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Waupun Times, The (Newspaper) - May 30, 1860, Waupun, WisconsinTell nymphs when Biumi Elf a m Houri Tiro us one Thor Otic her c irek Ai Ihil Tali Kulij Grace to Matt a in if Iii flu ill in heart i toll to. Shoih be of shall Holp limit a enl to Horn to Tow Jivu no re let a Bovo i Nngt-1 in till m on a Book Ivin a ii err lion Vanl Nimox pious Ord ii country Captain Dadi Ranju to or cat i to any poo in the Ronco Lur no enough to he Iii two to puss Bodi Sci enl in incl Inry tactics nil could not i Ini in dior Tho Ordo which Wokim Lingo Tho Dit Limuli of tiling through but ingenuity did him and therb Foro to or dered 11 Hull urn Toimi mid you Hru dismissed Tor Ono Mintu Whan you will ill in ont of lick sit Loof Tho Good news o travellers going Hast. A n at Short cheap and direct route 3ml t x tjx3l e2 33 in full Mast a Aln. Tub m11. Ii Auk Neil ukr Koit Iii ii Titi a Impi Vuil in ilium will k Levy cult Emliy a Luot i t. Cui Inifi Lleni it l Lxvi to with Detroit Iii Ruut Weitig cml Wiir Points cast Milwaukee at 5 is. 111. Detroit at 4. Ill. By Thih it at Cuch 7 2fla. In. Or Lilac 1 i. In Vinik 10 if in Lini Tun 1 j is in by Tulili us it Rimoli i i. In Jet Fiji. Oil. Ii. In p in ii mini in. Tulili int me i by and a it oni . Ill limn any Oiler route. Win i be Uiki to York mul Ull Tii i iolanta Climint Lileiko Toni vim u lung you o Stern in Kilt i la a Mil Walkki . To lilt uu1i Rick tvs fur it ii i i Zitur Mil. A Hor. Ii. K. La ii list kit i Truitt a Itil in co n Dock. W. K. Num. Lit a l . Of n l sup. I a Trout. J. Ii. Mil. Nim kick. Trios. Rii Kuhs i Wilver. City a l. Mlle Niilow county abstract office in men already Lingo limn ill to i Iii in thu it. Or nil Tolu Liui within Inivie Olimb Gullli i in Mali Ulit ii Corii ally my Tuli h oif Irr l . Pm rect no l in i in my Clio n i att inti la Tri Timbli ii 1 lit "111 la ill la in Lull i Nim ii. Ii i will Kii in Llma i in t l till Tell he Lif Ull la Tell ill Illet Al m Iii Ini i i i i to any Nlhr-1 Milci i lil Titi in tilt Nalii in d it. Tint i., non ii to Iii in i ii nil i i of ill Ului in it Mivi Flint Iii a pin Piti Lutvi. Crib r-4. I i i tvs in h Tai Iii Tor lib. . To. La by Lii ilm Liin i i Cin a Nett null l with in i Iii ill in f ill us in 114 wll in Nim stir. Pru Piilini Foi Iii i Celtib Hill ill lit to Lull la 111 Illel. O ill Lull it ill Icli Iyub i o Iii Nib to Elj t lint l i if null l rom ii i ii Lri Iuli lieu thu Tirril the fur. Nut Hiti i wiil la Illel 1miu slut i la lilt l ill to Lulu l h 1.11 ii f. R t t in ii a Tinl ii i Lippi for Winvil i i Luis invt Din t Lii Ufir in k he ill 11 in or a him Fil , lion. Thu ill i Irtz Itu k. N. Ii Sobh Kosov. L Cind Ilu c. Irin., Mun i i i. Mill. notices Kif kit is Salk. Of Elwin in. L Clr cull Cui irl find Dii i vainly. Ken nil o it n tin Lii Lii i v. Y Sruti a Iljin v. u a it n in jul Ituau c Jinp Tny and r. W. Wells. Dealer in Duus nil Medicine books n nil stationery1 at the of tub Boutall main stat m Nitim. Medicines 10 is in Elln Nifon of Ilu a k to Trio origin. I l l b to Kos from tin inn m of tie of pub Lic Jour Tel a i int ital i ii Ruth Neil Lumm Iii oui in of Uthon Kiniry cur s by lion med a of which thu a Eyk . Pirim tie Cihi Ettoil or by Lutter any in Milt i Jpn Trio Ili Idun Enith in Mio n of or. Lio ack which n it All accessibly to tin Publ a till Hills tie following rim Ilici Ood i Ficu Mill 111.00 Linov pro1 Fil to Costa ii no Mineral thut they cure thu comply uric with Ini Fri Sirj c Rhet Naif in n u by Short Tinio. Thut nil other he Leo i Oval Tolu Zollum liver complaint. And re store Grunt ii terror. That so k to Imi in Wiak and by Virgin if Nii l nit a n a Mlin in Iii n Rupi Rontu with Kri it Mph ii Niqui lir or in ill ill i. Tomt nil . A. In i ill it Pul ill in on. Of Wii Jilin lit c i inv la , 1 in , ill Iii Lioi Truf iof lint Ilia. Ibi .in. i a i ill it Piui i f Piffl i i Lii l a trim in Iii Tun n i m in ii. Komi Mobili i nit i the Iii la Ivi it i Nii Tvr of Iii Ini i t Fiir do Niini if Fui i a 11 Eurih Iii Iii no. Uiti i Oll Lui Ilu april to . A. Hui miam .la., Honiff finial Ilu . C.-. La. Titi of Lii skin omit of circuit Cimic i loud in i. In county t Ori w Abi " and c Oll of april Ijlal. T Lull Hill 1 ii Liln ii Cilnis ill til of foil it. On in Lii of Only it to h in of a i tint Dav. All Ali Pir. Of Bun Situ it. Anil Beni in vat Wiiki if i c in. I v of in is i. Of in. In. I 1 1 m. I ill a loll of i. I. To Tiki ii Roll Ojandu l i Bli u Nii int or Elj. Al of. Cml it the lot Timi Itu r font ill in Dock on. A it ii Iii Ilromi w in i u by thou co blvd of of Kail . R . April i. In o. A. .Iii., flip Rolf fond in us. Wann plot " a to m. 1 old ninth a i a Ilku i South n Viii of i t to tin of f s . St Toof , of Clerc it court Koine do of Finly. I Oriculo Norv and l. Hlin tin in my. I Siut my of i i a Lix of the i unit of of walk a. Evil Luigi u John and fair link. In Virtell i of and int to a to rim Lithia in 4 ill i i thu Gnu told d it. D ten Olli Max. i la in or. A w Tiu Macx nor Lii. A to a Lor Muiir Kiihul Una in .1. W. T. . 1859. Olnfy thrill Willii ii to Ivulis it ii jul ii would Blini no nil i 1 to try your Mililli Imi a my Lirot liar no lung in thu first of Yurii w. I it nil i Lieuw Mill Lon ii of Iho im1n. Nil i in to Inu bit ii a i urn will Lontai Iii id my it. Ii m i 1 ibid of i i at Trio by Lur Tymn 1 by on fur Ihn h to of m. The inv. Ill the it in pair wot Ibl i i Onisi Iii l tin to All . I i ill ill " -11 it Mic lion. It 111 Iii ii 1-1, til til of m ill Nii in Aid iffy to boil Wihl h Insul i the it Ili v ii i Iuit a Lioi Vivi r Anvi Boin Illeth in with in to lilt i Lial. Up i ii info Ketly upon pm Vii Ami in f. Lolur Tom of Scro Yulii Ali other Lii i i ill u v in hint my Kkt lilt Tiik dub imitated. Incl i no no of Thi slut Nierli Mill Slowik Ali Ali can Dmn Iii Fol i Lnu Bruni Iii Pirilli ii ill i b..-Liui.i.uf Iho i Cri Troini. In hit Ilo nut Rulif Bil Iti tin. Y ill Uili lol Litu i Iii been a livid i. 1 fit it Ftfe Orff Zirri. In a nil Linit Tho vex Elnel i null i in Iri i Ali Muriul by ii int i in Tiitu mho. In ii Hiloni Ini Ilir Mill by of ill ninth pro Lilin lip in to to Tim in of i. Ellul i i 1 ii Mil lot Lobi Kin blown Vii Len Mil ill it Hillh. 1 i v Loiro in Lull ill Trio Anil 1-.-c1h.-11 it Anil i i Niini Nutly. No can Ilu nil to or lordly ii Tim one trl it b la a int. In Luct. Flu ii it Piunini in a i ill i u Lii Uvo n innit bar of them i a Iii i Ulvi Ufuti Klc ill Oil Pirilli a. i pit Bull Ilia Wuhl it Oil pit Box or i in h for i. Zip club pub Ilith in on ibo a Miil Pipi l Linn Tillmus or. it Ili Viii and ail Lar i it us inti h inn Anil Iii i Neitli ii. Linail gnus of any of in ii Iii tiry. In Ililau Ull or i in Pali Ili in or Tobuck May hip Moull or by utter in use Tui ii fur h n ply 1 Kulil i v. Or. Mcmullon. Oil Tubero Isit or c in i Havo your ill Oil i m a for n in Ivoin Alil i Liun Iri Uil which i Hugo of. In in Llin hot Tinii-4 in u to thu Tanti it Iilva h n h Ippu i Ilot Honi re h. I i Aio a ,.pt in i ill o l 13 discovered at Waupun especially for persons in want of agricultural implements stoves and go cads no person in the country is More con Vine d of Hupper Erslon of Trade Tau a Tho Huba Tribur Uulu of thin to him no greatly Rcd cd the prices of All of Kooda. That porno a in of any of the Naovu i lick a would do wed to Call before purchasing. Thus. . To about 1 Vuk opine that few o the re Midura of lie rhinos will t w to Hiir printed to Loui a twin go ii Nuwt and t very Ono will . A 33 a. Is. To a such an to i inti Crockern of Iriny to Nhun lord it what Englc or Ivill tit Ali Iii t not user a and where Fum Humy Ali or bread Anu cheaper than Riih maim tact rent Lio inv Lias Long Tho Reci Chi of Tho thin to have in bup Iny Suchun l Trio Marvici h Ufa ii Ustalo City Linker Kortle Toon yen rtt u pour Ticus Hakr we Aro prepared to fill nil him warrant faction in every instance. Partlett at Low Lulei. To connection with stir Fri Ivory we to Liap tie Dothi Uschett Ost Over Olav rom Iii j teas sugars and Tho Lino of Fui Fly Oro Corleh to Plec Jih our solvi h to soft so Low us to Inuko it in object for Ovi by Gnu to Call. It our nit Iblis Ilu Ariit a curly oppose to Trio Kex f ii nil p-1 18tt Tuk . Hewitt Brothers would Fth attention othe Pohlit to tins fact i ing Oil pics of All kinds and styles. Skit Kos ii lit dims from in Superior style Neil Tomt ii sell talk in at tie very lowest o s s i b i e prices for i c a f. Ii All Kini sol furniture on Short notice and Lair chirp to made. Per sons fur Neuire May leave their oilers it a Luiu s or leery and the Artic los will he called for and returned to them at to Iii Sale floor West of hew to s grocery store. Call and e. D. I Witt. I i. B. Hewitt. To ill. Of n Ailynn. Cunnitt of n. Follon. T f f Toff from Lam i i d of no. My i of in i n a i la loth Viii of inn inn link t i tin i it Ali i of l. In Tho Oulu o of Tho of f til 1 Junly of Kond Ilu n alien Ali go morally Iliond a Koy Hulo fellow nil web is aws anvils vices Flics in san Irons Muracca Blytt adze stores kit Tox Glud Stouck and All Olturn Raffiela 1 act Aisig to the Trade Ever offered by any other firm in the country to Weir Stock embraces a Complete assortment agricultural horticultural implements All of Trio Best make together with a Large Stock of Wagon makers tools. Those in want of House trimmings and builders hardware invited to Call Gnu examine to Weir Stock. Blacksmiths will find them Well supplied wit Iron of All kinds horse Nils . Wren she and Saliers ground Wagon boxes and a Large assortment of Bla Kami h 3 0 ols among a Biclie May be found Bellows vices sledges hammers stocks and Dies reps files nippers Thoy will keep constantly on mind n Large Stock of of Jill it makers and trimmings that to choir Bufi Nesa. Choice selections of English and american table Siml pocket cutlery. Silver tinted German Silver mid Albattah Ware of All kinds together with a Large variety of miscellaneous goods Cistern and Citrin pumps with Well wheels Cordage of All kinds and in fact everything thai pertains to the Liard Waie business milking one of the most extensive stocks in the country. The Stock was selected with the greatest cure and will be sold As Low As any id the West. Farmers mechanics builders and All others respectfully invited to Call and examine goods and prices which will to full exhibited and Dumiot fail to please. In this department our Stock is not surpassed in Wisconsin. 000x1x0, parlor and hox of us cry Alyle and pattern that cannot to please the and Supply the wants of All. If you want a stove remember the place to get it is at Starkweather in Kilmore s. Trofi of All descriptions. Of bows and yokes rings and Staples steel Springs cultivator Teeth nails a Little cheaper thai neighbors wheel Heads wooden and Iron Bunzli screws files Huels augers Grindstone Aiu tit Shakt Ikon and Coppell Waitik of our own manufacture not surpassed by nov tinker this Side of Sunrise our tin shop is up stairs where we manufacture everything in the Tii line and where we Aro ready to make tin gutters conductors Cavero highs he., and put pm up to All who wish to make our acquaintance we would say or shall always be to you to Trado with you to give you full equivalents for your Money and when you Haven t tin Cash or old Iron compar brass Pei scr roys or such like we won t refuse to wait on you a reasonable time doing As we would be done by. Orders shall receive prompt attention. Whup in. A Tenn uth. 1s.-.8. Starkw Kattire Elmore. Job printing of every neatly and promptly executed at Tiik Waupun. W a u d o j s Excelsior condition powders for horses and c these powders already stand without a rival in the Western country j having Neon thoroughly tested and richly re commended Large owners of hordes and cattle. A who use Thorn Are with the Raciti t. For Disi a is of horses a bolter reme was never compounded. Try trial will prove to Weir Virtues. They arc l of Burks seeds and Gunigal Linerud in the Western been used and pronounced Tuk uksts by our most eminent fabric is being especially adapted to the diseases of this climate. Lias your horse the heaves give Waldo s condition powders. They have been tried and found Superior to All Othur medicines of tie kind. In coughs broken wind and colds they will give immediate Relief and effect per manent cures. Their equal Hub never yet been a the Market. They purify the blood remove All unhealthy matter from the stomach and Anil restore health to the Feble and sickly animal. Certificates and full directions accompany each package. Inquire Lor Waldo s condition powders and take no others. Manufactured and sold it wholesale and retail by howls w, sole Wisconsin by druggists and country dealers throughout the state did by r. W. Wells dealer in drugs medicines books papers 48 main St., Winpon wis. V2 leather. Rosaro now in Marat Lic n co., a urge it of sole and harness leather Ivy sch they will Mil cons Merln tin Simril Prici ii Whitt will warrant close buyer in articles to their pin chases of them. They will bitter Urt Iole at a to in Prico than cull Bufo Ilnia none whap Ali the Stiitz. Should those wishing to Ilovino it. Nil vein . r bought hyper loin a filth of Berhn will deliver Rel it Tolu k. in Tomt City. Free of charge. La continuation we Veuth Todd thut our in tanned in cold Rosc Thornby being made More durable and to work Sto Foaud a Jan. I8s9 Moniree t duo to tils. that hair. From the Bofo parties on Nale the Tiki office 1 Kpa Dukani cigars a Superior kind at Hewitt s. run pm ass k. 1s5j. 33oo. Shoo fur Fott. Liri a mini lit in Luti int Ali inti Ivice. Lir fun cult it of prof. Tui Lucr of tin of Mir Khoi Lucidon Lar ruin kit Huniu Keiit Lute of Imbilli a Nio bit of tin i ocl i Tyril i Icouls unil m. Kuom Lite of Tiv Ilon nil i him, in. Itu penalty of cure Olsi . How nov Immiti in or Glicr. Mil a nut Mercury Iono. Re or Fluor no Bali cd Hync Terr. Shin no of the Neil Minlu Zirri , i liver , Imp Kinin in up Iii it ire the in Iii of ng., i Iii in dul Lily. Cliant. Of Etc fic Lvi a pc ii Iliili ii Tion. Trust Nikont Catir by now nil no until Sno i soul Conri ii nil Iho Ruiika Neil Rufon Dicosol Mill Audi in hopi Hury Lottor must i Tiitu in it maps Lor which nil be Kent it Wal turn Ali p a Alao the his Pexsa lir Olti Nail Iii Ulm Vii Laulile Lorn no no Loi old or Young a Morrii in or Nimni Ali in. My Civ Conlu for nil who Impi ii Imu. Them Ovca Lii by n i ill Nisi ret practice. It Coli tutus Quioro Vil Timble unit Tun Jle Dii Al a Blok of paws con Tuini the Suhs Lillick of Ull fiut i known in Reh Tion to St. Cri t i tc., together with Tho Ope Ronco of tin. Rarhil Iyce Trio diaper hairy Treu Treut of More thin cases. Pulci f 0 in ils junk Iii m of mule met Lily Illet invaluable in it but not to be him in Piini i i . Thi a Stoulil nor the Hopo of Olfs Prin do. I a actual preventive is the Only or till. Tomt without or will Minlu Lilily Pri vent concoction. Lioi Simun of Minnii in i diet too Loble to children Xci it m Iho 1 mward of Ali live Imil i inn to in Torii Irful Lor this n to. Ii Malili i other in use and to ill sent by mail to any Ildri a. R a Rincler. the Sci of thid Lii. the in Ito Bloom Neil Uench which Lime in porn Lunevil us Iho to Tho inti he of Lif. At nil l i of and i Lustic nil the , it it Guclu Pruvli Nti of or Linkk i Blotch i. For Erklyn . Womb. L-ic., Etc a i ice per by mail i i ii if must contain n clump to be for reply Inck Kiin. To t t a Iii Ioco. B. Remember my motto a. Do work Hen agreed and All who know me know i to my work Well. Joe i silk did article of cheese for Sale by g. A. Hewitt. To housekeepers. new. B t. Babbitts bust medicinal sat rates manufactured from common .1 Ute Ureil entirely Dlf Forf it from Berat i. All mutter it Kwh toil in such a manner is to ill cult and do Kinin of cuke with Only Ennu Milnic a pal alien by Conj or Wilu d to Seroby proud Clun whole wac Wii lots. Every particle. Of is to Gnu Iii throw lakh Hie Lar Giitl Neil while Kitik. Connie Fli Illuv. Noth Liik ecu Ihlen but Cominoli suit what Orneil flour. You will i Rem Lily perceive by who Nate of thin Snlc-1 Cralli Tomt u la entire or differ enl from s other it la packed in Ono Pound each j a Raimer Bra Iii a . Labbitt s b i decl Tel p a Terr l Ixl Long of , with of Eft Crven icing water on the lop. When Yon push inc. One paper you ii null prewar to tin land to Portl Sulur to in to the next factly 1 i like the Binil in i fill i Diri Colonn for with i thin Sale Riili mid sour milk or cart Man t will Noh am Ifni i of pan-1 Al try aim fur a inking Soja water Audi . H b m youll own with e and s n. T ii ii Iii to s i and pure concent a l i Potash. J ilm Ible the t i Navy pot Ihli put up in 1 a 3 and is full i Cal ii it Ken hard and soft soup. J aunut pictured Anil Wile b. T. Iii Britt. 4 x y., 8 j and no. 38 India-ill., Boston e d conf Ecol in Nark for Bill i in run to How j Hydle the Bucior go my and me the King of i slut i. Wo1 4 think Floh Anutt of at Hewitt s. Ood butter wanted at i. N. Nor or f doctor Euen s un1vkks.vl Streng tossing plaster am Cele Batku Foit cd a also pains or d the or Liui Brt j Alfo Tor gout a Blu Nikiti to. Livit Utu Quinit Aud in cd uhf ooal4t built Tot to of , of Tite a.c., Thoj will give and oot bin Cliff and for Pleat Art Jev eve certainty Dpi idly Superior to other rom Pioh. Var col Otto a re Juire i that they to would tit or pin Iii Emch or Tho a of a votary it Btu Rcni-rally., who May be tru Blud with a Iii to Tho hide or and vied to try Ono of Beau til fluid Sun vault by Al in ., Waupun wit. Principal depot Frith John kick we Loule drug get no s3. Water Street Milwaukee. William even pc co. For Sale by druggists and country dealers by i. W. u. W. Walls Thos. Avi John Manx it co., Warp fax. Inf. Barber Ahi r and retail dealer i 8-15 and Solo l. Cornell co s new and improve double , j Slit fast Wak Kantke to give is Good is thu highest i iced in Market. Mak lies time Stierli As the incites under the Ami set hat in the under feed straight to Delp sew two common spools do the and the i i work so hitches to the minute. Very easy exd almost no is elks and Are neatly . Kither machine Wil Sallih Jutin tuck Gate tar and Eai Bro ulcer Ulicy have taken highest Premium it several Yiirs. The a oils. 1 agent is equal in capacity to the in line i on Hingos Init Loul unbending runs with High Speed and very still. Mad in Chii ago. The one i tit evil is very Large Mil convenient Forse Wini huge garments also just Asmi of doing Ilic Lineal i Nils Niu Lins. Kite of Alicae i easily Learned from the pain cd directions. Circulars and Cut sent 01 receipt of stamp. We Are sole agents lure for the Universal he timer and Gunge. Adjustable o All thicknesses of cloth and a l widths of hem will hem Over h Iiams and f. Andean easily in att Clud to Sac Iii Macli Ini Price Large discount to agents and Cirg tsp want n kvhkywuk11e Conn and see us at 13s Parr it Ornido . Cloth 1. O. Box Chicago 111. L. Ii. Bakbe11, agent. 20 m no pin. Wit. Frt by s improved Straw utter w a k it a t u d to do More Woi Kilt i pm Julior than any other kind it Nice Lia Vitier commences 1. thu Nam a ii to it would thu nth ii Tion of to r to tin rink Toimi Tomt it it n ii Crick and ci1kai k fail Catt a Tymn inn now in Market. S7 Anil jew. According to size. I Cai Rich Stawik meatier , Agi Rita. Howard association a Litnor Alfont rate Iliili by i pedal Jar a thru of Ami tonic Ltd kid Mic Uit Talts. Tiik Ito waen association in View of the awful destruction o Linin in Lilc caused by sexual i cases several years no directed to Weir consult Bur reon to open a Lor tie treat ment of this class of Dit svs i n All it.-, form. And tog pc medical a vice Gratis to apply by Lilter with a description of their condition age occupation of life am in cases of extreme poverty to furnish Medl. Fines free of charge. The directors of the association in la. Annual la port express the highest satisfaction with the Success that has attended the labors of their surgeons in the cure of Bennie Ftp weakness gonorrhoea Gleet Sephlin the vice of onanian or self abuse diseases of the kidneys and bladder and order a con to Fiance of the same plan for the ensuing year an id Miracle report on sperm Terrhea. Or Zimnal u earn ass. The vice of Tup brition or self abuse and other diseases of the of sexual organs by the consulting snipe ii will be sent by mail in a scaled charge m receipt of pm for Pola ii address for report of treatment or. J Phil in Iliou Ojito actin in freon. Howard citation. 2 South ninth St., Philadelphia a e Best tens at g a Winegar x0. 1, the Best in the state. T Hewitt. _ Vwe no Man anything Don t ask for Trust. Used beef for Sale at Hewitt s u on i not i Tutor Milron your and my u will .11 intruder. I m not a and i it you la and without act Jan to for my apart too w t if Yoncalla rim Hio Drar ton of the pro Wui not ouly deut up to ,-ol.r n Vi-5 but i la polut your of and make Plieni u Al and Bill the Fikso Fth Tyml he s moved from up tar to the a and i tended Trade and i to his epicure for Lenin with o f i have or aug a the Myket inf. My car from and my fragrant c1g alts the finer a Efthi Refa Truthan the by Ofiu butter soda a a crackers at celebrated Verm Fuge live pills. Beg leave to Call the action of the Trade and especially the physicians of country to two of the most Lar remedies now before the we refer to or. 99 Verm Fuge and liver pills. We do not recommend then 3 Universal cure alls but simply be what their name purports tie for expelling Worms from t it human system. It Lias also its administered with the mos in factory results to various a subject to Worms. The liver pills for the cure of i v or com Rui All bilious Dera Cemen ass or head ache in cases of fever and ague preparatory to or after taking cd nine they almost invariably nit a speedy and permanent cure. As specifics for the above rationed diseases they Are Unn nyc and never known to fail we ministered in accordance with the directions. Their unprecedented Popi Isy has induced the proprietors Fleming Brothers Pittsburgh a. To dispose of their drug in which they have been Success fully engaged for the last to Venn years and they will now give their undivided time and attention their manufacture. And Batinga Ter mined that or. M s celebrated Verm Fuge and Pis shall continue to occupy the hip position they now hold As great remedies of the they will continue to spare neither to nor expense in procuring the is and purest material Ard can Pound them in the most manner. Address nil orders to Bros. Is. P. A in Nln and i in i re than Flemins Bros. I to Ahtl Nutly. Mid till i it lir. Visit 1 pm Mitt pros. Is i re Mitt a Ros. ii. I. I them n trial. per port of the United san tvs Bol of u to Wito Ulm pm. Or be Zacconi Mictl by twee in us l.plum of , or. Hoop land s German bitters or. Co110i.4l, the great Standard Ltd inuits f tit age have acquired their rest through Yean of trial. I a lion u rendered by them a people have pronounced then in ref j. Liver complaint debility of the venous diseases of the kidney and All Ditata arising front f intr or teak nets of the St much cud Are up Edify h c the German bitters. The Balsamic cordial reputation Turp Assiny that Crany of motion extant it kill Curt Wilbort the most revert and Lona Tlanda Oon Glt cold or Taenia croup consumption and has performed the snort Atto u-1ever Jinou a of confined a Fec kill also at cure the mail Tevere f from cold is Bowie. There Are prepared to Jackson co., a o. -j1s Strtt -. F Delphia. Pa., and Are told to m every Tchart it for bottle. The Tigna lure of. M Titt be on the out id Kra per a in the almanac Public thud called eve Thodt s you kill Piid Teit Many cry All of m almanacs erf f Fate Cyr j

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