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Waterloo Daily Courier Newspaper Archives May 20 1963, Page 1

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Waterloo Daily Courier (Newspaper) - May 20, 1963, Waterloo, IowaMinute the Only tiling More disturbing than a neighbor with a noisy old car is one with a quiet new one. Established 1858 first with the news Waterloo Iowa monday May 20, 1963 eighteen pages tuesday s weather partly Cloudy Cool. Complete weather forecast Pate 1 Price ten cents say exiles u. S. Agree on strategy guerrilla tactics invasion another Story Page 2. Miami Fla. Exiles formed a Central organization monday to wage War on the communist regime of Fidel Castro. Members of the body called the cuban committee of liberation were selected by 150 exile leaders who signed a Charier of cuban it reportedly has the approval of the u. S. Government. The charter states we now in unit unconditionally de Clare that we will fight to achieve once again the Independence of our it was signed on the 61st anniversary of the birth of the cuban Republic. The declaration to fight for Independence came As exiles reported a blueprint for anti Castro action had emerged from conferences with u. S. Central intelligence agents. This action exiles said Calls for guerrilla warfare sabotage and in filtration of Castro s armed forces to be followed members were to be announced saturday after 10 More Are selected. Among the charter signers were Caros Prio Socarras for Mer president of Cuba or Carlos Marquez Sterling an unsuccessful candidate in the last presidential elections held in Cuba or. Guillermo Martinez Marquez former president of the inter american press association or. Jose Ignacio Rivero publisher of Diario de la Marina a newspaper expropriated by the Castro government major Pedro Luis Diaz Lanz first commander of Castro s air invasion or bombardment from an Island near Cuba. The Unity charter declared we request the total support of those Freedom Loving nations of America and Europe which Are aware of the Neces sity of fighting for their Des tiny in the face of evident Dan Ger that threatens the peace of names of the 35 committee by an forces Santiago Alvarez of the f f action group commandos l and Ernesto Rodriguez presi Dent of the Christian democratic movement. Missing was the name of or Manuel Antonio Devarona. He was the coordinator of the cuban revolutionary Council formed in 1961 with u. S. Sup port to mount the Bay of pig. Invasion. Efforts were to be made to bring him into the liberation group. Kennedy signs Grain Bill urges yes on wheat vote Washington coupled his signing monday of the new feed Grain Bill with a declaration that the outcome of tuesday s referendum among wheat growers will a the key to maintaining the family farm system of Agricula at a noon hour ceremony in a White House conference room Kennedy used about a dozen pens to sign the new legislation which the administration believes will help promote a yes vote in the nation wide referendum on a new and sniffer control program for wheat. The Bill he signed would president said. Said the situation boils Down t a Clear Choice Between farm ers voting yes and maintain ing the Price of wheat at Abou a Bushel or voting no seeing wheat drop to a predicted a Bushel. I. Hope Farmers will Vot yes in their own the Kennedy asserted that in 1961 grains represented the continue with some changes a present voluntary feed grains program. It would however most critical surplus problem permit Farmers to grow some the agricultural Field wit wheat for feed on their billion bushels in storage grains acreage and tend to Les sen some of the Impact of the stiffer wheat program. Kennedy said that tomorrow is the Day of and he by october he predicted Thi surplus will be Cut by 860 i lion bushels which he Sai would save the taxpayers 000 a Day in storage charges. Throw sit in convictions out see wide Impact in racial form telling the Story astronaut Gordon Cooper explains the use of a Star a navigational Aid As he discusses his 22-orbit whirl around asset loved press Phol fax the world sunday at a news conference in Cocoa Beach Fla. Story on Page 2. Supreme court deals blow to Stock Exchange Washington up surname court ruled monday that he securities Exchange act does not give the new York Stock Exchange immunity from antitrust Laws. The practical effect of the 7 2 decision is to restrict the Exchange s regulatory Power through concerted action by its dealings in securities. In new York the Stock Exchange and three Large Mem Bers had no immediate com ment. Justice Goldberg delivering the court s majority opinion said the antitrust Laws Are peculiarly appropriate As a Check upon anti competitive acts of exchanges which conflict with their duty to keep their operations and those of their members honest and at the same time Goldberg said it was Clear that there must be some method of telling a protesting non member of the Exchange Why a Rule is being invoked and allowing him to reply in explanation of i Justice Stewart dissented with an opinion in which Justice Harlan joined making the court s vote 7-2. Stewart said the court s answer to the problem is both unsatisfactory and Stewart protested that he thought the court erred in us ing the antitrust Laws to serve ends that they were never in tended to enforce the ourt s concept of fair proce ures under a totally unreal at d Stewart and Harlan said they bought the securities Exchange removed antitrust liability or any action taken in Good Aith to effectuate an Exchange s statutory duty of self the decision applied specifically to a suit by municipal securities co. And municipal securities co., inc., engaged in securities business in Dallas Tex. On feb. 12, 1959, the Exchange ordered its members to discontinue their wire connect ions with the Dallas firms. It also terminated Exchange tick r service with municipal inc. The two firms sued in u. S. District court in new York and won an injunction the District ourt ruling that action of the Exchange and its members constituted a concerted refusal to Deal in violation of the Sher Man act. Appealing to the u. S. Circuit ourt in new York the Exchange won reversal of the District court and a holding that the securities Exchange act of 1934 gave the Exchange anti Trust Law immunity. The Dallas firms next appealed to the supreme court where the Justice department intervened As a Friend of the the department said the Exchange action was not based upon a reasonable investigation and was an arbitrary and irrational conclusion from the known that the precise scope of any immunity be developed by Case by Case adjudication. The 1934 act puts on registered securities exchanges the duty of insuring that their Mem Bers observe and Equita ble principles of rules of the new York Exchange prohibit any wire or other communications connection Between members and non members without the prior con sent of the Exchange. The rules also provide that the Exchange May require at any time that any Means of communication be discontinued. Goldberg s majority opinion said monday s opinion dealt with discontinuance of private Washington Fri the supreme court threw out monday the convictions of lunch counter sit in demonstrators in four Southern states and declared it unconstitutional for a state to require segregation and use its Powers to enforce it. The pronouncement in an opinion by chief Justice War Ren Means this no negro can be convicted of trespass for seeking service in a White Only restaurant if the state has a Law requiring segregation in Public eating places. The same principle would appear to apply to other businesses. And in a Case from Loui Siana the court threw out criminal mischief convictions of sit in demonstrators even though there was no Law or ordinance requiring segregation. Warren said that in this Case coming from new Orleans cite officials had said they were de convictions and jail sentences could not stand because there was no evidence that the con duct of the negroes had Dis urged the peace. In the same Case Justice Douglas commented that res a rants operating under City census Are Public places affected with a Public interest he said such places were As subject to bans against Racia an opinion by Justice Harlan Inthas proceeded in setting aside which he in Nort twin f Ter mined not to permit Negroe to seek desegregated service consequently he said the cite must be treated exactly As i it had an ordinance prohibiting such where does this leave the restaurant operator who Choo is on his own to limit his customers to individuals of a particular race Justice Harlan in an Opinio taking exception to some parts of the court s ruling said the department suggested held users supreme court Rule the sex wire connection because the two firms involved had not pressed the portion of the Case relating to discontinuance of Stock ticker service. Okay pc pricing of natural Gas Washington up the supreme court upheld monday a Federal Power commission plan to use a new area Price method for determining allowable producer prices for Nat ural Gas. Under the plan pc would set a guide Price for All Gas produced in a particular Field. Adjustments would be made if evidence showed the Price was unfair to Consumers or to pro although the right private restaurateur operate if he pleases on a segregated basis is ostensibly be untouched the court in True effectually deprives him of tha right in any state where a la like the Greenville s. Segregation ordinance continue to in their broader implication the decisions in these Case could have greater Impact the Structure of race relation in the South than any othe decisions since the court s 195 ruling that school segregation is unconstitutional. These rulings were not the first in the sit in Field but wer the first to get to the heart the Issue. The supreme court s first d vision in a sit in Case was a bounced change does not have absolute Justice Harlan delivered the 5-4 decision. Justice Clark Dis Viust a nut lid v t. Duduit la immunity from anti Trust Laws seated with an opinion in which chief Justice Warren and heavy fighting claim 130 red guerrillas die Saigon Viet Nam 3v-South vietnamese forces fought communist guerrillas in the me of Kong River Delta monday and decided rate cases. Black and Brennan justices joined. Under the old method pc studied each application to see if the Price proposed would give the individual producer a fair rate of return on his invest ment. This unit by unit method resulted in a big backlog of in discrimination Utility. As any Public in Douglas repeated this View Point in an opinion monday. Five major cases were olved in the rulings. The cases were from Dur Lam n. C., new Orleans Greenville s. C., and two cases rom Birmingham Ala. The court s action a disclosed with the release o which he concurred in part and dissented in part with the majority s action. In the Greenville Case War Ren declared that when a state Agency passes a Law compelling persons to discriminate against other persons because of race and the state s criminal processes Are employed in a Way which enforces the discrimination mandated by that Law such a palpable violation of the 14th amendment cannot be saved by attempting to separate the men Tal urges of the discriminators Harlan s opinion said he Dis agreed with the court majority because of its treatment of the state action Issue. Harlan also objected to what he said were the broach strides with which it the court conviction in All of these Harlan said the cases called or discreet treatment and re opinions by chief Justice War Ren were released gradually first in the Greenville next in the Birmingham cases. All of the cases resulted from the Campaign to Force desegregation of lunch counters and other facilities in the South by demonstrations by negroes and their White sympathizers. The cases reached the supreme court in appeals from state court decisions in Ala Bama Louisiana and North and South Carolina. Besides Indi see sit in continued on Page 2, col. 2 schools drop dec. 1961. The out breach of the peace convictions of 16 negroes who sat at a White lunch counter in Baton Rouge la. Birmingham negroes sent Home Birmingham Ala. The Birmingham Board of education monday expelled or suspended negro pupils who were arrested for participating in de segregation activities. Or. Theo Wright school superintendent said in a letter that the Board voted to expel pupils Over 16 and suspend those 16 years old and younger. The Board letter said that the pupils could apply for sum Mer school to make up the work. The pupils can apply for re admission for the fall term the Board ruled but they will lose the final semester s work. The youngsters were arrested for parading without a Permil during mass demonstrations in downtown Birmingham. Meanwhile authorities were investigating the theft of a Large amount of dynamite several Days before twin blasts touched off negro rioting in birding unrest All Over the nation. Two cases of dynamite were stolen from a storage House Pri or to the May 11 bombings of a House and a Motel Sher Iff Melvin Bailey disclosed Sun Day. Normally that would be 100 pounds. It s a frightening said Bailey. There is plenty of Loose dynamite in this an uneasy Calm prevailed during the weekend. Nearly 300 Law enforcement officers were available for duty and potential trouble areas were under heavy patrol. About eral troops called up by presi Dent Kennedy for possible use in Birmingham were on stand by at two Alabama bases. Gov. George c. Wallace who has sent about 700 state offi cers into the City filed suit sat urday in an Effort to Block any use of the Federal troops. The president and Wallace met a few hours later at muscle Shoals in North Alabama at Tennessee Valley authority anniversary Observance. They talked during a helicopter flight to Huntsville where t h e president spoke. We discussed things Brief Wallace said later at a news conference. Pierre Salin Ger White House press Secre Ary said the discussion was not Wallace maintains that state and local authorities Are keep no the peace in Birmingham and can put Down any Dis orders that might flare up. In Northeast Alabama 11 persons were arrested for at tempting to Complete the Inte Gration pilgrimage of slain Baltimore postman William l. Moore. The group included actress Madeleine Sherwood. They were charged with breach of the peace. In other 800 persons mostly White marched in White Plains n. Y., in support of integration the words of a placard Birmingham police Washington rep. John v. Lindsay Rny called on fellow members of a House judiciary subcommittee to Hoid hearings in Birmingham. Negro Leader said Mingham negroes Are among the roughest in the nation and that new provocations could bring terrible violence. Roy Williams executive Secretary of the National association for the advancement of coloured people made the remarks on a new York radio program. American sources said 40 of the enemy were killed. The engagement began about noon in continuation of an oper Deere reports High 6 months Sale Deere co. Reported monday k cd Tuuu Tzvi that sales for the first six commissions. Of its fiscal year were at ant in upholding the com chief Justice Warren in the Baton Rouge Case said the won t hurry Harriett s jury demand Washington the supreme court refused monday to Speed up its hearing of an a peal in which gov. Ross r. Bar Nett of Mississippi claims the right to a jury trial in the Crim Inal contempt Case pending against him. The High tribunal announced its refusal in routine fashion in a Long list of orders. Plan. The court of appeals de a the order in the Barnett Case vision was appealed to the no explanation. Tribunal by Wisconsin Cali fornia and new York Cuhlic commission adoption of the new area Price method was announced in a Case affecting Phillips Petroleum co. Of Bart action that already had netted Lesville okla., major seller of Saigon forces 90 Viet Gas. Killed by government count j the new method was approved by the u. S. Court of appeals Here in an opinion stating there was nothing in the natural Gas oct to prohibit a trial of the All time High and that earnings were up 59 per cent Over the same period a year ago. Story on Page 17. Cedar Falls Ity in Brief Mission plan said that it retained the flexibility it must have at this still formative brooms Lead Waterloo clean up courier photo a clean sweep of the Park ave. Bridge monday morning kicked off a two week clean up spree in w designed to make Waterloo one of the cleanest cities in Iowa. Students from East West and Columbus High schools manned the brooms for the Bridge scrub. Clean up Days Are sponsored by the chamber of Commerce the High tribunal of april 29. 1963 agreed to hear arguments on the jury trial question but said the arguments would be heard in the court s new term next fall. It said the Case probably would be called some time during a two week session beginning october 14. Barnett then petitioned the comics. Considine column editorial feature fare markets Northeast Iowa radio programs sports.11, 12, 13s television schedule 9 Heaters period in a difficult area of 17 "3 Harlan said the court can 15, 16 not Tell the commission it has i n it Lviv til kill an error of Law abused ment session and prompt Deci 9 its deciding How Sion. Best to allocate its the governor and it. Gov. Paul b. Johnson of Mississippi were cited for criminal con tempt by the u. S. Circuit court in new Orleans. The officials were accused of refusing to obey circuit court orders not to interfere with admission of inchoate pro James h. Meredith a negro. Clark s dissenting opinion de is cleared that the commission in fashion had junked 5 it Cost of service regulation 9 program wasted a half dozen years of work thereon and off to half carry and half drag Broadway actress Madleine Sher Asso Clotch photo Foo slam Freedom Walker. Miss Sherwood and an integrated group of 11 refused to Waif and were carried

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