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Waupun Times Newspaper Archives Oct 24 1861, Page 4

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Waupun Times, The (Newspaper) - October 24, 1861, Waupun, Wisconsin Jilk slut Softli Ward of this stale senator. Jar. Werc is u -i.oij1s Biak Vav of look. A of j. T. . A or stall 1iastixos. . Ii. we. H. Jams ii of mop. Ivr j Iii a. 1. Jodo of of or Tut. . I Icka fond do Lac j3o. Nominations. For St Ite senator j. M. Al Mitt. Of fond they Are not the captains of the people have always been victorious but those whose indomitable courage and perseverance has turned defeat into Victory. What is there in our revolutionary struggle that is regarded with More patriotic Pride than the Retreat of our fathers through Weir Jersey when they left the bloody prints of their naked feet in the Snow. The unfading glory we necked with that struggle arose not merely from in victories but from that recuperative Energy and that unconquerable will which from every defeat sprung up to new ardor and new exertion. It la adversity that shows the spirit of a people and trims forms them into men heroes. What we Admire in the straggle of Rome against Hann Ibbil is Iho Hiitt with which her people arose from us terrible defeat and de Rived new Hope awl courage Aud Success Dot from any adequate visible resources from their own heroic hearts. It is Folly for us to talk of the next tattle on the Potomac deciding Tho Fate of this great Republic. F of the North arc what we believe them to be. Worthy of their Twenty lost Battles will not do it. This is a War for Liberty a against men in urine for the Rule of k nobility n military despotism. And in such h War vote for him. With j. Any Buck the nominee of school superintendent we arc More Anc the people of the county less particularly acquainted. Of him we can say he is a Young Man of excellent Educa lion a teacher of considerable experience and a lawyer of no mean ability. We believe him to be particularly and peculiarly fitted to i charge the Many and perplexing duties that will devolve upon the first incumbent of this new made office Atud we vouch that if he is elected acis time and the Best energies of his mind to the fit and of the duties of the Posi Tion. He has to be sure not very Long been a resident among that is no reason Why his Sterling Worth should not be recognized and no Man who has the Well being of our common school nominated on Tho same Day by what was called a Unius convention but which was very we think it doubtful whether or. S. Will choose to run. The democratic candidate is our Fel Low townsman a. Mcnaughton. He is remarks to the Wilt and Maui enters. Onn this my friends is Serej Ali Cut Are the men you Are to Promise with Tomu of Tieso same demotic Liu of them fiends in human share hopped at the House of a Man named Markham who seeing them a Pron Cli and fearing insult and outrage to himself if he remained and thinking they would not so likly to a quarrel with thu family if he were not present took his Rifle from its testing place Aud retired duo Psi Ned by them into a Little Thicket hard by the Houe in order to be at hand in Csc ther Oiler de any a Bubo to his Finly. He had an amiable wife and two daughters the youngest n girl of about twelve years and the other just blossoming into to Iii Hood about sixteen find As Beautiful As the morning and us pure us the Dewdrop. entered and Wisol cantly demanded dinner Lor them selves and feed for their hones. Tin wife told them there was the crib am fodder and they would give then heir dinner. They took the Hay Anc he Corn and scattered n about the found and ordered the ladies to hasten heir dinner. In due time the Moal was prepared and soon greedily devoured. After sat Tig their appetites at the table they be with hearts full of hone i from our in hid and we Felt us we 1 it had friends Indue 1. Forgo Tuik we Loire Kiik Ness shown to i v id v May As we All know a full fledged Democrat and daughters. One attempted to make love to the Young lady when her a in ii us Wuhu Ner 01 the Compromise peace and if younger sister seizing the tin Horn or elected will no doubt Wield his influence trumpet which is kept in almost All re to make the Federal government the Suer for peace and not the rebels. At such a Timea this it is wrong and dangerous to the canse of Liberty to elect Rel homesteads to nuke a summons to dinner or sound an alarm to the neigh Bors in Case of an Accident sprang to the door and blew a blast. At this the Demon turned Drew a pistol from Defeated. Good sound reliable Union men Are what we want in our legislative Halls men who will not throw a Feather in the the Federal n. Viil Lulu system at heart will fora moment Hesi med who have sympathy with the late from supporting him because he is traitors that would destroy our not an older citizen of the county. We Sulci men Are John Ware feel that we can say to the people of Al my Gillett. Give Thorn your county that it. Buck is Well worthy of votes Are worthy the support of their support and that they will do themselves a Benefit if they elect him. Tho convention passed off very harmoniously and adjourned amid the Best Good feeling. Good Wen were Nomina Ted and it now remains with the to decide whether they shall be Cle cud. Democrats Are blowing around that Ohio has gone democratic. Ohio gone democratic so it has. But it is in a modern Way. The Union ticket nominated by t convention called under the auspices of the Republican state Cen such med and with All due respect for g role. Fired Hullet through he. Our Friend we heartily wish he Mav to i any wish be May be she fell in agonizing death at the feet of her screaming Mother. The blast the shot the shriek and scream pierced the ear of the waiting father he sprang from his Retreat he mood at his door one glance revealed nil taking deliberate aim he sent his rifles Bullet straight villian s heart the o bar four Jil armed at the trumpets blast and knowing that the neighbourhood would soon be there upon them mount their horses and lied. The Ecru cd father finding them beyond his reach country itch they i tur led where the Slayer Ofhie Slitto i daughter Lav sized his Lover of Aud will elected. Pennsylvania have spoken and for the government. Shall wis Consin which will have tout Forth of her sons eighteen thousand to do Bat Ile for the Federal Union do less shall she by electing state officers of it May be snid even that they do not heartily support the policy of the government in seeking by Force to put Down this Vila rebellion now in arms against it Wilhold from the eighteen trial committee is elected by Over valiant men the full Assurance a Hundred thousand majority. The democrats Iho idea of Union they Hud their regular convention the that in her heart of hearing she believes them to be engaged in one of the wac us ii1u non i Huab 11 noblest causes in which Man Ever was ? Tor j daughter Lay sized his ago and Cut Hia brutal body into quarters and threw them out As Only fit for the dogs to de your such my Issice Ninnat Home. It is robbery rapine and murder. Arid it is marching towards you Aud upon you. You must Arm f own defense. I speak not to to Bleu. These things occurred i Remote country hut Over t. Tennesee. 1 seem yet to hear the that went up from that Young a Nocent heart As it took 1 wild so Clear so agonizing that angelic spirits might come to list in eng will not you then i Tho support of your government Ai Rescue of your country from the of terror that has no in t and will be ion., f Harger our Hunt Al make the us. His lady i j by Orison you do not think for that we Havo forgotten i Iceland kind nets member you All dear to kind words you gave us. Heart is not hard. Kimball Are thought of who of mentioned. Of gave i tie Beinner gentlemen in still to maintain our Good Waupun shall never to Aud now a word about to Camp life. We Are on North Point near the Camp is named after our i Ter master general ill Toni. 1. Good water proof tents and Vav which is furnished by col. I. The Walker House. We Dino itt 12, Ami take Coffee to drills from lol Battallio Drill from 2 to 4, feat at thus you see we i the two flank companies a the Minnie muskets which arct. Tho balance of the common Musket but they a Eft a Good of the kind. We Are til our uniforms Aud All theft Ila boys Are doffing the old mid pc the new. We Are Short one is you the ladies of the Vicinity cods have As yet no supplies of sires pillows Jonfred themselves by giving us regiment. Little things Leirl wounded arc appreciated. Ifs.1 s sent Send Toon and if they will be forwarded to Kcf nominated a pure ticket and with All rousing Voto for the lieu Bocai every our then Man. They whose Money is their god will to ready re cow the contest every , Union nominations attest the sincerity of our people. The efforts the knights of the Golden Circle could make they were beaten so bad that their allies hero arc Fain to cry that victorious Union a club i icons f be of Ohio and not the Defeated Nilan Sentinel thus notices the demise of the Haud of the Dingham itus afo their friends people know better. The a daily free Democrat the daily free Democrat of last evening announces its suspension with that is i Busin up been ports. Manv to overment has t Loric mtg the United Stales grand army is ing Heater and Wing along a fifteen Milus from and is in position for a sudden March. , left and Middle Cru All placed re serve concentrated behind lotteries distributed at Short and adequate intervals and Mcc Ellhu Lime at twelve hours police push on in full Force Over Tho four rond to Interior Virginia which he now occupies find commands. He will feel his Way cautiously to j at r of the Yorku largest j v us cold. Taking Fairfax court House then he .1.__ Fame in the regiment. R. , is probably the could be found in Trio ing experience and Energy. Law a Guppy and maj. Mamgum known to you All to need surgeons Are men of quartermaster and adjutant every time Aud to sum Plein say All in Short we love adj i them. To Are Well and in a by Glazier like advances Ove to hear from our. The enemy into t chitin to or t to amp b write when Jou write to Utie reason Lor i do not wait till i i r 11 i of Hie Loco Democrat was m its twelfth to rebels the North to look blues l eco c i 111 Viii f i 1 paper when the he limes shall be in Ems of glowing or retreating vow sub i More j for is fat , Idem Rittir client of a float Ara in the Fleet which it is will carry i a of in twelfth to the mucarr.to.000 men , it had gone i on our crows. Linn 1.3.1 i in Sihu one transport w loaded entirely Ich auge. And our air with water for Tho troops. Part of but was in has sailed for a our Lillen has not yet readied Iho Force and write us but write when with redoubled at Dor. Jove their Aud their Money better Jirau Liev do their country unless l and Nuti Zutic p but unknown rendezvous. Hew is it from our to by the Vitious. Afraid of will diff c1 will find that to under in s ii eight is Are brought out to thu r i to Mynue us Anniv. J a upon Jock Kwiek l t a f .1 t

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