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Evening Star (Newspaper) - September 23, 1932, Washington, Washington-DCRestoring Domestic Harmony by Lydia Lebaron Walker. There is no family in which at times disagreements do not occur and tempers snap. Sometimes the result is More disastrous when a silence afterwards pervades the household. This generally signifies sul Lenness or corked up anger. The former is worse than the latter for finally this latter will burst Forth again jute a tempest until the atmosphere is cast aside the remembrance of unpleasant words As you would a broken dish or any rubbish. Cleared while the former reacts to the ruination of the sullen person s Char j Acter. Undermining its sweetness with a discontent and discord difficult to dislodge. No person can be a favorite at Home or in society if he has a sullen disposition. It is something to protect oneself against. The sullen one Seldom is generous enough to make Concilia tory advances and repels those of others. Small antagonisms grow As they Are nurtured and unhappiness is reflected in the sullen person. The unhappy person cannot be a favorite. No one enjoys hearing of other persons miseries or looking at a downcast countenance. One Way to handle a situation after a family or personal Harangue is to think of the affair As one would of broken dishes. In every Home dishes Are broken sometimes. They May be exquisite and co6tly, and Are then sent to the menders to be made As Good As new. Which they actually can be when not broken to tiny pieces. Experts know the arts of riveting and even making inserts not detectable except under magnifying glasses. When discords Are deep let them be treated As such Beautiful China. Harmony can be made As Good As new by expert treatment. Gather in your mind All the fragments of congenial ideas com Mon to each. Cement them together with love and rivet them with affection. The break is sure to be repaired with my neighbor says before peeling apples for pud dings and sauces pour hot water Over them Drain and then place on the top shelf of a fairly hot oven for a few minutes. The skin will then be found to come away easily with a Sharp knife and there will be no waste. If your floors Are worn and will not hold Wax try touching up the worn places with White shellac and then Wax. The floors will be much improved by this treat ment. Custards May be cooked on the top of the stove when the oven is in use. And they Are just As Good As custards cooked in the oven. Put the dish into a Kettle of water and keep the water boil ing until the custard is set. Copyright 1933. Out detriment and life run smoothly just As soon As this happens. When tempers snap Over minor things discard the whole matter from your mind As you would throw away some cheap dish when it is broken. Thrust the Harangue from your thoughts since it is Over some insignificant matter. There Are too Many important things in life to let the surface be More than slightly ruffled or cracked or broken by most of the tirades a family subjects itself to. Surely the Beautiful atmosphere of a Home is above being molested except very temporarily by discordant discussions. It is Well to Bear in mind that fretful speeches annoying comments Quick tempers and harsh words in a Home Are just As Likely to be the result of indigestion As incompatibility. Cure the physical disability and peace is re stored unless some member refuses to cast aside the annoyance. Regret that the words were spoken May linger a Little while just As regrets Over a broken dish May come. But after All a new dish can replace the old one. And it May be a better dish. So also Sweet thoughts and kind words can follow hard and bitter ones and happier times be restored. Family affection is not really dispelled by these disturbing outbreaks. It is but temporarily interrupted. A peace can follow which in contrast is doubly cherished. I who remembers by Dick Mansfield. Registered u. & Patent office. 5eog6erow. 1 when a general alarm sent All the Washington fire fighters to the burning or the old Canterbury theater sixth Street and Louisiana Avenue bedtime stories w. Burgess i one against two. Thrive armed is he whom love doth drive against him it is vain to strive old Mother nature. Reddy pox trotted Home to the old pasture without the dinner of tender Young Deer he had hoped to have but still Hope Ful. There is nothing like being hopeful. True. Mrs. Lightfoot the Deer had discovered him snooping about in the Green Forest and in a great rage had driven him away. And he had been glad to go. Yes. Indeed. He had been glad to go and go in a hurry. He had no desire to feel one of those Sharp edged hoofs of mrs. Lightfoot. So he had been forced to leave in a hurry but he took with him the certainty that there were babies hidden near that place in the Green Forest and the Lively Hope that with the Aid of mrs. Reddy those babies or at least one of them might be found. When Reddy reached his Home in the Green Forest mrs. Reddy was not there. He stretched out on the door step to wait for her. When she appeared he promptly asked her if she had had Good Hunting. It might have been she re plied. I got a couple of mice and just missed a Young woodchuck. What Luck did you have Good and bad replied Reddy. The Good Luck was a discovery i made. The bad Luck was not being Able to make the most of my and what was this discovery asked mrs. Reddy. That mrs. Lightfoot has babies not yet Able to run about replied Reddy. Mrs. Reddy pricked up her ears. Did you have one for your dinner and not bring me so much As a leg she demanded. Reddy Shook his head. You should know me better than to even think such a thing As that. Said he repro singly. Then he told her the whole Story of How he Hart watched mrs. Lightfoot and by her actions had known for a certainty that she had at least one baby and probably two. If i had had any doubt about it. The Way in which she chased me was proof enough. I was Lucky to get away with a whole skin. Concluded Reddy. Perhaps said mrs. Reddy two of us could do what one alone could t. My very thought my dear. Replied Reddy. That is Why i hurried Home while one of us keeps mrs. Lightfoot engaged the other can Hunt for those babies. Between us we should find them. If we Are to have them at All it will have to be within the next Day or two. I cant think of anything that would taste quite so Good As a dinner of very Young Deer. When shall we go Back there asked mrs Reddy. Any time after tonight replied Reddy having chased me away she Muddy skins kids he Iii Tomk. Re j i Dull. Drab complexions. Blemishes and those annoying defects. your skin assumes a smooth delicate appearance of exquisite Beauty. This new Charm is yours now Start to Day. O5,reatm1gouraud while. Flesh n4 Rachel shades Send lot for trial size Hopkins h son. Now York new flavor delights millions new Cereal unique in flavor stays Crisp 2 to 5 times longer Here it is a truly different Cereal. Different in appear Ance. Crisp Golden Brown Little pillows. Different in nourish ment. Because made of the Rich est parts of Corn and wheat. Different in flavor. A new taste Delight that makes breakfast seem like a different meal. Try j Quaker crackers today. They re different Quaker crackers will be on watch More than Ever. So 1 Well go tomorrow. Meanwhile mrs. Lightfoot was in easy in Kier mind. Pm afraid Reddy i Fox suspects something a thought she. I dont like the Way he acted. I wonder How Long he was around before ii discovered him. In a few Days now i won t have to worry about him be cause my Darlings will be Strong enough to Follot me and keep close to me but until they Are Strong enough i must keep extra watch. I know Reddy Fox. He is a Crafty Rascal. Fro Balv he will go Home and get mrs Reddy to help him. Then when shall we go Back j there asked mrs. Reddy. Jit will be two to one i feel it in my Bones that that is what he will do. I i must plan to fool them i la pre 1 tend to be least anxious when they j Are near my Darlings and most anxious when they Are near another place altogether. And if Ever i get one of those foxes within reach of my feet \ that Fox is going to lose All interest in baby Deer right then and there. Dorothy dial i life a politeness a prominent College announces that it is to establish a course for the study of family relationship. This should fill a Long Felt want for there is no other subject under the Sun about which the great majority of people Are so abysmally ignorant As they Are about How to get along harmoniously with their own blood and Kin end in Laws nor is there any other one thing about which they Are in such sore need of enlightenment As about How to make themselves really popular with those of their own households. Strangely enough this Branch of the humanities has never been though worthy of serious study. Classes have been taught How to handle the most intricate chemical formulas but not How to blend the antagonistic dispositions of a Bride Ana bridegroom so that when brought together they will not make an explosion that will wreck a Home. Ryphe most important thing in the world to every one of us from the highest to the lowest is our family relationship. The plaudits of the multitude Are As empty As sounding brass and tinkling cymbals to the Man who must go Home from a cheering mob to a fault finding and nagging wife. Bushels of pearls and strings of limousines do not compensate it wife for a husband who gives her everything but love and companionship. No other sorrow can tear men s and a omens hearts to tatters and Bend their Heads so deep in shame As can the children who bring disgrace upon them. The poorest child that is rocked to sleep in its Mother s arms and that grows up in a Home where there a love and tenderness is happier and More fortunate and has a better Chance in life for Success than have the children who Are turned Over to hirelings to rear whose Only Homes Are boarding schools and Camps and who have a succession of Stepfather and stepmothers. Of course heretofore we have believed that a knowledge of How to Deal with family relationships came by nature just As do Berry thought that a knowledge of Reading and writing did. We have had the artless idea that every Man and woman knew toy instinct How to he Good Hust and and wife and parents and that All children honoured their parents and that it was no trick at All to establish a Happy Home. Perhaps that is Why we have never thought it Worth while to devote and time and study to the Domestic group who through neglect threaten to become As extinct As any of the prehistoric animals. So it is encouraging to learn that our higher institutions of learning Are about to take this subject up in a Large Way and try to prepare their students for marriage As they would for any other profession that they flect�0oTl�wdix rear miss Dix my complaint is that the present Day american a Oman As a group has placed her physical attractiveness above her Charm. She is succeeding quite Well in making herself physically attractive. But very definitely she is losing her Charm. She does net realize that Charm is ageless and not dependent upon Beauty that it is a Quality so potent that it needs no enchantment from Beauty. That is Why you meet so Manv women to Are merely attractive to look at. But insufferably Dull and uninteresting to talk to. And who have really a pity that women do not realize that Beauty is Only the Frame Charm is the masterpiece within. Can t you do something about it s. W. Answer no because women Are sold on the idea that the Only thing that counts is Beauty. They believe that their looks Are the Only thing that attract a Man to a woman. That i the reason they devote their every thought and Energy to improving their bodies and pay no attention whatever to developing a spiritual Beauty wherever we go we meet women who Are a treat to the eyes but a weariness to the ear. They Are Good to look at. But they Haven t an idea under their perfectly waved hair we see girls whose every move ment is Grace itself but who Are blundering and tactless in manner and conversation and invariably say and do the things that they should leave undone and unsaid. These women Lark Charm and no matter How Orchid Daceus they Are they cannot hold us. We turn from them to some woman who May net have a single Good feature to bless herself with but who has sym Pathy and understanding and gentleness Dorothy Dix. Copyright. 1ss3 Oyster souffle. One pint oysters two tablespoonfuls butter one Quarter cupful flour one half cupful evaporated milk or Cream one half cupful liquid drained from oysters one teaspoonful Salt dash Pep per one teaspoonful table sauce three eggs separated. Heat oysters in own liquid until edges Curt. Drain saving liquid to use in White sauce. Chop oysters Fine. Make a thick White sauce of the butter flour Salt Pepper milk and Oyster liquid. Add sauce chopped oysters and Yolks of eggs Well beaten. Cool. Cut and fold in the stiffly beaten egg Whites. Turn into oiled baking dish. Set in hot water and bake in a moderate oven 35 to 40 minutes. Noodles and Bacon. Cook six ounces of bread noodles in four cupfuls of boiling salted water until tender then Drain. Cut six slices of Bacon in Small pieces place in a Fry ing pan 10 inches in diameter and 2 2 inches deep and Fry until Crisp then remove Drain and keep in a warm place. Add the drained noodles to the hot Bacon fat and Cook for five minutes stirring constantly. Pour in four eggs beaten with three tablespoonfuls of milk and Cook the mixture until the eggs Are firm place on a Platter Sprinkle with the Bacon and some Parsley and a Little paprika. Little Benny m Lei Pape. Pop was smoking and thinking in his private chair and a was looking at him and shaking her head saying of Willyum when Are you going to let your must Ash Start to grow again for Peet Sake Are you going to Start in All Over again pop said. And that reminds me did t i hear you taking to Gladdis Over the Lone and raving about How perfectly divine and divinely perfect Ronnel Ronnell looks with out his must Ash in some asinine Pic Ture or other he said. Yes but thatus altogether different a said and pop said o it is is it Well Why is it please be obliging enough to inform me in a few Well chosen words just Why its different he said. Why because it is i mean after ail. Ronnel Ronnell. I mean a said and pop said. If you know what Vou mean i must say you re not cloth ing your thaws in very Lucid language. Well go on ism waiting to hear just Why a pie face movie Dumbell can con Vert himself into a thing of Bewray and a Joy for everybody by shedding his must Ash while your own lawful husband by the same process becomes an Eye sore and a monstrosity. Go on. I m patiently waiting for the explanation he said. Now Willyum you know very Well what i mean i mean what i mean is. I mean a said and pop said no doubt and so on add Infin Tum. The truth of the matter is that you cant appreciate Betty in your own Home life the real fact is you re Blind to the hum ble but Lovely Flowers that Bloom on your own door Sill while you grow Google eyed looking for imported blooms that Tern out to be full of hot air. He said. O my goodness All rite you re a per Feck Hercules Adonis you re the grandest spectacle Ever seen by Mortel eyes on land or sea or the herds of the air. How s that a said. That s a Little better pop said. And he winked at me and leaned Back with his Cigar looking As if he Felt better instead of Werse. Cheep that s what s going to bring the Trade. Tommy copyright. 1932. I screen oddities by capt. Roscoe Fawcett. F Nancy Page _ Margaret eloped and now regrets it. By Florence Laganke. You should have heard the excite ment among the Good taste girls when they read an announcement in the society column. It was As follows j or. And mrs. John Carew announce the marriage of their daughter mar Garet to or. Andrew Buckley. The marriage took place june 3 at West j june 3 and Here it was sep tember. And the marriage was just announced opinions seemed to be divided As to whether the girl was to be praised of blamed. Georgia said. I think she did right she knew her parents could not afford a Large wedding. So she just saved them Money. Jane said. In t it too romantic for words. Let s go see her to think she has been married ail this time and we never even suspected but when they visited Margaret she had another Story to Tell. Yes. It s True. We ran away and were married Andy had a Job in Westbrook and we Felt we could not Bear not to be mar ried. So we did it. But girls take my advice Don t do such a thing. I can see now How hard it has been on Mother and father. They had dreams of seeing me married from the Church or Home. Every Parent has such a desire. I gave the world the impression that i did not consider Mother nor father Worth taking into my Confidence. They have to go about As if nothing had happened when All the time they know their friends Are say ing. Aren t you sorry for the cares a and Ive Learned that folks always think a girl runs away to get married because she has to. There is a stigma attached to such an affair. If i had it to do Over again i never never would. Promise me. Girls you wont be so silly. Love can always wait to do things in an orderly and accepted fashion. Copyright. 1932. Foa scores Owh Iparco Creme uses Here is the Way to wonderful new and different whipped Creme effects in cake dessert salad sauce and Candy making. Social simplified Candy making and recipe Book sent free. Writ the hip of Lite company thu Market St. St. Louis. To. I i 8a.mmp.m. Kussi t a yesterday s a i theress a fragrant smell of sugar cant Tell a rices cake from a Home you can serve rices cakes every Day for a no spice a no everything Nice for made one. Weeks and never repeat. Blocks around at 4 a. M. A a a thatus you can always be sure that your Des rices baking cake 8ert Tju make a hit when you serve a such variety. At 8 a. M. Rices delivery Man is on rices cake to your family or at the theress chocolate marshmallow sundae his Way to your grocer bearing oven grandest party. Cake for instance with marshmallow fresh goodies. Filling marshmallow around the sides at 6 p. M. For dinner you serve your deliver to your grocer daily and real fudge chocolate on top. Guests a cake that is As fresh pure and every Day rain or Shine our delivery then theress old fashioned Louisiana delectably Good As if you had just made Man goes to your grocer and brings not praline cake with butterscotch fondant it yourself. Only cake but fresh bread and cookies filling made from a famous Southern rices cakes taste richly of awfully Good too All marvelous tasting pure invite recipe. Or Pecan fruit filled ring for things fresh milk fresh butter fresh singly wrapped. Breakfast. And Many More eggs the same Fine ingredients you and every Day he brings something try a rices cake freshly deliciously buy yourself. In Short you actually different fresh delicious surprises baked tomorrow. _ a f f o get rices fresh i r my a l bread every Day too ? " m u m from your grocer baked fresh every Day 1--i

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