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Waupun Times, The (Newspaper) - February 15, 1860, Waupun, WisconsinA i the in times an Independent adj Mulican newspaper i. F. ill Midi slim my Lilii no Anil to 1-Kkll kvki1y mokx1nc, j l in a of int i of advertising. On of live 1 a 37 the Mes. To their duty would joint tit the particular to a order to Maccou Vii so tlieir1 , that the object to j. Ii. 1 and 1 Ropi it Tor. Co in and per Anu unt in Advance. Volume 3. Waupun wis wednesday february 15, i8go. Number 20. Ink i until . Ami 10 in l t l Vul Altisi be Neil fur. Lav 3 i. O. O. Lara Flor .1 a. . O. I. No 11 Rill no. Inf .-y1ii1.j .11 t ill a in. Main iikw1tt. S. I. O. City via Kkt Aud Counselor at z. Years of pal pick to upon matters Tonton. Tuft if Ali i a in 1 l j jewelry i. I Mill a. To lil Mioli Al in in i u Roll us i c in the of the Middle of Iho last Century Inri was u youth in Hanover to i v v imposts Nonc-8 the of tha stamp act. Rending of the i solutions the . In cot and. Would a storm. Tho lightning was Lii Himli the a Aupuni Oil tilth1 j. Cased a Neov do i Cui and by Roar of Lik ii Tio Suitt in a Minim far tic Al Silun. N in flip a Trood ily was ilium Der. The of further tip u thu in Jot Lizul. Indolent and . Verv moment Tion. Protest and Wimly my Anil i which he c us steal Furnin his forced the passions and site Bora watches Vii i a ii in 1 1-y Iho spent in Bunting and of men when arc in their it would have inure , their personal Vunita and than foresight to Dir Fern their i s social tin upon Lue wrathful in c Tom Cotton Oil. If ill okra Ai. n youth the re that a storm of Shusi Xvi a thnh 1im-. 1. Len living i a Mil is of a evolution and Tiu Tisi de upon i n and Jefferson in Sci yet it Trio Mph t Torii and Over Sliver Lii i l iiii.lli.-i-. Run Urie of tie peat edit in thu lid i South and a listener from the 1 by Blair rage of wind and Hajy it turf Ilik a Siili l Ali .11-1111 if Thi . Flares Tho Deb Ite was Blu do l was Pii Riek Henry in his Tarlit a In Iho of his Ninf its Gruitt never i the contras of. But in this Lam a with inns ext need Taft a Wima Rorm in. Fitful s that of thu impassioned Tribiana of Ilas obis i Huik red out Bis Swirn of i ii a is Lul i Liilie people the Leader of Xor a. Jiu had his t o 1 t 1 by j fru 1 it u in nil ii i is the i first Jumi Woll slave code for tha free of i Lii ii. Lyl. A a will in 11.1 a kill w 1 our Lilio i c stir s of the Law were lint to i Rii flu i till Lle Ives i eiilos1 in Vii Dent anal ind Jan ant cries nil Linkk la. to Earry him Onward an other acid a inure August Arena. I Jasmi rolling upward from every Pait Tif the House and following is Tomt portion of Laa recent speech particularly referring i. Flutes fifes Bird cages i . Nikii. Wit i in Guild lip Trio speiker. It was n a Bioh Ali inks no i died try. I. A l .-n-.-r, i la 1 i h k w Prophet and loader. Like which tries manhood. Mid teals Freedom of Poech him tips Iota lawyers in Virjinia who have be Fibre of lha soul Henry s bore thu North also n purus ii of a. The popular voice and mis figure Rose no it with to his general Gumont. Of i of i ii i Ohlon for Iho Ijo Nso and Fri if dull1 Render Devin pcs his eyes hushed Ujiie As. it ii Irli m re a 1 1 1. Ii i in id in in 1. fur . A. I a his seat in Spring of 1 t More hair hts and decor mind. Than Freemn Ever Sti Ouid cultivate. I i 3pl i 33 no ini0 an had confronting his opponents with the to c. Staut Tii Meyance irritation. A Toni it ii. I. A i l i and Surgi ii l int 38011 a Ems votary i Xvi. I i just of in i at 1sgo, a. The k Jimj. Tin Stone inti m. A. Ollu -i1 h5uv 1 lots shoes Perry i there lire times heart is Al the by life s itself of almost any Hen Trio e Muirden Urmia ii Hen it we Ifni throw o v i u. , Wilri Laii Lenl w. 31 Ulli i m. Is ii in. S. T. U g e o n -, dentist a is won t a ii. Len 1 Tel i i. And u. I lit Hil h uti s. Too i Corn them i Tii holi ill i. v in. Notary Rii Jrex my Majhi. F. Came 4 on . Tiik Diziki toss of ti1k Dodge n s a n l i Imoni Fri Gnu m p a x v to Lliel Lii. , Lenin Taiton Whon re.- from doubt and and j would make a of repos and tin 5ruvc i Solf wears no a forbidding a Icet but rather Man to tint lies of in . Stieh Nimol enter into every lit Modisti d by Cir ii a slut eos by Lompis and by Oarle raining but in their lit and in their inn Ous Ai the. Lars they info Nero. To some Prosperity comes a Good ii folding and flier Ishing Trio Raris Veitii so Golting Linin oilily Ali in rather a Linin self Luis and Inrig Trio soul upward and Onu Ard Torii High paths Radiant Wilh a to ii to Jyh the air Auener of Lei ing Pride nud Nortu Fly sleeping the in and shutting out. The Verv of heaven that sin May Vit i 1 Ihu fill i d flare emanating from where Good Angels never risk Llie a Esturi Lime . Who can drum Eliut sorrow a Cei Ved the Royal Aii t Sunn after the in voting of the out Stormy it. Line up for lie Viti i of t a. B by. Uon run the to conic i fit by example if this in in ii Ful Wrath of an aroused giant his voice and . If we expect 10 Ami this Union we must within the May u icon and in obedience to the Jubi Itu Tion Evory evil for which disunion would a remedy. If the Federal no it tails to act either from Cho o an of Tom Grunt of it cannot to de that the will a Conlen to remain unprotected. Then i aaa no Hopa p him nil treason make tha must of it thu res Drivie through. In Sipito of of i Ami Sarit i 1 Mill it. W. Drugs Mim Lii mrs in . A drills ii olli.---. Hum tit. U. A. . .kn. ,.r . 1. Visions Ali i la is. Iii i away in Blind poor and Al nuts a. n ills i .1 Otih-ulie.1 Lyrl a by i l la toll Lla d 311 . I of. In in Rily Niv to Ouirl t., Coli. Ii my 111 nil a Tate. A Untim of the cd Fasy. W. Illy Rio no. We. A . Jutin Yri Lleni v.u-. Ii ii Barnns much a.nrt of life s permitted Lluc Al Croc is " r 11 11 . I. I the hour and the Man the storm ils Bla Itkes Luik the i Ali undo a hog in to Bolu Ard Ere Long was m a 1 Lilie fire Furnin heaven. ail Ihu Eleni ii s of were not Cut Binod. Many the Gri ate in leaders Ami most St Tesmen lies into and doubled Uund to by a Huni Lri to of affection and Nora Ion interest and habit Thoy Rucoi led from a contest to a Hiya their Moat i hoi shed feelings were up is a and ado Calvd s ill the old and Meiji i finds to i Lirl Iamont and Tho Kinf. S was Trio Stato of Llie Public a hug u Heidi in Tom midst of Lic by Clad and of wealthy and aristocratic appeared Tho Hil v dressed unknown lawyer from j thu Assembly of Virginia publicly a ii yer. Us Glan of at Tho body and de tied the Power of y. At tie personal Jupt a Nncy of tin were carried do. R All position and Moat Iriemi Midovin Nola us they wore adopted list by a Bare Peyton in pass no through tin lobby. Was heard to exclaim Wilh a Ler Rath hat he would have Given Inata for a single x ote would have silenced the alarm Bell and live Hundred Guin Aei was not much 10 offer for it. The action of great of Virginin sent a Iho whole land from North to South and Tho ten War of revolutionary e meal began on that Day when 1 Striek fought Hii it Tolvis through ice. Intrti-1 Street in the old passing in run enter ii rec d town of w up Gloucester the Vestibule and the Way loading to the uni Minc in he rear we Oil selves in the Lull of the House of burgesses of thu Colony arid Dominion of Virginia. The speaker is Aoa Torl beneath n red Cun spy held aloft by Golden rods iving upon the table to Len miso is in full sex Ion. The neatly desk Tho Mace that the body richest to sons Isle of the to of aboard non the disands of arcs and Liun Dreda of is Joy and Prossie we knows whether Hobo it All until the Opportunity oilers when to lest so Renyi Tho to Misti a a Leius with planters of just this Sleibi thou aside from Ihu right it in weakness to yield in. Is vants and reign supreme in their to Only i. Estates. Lik. Cuda bar ii stir fort he Resolution is with i rounded by their serfs and Hio Vinyl. N soul ill incl Vilh they special notice t i passenger j unit Maki and m an in .1. so , 11 a , 1 main St. And a. Points East South. Hui like i ti1ai.v Osili Kos ii a Man Fai Larrr of i l let i and a1 . Spiik Chicago ? Orth Western railway rim in ii no ii ii Rue i him Una wish train Ripon Anil i Jar. A 1 liar Rii Kis s Only. Harnoss a. Not door my cd ill . Ii Lik l i ii int nil Lini. I . I la k vi1 i univ null a i. U . Ii. Jul Lihan. To a .1 Aik Sun i Luis. I ill it if .-.i. 1 i. It. Justice of Tho peace i Ofierr tit ii i of t o m a i a h kor Ilir Milli Vors. Jat n Fishki right old s us .1 avoid till Milam a s Lillikos Ovil ii.-i-.--. to is in , in a snit i. A lil Kalina ii thu i int Minn. a ii. nil tin Kir-1 ii1.-1. J i of i., ii. Iv., a Ilsuk Vav. of p. In. . A-.-, . Flit it i .1 tie Resolution it Concession to Iho Wro ii Iscie eur in Iliin Cid and the lower Pas sinus hold Sony the heart and intellect Are but. I Fen i u i ruin. Thet Efure Shihi we Arn to sex Thiim with the i psalmist 1 would hasten my escape from the storm and the let remember with hum icily and rever , that we Are not Burdusi d beyond out Slect Irth not tempted i Pond what n Keith i knows to can with his fur lot is then i listen. impatience mid desp Giulini by a . Luli ii to endure bravely lather than site Caugh to despair. Thim a is Inich to enjoy even in the most clouded lot. Xii in who have Dew Ved friends in Frie inless and there is in liiiiii.. Love and sympathy n Balm for Many a gaping wound Larth with ils changing Lenity the sen in it solemn in ii Sty the Tinnat it so Ghi Riou i in with Etui and star.--, the use i winds that minister us the warm Days Tho Lieuw. N with Llie ii lips to us of Iod. Until at As Thi-. rank am lures Illey Are Wear Rich cloth and waistcoats elegantly Clad an velvet their Are splendid with embroidery and tie Long Flaxen Perkes a covered with snowy hair powder. Thor Are wealthy aristocrats with a bund cd Noble and generous traits of in ii an heart with Brave Loyal souls Inanna Mous natures Liberal hands and kindly also with n jealous ment to degrees in a with i Pride of , Pride of Little of in sent in Oil. Oas it. In possible to e voc they arc in th.- own opinion the an Thoritat. guard of the not a Jolly ride. The Sandusky Register closed i count of the editorial Cju Bablo at Tittio Ulizio As follows after parading several of the streets and Aslo Yinhing the Tiffi nites Olio Hnilo t keen anything like it since scald my Rogers forty horse they Fri inc about to in turning a Comer rather suddenly the Hind wheels Slid on ice and one of them i trifling against a projection was crib incl to the ground. Tha effect was out pitched the flow apr of the Ohio 1 Ross in one mass of arms legs boots and streaming . And a moment Iho scene was to Carifio. Wilson of Iho Wyandot Lionar being on top can wind i Tiekle Back into the Wagon Nul although Liis lilt Nas jammed Over his rip nod All tiie do ten the Buck Knet a burst lir rough and his nose bleeding Delisi Vatcky that he Hart not out at All orator Denney. Of the Dastou was licked up in sensible but when some him began to read his own to him he recovered at Ond to cry in a tone of Irbid Orrile suf Toring put him out put honorable Ennor in old ii to Poji King Chat a Ciesli Aii m. Trade a i. If judgment Wilh any very frat by he Bey and int to Maka certainly i have a Den Urdina c int ii Din of feel Iho part of country i h is Ore Nee to rather Chen to Piti Cutlir porn cd ii Carciu upon the of following tie lit purport of Tia Resolution lid bus mahi Gui Cunt i think i mite seen Nally in the , 10 t he Chri Liliu to Octal of Coner Verf on this subject. 1 take ii there is a Frost of opinion upon that Snurr. I the Sennier will pit Lossy that unit that Pui it. Heed uni Hiuer Cevjnn. Atri yet t o Ibal Oliero a any member if .atr, any member of who it not us he is Talut nil it tempt o i from Quarter Rhey t o w , and that All the Najj to adv Ticnor party thai is at nil of posed to course which been .im.-d it by him. Mid v Hud Boen it by tin Hon Ollile squalor Froais Vir Jisi i. But the senator allot me to Ami Here i do not Artel unit to Advance an a Bec Auke we heart it before Here and in our belief the True solution of the difficulty be looked for in another direction. Vow believe in fuel we know that previous the session of if 1s51, Titi i Cony iry was upon Tia Laver y a ufos it had Bucu Qun tej not Only by the plat forms of the. Par Lien civil avas do vol Al their but it had been quieted in Point of fact from the Tion nil nun to whether it that the f put an end to s e. In front equity of Good Between the thought that the of the free Tecil 1 p-.wi Well defined Al least Sollic gently til. Two great loading Par lit i Hud determined Lylial should1 to rib More trouble in the subject 1 the people tired of the Cimler. It bras reasonable to Hal the Agi latin Wui Ilii jul it Besan Irr the Winter Tho Fite broke out anew the Pandora s by of political evil is it conflict much an irrepressible been called was twi Init Cou itry the and the Sunj thrown i to a up m Gioldi Bijj suites. Question and who applied the Turli . The Siodo of preserving Lien inv Exerie Mirent Nee is Plain. system Irona e in nil of . Must cease tie i try. And How 1 a Vii i different of thu United one to a Cut by bringing to Benr the p lower of tie government to the extent auth de by the the be Ojito of nil Tho against of external Viola no Agar pension. I thrill by i of freeholder let by rank nil Pas Tiiu. No unkind , be Down an immense Heig it upon the comi Miu fiict..- and calmly As h , verily Heli ovo a titled t place of patricians .Ul Cun Statuti Linin lit c Annisey the infant hat if the theory of the Constitution shall be curried out by conceding ibo rights of tie people of every state to have just such institutions is Thor cub there nil of it is Given the Power and All ask o j by the c mrse of things in to Oor Gross is to of ivc Menns and we territory of Kansas by Llie of and a the j slave Power if i inny Bot Cucui of of several will in so by to Fores exempt i of he Lei tilts of Ikmet con rabies As will Titke Serror into of thu of oops and there will be an end of tha . Sir you in by a rubbing out the conspire a the Binai Ion and then there pm be Huety. Then we shall be Able to restore shut spirit of fraternity which inspired our revolution try fullers upon Terry but tort Giuld which presided Doii Berlion of Tho Venlo in Flint .inied Tho Constitution. 1 Lun we Squill Able tue Demosi struts 1-, you Itiat there is no evil in redressed in Ihu Union fur which Diau Nimi would fur h rim by. Lion let extent Trio in the in we Ich ii was lit i Jonari is pass nil the lava necessary and proper to Sivc full Ulm com Piru Ull Tiol to every of tin them Llu comb Niit in any Jime territory no smut tin properly Zintl lotions people Goverio Inonu of any other Diute and the ire will be no exc me no desire upon a Freo territory by ill of tin s government mid by the d Fenci which was made for nil these ill these by All the Cia in Pany and certainly by nil the Section of if on Unis to by i of .au wih More More Rob Lily i Roro Power than tin Honura Tilc a Castur from Dinois Bini Delf. Sir i take in Llin lion Vith to rights of others. People were n Cisson vast jag lit hts upon Llort 1 Lake it the when to go the Ermord to ii rid who 1, and to Settle Thio is Iio i Chi Voli ii iiuirde.-. And.-u. The in tid rights for f and Smuch us the const Mtnlion f the United states confers upon Zipoli men Ilie u to Lien his pockets emptied of playthings. And inasmuch is that includes Tbs a to inf in the people7 of suppressing and Pirinis Liiri Kree tin ii Cusp racier in one Lula no Nigut property people govern uie i of every other Slat i to out that Vito Boualy. Sir give us Suomi a Law is the Constitution Contemp Laio himself up fluid red for and Neil Dorizas. And i will show the senator i from new York that Constitution i. Miti. In i Vii i is i. In a in wire. Six on. To Tho 1 kids that Pur out i o. own Hiippi tors Brief Skoch May to explain nets to enrich our a and More Llian n a the the astonish nent in divination and Himor world us almost in indie in its Whitti the coarsely , these Tiro left sonic of Hanover amused when he quickly lie loved have forsaken us Shiiki arose i dictate the to Usu to i Liv so thrown could and wounded us almost j pursued by the banns. Jyce was his Aji Peti Alec in i a it us most Dov onily us to provoke displeasure. He Vas i-.vkshtt.iv.St-. Pray Leat l us not into we ibid in an old faded peach . I never for fit that the tempter seeks rude in fabric As in i Minon Husk use i 11 1 Pief Trio Kenton demo cent who i couple Al with the Thuiy of pro a three Hundred and two nov pounds j to citing each state a Ai flt Etc nil i. I i. I wit i was Pic Ltd some fifteen feet into the icy of i he left auth in a a Large Kettle would hive had it been thrown the distance striking on ils Bottom. Lie looked a Good Liswig Decd at first hut gathered the that lie thought he d pet out and walk Little and , clip Teljii a Rome Dpi a out of Tho ground Jansi and ill h Fiorin which Many t inra apr. Lie thai in inv More joint i in ii there in the a iia off n Stu i. Infill Jihn s my it this idea of appealing to they ii bout two feet., when without saying a word they turned their own a tiie. I Orost its and into it Hift in e understand they Roach a i next to nine thoroughly sex Mode of suppressing Iho inn Nul to nut to not to firm on their n Libor a text to doctrines comes in my Jud it font Villi a very ill from have i Timeir Munif their Boon i onion prison Doort repeal of Tho thu for i Virili Tell t he Tio Norals frankly lint rest von an never s Scrimo. S. E. Stoddard. T .1 u v n it morn Liuti thus to m Ink i s new meat Market Vou t Nul of meat. Lllan. I A 1. L. at i 1 i m a m. Tin iimu.-Isnoil. n mar kit in tin Lilii Milij. Ii.- no mime rank i do All tuition of Jill Trio in pc n turn c n a 1 i a it i n iv.1 him ii it i a to . A. Paid i of . Sell on in i u s i n c s Exchange i in. T nit ii tin1 .11 i in Kif a first rate Ioos. For x. I . N lit 1,enl by Mil. The most vie him therefore it breeches of line afo to with Folh vice Jedi Isle 1 of dressed leather la a there is no Call to a it Urs by the i was covered with an Rusty very of the Pifei Pic Down Shioli i Seeni of powder and Uil Erly Miliny souls Havo Plu Wilred to Rizin the sate tie Aiu by Ide the Al Oving Perkes m like path lies Buck of it nil t-horc1, with Asl a ii help we will keep our feet. Al i m.- pre eth cd was 11 i ben1 sumption to a i can Slop t . Drc Ssu a to a a Dubai us inv ref orc i will trend this pc i is Way a Carse up Pomaranc i he s Oil i Little it is Wisdom and strength to need it slip by and when and fear without counting thu Chen Tiiu Chin pressed lips to so -.iaic, jets of Success failure. Words w Yieh Eanie Forth j i Sims nut wish to take his a War to grate painfully up _ lout of Ibe Ivorid Only to Arm them curs of the 1-Stciiers. Poop its to invitations. Let Liis be heti Cefoli Ali Llie j called .iirinny, end and aim of lilo sol Irinel thai i he effect Waas shall Reki ill in of principle in Airi enable As a Irodus de to Day up a no la and Abid no Faith. If heart am Eiichii by the of n it the Lio Mack so Chick who made ill Rev Aii inst Pexce of ill and the Domestic Tranquility of our to in acct their wherein to drag out a life is n Pun Dimen for Elmir crimes against Tom of passed a Ian allow tie t the company of people of Kinsa to form mid a res Riccioti and Laid this to All the . Have to coun i wild Why 1 have Ever b live i at i Lake Len declaration in Ido is of tint party by rom his saw Mil an de of 1j-.40, Xiuping to the Shanhan House Noil a i dispirited lot of Ruen in institutions to suit . . Hud that liw on fill Ancl insect Fetuiai Elt Wrt to raise the Siadul i Book his f to Stiden so Politi formed Ami l input Ion in Thi different slattt.4 10 import a set of dinner dots a inns to Cintrol elections and Tom prob Bly Kcf in i institutions that in of the Law of . Sir i Desin to Moke tft4 legit latin Chr Oil in Onyx o reach and be Piile of in Neil Hor Kip. Gating of Trtat and i would ilm of in aeon i of Rowa Ba-1 f a Tho f tidily by an senator from South c d of the re Mitic Tion to i extend so tet by Over that ten ily did Flurije Litofe i of x aary the pred Csor of the lion sits there . Chest Nuiji so in his published lie find it in to Iho Obj i Ami Llie in living. Weary Tion in prayer in immediate presence h the in i Ai of there is Consolac t god. I for Tiv pen Ali Tii ii a Otie to lire a in youth and Tho tha. Ali re educated gentlemen jul All personal o Jet Loiis Sank shut in i the it com a my How of that the fact s Ihn. I Jit be so n w i in Var d my opinion on lha. Subj act. , Liow senator a i up to Inako out Hij Cisco it seams thir. Certain in Nib Cri of lh-5 i of pub uni party proclaimed of at different lha. There was re Theca a a u b text cedi labor and save 1 Irith the in Dora ble Groin who was the co Uji editor Iho stood Lio All know lure i do to ans Tor senator As in of Thiim no in Early period of him Wilh h Sre i honorable senator from Virginia . To Ali i t sex tical speech. 1 ill a do Bluit Chinn n into Hia ability Here Ltd ii it say that l wish who in no in cause and of Hite burp Erv he Irereo in in e place of the lion Oral and that Only uttered h ii be of a though i Lute la and was poor f. o her i t when they to . Presid it. I Wain .1 do on had , with his hired at a Lotf to what icy there win of the Resolution of your offered by the Honora he Soo Ator to Erin of and Condin to. Jund Pat in us with a scratch of his head j i to von . Johnson How you a Mjalli b. A and i Nfn i. Passage rickets from great Britain 5. Vav come that peace which is Scarci to heir than ail the they full like a. If Ither dist notify doa Lerl tie right f. with hit it what u the a of that co when i a

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