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Evening Star (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Washington, Washington-DCWeather forecast Cloudy slightly warmer today Tomor a a 8uday 8tar Row fair rising temperature. Tempera delivered in the City and suburbs at Tures yesterday highest 75, at 3 pm. 75c per month. The night final lowest 51, at 5 am. Edition and 8unday morning 8tar at from the United site weather Bureau report. 85c per month. Full details on Pate a-2. No. 1,840-no. 35,117. Washington d. C., june 23, 1940-122 pages. Ten cents a. French Speed to Italy to end fighting Churchill amazed at armistice appeals to Poilu to stay in Battle War to continue until six hours after notice of Accord with Duce terms withheld pending talks with fascists bulletin. New York june 23 Sun Day we the French and italian peace emissaries will hold their first meeting today the British radio reported in a broadcast picked up Here by the Columbia broadcasting system listening station. The broadcast said however it seems that two or three Days will elapse before a settlement is reached. Meanwhile it appears the French army is re pulsing the germans and even counter attacking. By Louis p. Lochner. Associated press War correspondent. Berlin. June 22. France made a final surrender to victorious Germany tonight sign ing in the comping be Forest a peace based on the Broad dictate Laid Down by Adolf Hitler. It was an armistice still conditioned however on a second capitulation to Italy and to night men fought on in a conflict that was a War no longer. It was an agreement that will bring a real armistice Only after the French have made their terms with Premier Mussolini. Six hours after the notice of this second armistice has been received by the nazi High com Mand the guns will cease to speak. In the same old railway car in the comping be Forest where the Kaiser s delegation bowed in defeat to marshal Ferdinand Foch on november 11, 1918, two ranking generals at 6 50 . 11 50 . Eastern Standard time put pens to the French surrender of 1940. Take plane for Italy. The weary French delegation ook a plane almost immediately for an undisclosed City in Italy to begin their conversations with Mussolini. This French surrender at an old and bitterly remembered scene of German defeat the railway car in the Forest was signed do pm. Gen. Wilhelm Keitel for Germany and by Gen Charles Huntziger for France. Just what France had agreed to at the end of a Short and bloody struggle which in 43 Days left half her country in German hands was not disclosed pending the italian negotiations. But when Hitler took his dictate to them yesterday he stated in a preamble to his detailed terms three Broad conditions that must be met. France was to agree to halt any form of resistance. Give guarantees to Germany to help her wage War on the historic French ally England. Submit to a new peace in Europe which would be designed above everything to help to wipe out the wrong done to the Ger Man Reich by Force in the last War. The fuehrer was not present at today s session. Germans still Advance. Even during the last hours of the solemn discussion in the shadows of comping be Forest the French armies were being pursued by Ger Man forces in the Field. The fact the struggle might go on for agonizing hours seemed Plain in the terms of the German com Munique announcing the Capitula Tion the cessation of hostilities is not connected with the signing of the treaty. It will follow six hours after the italian government has notified the German supreme com Mand of the text of the Italio French armistice treaty. While the Berlin press took a very reserved tone toward events in the Forest of comping be propaganda minister Goebbels newspaper Der Andriff gave an insight into the status which the nazis believe France must occupy in the new Europe. Comping be. The paper said was the end of an entire order of the economic and sociological system of the French Republic. After this War France will make the first step into a new age which the Young authoritarian states of Europe have Long since taken. The responsible men of France ought to see armistice Page a-5. Eight reds in jail after fist fights by the associated press. Rockford 111., june 22.eight men and women attempting to Dis tribute communist party literature were escorted to jail by police today after a series of fist fights broke out on the courthouse Square. No one was injured seriously. R 5 British Victory is Only Hope of liberation France is told Gen. De Gaulle seeks to rally forces in England to persevere in conflict by the associated press. London june 23 sunday prime minister Winston Church ill expressing British grief and amazement at Frances accept Ance of German armistice terms appealed today to All frenchmen wherever they May be to Aid the British fight against Germany As the Only Hope of France s eventual restoration to Liberty. Declaring that the British government could not feel that a free Independent and constitutional French government could have submitted to the German armistice or. Churchill appealed to frenchmen Over the Heads of the Petain government to Aid to the utmost of their strength the forces of liberation which Are enormous and which faithfully and resolutely used will assuredly prevail. Despite the action of the Bor Deaux government he said a victorious Britain will cherish the cause of the French people. And pointed out to them that a British Victory was the Only possible Hope for the restoration of France and the Freedom of its the prime minister s statement i As read Over the British broadcast ing facilities follows his majesty is government has heard with grief and amazement that the terms dictated by the germans have been accepted by the French government at Bordeaux. They can not feel that such or see Churchill Page a-6. German arms works at Essen Bremen blasted by r. A. F. 6 Supply trains wrecked British say Scharnhorst declared damaged by the associated pres. London june 22.the Royal air Force slanted countless bombs Down on the great German Krupp armaments works at Essen and the big Folke Wulf aircraft Plant at Bremen during last nights far ranging Aerial raids the air ministry announced tonight. For an hour and a half British bombers hammered away at these and other objectives in Germany and the Netherlands touching off numerous explosions and fires while nazi attackers were carrying out their third major raid of the week on England. The admiralty announced heavy damage was inflicted on the 26,000 ton German battleship Scharnhorst june 13 off trondheim fjord. The nazi held Wille Soord base in the Netherlands the Weiseler aircraft works the Rothenburg air drome and air bases at Kassel and North of Hamburg were among objectives of the r. A. F. Along with a number of other military establish ments. Supply ship sunk. In a North sea attack the air ministry reported British recon Naissance aircraft Sank a Large enemy Supply ship. Several hits were reported on the factory buildings of the Krupp group at Essen. Direct hits were said to have wrecked six Supply and ammunition trains Between Osnabrock and Bremen and near the town of Rhein. Violent explosions followed direct hits on the Focke Wulf Plant at Bremen the air ministry said. One Salvo of bombs was reported to have completely wrecked a train at Furstenau Northwest of Rhein earlier the air ministry announced that Royal air Force planes raided Berlin. The germans said the raid which they described As the first of the War caused no material damage. The French previously reported a raid on the Ger Man capital British officials said the germans attacking Eastern and Southeastern Britain in Waves during the night killed three persons but failed to inflict major damage. Scharn Norse Way Iaia. British naval and air units seek ing to avenge the sinking of the 22,500-ton aircraft Carrier glorious waylaid the Schaphorst the admiralty said. Shortly afterwards the admiralty announced that a Large italian sub Marine attacked with depth charges in the Gulf of Aden had surren to London Page a-4. Food Stamps fur coat Swap brings indictment by the associated press. Birmingham. Ala., june 22.a Federal indictment in a Case involving Exchange of food Stamps for a fur coat was returned by a grand jury Here today. Six other indictments involving fraudulent use of food Stamps were returned. Federal attorney Jim c. Smith said the four men and three women under arrest were among the first in the nation facing Crim Inal prosecution for food stamp violations. Radio programs Page f-5 Complete Index Page a-2 nazis term Britain Ripe for storming poised for attack vulnerable to blockade and Quick air forays Berlin quarters say by the Assoc filed press. Berlin june 22.England la Ripe for storming Well informed nazi quarters said ton Feht. As Titis View widened in Germany the Day s communique told of in creased pressure against England from the air and on the sea. Nearly 100 bombers roared Over English coast communities last night in another mass demonstration of air Power. They will go Back. The German press emphasized that adequately based planes need not fear sea Power. Setup for air forays. The news service Dienst aus deutschland declared that England is an Ideal subject for attack in that it is a setup for Quick destructive air forays and for Block Ade. The news service added England is being Defeated by one of its own weapons blockade. Moreover every hour of delay in the French decision at comping be Forest helped the German army to make the French military position More hopeless German sources said. The armistice is going hand in hand with the final collapse of the French army was the Way one press report put it. Germany is in Possession of excellent air bases along the French and belgian coast Dienst aus deutschland pointed out in develop ing its thesis that England is Ripe for storming. Trade declared off 30 pet. More than 30 per cent of Allim ports and exports of the British Isles have been stopped since the entry of Italy into the War and the collapse of France it said. Eighteen ships Are now needed to bring the same amount of food from Australia that one ship formerly could bring from Denmark the news service continued while 90 per cent of the Ore import has been halted. Chickens and pigs must be see Berlin Page condition of Taylor continues serious by the associated press. Florence Italy june 22. Myron c Taylor president Roose velt s personal representative to the Vatican continued in a serious condition Here tonight. The statement of his condition was issued after three physicians held afternoon consultations. Terms Are hard but honorable Bordeaux says by the associated press. Bordeaux june 22.the French government announced officially late tonight that France and Germany had signed an armistice providing hard but honorable terms. If the terms had not been honorable France would have been ready to fight on in her colonies French sources said. The Price Adolf Hitler demanded for peace however will not be announced officially until after France reaches an agree ment with Italy and the cease firing order is Given. In a heavily censored dispatch it was disclosed that the govern ment remains for the moment at Bordeaux the provisional capital. From that Headquarters official spokesmen said fresh French troops were holding firm along the Alpine Frontier beating Back at tacking italians from Mont Blanc to the sea despite the menace of German pressure from the rear. Spearhead pushed South. The germans were pictured As pushing a spearhead Down the Rhone Valley behind the Frontier defense forces slowly steadily de spite valiant resistance. The High command s night com Munique indicated that while the fighting was less severe it continued in local combats All along the front. Ine germans apparently were pushing Forward with Advance and scouting units. A War office spokesman said the tired Poilu Are continuing a Des Perate but not useless their resistance during the tense hours in which emissaries of their government discussed with the Ger mans the terms of armistice was said to have enabled France to hold out for the Soldier s peace which Premier Petain demanded. Cease fire order Waits. There was no cease firing order. Apparently the troops must continue to hold their lines until six i hours after agreement is reached with Italy. Not until then government 1 spokesmen said is the armistice effective. It was understood too. That the terms of the armistice will not be disclosed until that time. Along the Western half of the front the germans were reported to have made no new advances South of the River Loire. Eastward however they pushed ahead Over a wide front. On a narrow Plain be tween the Loire and Cher Rivers stiff French resistance had slowed or stopped nazi columns. Scanty information available in Bordeaux on the position of the remaining French troops in parts of Alsace and Lorraine along the German Border indicated they Are not completely Cut off from the main French armies. Contact was believed to be maintained along deep valleys through the mountains Bor Dering the Swiss Frontier. Three British vessels leave Laden with arms by the associated press. Bayonne n. J., june 22.three British freighters heavily Laden with munitions slipped out to sea to night after three Days of feverish loading at the Bayonne port Ter Minal. Crew members and longshoremen worked night and Day putting an estimated 7,000 tons of shells rifles and gun carriages aboard the dal Cross Pacific shipper and Araca Taca. While coast guardsmen police and private detectives stood guard lighters tied up alongside the three vessels for the loading. Crew Mem Bers did not leave the ship during the entire stay and secrecy sur rounded the source of the munitions and the destination of the freighters. 1,000 trapped legionnaires defy nazis to capture fort a the associated press. Les Verriere on the French Swiss Frontier june 22.a thous and desert toughened fighting men of the French foreign legion with their backs to the Swiss Frontier held two Mountain forts today for the fifth Day against heavy German assault. They Are Cut off from other French troops. Completely sur rounded they fought on As a Beau Geste and because fighting is the tradition of the legion. The forts where they have re pulsed attack after attack Are be Jour and Lecluse across the fron tier from this usually sleepy Swiss town. The peasant Folk Call the legionnaires Les Joyeux the Joyful ones and keep As far from the forts As possible. Nazi swastikas have flown for live Days Over the nearby forts of Pont arlier and be Larmont Mountain several Miles to the North which fell to the germans without a struggle after Premier petals of France announced he was asking the germans for terms of peace. The German commander at Pon earlier received a Telephone Call from the legionnaires at be Jour and l Recluse inviting him to come and get us. The germans Are still trying. But their commander is not answering 8m legion arbs Page a 1 m. Gentlemen this is the City \0f brotherly a love a House votes $4,000,000,000 for world s greatest Navy measure for two Ocean sea Force adopted after less than 2 hours debate by the associated pres. A $4,000,000,000 warship construction program to make the american Navy the greatest assemblage of sea Power the world has Ever known was voted by the House yesterday after scarcely two hours debate. Meanwhile a $1,768,913,908 Emer gency appropriation for the army and Navy received final congressional approval bringing the total of defense appropriation measures up to now to $5,377,522,058. In Addi Tion numerous items intended for defense purposes have appeared in routine Supply Bills. The bulk of the $1,768,913,908 appropriation will be used for army planes tanks guns and other munitions but part will go for Navy needs including a Start on construction of 68 new fighting ships. The Navy expansion Bill swept through the House with a chorus of ayes on a voice vote. The exact number of new ships proposed in it is a military secret the measure cloaking this by providing Only for 385,000 tons of battleships 200,000 tons of aircraft carriers 420,000 tons of cruisers 250,000 tons of destroyers and 70,000 tons of submarines. There have been unofficial Esti mates. However that completion of the program together with other naval construction already authorized would give the United states � Fleet of 618 warships capable of see defense. Page7a-10. Measure liberalizing jobless pay among 10 d. Bills passed legislation will Cut pay Roll tax from 3 to 2.7 per cent by James e. Chinn. Ten District Bills including legis lation that will liberalize the local unemployment compensation Law were rushed through the House and Senate last night before the Wec pfc adjournment for the re publican National convention. Hurriedly these measures were engrossed and put in shape for the signature of president Roosevelt the final act needed to make them Law. The Bill revising the unemployment compensation act which had been booted around for several months completed its legislative journey just before the House took a Short recess late in the Day. Fight fails to develop. Delayed in its passage through the House the measure faced even a More serious obstacle in the sen ate in the form of a rider tacked on at the insistence of senator Tydings Democrat of Maryland. The threat ened fight Over this amendment one that exempts co operative associations of Farmers from payment of the local income tax failed to develop. However and the Bill was see District Page a-147 Burgin is renominated in North Carolina by the associated press. Raleigh n. A june 22.end ing one of the bitterest disputes in the state s political history eighth District democrats renominated representative w. O. Burgin today Over c. B. Deane of Rockingham in a second primary. The renomination is equivalent to election. Returns from 195 of 204 precincts gave or. Burgin 20,739 votes and or. Deane 16,138. Or. Burgin and or. Deane were in a close run off primary two years ago. After weeks of charges and counter charges and an investigation by the state Board of elections the fight was taken to the courts. However when it appeared that the extended court Light would not be decided by election time the dispute was submitted to a Board of arbitrators which declared or. Burgin the nominee. The Burgin Deane fight was the Only District or state wide contest in to Days second democratic Pri Mary the other races having been decided in the first primary or by the withdrawal of runners up. Poll indicates Senate naval committee 11-5 against col. Knox Cabinet appointee to face Frank quiz on intervention by the associated press. Strong opposition within the Senate naval affairs committee to confirmation of col. Prank in oxus nomination to be Secretary of the Navy was reported yesterday at the Capitol. The committee voted at a closed session to ask col. Knox to appear before it for questioning on his views toward United states policy and the War. One member who said he favored approval of the nomination. Told reporters an informal poll indicated that if a vote had been taken yesterday the Nomina Tion would have been rejected 11 to 5. Chairman Walsh merely announced after the closed session that it had been decided unanimously to summon col. Knox for questioning on his views and that the hearing probably would be held on july 1. It was reported authoritatively however that it was proposed in the session that the committee Issue a Public statement to the effect that it intended to investigate col. In oxus views and that if it found he favored intervention it would reject his nomination. This proposal was said to have brought from senator Ellender Democrat of Louisiana the protest that this would constitute pre judgement of col. Knox. In this see Cabinet Page a it French Axis Fleet 33% bigger than u.s., president is told advisers also rate japanese Navy on Par with America s by John c. Henry Star staff correspond int. Hyde Park. N. A. June 22 awaiting details of the French capitulation to the German italian Axis. President Roosevelt and de sense advisers Are becoming alarmed at prospects of the totalitarian Powers acquiring sudden supremacy of the Atlantic it was Learned Here tonight. In the face of conflicting and unverified reports of tiie whereabouts of the main body of the French Fleet the possibility of its surrender As a guarantee necessary for continuation of the War against great Britain is considered disturbingly close to reality. Some of the French ships already May have sought Refuge from Cap Ture with but for Pur poses of american defense problems advisers to the president have Laid before him an alarmingly simple arithmetical picture of the Axis nations with a combined sea Power one third greater than that of the United states. The rough figures indicate that should the British Navy also fall into their hands their superiority Over the United states would be in the ratio of two and one third to one. French and Axis 133. British 100. Estimating the British naval strength at the top Index figure of 100, they rate the French at the figure 50, the italians at 50 and the germans at 33. Actually on ton nage and ship statistics the French might be rated slightly higher but even at the lower figure it is seen that a composite of French and Axis strength would be indexed at 133 to the British 100. And even though parts of the French Fleet escape capture and Are merged into the British strength it is evident that any material addition to the German italian sea Power will bring them dangerously close to Equality with Britain. As for american strength in its present Atlantic Pacific disposition. It is indexed at 100 in the Pacific As see Henry Page a12j pan american Parley in Havana next month by the associated press. Havana june 22.assistant Secretary of state Rodolfo Miranda said today the pan american con Ference called at the suggestion of the United states would be Field Here next month. Miranda said he could not give the definite Date but Well informed quarters said it would be after mid july. Wedding of senator Glass to teacher surprises capital senator Carter Glass of Virginia and mrs. Mary Scott Meade a High school teacher of Amherst va., were married in ascension episcopal Church at Amherst yesterday after noon. News of the ceremony came As a Surprise to the capital although there have been occasional reports that the 82-year-old senator contemplated a second marriage. His first wife died three years ago. Mrs. Glass who is about so was the widow of Robert Ambler Meade of Haymarket va., and had taught latin and English in the Amft Erst school for several years. The couple obtained a License wednesday according to the associated press but made no prior announcement of plans for the Cere Mony which was at 4 30 pm. Only members of the bridal party were in attendance. The Rev. Zebarney Phillips rec Tor of Epiphany episcopal Church Here and for Many years chaplain of the Senate performed the Epis Copal ring service before the altar banked with easter lilies and ferns and candelabra which were a part of the brides ancestral Silver. The Rev. John Wellford Rector of As Cension Church assisted in the ceremony. Because of the senator s recent illness the couple planned to defer a wedding trip to Lake George and from the Church Here went to his see gla8s, Page a-3. 1 a Stop Willkie cry heard As g. 0. Meets greatest uncertainty since 1920 hovers Over convention by g. Gould Lincoln Star staff correspondent. Philadelphia june 22 not since 1920 have the republicans gathered for a National convention with such great uncertainty about the presidential nomination. Almost As great uncertainty prevails in regard to that part of the party s platform which relates to the european War. In fact the foreign relations Plank threatens As much discord As did National prohibition in 1932. The republicans adopted a yes and no Plank then and went Down to ignominious defeat. When the convention opens Mon Day the leaders in Delegate strength for the presidential nomination will be Thomas e. Dewey. New York s Racket busting District attorney and senator Taft of Ohio. N. Tremendous Anve accompanied by High pressure salesmanship participated in by businessmen Bank ers and professional men. Is being staged to Advance the candidacy of Wendell l. Willkie of new York president of the Commonwealth and Southern corp. Claims were made tonight that the Willkie Delegate strength would exceed that of Sena Tor Vandenberg of Michigan who in the past has been regarded As one of the three top candidates. Stop Willkie cry heard. To meet this Willkie drive for delegates there is in process of organization a Strong Stop Willkie combination headed by Republican leaders who do not believe the party can afford to nominate the presi Dent of a big Utility company a Man who until a year ago was re corded As a Democrat and a Man who has been regarded until recently As seeing Eye to Eye with president Roosevelt on foreign policy. The grand old party s two most colourful aspirants or. Dewey and or. Willkie both have their deter mined enemies. Many of or. Dewey s enemies Are counted among the supporters of or. Willkie. They insist that they have or. Dewey stopped that after the first or second ballot Dewey delegates will desert in Large numbers. Their next hurdle then will be the Taft candidacy. If the Willkie forces can prevent the nomination of the Ohio senator they figure it will be comparatively easy sailing for their Man. A flaw in this plan of operation May be found in the fact that Sena Tor Taft Well liked and highly regarded has no bitter enemies and it May turn out that enough of the delegates will vote for him Only to prevent the nomination of or. Willkie but also to bring about the nomination of the Ohio senator that at least is what the Tafter ardently Hope. The Dewey ites in Sist they will put their Man across the line a Winner on an Early ballot. Andenberg Hopes. In the meantime this City is filled with rumours and with busily work ing leaders and near leaders seek ing combinations to tie up the convention until their favorite can be nominated. The Vandenberg sup porters have not Given up Hope that in the end the Michigan senator will be the Compromise Hoice. Also there is a determined though quiet drive for the nomination of former president Herbert Hoover of Cali fornia. Or. Hoover who is slated to address the convention tuesday night by special invitation is the Only avowed or dark horse candidate for the presidential nomination who has not already arrived or who will not be Here when the convention opens. Whether he will remain in the convention after his address tuesday night will depend perhaps on his reception and the Progress which his advocates make. At present he does not plan to be Here. Or. Dewey senator Taft and or. Willkie All arrived in the City to Day strongly urged by their sup porters to come Here promptly. Gov. Arthur h. James of Pennsylvania and Hanford Macnider of Iowa Are Here gov. Baldwin of Connecticut is due to arrive soon and so is gov. Bricker of Ohio. The first see g. O. P., Page a-37 Taft woos distaff votes with Bridge and style show a the associated press. Philadelphia june 22. Senator Taft of Ohio will try next week to win delegates by teaching them Bridge and show ing them the latest styles. His managers have arranged for a series of Bridge lectures at his Headquarters every morning for the entertainment of visiting women. A style show with gowns shown by professional models and featuring a Martha Taft dress has been arranged for tuesday

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