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Washington Dc Washington Evening Star Newspaper Archives Apr 6 1891, Page 1

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Evening Star (Newspaper) - April 6, 1891, Washington, Washington-DC The evening mail in 1itumeuk3 Saint. 2za, weft Josiv at the fan ill us in 1wohl age. San by fat Ewo Ming or now ups 4ftat Bym he m ==u.-. 1 2 i133. 4. Iff soft cedi Wau a 25 Bathe. Fl1nancial t Noii 49 offal Mars Dai tul comial in Rumzi. Id is. In. The 004 Ian 4fw kind to Abu. Cow Adow. We i s Hundred vim Chest do iou not eitk3lqkb Yaw won a As Ovit tits or tb.,. Would he bae in to Sutil Isle Ether Leel mor Pumi Calif the Edum mams of Aneia rat company to act Onke Umus. . Gam an. Or. A Wene a Kew = we Ahedo Himl visuals. Batren Neveris. Brno b a Breed with smooth a Mel on Earstie s141" or Jork or in a be. Trat mooing be the edited at a above each Aisil Rise. Beter bag Flat ably. Levee Covial better Effazee e but a Biseto View. As 6" Agat imbed of a shoes of sited. prop. Via of vill. Dooda. It. Rame by Leui 341 Moni " o go 98%Wil be fully Espial Sid. Have by Ennadina pop to u i intae Eion Volu Efte 10 eve heed a raw wombs amour Nowill Tiv Jav is wer Thlresa Mev mosey Wie a up at Vale oly when Bim use. Seput Row Nosey to Uel. Weepy Bere at Arr Odeide. We huge got ask same or a. Imler Ata Verema. We Hortus u of si0.w. My Inix Wear remt. We Alme Haverea. We cum 914"e 7006 k you so .4tbe a he error or a Reader. Few words Ashout storage. It you Matic break by up him Bap Tam this spate mad fou by you Home i semis of Sty. You he. Eedna. Acc Molioo Aie imim110 the warehouse a buil spend 9w0e Purl. Is i i. Shh a Mitomu Jam dry. Aug org. Mew furthermore. We now hew to Park has,1o Gondi. Drop 1. A now we vol sad for 7690oja end mlle you a s worry. Export Megan. the . We resin is 1.401340isu Ilu. Tep Beo 4w3. 13" word a to lairs. Laurent every Are Auta ithe Mukri a so met a Skoie i May. Are 101-Wulftm teak i relate Rete lm40-wta Matt to we be . Ibi h Goethe swat q4 the Staw i q1 wide Erma to Efth mud Saf dorm it Boese far a a Loum swim to Rubila Iphis dose fun a. Bitton. Wiliam v. J. 3.41. Rubis Shamen is. W. Daiel Henry f. Boa. Johnava. Mae. C. . In a s. Jol Kho. A Law 0. Eairy. Min & Louv bad. In k. Pied. Caleb j1. 31m jobs a. Email Cheshe Deer. A a. A Laia. Abua Mon taint f Norum 2. In a Ehy a. 19974& w1111kn x. X. Pitke. He or. Wal aerv4. A we w. In the Moi. Mia 2410@ela i a. A. Thorns w h14 Raey a. It land. 1iiinva1zilw a Berexa. Sea. Guyus ?3.wmsgoo a = Bea. Met eams i inh a astr . A Abram 1. A 1% de be. 4 Almi Auar ital. "t4 bed Taw Phee. Valo. 3 a. Pus dec i an Ann Yin trin la. Lakhs a Filc word. 3iane Willam a alwi6. Deweil Iway v. Co main Elm i s8 =65 f i. Washix0ut3i. In a.3m," w sur 1. Aka u us Nam igers Abs Euldo Procidano ova in. Monet private wait. 30v York Mea cake Slatie a allowed As desown.on&sj-1aft lass Ai a Ial Aib. Ravve Ham As. Con Genatta a Mil. Ide Hsai. Uding loan aeocza1os 913 v1 v1o. 3l v. Moteo Pla Aries the Irma 3 30 act a % j Nosey. Any oui Pere memasse1hiam 511 "m3 cast ixte3lyrmm a phial ,.up Eydt Eamoe sur 41w asked t Arbee parcs o sum i Rod on = p9 Bauml minium. O9ncemu1 vol. 78. A 19,013a financial Irowa Antom loan a a Trust Cox capital. 01e n1wljcli Toai Imay o.6 slow. A of Sosa of s at Dommer Gadia Yuthas. Ial look miss Aaben Duma Shaba 30"a has in Blair Eghsa . Thu 35 in a.55chug.a , = Dar. A. D. a is. Innamo a. . A. L w. Special notion. Shall Olak sos Aso april cd hedm11101 d Anae Lamew the Jil hts a Sysu d Ine afus. To p-0kuaba ranks i Tern a 012 of Eatlo we 11"w Migna resmsa0= 10 a Ham twin Mot Aba Mph Yawn or. I it dooms a Loti. An tue Afu Mcmo Ona m offal Mudi by Mosillo Candre 33 inky Seytad til d2ooatz l a wih of f to Sibio nothum 1 Mau a Brm is Hato Mesud Soma a this. 0300tl a his shows Sand lib joyc"us90prn it Samb a. 3205fanc bows wham Cimias their who Tom by . I Saui Sas 4racatwbla a unum Tod Hay jaw womb tons e Mulin Dis Vav thie he lawtusavwu3 to not. Mbjwhit100ba3 win a Jon i Usu " i. to. A Uiso an Fuu saw cum. My. M Kab . 10a6 t 3090 be a. A we skits a in m-70tbahasusum be Bow ice nods Nanda Kite Laud 1m. Idoft a by pen to. Inck andr Delow. In w a u a atonal awhile. .21hoa w Doodad 0210m or Ann Anz to c0n faiutiv1 unto City ant a artent Mit be Nus Eck sae Adlyn o Pink Dut 7 -33 Irma k Dos i int. As a xxi ilaer363 ayeid1tim Buks Eter etgen0 ice compant. A. 4911 m. ., naw aim Kostef , " Sam liver t Absee 11111to-i" was Pogo web cd at 1ate of 95uin con 6 0p00aqa a. Lyd Fram Smia Hast. Yes won d att Low Pris. Early Ordes Are any was rates to Fuith pure ire mile a water othe farm to tending the a woes of Frau org a a Ana Init pectin of tse end of All Nee thoth of Mil As to it product with a other to offered to of on Refici Toni a " of be worm ring both e East room. S. Cor ran Sai Roytan Plait a als Ustica Del adm eaird free of charge fava. Naeff & co. Archit facts civil East Asra. Des it leak of Ebay met ant 41wili Rea for Pampa site Tatmon s or Sai letes an Diu Rchard & wow i Sambo 354 a Sylvania ave. . 3zj,-Prtzex dollars spot Case. I a seller Ted number of line Gold fila Stem wind Usta Watabu gets Wate-u-4ch watch warranted for Steen years by the Dar Thesa Meb Wiot fifteen dollars. Cal at one select Choice patterns. A. Saltzstine. Jil. Jewele. Soh it. . Ja27-an at tee request of one thousand be of our caterers we have provided spa a for a lab room on the sixth Soor o our 10th a tent building not have opened the same. Were new prepared to serve theto in a first class manner. My Spahn Woodward & let drop. Ftp i can ice cd5 Coal whole la . 0 Rice. Cont reds o be or ro44 114 ton to ar-9. Tam. M. Mousia. Ire to t0 tin thick eld stud in wot the an oct lifer the la Cru from or red ,ox8. Don t Nee to Une oel. To Arron dry us cards . Wus to tick Esther. _. Wipe -6e old inf two. It a son it copay tows. Are Ziro Auito Haep knt escape All i d d Tabort Nottle Anthep Zawot in to felted by the strike. &-Il notch none having for Salehar of Platy that will Wel a Tutu an Sadm a err a. R Bauth of Ltd. I,-ft1n.w. Cit lots on instalments. You Hae so Moeum that you do . Just Ose dozen. To 13.61m7 to Alley ave item led with us for Sabe at $s15 Eaheb--1# mesh bal amme $10mowthly. Call withold sad Gettem. H. Warner & co. 11-1211 916 fat. A. So courad1ii h of 01frm we the i 311e10 med o mtr Ahen in it cant 74 tie was Stodait s 3i Al. Fler a Coos t.=. " Rosenta Cem to try is 74 x ath a Alo. Pm. Choa Law managers Dacconi of Wise Efro o in Tohm tone a t a Usta suet Myo Emill 630 c.obr.4.d. Eatn be a 94oil Vitae. Mehemed y 1st octets injury ode of Letite Epaty to May an Tjas ure Tat naurts.smw46-1= w. A Tki 4us c at. W. A. 174.1i of centers Jaimer. A Rembes e of anted Tob Pueato Surat. Next of. pled. April g. . Implant Bauress y order theas Bly. Asci action d. Tasa aty the of Leuta Wiwie eld at Clatl Veaty of. Re Law a in. Sorius men. or it ai1t. At Elk. Y of the . Ii Taton. 1d.s0. C. 033 it Ary lathe k7iznnn333c icel Zzz or a a ice company. 24 Pem. . Edt Fly to i st of their atari medea he it a in end of 3 streets. Rupa ively. The Meem Telly be Ltd at the Foramer t As i into Seeser Tom thav Tring them Shasta saw tons. Asle Alt a Seford by a Sti or far stale up As Obe etame Tell e stapled by Ine be Ithan thre st thess a. Her Mcm Amis Dway eds Byo uvary Ineta enem. Aad. Obe Russo d o Prate u was tithe i Adi he ent Maxim to she 3the As to ally Washington d. m special notices. Man Lodge of paeflo0. A. Iscott Ishrie or wares ret As form inspector goal will be worn Faith ari4apu. fkr of we. 0scar ro0e. 33d attest a. K. Bolt. A do Greg. C. C. A. A rotary. %a111ti the Membris Stu plan Ecol . L car Hilt Toat teat Ven. Umas of the Robert Sall. E3l Deree. Re sir t s Ane at aafred t to a attend at note n8al Krc of the 1. . The a ortal staff of the t t Are also requested to attend. Hendrick dept. President. A. Or. Dept. Ecretary.1 from the business tar yet in admirable ret a Dence locality we have for a a one building lot. It exr i Street near 18tr Street has a frontage of d5 feet extends Beck in feat to w20-foot Alley. 1ine Faitie for the erection of a stable on rear of lot. Thos. J. Isher & co. It 2ru a st. A. Xet or . H Ammond meet int ent o Etin a monday. Tuesday bad ing la. To. At o club e i Spring overcoat Are worn in the Back that is a triple the fames of. Mah t Anen Olfert Tab the Oneal of it. It mum Sty mod s d Janakia the Tot Noten at Ero Enuce is our Rule. Lamp Ito i be Altrue Mandy. Tuesday d s p so 10. And 1 Mast. Ubi served. I George sprit. Alg d to 7th 5tis l4ot is going Fant. Open front Hack Percale skirts. With s Collar Andi 1 pair come one fifty. 5. 3. A. Rosenthal. Men s furn Kalama. Data. Onk the j2- to federation is. N st cores it ind a ave. Paw say Eving,7th at of in. Onataer Peter. E w. O or. M Oisa others w6 speak. Pali invited. Artitie Chairit popular prics. A Clearm Ogof a4 Al 11teus who a pair Only Angh for 86 Capri a Eoa a f Futy sea vat it t inst Atlas 12runes Are he alls. Own Lothayer a Slang Taiwo who la Ever dome be. Verhale that is the reason i have in or to usion a t Nede Raton sately grow in a a i almost Donhee the space the Prang. Aug b. Warfield Simpson. S capt equated far the pr1 asked. A Ai the t in chair Enoi Daly West for 55only.Al Gie hey ranged. In Hal cute. 3. K. Wau Nebr co. Apud to f it. A a. Do you drive Are you then Kimmon Bouyar backboard to Iteva Travet. In to your interest to e oar Stylee learn our pries. Pii Ewa that the Spacet that draws the people to us. A gentleman. After looking Ala Eser town called saturday Madea Pachase Foan us. Does it not allow that we Ive you Are for your Money than you ? our prices Are Seresse. Able that it brings the Best within the reach Aall. Shaffer Brothers. Fine carriages mak27-1n Corner Fth t . Tal Ion Penn an you Minano ave Foiste Absie bit the Railroad Evane is will sea tour. Leave. The Spelas intr i be in Chare of the people. To us. Adge Ynclan. It wat eur e oui new Fork. Wilaj the Georgetown Leanch 1 Osu at tos w Tell ? 7 evoke Anat bad a Nicaea Rachard Welcome it Egal watch. Moderate in end Tehee Unghi a elitism. Sole Agete far patek. Philippe & co. Be n0va. A Ful Seora seat. All dines every Ety Leot decoration. Howard. Waltham Eia watches at Ewry Low primes. N. W. Galt. 330. & co., jeweller sad ails Mith. 1107 has ave egg. Never efe p Tom truth. Toight take Wlosto the i treat Gatoc wait up sri tear s pres . sole take old Punk. Hylpa n., e .e.ah. Atlin that 4r. A to Sand from e thebans Forena step ge.,i. Ache Howard. Halt a Ter a Tito hot i la eases by a Satre to Wro Igge Ake. 14. An. A. Sat. Tass or. A How at Eon 1ro w. h in fre so then. 14t Spears. I att a to s. A. A. Milr me. I h Keesa Umipeg a 57ja%71demg gone Torst Marive mass passage bag met a a Keenn Mineses e 3nday, april 6. 189l washing Tom new Guip a iese Marves scams. Aw1u7 be. Attorneys. Wae 2 auction sales. 6 bicycles a " 7 boarding. Pams 2rubin Crance 2 City i country real state pame 2 deat atp11@ a dentistry. A 8educationala 7 excursions. A. Pam family supplies. Pas 7 financial 1for rent Flats Page 2for rent Osee. Pam 2 for rent Roost. .42 for rent Houes pare 2for rent 8ke 2for Sale houses. Pam 3po Sale lots ppae3 nor Sale see Ambos 2gentlemens 7 Zeitels. " ladies go 7lecturesa s local mention Aem alost fou3dpam 2manicure 7mamiages pge5 medical. .pm11 7miscrillaweousp11" Money to loan.p"2notaries publicpage2ocean 7 Potomac River Boa spam 7pianos organs. Pass7 pebonal.pa2printer8.7propoals 8proe ?Railroad 7pecial not10epin i specialities use 7suurban 3wanted help. Page2wanted Sou spa 2wanted lots. 2wanted rooms Page wanted Tua Tiong ass wanted .pa3winter resort spam 8wood Coal pame 2 statement of the circulation of Tea eve glue Stab for the week ending april 4, 10 monday March 30, s1 5s,62 tuesday March 31, 1991 an wednesday april i 18l 34,072 thursday april1801 33,583 Friday april 3, 1891.340 saturday april 4, 1891 Sig total. 294g daily average. 34,738 correspond Long were is8 3,17 i solemnly swear that the above is a True erect statement of the circulation of Tan Evan dig Srab for the week ending april 4,1831. J. Whit. Herron cashier evening Star newspaper be. Exec Robed sworn to before this a Day of april . 1lf. John C. Clark notary Ombie. ase 0749,067 customs 876,617. Of. D. 3. Axons who was formerly Post master of this Eity but who is now a a bid a newspaper at Charlotte nich., is Speed aug a few Days in the Eity As . Asses razor bac1asaar Eaaron of the do apartment of state who has been ill for several Days with the grip has recovered resume the discharge of his duties at the Depar Kasat. A. Jomax Tweedale chief Elerk of the War department has gone to Chicago for a few Days. Or. Sem l Hodgkins chief of the record division is acting As chief clerk in his absence. Nava . Fidelio. Carter has been detached from the nautical school ships. Mary s granted three months leave. Lieut. Thomas k. Brumby from the receiving ship Vermont Ana ordered to the nautical school ship st. Mary s. Chaplain Frank , from the Traini ship Richmond or dered to the Monongahela. Bac Staat proc Ron s tarp.- one at the War department knows of any Telegram hav ing been sent to Secretary Proctor requesting his immediate return from the West to this City. The Secretary telegraphed last Friday that he would leave san Francisco for Washington monday. He has carried out the principal part Ohi program in visiting the military posts in the South on the Pacific coast if he has decided to curtail his trip it is prob ably because he wishes to see the president be fore the latter leaves Washington on his West. Era trip. Tzivas Rusk of the Agri cultural department has issued the following notice is hereby Given that the regulations made february 5, 1891, for the transportation of Eattle from the area designated by said Regula isms As infected with the contagious disease known As septic fever apply to the movement of Catte from maid area North for immediate later. The transportation of East from area Freeding or for any top except immediate Slaughter is Niay the act of Congress of May 39, to Mars details of the president s Southern trip Are being arranged this week it is expected that by wed Nee Day or that Day a definite schedule for the entire tear can be positively announced. There will be few if any changes Roma the pro Vaiona p already printed in Tun Sian. Tep to has practically roads to go on the trip will do so some new unforeseen obstacle pre sate Itsell tee gun boat Ebe isl report of the trial trip it the new gun beet Bennington last week has been received at Navy department. Private advise Are to effect that the estimated horse de byte Manin Engie was a us. Aliew-4ine Power for the auxiliaries the vessel would have eed the requirement of g,466 by about if Thorso Power earned a in. The contractors mess. No v. Palmer & co., have asked the a department to Send the vessel heir Toth Uroe Blyn Navy a Herm Ponceby the govern Mas. =.-Al-Uir As Tapper air John theme a. Geoege 3. Looter of Onna a a Caser it wooing ate a the c. Dent luf nil Dis at the Meream. It Montana or. Of Notra see at weards.-. Frise 1. W. Miss 0t3ew Teare Ashen. Wv., .3.duttes of 3anlaie be the Muhith in. Giese e s pm. 3. Tiye. And. A at 4. Senator Edmunds. An interesting Tak Upa the is want stat of Poi till afr. The Farmers Alliance. Res Frebe aae is Essen them Fred dentil Elsette pare Loular those be Unsaslnseo-4verwl not be As Eisele twin the two Areat Pardes. The political situation in this country is represented by the election last nes vember sad by the vigorous agitation of Radical Propes tons by the Farmers Alliance every other element representing the discontent of a mass of people is one which gives All political Lead Era students of Public fair. Onsi Derayle anxiety apprehension for the future. That there is a spirit of discontent abroad in the land is agreed by the Leader in both the Reat political parties though there is a wide differ ence of opinion As to the cause. The Farmers Alliance agitation As merely a move of Selish politicians seeking Power by fermenting discord would be a matter of but Little moment that would command mete than a Pming notice from statesmen but there is a general belief that the present Evi Dence of discontent As not the result of the Alliance movement but is the came whisk has led to that movement. Therefore the matter is one which is Provak ing serious discussion by some of the Abies men in the country the problem which perplexes is How to cure the discontent before the afflicted have. In desperation been led to adopt dangerous remedies. # talk wre Nen Atoa id Una. A representative of Tan ban had a very interesting talk on the general subject with senator Edmunds touching the quest a of How Arm a hold the feeling of unrest has upon any considerable number of the people what might result from it. As a Man of Man sual ability of Long experience l Public life who has an acute philosophies a mind. Anything mid by or. Edmunds in each a die Cussion must be of interest worthy of consideration. A Stan reporter found him in the judiciary committee room of the Senate. Where he was occupied in disposing of varies Odds ends of work before retiring to his hems i Vermont for the summer. Of she or st polite Aitu Alt of Aiex Radnay Distan Pete Tams Ywana tred Fiste abroad w 6oka 4oeden. Yes replied the senator after a Momeni thought i think it is in ene Senes As applied to one aspect of affairs Samely the Farmes Alliance subject. In other is i do not be that it is essentially different what it his been for several years. The attitude of the two great parties in respect to each other pub lie affairs is apparently the same. The republicans continue to be in favor of american labor Industry of every kind equally fairly to Al the protective work that is to be done s tras possible to the labourers producers of the United states while the democratic at under the present name often of Tariff Reform appear to be in favor of encouraging the consumption of foreign made articles every kind thus of course giving employment to the absolute extent of such consume up to foreign labor foreign in Terri. This of course. Ionthe t that he american consumer can Bay the fore a Pecan the Home made article. Whether this is True or not Ison to great doubt but if it were True the fusion at once arises what is to become of the Home la Borer producer who to just that extent i deprived of the Means of earning a livelihood by purchasing a foreign article. In the other principal questions bet desk the two their attitude remains the Sab. The Bill cans have persisted will persist Doel Bussin trying to make execute Ladonal Laws forthe Protection of National rights under the con states to make As instance of it the House of representatives body composed of members Farl else Ted bythe honest votes of the people of a respect Ive states. Freely Given honestly reterue4 which i suppose would hardly be contended 7k now everywhere the fact. Obviously from very recent experience the democratic party do snot wish to that the Bat Prfu to minority of the ppe i some sae at least shall be the electing Goveri Grewer. In respect to the Farmers Alin Metier it is in its present form a now Experiment in this country but not an unnatural ens. These have been Anous moments in former to but the present Oon Mitlee makes the Plum situation in this respect interesting Adim portent for what its 4twill be upon the Etna Ioa it As of a whet give Rise toe. Ele Fourest which apr to be Abrona the Nedim 8 As present another leading gues i think or. Edmunds Repi a Lei part of it arises them Intrina yes Leitess of the human mind whisk his reats then of att suet just As Nate has in rasped to Sterms dits migs the the Hep to have seame when ens of these Peid be Vermis at had. Sums people Arrigton Persandi Farmes of Tes country we la shave been alway Webe the Menesse important b is have ads fus in both these Sissa the arindam e Isle Ioner lbs b the Vaes of whats be Ofil an Sev s Only ure seps Mest be Dpi Jas Erey Ether is a t be a Duleep e Tad Baesa be Abl to ave number it we be Geed a when Gete it it Mesa them euiyeofg1 o a sub due two cent the Lis Mara Iee i a Abeld Art a Etee wit met be result would be that Tham would be Epe. Sea ngld6a a Nadison Page lae Eirmal a igl though be May Bah Eye so = i umber of Naoyee win Belag e Roefe Blaa party 4 that b forma alms May aty in the be Bidet " Doh to t would otherwise Etc Eese Reu Blicas Ean Dat a Diba is ethat1 of there should be us. By the i f111 e act Ion to the Dimeiero of the Uneata Aen Ata inti do you Ink will bet. So Ioen doubtless by he m1w the pople asst Anamria Joeand iad Mim do Jou Thiak 6@4 diver Wil be Ash in the i t t a Dot hink it will been kept t the a Republican Pede canc pates f i to noted do Tae w6 it make h Sadver qty Howd to a exand cold dose. Ofa i Doh the cola Money of claim Lan owe will not up 0 Shepett debt the Opal in Art will Bein favor of using Mso Rdv Toson away bet the Ber arrs Aimer Sers it of Omina. A candies for Pruiet Wil be an that to i qut unable to Thow ibs the i. Of Noo amen Oset Bita it is the Hea a very in society ought so by canid o told a by s e Storma Tiem a toe he enactment of cd 1h8 appear to to . It k ies mob Uorn Tatev. Gower Amest of the Mabe carried a. Is a third Giarth movement we Mes. What aught it path is .m.= Bottom of its a to a Pearl motors. A third party in old 011 201s atari Daem now in the Farmer Walimu Enterprise. If Surce mul to the extent 4c Baw log the president Beh to be of Cit would doubtless lad a to e .4the measures they bae already i Cserr an then in a very Start to. A Ter Iba amme Ursa were Good foe the a sinbad foe thes would Maertl. Appear i do his teat Eam name is a teb Ottom of the Ferm Ballance Tomas the Pean Nta of ..Dmnli Sims Contris i beige at present a Moet Inha Semey Al the Gret body o la bring people of country which neg ande Osaa Theof Burn Tivit Embr Asse wily Nise Piew net Doeing Etgar averse grand a Aea emis isae Lient b be ase. Tin this or ther t As. Bat 4i it it bodes e at private a of wore pre purity end Peyem. Ite 1o1 a head of theek on Sandwa Tein to eat u h i i w peple. E Emow might is sews Ose be aunty be affected b the Nosteby Geeth Nai Amof e fun Ity haad Veryla Ely thee it Ansewi a e As of oped Bei aswhas8 Man o Tomon o mares a e an Ewo Ite Newe qty ten f a i Brm Aem Prie mesh Yeteames be Englee desm to it e m. At Man an Eartner f the embalm Haen Squar today the Beauty furies at to Merisa a o Wither Istar. The finl work of Homling e Bream Isi place e comp acted to larday mod in Askew Days the Marble will Hoel awl Las cleared teb work of matting up the Momat will Eami so 60 placing of Eurbin Gesi Graf Liabeuf Uin bae High fet ins men Arom the Square Hoe. Will Hin this Eide be a 0 a rebuilt a gentle med of mad eel rising i Bihn a few feb Mafte 0 p so As tar Fame of done. A is Anent As bed a weak p Between architect cd a a member of Doe Owen comm Isim Cal hrn4 wv10 Hal charge of the work of Somse 7 writhe ment a =016num India reported. New York paints mrs us or a la. Meg . In. Gimme Mem Tow Oksu ing of aps net Nimbs. Von. 3semmse, pa.,apri 6.- uis eds High Risvas that seer Beale this piers. Served Erly this or Ming. And a Rem Daie live swes . Twee the the e b Dit. Dager brightes sad new York Streeet sad sae ass bag were a raw of Hamp Froe Bee met Bese the loomed or e of h we i s bit Boe Soses. 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