Weekly Cincinnati Times in Cincinnati, Ohio
29 Jun 1882

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Weekly Cincinnati Times in Cincinnati, Ohio
29 Jun 1882

Read an issue on 29 Jun 1882 in Cincinnati, Ohio and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Weekly Cincinnati Times.

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Weekly Cincinnati Times (Newspaper) - June 29, 1882, Cincinnati, Ohio XME cnsrcnsnNrATi    -times,    xüXLrTtsüAY,    j-cnsre    xot553 GUITE&U MUST GO. rii« AssñHsin Will Han^ ktená-IB" to Programac. w»;ll coB<>e»t^d, and will ftl»»;* rMnai» a ■call'd bmk, T!•« itatlow* ia m MtuaUd at tke fartbf-r »-nd Ilf lh« i)«rtb»an| t^nrrtJhit that tu plut-iorin ia on a t»*»a| with a r<»ar of onlU. Inn* i.tio of linanrnM th** ctrd fbnl « Mh tiM! boU<if tb< trap^tour in thf- «<'aito!d bollo»«Hl a abort rrapito wouWt br ^ranlrd I'd rafhar aUind wb»ro I do than r Ui-rc anda rommltaioñ «on*tituU?d to íniiuir*-1 »ba» jury dooa and whiT- yfoir ll.*nor d-.^, a# to tb. aanity of lio pri«)t.*T. Tb*- At- ¡    ¿    "    ‘’'1“ /.    •    u    a    j    I    .    ■    man, mni Uoft Almtiihtv mil |r,ri,oy fi..«-ral.lK*wrfer, on Saturdar    baa    ha    I    a    part    in prorarin< tU.h anitoiioc*^ that tb#*' tabiart bad drcidrd nuri}tht**ou§ \#'rdl<-». Nothin;? but <<^»d a;?aiiiat Kx'-cutive iBt^rfer#*o<!<^ inaoj *»a\, hi, r-r*nip frf*tn (iarilrld’* r-inoval. an I tbai and that frint#>aa w«wild bang. A la,t ■ wi ; tb* w-rd^' t of j**.**!*-! itjr on mjr in- I don't '-arr a ,nap for tlit; v* r-I woi'd \Vb*-n tb#' Ia,t pra)#!r ban    aawi.    and    i    app»nl wa# mado on Monday to th-‘ !’r»*H!- ;    ^ lb»* b¡»r|¡ nap lU^i on fbr r#>i d> nih#ol man'a I driit by dobn Wil».on. l.o*-l**n lb**'!! ati<I . 1.'/,I. Ii** d, 'and tb** boo*i** a#l)uatH, Ward, n : K. r. Ili#*k •. Th A Brief Account of His Crime and Hii Trial. W »fcji;vr.T<i\, l>. C.. Jiino JB...-<?i!ftoaii rrf»-i\.d tb.« IM-0» of Julio Brtdlot'f dt-idai of a orit of bnl>*oia i-<>rpii« without a word and w»iU «*.iiru 11*; aaj* I’r®*-iib'iit AiliiVir wjit ttow in; fonipelb-d t* pardon bi n. Tr* p tiaii ma for tbo banjcinr anr go¡t>¿ I ro#-k*.r. «taiidit)? on tbr gjiiowa, lo.th.» till* pr.*ror.«i#r»rd »l-. nal With hi* handknr-«•¡.’Of. an iiB*#**n h.'»t j>:; Iho «"onJ, »n*l lh<* vk’itui of Ut« law i* hwngtug to ta d-»ir. Many na    ion    haa    taken plaeo mi tb** jail. but to ib>* day oalr two |i**opl»* know V. Iio wan ib#f binelj #4*;u|>nRt of that par. tHoilar la'll, lb#* inap « hr*, aflir all. piffil lb#* nnwt importen# |.l*e»*. Tbw ja»l ;*uard* do not kno'.T, or if th* y know, tlo y bare kept tmi w#*rot »eil. Ibr two p*r-! **>na aro Ward. n t'r<*< Ií«t biin»elf and tb** tnaii wb#*do* * bi, bi idin THK mraTN VARRkVr. WAAfiiacToM. Janoai. ^;u i#*au**d«aib on, aiwt a* (itnirau boar* thorn, h** aay*: ‘•inn.'i lir. t. o aure of your pi#*nb ." Tim ,    *»-•    »»» fuitrd'» May v r#* t« im» l»»ar («1 hU «bUtrnU?, «*oit**;»»i *|oo* ftot »o .Tary »»*ry f»**t. It wan a*«#*rt#**l. y#»o w ill ?••«»#■ niU*r, l*y bt« r**unM>lniid frlenda, tnit b*> would broak down and j<, >•( irk mad bef*rr tb« banging. H bilo th#<* Wa* not gnfioraMy boliorml. yrt w ifb ibo |»oo¿>l** goftorally no tbirory i*x* eit**d by tin* ,i.4u<t*iiiation ha* boon im-r.i goiioratir ;i»*a*nt*il to than that th*» prlo.nr er*a aelf-<*oiib«|on**#i would br>ak down, toward lb** einl *»l bl* #*arror. But there bate l***en a« yet no ri»i:*le Aign*of *11(41 weak-Beaa. l*uUeau ba<* not aet#*d like a e»in> ai 'B rrindual. and not a wbit of bia a* lb «onlldcnc* bai «balnd. Pbj*lcally he ie improa«*d tn S<**b ainl b*'alth ai»d in alt prot*nbi!iiy lb** a*>*i**in wilt <*:irry to the gallow* on** of li e l****t eon»tltution# In W a*biM?ton. II** oal« aitfl •l**ep* well, a* hi* ba*tflway*don**. There i* in* raving, no sj-ociai neirou*!!****, no renior«e. RKKi*'* '•rrr H'.vr. W**HlX(iT*íÍí, Jiin* ¿I. -itnlteau’* eoiin-•rl (‘AiK'il at tin* It-pariiiient • f .Jii.tK**» to day abd had a king loaivult itirtn with the I'ard n t lerk. It ia uad*r,U*><l that be will a«k the I‘r>**i*i*-nt U* (•••mmutí* ftuitean’* *nnt*.*nee to Impriaonm* nt b*r Uf *. R*' (I ha* in hi* po,«e*>*i(<n á great oi»*« of letter* from prominent phv**ieian* through U» the eountry prot***iln? a?ain*t lb** et ** afion fif (iuiteau on lb** ground (*f liiaauity, Tb* **• letter* b** proie>*•<•# p* ble with tb«* rr»**ld#*ni wh»*n Vmakea bis ap. plleat;on r*r a tpoinmiilair'-o of m ntence. Bev. Mr. lli**k* •(>>* ffuiteuu will never rcfient thi* «ide of th*,'scrave.. fiuJteaii wa* much di* )|*p( lnb?d by Monday’. failure, and now defieiid» entirely on the l're*id<*tll. allll piofr^xln* to hell**»e that be will e.\t<'tid aoju** *<>rt of a hr ipiiig band. Ret, Mr. liiek* *ay* It i* lni|v>(Hiib|e to reach («uileau a* other priaoner* iu a almt-lar condition are rea(*bed; be la not and I*r(il*bly will not Intcome ri*|*eutaut Ibia aide of tho "dark v alley.** ••In ortl*,*r 11 brin? him anywheiw Rear that poim.” awkl.Mr. Hick*. "It la neee*». aary to approach with bU own thc<H rlt!« and c<*iiieide with him in ibcM.” (iuiinau itlll |w>r*i*t4 In lb** declaration, •0 fre<|Ucntly made, that he it an agent of the Ib-tty, and that the act wat coniinitled by divine command for the r*ud of man-kiod, "and a* *u rh an agent," be aaid, "1 am almvc bunian lawa. although 1 may bare to.audirr a human |*enalty a« f'brlat did."' In cooveralnx on the "iuapiratioii theory" and '*lii* probable future ia para-dive," the a*a ixaiu b«com«*a really eitxtueai and Intereating, it being parti<-ulariy m». ticeabte that hi* di*coiir*e* «re not at aM dlaconn(w |#*d. but clear and logical. Rev..Mr. Hick* ta untiring In bw efforta to egteod apirltual com(i*rt to the con« dcmncd man, and will rea'd) him if it la p powúble, even if it t« aei*eaaary to take the ground that (iiiiienu I* **0**1'* man." The a«*aa*iii a* know b-dgea ih»w that a man might lie ntiatoken in regard to being loapircd Ui do a i-ertaiu act, ill.* FATR Ugi’IfiKD.    . ’ WAViiiMiroB. I). l„ Juue 21.—Laat nigbt Allot iiey f*cn**ral Brew «ter submit-tmj Pi a *|»ei*iAl« kbiiict meeting bis report on the pro|e**ition to grant a reprieve to (iuiteaii. .Mi the m**mbert refiiae to dta-cloae tb** iiuture of ilit rep*rt, but it ia learned thia morning tbai Attorney (ten-eral Hrcw.ter'a rcje.rt <*a the t*etil on (or a reprieve w a* ndven»**, on the ground that the (|U«»*ti(>u of vanity w a* ieguliy aetUwl by the vcrili<'l of tb*- jufy. ard that it wa* uaele** to r.***pen It. The Cwbiiiet dlaeuaaeU the r«|M»rl for an hour and a half and Utrcw It over. Tb** vote U pot known. Attoraey 0**n-eral Brew alcr h«* I*** p instructed to prepare a reievrt enihraclng the view* of the Dtajurily and |ironiulgate it tbrniigh the prc**. It I* umlerst<>od this morning that this mean* a brief reprieve merely for ibo pur|H**** (>f hitving C**niii¿iaaloiiers examiae Ibi* prl*oii. r. but thia la mere t-oiij-cture. Alter having an liilirview with the At-toruey tiecertil,* Hc**d bad an interview w itli the l’re*idi*ni un.i proffered a reuue*t that a re*pit( In* gr.iiii(*n tiuiteau until a ¡ full liencii < f ihi* "uprcmei. oiirt (*ould paa* ' upon the uiaii**r of Jiiriadiciion of iih* I’oiirt Ibat trh-d litilteau. Re.il aaid be wa* iu : •ntire ayii.pitby with the humanitarian* < who calh-d oil ibe I’rvskh nt Tbur*day in iiuileaii’* b**half. M'AeHiMiKiv, June 3t-10 A.M. The; ( rlmiaal t'otirt. this lAnnitHg. the *e«l >»t the < ourt atta< b**d, and the document f*r-w arded P* Mi ardt-o Crodtcr at the IbalrM-t JaII. Htii i.A»T WaeHinoiog. June .w. t*uiteau pa*ecd hia last !*rinday on earth ipi etly. and,u|e. I*arentty in undiaturiM.d «ompo*Ure. II** aroee at 7. Pok a lialh and hrr<ikra«t on the priaon fare, Which fic ate with a rcll*h. He wa* not much inclined to talk. VTifr-den t r«N*kcr a ly* b»* baa been ww*» ggll-• nt ever since the adver»e d*-ci*ion f»( the 4 abinct. He pac# d bui ccil. reading bia Bible, and *aw no one tbr>*ugh the day but R**v. Hi<-ks at 3 o’clock, ilicka now I*#*-li# tea h m *aue, although be petitioned the ]'re«.dent f*ir a respite. The telegrai*fa com|*anie* am rtmnin? wires luto the jal. A strong military Tuard ia mniniatitcd. tiuiteau boa rc-n**iinced all hof«e. Dr. Hit k* paa (avorably Impn**.*#-#! with <*uitciu’s amci'riiy. He i* biimble, hm rioi a!'J***t, lie cnl»*r-*«l heartily ^ InP* lb*-relig1**u* dev*4ji>ii»¿ 'I he Ward* a »ay« hi* demeanor la that of a greatly di*api»(*inle*l moa holding up under great au-ntai ex. c.tement. He d'lca R#M apprehend that Duileau vvill break down on the *caiT**ldi nor do#*a be aoih'ip iP; that be Will play the part of a brag^rart. Tlie gallow a will l-e altercil so the Ualy will be to full vU^w oiler the f.^11,    - i    ' John W. titiUenu i* in tip* bliy. but 'lid noteail, aa I>r. Uu ka tb#«ught’it wight dewtract hit brotber’a atP ntion ‘from re. iiglouf l*«v’*k*. •ucb oa the Ibhlc ami Dr. HaminomTa rltlood of t briat, or .\u fchi*y Ibod to SalvatioD.” WT*o will witiiea* the hanging of fiiii-u auf 'lili* It a 4|ue*tio« wbicii thouaand* of i**f(ple are oakins in tbelr oén le h ilf. and which ia giving th#* amlahle old M'ar-den of live jail no little trouble. FiraL there will be live Warden hiu>*e|f and bi* )ail oflleera (a doaen or more^; of courae tbetc v»IH In* the minUter. My, HU*k*. the good, atri*ng, faiihful man, vi h#»doe* not •eem to be, dl*|0*ed to Indulge in any nuudenvical detn*>n*tratiOna on behalf of tbe murderer; the law reijUirea a (*»r»-ncr*a Jury of tv*e|»e; there will dr*ubtle»« be a number of d*N tor*. a »d IheTVanleu will have to 'u*e *ome diiu-retion in tb<« (■boo«ing of them; tlien tjjcre w;ll be I Ini'nit ed .''ta tea Marahal, wbo will have a number of deputlea; he ha* nothing to do wHb thehaugiag, but goea there aimpty by courtesy. Ibe ti arden baa not decbled how many (leople h** will admit. audL ibe new«| ajier men are besieging bim for tieket*. It ia sale to say tiiat he will l«* fvretiv lilieral in i**tiirg llu-m. and that tlvere will he m*ee than one hundred i»e«*ide in Ihe corridor when the trapdoor falla next Kr.dar. If there were any way to tell Ih ket*. tiuP teau’s relatives could l>e math* Itiftlauily rh'b, ami )*«N>r x ov ille couht lie forever relieved from bia Inancial eiubarra**ineuM they would f**P*h    spi«M*e,    *o great ia tbe d* *lre and Ibe antk*ipat**d aaticfaclion which m4.B fticl about the banging of Hub teau. r* ri'-ralion. ,    ratb-r a tboiuanU time* In* ui luy |*#>*i'ioii broth-r (*f the a*,a**in , that of Ibo*#* who imv*- Icuod. *1 m* P. prc-enied ,v paiMphl**ti*»f Ihirtv p«¿c*, writ-j ,i,.aLb, I «hull have ;i gloriou-fli,;lii t ten t'l .ho w Uiat the pri-o '-r Wa* insane. | glor.v, but that miaerabl- «c.umdrel. t’- rk-I» al*'M!;*e|r«v.d the fact lint iU ov ill/* h.id hill,'will h-ive a | e. in u»c:it>>b d->wn b**- r**fu«il to buve |P*n. B itler    Í4M    ^I ^ B*‘c>ng fs-r u.m. , .L . .    Aficr    till*» har.iu?iie hi * 1! dowii .«mi with hitu latbi* d-fenec.    c'.mincTi* *• I ti couv* r* • w i’h ji * ’^r <'b'-r. HIM l.VNT APCKVRVKI R IX Pl'Bi.ir,    Ihi* », • (on'i.iu.d iiul.l lh< l.ii**-airiv**U tfUi’caij'* laHt ap|<e.irancein publio wa* f*,r bun to h av - ih * l oiyrt.    , on caiurdA), Febiuary 4 b, wh n tihe *#*n-! tence of Icath wa* p'-on niuced ufon him.; it WA* iu the *aw<! dingy ohi CourPrreim ' wh#we tbe trial wa* l«e,d during Ihc pre-ccfli*!? lu'iutb, and where, by thidim light of rt iii,A**n tallow <-a»*ilc*. the vertbct of IHK m *irri»i.D. Tb** Ncaff *lil ii(f n *i b.<*!i tic <■ ut on w ill lake plui '* -t (Uil* ir. tii'** m>ii|i wi; ? .if lie bu Idin/. w h*-re it wa«i la*M u«**i| n in.* cx<--■ Uli'iU of IP-dfird alul (|ilt* u.- ■. i;c , tb 11 it li.«* l». cn tUoroiiili.y paiolc*! .« ilr.i'> •hade. It I* ol <# orgia j»itic uiid *’an<l* ‘■gu.ity,’’Uai le-cn pron »u nciil a f 'w dav* tw*-nl)->iic feet «n h**ighl. I ii** i    i.eaui ber**re. • oville and R*ed had m .v**d for , I* "«* h eight li in I* r ^r,r. n¿;h< n-l b.‘ a i heivry top pf****#’ for double work . *ni>j*->rt- a new tri il and ba 1 in vde their argoui nt* , •#1 by timlNNT* ei.;ht inche-t a*|nure. Tbe In faror of lu an>l <in tiii* ^*.iPirdiy Ih'* d- |    ia    tairP*en ie**t f'lui toe gr*/und. cisión of tb ¡ Court wa* to In given. It w«s .md i. ut.id*‘»f two iii<-h board*, on *p u a etorniy winP*r newuing, the «now laTing />i»t*. ii«ort»ced and l*o *>*1, .«ml i,» *1 v- n with au'h rapiriliy a* to blo**k the atre**i 1 l*-ei *>|narc. It i* ,;ij:jeiii#*d by *i\ *i,'blear track* and *u«iN*ud trfivel px#* pt by , ln« h tiiwight* in a«ldi'i*>n to ihote »|ipje*rt. th#v mo*t labnriou* proe#**. Yeta largi-1 iinr tae croa* l«eam. Alemt thr*-e and crowd < f eager peoph* •gailtered P> lv**iir lite-a-half fe«-l ab«/ve tbe p.allonu lh**rc la a lcci»i *D and li*l**n P» the death *ei P*iv«'‘e, j ir r'dind u.* rail. scoiiiie budargutd h.a okjU/U lur g bew The Case In BHcr. 1MR Tnui. naxiRR j« le.a cox. Although tbe history of the case 1* is gem ral well known to the public, It may mt be uninteresting to review It In hrvef. giving dakw, a* a matter uf history aiui. for future rflereu«*e. A.vturday, July 2, l*evi, ( harle* J. Hut-teaii sh'd I’feai.i'nt <« irtt -ld, ami was im-luediatoiy arrested and placed in jail. Uo Beed, «he .kaaawalM'a Allwraeg. frill ar d it w a* *>v**rr«ib*d l y .Iti l.*«* 4'*>x. fiuit«**iu. w ho had ie*en p niiltovlilo #*■-«time hi* • at at the c(»u#oa¡l fib)e ei'b.,1 OUT:    "If Vonr Hónw p»ea*»-, | <|e*ire to ask if there ia guv motion that 1 ought to mgke To rc*<-iie mv right».” ’ Mr. X-ovitli* tri«**i P< prevent, bl* *p’'vk. )ng. bill he n i*»rf<<1; "tVcll. Ido'n’t anv a*|\»n'«ec tik Th#» trap i* ftve frep <eitiare. frange*! In the.t-t'iiler of Ih*- platf inn. and i* |tu*1i wiTu IT. it I* att*i h*il p> the plalfonn by two heavy »i ap h n.'c*. atnl i* h Id I'rv pli«-<* 1 y the < ihIs of th*' I *h «p*:*l iron.' .\T the lx»i-toBi of llM! inoi I* attached a «nuil but yliong rope pawing ov* r a oiilh y .«t Th-back of ihe «truetnre inú* a l*'ix alenit f mr tuche* **piare, tbrou/b wlurti iJie r<i(«e run* into one of tl«e c*-ll», wh -r<* «oiue j*ei-Miit, iiiikieivvII to oiila d*-r». .it the «i.-nal from tiie wrarden u*ti «11» a mot on with a h tiMlkercbi* f I gi •*-*■ tie*    pull.    The phtlform 1» rcai-h'vi by a flight of *l* p* wjth a radiiig on ♦illo-r side. Ihe >*iep^ are -oni* wh.il (Ne-ulnir. for iie-v h ive .« r.*<*'.f aleuit «.-vi'li iiich*** !i:i«J A Ileal of icon it twelve, niaking Idem uieitit th<* i a*i« *rt *b I-** 111 the District lu a*< tud uud* r ordi-ii..rv cin niiwt «nil's. 'I o d|*ni|.h-t** til#* *trucliifc and fhnke it r* ail, for n*e it i* lie* e’-v-'ry th «I tie- ro[«; ■.lentId lie :itt.«i-|icd and tti«* hir.U'v bihd. ► '■r a «ingle h nging it i* cKAtoniAry to it*#* A rot** of Mantia •«•■> •■ne-i'¿tiiii« o( j;i tic fi' III uiAiiii-b r ami la rty f* ct ton/. i* n *t llie ciistoin hi fe. a* in *oiuc I il.*'*«. I'- u- .i , r .|N- *|«c« i;illy iiiaile for the''ptifi.-..v .ircl f have .it pr**parc*l <«ut*id • tU-Ijiiijdiiig. f*»r i the otti'IT* of the j.ill h' TT*. aré ahvav. Citiial to the r«ca*ion. Ipisi.ie'. wittv lii<-I < xc« ption of the nianhfa* iiur* <.l ih-i KiiN* 4vn*.l the icon th ■    ■ é',rti 'lur** f h.iN In-i-ii iiinde '* in 'fh^ bi.i d. f i'lg. Tlc ri* are on hamS'ytow .«••Vi itI r .je « : puri*ha*«‘d f< r hanging fiiir;yiísi'->.'’'a. d f-ji eiillv 'w-vi r ii have u- n re'*V^t„ d a’ in* j iii I c/,nlribiiti**i hy ;>**r'-‘>ii* aiixi . i". t , h;*i** Iticrn u** d on (itiite 111. Wien :! i* nccc^- '•iirefl, th' otb"f two. Ili-df >rd amlQueenaiV. w«*re executed Xoveiulier 1!», isNfv-tbe drop fall'iig Rliuut l!4 o’cl'c'k p. m. on tnat dvy, Tur M*TRICr I.AW AS T*i KXBCI.'TIOXA. The law ill r' gard to-'    : .itK'iiii lu toe I»i«fri>'l of 4 oliiiriiiia i* *11 h toul led a limited ntiuiinr of «.iiectator* an* fxr-ird't* d I» VC w tliciu. ,Tu * law i» a* fol- I, IV * : s cl ion 1,(Tib per* nv adjit'Ig*'d to «uffer deulh «liaíl u CM Uo d w'll ilti tlc-w ail* ol vDic'pri-*-ii ill lie: Iti'trii-t, or witui i V ard or iic-losure adjo iiinx *>i'-*h pri-o.'. aid 1.0! I* » -w h r *. ti !if l."!*l. It *ba!: b the diiTy of fh'-vvaid*-ll. «d o|,<* o| III* <1* .(.! >■■<. w ith -;C*h . tb' '-r* of tui- pni. ,n.    ami '*t 1 *r [e-a'*■ oifi . r-* ill the W.i'di n or, t!*-, nt,'. niAv d<c!ii n'»**«-'S try «ni i»r'>i*er, to «m* nd .if *iic!i -vio'ot.on, I ' <■ 1 Tt t.T* . I ae ward *n or h •> d'-piit v. ih ill Invite ttl - d H'riet attorney, tm- fit iu-!*ei < f th ■ pri-oii r, T'VO or iiior< j ti>*'0 íüi*. and iw* lve re*( I ••i.d,.'.- I'iii/.en- t , pr- *-oiitateV'T) loi* h I'Xc* utcjTi, and, at the of no*. I w iT't know bow mu *h 11.^ r*h:.ll »*;;»''; ...r, ,o**ng’’ tb* «. nlfoid.    w ,1. V* ***. pur.* mvapr'e,lfo T|M*4uurt ... B«tw*.    h.ngn.H..    , kn-, „,il -e .Mr.    Ph-^    kts    .    .p.iet;    ,n,c    .    f the gtmr.l, w ho ■'r«r«i.r"'>tif*•-% ^    ■■    ....................... won’t kicep (inleT. I’m here and I projiOive to do nir (vwD talking. •it    »    I    I    i: tn^ VT ii ':jf'it V t./ii 11»*"- Ju'Iir»* i’of tb n inf    Mr,    m.ut#‘    f-iwt,    Tii'nvr.tfi 'I* Ibc prartiw applO'i4>>i** to th** ^    |    .„i^    «,,,1    cotnineic*    ng    ic-.ir    itc-    k ami j    ■ V    /#■    *-    jWwviJkl    ’V'W,    fllllj    nil II#'’ Ii’. II    H'    «II VII- • %    fiiMl    fn    %    ffi'ita    1^,.    in    fijf    or    I    a nrraii:: <1. <’#*!. rorfeblH r^- w nh    ibat    il miiv h!jpc*:!-, r'4 |ri Til-* iul>* *f (I'ing (*f hi ter h '*1 l*-c »v'*we«l III*fnoitow, iav,tiy*r; **lt I* f|u»vv rnv dniv to a**k (**r th« »#**iff*nce «f the fo.v.r*.*’ **.s| ind np!‘*^s«ld Judge t.og.    "von anythin? to *4y whv Hcaiemy* * Í death *boiild iiot In* pr n iniiceil iifxifv yon y* The niurdcroti* vvn fch I' «*d to I«ok d>-Tertnliiislv and deaperai*. ||e ari~e. wdh Hrmly com?*reaH<**| II|mi. ’.le t •#*'■11 bi*<';»ni(-vid*‘Tit ami wil*t P' undin/or t||c iiple, h‘* harnng'ied llic !uidi<*n<-« a» 1 *llo*.v«; "I am n-'t rn.tlTv of th#* chir m *et forth in the inilietment. It wa* l.-xp* a**!, not mine, and 4h«l w dl take ciire of it; and (lon’t i#*t the .V m. ro'iiii ja-opl*-lorget. He will take can* of it; and ••vcrv ofll -er of the firtv( rfino nt. (r**m the Kx"i*i:t've ijown to that MvrsHal, taking in ev< rv mm on that jiirv Mi*d everv no mlNT of thi* l«*n' h. »vi I fiav f.T It. ami tie* .Vim rcan Sati'in w ill roll ill IiIikhí if'niv ti*«lv into the rroiiiid and I am l.pn'g. 'Fbe J**w* p*it th** de«t>)*‘'*l ttiMllesn Into ih* grav?*. T';*r a titeeiih**y triumph**!. Init at the d*••lr'lt^tl*tn * f I**f n-aalrm. fTfy v**ar« afterward tb** Vlmiglitv gi't evctv with (Imni. I am n«t af'.*i«l of death, I ;'ni here a* fí'*!’# man. Kill me t**-morr*w If y<'u want. ,1 am ti**!’» ni.in. and have b#*cn from the star».’* Judge 4 ox then pr# Cl eil*-*! to i»a** *'*|i-tence. aihii* **lng tin* pri*i*ii**r a* foliow»: y*iii have l*ecn ciiiiv i*i(*l of » crim** •o Icrrlli'e 111 itv cfrcnm*l,iii (• ami **0 f,vr. reAchiii*» Ih.vt it fi.i* drvwrti tí,f#»n yon the liorro'if III*'w h*d* w orbl a"*l the e\*-*yri*T t|o«* of rour c*nintrvnien. The ex<'it<*ment prodii'***! hv «iii'b an offen*#* m«d** d n* ea«y lA«k f *r von to *#**'tin* a fiioaml ini. (•ariial triil; I ul )'>ii have had ih- |*ow* r i f the I'll t'*d --liitc* Treusiirv and ihi- 4iuv-crniiieiit in vonr »‘‘rviv«* t<> proln't vonr ■I'lit run tÍT' titer llOle of the (TOH* b *i,m. llKMl'-*' to tlic Hide, iiu.«*ing dov. )i oil* Ilf ti. ' ii|i-right* t cleat onlhe.*id‘', wl.. r 1: w i.l “    '    “    tlM-    -lai’k    I*    fj    ir a|i. that It may *¡i(> pat ta. óf the country Tallow or * le rgi'-.i»*' I* lived; hut ti* n. 4. ri«'k*‘r «i.d h ,-    «**■- pn h r t.ie M/ap".il'licr** 1* .*1* oujl iiid a fiillMipply of «mail r*if**.' d ii-e fi ; hu liig the arm* add leg* *>i Ih*.- vi* t m f the troM* u l'lisl#>v¡ragh of lae ltu»l ul «.uilrau b) 4 Inrk yiills. rmjuent f tin* I* rvon to I»* ex’* 1 iitvd. -*h tl! ;i 1*0 allow any of hi* m-ar reLciv.-s, and .111» ,liiiiii*t* r '.f the go*«;N’¡, n ii' iliorc luaii ll.r-1*, -to t’C (ir-**'iit. , , ,e .**•'* ti#>n I.if ti. No í»erHi tiVVif in-r than tlicsi-IiU'iiIiOhcd in the two preive.,i .g -11'in ti*. and II*» i** r*oti whaii'Vi r under tm* .¡ig <. (if .twi*nf I-<uo* year*. »h ill Ic aiilowc 1 to vvti-IK-*.* any -..c.'ii *'ie ,11:1.*i. THE^SiTORMS. ^ WcrgeanI V|a*«tn, llM«band wf Brtfy and I'allier wf the Bufey.i) law. ami hl'aek eap* to draw om-» h;« fiee. 11 I* cii*loiiiarr t** rig tic* roji- the dVv I**, ti i« the • *•*< iition nrd ti «t it I*» h tt 11 f drop a hag of «and weighing Irom thirty i« fifty |eri«'ii( mere th in the d*" nie*l man. .\’ev**r iiJV ng m**l w Itli at* :u eideot or iin«. |H*r*on from vio|«*u<'e and l»i ¡irocurhevi- h«{i itr.vhahgtng the ja 1 • ih-'d* Im.k 0*1 h-ii'-e from all luirl* if th** eoiiiiirv. Von Uavn had a* lair ui.d inipurliai' a jurv 4* evef a**N niM***l in a c'liirt ef justice. V -n have las*n *fl'f**nd*sl l*v conn** V w th a **'til and d**votnm that merit* th** ’ tiich<—l < n. c*>niiiiin. and I i*ciIm niy'havedone mv jr -t to ae< lire 4 fair t>r****'ht it" n of yoiir d-. fen*#*. N' tw il(i*ton liii'g ail Ih * «011 h ive le«‘ti found gndf.y. ll won J h.iv** l-s n ¡1 «•ofiifoit to iiianv iNsiple if tl»e v* rdK t «I Ihcjnrv had e*taK:ish**d III* f«el that voiir act w«* iliat *vr an irre*|ir*»r* l>h* man; It wioiild hive left tic* p f.ple 111- *.iti-fv.ir: h#*l'ef ih.'it Ihe rrliii** *«f fMditii .il n-* i***na- lliia t*'*t a* almont ii*el»'*«: hut ,il 1* :il w av* ituole a-a matter of |iieeauti,,h. ]ji inak*» *urc, liowv>**r, * f c *rrv,di? <’Ut tl'i*-, «éill -nec vflih n the h*<ir*>. ■ jt!* «| tb**r* in il*ii:vllv two iioiir* Ijein/ jlHow**! . til#* linsories i* hr n.*hl oti in tiin** to li ,*.iv tifie nor Iwent» n ttiu'e* for «♦■rv Iff’• ' II'T fo tic* lra|i le-iii'/ «firung. hikI witnthirtv ffcinif.** or ni‘ir*M*» *i aie.    I Ini'. -In-dii thi're Iw a inl»ha.li (d a > klnil. llirr* woubi «tlil !«' ample tin* to pri-par*' and rig in- ihi.'T rofe' it ne*;#*-* >n . r*’c tir*l liin** ttl** *-'iifl 'Id w .1» iiSe.l w«* f T lb- ex>***niion I f .1 iiio'* M.' ll- !i V\ « i.:t lone. .Vjirll 5 ■Is'vv. md h'-,ol w:i« |.it. klHtieaa as He Appeareti «1 Hi* Time •f llkn Aaaaaaiaaiiwa* Cabinet ba* de* Wisl not to InU-rfera wUb ¡ >’«gember 14tb a* waa lakvn to tbe c.Hirt tbe aenu-B* #t of i.uiieau. and the Attorney |    ip -at In Oencrai fWv morning Inalrucicd tbe Mais *    ,lag jurymen; tba 0#vvrrnmeBt close,! •bativi the Disiii.1 and tim Warikaof Ui« = ji,bien,., N>vcmh*r »l*l; examination Jalt to ke-p the prisoner ia atrtci cuuiae- of wiimmac* fir |h* d**f»nae began Novcm-went, and altow no i-av to *e« him exA-wiH jtl; on Decdmiier Tth the Government bia •pitiiual adviaera, bia pbyaiciaR and |*gan ita rebulUl leatiraony, ami con- lioiiwa* ■M'liielliIng enl:relv f*iri*igii (<> tin in*ti(<ition* and civili/.iti*in of our Coiintrv. j erall v «even <1 fr'iiii ir* lK»ly t.« iti but the r**ftult has denied lln*m that con - |*io*i** vv a* ciitiv i*'i*-d of tin* i*iur*l Inrl. The coniilry will acis-pt it ;i*a fa*t wife 1 ii foln r ó, l*Cs . and ** ii* that tliat *'ilfni* ran be con muii-d and Hi** **(iirt will have pi deal with il wiiti ili ! liighfvt |**-naltv known to th«* * ritiilnal ,c**i«* to M-rva a* an exainfili* to nib r«. fV **ur care. r ha* I** n *o ■ xlr.iordinatv liial ; |Nstp|e luighl Well at lime* h»ve doUhf**d I vonr • iiMly. But * ne cm not but la-lh-ve 1ibatwh*i|l ibe c|ilii«* W.i* isimm lied VoU lb*ir**uglilv nndcr«l>NMÍ tin* natiin* of Ih** I. run** and i>« <‘oii*t'*tu*‘iic**«. t«a teau I wa* ai-i ti,’ a* liod'a man. Ami that v*iti had nonal M-ti*«* and con-acicn'sr enough to r*s *»gni/e ih*> mural tbe odh'e' a of lb« Jail. Tbe auiouucv'Hieut of tbe rvfuaxl of tbe reprieve by the Cabinet aaa mada by Brewator jiersonally. lie rauawd It to bn understood that be would ane memiitra of clud**d January Id; argvuuenla 011 the prayers fw instruetioaa to the jury began January Tth. and wrere flniah«sl on tbe |4Hh. when Judge Cog anaoun«s*d tba eovirae be wnald follow in inauructing Uw jury. On tbe press at II a. and then aimply > jamj||>y l2to Dividge opened ibr argu-aaMi: • The ^e*|ueat torn reprieve la tb*#, m^at to tbe jury, and apoke twa daya. Ouiteau case ia refused. Thera la notblng j .^.^vHie began hi* argvimeat oa tba Wib. lora to ««>>. No ulbar aui«w«al will be Hade." Il la undcr*t«Nid tbet'aMnet deci*ion was nnaniiiiou*. 4>ne reiviwiu fur not gtvlag out tbe daciama laat ulgbt was Ibut tba Preal-dent did mA waul 10 be ftirtber aanayad wriib rranky re«|iu*«ta. and iba aaaoumra-mant was iP laied until ba led tba uliy this ■«wuiug. Il-wd called on Rrawsier after the anmNiaceiural. Brewtlcr told him tbe < abin#*t de. l*toa was baaed an Iba lad that the 'rial w v* extremely fair toward tfultcaii and lb**ia was au |*oa*ible rea*»#>n for delaying Ibe exe«'iiiioB. Uulteau’a mail ia grow inj larger tvary day with requests f*ir pboi'igrapha. etc. A buge ainke with a skult and crass bewaa angravad oti Ibe bead waa racehad tuMlay, with tba In-acrlption, "l<> ba uaed aa tbe laat nail la Uulteaii'a ctdia." OllTRal'd RSRCt TinxRii. Kolmdy knuwa wbo la to baibaaiaau-tianer of (iuilcait, or at leaal. If aaybndy know a. it ia only that peraon hiiuaalf and tba M ardeM of tbe Jail, "tb-nd u* W pbw* tofraidi of tbw man wba will bang Uub toau." ttlagraidk Iba editura to Ihetr aatfv» a|NiBd*Rla here. ime hnnvra wba Ibe kenguian is to ba. Ilia id* nitty bas b**( u and s|N»ke iva daya. Tbe tiat waa taken up with iiuiteau’a bar ingiie. t>B tbe 2Mb of January, at i o’cl<«k in Ibe afleru*N«n. Iba jury, having been charged by Judge C'U. retired, iu a vary abort time they aeat word that they b.v*l agreevi upim Ibair verdict; at ijb the Court waa reopemxl, ami tba j*iry returned a verdict of "Outlly, aa ludu tad." Tbe trial bad lasted illy-ibree days, tm Ibr 4lh of Fetounry Judge Cox promniuced aentem*r, bating uvcrrul*-,! live motion for a n**w t. lal. ixlng tbe day (<r Ibe execii-lion IbrJuiie Shth. Tba case waa b**ard twfora tbe Diatrin C*hii| in Bane, on a bill uf excapt on* inrcaentad, and Monday, May ttd, Iba dfs'laion waa render'd auaiaiaing tba verdb't. Karly la June tbe aaave mo-ttoR waa aiJda betora Judge Wylie, and overruled. On June llth ftoad made a motion f'Nr a writ af babeas corpua befira Jualk'a Hradlay, and an Monday, June 121b, it waa dcaieU. Then cauM lha apiwal to the rrcaideat Uy ttav. Ilkka aad Um mamben of tba do-citty for Iba rrotecuon of the laaawe. Tbla appeal waa refernwl Ih tbe t abtnat aad Iba quaattows of law to ttw Attorney General. Tbera wvrtafen nb*> hu I t . I*** him/ |s ■***iiif>**r 211. M '.i. VV hil** th* ".V.*-w ;i* pemliti/in 4«cn*-r.al T''III, itli* il.iv ; hi'N'il and tli(> <>\( I'li't ton •( ti'i--* ntc"c • w I* ■.|i*|*'iii|ed liiitil F**li|ii:>rv '/7. I'"»'. I'lic l’ri**id**nt graiii*'*! a r.i'pri. «c unlil; Miir<*h'Jiiib. I his h in/i**-»! Kt iduv a fiirthiT ri-ajiiic «V ;v*/luii'* d f-r - ii.-vv -, i,, mid th*- «•\**iJlio#i ,i**'k i*lac*= .'April Td. AhonI a week lá-f-iri -lli** **v*é:nli"H •lone cx|ilaiii«si to ili» c'>iin***l. 'Ir. h Brow lie, 111*' vv<trkiti/a of ihi- v'nc tii"**. and I'llnting to til** trap »j«*l. ''t**. tic re i» w her*'i’ll *l.'vml. and I’ll f.id ihr-u. h il," riitsliedid; hut h** was *> fat and ti*-avv Ihat Ihc rii|N: cti| h's lc‘a<t<i!T. *n<l wjii:* th* idiMsl from h « trunk m.i* *piir\u'g a/ain*t ,'.ii<; i f the ii|-ri'/lit*of the *liu. t'.f hi*lic.id Ibai voii proved ag iin*t it. V**u *ay . ihai r**i)lcd otlon th • grona*! in wii**th< r dire*-you thought il might be |*reveiiiist. I'ltiv; liim. 'Ihi* c\*s*ullon t*iok fila- ** in a «ar*l «n«vws lhal your (siawieni-e warne<| vou j ru.i*le in the iiorlh*'.i*t -«ii'/ie of the hiiild. against It, hilt by the wn'ieh*d Sophi*trv of mg, i*uill *if **l/ht**cn (■■et Uiard'*. :md in* t" yiuirown mind y**u work*sl y«iur»**lf up wa* *'• inpurntivelv hut a Kinali iinmhcr of inliiuilv ot^ »uch an act. 1 he l*ri*oner IhaCa a matter of op nion Your own ie*iiii«oiiy sinfiw* that vou recoiled with mirror from th<* nh-a.) Ton *av against the protest of your own c'vnw-icn**»-What nnillve cihiIiI hav* liMtu<#c«( you to Ibis a**t must he a matter of (sinji<*inre I'rohal*!) men w ill think lliat *onic |n)|ii. icbI fanaticism <ir a morhid <le*.|re for self. *|M-ctat*ir* Mill over l.lo pr- »eiil. The I i*t cii*** of mnntor In Hu* I»:Mrici in vvii|* li the death iwntini'e wa* |.»***d 'naa tbai of .lo*eph Nev*'r**.ii, al u* It ihe BciJf *rd, l.ijwardlJU' enan and •andv riiin. exaltat'on waa the real inspiration for the ; the ihr*s* cnlorcil ni*-n wIm ivori convi- ted act. Yonr own tratlnionv *eema to iiiniro- *f ihe murder of 4«cor.;e I'liliip Hirth, J;il>-vert the ihetiriea of voyr innnael. Thev u«ry I, ínnii. This **a*e proi.*t*|v «-v.-ited have niaintaine*! ami Ihoiighl honestly, i more iiilere«t than anv |>r***-*slitig ifi il for lelleve, that yon w* re driven against yonr murder in thi* i>i»lnci, • x*‘* piing, will hy an Insane Impulse to commii the |«rhai>«. ilto .'vlckh *-hev i-a*e, wiva l» act. but your te*l iiumv diowisl that y**U re*iilt*d in » verdn I id i*--dclllNtratcly rewilvcu to do 11, ami ' •|Uiltal. 'Ilve H'sifoid Oneen «n I'lnn that a deliberate ami misgnhhd will irl.it was <*iinmen*'* 1 ai the |ie,*cMil»r waa the sole linpnis#*. This may urin. hefore Jiul;: .* II i;.Ii*t, and us in seem lusaiiil) to s-mie ye roons, hut the the cas" <d iiilitiau. it was ihe la*i liini i f law |iH*k« u|N n it as a willful iritRc. You ii«e U*riii. iinly iiiin ti» n du.* wi'ic<„i. will bAVeduc i>p|M.riiially of havliig anv aumcd n this trial. hu.>cV'T Ih* jurv ttnd-err»H» I may hav* r mi nut led during lb*-> ing a v.idictof /uillv as imln led <m th* cs ursc (*r the trial ikaawd u|Min hv the 4 null 1st cd March, towi. Ih** iv'iiiiwl- i ih* .c in B in* ; hut In th** nicanlliue it la n**« i*a- : i iiwd iin n, It. H. 'V*dt*, Jr.. <nd l(.ind**l| h •wry (or me to ptoiioiiM*-e tbeacul* II* cofllie 14 <*vte u.ih id wh>*ro h.oi i* <ii As»;ai.«iu law, Ibai vou In* lak« u hence t<* the mm-1    I , •. Vi;<irney«, the    i.itter U nr.-    .n,    i-fili* in**njail id the Di*lii« I, Itoni wlonie y 011    I    assistuiiU at lliia    lim* .. M**^;«.    1. 1. I Wato, and ilu te U k*-pt in 1 o*iAiictn**nl,    I    Vlillrr. ( . M.Himlh.    J. F K I* v    and    J \. and nil Fil la.v, iha ,w<(b day ol June, I'^J,    i    Hay warvl, ttlcil a m    iiioii for a    i.eo in.il. you In# taken to Ih* |da**M uf vxcriilion within the watta of said jul, ami there, U-lwre#-n the b>-ura vf 12 m. aiul 2 p. m.. ym ahali he banged hy Ibe tvck i.atll yi'*u are dead, and may tbe Lord ba«« merry on your voul. whi**h wra* argii**«l an*l ovcrrnhsi and l« ncv w as pwaeed on Mans* l.dli that Ibcv !*• hangv-ii wilhia the wall* ul ihe Jail *m III** •«(nil of April. The cu«<- w.i* th* n iip|>eatc<l on evceptiuti*. and the • nl* lu-c waaiinreupon aua|i«iule*l, in compliahci Tbe aa*aa«in shaai apparently unmoved ! wiib the term* of the ata'ui**, until ift'T during the reading of Ihe aenleii* e. He ’ the n« vt tteuerai I* rm. Ihi hearing in th* made but two liiicrru|>iioae end e| f•e•^•d t.«-ucral term, iba judgmen’ U-tow wat tillo be waiting tor llie inal wonia tf Hm* Bimed June 7th. V.lloita were th**n maoc Judge. M hen they hod fallen from hit lips < l«v *-uuna**l and fil* mia uf the parties tu tiilitoau airtich Ihe table violeutli with bis ¡ to have lite arbten«<e 1 ummulevl. ami lwi«# ka| ami said: "I ain not afraid to dl*. And way tbe La*tti bate mercy oa yuur eoul. Ibe men wit * reepitcd by IV* • d* nl Havre, and a I (imiMittaiiuu of Ibo eenl* m t ul iSnii to intpi Uouuital lor |,f«< bavmg beta mo Dre M<ii:(ks. I**w ,v. Jon** ‘Hi. ncfiortv - f the diitTiu*/*' hv till' cyc!'¡n»> at KintiK’fA»-hiirg'piov*'f*i lia.*'i.*-**fi /rcilly. **x i_-'**r-.snii .\(> I'l»» ot ilto .uni ilaiiiJ';;e to J r q.-* rt> i* SMi.iil. i>lila.N vf'ii i.s. Jiinc •-Vi.*..' fiirion.»wjiid-«:-*-rin [ia«*--<i,hv.-r thi* citv’y<'»i>-rila.v .ift* r-ri'Miti. Th#* larip* «lei-ph of I'.nil » H-l i*' cop.fvl, - t alh'-ilral wa» blow 11 ilow'n. ciu-lp ill*.' th th*' ro*>f ami qfiuTwi*** itijiiriii? Ih** htulillli/. Ii.iniag**. 1 v\o *ma].l,sij*¡*,*Tii*** wh/ó blown ft*im the .M-ridian ~tri;**i' >(* th-aliVt 4 hui< li. .'ii i'-f. t,i u*c r.»>rth of th*> cil v w .v» w ri <-k-*t. Tin*'llvln/tiiiih*-rs‘yii*u{’k a coI'Ti**! ),a(1. f.*tally injiirm/ li.my .vlisxevtj'oi I*. .'Iixx.. Jiin** I iit*-I’.n*,' ailv n * * *tiow liiat    of    i    rnlay uigirl *'Xl'n.l*-*l *ivpr .Mtiinc»*'ta. Nortli*-rii Tiw'a ainj W.-stcrii '' i»<    .\l    ail |oiiit» ra?H (-.mi*' <.l'*wii .111, torr* iits.r .'r Kll* rton, lti, 1 , •* «'*rj| «iici!l lio*i»* » w*-re i|i iiio!i-h< <t hn<l.pis*u*n'_’*:r anyl fid^'h; car* .«r the '1* p-*t ■'«•■rtiifiK'l. . I'br.ou/lii'Ul '‘tju\li'-rn Minn**sot.i th* sir*-aui* ro»c siiiida'iitjl, ovi.rrnn Ui**ir I link» aiMl ->w**pt iiway •'on»ul< r#hic *t uml d.ii ‘itb**f tliima.'**. t.yowin? grain ip •otm- pl.o'r'» w 1» h*s if 11-> tin* /rhiHid ‘hilt iK'l *-riou.slv d.iin:i/*st. i lii*r>* ar*- r*-port <f ho.* of life III tti*^ iiil**ri(.r pjinls ii •oulh-aHtcrii Dakota nn I •oulhw«-*li-ni .'liiiin-sot i. hiit nó'üiti-/ aOtinyiti*'. 4 uii a*.*j. .lull* ii. I hc • III* »í(irin» which lia'i- f r th<* pa»l ' two d.iy lr;iv*-r«*:d ai'il (h-sol.il*-*! tlij» ».*i t',^n '•'•■I tr» h tvc foil 'M ***l no partit;iil;ir 1 »*;ir» -. hut Ki liavt dip|a-d d»/«n h -i * :uid lh**rc at INiiti’» .1* wf«i. ly "N-p'ir it*ii a> "Ai**» ui \e hra»k.i and .Mn-hi/aii. ami X» li.«k'-t.« T>-r ritory uiui vuith*'r!i liiili.iiui. alie th<* r.iva/c» iu I'lwa h.«vc h*H-!i ih** ni>-»t »< ri oils to life and |T"|**-rlv. ih** 11 .'Lr*-gatr losses III *ith'*r p.irf> »*f the ii'/rrii--rv ar* Very he.ivy, Miiohi th** c.t»ii ilitic* «hicti have not I" ' n alleadv lio.-iit.o.i***!, th*- lol-|i/Wihg iii.i'y U* /iv*-n a* iiiduiutiu? lU*. /•'iiiT-.yl - li.irai I* r aiul viul* n>*** -il- ih** • l*--■mcnf.    ,    ■    '    » At in..**ivi;i, Iowa, ye,*l**rd.«y .A latli ! 'Iill**r and \Ym. Low*- w.-r* kili d by- l*g il-Iliiu'2. A «VIT--rain and w.»a »t-irin' y,i»ilcd .Vii*ia v**»!«-rd IV cveniii? with an a**<-'*tn. .paniinent of Icrtli** lliiihtl*T au-l ii;:hliiiii.'. 11* c* w*-rt sft.ipp-U ■ ff ok. j ii«- sl'Hra. uid many j 'aiik# « r.- pi *y -il iiy Mi*-wind. Iiutn * lo»s oC Iif>- r*-iill*?l. I hr •I'Tin aj p-.ir'i-*! ilk*'a cy i- .or.*., Tfuiii* irc, .h-bi*f<l in Ih** r**gion "f •,'lciirc? r. l- na. ,M'c ll dama.'N w.is done **-aMird.i> 111.thV* n* ;/tih 'ili'i'wrof Motix Itajndv ami .'iulurn III iiorihwI-1* III i'*#4.1. B. t«>*-*n .Moriisiiti .iicl I-ain>l 4iri »*•, id. in >1». 'J.t* 11 f»',* t * Í th** 4 h - a?') .V North-,»tv*i*'tn tf.o'V Was w.i-.li»**! -iway. Ttu- * hi '•ago. 1; rl;ii/t*-n ami ijii.ii-'V sufi r-*»! ■•v*»n M' f»** w* »| ol M*-ml*iia. Ill N*- -ia»k.«. \ *-í-tcidt'y iii'.rnino at*ri.Ü - siorni gaUmr'd ;ii |;.i .l«*r I 'iiinly. swept *011111 w c*l ■ li«i*.tigh •aoiid**ra, I am .**' -r. < .i**, .Al*«- uiul N--litimu I 1UI11I1C». doing till- giya!*-sl *iauiag* in a l«-ll iwi idy livc lnll**t ill width lie tw**'ll Wall,** all-l \\ ***t0ll.    4 ulli W.I* h.u'.Ij'to*al*-n d'lwn in tiie •oiith'-ri) part uf ?*.iiind* r*« 4 ouiity, ami «mail s/ain utterly ruimst. I wo h*U**s wcr<* Mhwii U*'wn In ahuo a two story barn earriiHl tiitv l **| through th* air, and a h*-rd .*( li\ laiiiK* were «wept hy til** si-iiin eight mC*'» «oulliw-ird *ivci h* 1*1* ami IhrougU wir* tone***. N-1 a|..ui* i| l;|.««* wa* left III wiikIow* lacing the w*-»l. I h*- *< liool ll III*** at 4 Icnr 4 'r *ck w a* coin-picit-lv w re* k*'*l. 4i|ii-iniin was kiil*'d iina tiic injiir#**! m ar laliiiadge, on tin* 'lis-*<iuri l’a< iflr*. while »***-kin? shelici imil'-r B freight i-ai, whnb was hurled a;raiii«t Ml* in. I he Iorii w dl tie i>nt back two or three weeks. A iiumlier of cattle were carried down •tr*'MIII ami ilriiwn#*d near l.aneslaiK», Minnesota. Ivimts were «tripped of lilld :e* ulitl ma*lc ina***-'esible. 'I lie crop* wi-r. .|.im.«g*d *' ni whai ml hay m >*l severely 4iii*- man was «l.own#**! In Amhiipti > Minn., whil*' r*-»*'uiug his stiH s lioni the flo*«ts, I ucr* was a torn.ido at MarysvIII**. Kansas, yc*t**rdav imiriiuig, and on also rc |Hiit**d si Krtwln. MiilMiie. Imliiin.i. got s lafti* *.( Ill*- wind, a d iinu,;. <1 al« ul |ti,4«si h'diig inrticicl. 4i.-of.,;*. II ink. fiiiillv wa* MTioiisly sine ki-d hy iighlifltig ilic litth* daiigiii#*! ri'tiMining uiic*!!!**. lou* a long tlliie. Great diimag** I» Wlu*ut I» toared, Ho'ils were hlow II off and iiiitch oii«..r diunag». St |v*’-'atiir. Ind. I (>•». ♦# Ihr*'#* |a*ople bavu Ihi-ii kil|)-d tlmii* t'V re I'ciit turn III* c*. I l*e Ins* in lndl.vns|*oll* is said l*ibe|.VV IX41. IV:* graph and tch phone V|lres wer* hi**w u duw II. N< ar l-afayette. Ind.. w a* -a territi* w at 1 *|H Ul eight ietl bigb waiuiUii) lugbt.wbu b 1 J rmmUmmUmmof •mstoeoyipMs. H-rmdmrn bmrk ansi fhmtfkmrmmtm m cistolaM» furm. Itm msie preiMs-múmaFtoM tkmt trtii ni4 Uurlu-m Uto leetA, ao rhurrtrru4im of Mhrr vrwf* prrj Nr*»Mwsa. ttKNTI.F.WEX I ks»/ i:i.*l IiK    llaRTre. Ieon 'Ionic 1* u y |»r»cU -    aiel h an ri|«-n«itea af t«entT-fl»r yea.t III mr-llfirt.    p.;..    "nrr ;.lUlel si.jUM' N 1- IN'*' Ull    »•    '-i*-,tl.«I Im ilnlrrKa'S liC'ST'/si* 'i»,! ;    1»'S«»n]r ;»», * t.f \fr, vViS Í*n>slrs«M/ii. V.-avaie l»l*r«oe* I"‘{a-g »U. s>>*# r*»»erlsl,e.i e>»,|i* *",,| nf n>« nio ihl# peertr.** remedy. h*# I" iny li**iil*. P'-«*te ->..Sir ,w. .-i- rfi. eur*-*. a/es tl.sl nj.e ItaVl.-i »>u>e»r i,or lu'Mil emlrieol ph*«i-lans. r,s*e Jrlelrteñ    t    : Ins t>r*i siei ite-MSf lar- ati.e ren.- 'ly I ¡c - . ,t>e u    , firen    l, oir I n LirepknvUwil ili*#!*-    ItV't »"■ ', » r.oHiimiM as Da Uaariui » Toux T ixi* - ,,e.ew.*i m mr iirscdrr. Int.    l    hMli ri a. _ *Z-    I-'»C1**. M • Nov |Mt, ,f i    ..    'N M vTj Atrr.m. fiffit^aeolortotkf UmÑ/7 nntural iteatth/wl /«me #<> IA#> éitjrmtkt» ¡rr^anm ntyd wei-fooa ei/«fe»», makitty H np)»UrttM^ in firn^rnl y>Ts of Auvo-IU', I'ruotrfUion of yUnt f’oto'-ra ank tmpot'n" •.MUFACTbREOBirTHEOR. HARTER MEDICINE CO..213 N. MAIN ST..ST.UWtS. -li.i-u ! a tr *111 -ofTiiiig to ihi.t city for ac'»n *|d*-r:lh|e dl»tlin -e. It wiiir;»*d riM'k'' and inim*'n-«c tr**e» al'ili/ in It* ciitir»**, liu* »ii*-nt il- l iry ’• f ,i*--t <-.ui/lit the.t’ .III., i'hi» •• . r.iiii «,1 rill -<tid f lh.»»«,d,irnii.i-1- 4 h* **i* .r1* *vn-i, 4j. •tock and grain **>,iff*-re**i; > Inn’iim-rahle «•■.al'fr ea-u.ilti**-# 0***'tirre I. hut til'-'** *uf- , li‘-;<'tttlv diustrat*' an I iracy the «t'liin. | 4>11.411 A, Jiim- JB. 1 ll*' reiNirts <>f yi-*i».*r* day m*>riiiiig'» -.Vorin a«e n'lt cotupJ*-re. 1 he j u-ie-r.ipu line» in ih**i lutlu-rn part *.if tlm •tal^ are proH-.ratt-d. I h**' h dij -dain-ageci til»*; i'-i;o| » ih |>orti>>n*' df -•auiiders, latiica-ter; > tuiiiiig and láci'l'ía» * oiiiiti*-». I w-*> L-hildr- ii are reja>tt>-*J k.iistj at llraiii-afU. '_ WASHINGTON. AfiENT-t W AN KIi, Lady Agents." ItoT-v I, e„f ^p)r.v«RMt _    ■•*,#.    i    It# ^klH ¿«4 «KarlflM^    8|irvipl« '    «IbbTB    Oty    (bMMirrlMldrr    r«e,    '    4M    «MMtt.    Ii- Frss. 'Oui- SKIN BEAÜT1F1ER X Skin of Beauty i.* a Joy Forever. Hr. T. FKi.ix horim i)*» Oriqlal tea, or "rHIt «1 VK K'll IKl*.'. W Asiii.M.ro.x. June 27, In tlie st ir Boiite I a*e« tr,-d.iy suti-con-tru' tor .|i'« -pli*. wa» cro**»-*'X-amin'-«t'.n lti<-iijet aliente and I’itrrot r jty M. route, hv l:iger>*<,ll. liK I.OMi's Ul*. i; ejic. Ih l.on.'* note    ««-lit    by    .M<*1\ill('. •how- lliiAt iiO <>*'to!»,‘!l-‘»rli till- palty w,*r** on an alb'w.im’e of h.i’il a i*»Áind »f d’*/ ine.it <'.i'-h. i-epdiiy. -4>i t(.te-f <ith Kri* k-* >n dl; ll of ni'.iriilicati nj of tlie_ leg. llunlers'foiMHI n-dhin.''.; It-h Du»; fv.uml ■ f dog meat It'ft. 4 l-*ti teV Till : BtVakfa.‘'f**»J t.'iii It bas sOknI titc l#Mt of III years and 1 * «• Imrnile-w «• ht»le 11 to to lUire Uie pr»p j » a I'. *. n IS ' I r.i pe r I f iiia'le Ar»«|it n - - eoiiiiliir-l!-lingui#ti«*U Hr I», fi'it of -ilioliii le.iiiie, . '1 h. A . '.ty re. aet I*. ,i la»!;. pf the iu.it '..u a ¡uVie.oi); *■ V-. '.Ol* -icU;,- » !' to»- lti**m. I 0-1 .iinme'idi •' i-.iira'cl -i. i-'r.'*aiii i h, leii-r;li. . tii oi of .ill tto i-kin pr**p’«r.ití¡cir- •'■•'•ur Ootti** »itr, luMl <ux ’lllullilie, lining ll l**e| * I'.l - A. ■ Poiiir; »ooUn reiiiove» ,ui*rl1'i.iii-()»ir Htuihi oiior» lotto 'kill.,    Msxi,    M    1$    t i.'d.nMI), I’ro)-. 4' to-iid *1.. N. V. K .r .aie hv .«I! jUni/gi-u aiei t-.-in»-» ie*cti ■oij'.lii t bjtV im.uhtl or *i>>t' ine.it and Itif'J I" nier» tiirougiMii.i Uit* T »., » aiuo.u* «u-1 Ka- ia‘»iligrain ol feh. an*i ab'tiit t" «i.irt on :i.>     '    ■ i    .    • jeufii'*y (>f t*v,»*nl.v'-iite rnil w h'-r** li w iis ■»Vl p¡ «1*1X1 'l Sejfiellú nt »\i»K*d. •lih,*4i»f<d -in ' H(it!i*¡ uJ-l fe-a di“'#vee* iihil tvv»i ipi.irts >1 .tl»'i’hol. 4ii-;»-,|« r '4t;i - Br* ak.f.-»ti,-*l *>!i pn»* ttji<*e (of ah ohol'in a pint »5f; m i w ater. • h'totXT lo.U-- Liikt half utin»*e of ,il»-iiho, ^ me. Began to eat d*i;.er skin fti-r.tp». hav-, !'..r TM./'h'b p.irt - 1 th in? the day h*-l»>re caY'*' d<***i-Hkin lo»,t slip*. Built a tire Vi.d' mad*.- a dr.nk tium t**a t*‘a\ew in an ai<'uii’d l>»*tt •• • p-lbiN-r 12th Breakf.irt oil iaii »i*»«onlui »>f glyí,*Pj¡riiie and h'/l n ;«ier.- D iiner ci.iiple handluU arctic wnllow ii. h ifU at i. Hardly any on** pariy; hU<l »treii/'di enou;>li to get wood for flr<*. l.eri 1 >1>*-simw uct».iii*.*r i ;tb 'Vi\(»:iw t*'á,. hdrf-ihV niglii i. .'tiiiikcii, <if til»' I./; ptiaii lirmiy jit .Alex-audrni.' vi-’r'; -I iia»»ed after cro»».n? tiie/ I-ee, w^ent ba-k, tdutid lie hu'd lain d-.w n tot (He. -Ml kmik d;»wu, »:od ihe Ijiird's I'rayef. ami eriei'K (>-vi.ii« r l.'*lli Bf-eakf. s’ on w.iM'ow l»*a arid Two olil boi;t-.i Me\y, tlie. hunieiy hrfjk*' dowjt, also !>•«. t.atii" t'V an einply ¿Yahi raft. Ha ted, •iin iay. (i to!*er Ihih .Vtexy broke dyiwn. I>11 UK s*-tVicji -tn-toiN-r 17th Al*'vy dyfng. Ihii tor fi;ij*t;/ei| lum and r*-;ul pray»*r* f->]r' V .1 .-I;;»-4 has. K. '!iiarl,'.of .AI» xaiidria, ha» forv,■anti-'d to ih»- léoirii of I'uhluj \Vi,rk-i i-f \ irginia. ;«i Bi'')#iiiond. a ch**#*k pur- b:i»*' inoiK-y of tie Wa»i ii*/toii A'.tiliio It.ii I'.aii, |>aid im iceoiipt ol the uMh;lV.'iiiii-K* of tliiil nitwl to lie '■Iiile.. ruer* is «till aliOIlt ♦21».II''4) due ih*' 't.«|i'. The deaf ntii%*H tlirougliftilt tlie rnitntl •late*' are i*ollectiwji' luiid» fora marbln ,ialu** of lh.i laic J‘i*'»>di til Darti id to ha placed dt the .N.dionul D-af Mltd',t ollege 111 Ihi* city.'1 lie iimic* nave aiie.uly «ub-•cnh'd $1,242 .fjiw ard» thi' pi-'oj o-cd «tatué. U Itop 10 4'úi¡'»re»« n"ial'li.irlK-ld wa* A one'iif the l>**»i ’rieml» <1 the inefuutmn. rii** "an Kiaiu'isÁo whkiit «htpjyr* aiu tie;;ü'diili'/ to i«- áiartned al th.-inflll-mcetti® new -» iutli**rn r.ulroad line* may havV nu llieexiMirl ir-adk of that imrt.' The N Ulheru I’acitic i» «-arry mg liread**iurt* to St w Or-eiiii* at $'2U a t' n. wherea» jiiiiTgooda l«y fi»t frci'/lit from S* w \ <irk to •an ran-vi:i the I nion aiui (,.* iiiral Hiiciira 1» 4h a i».n. l íu» exfraotdiniu*f the *i»'k, ^1 i<'t»d>**r I'Nili. «noviiii'? Biiri***! .VI**.\V in tlie ice. 4)ct</licr Ihtli r'llfe Uji the lent for foot gi-ar. 4irtol>**r 'Joih, I>* and KiN'h give out. (>»'t»di*fr 21»l-K‘*ch tbund d*ad at midnight he^w»'en Dc’ 1-on? and th** 1>*k*'>r.    11**    died'    atM «« Gnimly, in her h-ttors to th" I*hilb.’ noon. I’rayers w b-n v'e «aw , hi* was    ,*!elpida    I’res*.    r. inai k»    that    '*la«t    summnr dyin/. M' toU-r 2-2.1 Im w. ak 'to carry    dr.    \V:.»lim‘gt..ii    M    Lean    li-.u.'hl    a    l«H theh.«lie^,' i> ■ilflerArvee leadk tO a l***llt'C llilit 111'* .'Nilllb-' rn I'.ii'ilic ts wiirkiiig to e»ialili»h an rx* 1 o. t in.iik'-t at N*'W lyt ¡e.tvi» lor < alifoinia hi • ad'tuil». and Y'•    "    h!f    ocean    f.ei¿,bt fr-iin^.m F:am*i»»*o.    | >*eaml K.k h hut ..nl|.Mr*e.    «"<1 '"liit a large alid haiui«.*me dwel'ing , ...    .    K    V    •    *T    ÜIS    I    auir    lU^r,    !♦* ol i hii'f Mí»a1 1 the [..«'tor dngged them ,,rtj,.,.rHH/,*n. In it(e ,.u umiVthei moveb IV' I.*n? and arinjiid the (‘priier, out of «i/ht. 1> l. n; » mo it. » er«*‘'elo«e»|, tH-tulN-f 2:’*<l Dm* liiindr' d ,’i/i i»-ii p. ard t(i riy-third daV.* L.*tv buiy wi-ak. ‘fi**r il’ii*»» hi »i .iml (•aiir*-r»-d',4‘ii'j,'U'-'h f*r a’ii(ight Ilf**: h.ui pray-*:»: u*i Í >olD'**;ir. tk-toii* r 2ltl; B.iti n.glit, *>ctoh* r 'iMh ami'ihili -No ciitn**» except :b**'v4 iit tr'of (lai>**. 4 ictoli**r%?th- her«oie iiti leiitly e\|i4 ct,ne to di«|N!nto pM.tii; V dl r.n*' tii*' w iut *r, laiC Ui'-n that ol 4,i*neral Ha/ it |irevent*»l lh**ir enf**rtainirig at alU By tii**'w.iy . 4 in* f •ignal i ifticVr Jja/.**n’R h '!i*K* i« on the «:iui.*c 'ii'.***t a» that. Of >l**n»-t r i .iineron. *o that wl ii a new pnliM nfi lidian i*-adopted ,ii » hou^*' al«*> will bn iiroke down. 41* toiler 2’#th lter***>n dii-d- 'i!'privod ot llie gre at historical circl*'w bicb i-urlv till» ni'iriiin?. 4t, totor '.’Ulh Dr* *- has h* eii in*.'m-n.lian ol 'V.*»hini'lon.” Hie ler du-'l during the nigld'. Hie U«l * uiry » ,1» I'db'W»:    •■•unday,    4ii    lotM*r ;tUlh One huiidr<*d and forti.'th »L*y ; Boy»l and j 4.1 ill/tii'-il during tbe night., 4 olliu* is dying."    I W ll'-vT lN>It.*KV vyil.L IK». , Lx-^*'niif*'>r D r»* y «a'-sthai for the till*'** month» he ha» had »- nu* ' I tip'T«*»i l;iw >'#r« in New V»>rk I ■ en’er «.ititk iiL’ainsl. tiUr/e iiunita-r of n«*w»p.t|a*r«. «oim* hn ; ■ nmiii il »«mi others f*ir lih* l in »*iv d suitN. ; He «..y » t'hatál.'nii.xge* .dnoiiiiting uiy*/**tli. j •*r lo ov*r a ludlioii d 'iiai* will l,e askf-tl iii ! li.s ' .!»• iloiie. ID *a_ S the suits w ill he ; r**'jdy S' '.m. ’    ! < i\< i\NtTi vs. ritoKta WORKING WORLD, Sew V'lRK. .Line '2h 7 .A. M.—Ail ■ I'liet in the fri*ight li«iidh*'r#' «trike. A lui ge f.irc*'of |Milic** are till guard in Jnr-»i*y C ity, hi/t n<v d.»tU'haiic** w us wu teiiipii d. .\ii int' iii»** h'cliiig of iiidign»-i,*iii .1* '/rowing among the bii»ineH« men iR 'OiUeipienceiAl tlie ruinou» d>laV ol fieigtil to »hij>|«'r« in oIh**l Male*,, and th#.*)' art «u»titwiiiic, large l'>»«e». .lKit*# v t IIV,,' .hi Ili* 2ti. -Till* morniRg .ihi>ut i<v> tr.u km'*n.eiiiploy*»l hy th'- New i iirk. Lake Kriy .V 'V t »t,-. n IL.ilrood joimsl hi* «ír.ki’I». I'tii V h.ive ' If'* II recciviBg I'h* V '(I' uiiinil $1 .'in> Th« • .A* lhc'lj'''al vear dtawA to ;t I lose there ’«.gir.v to té- an unuett.i! p.di.ilat.on re. ->v,i. hineu and br'.keme.r* niplOy..|| hy inn gar.lmg tn* M.imling .'f the nv,rfl Inl.-rna    •'«•''■"^>-1 ' -'hi uhv *n ll.t tar   ibn K* v**iiiie di»lncr« (T 4 inciini.iti ;^ud 1’**».-ria. 4 iiicinnali has for year* heen ihe •Baiiii'r I>,«In* fill till» I'oiintry. paying mure Int*'rnal B*'Venue thxe* ihanTúiiy th 'i ilifctru'i III the conntrv. l*(iVin¿ in*'eurlv inonth» ol the pre«ent tis'.'-al VI ar, hi'Wever, Te'iria "bl'a. <*tl up," .ind.diiippin.’1 If all her exp»'rts tnanaged licT, pay ineiif * up al‘>iig»l4h th'i*»** "I t iuciniiiiti, ami f‘>r a lep tuonth* eX'H'cilel ih>* ' Banner l»i«iri<f hy ;4 f* w» liundred J lijar*.    ■ "h'-tlwr th>* t'UiiI fur the year will eipia' that of 4 Hicinnsti i* not known, thoti.h the tignr*» of Jk month now drawing to u .•1».*«* must led the storv. 1 he imlu ation» aie ttiat 4 iiK'inh.úi will continue to «tiind .«* the ■'Itjiniier I>i*irict.’' K.ven slioiild    .gli'.    isecure    .* gi'iiuiii* I’eoria puit at«e.id A feiv tti(>u»aiid dollars 1 'ii-ation    lur    v.    ur dau.;iil*- hl* V* ir fit t total w ill *tld l.dl lieliiw that of I mcmiiatl. I he total aiuouiit paid hi ih>- 4 in*‘mnuli Diati iet is over one hundred milln n* of dollui *, I p to tilt* clo»e of the luHt flscul vearU was *,'ve* Il'iT.'MV'.unu, while that ol ilr' I’eoria l>i*tii<*t was less than |»4 U "i.ikk'. imh-ed, w th this y**ar's work i im innivti iMsiri't will le* more emphalu ally the Baniiei Iiisincl" than eir*r Imfon*. I hoiigli for the past ten v**ars < irieinnati has |ianl ■very v*ar more tux than did 4 liii-ago Di»-irp't, there was a tini«wh* n the i*\»'r>" w a* It ue. Froiii the V* ur IMW to I**:;! t hicago dis trii't paid .il*oul ft.'.101,01111 niou- in,t**riiMl revenue Ilian di*l 1 in* .iinati. in DT.I. how ever. 4 iiK'inn.iti oiitsiiip|«-d h*‘r, and h«* iN-en «leadily ¡fuminx »*n her until sIk' iia» 'relight h*‘r li>i.*l up slongsiite ttiut "f th* 4 hi* ii.o district, and will Ibis *eur p.ic* it M ilu* rhav* ol U*l v< ar lln- l"lal f t 4 is inniitl district sini e DAkT w.«« $tg7.Hlu. *41 wh l« dial oi the I hi* ,:go )islit< I w as |l’2l,s7'2 Aii ‘*0. A' bill 4 hii'Hgo’* total st th* end t'f lust tniic w as still iil'cllt FCHi.ttoi grcati-r th.ili hat > I 4 III* innati. Ih» i.o I Ibiil ih* latlci |i»’ri< t li.is sli-.ut A gained in tie pa t nin ■.<»l and w«-»i »idi ; B t/''ll 1 utim 1, havt I'.flied Ih" strl; »‘r«.    /    .. The l’ -iiiisvlvatii.i ( '.ihdiunv «uccei-ded in udiciti ' ,*l« lit »* v e'i,il V-li\I- of III ir old li.iiid» I»> ri» .uie wbik. -V niuuls-r uf i ri'lgnl.tl .'«111» "11 thalr'».'il U.IV»- la'»;l| moved T.iih im'i ning ,' ' ITri'hi h«.;’;.!un<* '.hi, TIk-upi»r* hemled •■roiitl*'» at    m.II» ini    '*'■ nr ihui III >i-vi‘mg, ami * v.-rv Him *i :»,'.|nK t IDiMKhtiiii •srtiiitiiiry lor kounj; !«»-lli'-s ■•itiiat**»! at < vitutoii, Vi-w '.irk, is liighlf end'.r»*'il.b\ >-' #11- of <iiir iic>'i proniinenl l'r»'»»deni» ot ( "ilcg*'».;iml tm 11 of l,<-arn» iig. aiiiltae d" not lo'sUale I*' say that it 11 1» II" i 'iu.il fur Iteall.b and lie-.uiiy of ha s-' I Oil. ;tiui It» ml vantage* jr*- I'l i»iirp • »*ed ai •I'iem**', l.ungiiage», Mii»i.-, I’liiutinc.’* lid Liiorotigli i*0i-. ml her.iti'ihia • iiiiiiar.y. i’rof \, i*, M< m du-i,' 4 iintun, Nt w Y*irk, who I» the lu'.oi "f till* .In liiu* tiirii, will (irotuptlv «4ii»wei .iipiminifies. HHtS T . I Nrw I iiMKKelovv N 11 . liMie 24* Threw ■ ivr* l»»;id< d w .tb » hi. rale of |*»>ta*«luni 4*>uk lire ami were siib- track»*»! ler** lo-day. VV al»*r throw n "11 the liii'iiiiig i-ars only .id<t**d to the fnrv "I th hanu-» ami cau«o4 ■ in s\pl<**ioii ol ''h»*niic.4l*. Ihev were ei»- > tirelv cunsuiiK'd sliHi. Ihr* ar* luuitod i w iih lumi** r Los*. Tlu.isiii. i Mai-5 VI " I.*.. June 2i4 Mie Hitter r uim iV. dov>fi the iiier, iuirm-*t vcNtnf. ' ‘.«V It w a* ine propt'ilv »)f a *l«»s* Brni I l!*-dw lug. Mum I. »»*, »2u,Uik>, lusuisucu, 1*4 SSI. *‘<MKK«rr hv. .tun** 24i Turner M D.iv * av liaiuli*' (ai-loty hutm*d IoaIajs Loss, |4>,<I4V’. MRS KINNANE RECOVERING. “PRIxi.nri II 4» .Iiine ,v. |tiapat>het from N.t.»h\di«' s'.«t¡ ih.il '!»• Kiiinaitn, shot tlit-re I'V Ic t h .»t*an*l 1» in .« fau ws| ret'fiv er. ear* nt tbe rut* »if I ha VI lounil •; .1 ■ IP 1.1 I* n. <1-, I a tnillicn ami a »*v* .Mr I Lath *i I..tit ver year sh"W • that lln* ba’ii'ic* will tills vear lie on Ih* »n|e of 4 tm ic.iii, imi • t w ill In* d"4ihly the "B'lnii*'! Iu*l!l<*i." A»M vs. Jiidg. 4'ox, of liiiiitau* t i.il fame O'» to the cx»l i»*oit "I Nui r*g IT> I    ' Mr* .1 K M'Mikeii «rrlveil at itj' IDgf» ytsteidij !.) John h. r husuand, 4.*jl';i!vl J. Hi ivi.p-m * . II I. <■ I ii. to >*• s mosl h ' .. .Ill' p.lilis," I ll.ft.aiii strevily >11 H'-ralit |...s»e* I., f , I 111 a» i;.y ' ,t fl ..SI,IS»». I! |. I 1 I 111 a. t 'iiinlv, 0_ I «I .UiAlwl BVIXJtX»» Muric«3. |“; r»,,n- r**.'. . • t'i.,i S< iRfllOr: I fl el» rl 0) the lisi.. ,.4 Blow iJ 1 ail IV I a nj dr >« i" /"'«Ilf lissettad Ir ,11 11,(1. titrwetBato

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