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Weekly Civilian And Gazette (Newspaper) - January 3, 1853, Galveston, Texas Galveston tuesday january 3, 1853 vol. Xvi. No 40. I��3. A pm my off Thomka for be if a in Vemma a a court. Cod a inv Stiim Rod daughters drawer my. Web ration _ Iii a info Poco a on from _ 4j win Juja Winby Ami Mir. Hancock fill in it la the Public. We a if f gov boo is worthy of fid practical we us orbit nor Are to 4engoa for this port Rint Fermat he of sustained Acme a Ainlee in of aria of tic passage out Fhy a pot ill at Cuba Eston for re Auto to a it of tool a Moa River with a Large Carr a Yyi of to ton Sogar and molasses. The Bell Najaar trained at the Mouth of the Titer several 1maides an bad weather and finally n the bar m coming out and came to the her rudder. The Ishaug ratios of the governor and. Lieutenant governor took place at Austin on the 21st inst. The following remarks we remade by gov. Pease j in appearing before you to assume the duties of the office to which i have Leen called by the partiality of my fellow citizens i feel Sens Rwjr the magnitude and importance of the Trust that has been committed to my charge and a sincere diffidence of my ability to acquit myself of it in a manner that will meet their just expectations. In discharging the varied functions of that department of the government Over which i have been selected to preside i shall rely with Confidence on Abe cordial support and co operation of the legislature without which my of ours can be productive of but Little Benefit. Our past history is of Peculiar interest. Ours is the Only state that has come into the Union by voluntary annexation. Our introduction led the Way Toan Extension of its limits Over new Mexico Utah and California embracing a territory nearly equal to the entire area of the Union at its formation. Although some fears were for a time entertained of the effect that such a Large and sudden acquisition might have j upon the peace and perpetuity of the Union j yet experience has demonstrat2d the fact that no danger is to be apprehended from its sex 1 pension so Long As the exercise of its Powers a Bill chartering a company to build a turn of co Fin to those objects contemplated by. Constitution Pike Road from Houston to Aasum has passed our present attitude before the world is no the House. Less interesting with a territory containing the Senate took up the Bill relating to is More Square Miles the in Many of the govern cheated and forfeited lands with the report of merits Europe possessing by nature near ,. T ,.in every element necessary to constitute a the majority of the judiciary committee which great and powerful state with a Large Public i was unav treble to the Bill. The Bill and the Domain unequalled for diversity and Fertility of have accounts from a fast. On education lately far the investment Fca iia the Bonds of rail Road companies incorporated by the state which after consid Noble discussion has been made the order of m Day for january third. I Bill provides foliate lean of the school fund for a period of ten years at six per cent interest to be loaned to such roads at the rate of $4,000 per mile for each mile of Road con strutted a Lien to be taken upon the Road for payment of the Bonds. The first loan to be made after fifty Miles of Road have been completed and thereafter a additional proportionate amount for each ten i Tiee. Senator Allen has introduced a Bill providing for the Sale of the alternate sections reserved to the state trader thepot own of the Pacific Railroad Bill. In the House the times says no great Deal of business has been transacted since the Pas i Sage of the Pacific Railroad till. The free Schoot Bill has been Laid on the table hot the a Mart. Governor s message. Gentlemen of the Seifart and of the House of representatives -. I the Constitution makes it the duty of the governor to give Yon Pitfor nation in Fri tip of the disguised that the population and business of the election can beheld Luc i will so Vera i la Smiths. With ret Cic Uve to its merits us a Foo i it my state Are not snob. At this time As to Promise the Bitch an Anie Ndoc a wild obviate the n Eves sity Lute Epou the int wrest of this state it Larte. Return of an immediate profit on the amount that that now exists for of Feopent elections at different # our present condition in a most prosperous Ena May be invested in such enterprises. periods in the a and observe the Public interest. Aud wealth Are pouring into the a Ftp to May be Well doubted whether is Railroad in any Sec by having these Olmos temporarily tilled immedi More rapidly than at any former period. A air it Tion of the state would for then it five Vears. Pav lately on the Happ Mug of a Vauney. Of Ente Pri and improvement is now abroad an interest of five per cent on amount invested. In of which in All cases not capital the prior one. After conviction by taking  n Appeal is permitted to be released on bail. For several offences persons May be confined to hard labor in to e i enitan ii a f r fifteen years for others they May be in like manner for life still. December 2 j. 1s58. Provisions of this Law Are unobjectionable. I think it might have been improved in some of its details particularly in that provision which authorizes the company to receive patents for the Hinds selected previous to the completion of the entire Road. It is to be hoped that this Law will accomplish for by this Law. They be Ukins an Appeal Are entitled the state All that is anticipated by its friends. To buil after they hav. La oct convicted by a jury. The duties and responsibilities imposed upon the and urns in All cases cd cola . And murder governor under the provisions of this Law will be in the first in ree convicts have it in the cheerfully undertaken and i shall Endeavor to execute them in a manner calculated to Eifret the objects intended by the legislature. A in adopting any general system for aiding other j companies n the construction -1 a ourselves embarrassed by the. Appointment of the preachers of Eastern Texas. San Augustine District j. T. P. Irvin a. A san Auff Nisrine station Al a. Hencle. San Atigbi Ottine circuit h. D. Up lust. A a. A i no we term of the District is Lurf co tint. Judge towns passed Mitt City hut week on his Way to Mississippi judge Hancock was to have held the Cost Hru we learn was deterred by reports hot reached him when within a Day s journey of town that the yellow fever still existed these reports were unfounded. Report Ivere Laid on the table. Senator Armstrong made a minority report on the same Bill favouring the adoption of a substitute containing provisions somewhat similar to the original Bill though modified. This report and accompanying Bills were read but the Senate did not take action thereon. Soil and a climate adapted to the production of All the necessaries and most of the luxuries of life with a vast Mineral wealth and great capacity its for manufacturing purposes. We have it in our Power by a proper use of All these advantages and a judicious application of our Means to Lay the foundation of those Public improvements and institutions which will Here railroads. We find mme Rons Charters pie Means at her command and an Opportunity is i that have heretofore been granted to individuals. A there a to establish a system of Public schools that without any specific designation of the routes they will extend its benefits t every Cirild within its Liin j were to pursue. Who still hold and rely on them its if we fail to embrace it. We shall be faithless although no a Dollar of capital Stock he a Ever been to our duties and the Trust that Lias been reposed in i paid. It is much to be. Rock a tied that instead of us by our fellow citizens. Frantin Charters indiscriminately to All who a it i respect ulv recommended that two millions plied without any Assurance that the applicants of dollars of the to United states live per cent Bonds. I were possessed of the Means to comply now in the Treasury shall be appropriated and set 1 with their provisions the stale did not first locate a part As a permanent fund fur the support of Public and Survey such routes ast a wants of Commerce schools. That the income of this fund shall be an and the business of the country seemed to require anally apportioned to the several counties of the and then errant Charters for these routes to Compa i state according to the number of free children in Nies who should Oryn Nise a Ter a subset option of i each Between the age of five and sixteen years to Stock with an amount actually paid at the time of i be ascertained in such manner As May be considered subscribing sufficient to show an intention of pro most convenient and that the amount due to each \ scenting the work in Good Faith. Had this course. After rank Texas As the first state in the this is a subject of great importance and american Union. Elicited some discussion in which the Senate seemed to indicate a disposition to pass an act of some sort for the investigation of Large land claims. The Chr. Is Drift arrived yesterday in pc Readys from bravos Santiago with a number of passengers among whom were Jno. K. Leman to s. D. Deputy marshal a. J. My a l so of Justice of the peace at Brownsville , clerk of the District court a xli.p0t? a Erk of Brown Shiue t. # re and vice Consul of the u. S. At Matamo while we have so Many cat ses for congratulation in the contemplation of our past and present situation it becomes us As u people to remember with River Terence that being who has hitherto watched Over Ane assisted our pro on motion of senator Armstrong the Bill Gress through scenes of difficulty and trial to our present state of Prosperity and humbly solicit that he will continue to us his Beneficent Cju re and Protection. I the example of Rny predecessors will not justify me in detaining you on this occasion to give you my views upon those measures of w. W. Dunlap mayor of Brownsville it. Webb a. Basse r. H. Hord Charles civil a Ltd military capacities. He was a Dele win. Merriweather h. , Ute to the convention which framed our state re. H. Cd Merlin a. Werbiski and m. A Fuin. The news by this arrival is not important As to feh of of interest has transpired on the mex Lorlei Frontier since the proclamation of the pm 5. . If Ottman he been elected represent Illel tithe place of or. Sutherland deed. T8e of lower California the Washington correspondent of the new York courier and Eriq Viper Writch As follows to that paper of the 15th the mexican government will demand the punishment of the Banditt engaged in the marauding Lehr. Star is ashore at the Brazos and expedition against la Faz. It a Yoars that after i they murdered Seves mexicans and wounded njan1 j nth i a two Saj St ers col debtors have already received orders to arrest Raj Jar. Ii i i i Tim a a. I them wherever a it their a Fly by land to this City to take tic be Ritus in in the v. Coert. Enabling parties litigant to offer in plea whatever the state might plead in a land suit was placed among the orders of the Day. Secretary of state gov. Pease nominated col. Edward Clarke As Secretary of state Public policy that i think should receive your i  attention at the present session. Shail Avail and the nomination was confirmed unanimous a a at a re myself of an Early Opportunity to do this sat by by the Senate. The state times says isfried that your patriotism and enlightened this appointment will no doubt be Well re judgment will give to them that consideration Cei Ved. Col. Clarke is a gentleman of ability and reflection which their importune demands and cleverness. He has served the state in Lieut gov. J la on then delivered the annexed address with a degree of earnestness and modesty which won upon the audience gentlemen of the Senate of the House of representatives and fellow citizens the office to which i have been elected by the people of Texas is one under Ordinary circumstances ministerial in its character Aud the duties of which being restricted to the presidency of the Senate Are prescribed by the rules adopted for the government of that body. Under these circumstances it will not be expected of me that i should attempt an exposition Constitution a member of the legislature was attached to the staff of gov. Henderson in the mexican War and was present at the Battle of Monterey. The correspondent of the Jacw York express at Washington says Gen. Almonte mexican minis-00. W. It Swiler died of yellow be Ter a very much disturbed by the lower California county shall be paid Over to the county treasurer Semi annually to be disbursed under the orders of the county courts to such teachers As the parents or guardians of the children May choose to employ for their education1 do not a Reind to recommend this As a perfect system but its operation will be simple and Che pit May to commenced without delay. And it seems to be better adapted to our situation than any other system that has come under my notice. A plan Vry similar to this has succeeded Well in some of the neighbouring staws where the population is sparse like our own. Lime and experience will Point out the defects of the \ system proposed and enable us by future legislation to perfect and adapt it to the situation and wants of our population. I would also recommend that the amount which has already accumulated by the appropriation of the one tenth of the annual Revenue of the state Derivable from taxation be added to the principal of this fund and that for the future this tenth be apportioned in pc same manner As the i income of the fund. Under the present provisions of the constitute Oil the lands that hive been donated to the Severa. Counties for Public schools cannot be alienated in fee nor disposed of otherwise than by lease for a term not exceeding Twenty years. In a state where land is so cheap As it is Here and where so la rite a Quantity is in it Birket. It cannot be expected that under these provisions any Benefit will be derived from these school lands during the present generation. Much of it is located in Large bodies in sections of the state where it would be Moro red if subject to Sale. The policy of reversing from Sale consequently from cultivation such Large bodies of land May Well be questioned and 1 recommend to your consideration the propriety of an amendment to the Constitution by which these Hinds May b alienated under the the legislature upon the petition of a majority of the citizens of the county owning the lands. If such an amendment were adopted those lands might be subdivided into Small and convenient tracts and each alternate tract might be sold upon a Long credit at no less than a minimum Price the in Niy Ilie on the 19th inst. This in a ?mlrt4 Dion Boot the commence men of the fill Boster movements and killed Ross of the filibuster la i the night of the Send inst., an attempt wife made to Rob the store House of or. Still Man formerly the old custom House in. Joti vib vice by a was frustrated it Iber having in attempting to enter the in Ajim struck fast and l t0kmm alarm when he was extricated. The state times says that gov. Pease has Muffi Kihm in Samuel Harris of Brazoria co . But no title to be issued until that Road Shalbo completed according to the terms of the Charters. These companies should be required to alien the the lands thus acquired within a limited time after the completion in the first degree convicts base it in their Power to Purchase exemption from the penalties of our criminal lows. H is hoped that this evil will be remedied without delay. It is believed that an examination of our criminal Laws will show. later Are some offences for which free persons Mav be subjected to the barbarous punishment of whipping. These provisions Are inconsistent with the general spirit of our Crim inn Laws and ought hoc longer to be retained. I or Laws both civil and criminal in my judg ment require a careful revision. A t have adopted it is True the Best portion. Of two different systems. But this was not done at the same time Aid it was usually effected by crude and Hasty legislation us a necessary consequence these different parts have never been brought to Combine into one harmonious system. Our rub of pleading and of practice in the courts Are meagre and exceeding la defective. Our statutes concern ins crimes and punishments were passed without reflection Many of their provisions conflict with each other and these More than any other portions of our Laws require to be carefully revised and amended. These Are defects which Hasty legislation in idiot. Cure. 1 w Ouid recommend that yen make a suitable provision for the appoint Niento of a commission of three gentlemen Learned in the Law. Whose duty it shall be to prepare a code of civil and one of criminal procedure and also a code of general Laws or rules of decision and that All these be reported for the action of the next legislature. Should this be done with ability and care our system of proceed ure might be better adapted to the attainment of the ends of Justin e than any other which has been devised and the whole of the Niles and principles of the general Laws which Are now diffused in 411 almost endless number of text books and reports could then be contained in a single volume. This would to accessible to All. And Shoum be adapted As near As possible to every comprehension. For the reasons mentioned above it is evident that there is a stronger necessity for a revision and codification of our Laws than those of any other Bate in the Union. Upsides. We should receive Aid from the lights furnished by the successful experiments of several of our sister state. I feel entire Confidence in recommending this measure to your attention As one each plated to be productive of vast advantage to the state. Our territory is so extensive and so sparsely settled that but Litt c is yet known of its agricultural and Mineral capacities. This must continue to be the Case if we wait for the slow process of Settle. Ment to do veloce them. It is believed that in accurate and scientific geological Survey of the state will disclose source of wealth and Prosperity that would otherwise remain unknown for years besides giving an accurate knowledge of our Mineral wealth and its localities it will doubtless show the capacity of our soil for the production of Many profitable articles for Export the cultivation of who u is now entirely neglected. By diffusing this Iii Forudi in abroad we shall make known the great inducements that our mate Oters to emigrants and i Uro a be increase of population. 1 recommend his me . To your serious consideration. Jasper 1 Shelby i life Panola Henderson Sale to Nacogdoches Henderson station Woolam. M. C. Simpson. De. F. Thwing. H. B. Hamilton. Acton Young. Noil Brown. William Cruiser. Circuit Jefferson circuit s. A. Williams agent of Vlf a Institute. Mur Shail a strict n. W. Burks p. E. A station j. B. Tullis. J. N. Hamill f j. C. Mcdougal. Al. R. Bellamy Aud goods m. F. Co a . Mount pleasant circuit William y Gilmer  Job m. Baker. Harrison co. African Mission p. W. Llowd Wood county Mission to be supplied. Cypress Mission to be supplied. Sulphur Fork Mission h. Ful Ingine. Clarksville District a. N. Ross p. E. 0, ,. Ssamuel w. Rabi a and Clarksville circus n ,. Mulvin look. Sum l Lynch j. S. Vown. A. C. Robinson j. G. Allardin supernumerary. Nathan w. Johnston. To be supplied. Andrew cum Misiur. Paris Bonham Grenville Dallas Grayson Palestine District o. Fisher p. K. N. S Jeff. Shook. Circuit Jacksonville " Johnson my Mollyn we. Foj. George. A. Scruggs. 1 w. Fields 1 to mip do a. Hawkins. I i Tylor " j. Vanzandt " j. Kaufman " f. H. Mild eras. Rusk " s. B. Box 1 to be supplied. Athens Mission s. D. Sansom. Knoxville " James Green. Millwood " e. P. Chisholm. Woodville District w. R. Wilson p. E. " Mission Bennett Elkina. Marion " h. W. Camping. Livingston circuit a. W. Goodjion. Liberty station divid m. Stuvall " circuit to be supplied. \ a. L. Kavanaugh. \ John me i Ion. Beaumont and Sabine pass h. Mcelroy. Madison circuit l. Angel. Indian Mission w. P. Sansom. The following Resolution were offered and carried by a rising vote 1. Resolved that the to mks of this coif rence be tendered to the citizens of Marshall and Vicinity i pc their i a ring it session also to the knit friends vvhoi4.o6k care of our horses. 2. Resolved that the thinks of this Coo frate Rouy Crockett " filibuster expedition. He has called upon the Secretary of the Navy about myself of the Opportunity now afforded me to i Yeturu to the people of Texas through their senators and representatives Here assembled my profound acknowledgements for the distinguished Honor they have conferred upon me to have not seen the slightest indication that the an j t0 of five assurances of an anxious desire and mexicans in the part of the country aimed at in these expeditions sympathise in the movements of the filibusters. These movements appear to be not Only Lawless but wholly unjustifiable on an ground. A Large committee appointed by the directors of the English Crystal pal Ace to consider the subject of erecting an Organ in the Juil Dizig report that the area required awrw8 is expected to preach for the reception of an instrument of sufficient a ?t?. "w11 mod Power to fill the Palace would be 5400 feet a it it pc Mcki " the depth Puthe Organ to be fifty feet and Itsey from their surface even when at the same a Jive upon other ground in remains unmelted. Upon examination of these Plains in connection with the facts stated one is forced t conclude that the volcanic eruption which itis inferred placed this lava upon the surface of this locality was caused by an element which lies pent up at a Short distance beneath the Plains and which May again erupt Wita fearful violence. Another unmistakable evidence of the former presence of Volcano in the District of country Awe described is found within ten Niles of a Brimstone Plains near the Mouth of vol Caja Canon where upon one of the Banks of in Middle Fork of the american River Pooh up to a great bight Volcano Mountain upon which Snow though covering the whole Bantry around never remains. it Summit in to be seen a deep Well like darkened f a devotee of science that thus land afoot a $ in natural curiosities As singular and. Remarkable of those brought to Light in any locality Fth Globe. In the exploration other Fields if Mia Rais ind the development by the state. By adopting this policy most of the counties would derive some immediate Benefit from their school lands and the Alt Ernnt tracts reserved from Sale would much More rapidly increase in value. The want of u Pood University in the state we re a Liberal education can he obtained is a scrims inconvenience. It should be our policy to t Urish. \ within our limits nil the Means for obtaining an education that can be had in any p it of t he Union so As to remove the necessity of having to Send our youth abroad to be edit used Amonjr those who Are hostile to the policy and institutions of the state. The present seems to be a favourable time to Lav he foundation for such an institution. And i respectfully recommend that the sum of two Hundred and fifty thousand dollars of the United states Bonds now in the Treasury be appropriated and set apart As a perpetual fund the interest of which shall be applied to the erection and support of a state University. The income of such a fund with the amount that May hereafter be realized from the lands that have been set apart by an act of the late ite Public will at no Distant period enable is to build up a University fully adequate to All the wants of our state. I am aware that these lands were appropriated for the establishment and endowment of two universities but i suggest for your consideration that it would be better to have one Well endowed institution of thu kind than to apportion our Fth ids for the erection of two neither of which con id afford the advantages which Are furnished by similar institutions in other states of the Union. Should such an appropriation be made it will be necessary to pass Laws for the location of the pro of Itric. A it Ppd. Worts of internal improvements before sire parted with her Hinds in of being liable to have the works abandoned a Ter those portions have been constructed which Promise an immediate profit. 1 would also butt rest that the alternate Section. Upon the line of the Mississippi and. Pacific nut be granted to other roads connecting t i i i. Ingulf ports with the Vii a Surg Road a new Orleans and Opelousas roads it such Points As will Best accommodate the different sections of the state. Such a disposition of these sections is nut just since the portions of the state through which these Branch roads Are to be built will receive no immediate Benefit from the Pacific Road unless they Are thus connected with it. In addition to the Aid proposed to to extended to railroads in the manner heretofore indicated i think it. Would to if. D policy to a n t Horine thu school fund the University fund and any other funds that May beset apart by the state for charitable and benevolent uses to be loaned time to time to Railroad companies in this state As they May Progress with tin1 construction of their roads. I entertain no doubt in relation to the Power of the legislature to make this disposition of these funds. The period is not very Remote when the United states Bonds will be redeemable and necessity will then Force us. If we would derive an income from their proceeds to make some investment of them. If they can be securely loaned out. St As to be used in the prosecution of works of improvement calculated to developed the resources of the state and contribute to the wealth arid convenience of our citizens it is our duty to make this disposition of Thein. Should these views meet with your approbation. I recommend that a Board of commissioners be Stab this . 10 your serious Coumou Ewtou. 1. ,. ,. Terence to. Tendered tithe ill fair to Ming a a by ii a the a Felds. Us on those who a re. Selected to make the geological Survey without incurring much a it ional expense he execution 01 any a that maybe passed on. Abject would la us passed of course by. Dependent upon a by the to Gresa of the United 1 for Sec v e. T. . Marshall dec. 6, i6i3. Nosed University at some Central Point convenient lashed. To consist of the comptroller. Treasurer and St not a Teft Tia port of a a Tot tet the mineralogist x we do Atoe a Foch nothing has la a the so Esu fic Ner and Engineer we yet a a pc a a a to Norfolk to us me of and i Lear Down y All and it is a question of great interest to our citizens to Deve and adopt some policy by which we can secure their construction at the earliest period. The limitations imposed by the Constitution upon the Power of the legislature precludes the state from undertaking these improvements or becoming 1 part owner of the Stock of any corporation created for that purpose. The Active capital in the hands of on own citizens is to secure their construction Bat for the attainment of this object a Arti Tipsy Bol 1 out a efficient inducements for the in trod 3on of costal from a . It cannot be excised because having no right main it cannot set apart any partic of the Frontier states of the Union. In thes the general to Erna Cut has the so a and exch she control of the Public Domain Over which the indians formerly roamed and under the Power Given by the Constitution to co Nerres ? to regulate Commerce the Indian tribes Thardo Partmon has Assien de to Ali in certain limits which they Are to occupy and regulates All Intercourse by tween them and the Whites and also Between the different tribes. Under tins policy Indian depredations have ceased for Many . The general government has the to regulate Intercourse with the tribes mits but it cannot be efficiently sex the Public do Lar District for their occupation and without this their movements cannot be controlled. I respectfully Surgest that a portion of our vacant Domain Remote from the settled parts of the state be appropriated for the temporary occupation of those remnants of tribes that properly Belon to this state that All locations within the limits thereof be prohibited and that a qualified jurisdiction for Indian purposes be ceded to the general government for a term of years provided she will engage to remove them within those keep Thorn there subject to her Laws regulating Intercourse with the Indian tribes. The business before the supreme court is increasing so rapidly that it will soon be the present number of Jiu ures. Docket during each term indeed the number of cases now taken to that court is50 great that Many important ones Are con Inu Dover from term to term for want of in Fici it time to give them that thorough investing Tob which the vast interest involved require at the Hami. Of the judges. Much of their time is cons Nied in preparing the written opinions they Aie required to give in each  Case. By increasing the number of the labor will be divided and More time Given to the examination and decision of causes. I therefore recommend an amendment of the Constitution so As to give the legislature the Power to increase the number of the judges to five. Should you concur in this recommendation i suggest that Yon. At the same time propose an amendment giving to the governor fill All vacancies that May occur in the supreme and District courts and in the offices of attorney Geh Oral. District attorney. Comptroller. Treasurer and commissioner of the general land office. By appointment to continue in of rce until the. Vacancy can be the people at the next Kapsar exec too. For state or county of seers Preu Chw Isons of the Constitution should any of these Oit Tisera die or reign. of eco my eos thing vacant until an suites for the appointment of Coin i ners on her part to join in the work. It is Beni Udud that our senators in Congreve would have no Dilli culty in procuring the. Passage of such a Law. If the Iuit Atory step be taken on our part. The Penitentiary As at present conducted is a heavy expense to the state. It. Is believed that if Che buildings were completed and enclosed with a Wall according to the original plan and suitable workshops erected the labor of the convicts might be let out to the highest bidder for a term of years for an amount More than Sun Lucient to reimburse the expense of their maintenance. Under such an arrangement the contractors should be required to employ the convicts either in manufacturing. Or at such trades As would be least calculated to interfere with the mechanical Industry of the state. It is hoped that this subject will receive that attention from you which its importance demands. The Laws granting Preemption rights to actual settlers upon the Public Domain Are somewhat obscure and conflicting in their provisions. I think it advisable that they be revised and so changed is to Grant to each settler Only two Hundred acre of land. This is the Quantity protected by the Constitution As a Homestead to each head of a family and is sufficient for farming purposes. In connection with this subject. I Call your attention to the Law in relation to the right of alien to hold land. We Are daily receiving Large accessions to our population by emigration from foreign countries. The first Wisla of these emigrants on theirar-1 i Val Here is to secure a Home and and an interest in the soil but they arc now denied this Pri Pilege until they have resided Here five years the period required for their naturalization. In Many of the states of the Union Laws have been passed author j Lake i a. Sing aliens to hold lands immediately on their arrival provided they make a declaration under oath of their intention to by Coile citizens. Some of them have gone so far As to incorporate 11 provision in their Constitution giving to Alk is All the rights of citizens of the state at a period much Currier than they can be obtained under the naturalization Laws of the United states. This policy Lias secured to these states a Large portion of tin foreign immigration for the last few years Lias added much to their productions and the same Liberal policy were Here adopted similar advantages could not fail to result to our state. The state has heretofore made Nonte provision for a just and equitable settlement and fifty ment of on revolutionary debt and 11 portion of our creditors have acceded to the settlement of their claims and received payment the for others refuse to acknowledge the right of the state to ascertain Ami fix the amount of her to them arid insist 1 upon receiving the face value of their claims Al i though they were issued by the government at rates 1 the late massacre of the Plass. The no y. Courier and enquirer publishes the following b tier from or hot urn who has the Post of a Tro Nomer and civil eng Incero Cut Gunnison s surveying and exploring party. It is dated " Camp Neur Fillmore City Utah territory oct. 28, lio3, and gives the a particulars of the late massacre by Luff and Rof t a portion of Captain Gunnison s party Ourthe Westera. Plains j after having arrived this far in safety and been eminently Sucic Sztul in to accomplish Mont of thu objects of our expedition a most 1 afflicting dispensation has Oast n torn huh in Over our party. Cut. Gunnison messes Kern and Crew Tel Clit und five min have been kill " j by the Indian. As various rumours May get to the states i Send you the Fullow Irir account which is authentic. The train arrived at this Point Loo Miles South o Salt City on the 21st instant without the Hiss of a single Man or a Case of sickness o weak capt. Gunnison concluded to leave the train encamped on Sevier River while he would take a Small party on mules to Survey the Lake hoping to rejoin the train in three Days. Accordingly the next morning the party consisting 01 himself or. Cheui Tofeldt of Washington City botanist or. R. H. Kern of Philadelphia typographer William Potter a mormon guide. John Bel lows servant am seven soldiers started from Camp. Not Liing wus head for m Thein until then it morning when one of Fth Soldier came Rushing into the Camp bareheaded und almost breathless and reported that the photo party had been killed by the indians. Shomiya afterwards another Soldier came into Camp and finally two More. Captain Morris inc varying from Twenty to seventy cents on the Dollar j do Atell ordered out his command and proceed in consequence of this refusal for. C millions of the five per cent Stock that were to have been is j sued under the provisions of the act of Congress approved the eth div of september lob. Promo 1 sing to the state of i exas the Stab ish tent of her Northern and Western boundaries Etc. Are still unavailable to the state. A reasonable time has �1 ready been allowed for these creditors to accept of the terms proposed and receive payment of the  de to the scene Olac Ion while the wagons under command of lieutenant Beckwith. Ni3de a forced March to the settlement it reached late in the evening of the few he Ura late Captain Murg confirmed the sad news j. It seems that capt. It of in amounts due them. I Thor fore respectfully Sug j in a Thicket of Reeds a""1 Gest that a Law shall be passed designating a time indians who vat re within which All holders of Reco i izod Durins in Hunt Tawny against the state of Texas Sha the treasurer accompanied with release of All claim against the United for or on account thereof. And surrounded his c was at breakfast the 11 Ion 1j.v it my i i 1 Mvi in i impossible with in the form that has been prescribed by the Sec y of the indians talking Adt thl to dispose of the the Treasury and approved by the president of the dare g. H Fri it he. Number of United states or that such claims by forever 1 flt barred and the holders no longer recognized As cred ital neet. . I the bodies were All fou the late period of your session at which i have stripped of everything by an Opportunity to make this communication Recap Gunnison had thirteen minds my of the inappropriate tune that the wont a net a error enters upon the discharge of his duties. To 7"? Kern wuts Liot a a. While the legislature and the governor Are elected j heart. The ground presented at the same Ime. About seven weeks intervene Bor " j tween of the juror of these different departments of government. It is of dived that i they enter a no 11 the r duties simultaneously the sessions of the legislature old be Lesi protracted and a Large am mint of expenditures Zavod to the state. 1 therefore 1 coi Uund that the Constitution be so altered As to require the governor to be installed at the commencement of the regular sessions of the legislature. ? Many other subjects of legislation both of general and local interest which have not Here seen noticed will doubtless in Argest themselves to Yon. The situation of Texas at this time demand practical legislation. I Trust to tue act Iona feeling and Toj dices n a i a will Bedl Scarand from your Eon Neila Andton very a i we Iii it Tim in i a tort we a by it Zamina and acted a ipod go a by pc. 11 desperate but Short Rebis Tunce. The red River Republican of to we Ayat the Conw Actori for blow Init ont Tik messes. Re Asla mail Befefi Compie ratio of this week. Altey Nade be Era of in May which Hrala a in Twible int upon then a try Kim to tto Low Soboj s
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