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Waupun Times, The (Newspaper) - April 11, 1860, Waupun, WisconsinThi whim times an Independent Republican newspaper. at i in h. publisher proprietor fun in Hull mown -. Luck. I Tho horrors of the slave Trade. Wait a of Respondi it v Tiro x. T dating it tit. 1 aul do Laudo i improvement in other its not Chancre Iii s aver or his . I. O. O. F. It u Mill i i ii. I Hubli such Ulm in and annul in Advance. Olumi 3. Waupun wis wednesday april 11, i860. Number 28. Jewely store Wisconsin Kex i it. Watci1s, clocks nil Silver watches i i i ii y. In Iii ii. Stone Ovid curl c i o c is if v. In taks am violins nine Lull i mrlik. Down flutes fifes Bird cages i v. I -.v.t.-y, .if.-., one one. By one by Onu the uru flowing uti by thu fall some Are coming s Kiriki but Sljivo to Thorn nil. One by one thy Ilu luit Watt Iliof Tiv Bironi Tufili to ouch let ii future i r Ami. Eta to clip a Caru to Titi lust what Cuti touch. By Oik Brit the i Oil Oliv by not will of to lot the thy Krit t i it in us i mud to not look it Elf a so Liow got will tins to Diioli pity i in i m do not i ii in ill oni sorrow. V. V i attorneys i Jim is Lars at Irving s first love. To Juji. 2- to o r a a melancholy wreck. Col. Bowie a terrible fight. Passing along Tho strict our Eye foil i i to guile to Yere an old Ulissis Sipian the Fol an at bit i. Be Gude to Yare Mither. A Nairn Mun sitting in front of a Groe by. I glowing to the Wood Vitlo miss Kerub oui leu Inco seemed familiar and we turn Liean to away in the Hope that to might spare the famous fight in which forty or More gentlemen were engaged in 1s2s, his f be ing 3. This person we Ofton Mot a few years ago. Lie wits Ihnn n Young mans Stilt remembered in Natchez. Col. In Active business with prospects Jim the fatuous filter and Uhuad. Lie was a member of the Church Tor of Trio knife which Beura his name and so far As to could his Way i used to spend a Groat Deal of his time in was open to Usu loss and Honor but Natch cd. Be we challenged bar a gentle k so Imit Loire a nit i jul o Tolu in no mull it it i Hie Huitz Yuo at Alio i Iuit you to her Law an n prayer to to Julji o that Cave Vair we uric Aiu Awa. Re Ciuuto Ycaro her autumn i flu i Ili Vilmis tit an u ii o thoum t i o thu Litch hoi to Ltd in Lii it. Through the Aliis How is he t align How is the Jold of Alexandria la., Whoso a Yutis to Luin is the most Lino gom the number of Twenty or More accompany saw him who Nyht have him to Natchez to use fair play the ciders of the land a poor besotted drunkard. His face was covered with those signals of distress Shipwreck ugh Intel More sat stupid id knowing that Jowie was a desperate Man and Hud his own i Rionda about bin. All parties went upon the Licud. The com to let i o Pov crts b jew Ali r Granv hoax titello a. Lick Fra. .in1 i an key Lior win n by inv to i Hunie Tuny by unlit but a Liy neck in it i of h. Will Vul Trio Bint Lii us Bat ants took their places in Trio Centre that said to behold than when one Standa on Tho separated from their in Tho rear Beach to witness.-. Vessel enough not to endanger them with i o wealth of India or i Iii dashed Mieir balls. Behold the Battle array thus Twenty armed louisianans fifty Yard behind their and his How Mournful into upon have opt at Trio Sig lit. Thu that Proul a id Noble i Hilu dul Hud furnish Hundred nay thousand1 of such How was in w wrought flow was to Inlo Dud with the that Kraucs ii All our readers can t. 171l l i b p e r e y when Yurij he Bejarno intimately a with the daughter of one of the suf die time Lairdy in wealth. With the lady presid his suit successfully inn in time the father Mihi have succumbed despite Rigardo the res Jereos in propose d to support Tei. To Maiolani style of h Iii i daughter Kuhn an evil us it be Trio Ive answer Uio in a no became a occasional Way. By to and and of Pofitu them Ai far behind a Wio and his seconds and sur goons Twu aty Urt Ned behold Trio Heights of Natchez thronged with spectators and a Steamer in River to its Deeks Black with passoa watching with a deep interest the Ducho. The plan of the fid it was to is of ill. Fact Itiat he which 1m wit Luck is inter luxury to Iio in a j r. a minister u Mcivan , de.-. He his si.1 full in was take Lor the the s Fellowship perhaps it was it some fair Friend Ivhon called him Lover by it him. As a change shots twice with pistols and to j with knives Bowie being armed the with own terrible weapons. At the second the Louisi Iulian was too Quick took ail Antigo of who waited for at thu Bowie s second cried fore Tom Corwin on the Homestead Bill. L. Tho lot of to or Siuro i if anything aboard of Law slip than formerly the w the is now Tuku aboard in two or to i hours not ice Utu yur old no regard of course ii Lead for Thair Comfort Tidor Buch water is Ebourd As liar re try in und of coup so in hut ice the fun Ful ail Dach from alone. Couit imn on Slivo the Olave Jock to i i is of old vessel of three Hundred Burt Lica thera will a Oliou stud us Tenn bits Ijjas of towed those my Era who two thirds of their do Well. Of leu Balf of n cargo is thrown overboard he gives in proof thu traction Short time her Viper captured the Tavor Siut of i few Vork America a cargo of six Hundred negroes aboard. A Xinji inevitable she threw her Pupera overboard land hauled Jonii her Trio to co a viols stowed sitting position Nith their drawn up following Illus extract Tho following to their Bun Jared human Beins skua Black. To Ujj Rte sons Ose Wera Iber paragraph from n late Apoc Cli of or. Co -1 child run and y win to Philadelphia ,01110 women. So Clos e now let us 308 what Tho democracy North and South would have us do. Of they say the de Elrio of Tho cons Litu Tion a settled slavery is now in every territory of the United that is As the would say it in thereby _ muted diluent of ii is not there in of or Fortis and hat to lev could not move could a Irdle breathe. Lut Ulfo Cating condition they Yvere struggling for lift. The Strong were killing thu Wenk to Roohi for Les and Llma a Little Moro of it Bud. And it will not go there. Our people All propose to.V.T. Homestead Bill. for Ajr Zuj Watel Al at log 3ick, sick surr Jub poor watch Southern leaders Tell Thain they must do jut for it. If you give to Tho poor Mim thousands of us e a Quarter Section of land us d slave to die. Viben m Hia Young wife Tiok Auto Thev. Cd couples throughout overboard before the Ben country will flock to those Tern Tunas a i. Tho Chain that he strives in vain a. J tier i by the Beauty if. Uti l of wore i Vii in i tiie Iii Chi. In to the. Or of habits can a. Won t Corn the is h. R Irv Tir. J it Iii Iii. Are Jim u by i have . By Lapp ii l to Uji or , the baht. Of Buttle in their eyes these people in a m Imenit the party was engaged in a slavery away conflict. Pistols and knives i Tho Lio Moste of 3, with fatal e fleer., until one party will Sojor or later that is their m Bill. It Tho to slates of society the Toul Tho Quality of Merer they would for of tue up opposed to be tha drive away without that Treuby csome to is e ear of any i e him Gnu a the other from Trio Field. I do the Side that which Tho who Iii jul unit a a tour Many were Kilcoi and wounded Ocra Iio part would inaugurate our from t it was i Salaj Rater. Jovit , severed he lingered s. T. I surgeon dentist n i i v i r i i. I he Tumi r Mill a r. I t co qty .1, e in j of Iuno Bilo his l the mansion Iii i Jas b he is you o. I n s i a n Al Tel Al m l an y t a Lull in sum Shojii vomit no such c o h Ains be Tell. A a Lior slated have with Rajie evils it is i is r a ii i i mat a Eer bust la by yell Are 01 j . I Jim sort of Airai f never i Iii and 1, Willi shame i a Lii to Mercury gives Puj pie5, Pri Pard fiji1 i of the territory of Trio Ullin that which thu to establish. The dues no want a Quarter is of Tiki of land Bee Anuj it is not i pure Jas. He wants two you Auvil acres on r ii will net got More than Titiev m lowing is Elln Bulj to the celebrated Hill Tivo Simian to the Church in Whiteii he was j walked territories. W till in Viii u Hor p it Luterek j i Tao Usatin acres to rat which derives is name j Man v. You tamper any de for it in Uro to the bar Jor j von Are in d Safe i n.1 i . V. K. Special notice Ier on Desiato of thu i basics of Ihu Cluj Jirji and hat in no even d re Node from the Maraion i Turnis the ardent suitor hoping for the com filed with. 1 May been the Mesuita of hered Itai v is or i the to Lort to Enuh out and kill her Huipe but not main .ei1 so he who to Only Furjin i lox j the Vul Una wife was i raving Mati Iao. The i eating or Wiiks As a Ibe became so i Ilene that Dunn uni a s nor thu a Rikard. Nei , and Trio family mansion was inn s a Eon vurned into an Asylum or. J reign ton building another House on a Lii staut ult i of the estate. Tie but Urivi Pauj Wui iian is still and Uin Juiet nights her shrieks May to heard shrilly the Banks of Sre babies a do i Eup ? you fee Ijo St Nouchi of Aloois informed us they were very Iii by shops where ral Thev exlus cd for Sale in every of ours. I up the and to Stool for a and to the Sermon. Just a to walk but. Be fort the a the door the preacher i will Lei you a Story this men married yesterday the of the strangers and they o Hun and to Rod Lull if had Ali Llinat to in the world made in. Ase and All the Trees Iii Llie world were into our tree and Wield the axe Cut i Down tree i you u Ive abut it 011 under Linese Chris Ian a a Virv Ono of la. Voter to Rio those who assured u Liy Helix us on thu to this Iii St wide , As win it tile water cannot be drove ii and drink we Over is deceived to hereby upon Tho As laity appreciate rant visited in our rounds to i i id in Only Aro i 1 will in True and let Ona from tha Stith take were to these who Yno thousand , to cultivate it his in a i stau Livo or thirty what you their. Y you Olio wiil. in to would tick to it into one it who i thrash the ungodly Meo front room several tables surrounded by with two or three you have i wine when it ii red i color in the Cap when it . It give a i Novemb. I Seif who a Cro Roar Ling theniseive.-. Served in a variety of l took Seal of the tables and a of slowed was promptly placed before it looked inviting and its odor not bad but 1 did nut venture to partake la n Small cup upon tiie same table were the eyes of a eat which is Here family of or sixty up ii round you. There is no Segool Hogue none is wanted for Tovy a not allow the negroes to got a so idol. A t Veign Wou Witri is Iii Phi cd from Vermont , to teach tha la ii in of Lia their Biek i ii pin the in a lop to hear a s Ory the had enough to their curiosity Aud Root Imei to licit walk to the such literature 33 blk. May of thu tit a Afler a while thousand very delicate and expensive duh but covered Ali Over Wilh Nero Tho Bill into air Hoof Ilijin to any but a chinese is no i j Pas eng t ers the audible too it the Cludis d Retreat Tel Iii Irvine a occupied. No heart but his own knows How j Thi mid event May have his own i Iii i or to what exertions h May have it Iii in attempting to drown All re Mem a dam a Katic to by dial Init to Sharpen thrill in a and All Points East Aud South. Re Morth Western railway in Irani to Jitni Loii u Irh ? Iii. Upon of Disappio bument. Or. Ton Hai for years optic Atod at thu Luu Ubie j a a Chape where Irving worshipped and Fin where Irvin enough read worshipped and Fin tiie burial service for his former rival. To those who were aware of these Mournful circumstances the Strunje coincide Neo must have been need ugly painful. There Tiro but few portraits or busts of or. Irving a exis tence As he has especially of years refused to i Luce himself at the disposal of any artist however celebrated. Of _ _ acres you tobit Ali tin. . V Ritam have twelve families. In to olivine Iii Jwuc Iun be fruitful no limply and Roj Leaish thu Elliece will the _ cout to of a t jew years be thirty or forty the Anu Elim name de the highest Price. J children. Tiero will be two or Izreo to. Ohi i. present whole person desiring to feast upon dog has i school housed in which All those children id the meeting were join to step who a restaurant and sole i be taught tiie elements of a goo Necor Iii to his taste English education. Instead of or six Trio evening of the Day that mid Wera Ese Cuton there Ven Brown i arc Lay c , and Ladorth. Deacon Gray of Tho Cleveland i Lai Orlealer Guowu to report proceedings. In Trio Courso Tho evening was called out. Annex an extract from his speech As Given by the Ash Tabila Apo till. In the room were Bamboo cages placed on tiers containing Yogi Aud puppies of every size and color. I tick dogs arc supposed to be the most l of tical sen inel he the speaker was 1 ius bytes Ian i Iurii at Jno Day he saw a m Jiro h did a Winita Man following a do recon of Alontra n doff or Puppy which will at once by cooked in whatever style to a no go m rho following form of marriage actually took place record in Between two negroes with a negro minister at Creek ga., and is the form used there people., with forty or fifty slaves who Are treated As Mere Bruges or capital you have raised up t or this Republic Tifty or Aily Bones. Well duo stud free men and t Rio Woien with churches and school , the to educate Tho other to int Lucico the con science. All Over the Hind in All Freud Lrol u tue list number of the Knickerbocker iia a of i Inive who rarely failed to go to bed and disturb Iii Inife during the whole upon bum. 1 by a Friend that he Litver went to bed sober he indignantly denied the Uliar Trio of us. Particular night in proof i Rosity so in alter 1 got into my Wil e , what is Giaver with Vii i act trans Jimiy lion Uller said 1 nothing at Ali i m sum there a Iid she you. Ilon t incl natural at All. Shan t i up Aud get Ami Jim. For and she up lights l a Ari i came to tiie to look lamp and the with Ber hand i knew that there was s i Abdul Suid ii Votow this is a fact Aud Ray wife will to it so you slander me r that i Haven t been to to night wishing to be Jindu in and through revolver in his . Now to sea Jlove and wishing All dam Dat Baku nov Ting scr mind Yon i m not talk til of my ibo to Vixen dem Como Forward and speak Dow Here is a couple who have walked Oul states of this Union will find Wii server it Minn. 1 Iii. I fir editor of the Republican made a visit to Nick i uries but practice. This to i a y. A. .1 j. I. S. -t1. Of Tho Poco p. I i m i i or. Iio in m i i ii i i it i i n i i. By. Stoodard. I5 i a vojku1. Tit it a of i in Erin and ii 11 a recent visit to Connecticut has enabled us to Realiza More of the Canier. Ilii Ess of the political Cou Elict in thut state than the spread eagles and Large of Pitala of the newspapers can possibly it is a Cunt Este which arouses the energies u every Man and stirs the sympathies of even to was a Uig Tivo no Hai in lean made a visit to Connic Lieut i i i lilt 1 Lii Insy vault s the pen Clancy of the late election states what he saw once before Ivetun but rid Tak Luul been to had been captured. If not let then hold their peace and forever More i wants every car to hear and ovary heart to o j y. Or. Jim Thompson whosoever stands by your left Side do you Lake her for your do Vly beloved wife to wait on Ber sickness and through health Safe you go these Charchon their Spires to Hoit Veu. They Are the Roji sober in six. Months c l in Lou that draw away from a sinful race the Kila Farman in her Oll used god. Placo on Tho Mac for Tho it these two and write Weru crossing .1 Uovere-1 Bridge at one be Safe Lily and be Lily Loving and which was the As the Nerro the speaker the Church d negroes Aad you j 119 Church. Tia it s . Some ways ahead he to push him into at which Tho Sexton and child. Politic is to be standing. Then Thuy topic of conversation in every j locked Tho door ran up Atid there they Loikoc Down upon to Many do not pretend after their business while every business letter almost carries with it a political . A conversion to either Side i. Accounted worthy of special Inen do you love her do you love her father do you love her do you Lova her do you Lova liar master mistress d you Lov miss Mary Thompson of territory whisk i have Tenyu Tinubu a one family with forty have no school Home a the dial Verenca my Dom Cratie brother Between Tho hated Black Republican mud the policy which you propose to a through the of o 3 boasted your democratic party. She sighed and turn ii her jecs on 1, Serene bust of the Washington dont of the do you love Hor Philadelphia press that a statement god the is current in that City to the effect that die administration advised and will support the secession of Tho Southen. Majesty to wan Sim she awed a Lonna worm tucking eyes surveyed her from the ily and a von us with two Bijou is Aud with another Tiff she turned Back to the until drunk with by nuts Jino Eastern which slowly burned and emitted spicy Oil spice fill on whom Osver in a lamp on Tho table her Knees and Trio go must Hiya been a Iod Tompur tha slave ii in a who was about Kaslly by your tight Side do from the Cli Arlesta co Veun All trying to Sunj where thu 0 a your dearly beloved husband lieu should Douglas be nominated. Nero had to. To wait of him through health nud through member of the Cali Tiet has recently told drunk with and idol l care if we Tike a Littou o bit. V the newspaper Oili Coa Are democratic Prue Tica three cinders Wero Criven for a nov s Tri in a Nii ii initial night. Political Are held every n g lit in All the this speech was wonderfully Well received. The Deacon s humorous style of a of i Roplo a and to orc is not a j tiling Tho Story and Bis Coo confession an Seli ool prac hypo Vii were ii Miteb e in iriv t Tia is riot the Sceno of stirring sex their Way. Youth w Scherie was arranged and he did Artil lira Corpt of her j hesitate to add that in was very far from for this year. Theca up Triy t Lor i i r is Iliili Kiziu sell Exchange . I curl who have stood Aloot i John Irown jr., Rase or have been swept in g Ray if to would to willing to i in j la whole Audi acc thiess an.V.T. Elnan , and Ive Ami intensely to previous As of ii stale i do Ali Iro men who Earl tier or. To answer a still and Gois i is join Vii Elution Safe and be Safe holy and Northern Dumoi rat that to cont Naud of holy do you love his Mother to y c his father do you love his Broth do you love his sister i i o j f tip Best. i shall pronounce or. Jim to hold mis. Mary lastly by the right hand Aad i shall pronounce you both to to Man and wife bi1 the commandment of god. E do Ycu love god improbable that the South would Takt pos Ossion of the Union constitutional convention which ii to at Baki shrill and trusting through god that .1 l More on the oth of die. Southern Peop should he succeed in overcoming his opponents at ton National convention. Iting new Yolk during coming As tha of City of Ned now under the May in order to array capt. M. Lovel formerly of a against do Viglas Ilono rabbis elect Cap min Ettta year. The Fame which Gen. Pierce paired in Mexico wiil add to Tho company. I i i. F in a a i ele and i to Wiley Glover of these Wero made on of Famiie livid shot a Iii ice j i Lii i Lolo was was. Out were All drowned that the pub canons Weru a Mill and inflammatory documents. its Groat a is slated by a

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