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Washington Dc Washington Evening Star Newspaper Archives Dec 15 1890, Page 1

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Evening Star (Newspaper) - December 15, 1890, Washington, Washington-DC The evening Star. Published daily except sunday at the Star Baldinus 1101 1. At?., Coral Lluli Street it tie evening 8tar few Spoar company 8. H. Kai of Maxx. Strtt two it Xix Sta in Eer Vad to us to two in the Cut by Rarrer. Pm their to. At lo0t�ipwfrv, a 44 per a non. A i at tie Chi Uimer 5 a Flor a afcan Nurton. 1. A. Aap Ami bos Bakos Rar a. Attend a n at paint a Hali. To 1-4 a. . Watson r. Trudl x Williams a st h ba1 1ey, a Thanet. Kokk the. I i 1.4 n gka1l. A flu. I u Oki r a i. Will cum n11 my. Ii. To i to Kirk p.ia., at lit1 st. d or. K a r is a i tour � rur l. U. J. To kn1coinnutii-.-r. N. A. Jartman. . to n i Ion or k masons i n . Cri Ca a by i r it. To nor a i of i a a will in to a isl a. Him ii ill Ali a. l5 k my Han i Ailers laity it Ladis to ant i Tiu Hafif Havern fwd to t �i.,1 ii. R. Nuutt of Aitken f v onks of real khz1 � a Ariyai Law a it for in prov Dan iian prov a i to aril or my of us Job Lul d. Ami. U it a lit . Kn4m.lil-fit Kim thai Mem Oval Ahkii ave Exir Oft. Id 1411 or. Uto. Ami Ijar Tiu. L4nimi Edmi Rajh. A por the l. And hw1 cali��1�ni.a ,at the i inti Rhou a pry Toth Notta Caj-ivok3la Ink come am. S7 my Der tit Kapil i any. In 1 1.v1h -. A 4." to a in by of no Kave Tok. in jul a. Vul Vad i 1j in int to Rick of r. S Al scime Inos l a not a hit Norton. D. T . I i or or a i will l kit it to or it to in to i of any i to or i to mus Tui ii with. A. Without Ali Auitt qty of Thi . In Aii i. Sun r in it ring with to re. Kir it in nits Rothoff a Hurtjr it a. A. Thomas i i to in i Kohks Kimn set i ?n a to my l4i4n.v. �v., Nuoi i t tit. In air � � Toby ii Ijar talks Ali urday sex Crinus it of Leal a Irr t i Avis Msal a Ivel a y Tiv Iii a up it i Canoe in an y w4is in the no Luor i cant Orier fret pm Buu. In a to want Theiu. Cut t Ron . My dtv-vwj7avkttvh11 t is. Fao st Koo in a t Aiu t acts per i Byron s. Adams . 51 1mb at. Nv3ni the done w. B. It r my i in \1. Office will to a h. J. Khl1x, 1 Ler 2.rotiiii4fua Xii Iii to my porn a bin n the pubic. I. O. Kloht my Wihib. A. . Robyi Teot i he in i Ai. I Witik in sural. I o. Of l�.l". in Raul. I or. To. j Oil y Iio Idt Nai rely to a u or her l com a in to i a. A i it or i a. Plia run a 4t few 10ta at. Geo. Corbett. up. Is Kij Katei i Anjos. To in ugh if t iraqi Tului a Triu nth it kind Waii u in Wor us it All to la Tinc on i i in . a Iuzie. A frill Stock on Nan. At ram Naie rn-1 John kill co., a in. No. Or Kuhrt. Come Axl i it Yore 4 uki8tmasliift the f �41owiiiw pan Gavin or a in Isth or As Nnnie of Tbs Peun a Vama live Stork Negrun coir \ any will Ai flu Viii 4. A k st. ., a to fir Irv or the Rrt adv l. Crint j. M. V. Tasty. Dirt urn a hrs Init co., 4. A. Blvd ind n. Win. O a in Neil. K. B. Bin Ion. U. I. . k. i s. In Hart. 1. Ii. Mann b. , Yvo Perinar. Dl0-4t cd Stom 1auk Sii Irth. With of k in the ii in the Lej 4rtn�ent we Are Hen a prep than to � a Ute y or on lessor a Wii i Umidi Afa Irta. Any Tyi Tor Ordinary or Lull dres exam oui Lute at abort notice Jiannu a in very in Rattan. Of la time test Tui it to leu by Winter. A Aee your order at men s fun Raeanin department Ftp 5uor, first Annex. M attn to Udwari . A3irfkcaf fraternal Circle. To . Hwy. Caan Aerts dec. 1. Ink. . Elf i a we a if Numi la a Eva or Accident in air y a. Mai n a n Eara. T Botial. 11 Taju n left year. For for thru particulars addres Loris Mund-2i i i. L .s.c., i la e st. Parents want a. Dll-8t l la. I m. Tike a Vui Veale Lirten sit i Hildina fit Kurt. And Kwh re ave. Mud floor. Di0-lw# of Artioli Lal tilth made beforehand a rtt a Zaunn Hattie alter then Rte red. I u. J Bartlett Hills. Sivai Alimian rom Al i to l k l k to. Diu ii removal. Easton k re up. Stationers. Cor. A. Are. And 13tb at., Hae a moved to 4 in 11th at. Opp site Star ct2ka� no Corlna equitable Tom operative by 1 lying association a writable bhld1ng. Luuri v st. Aart to $ 1, froth. . To 4 . Daily. On the first in a h Mont i the Ollice will lie c or trn to is k p. Re. To inces will be made Plotni try at 7 of � �. Ine jul Lavoe of Block a Wpm Lor no Niti n. T a $ .5a per . I Obj a on anti . Panic has a ply inc to e Otie cts a to can to rum to to u re n. Jew v. A � i ii i. I. Acs a1.1 i 1 act. I Muoth l i t. To. uniu.�. I k. 1 a. Ami Kui a 1 by i Tui Vinn Raul Fol i us i k ? i . Xhu. I. In h to i pfc in. Re. La n t i. he v 1 i Coal. I Wood a uni Ute. I i Rii Imus in he l l h Ului. Vuil of irn a � imn Tima h is of �. A my he Al of tilt pm. Imi aia i s my or .htoee, Lai 1 ave. A Christmas Rhill los a looks. Tue Ijohn of the uk1.1 by 1 Hll Urs Brooks. Royal i Linbi huh. By m1w Oliphant. Uru lbt an1 bars. . K son s.k3v a up 7th to. Books for Holiday ivs Esis by a. To mix Mot in lost Houm a Wlk Tad to the Tom Jujj 4.1 i. thu i a part i it of. Ujj u Cuit Llmas a1u j . C. C. It sell is 41s it. Us. A c. Harming Christmas i Ukkest am a pleasant is 1 a Nihof o?-i.a n funds Autlin. . N a Tor to Santa Miteff the Auto it anti More than Jiuu r Taa Arnt of Harbin a ton a a by Aii Moltu i a no T.�Iatry r l. Dii a the National to Bike. Asthma cd Radium Clu l by the Cio Auk itch Espic. Orr i Anub. Sub Tun. Cum. Tol sch at. In a Miotla i. Karl to i v York uiu1.a Hillal. Sui Ami. of. Nii in. Thai a us i % a i ii Iurii Iutuk a Yeo vow a u take Lut cosst1patio. Tom Vul. Ult i l Dunk Moxi Twu my. I a Lant. E. C r i l l o s.1" Tiam aug Rutm i. Cute. Mil by Al Dpi Atli special notices. Grand free kxclr8ionto of in or fat Sale of jots do Xvi Tiki it Ami is. 1xu�. Wytheville has a population of four thousand Ami i not a i a it climate Many ran Miner Waters to rapid by irn twiner in favor a. A fashionable in it. Besles its six Law Tel its on under at a Cost of a. ii a tic handsomest build inst in South to k t t f.\n.nn. An Ted in Tia the Lily town liar inst. U Side two systems off rms i Ter a system of Mineral Watt tin pipes it. Nth str ets. the High to me in Inal . Hile Witlock a trait tube of la Ini.ijs1.-ws an in comparably Vainiu Iii water of int Tii covery. ? Tonsi y us d an i voted Forf Tir Auve Power. If is the omme Nial. Rrt. City of the rat Iii incl Urr Uiti iral to n property known a Southwest. It is Al Tii county at of a Tuk co.,Willi 1 was avar Dkl the diploma. With to the Virginia exposition at Rihm a in Foo. In i urals oods. And of copies the or Iriart of the Mineral an. Its Public Turnpike us Adam Road. into Verylh Tim of the limn a counties. Afford a it of sys ten. Petai than that enjoyed by any other place into Tate it is noted for its Fine Public Jve three female Colle Iree. Public Horary fifty a ski my Grol ads. Besi race Tlack so. 1h us Stantial buildings Broad avenues styled the Gem of the the Avnal move nifty to of the1�� have kept pare with the progressive spirit Erva i Iii. The state. Amott developments re-4-ently completed Kollek Flo i i no Mill. 110,000 a Daiv company. 1wo Brick plants. two klkctk1c Light Imi is sikhs. A am Iprax duh com i Blair school by i lining. Pm. water the told Ainy industries mostly to rated in ii to comi Uny a pro Yerty a Sale Are under Xvi to Noti Len Kii to time Mil company. In Redden a by the a my any Pas i 1.i Grove . Orji Siml. Lliel tic m a railway a Trotola Tonii Are favourably Protr is Muir of the establishment of Many other a Iuston a. A tue of which Aill certainly lie cured. In minor a Lane in reuse in population. I Hel eve Lopi it company s l l no lok in-dvstu1� is the City by charter rain the exempts All Luan Utai Tunner Inelus Iii punt Caj Sal. From mum pm taxation Lor ten Eam. Sites suitable Lor Iii.�nutift4-Tnrina Rea. Lie a by Vail. A Bado Atid in Lutrial i amort. In the count Are he pr1 Sci pal Csc mines of the United s l ates Leaen of Erate a for l to ears. two blaster n Urna to with two More bust Furna is prove Tell a Wyt Bevilie. Likely to of tilt Sih a. Wythe county supple quite All the or nv-1 in fit Nacea atom the v w. K. U. I he Ijen Ile Southwest of Roustro Tion co., authorize capital a .mioo.uw, com a wealthy Wyt Bevich Dun Lile. , Laitinen York capitalist Liaa recently Een or Niz i h i Lif. Niri Ilnia am Kent t Tkv Railroad Froid , n.c., of Wytheville Trout Wyt Bevich to Tim eat Flat Lopez Tel tie lad so ii constr note. A Dalstan not Teni Iii to w ?hevil1e, while to e Park Vanhurk. Little a iia Whaanga \ in Ima railway Baa decided to i.13 Down its line via Wyt Heatlie Lor a Southern wit the i a a it wifi \ a y at this Point a co Martinir railway Erms of Sale one third Cash. Residue within Rrt in one two to Law represented by a the Sei Urril by deed of Trust paid up Stock Willt pm i veil in payment for lots it is expect Eft to run special exc Rio trains from cites in Virginia other Locinta l e y no the slate. F. T no Ramatu n inquire of your real intr. I lie lil ral Niara rement fairness to purchasers whih Cliart Teri a the Tir to sin Ces Alul Effort when evry sae waa in a tide not a lot bid in by the Compher its of cers will. Trietly of served in the Cor Rinir Sale. The handsome profits real led by purchasers of lots at former is the Liest guarantee of the re Mulera Tive a Lara Ter of invest Nants Here. Distance South to a Hii i ii. Lu7 i. A st trom Iio East from Bristol. 71. For information maps jic., apply to w Yth Fville development co.,\\ to Vilie \ . L. Yost . Palmer \ ice . A1 Mann. Secretary t Kursion train be i is Baltimore Ohio depot ones la eve mar is engiber 15. At o clock Sharp. 1 or free tickets information Mam 4capply to Robinson. Clarke it co.,44and of % t m a at menu lie. For Lull Lulu Stu. Tiou. Price kc., apply to Vij ditto k Kain Iii ?s10 f to. ., writ i strut of Colqui Iota my Laud kind 221. Truia Niedt to suit purr Aam. Ill pm Volta i it tic Light com a Pany an Raeljr to fill oilers Tor for runner or Muir Iier Kim. J Ano out Jonir list Fly in unit to loot Simial you in it Jon Nia i Niue Stuj All Uay at a of four i riots. Any Oue i to Niue to try our Battery to More Puri la Viiu ran Haveit int to to in t Iii a to let or Ucli c 1 kit 1 k a Kkt co i uhf Iarj Letb to. m. Oink Havi Efti assigned to i t. Tort lie t ii it of Bis t in lit or All la to k of i a text iiv., Aii l rout Tut the. K ale steam laundry for fint Tum Collar i of cuff work. Lew Wear an l tear. Clean Lute work Frua sauteed. Or 10th �t., near or. F. Telephone Call ones. Ilg to 3 ,1 k in stave s k. Brown has in Olbe to i.vk1 Feliuai Lavuia Uve. Wron . A 1m f pm Liu jul ant notice. It Gas Host mers. At a Rettit a in n mad Tor the convenience of by in tiie extern a by they can pay their to Bilia do Ruxi Oul a the National capital Bank a the w est National Bank. By Kovl Yorbe Torenne shot null Mouth. Andthil . Will w re tired to the iliac Vuist of Juc. Or ult in to. Of t to u v -111 Oas company. Is ice Coal i went i Rie. Red it ii an 1ck compan the Lutali mid f . I ele Iuie 4stl.bralu h oth. E. To jail a. Ave. N.�. 1 Al Elk be . C. To l.i1k, Aoh it it n. Rotary . K be 1 raid deut i Chance of Tuel ,. Bangor 1.ith� at wholesale. L i ii f m. 1i.i.1s. Manager. Us. H b. Noble has removed his oth e to 1 4 Stirk ave. Noti Liu or a necessity As engraved4 at Rrt Tim Ile refine. it to Ste. A present Tor a in. N a Tat will be Hehiy aimed ii at or eurs. So Gedney & Roberts. End ravers. P a 4u7 it la at. Near Gaa Oak a. 0dl. Irving c. 1u1hhe has removed his Lii �. To the Albany Lutol h st. .ilfiirik. 10 to la to. 4 too. Triep none Call. Till Alv Luk we 1 Stoke Ali mbing1nmha a a. Ralie. Tunuto a Dian t e Poniers to a i sit pro i to a Rand pryts Vii Iai Torr tons to Rand Latham to to try. I Rhuie. 0 at i a t i Mohan. Al is a. A. Telephone. Us 11. A Uini to a l l . loll Dol bile area of tin at flute ii be Alty of Imir Atria try Puie uru a the i l me i Tilry. .s4wi url at Bitite a Purv us Ira from ,11 t . It. . Ibl Lut ,.safk. T v "beuxiancs.j. In Salt s i 1 hbka1 Al Astral Oil it. Me Cut have Nulon Aua. At i. Kit s paint Tuk Telephone Wii s4j. Int line Isi tem Ted a owl he lire but Uichi prompt Liberal . Or. Dan l b. Clarke. Lit. Geo. T. Lemon. Vic pm. Chas. 8. Bradley. Treat. I. Fenwick Yocun. Secy. Will p. Bocklu. Am Smyj. Special notices. The Washington loan Trust company. Under act of Congress approved october 1. 1800. Subject to Ervi Aion of the supreme court of the District of Columbia end the con troller of the currency. Capital. 91.000.00a receives deposits allows interests. Issues certificates of deposits. Acts m exec tar administrator. Guar Dian. Trustee. Receiver. Assignee. Com Mittee of the e8tate of persons non compos Mentis other business of exp scary character. Estates managed interest dividends collected for customers without charge. T guaranteed investments furnished. Notes secured by deed of Trust for Sale. Money loaned on fint Lus collateral Security on real estate. Our build Imp at the Corner of 9th f sts., is being fitted up with Safe Deposit vaults unsurpassed for safety convenience. The following authorization of the comptroller of the currency As required by Law. Is printed for the information of the Public. Office of the comptroller of the current. Whereas the Washington loan Trust company has filed with me a certificate of its intention to Avail itself of the provisions of the act of Congress entitled an act to provide for the incorporation of Trust loan mortgage an i certain other corporations within the District of Columbia approved october 1, 1880. Prop Erly executed verified by the oath of its president whereas the said company has satisfied be that was at the Date of the passage of said act a Trust company incorporated operating under the Laws of the state of West Virginia that at the Date of the passage of said act it was doing business in the District of Columbia that it is entitled to Avail itself of the privileges of said act. This is to certify that the said company is entitled to exercise in the District of Columbia All Powers to perform All the duties authorized by the first subdivision of Section one of said act in addition to the Powers Law fully exercised by said company. I hereby further certify that i have exam ined the property assets transferred to the said company in accordance with the require Menta of the Twenty first Section of said act have appraised fixed their value at the of nine Hundred Twenty thousand i Trot Bun red ten 41-100 dollars ifc0,810.41which said is to be received consid ered As Money As constituting the paid up capital of said corporation to the extent of eight Hundred thirteen thousand two Hun dred thirteen 00-100 dollars $813, 213.50the said being More than eighty per centum 80per cent of the entire capital of said company which said capital a one Mil lion Dollar $1,000.000. And 1 hereby further certify that the said com Pany has deposited with me securities equal in value to the too of two Hundred fifty thous in liars #250,000.00being one fourth tified1he Anun in v of officers will he held it essay Uter lit at there ruler monthly business ii Petin he. In. Sharp. of mass la Sra Mhz Louei not st special dec. To. 1w�, at i m. Business. Installation 01 officers e yrs. By Only of the w. . Nalley. Seitz tire. To Rev a. Services at Khamune m , nth p its. N. W., continue this week a Kos ores of conversions amour the puny i f Ophir. Every body invite in. Jan tit e. Tiie policeman s wife iat looking at the hous no. 711 Stith Brit her wish Ujj thanks Al Polgov. To express my thanks to my Man v friends no j i m for Fyhr Kin 1 attendance Tudi Irand of Winmer on saturday last. I also desire to my size or my a to non on my part or to hats a the accommodation?.?f. E 10 attend i will continue the grand Ienir 1 his evening an-1 allow i discounts my did on saturday. Resp Tutuny of a. L. Saltztein. Or jeweler 7tti�t. Iia Notick to Stockhov dolts the. Annual meeting of the Sto. Al Cut is of then v n a1" Alexandria Lurt Pike company is monuay.januiry.1, Ivov i Kiu at the Otyce of the w a Shirton sout Lien railway com Pany corn.-, i Cameron Fayette Sis. Ue"a., it Tow to n 1.r president. Live director a clerk no treasurer same my place. i Albutt Hewson. Clerk. A Good investment. Business property on st st just North of Pennsylvania ire., consist in of a three Story Back Butl Uinta Brick Structure id Juinio Corner property. The lot is Tao feet to an Alley. Price 916,000. Thos. J. Fisher it co., 1.tj4 st. .it Appleton track co. This Fine watch at a sit via Price. Call on Geo. Spier jeweler mfr when 310 two it. N. W., near a. Ave. so Many people intend buying clothes this we that if it is pot off until saturday the difficulty of a Ivinia All will be increased. Why not come earlier select allow time for pressing or altering let the Trarlu its be delivered paid Lor on saturday if you Clio. Store 0 eur this until u o clock. George Spransy. One Price Clothier. D15 41 7th st. Brains skill Cost if up want writer for a hams has tailors must prices. Brains st Niue a. Of course brains skill Cost jul Low prox r. Udy Madea Verj Little of either to Ray i. Ulv clothes sailors do halve More tora pair of Irons is or of h 1" than clothiers but the . Of tips do Idile the if lure than oth is some May Clianna Huju. Lat lors us a Rul wait Loncer Forur r he Ull to claw to Mer hich their it ret Muired a i Ash pm sinks to strike t e Nappy medium Between cheap re ulv Nat Ilot Liesandt the Hiiro priced tailor made i am turning out tailor made clothes at a Pri. It in f i kith wince. Take the �401, 1�. "j"11 a or coatings the i i he set a illustrations of who. Aea a bunness will do. G. Warf1eld Simpson. Exp Cert in trousers ju5 Cor my lists . A pjs daily remarks on life insurance. ,. Mannay do or a Solo it Al vent cwt. ish who Cau How ii ugh it or he liabilities so it is � t h Jfe Liu Mihaiu cominwies.1 he annual of uie e uiub1e last Janu m had ? As to t o every to i next rest rots Titor Lias on Al r7 heed this. O i who de sire write referent e to every thur else. Of Only Dies the Xiu Itable show that it lathe str inn st it it is also the beet pay Ivr Lite in company extant. L ii it Lias transacted -.helaivvs, annual business held the largest surplus. It has Faith itchy met every promo Eit has exist sir it. Anticipated i suits. While Tai i videos in most companies have Stead Yde reas a the equitable is a Nylon. Its policyholders Larver dividends each su.,-Eediiiii-Ye r have a talk with us � Buir Ife to x k Paluthe equitable life Assurance society,�Al.di i st. Teachers dealers.chri8t Mas booklets carols s Taji look of lectures Tbs Wea Takh Yair exr plight ruin on the Huinia Nutton ight mirth re Turku temperature. Winter weather hard on Tho lumber business. In order to keen think s i Oviduk december Jant iary we will Irive Yon Sie Ial Low prices if you will rail at our office. While �1.15 per 100 feet is Verj Low on Jioanis we have some equally Low prices on Mill work Flo Oriu 4c. . Bittinger k Miller Mill work lumber. 0th st. And York ave. Is Del. Buddington Wright has removed his dental to lilo i the st r Lor the i cannot ret any More As Wood. H1 g. Taylor i 1 11 b Street . Veni. Vidi. Vici. Wesley height Christmas. #100. 500 Cash Lulane in 1, j 3 years Willjo j a lot feet ill Wesley Hei Irh s. Adjoining the site of the proposed methodist University. Can you us West any bin letter Tyrnn a lot in this will hmm a r " Christmas present to your be Hilti Sisu a brother Cousin or aunt Over 100 lots live Lieen sold during the Post 4t, Days not Ttoe rect it financial disturb Ian. Is if you have thought of Purcha Rinir do not delay but buy while you can obtain a choke Ade. The Erea Tion of five handsome Burban Rott Aires u contemplated in addition to minuet Citi Tonev 111 Tili red their intention of oui Din Marsach Nytta ave. Extended will pass within st sufi a the rely Brill a chulumisl11 de Lin 40 in pet the Hel it for plat information Call on John f. Waggaman. �kt-3t Cir. 14th i its. A Sado the say they jul five a Carriage As Wood As Andrew j. Joyce s sons at. Much lower Price we thank them. That advertisement costs a nothing. Are Bert Annc to reap the Benefit of it already. Andrew j. Joyce s sons exhibition Ware Ais la 1cb8 1030 Conn. Are. Washington news gossip. Index to advertisements. fare attorneys pare 7 action sales psf 7 bicycles pare 8 boarding pare 2 books Ani stationery pare 7 business chances pare 2 City items purr h Cor itry real estate pare 2 deaths Paw dentistry pare 8 educational l w 7 excursions picnics. A pare 8 family supplies pm 7 financial pare 7 i of rent cores pare 2 for Kent rooms pare 3 for rent stables Ivr 2 for rent Sturm pare 2 for Bent to ours own for Sale Anuw pare2 for Sale pare 2 3 f to Sale i cola Zieons pare 2 gentlemen s goods pare 7 hotels pare 8 ladies goods pare 7 local mention pare 8 lost l oust pair 2 marriages pared manicure pa2 medical pare 7 miscellaneous Pup to Money to loan pare t � uhlication8 pares notaries i Bic pave7 Ocean steamers pare7 Potomac River iioat8 pare 7 pianos organs pare7 personal pare 2 printers pare 7 professional pare 8 proposals pare3 itaii.hods pare 7 specialities pare 7 suburban property pare 2 wanted i help 2 wanted houses pare 2 wanted rooms pare 2 wanted situations pare 2 wanted min Ell Auelua pare 3 Woodlnd Coal. Pares statement of the circulation of the evening Star for the week ending december 13, is san monday december a s9o 31.210 tuesday december 9.190 31.457 wednesday december 10,1890 .12,053 thursday Decell a 11, 1k90. 31,994 Friday december is p 90 31,81/5 saturday december 13, js90. 30,240 total 194,769 doily average 32,461 corresponding week 1s89 31,724 i solemnly swear that the above is a True Correct statement of the circulation of the even Iii Stah for the week ending december 13, 18#0. J. Whit Heron. Cashier evening Star newspaper co. Subscribed sworn to before me this fifteenth Day of december . Isid. John t. C. Clark. Notary Public. Government receipt Toda intern Rev Enue �1,040,532 customs $554,141. Bill approve the president Thig morn ing signed the act for the Relief of Gen. Geo. Kutou Ciuman. Purchase or Bonim. The Secretary of the Treasury today purchased 20.000 first Mort Gage Pacific Railroad Bonds at rates based Oil thu prescribed 4 or cent basis. Movement of Silver the Issue of Standard Silver dollars from the mints during the week ended december 13 was ?700,533. The Issue during the corresponding Jeriod of last year was �787,740. The shipment of fractional Silver Coin since the 1st instant amount to 415.338. Discrediting the reports of in Guatemala there is no information of any sort at the state department respecting the rumours of an epidemic of cholera in Guate Mala which were extensively published this morning. Officials believe that he absence of reports from the minister or consuls in that re Gion indicate that the reports Are untrue. The world s fair paper attorney Gen eral Miller has returned to the president All the papers in regard to the columbian world s fair with a statement that they meet All the Legal requirements necessary for the president s proclamation. The president will investigate the Finan Cial sufficiency of the subscription in Cashee finds it satisfactory will make Public announcement of the exposition naval order assistant surgeon Sheldon j. Evans ordered to duty at the naval acad Emy. Chief Engineer Henry b. None., ordered to the Navy Yard. League Island Pennsylvania,3lst passed assistant surgeon Corbin. Decker detached from the naval Academy ordered to duty at the naval Engineer Lewis j. Allen detached fro duty at the Navy Yard. League Inland. 31st in Stant. And placed on waiting orders. The pres Dent b Cabinet caller the president almost held a Cabinet meeting this morning. Indeed if his callers had but come in a Bench there would have been enough Mohave constituted themselves a quorum. First came Secretary window to talk finances with his chief before going to the Capitol to appear before the Senate committee. The next caller was Secretary Rusk who failed to indicate his business. Secretary Lilline who arrived on the departing heels of his agricultural colleague was equally uncommunicative while Secretary Proctor who Fol Lowed or. Lulaine arrived departed without encountering anybody to whom be cared to confide. Personal col. b. Milton editor of the Recti old South Dakota observer is in Washington for a Brief visit a. Hershfield j. Hathaway of Helena Joseph Jeffer son w. J. Florence c. L. Jackson of Muskeg an. Ind. To. Are at Willard s. H. of Boston f. V Flint of Sacramento Cal. And g. F. Nighti Gill of Oakland Cal Are at the Randall-5t. Bennett of Boston Ander. And mrs. John w. Jacobus of York arc at Tho Liggs House senator Hearst arrived in the City Las night from san Francisco via York �. Lindenthal of Pittsburg e. C. Love Boston Are at Wormley s. Sex Secretary \vm.c. Whitney was in the cite last night spent a few hours at Chan Iberlin s. Col. Daniel 8. Lamont private Secretary to sex presiden Cleveland arrived in the City this morning Andis at Chamberlin s. Hon. P. G. Neirin Aliaus of Missouri or. And mrs. J. Monheim of Chicago Are at the Normandie. Chan. Johnson of Minneapolis is at the . N. Goff of West Virginia or. Wellington dams Upton m. Young of st. Louis sex gov. C. F. Black of Pennsylvania. F. 8. Paynton w. A. Paynton of Cambridge England or. And mrs. J. E. Inglehart of Evansville,lnd., Are at the Ebbitt House. F. Ryan of the Navy. Or. And mrs. E. Clark of Buffalo. D. H. Puls Ifer of Chicago a. G. Glover an family of Boston Are at the st. James. The cd Krency question. Secretary Weadom consult with the presi Dent with Congress. Secretary Windom pud an Early visit to the White House this morning for a few min utes sons noted with the president about the features of the Sherman currency Bill which is being discussed by the Senate finance committee As to the policy to be adopted toward it by the administration. He then went no to the Capitol was engaged with the committee All the morning in consid ering the financial situation. Nothing will probably be done bar the Secretary within his own province to relieve the Market until con Gress takes some definite action in regard to one or Mora of the various measures Pend ing designed to solve the Money problem. The elections Bill senator Colquitt Speaks against it today about rights of homesteaders. The Indian depredation claims Bill passes the House. Pure food Bills Laid aside. Senate. The Senate met at 10 o clock thin morning there being about a i Lozon senators present when that body was called to order. On motion of or. Edmunds the judiciary committee was granted leave to bit during the session of the Senate. Or. Stockbridge. From the committee on Flash fisheries reported Back a Bill to establish a hatchery in Northern York. Calendar. Or. Edmunds presented the credentials of the election of his colleague Justin 8. Morrill. Bills passed. The first Bill considered on the Calendar wag one enlarging the rights of homesteaders on the Public lands. Passed. It provides that when parties settled opposite in survived lands therefore were obliged to Tike up less than100 acres they May extend their holdings notto exceed to acres on motion of or. Pierce House Bill was passed Tor the erection of a Public building a Fargo n.d., Cost of �10.0 10. On motion of or. Call a Bill was passed appropriating a Loioco for the repair of for Marion. St. Augustine. Fla. The Bill Subj Varent of claims arising from Indian depredations. The Bill provides for the appointment by the president of three judges to constitute a court to be known As the court of Indian depredation claims to inquire into adjudicate All claims for property of citizens taken by indians without just cause. The Bill parsed. After an advocacy of the measure by messes. Hermann Lanham town scud col Havers Mills Perkins a criticism upon it by messes. Holman Kilgore the motion was agreed to the Bill passed. Important pensions derision. An important pension decision was rendered by assistant Secretary Bussey on the question whether a Confederate Soldier who Ateward served in the Union army is entitled to draw a pension under the disability act of Jone 27, 1890. Gen. Liu holds that the fact that the claimant served in the Confederate army prior to his enlistment service in the Union army does not impair his pensionable status under the act of june 27, 180, nor any other act. He therefore holds that the claim ant Geo. H. Coffey company a third unite states volunteers is entitled to pension the general Law if he can prove the origin of his pensionable disabilities in the service line of duty he is entitled to pension under the act of june 27,1890, if he can prove service of not less than ninety Days an honorable discharge an that his disabilities Are not one to his own vicious habits. Fir in the Senate Annex. Yesterday morning about 6 o clock no. 3 engine company were awakened by the cry of turn the alarm was Given by the col ored watchman of the Senate Annex no. 9i b Street Northeast. The building was used for committee rooms of the Senate. The fire originated in the Southeast Corner of the second floor in a folding room. A pipe running fro the main heating apparatus Between the floor ceiling to the second floor became super heated Ana the Woodwork caught Are. Spread ing rapidly under the floor it Burnt through the ceiling for a Little while it looked like. Large fire waa imminent but the prompt arrival of no. S company under the leadership of Foreman Guy their efficient services saved the building with loss of about 200. The financial 8itiation. The Vui Uin l Hur of or re re m Ike Capitol today the Watt Asp Heath i Mitter Avob the. Tex six or tub boded few Oil Kab Betart we Nix before the Senate rim Axce Oom a Ittak. Tho financial committee of the Senate have Bronw impress Dith the Norri Numick of the financial situation Ami at the name time or. Mckiiney s committee on Way menace has come to a realization that the disturbing influence of Teliin Tariff legislation has had an effect on the Money Market. The ways mean committee this morning unanimously adopted the Resolution introduced by or. Flower extending the bonded perv is of Rooda Ini hated under the old Tariff Law from february 1 to july i. The withdrawal of several million Dollar necessary for the pay ment of duties parable february 1 would Hare a serious effect on the Market at Thi time though or. Mckinley a persistently declare that this could not be the Case he has Lieen forced to yield to a general demand for . Flower has received Many letters indo Singhi action for introducing the Resolution Ander. Mckinley has been convinced by the in formation Tii be had through the Treasury i department. A rotary or s . Be Cretaro Windom was with the Senate financial committee for two hours this morn ing discussing the financial situation. Since his visit to York or. Window has talked Over with the president his plan of relieving the situation for which he got the approval of some of Tho leading financiers in York Anil with the approval of the president the plan was submitted to the committee with 11 full explanation Strong argument. The plan is merely a combination Compromise in line with or. Windom s Well known attitude is not at this time. He proposes the adoption of his plan for in combination with the pro position forthe Purchase of the l3. Ltt.ikl0surpliis Silver an the replacement of National bunk notes by the Purchase of Silver As list As the notes Are re tired. So Puree or int Senate Fis Anve co Mitt be. The committee continued in session after or. Windom had left the capital but Hite in the afternoon had not reached an agreement. The representations sir. Windom made of the financial situation Vas to impress the committee with the necessity for prompt action. They Are. Therefore anxious that a Bill should to ready Fot consideration in the caucus tonight. Or. Hoar is a ing All his influence to Post Pone the Side tracking of the election Bill until be. Ral appropriation Bills have been reported demand action. It is regarded Asab sol utely impossible to longer delay tin consideration of financial matters. The full expectation is that the elections Bill will be Side tracked tomorrow. The National i.m1im.ati Kkt. The Bill to Amend the Silver coinage Law other matters of interest. Today st Gator Sanders introduced a Bill in the Senate to attend the existing Silver coinage Law so As to authorize the Secretary of the Treasury to Purchase All Silver Bullion offered at a Price not exceeding ill for 371.25 grains of pure Silver to Issue Treasury notes in Pey deut therefor. The proposed Silver Pool the House committee on rules again had under consideration today the Resolution pro Viding for an investigation into the alleged Silver Pool but came to no definite conclusion thereon. The sentiment of the committee seems generally favourable to an investigation. To pension us. Of byte. In the House today representative Cut mings of sew y Ork presented for reference a petition signed by every member of the seventh regiment of y Ork asking that a Jsn Sion of ?100 a month be granted to the widow of Gen. Abram Duryee. Al ski love Amxo Cokab Kim. The acting Secretary of the Treasury today sent to Tho Senate a draft of a Bill embodying some of the made by the Marine conference Ami proposing Amend mints to the in Vised statutes governing Navi gation Commerce. The Bill provides Lor aboard to establish All necessary regulations required to carry out in the most effective Nian tier the regulations of Commerce Taviga Tiomi. A. Col. Koine it of dih again. The Hoard of District commissioners has a our uni. Col. Robert is on duty again. He arrived at noon ran up the main stairway with his old time vigor. The Board was in session at the time opening ills. Col. Robert heard of it went at once into the Board room. His presence was a com plete Surprise to the civil commissioners after his health had Leen inquired into the work proceeded the colonel taking an Active interest in the matter. Ins Liq Vou to afro . In conversation with a representative of the Stab the colonel said he Felt All right again anxious to get to work. He did not care to say whether he would continue his investigations concerning the liquor traffic but intimated that he would not devote As much time to it As he did last reasons for this were that last year the whole matter was to him he was obliged to look carefully into the matter to be come acquainted with his duty. he knew it. His past experience had served him Well. How about the Guy Case asked the re Porter have Vou decided to let that go i Don t desire to comment at All upon it is claimed that inasmuch As the old Board did not decide what disposition to make of the care the present Board Haven t the do you think about that i have not Given the matter any consideration whatever of course cannot express the first Anil most important matter for the commissioners to act upon is the granting of licenses. It is understood that the License question will come up tomorrow continue until finally disposed of. The Mould s fair All right. President Palmer say it la going to be the grandest exposition Ever seen. Sex senator Palmer president of the world s fair commission what the every Day world lovingly terms a Jolly Good fellow was on the floor of the Senate this afternoon. Everybody was glad to see him he was Evi Dently delighted with the cordial reception which greeted him from republicans democrats Alich. Do i appear sorrowful asked he of to Stab reporter who wanted to know whether the Jovial michigander would t like to return to his old place in the greatest deliberative body in the world. I am very Happy he continued. The inconsequential methods of legislation wearied me. A Man might work earnestly through an entire session then see his la Bor go for naught As much of mine went. I prefer being where i can get up do some thing. It is much better to be on the outside with no desire to get in than to be inside unable to get out. The world s fair is All right to got it in my pocket. Perfectly Safe. Going to be the grandest exposition this Little Earth of oars has Ever seen. Well have a proclamation on it some Day this Smau Stoita a Ono m in Plaks. Gen. Schofield received. Telegram this morning from Gen. Miles confirming the Pines reports of dissension among the Indiana in the bad As no report has been received Tat re Gard to the reported engagement Between troops Indiana it to not believed that we a thing occurred. Both Are confident the a Rnell anti Parnell parties expect to Garry Kilkenny. The candles non Saied today. Fatal fire at the Barber Asphalt works at Buffalo. The Stock Market is Dull. Toth claim it. T crr Tail an to l Chr to ill w. I Nup Cal � i to the Mim hut 1 1 . Ivc. In Leif Rej of of to to state of affair to Kier nut Are in milk him Whit h Prol ably from the Fri that it is yet too we ii to obtain tru worthy data on which to. An int. Ali Geist a Pinon. Hut hit claim that the licht in dlr Volt d in their favor the Wickli of ii inc Ini to ii Ulmer that the far it i. In talc. Although the lion Ter for i Arnell make the most noise. 1 Nofori Una Tell Tor Huu. In rat arc Nair la n not u voter. Who rum do service in hiking up an uni in Iwami tin Ting. But whip i Riih ii at the Joll i no us App Cutie Quantity. Ii Avit in very confident Ili Lan that it i Only n question wort hit tie majority Rains far Nell will Law 1.50 or lie a Dent that Thel Der in Iti ii Kilk conv a enthusiastic which Hwy nit1iien tint in lulled ill the elec toral be of commons from North Kil Kenny. The rare Clinite of North Kilkenny to Day nominated or. Vincent Scully to rep Ignaut that in the Bona of . Alec. U. The friars in the for acts can i Hurch at Canad offence he Rirl member of the Fig relation yesterday by denouncing i Arnell it ii for i moral guilt a the Mas Tina Effort of by wrongdoing. Sunn rot up left the Church Luthe Cathi dial at no allusion made to i Arnell. I league at Arma Fehlis repudiated Irik ii it Leader of tin 11ifh party the a ii Doti 1111. Ral Nickk i a n Crucie in r. I Arriella Akil Keti ii it clo a a a of self flatten whining Over i own illness. declare that Parnell i nearly at tie Etna of i Rosie a. L Attila vile ii Aioli to the Tutu Star. . Dec. I.�. In the hot Coue to Bailik a k no i v the i Ipoh Limur h Jinnet Carlo i it in tra Tope of the a literal cad Paikin Iti which i a Prem native a a kicked. This arraying of the entire spiritual Force of tin Island ital list the Load it. Has riven Ria to Ninny Council in Cabuta. For Manv year the picture of i Arnell other Lri Aii Hader have Husik in tin Chama of the in pantry a Lioums h i a deities Umi i memory of their it Ici m the ii Aat. Or , a the a if Klo of the Siwl mtg am Arele proved. And la Home Innabi Tineh Mist d on with Moval Frota the w,.ls. In one House it waa found that to Ladanne Hare a the Lare of Honor with Vurnell. Und the woman not understanding the demand not Only pulled Down the Pic Tara of glm Litone. But broke the Frame in piece Oba Ervina. As Ahe Iii a i Buffalo turned to Heui. Brr Rii i. N. A. L dec. Afire from a far at the i umber Asp lilt company work at Irist Lin Fralo communicated with Oil used a fuel Dauwd a terrible explosion tire at 0 tin morning which i Wal till in the death of watchman Neil Cam Powll. The Man waa Fri by full buried about the face hand Ilkiv. Ilie Atkines attacked the Eti Ruh r Ati . The Stock Market in with an Adrane but Price decline. Yoke dec. 15the mock Market Tula morning waa quiet but i Plavtz great strength in the to Arlo dealing. Which however lat a in a reaction. The favourable a pet of the situation with the higher London figure had the effect of owning the Market thu serially higher than saturday n cloak us Fig ures. Most Stock Wing from % to per cent better while Northern Pacific preferred Ulm Kock Inland were each up 1 per cent. The further gain were not Lurge Missouri 1 id c leading the usually act Ira Stis is with a Rie of -4 per cent but we clinic Luke Krie preferred roae 1. Percent. Alta Market by Caius sluggish Ami Price retired after these figure had l to attained in Baa cases it lit Back to Thone of the opening. Truk of it Lek . He great feature of the Ai Arket however the Sharp Advance in nil Var certificate a which was stimulated by the late talk of Paai he Sliver legislation other Nch Emea to utilize the Inetal. And from 106 at the opening it mounted to 10y �. Of Ingon Lva null portion of the increase. A firm undertone marked Tea trailing throughout at 11 o clock waa quiet to firm generally at about the opening figure. Money is an at 4 b a r cent. The Stock Market became very Dell after ii o clock Uhde dragging arid waiting it shaded off Row Lar prices in most of the Active list were brought below those of the opening although Only to Lackawanna which rallied x per cent waa Tea movement of any importance. Silver certificate after touching 110. Went Back to 1wat noon the Market waa Dull fran Ratana at the decline Silver la ened at 107 highest Mia 110�ale 107 Lant Hale 107. To hts a Hekt sinc Hutt. Of pot Tkal Tomi kin., dec. 16tbe variola nent k Ana a Farmers Alliance Menth last night s dispatches As Baring be corned in a plot to disintegrate the democracy by supporting recent Farmers Alliance convention at the Story today. Messes Willetta others said they voted for the because they believed in it apologies to make to having so voted. A victim Woun k. Y., Dodge seventy two a a Amer of , Secretary of the Savy died wary m4-Denly this morning from Ruben Matilaa of Teaheart. She came Froes Law ago to Groebly Tes Pend the Holiday with bar son Sergt. A of of Tea lid precinct. She appeared in a health until a

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