many of the my St Necess Itous of their operatives and to set fifteen or Twenty with their Safe containing their accounts poli cies of insurance a were removed there yesterday. We Are glad to learn from the times that their arrangements for the Ini mediate prosecution of their business Are already far advanced and that very few Days will of War from England and France. 1853, referred to the Placer mines and to some test experiments which were being made there. Since then we have heard enough to authorise us to state with certainty that the Experiment 6o far has been completely successful and that the prospects of an ample re Munera presses again at work upon some of the valuable works of which the stereotype plates were saved. The Magazine for january will be at once made up anew and they will probably list of vessels searched in dec. Dec. 2d-bark Godfrey for Boston. " 4th-bark Imbo a. For new York.  loth bark Lamartine. For new Yolk. " 14th-Brip Herman Theodor. For Bremen. 18th-Brig Caroline k. Kelly for Boston. 25th-bark Nej tune. For Bremen. 28th bark Trinity for Boston. 29th-brie the Crest Bennett for Laguna. 29th-bark t ens. For Vera Cruz. Fetek Delbrel searcher. U 1 u i a a a a a r a a fir a �,t.7 to 11. A Large part of the edition Tion Tor an outlay of capital Are most natter., it s u i a  n f a. J i the Day it is due. No one who knows the m my. As the result of four Days operation and in j i t i u u u Dom Itable Energy and perseverance and great the labor of two mules we have been shown. A ,. Gold to the value of about 90 dollars which i Ness tact of the harpers can doubt that As All persons acquainted with the operations of the towners As the Clumsy Mills in general use among the mexicans Are called affirm is j not More than half of the actual amount of j Gold in the Rock. It must be recollected too. A Viu i us Usu u i 111 u i their vast establishment will soon Rise like the Phoenix from its ashes. Boston traveller has the following extract from a letter dated Melborne that twice the amount of Ore Metal As it is get 16 received in Boston technically termed could be crushed and every 1 particle of Gold separated in one hour by Many of the crushers now in use in the u. States when i last wrote to you on the 31st ult. I was about proceeding to Ballarat some As As has been operated upon to procure the Irold to in diff discoveries of Gold recently made we have mentioned above. & there attracting Many to it. Our party was a Jucas Annm More to i comp sed of americans mostly old Californi -1 Jari to As nov e Propri endrs of the a More to i. Mine"w1fii�jr/- they would be justified in an extensive outlay of capital and labor upon them than to induce others to join them in the Enterprise and we a have it on the Best authority that such Satis a faction is entertained with the Experiment thus j far that a competent machine has been order de from the states. I the body of Mineral at the Placer is Inex Ana. And Affifi Senf Espell kit of ?35w.-Ballarat is 60 i Rhien. W. From Geelong. To which we went on Steamboat from Here and thence on foot. The roads much of the Way were very bad and we were three Days on the Way. We found the country for Miles from a dug Over in a i directions. Many places Mere pointed out where the ground was very Rich a year Haus Tible and of a Richness rarely equalled 1 or snore since but is now completely riddled. The opinion of one of the proprietors is that ther4.e Are probably Ito miners on the spot with proper machinery the yield will be about of whom Are obtain info More than a sixty six cents to the Bushel and we know that a mine in North Carolina is now being worked it hard work to very profitably on a yield of sixteen cents to the Bushel. Another great advantage possessed by the Placer mine Over the Quartz mines of California and elsewhere is the greater softness of the Ore. Novel Iron vessel named the Enterprise intended for the deep sea fishing association of Scotland has been launched on the Clyde. She is about one Hundred feet in length and sixteen feet beam her Mea Murment about one Hundred tons and her engines Are one Hundred horse Power. The propelling Power on a totally new principle by messes. Ruthven of Glasgow the patentees requires neither paddles nor screw. One important feature of the invention is that by a simple movement the vessel can be either stopped turned or backed almost instant Ane i i. A living and very Many find j even get that. 1 the recent discoveries have been made in i " Canadian Gully a Little Valley Between the Hills and Only about two Hundred Yards Long by fifteen or Twenty Yards wide. The holes Here Are sunk to the bed or foundation Rock one Hundred and thirty feet deep and no Gold of consequence is found until this bed Rock is reached. Some of them yielded 100 lbs. Weight or about $230,000 in value. Outside this Gully no one gets anything of consequence and Many in it when they reach the bed Rock find nothing. The claims Are usually worked by parties of eight or each who share alike work Day and night sunday s and All and Are All covered with mud and water. They Are obliged to line the Hole with wooden slabs to prevent the irritation Earth from caving in upon them usually two j orders such is inflammation of the a noels and other de or three months Are required to sink the Elf i of Tias the digging is much like drilling or the machinery stopped. The inn Cpl propulsion is the injection of water through pipes to act upon the mass of water in which the vessel is moving. James Rumsey employed his principle but Ruthven s improvement relates to the exit tubes. Attacked by a n. Y. Herald says that on saturday evening Herr Driesbach entered us usual at the Broadway menagerie the Den in which were a lion three leopards lioness and a brazilian Tiger for the purpose of exhibition. Scarcely had he commenced i and decl in the Llort space of 30 hours. On a a Carrot . Hope has in his pos Amiott he Artof a Tarantula taken out of the Earth at the Malag Rancho. It is about Throe inches in to Fogth by two in diameter built of adobes the Wall by tag nearly half an Inch thick. Inside is a. Project Oft which Nealy divides it into two apart my feb tote i Ettin Inch in diameter. The inside is jihad a with a Whit downy substance not unlike vol Jet. Aad presenta one of the cleanest and most tidy 4 a i by to How Ecol a imaginable. But the most Curi-10apiti�i upon the Wal of the it in a most interesting Structure and to Tibo door for the Protection Bupt has a ii to it Tematea m great instinctive i Artw etoral a wolfed a. H is the intention of the mtg Effim w smithsonian l�fc-j0ntaio be Jarai of Cuba embarked for Teliin to a a to admit. Iowa currently reported to fear a my Kami a Millien of dollars during his. Few a or in a my ral Fenela was bom at Tama cd he the important office of fifth Stevern rent. A toss Gljo i in with the Ynsua Kamm her. There is pret r by shift coarse will he. The with anxiety As Are All the performance when the Tiger sprang at him. The attack threw him from his feet and the beast instantly fastened his Teeth on the breast of or. Driesbach and his claws on other parts of his body. The lioness observing the assault took the part of her master and pitched into the Tiger but in so doing she unlucky missed the Tiger and struck or. Driesbach a powerful blow with her Paw. Or. Moffet the principal attendant during the exhibition opened the door and by main Force dragged or. Dreisbach from the Den the Tiger still maintaining her attachment to her master but when opposite her own Cage she loosed her hold sprang into her own apartment Licking her chops and crouched Down in one Corner. Or. Driesbach was conveyed to a private room and a physician stat for to dress his injuries which proved to be flesh wounds. Some incendiary or incendiaries attempted on Lart saturday night to 6et fire to the Large Cotton shed of . Forbes containing at the time Over two Hundred Bales of Cotton. They succeeded in firing the Otton in several places butt fortunately at the very moment when the Cotton began to Blaze the fire was discovered and the alarm Given and by the timely exertions of our citizens the fire was extinguished. Had not the fire at that moment been discovered Over $30,000 Worth of Cotton would Nave been consumed and in All probability a i Large portion of our City. Upon examination of the premises a sperm Candle and a Box of matches were found. Lavaca commercial. Mamma i Han t going to live Mamma 1" Why not you Serpent my Trowers Awall administrator s Sale. Til r state. Or Texas i county of g Alvi Stos. Jiust Inre of a order of Salem la by he inn ble county court in a a for the Cunn of Galveston it ii s Lle rember term l.-. 3, i i i Nel a Public nut Ion. At. He drug is ire lat a Iiron a ird by walk is Putnman. Str Rel in ves Tonon tucs div. Be h the Day of a i8" 4, of tween the ii Ira of Loo Cin i a. M i a i 4 n a la a p. M., the in 11e i it k of i a Media Ines Etc. Per. A bin fing to the rentes of Henry i. A liens and High re c. Up Nim dec j together with on gom \ a i tech and Chen one Silver Iti a Kre it pin. Matlus by 4- xxx pounded with purely substances being perfectly Safe when taken and has never been known to fail in curing the most obstinate Jisc. Worms Cin never exist when this remedy i once used from the fact that it not Only destroys them but removes All the slime and mucus which May remain. The tape worm. This worm is the most Dirl cult one to destroy of All that inhabit body. It grows to an almost indefinite length. And Eromin so coiled and fastened in the intestines and Stonbach As to produce fits. St. Vitus dance which is the cause of Many going to the grave not believing that these complaints have their origin from the tape worm consequently they do not use the proper medicines for their disease. To those who Are afflicted with awful foe to health. I recommend the use of my worm syrup and liver pills the syrup to he taken in doses of two table spoonfuls three time a Day. Then take from five to eight of my liver pills to dislodge and pass the worm. By strictly following these directions the most obstinate cases of tape worm can he Pendil cured. Round or stomach worm. This worm is usually found in the Small intestines and is the worm most common to children yet it is not entirely confined to them As adults have frequently been known to suffer with them. The symptoms most prominent while affected with this worm Are hardness and fullness of the belly slim Stool. Looseness of the bowels picking Ai the nose a blueish Streak under the eyes. A. If you. Or of your children have of the above symptoms. Hyben sack s worm syrup can Sun Felt be depended upon by using it you have a certain Safe and speedy cure and if after using it according to the directions the patient is not restored to health and the Worms thoroughly eradicated from the system you can rest assured there is no remedy beyond the grave As for fail there is no such word is fail with those who use my worm syrup. As abide or Small thread Worms. These Worms to which the human system is liable Are the most troublesome of All others. They Are generally i to he found in the rectum and if allowed to remain from irritation they produce Lay the foundation of serious Dis a .v,., to puny Usu i orders such As inflammation of the bowels and other de or three months Are required to sink the Hole of the stomach. The Best and safest my Dicine Natlia a 1 1. I a. I i that can be used is hobe Sarh s worm syrup. Such is i Here the astonishing Power of my medicines Oyer ask trades. " " e where my worm he used they use the syrup in Chance of i accordance with directions on each bottle and in Case a gentle purgative is required in order to Alloy the irritation they produce the 1/iver pills by their sympathising action and healthy operation upon the bowels a the most peas ant Medicine that can be taker. Hobensack s liver pills. No part of the system is More liable to disease than the liver it being supplied with numerous blood Vasels and nerves and if did eyed. The Blond of course flowing through All parts of the body produces liver complaints jaundice i Guidus affections dyspepsia. T ended to. A a As we were satisfied to Una a " e ln"t.curea1 that a necessary is to us As we were satisfied there was no doing anything. Extraordinary curious instance of the command which a person can have Over his own feelings has lately been exhibited in the Church of St. Margarate a Westminster. On tuesday week the curate of the Parish officiated in the morning it being the festival of St. Luke whilst engaged in the service his wife was seized with the cholera the following sunday the same gentleman preached a funeral Sermon Over the remains of his wife and took for his text the following remarkable portion of scripture Ezekiel xxiv 15 to 19 also the word of the lord came unto me saying son of Man behold i take away from thee the desire of thine eyes with a stroke yet neither Shalt thou morn or weep neither shall thy tears run. Forbear to cry make no mourning for the dead bind the tire of thine head upon thee and put thy shoes upon thy feet and cover not thy lips and eat not the bread of men. So i spake unto the people in the morning Aud in the evening my wife died and i did in the morning As i was commanded and the people said unto me Wilt thou not Tell us what these things Are to us that thou Doest so " from this text he preached a most impressive Sermon there was scarcely a dry Eye in the Church and the Only one. Who seemed perfectly unmoved was the preacher himself such was the Complete command which he possessed Over the expression of his own feelings necessarily paper. Gustave Bao re a hair but Caber Alft a Law a Codrea Tremont Trutt opposite tit Bee a Luton. Respectfully informs the Public generally that be keeps con Stiroh he a a Eom Plet pies toupees 4r#". Ctr front Pitts and every article in this Hue. Few a f1 a to a perfumery and every thing belongingvth0 Tan of ladies and hair cutting. Curling by shampooing done with despatch and in the most a pm a Nable style. Fresh warm cold and Salt a breast a a a a a a Tor the accommodation of those myth a1,al1 them Selim of this luxury. ,. Of for the special a commom in of the ladle a depot of curls Peru Abby. A a. A As Heen established at the store of the dress mnkerf0 Mechanic t., one door die journal four doors from dec23-iy. Per Bale i it i. Each a a 8j cts. 11 8 " 5 " 10 " 10 " 15 30 50 " 50 a 25 " 30 " 40 " 8 " six 10 5 5 11 8 via a Giro a a of a a a a t us above the printing office of Tremont Street. For Sale -100 by a s f Kentucky flour Louisville inspection 40 hols dried applies 25 Hehli do Peacoe 19 rectified whiskey Louisville inspection 10 bbl 5 year old Bourm whiskey. Dee27 _ we. H end Ley & co. Texas so Gar and Superior Quality 1 this season s crop for a at a a a Knees by dec27_. We. Hedley be co. Tar it of charges a11r Mer Cliant s press. Consignees Hab Gss drayage to press. Weighing and sampling weighing Only labor storage per month repair rope patches Heads edges sides vessels a bibs compressing Coastwise 4 it. Ft., compressing Coas file f and upwards compressing foreign extra ropes each drayage to vessel Bales bursting their ropes alongside after being delivered to vessel will he returned to press and repaired for which no charge for drayage will be made. Shippers charge a storage per Bale per month. Arranging and slip marking per Bale classing per Bale weighing and sampling per Bale. Weighing Only per Bale. Drayage to vessel per Balew this Prens is enter Ftp new one of Tyler s largest team Power with every late improvement attached and is not surpassed by in the u. States in strength Power and convenience for doing work. Built on the site of messes. Parry John s Hydraulic press. Or e d John being with us As an assistant with increased warehouses and enlarged Yard a Larcer portion of which is covered with Plank flooring on which All co. Ton will be handled keeping it entirely Clear of dirt and wet. The weighing department will e personally attended to by the agent he will to pleased to receipt for Cotton Landing on of the wharves and report on the condition of the same to the consignees. No storage charged on Cotton sent to this press for compressing for a specified vessel when not remaining on storage Over 15 Days. Every facility and strict attention will be Given to the business in All its parts and to the interest of those who May favor us with their orders hoping by such Means to secure a fair share of patronage. Allen Lewis agent. Office at the press dec27-6m. Books and fancy goods for uie holidays Juht Oak Lwi at no. 8. A Rand. A further Stunek of Choice Avrutin albums and presentation books to eel her with i Fine Assn rement of Gprman. French and English gift uni prayer Book in various styles of Lunding in Ludig Turkey Vevelene illuminated sides. A pie Machie. A a velvet with clasps and stamped Gilt edges. To e Nunn did poems and Juvelle books in various styles of hindi Riff with in e Vennt variety of miscellaneous Book s appropriate for the Heidi is. A Fine assortment of fancy goods and jewelry for Sale by d cv3 j m. Jones _ stka3i a Mill for Sale. 1\ m Pinili a Zed or. Kliore. Surviving partner of Lark pc k Isore. To be l heir saw Mill and improvements at the Mouth of the Trinity River. There has been As can be shown $000 expended in the Mill and houses. The machinery which recently received some slight injury is Beins thoroughly repaired and which when done Complete the whole will be a vied for $5,000 tires i i Rush the b n in Nee in payments of 6, 12 and 18months, with satisfactory Security. _det-23__________"___ j 8.syun_or._ Ballard s chemical h or Fastener will positively prevent the hair from falling off in less than forty eight hours and preserve it in a healthy and luxuriant growth Price 2o cents Large bottles. For Sale he api fim wow. Mrs. C. Lir Anari Solo agent dressed and rough lumber. If it a 1 it m in a Urf a cd Floo Rinar 11/iuuu 15 000 feel 1 Inch dressed ceiling 30.000 feet pral scantling Inch boards Abd weather boards Landing irom Schooner Start to der30 Safford Lidstone. 3ve� oiled is and trans United states Viall line of Low pressure steamships. 6al?t st01v theatre now Ops f of the s b a a o under the management of a7 j. Hickmott change of pet to for garlic airs Nee Flea l diffs _ .swd.iuahlf8 Hill change of ret formanes every evening. H t1. A i a. O d�3-tf. _ in Pulitic Are respectfully informed that the follow Jling new and magnificent steamships will now com pee . J.ouisijur.1, Cap. J. Shun. of Cape. J. S. Thompson. Pf.hsif.vep.lncf., a a it John y. Lawless. Moho , building. One of them will leave Galveston for new Orleans during the months of january As follows on the 1st, 6th, 11th, 15th, 20th, 25th and 29th. For freight or afe age. Apody to Dufty Tii. 3o. Agents War Eaton. Harris Morgan. New Orleans. Veston. December 30. 1853. Cities-25 elephant lamp Oil by 1 the arrivals Fri Northern bbl Tuer strained comprising pure s Dar and up Iii warranted not to congeal and entirely adapted to machinery Rice 30 Sam received per steamship Mexico 100 bbl of t. Louis superfine and extra flour 200 bags prime White Corn. 50 bags St. Louis Oats 50 hols potatoes. 25 bbl of onions 25 boxes Choice Western cheese 25 kegs Choice Western butter. 5 barrels no. 1 lard Oil. 10 boxes Star Candle 10 " Cornmeal and Homony 2 pierces Duffield s s. C. Hams 10 barrels White wine vinegar 100 Gross e. E. Lark s matches pc ice for Sale at the lowest Market Price by oct28-tf j. or. Strand. Groceries. Of Large and Small size boxes cheese to a 35 do do soap. 40 Large and still boxes raisins and prunes 25 tubs Goshen Ruiter. 40 bugs Rio and Laga. Coffee 20 bbl Grenn apples and oranges 25 do onions 25 do Poi toe 3 pierces buckwheat in bags 10 do no 1 Mackerel 25 Bxs codfish 10 do dried apples fresh received by dec 30______sam l mass. Receive by Nev Orleans steamers Salt whiskey hams Bacon flour i ice Lemons Sar lines lard Hutter Pilot b Ead sugar mess pork and beef dec 10 Sam l mass. He Dies like a beast who hath done no Good while he True indeed f go to his funeral. Not a tear is shed. Not a pain or a want has he relieved and there is none to Call him blessed. Think of it be time servers be who seek for pleasure be was make self the Centre of every thought and action. What an epitaph he died like a beast for he did no Good while he lived in an exam ution of an assault and Battery Cam at the tombs Ono Day lust week the counsel in Cross examining one of the witnesses asked him what Thoy had at the first place Thoy stopped. He answered " four Glass to k will insure the delivery As per contract. Jno. H. Manly. R\ecj6-3t Jno. E. W Walkkr. Rectified and Rye whiskey Cognac Brandy affair terms by nov22 Saal l Maas. For Sale a Large size american Riding and Carriage Blouse. Enquire at this office. Nov 11-tf. Albert Ball would inform his old customers and the Public that he is now opening in Bis weal store a the strand the one recently occupied by d. Neti.e��, frederal und Well selected Stock , boots and i Loeb fandom iat Lei Levi s Furni Szilag Wooda which Hare been purchased by himself for this Market Aad they Are Oara tied to be As Gnu to whim he h s been warmly recommended also to several other Gentl Eineo it this place who have known him at the head of or was institutions for the list fifteen years. A i ?-lj__8. Bernard live and let our District court being in a Sta e of collapse the undersigned finds it necessary to look about Lor something to keep soul Ami body to Tieber. 1 offer my services to the Public As an auctioneer and general agent for the Purchase and Sale of real estate negroes Etc. I will also it end to the collection of debts payment of j taxes in Short every thing Appertain ing to Agency. 1 Trust by prompt attention to business to met it and receive a reasonable share of Public patronage. Office at Brick ice House. Det23 j. A Moore. By. Morse s invigorating cordial. Health re stored and Lipe length. Eked by or Morse s invigorating elixir and of dial what for centuries medical science Bas been ransacking the vegetable and Mineral kingdoms in search of some think that should restore the lost or decaying energies of the nervous and mute far systems Wrt Bont the drawback of tub sequent prostration which All stimulants tonics and narcotics had heretofore entailed. That something has item found. It is a vegetable production brought from the sterile deserts of Arabia the Stony by the celebrated professor m. Morse Well known As a testing wished member of the leading scientific societies of the old world and equally distinguished a3 a physician a chemist and a traveler. The juices of this hire concentrated and combined with other vegetable medicinal Vej tracts Are now producing results heretofore unheard of in this or other country. At first the properties Yttri hated to prof. Morse s invigorating elixir and cordial were Deena fabulous. The Public often deceived Zeruld net Mist to simple and Sublime truths announced by the discoverer. But facts undeniable facts attested by witnesses of Tav highest Cusp and character Are now triumphing Ever a Dorl r. Incredulity is overthrown ii a mass of testimony which is perfectly irresistible. Tho remedies in All cases the deplorable evils arising irom a misuse or abuse of the various organs which Moke up the wonder Fol machine called Man. It restores to full vigor every delicate function connected with that mysterious compound Agency of matter and mind Necat sary to the it prod cuon a human Lite. To persons  feeble muscular Frame or Deli Cist in Power it is recommended a the Only Uii Gih of Cummi Inico Ting that Energy which is necessary to the proper enjoyment of All the Natu Ivl appetites As Welt Asol the hit her mental Allu Betat Lis Dene Ficini effects Are not to either sex or to Oge the fee1 be girl the wife the listless tar a de Yoni the overwork Man of Buir Ess the victim of nervous depression the Qili Vijune sure Ming from general debility or from the weakness of a sir be Organ will All find immediate and permanent Relief from the use of this incomparable renovator. To those who have a prot it pop i lion to far ulysls it will prove a Complete und unfailing safeguard Airainig thai terrible malady. There Are Rainy perhaps who have so trifled with their constitutions Iha Itaev think themselves beyond the reach of Medicine. Lai not these despair. The elixir deals with its at As it exists without reference to causes and will out Only re move the disorder itself but rebuild the broken con stattion. Brought from a vast Dis Lunce the principal Ingr Ediest of the elixir can Only be procured at a pipe ise and the process of manufacture is also costly. Hence the Price to he at All remunerative must necessarily be higher Baa that of the trashy Chance compound nostrum of which the Only expense consists in the advertising. Hut if health is indeed u priceless then is the inv Ratino elixir nervous do eases and the f. Rms of nervous disease itself. Are so numerous that it would require a column to enumerate the Mal Nilius Lor which or Para Ion is a Eulric. A few however May be enumerated Viz in do Moreaux head Iche incipient t pit Rev Mono mania flt or Olgui sinking at the Stom Ucb Feciale a Carnnia tendency i Nii Carriage. Enc Iarion nid All complaints grew ing out of a free indulgence of the was sinus. Audi All barrenness that does not proceed up in Mai Pic causes beyond the reach of Medicine. Whenever the or inns to be acted up a Are free from snal fori Liaison or strict ural diseases. It is averred that Mersk riia Vhill lathing elixir will replace Weeke Tiou is death. A hear in Iuni a Leo Liht Lor every Kino us Nerquis Distie twin Llmer and cer do in u thie Only a Kau e pre i r 11 in Sroop. A great ski k Ink k r females. The put ils of this great ses Tornare is sol a i plaints incident to Feiiinle-., Mark a Rev. Era in the annals of Medicine. of s ainu 1 Tinly have been a vetted Tho Sanile of in n i rent no Curt in l purporting to a Cape Iris in the a Jinns i ease and to which the Deli Ute pm Lor Ionti in to Render her liable. The r suit tins heretofore Ilieen uni Forin. These nostrums hive nude evil in. I m re cd a n i y vivacity to lbs nervous Eyu Triu a transient and delusive Vii or i he Muscles but Thi Al Ishol remit thus Lien by a depression and Proa Rution Genu riling . Und the end has too of Len been utterly to p Ril the Power of tha nerves end of a Tii j ttw.i/. Lion i to destroy Ike unhappy in tint. Hut in i 1 n \ i or Ati avg elixir. Is Fri seated a a phen Merih in i he ninth to Media hit Heite Miniie Fri of a s Unhul i n t w i he ii 2 Rea r a on. L be Herb when font tto intr Eirien has bean a melted by ail the read medical and institutions i f Kropo to be in him a Sii Tonii in i Fri. Or More who a i Hine is an i ii Iii a to 1 Hihn Rita in science Dis cover re profit action m an. , where his a enu e \ onic Rio la irn Igor atme Eft a it a Odiard upon the  t it ill w.iniletf.,1 Der Olandor Ance the a Huftless r Oihi Bird by tha arabs of Boli Lesein their Dee l pig Miago in Lotny use of this Vii lying Herb. An Uppal to Evi by woman of Sene who Aliffi a for. We Likness derangement Ner Musnen in err ats. Jatos i brine Dac i or inner Friy Lac ordeal. A usually such As to Leare the publication of certificates of cures out of the ques inn or the proprietor could a Iudice a lost of the most conclusive testimony to show that tha great repetition it enjoys was not accidentally obtain and but a firmly upon its positive. And apparently Mira Culous \ rues. In All Dir coins me to be found the Happy parents of healthy Otts Jirine who would t be been but for this extraordinary preparation. A cd it is equally Point for the Many diseases for which it rec Mma dad. Thousands of Young met have been restored by us ing it and not in a single instance has it in i 4 i a Nef i Tho re. Facts to re , to the Wisgo idd these Are some of the pad and me Incho a effects pre diced by eur habits of youth Viz weakness of the Baek and limbs pains a the head dimness of sight loss of mos Cutlar Power palpitation of the heart dyspepsia nervous irritability derangement of the digestive functions general debility symptoms of consumption fee. Mentally the fearful effects on the mind Are much to be dreaded. Loss of memory confusion of ideas depression of spirits evil foreboding version to society self distrust love of Solitude timidity te., Are Soma of the evils produced. Intemperance in the use of ardent spirits. Is not the Only species of dissipation which Marks fur us victims the erratic children of Genius for Thi. Terrible deseae which Calls for its hecatomb of victims a sacrifice proves thai there is an other altar on which the Demon action immolated thou Sands of the generous hearts and no Blum intellects. It a a melancholy fact that , of whatever Grade always singles out of vengeance the most gifted und Best blurted. Parents and guardians Are Oilen misled with respect to the ii uses or sources of diseases of their son and wards. How often do they ascribe to Oiher causes a a Jim of tha Frame idiocy madness pal ii at ii of tie or tit. Indigestion Dera Gemeril of the Nery Ous system cough und symptoms indicating consumption when tha truth a that they have been caused by indulging in a Pein icons Hough alluring practice destructive of both mind and body testimonial let facts by Biak for themselves hear that the celebrated and distinguished l r. Wool of Anssu Chusett a says of a. Dear sir it gives me pleasure to i storm you that one of my patients while in Boston procured some of Yum cordial which he tells me he has taken two week which time he has not had a single emission while before lie had two or three each week. A already looks like a new person who so Short a time since looked so Pale und thin and was scarcely Able to crawl around. 1 thou tent it scarcely possible for him Ever to regain his full of e. Go and faculties his Case was an exit ettely bad one. I prescribed the Usu. Medicines used in such cases in the Pitula but they were of no effect. In the mean time my p i Lieut had procured some of your Cui dial which effect two a cure 1 am satisfied no other Medicine could have done. 1 shall Ever warmly recommend it whenever an Opportunity occurs. The Nivea Tor in my younger Days i Weil remember As being considered one  the must skillful physicians in the United Stales and had Hearn his cordial very highly poke a of but was one of the incredulous As to its merits 1 was so unexpectedly and satisfactorily convinced to the contrary. It must be a great Consolation to you to think what a vast amount of Hun an misery your cordial is alleviating. Web Ray War rues wishes for your i tilth and Success 1 re main very truly yours. A Wood m. D. A. Moas sir one time since you requested we opinion of the Virtues of your invigorating cordial am now prepared to give in. 1 have had it in Tuy practice and prescribed it for the last few months and Tuisl give la of decided Pele reduce Over anything of the kind Wuh which i am acquainted both As to its medi Uwi Virtues and reasonable Price at which you sell it. In cases of be runs debility from the effects of Medicine or committed in youth or the excessive indulgence of the Passi is producing a Wuersl physical prostration lassitude what of ambition Faiu log sensation incapacity for business dislike of society sic i Ain much pleased with its effects and can with Confidence recommend it to the pair ,. .1 the Protection As a valuable auxiliary for removing Nuetie to some of the most Irous Leouie forms and to All As a Safe Aoa valuable Medicine. Benjamin weeks m. Boo klan n. Y. 2lit nov. 184. Caution. Or. Moreb s cordial has been Conte of Fet cd by some unprincipled person. In future nil the genome a dial will have the Propri Otora fun is utile pasted Over the Cork of each bottle and the a lowing Wurum blown in the us. Muse d wig skating cordial cd. Iting proprietor n. caution extra. Also observe a promo Sony note with the proprietors a rec signature on every genuine bottle of or. Morses invigorating to Ordial. To counter of it which is forgery. La. Kew oklans Joath a Kwh & co a
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