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Washington Times (Newspaper) - March 30, 1902, Washington, Washington-DCThe trials and tribulations of a Debutante society Bud is surrounded by quite As Many thorns As a full blown Flower Entrance into world of fashion depends largely upon her mothers ability to present her a Spry or j a Rovn Forb unit to a 4n a you Ever Stop to think that a Rosebud is surrounded by quite As Many thorns As a full blown Dower it nature really respected the fitness of things she might sprout Little thorns for Little blossoms but nature is some thing like society in that she has her Thorn crop ready grown and trained to prick when the Rose buds take their first Peep at the world after a girl has left school and before she is matrimonial by placed she has to travel through a Forest of social thorns and though her tender Little heart May be Hurt to bleeding and her illusions Laid Bare by the Sharp Points of the worlds Contact no one is the Wiser for she goes bravely on through the Forest and smiles As sweetly As though the thorns had caressed instead of pricked not a simple thing if anyone thinks it is a simple thing to do the Debutante act unless of course she has happened to be born an Alice Roosevelt Only let that some one try it through a january and february in Wash in ton society a debutantes Entrance into Tho world of fashion depends largely upon her Mother w to Lias to be the brass band and the grand Entrance Parade As Well As the Side show Barker in order to make the i is As difficult to persuade people that your motives Are entirely disinterested As it is to convince them that the curl which nestles confiding by on Jour left shoulder has any connection with your Scalp sighed the Fluffy haired girl Humph that sounds As if you had done Omo thing disinterested and been found out smiled the girl in the picture hat Well i can sympathize i i have been to Vang to do Gray co a Good turn with the result that she is con fined to the House with the doctor the flout in attendance and that my father refuses to speak to me just when i want to approach him most on the subject of a new gout and that is not All i fear not dear a girl with a sprained ankle and Tho kind of c clashes Graycec possesses 13 As dangerous a rival As a passe widow Ith no encumbrances a substantial Bank account an a bad cough i know it is i know it is walled the Fluffy haired girl Many a Man has passed safely through teaching a girl to play Golf Only to Tail a victim to fire Light an easy chair and a Little sigh of pain of dear i am the most unfortunate girl in the world it is All be cause i happened to be out when Law rence called the other Day of was that the Way you did Gravoc a Good turn Well never mind if that is All she would probably have done her self As Good a one before Long Well it was this Way i Vas out he called and i know As Well As i know that everybody rave myself ha3 the Date of or birth wrong that he came to ask Xoe to go to Tho concert Given by Tho f it Yiv r i i v jt57av5 Debutante circus a winning attraction but Otico the Debutante has entered Tho ring Sho takes the responsibilities and the chances of Success upon her own shoulders As surely As the hurdle jumper takes the leap her isolation no one is altogether repossessed in the debutantes favor except the men who Are too old to be eligible and the women who Are too matured to to rivals Tho senior society girls look Down from dizzy Heights of experience upon the social freshman the juniors Lenore her and the sophomores Are Consu Medly jealous because she has matriculated before they have the Matri menial degree in sight with men she stands a better Chance for favouritism but As it is the women who have to be propitiated in society the men do not count if the Debutante is an Only child her first season is rather of a Lone handed game she mu3t Force her own Trumps and expect no favourable leads Tho Best thing she can do is to develop solent intimacies with other girls cultivate bosoms to which she can lice in the hour when dancing partners fall and some other girls Pkt re appears oftener than her own stranded at a dance nothing 13 More forlorn than for a Debutante to be stranded at a dance or in apportioned for the cotillion if she Hast Rinir n Omo afar fee up of glee club of his College As say was out and he happened to meet Gray co in the next Block you know the rest i Graycec dear but if that is All the claim you have to her gratitude it int or didst expect to see her Tho concert with Lawrence but aunt Louise and sat just across from them and the officious manner in which Grayce leaned Over and explained to Rae Why one the Banjo lists was los song made to of Courso it did you Stop to explain that but when did you get a Chance to or make her regret a that Sho had done Xue times Washington sunday March 30 1902 a j i i i i4f it t friends of sufficient nearness to cover her Retreat behind a billow of petticoats in the Corner Many a girl has been seized with a convenient if not a convincing in disposition at her first bachelors and gone Home in tcar3 at the thought of be ing a Wall Flower Alice Rochester mis3 Condit Smith Marie Mattingly and Mary Mccomis were girls that made a Point of having their men friends favor neglected debutantes in preference to themselves but such unselfishness is rare at the present time the milk of human kindness so often con Geals in Winter a Clever girl a Send off in Tho newspapers Doest necessarily increase a debutantes chances Success and Only this season one of the handsomest of Tho buds was barely mentioned in a society column As n Clever girl of a Litran turn because Tho interviewing reporter failed to see the girl herself and her Mother was too modest to answer truthfully the Point Blank question whether or not her Daugh Ter was a Beauty not being told Tho is re to Jii v via i4ii v o Soare Wonia Drav on Forte Paie Mcner of j first i i know i at 1 of v m of i Well it happened this Way Tapa took me out with him in his new Auto Mobile Tho very next morning of did he Well at any rate Jou Aro alive to thankful for that and a3 i saw no crepe on Tho door As i Emo in i conclude that to is too by Tho Way i met your Mother Tho other Day Sho was paying a number of Calls while your father was taking his first run without his teacher Sho said Sho didst know she might get another Chanco yes poor Mamma she says she Lias been through Tho measles Amateur photography and the study of Trench but an Automo Lio in Tho family is worse than any of them girl was Beautiful Tho reporter wrote her Down Clever according to the Law of compensation handicapped Wotli famous Sisters when a Debutante is handicapped with famous Sisters she is to be pitied fam ily perfection is such a mountainous precedent to stand up against last win Ter a delightful girl made her debut in Washington society she was Beautiful Bright wealthy and Ever one remarked at her coming out reception How much Sho resembled her sister who had made a Brilliant match in new York the ear before they said one could Well mis take Jean for Julia on Jean poor girl lacks her Sisters animation and is not much at conversation lived among Talky people the truth Vas Julia had lived All her life among Talky society people she and peeped behind the scenes Long before Sho had appeared in Public and had grown into her society manner As she had grown into her Long skirts whereas Jean had been shut up in a Convent until a few of Well dear with an Amateur chauffeur the life of an automobile is usually As Short As that of a natured anecdote yes i that is i have reason to sup pose something of the kind Well As i was saving papa invited me to ride with him that morning and i accepted with the feeling that the Post of Honor is the Post of danger however As we Rode along and nothing really serious happened i began to see How easy the thing is to manage you just dont bother to Tell me dear Ulfo is too Sweet for me to have any desire to learn How to manage an automobile is it Well finally i coaxed papa to let to see if i could it and i did for at least two blocks while i was still flushed Voth pardonable Pride papi stopped at Tho office for a moment and i know Tho kind of n moment for which one drops in at a dry goods shop when Tho Spring things Are first opened did you Mhz while i sat there Grace passed and i called to her to Stop and let me fix her veil was anything wrong with it Weller not much but she could not know that without a Mirror she climbed in and while i was Reichling up to fasten it and deciding How to Mako her think that i was delighted to have her take Lawrence off my hands occasion ally i i must have pressed something or other accidentally and Tho Auto started Down Tho Street Gray co screamed and wanted to jump but i Well i didst want to confess and i said that i would just take her for a Little As we might months previous to her coming out she had everything to learn though no one would have suspected it if she had not had a forerunner of perfection in the family Only think of the conditions tint at tended the Leiter girls debuts a sister who had been painted As the great and original american Beauty and the Vicc Cine of India there Vas a record and example to live up to and Only one Viceroy in the world a sad thing what a sad thing it is too there there Are several daughters to present to society it Molic is an ugly duckling in looks or Sallie ins a squint the rest of the girls Are certain to be radiantly Beautiful and then poor Mollic poor Sallie they have to fall Back upon 1ic tory of Cinderella for Comfort and kind friends remind them there is Hope Foi jul As Long As men live to fall la love with Ever variety of thing be it a Bank account a stanch heart or a Clever mind All of 9 a Picc Mannori out t me Owen for c cried info one Rood mf5 a a Oman get chilled sitting there in the wind yes but As we sailed Down the Street i Heird papa calling to me but i could no More have stopped that awful Midline than i could Stop another girl from saving some thing i did not want to hear yees besides it would have to Stop of its own Accord some time it would i tried Verj thing but cautiously so that Gray co would not know but papa says an automobile displays a almost feminine intelligence in having its own Way onco or twice i did thugs which made it run on Ono wheel and then nothing could possibly be More forlorn than the Young girl who is stranded at a dance or who is so As to be Unap portioned for the cotillion Mitsuzi Miv Imam or j pm rms i May a Prim ij2flhteflb these would to Flung away recklessly eagerly in Exchange for Beauty mme do Stool was not the Only woman who Ever longed to be a re Camler the Youthful Mother then take the Debutante with Tho flaunt singly Youthful Mother what Chance has she compared with the seasoned woman of society into Whoso imperfect image she is folded some mothers refuse to grow Gray fat or lean they keep their figures and complexions and attach fresh scalp3 to their Belta even after their daughters Are started on the social War path when the Sheridan girls came out their friends used to speculate As to How much attention they were Likely to receive with so Young and fascinating a Mother in the Lead but mrs Shruan who wa3 quite accustomed to be taken for the eldest sister of her girls merely Shook a few of her social responsibilities and graces onto younger shoulders and to Tho girl3 came Forward the sharers and not the reflectors of their mothers popularity the Mantle of Charity 13 a Good thing undoubtedly but the Mantle of Good Breeding that descends from Mother to child is a very Beautiful article of adorn ment in fashionable society big brother useful a big brother is a useful thing to a Debutante provided he has outgrown the period of perpetually falling in love the Lover of another girl is never satisfying to his female relatives but a Brodlur May be used As a Book of reference and it is something to have the masculine Point of View when a girl launches out into society it is something to steer to and other girls will cultivate Jou and a brother brings his College Cums to the House and chaperone his sister on the links Are relieves her Mother of much night duty when it comes to parties and balls team work u a Good thing in the household desirable grandmother the Debutante with a desirable grand Mother is always in Luck when mus an adventure with an automobile Isa Armstrong Bengough Hub unfortunate a my Yuri to Rajsl j to a wis w y to so if 5 waen a a t drive Iny one Tan or Ai you told Graycec that Jou were n Eriv giving her an exhibition of Fane drive ing i did Sha said she wished i so did i somehow we kept getting up Speed All the time and finally a policeman a into the Road to Stop us when he saw me however he cried its a woman driving and for his life though i called to that i was perfectly willin0 to be stopped Well in sure it was his duty to arrest Jou if i was passing the Speed limit yes i called that Back to him but he wis out of hearing All this time Gray co kept n Bell made her debut she had practically two families competing to give her a Good time and Sho was the envy of her lcs3 fortunate friends relatives certainly count the More of them the better in a girls first season certainly Josephino Eddy wa3 Bright and Clever and pretty and popular enough to carry off her Debu tante honors thi3 Winter with Only Tho assistance of her charming Mother yet everyone Owsald How Lovely to have mrs v Summers for an aunt i must learn to talk primarily it is necessary for a and to learn How to talk before she pay3 formal visits when she can enter a drawing room and find As Many pleasantly Bright thing3 to say As Olive Gale she is fitted perfectly to society pattern a Debutante must also preserve her effervescent go lishness when Hildegarde Mckenna and Mabel Hume came ont they were just too irresistibly Gay with the school Gayety under polite Bonds and never failed to put a lunch table Lonj Good humor do you imagine it is a simple thing to possess and flourish every Charm Peculiar to the Debutante estate remain natural and unconscious and be harassed in Wardly with the thought that one May not be doing the right thing after All that some Hodys Back May to up and As Likely As not one has stroked the fur Tho wrong instead of the right Way and that ones gown May fail to come Home in Tima for tonight dance and that fifty new names a Day May not be tucked away systematically in ones brain cells for future use her life is strenuon3 Tho life of a Debutante is strenuous and Only the spirit of intrepid womanhood is equal to it though she expects a great Deal from society she Doest al ways get it Adola Greely came outland was a pronounced Success but after Oak season she went Back to College Elsio curtl3 and Daisy Colton had each Ono Good seasons fling and then went off Happy for a year of travel when she takes a po3t Debutante course in society a girl must to extremely original to re Tain her reputation for Success she need not go in for Freaky charities like the women of England neither can she sex pet a pretty Talent with her voice or Brush to carry her along in Tho social wave As was the Case with her Mother a be minimized st Paul she has to be a be minimized st Paul and possess every Talent to Appeal to All men she must be a linguist not to trip in the diplomatic set she must know How to brew an incomparable cup of Tea and mix the latest thing in drinks Tell a Clave dinner Story and drive her horses and Golf balls with Tho skill of her brother read the newspapers Maga Zines and new books and devise original methods of entertaining and laying a lunch table with it All she must remain mothers innocent Darling fathers Comfort and Brothers Ideal and still guard that Little within her heart that 13 one Day to open to just Tho right May when Sho has passed beyond the Thorn pricks of Debutante Hood by i and there one com orc and and when when Good drive drive ran him i continued to assure her that i d take her there after we had enjoyed a Nice Little drive l want going to confess to her that i could not manage that machine lest she think i manage Law rence once we ran into an apply cart but that Only incr used our momentum mercy did nobody try to Stop you try to Stop u nothing could Havo stopped us save a Cyclone going in the opposite direction when we turned Cor ners that was Only when i tried invest gation once More it was at an Angle which made it seem to the unprejudiced observer tint either Tho tank of that awful machine had been filled with Alco hol or i was Cross eyed we had lost our hats Long ago and i told Grace wed Stop and get them As to came Back and she screamed All Tho time Well no sometimes Sho had to Stop for breath Tho air la our Wako was full of flying veils culs and hairpins and i was Nell nigh strangled by having her Boa twist itself around my neck virally Tho fling landmarks told us that we were nearing her Home and she Sal shed never speak to me again if i didst too and let her out she said she thought billow Cong v Ould suit me better than a Tomo Biling anyhow and did you i did somehow we took to the Side walk just then and a tree stopped us Long enough for her to jump out the machine ran a Block farther then something happened and i ended in the midst of what seemed to be a pile of kindling Wood and scrap Iron just As i landed and a breath less policeman arrested me for violating Tho Speed ordinance i had the pleasure of seen Lawrence pick Grace up in hit arms and carry her into the House copy right 1du2 by urn Conj Bush m is

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