Waupun Times in Waupun, Wisconsin
25 Apr 1860

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Waupun Times in Waupun, Wisconsin
25 Apr 1860

Read an issue on 25 Apr 1860 in Waupun, Wisconsin and find what was happening, who was there, and other important and exciting news from the times. You can also check out other issues in The Waupun Times.

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Waupun Times, The (Newspaper) - April 25, 1860, Waupun, WisconsinThe Wal Piv t13jbs, an Republican newspaper i it ii Fin v i u -mi.-m. w Kpenii Ilia Moil i at off. Publisher Robt up in it nil tin sick St us a invt i in. Iii kit. Ink lit Siml Lii. My Tinl a ii ii i tin la nil Ino Liui Illy Lomu hip nigh till will in is i ii s i tin in to us ii Inui nut i r in ii at ii Init Mill with tin com it Gullli Llu. Iii twin or it in n Rii Wor Lulu Luhti Tali in Clim to Rii my i in invt ii Torii h r. Lit on Liliu i Tomt Luc i r tin Hli Rouil ail Tiu Nln my Honi Lurik Uii l u us conservatism what it is Jar. 3ovcc. In Lect at Harmony Hall Troy on ure on cup enl last thus club ipod the word in it indolent. Gobi Elfi Inan Conj in inf n Rossco Twible old Igo longevity nud of Ixo or the slumbers in thu Noonday sirs la of his nature lie the education of he London quarterly Llo ruminating attention and indulges in mid quietly naps in the afternoon to Don t lilo to by disturb i in his repose and if Porchi Inco von him he growls and rumbles Bill mikes no fun Lhoir demons rut Ion. Lie avoids com Bat if possible for Boin of a Lymphatic temperament excitement renders m a Little hero. Coffees v. A i Atlo irys and it and 2tl tilt x s .vc., in lung Joel Ilu lilo City of Connecticut lives the hero of the Truo Story j. Am Aboul to no longer an lilo Poi Ilous Tulic Dituro which for a time made him famous in native town happened 5 can ago. Our hero was then a Bright Active boy of son of a Mechanic. Winter of the fithei1 Ovi f m to t Din i Tell u h g e a n d e n t 11 Willis us a Nevil ill i of Oil 3po.ti up Spry a liar in Lloil 10 tul tip. mint ill i . In the worked factory about to Milo Ami a half from his Home Crusa a wide piece of Meadow Hind. One keen frosty Day to pc nitty Llie Snow on Tho Nickdow feet deep mid no Enwei of Alvo Lille fool Pii a Romainie yet to ran plugging through kept himself warm by vigorous exercise Anil Brave cheerful thoughts. When in the midst of the fully half a mile from any House to Sud a icily full hims of Gobi air Down Down Iff i info Billeit into . Lie sunk Down into Tho dark icy Waters but immediately to Tho surface. Thou of this i link which had n into thu Well As went Oik of this rested of the Bottom of i he Well Trio other i Oso about four fuel film vhf the surface of the water. Tho pour lad for help until 1m was and almost Spee Clil is but All in vain for in was impassible fur him to Mako himself heard from such 11 depth mud at such n distance from any House. So at. Last he concluded that if lie was to to saved a Muj Tsavos himself and it is to was Cui Bijj exit Rimely cold in thu water. So he to work. J it he Drew i Nikuls upon Khoii link my lir iced him Solf la o top of it ind Tho Wall of Llic Well which was of ick mud quit .1 smooth. Then he pulled if coat and taking nut his pocket Jinil a Cut his Butoli that he niig1 t to bettor then with i Airi inst Tho Sidi of thu Wall and his should cars Al i St the other he worked his Vii up by the most la Wiful , abut he pay. Sims opposed every Stop in chs and Reform from Early barbarism to civilization. A Viii a Roger s pointed the Telescope Hon Venward to invest pile and explore the starry and having such Atton Rovon Lud Iho startling fact Ifni there wore myriads of worlds like own rolling through Tho illimitable Fields of , Samo old protested against it the not o thu Jet almost producing Dix inc pro. When Prog Csc Pool Nakeil the bowels of Tho Earth Aud Amio Unsod the indisputable fact t lint hundreds of thousands per haps millions of i oars had swept Over fico conservatism slightly 1 himself and said beware beware Lvov Philion had settled Tomt by fixing the Earth s ago it six thou ind years beware of read inn upon Saeid Gro und lie has persistently to nil till , every improve finont and to com Nond Tho subjoined judicious remarks from lilo View to the disc As Well of parents As teachers they contain an principle in ref Cinco to Iho of Tho and Ono which cannot be too car full heeded it is Tho vice of the ago to learning for educate the Hend and forget that there is n More important education necessary for Tho heart. The reason is cultivated at an ago when nature docs not furnish Tho elements necessary to n successful cultivation of it Aud the child is solicited to reflection when he is Only capable of sensation and in infancy the attention and Tho memory Are Only excited Mitoi Igny by things Shiuli impress Tho Sci so and move the heart and a fat Skall instil More solid and Avila Bio most action in an hour spent in the Fields where Wisdom and goodness Piru exemplified suon and Felt than in a Ilio nth spent in study where they arc in aphorisms. No physician doubts that Poroo Ciais children in fifty Casos for one Are Mush worse for Iho discipline they have under Kjono. Tilt mind seems to Havo Ben i trained and the foundations for Are Laid. When Tho studies for maturer years Are stuffed into Tho child s head Chaucer s counsel. ii Civilik Lulli dzvt1i. From lid prowl to to Virtu Liu a Oisiu Tiit with Wlms Thieu , it i Small to Zirini. A Olav Talut a Nurmi in will. Kill Llam Ull ill us u Ollil s nut on Ami or tin inn Trunco not in Liuti Vint i Xiii Isiria. Hut in thy to tin Nellu in. Llu Nili to so Teutli Blell shield to Ciff or Rioin lieu or four. Till tilt not of the Wiiki to Oliy will. Nor vainly Hope Tomt. Lorimo in Lilune Colu tacit him win in or unto in Liim St in i. Let i timidly . Kim not Oliy foot lit or Fiorin i experience Tom Ci-.im-. I full Siut which Samll to til a in thy chum in i Tiv Cli in Trutlin Towall Sluti from Hurt 01 . Whatever happens in thy Thon nor us thy u m lift to ill Whoie Liu Noni nor Way nor to Willii i Samll he j Atli Seliy not Micro a Jon Tivy a Pill Thon Linn Tiv Loizu up to toil fit Blini Julio the roil , Mill Piv Plynia Lii him a Flis to Trutlin ten for Rioin Lut . Of any tiap invention from year one to thu lot on fuel thai the brain of in is not Llie Bruin of u Man that Tho one is and can Bear Xor thou the other is grow ing and repose that to Foice the attention to abstract fauns to Load the memory with chronological and historical and Sci Lilic details in Short to expect n child s brain to Bear with impunity Tho exertion of a inns is just rational As l time. Tol graphs and every labor saving invention have received his unqualified disapproval lie Obj cod to the Law abolishing imprison for debt and Shook his head naga Lively Whon Tho exemption Law was pro Tito to nature to Bias never favored n proposition that so night to re it n or run Jioiale Llic condition of the Olowu Trodd uti and and hates s Deli by Asan Lymphatic u Lippe Lamenti jut such a course fur the emotions Are it would to to Hazard the same sort of Experiment on muscle. The first or ten years of life should be devoted to the education of Tho to Iho formation of principles it Thor than to the acquirement of what is usually termed knowledge. Nature Young America wonders. Wonder Why Mamma keeps Bridget Haj Home from Chat arc h of work nil Ati Vihon says it is wicked for me to build my Labbit House on sunday wonder Why our minister brought thai pretty Cane with the yellow lion s Lead on the Tup and Thon asked me for inv cent to put in the missionary Box Don t i want a jul Sharp just As much us he wanted a conc wonder what Malics a Tell such Nice stories to visitors about the , Frt i i c 1 Rattan then he went to Sihuola and about his running away from the school Mistica when she was to him and thei. Shut me up All Day in a dark room because tried Juat once to be As smart As he the new game Law. Section 1. No or cup t indians not civilised shall or take or with intent to kill Des Troy or Lake b a airy sin snare trap contrib inc for nit Fatis whatever any Wood cock Between the Day of exc Ember and the first tuesday of july any snipe of dior Bette Chi the Dav of december and the twelfth Day if following Oran Rullod or or Quail by Locc Liliu list Day tuesday sopi Kiuber Ful Widin no and every year Ami no person . Shall at any Lime Tonko or catch by Means snare device or any Ouail group Croc--.-. Or ainu Ben or clinic Ken upon his own line for Iho taking or Kiliti Orf the ski. 2. Any Purs in or Hall trap Snail Kiil. or take la my device Means i contrivance what Vot or soil or for Sik and snipe Quail Refik a i oust Praia in Hen or Chicken Jurist if the time Whon Tho or killing of is prohibited by the this act. Or shall have either or any of said he is it-1 his her or their or Chis body at the Lime ceases for i Liinar or him 1. Conviction Hutli rih. Line or penalty of two dollars for cacti every Woodcock miipi1, Par Tridio. Ruin it a grouse Grousd a Inirio Hon or Chicken is. Trapped san , kill ii sold of fir Sale or Hail in their Possession or Cus i in. Sec. A no or indians not i Lixi ii Tuku by any Di-vici1, or soil or for Jalc and doer Doe or Fawn Sci won the Day of iary and Tho first Day of Folloni ing or Luvin in her or in in r , any fio i vents mind Dei of was. Wonder Why Mamma tells a to is Cros when he comes Homo at night and his Tea is weak and ties n handler Ohio Over my Mouth so that 1 can Thui nor breathe because i happened to say can Hato anything that ors of ret Orin. " j Homo is Ono tiling however which we ii Miro in this gain Loman lie is Over consistent. True to Noua Iive instincts he Kornily Sayi no his vote having never Ticu Recor led in the drug Atic. Doos j object to results but the action to Tii Cir lie objects to and is equally opposed to Intro Russion for either move ment implies action. Flu has done no then the live most and most easily moulded being As yet unalloyed by passion it from this Louico that the mass of men Aio hereafter to draw their str of happiness Tho actions of the immense majority Are. Under All de terms positive harm in Tho world in inc p any positive Good. In lives and Hus a t sued much More by fueling than by reflection in truth life presents in Infinity of Cocos wins Ulieru it is Osso tial to Happi that we should Foci few Waric it is at All necessary that to should Cross wonder what made papa say t a but never live air at for thu Chi of disc Toltin on Wen never Given him will never hint would require 01 commit suicide for quiet staid of til.1 comi and. T. Vic. I r 1 1 , in. It r r t i . ..t. Lilly in. .it.ir. , a i.1 special not Cju passengers Milf in j Way to the top. La to to was to Stop Tako Bix ath and Gal her up in on Rigi m Lor Tho work Yot Buforo him. Hauler was it than All to Hud gom Hirough for the Moo of Llu Woll by from that Point comp tuly covered with he might Cut with ii b knife grasping Placona for lingers slowly Citi fully All he Way up. To a Tuitt a but it was nil to could do. And hero Tho Little i hero lifted up his heart to god and prayed fervently for help fearing he could noun gut out alone. Doubtless the lord heard his voice Cetl Hober consistent old of the Yota to Day against the to Morrow to Morrow Preslor Alioti. Order in Prodomos Iurii in in his brain for to always it thus a thing whore he Hilda in. 1-Owovcr, in import to foully. From the Diep and pitted it Miia Clu to save lie Bill m my a h in All ii. I ..-i. In i h 11 i m1 to in r of 1 i and Points East act South j duct so Torch Western r . A Litriak n to Loii Ali Lituri brat loud into his heart a yet larger meal my of a Rossand mourn ii him to Wolk out his own deliverance it is in this Wuy that god often St our we Call upon him in i to Mic. And thus the Little hero Cut his weary Way upward Inch by Inch. Ilia wet stockings to Tho Ico and Koop his fuel from but his shirt was quite worn from Hist hour Dib Uro he reached the top. Jin did reach the top at ill la m i i., a n p to the seventh Yogi of life very great changes Are going on in Tho Structure of the by i and demanded Thoi fore the utmost allocation not to interrupt them by improper or Over excite mint. Just thai a Grue of exorcise should to Given to the brain at this period is moral instruction exemplified by objects which strike Tho Sou sos. It is perhaps unnecessary to add that no this period of life special attention should Tea Given both by and teachers to taut element and we would not underrate1 physical development of the child l i pure air and free exorcise Ard indispensable Ijams wherever either of Whoso Withfield the consequences will be certain to extend the Crim lives Over whole full re life. The seeds of protracted and hop Closs sniff rings have in Indian pcs Boen sown into the Constitution of the child simply i through ignorance of this great fund men Tal physical Law and the time has come value it is Tho Brake on Tho the catch Piu in the of it Forin Tho Ballou on Tho old but when ind a vessel Lacle ii with Ball is we would n portion of it to Nia Jtj Roum More valuable wares there is too much conservatism in tin world and to would a Simil por it Ionoff it. Kear it that too much will be destroyed for As Progress carries Trench of thu enemy placed on i fund and never faithful Sentinel. Was Truo intend More it is re atty neck siry and useful and answers the end for we Lay Dov to out into the Snow and moment to out his breath in Little White on Hij Clear it True nature to uvary Domaiko upon it it simple shakes head and says democrats in Brownl in boasts of his distinguished men being whigs. Docs to moan to say there were no men democrats wicked word when Betsey upset Tho Ink All Over his papers and then snapped my because i said Iho thing my Kite string broke. Wonder Why Mamma told in Dol thu other Day to say she was t no Home when Tommy Day s Mollier called and alien pills me to bed without my Sui Iier Wrhen t Tell a lie of. Dear i there arc lots of things i Waul to know How i wish i was r. Man a a Obi. Cincinnati states that a novel Case of corp involving curious and important questions of Huv was tried before judge s. M Moore of the circuit court Cov Norton Ken Lucky recently City named William since Decimo enamoured with his step daughter Margaret Coltman who reciprocated his Al motion and a marriage Mout was the consequence. But the a danced pair found that their relationship was among the degrees prohibited by the Laws of Kentucky. But Hio River was Esth passed and Ono in Ohio the restraints of the Law would Between Blo cd relatives alone being pro tin pit of Section shall upon conviction for mid Evi in Deer Burk or Fawn killed taken or exposed for Sale ind each and every fresh Deer skin and piece of pc nisin in Liori or Possession i Lar Ilu often a Cigar. Kllc. 4. In Hall to the duly of and Justice of the peace it Dinu in t he in which any of the of this shall to violated on Iho i n his a complaint of any Poison in writing me Iho name of the Roii on or violating any of Tho of act and the Lime when and tin place where of such violation loathe. With an affidavit setting Forth the facts a alleged to Saitoh Poison or to be air sled and such . Tico or some other Justice of the Ami a in add it of lha , a Short Linn. Hisiu a in that state. They co tingly visited Cincinnati were United in main Mony returned Homo the friends of the partion however work dissatisfied with Iho nuptials Aclei mind to sep Orato Ishuin. Tho girl being a few months und or when Iho United voices of Totsc inn Oeena i years victims should ass ii 1, trumpet 11ml be period off to thu of every Parent and Eurc teacher in Tho land give us free air and wholes inc exercises 1 is leave to develop our . A i to been two i Euis and a half in the Early Coit Rlland to expending energies in accordance Ivich of i it out to Oiler and at t. Inline m. M of meat. .1 a Mark l i to u first i at . For ing business.1 sell Exchange j 1 i of tin1 i Iron. Ing Ait Contin coital a Tutu in 1 Akk and Tais i. Ii. Sure lie cured Little about that while Lis with Teai s in his , to thu thrilling his Sou had to relate to him. Llo must have been void Proir of the buy that Day As he wrapped him up in own overcoat and him to i. Mother. And How that Mother have wept and smiled Over Iho lad Aud kissed him and thai Ikid god for him. 1 have not heard of thu Little hero for or Ilariu years but i Trust he a grow ing up into n heroic 1 Iupe he will never forget the heavenly a Rind who did Nul forget him in his hour f need. Their is an old saying la truth lies at the Bottom of a Well. L that this Bianc pc and and trought up from there the helps those Wenj help Jnice Green Rood. Men should to offended because of the it i will not be Kay. He wep1 All about the crowing of a. rooster afterwards excited him threw him Ulf his guard and the swore to would to d if lie knew Tho Man in a word l he re were Iho h of , thus who Ivero , and those who Woro Dom . And they car Rich out their have studied their lives Whoso of them who were apu.sllc.-5 and Iho fio who were Only laymen and we in less that we Wero never an admirer of . Helps those who Belt Mcelho portion of them it is this remain lilo circumstance Hap pening to j eur i1, that they use Ihu the n. C. Sentinel states herein which of Blom. I by obstinately refused to Sivc Bur Lover for several Days and at lengths dec a birr 1 arson by. intends to say no such a thing to has studied Tho Bibl and t to Futory the Church with too much care to Ruch a Blunder. Bifero l antipas before whom Jesus kit so Ilene and t Linte who passed sentence Christ wore both democrats and they were Judas speaker treasurer of tha Chuilli. He took pop out in Lill the time of her marriage having been under Tho guardianship of a Man named Hall but who had designed As soon As Ilia event taken place a guardian named Klisha a re Ilion of Tho Laily s was appointed for Iho occasion Aud a of Hareas corp ii was sued on suss wholly to t upon a i inaction shall or per sons in such amount As is lib cd Lions in two and thro this act when shall a Ono the person making the in to to Piil into the county Treasury As provided Liv Law. Sec. 5. All Laws h re Tofor pass Oil Ling the preservation of game Are he Rob repealed. C and to in Force Immediato y from Ami pass go. R. , Souki r if Tho Hull kill to Islic Lient. and Luros of the Senate. Approved match Alk. W. Uaxi.ur.l-. Run Yon believe in a of Niurca i does and Al Ai s intend to enter Ilas tier Tiitus Oon As to voting you Aro incorrigible Ifil was for tins Law against bigamy me if i would t go r. Dijon. Who supposed , a Man of your Ign would give Sulci advice to a Man us Starling Vitlo Lite comic Landing him to produce before judge Moore and show authority she was detained by i in. The his by wife Bluit proper evidences of the marriage were Nul the fact that she was More than years of age. Which concluded was such anxiety the returns. In Tallford almost every Man woman uni Chili a is on tip toe to hear the p for five hours after the pulls had closed Ilse was sol Munix Ihu democrats were in of Stacie. Their men of , and talents. Was a dam Geratic Seaker Tho sub of Tho i Lifis and shouts were and the until it were kept o clock at in in a cold Thon the h the Savior hunted to ii the night to kiss him. He As Woll As a night walking Democrat. 1 Eter a bold and Rural Llic Coti Antni nation of bad rum and worse bog Aii pour in then in in Grilies for l Ruo then the Demol Ralic shouts began away and those of the republicans to increase in frequency and 5 o clock in the morning when Vic Toke was secure and the loud mouthed Cannon preacher among the Early was j poured out is volumes of Thunder to the i a Democrat Llo w.i., so a Voled la great Joy of All who fought so gallantly the lord that he i Clarid that though All Lor solutions a election notice. c. I Man were certainly congenial Gen. Sam , the southwestern in Dian lighter and politician in speaking of visit to Washington in his memoirs says Trio Ingios of Wellington struck a who had Solo in been to the sunburned Maidens of the Woods As very Kir and Beai Wiful very fascia liner and roti cd. In Ono thing they differ fro our Indian they look one full in the and choir glasses. Warrior approaches bends her head like n Leaf. It is Only in the deepest recesses when no others Aie near that her Lover sees Tho whole Lustre of her Eves or even the blushes that Mantle on her Check j they love intensely and make Tho Mosi Sammy you Lille whelp did t loll faithful wives and the ten Devost of you to let that cat s Tail done Sai it is diff inuit to withstand an Indian maid when a marriage deed in court. The guardian cd Nimrod int i e were pro at jennys for the As Llie Pattii s a Man were residents of Kentuck elsewhere to evade thu Laws of that was null an-1 void. The judge sustained Thia position Nulli fied Tho marriage gave the lady into the custody of or. Co Leinau. A Otar s Teller "1 came , i Las been admin a for nearly two for in we think in i Atli Rabi i1-. Tho or third a indeed think is Story. I would hut Julius had no Oil the debt a Good Deal of when do wrote that Tor and his sult Ereg in the following in i school London part of Nicch is the word 15 in sir is boy perplex a Lull it masculine feminine or Neute Jov til it d As an of take the Folio Jiuu angry father to his son who wis Endeavor 3 Low much Money have you said a lit to Cut s great Britain Millail to. A Mil it Oli. A fur Ilir i of Lich old Cuiyu Leon ton any Young j my tit Ava Illi Lviv s of. M. And the other c elongate a cat s narrative. I if Low courting his pretty daughter.--0h, Long a Pri Nisum was of Rcd s a link Thunder oui Onich of now but i have j by an agricultural society for the Berl la i please. Yuly indeed Tho wed of , and the Interwork Ding a cum a and the old Lako of the Printer having icon to Laimei coct his wife l ii the Pix. It m Tho awful Heidi if human nature and breathless Nien the announcement. It is thrilled the universe hand that on the Manger is stiffened on the Cross. The blood for which Ilerd panned has been a cd by Pilate. Tho is a Cap live the redeemer a Corpse i Hus Are divine thou fool amt which thou Forest is not juice cd except it Dio. In order to obtain life you must embrace death livery seed must become a Ere it Cleave the Oil and wave in Licau to and fruit. Tho resurrection Al idea h everywhere characteristic of productive lature. God is about to Plant a life tree in Iho world and Christ is the seed the seed diffs Bat will Spring by divine p on or into a glorious manifestation and from is brandies men will Pluck the leaves which Are for the Healing of the nations there no cause for ii Hirm in witnessing la her l afr i Oto replied 1 at. That Corwise. Did a Tho realities Rod we Sho Tiki sing Hyms Over thai an unto married lifeless . Acid yet to weep to her Isth Rulif weep As though Gud had been thwarted and his purpose foiled Wisdom indeed dialogue do 3-011 do so Day j1 Well arc the 1 Well cont Ileri a " anything new in y or heard old aunty was i had not. Sho Mai t Havo Sudik no Well yes sudden j or Fairfax ii Shinan we i had sick i time was met the prior Fli when the follow ing Ion Patrick i am i Jami Are re my ering but a rare you not afraid i moot your i d och. No. I in it was thu litres the Follo Pmj inn ales Ali n a am a i a but her tears Aie the o i j Pursoo i Brownlow says inn recent Euer Cabot count Guanco Seward by i 1 the i a . I ii. .n. in nil. Elf Ali . In a of Rann. I 3 ill Liui Igetti a Man who War pitched into a Batter from his Linn t a in he that the Rich pros he a scoundrel and avows will to where Gaib Ngo is d him the Prospect cd Man Viii we cannot con Tennyce because Wev being in a Nilal condition. I daughter. Ii a scoundrel Auri denies a i a his

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