Clipped from US, Texas, Galveston, Galveston Daily News , April 11, 1918

THE GALVESTON DAILY NEWS, THURSDAY, APRIL 11, 1918.SOLDIERS’ SOLILOQUIESUl COUrUHAL MKN r. HANKS. C. A. ViFour carloads of drafted men came roll-*-:• i-: in?*i t -wii, tfcttlivrt d 111 u.iL directions, policing upth » g^.-unu.The slnllinmM*’!* were busy instruct ing Hifin ai drill.While the rookJe* wrr# planning: the sur-le the wore t»Urender of Kafaor I 111.Victories were reported every minute in th»* d v y.The S»»nnii*'M had raptured Berlin; Jm»t Just aei-rned c»« ronie rur whv.Th» y hod r.5h d Uios.- kuliur kritt-rs'**lirlit'iF Wilh h'Ul*.Internal peace and democracy was absolutely el ear.The rook wan jn hla glory and all happiness reIgtied supremo.AVh»‘H Jirnmy Hudson ah«»it*'d first eall. and spoiled the poor rook’s dream.The newest acquisitjon to Fort Crockett is a fhtck *f drafted men from 1111-tioiR. Amnn? them is James Wnrren Ikiwlcr. a bass singer of wide repute, formerly with the. Million-Dollar D-dl cnmuuny and later with the March Mu-ska! Merrymakers, nnc of the largest musical comedy companies playingEastern circuits. Lawler is said to bo the lowest bass In the profession, and carries with him some very elaborate press notices.Captain Oetsler Is the latest victim of tha automobile dealers that have been playing to crowded houses on the officers* line at Fort Crockett.Captain John R. Clark, commander o? the Sixth Company, is responsible for thefollowing story going* the rounds: Somewhere in Franco —French Sentinel (walking post): ’’Halt: Who Is there?*’Answer: “Who in hell wants to know?”French Sentry: Advance, American.”Fort »San Jacinto, or Jinco, Ilea on the other side of a strip of muck and quicksand that we call the groat divide.Death Valley would be e. better name to give this little spot because it conies sn near in being the land that (rod forgot.Not a sprig of vegetation grows among these dunes of sand to lend a touch of nature to this God forsaken land.If there is such a thing as hell on earth, then Jinco is the place.And you will find that foots are stubborn if you look them in the face.And when the wind starts blowing sand into your grub. vmj then decide you're in hell. and^Jinco Is the hub.There la a rumor afloat that Lieutenant Slunv, «l«nt;il surgeon, is arrangingan « nti-rt a in no-n T in l he .v;iy «f a ruin* mivl tlt; hi- gsvn f-»r the benefit of the l*M-al Ilt;* il i‘ms.4 unit. All men tab iited in this direction who care to render their y*i• rv♦ i• i’s for t1'*- pr-'tn-.tton of this project will turn their name* in to Lieu ton-nni Shaw at hi* office at the plt;»*t lum-pital.*•- •«.Mrs. Onirr »?. Clark. wife of AssistantFngitn Clark. r. Sunday night»r«.fn •lt; vs'it we i v s, t 11 n-l»!Hve*at I lea union I ond Port •Arthur.•••While the members of the chummy trio la quarters No. uo were seated aroundthe family h-. nrth chaplain Murraysprung hinK new on the medicoWhen he InivJ lile felli-vi|lg story: “I nut a friend th- other day that I had not seen f.)r wevernl years. In the course of conversation I naked what ho was doing. He responded by saying that he wasrofefollowing the medical profession. *Oh. you're a d^cmr?' *Xo; undertaker.' This friend then asked the chaplain what branch of the service that lie was in. Th* chaplam ww an «»pportunity to come back at his friend of days gone before and responded by saying that heis a sky pilot. -“Oh. you’re at Lillncton Field, then?John Rook says that he can-; understand why some nf t.hc folks in Galveston have let their patriotism get lukewarm in less than a year. Then,ton. ♦h'-re is su«-h n Thing as one pr-t having bvi. laughL to scJutc the grandestold flag In the world.CLUBWOMEN OF DALLAS WILL ESTABLISH UNIQUE CANTEENA recreational canteen, to be opened by the women of Dallas in April for the benefit of enlisted men, will be unique in several features. Besides the usual accommodations provided at canteens, space in the building has been set apart for gam**, music and dancing.The canteen cafeteria will be open each afternoon and evening and will bo in charge of twenty volunteer workers as hostesses. Bxpc-naee will be met by donations and the canteen proceeds.While the canteen will be conducted under the auspiceo of the City Federation of Women's Clubs, the churches of Dallas arc enthusiastically cooperating under a plan which places the responsibility fui a special day in each monthon each congregation.RfirmPfii nm i rnrTn IIIILUIUHL UULLLUL IU1Company K, Forty-seventh United States Tnfantrv: Will not change address.J AN hi SMITH.The attention of senders of messages to any person In our overseas forces Is called to the fact that. In conformity with the invariable rules of the British ami French censorship, cablegrams conveying affectionate messages and conveying reports of birth, death and kindred infirmiition will have slight chances of being mrnl on account of thehhm f m u H Iiih i* f rit ffl j’ nn f WoArmy Y. Af. C. A. Secretary Is Busv With So/d ter AffairsC. W. WISDUE.MANAGING a baseball tsam. dolingout stationery, answering hundreds of questions and acang as librarian are a few of the dally duties rf Charles W. Wedge. Army Y. M. C\ A. secretary at Fort Crockett. He ban organized theT ,«*• I r* c? »r ilt; vv..- i.a1|• lt;■ • •• • «' FM l It t I «. . V . • . .... » .. . .Ill*‘jr11 o 'Old ucls as its directing read. Mr.Wedge gave up a profitable lintel business in ftoerne to enter the Army Y. M C. A. work oftcr he had been refused for the service because of physical disabilities. He came originally from Wisconsin.Mr Wedge at present is In tho crimped quarters of the old recreation hall at Fort Crockett. The hall also serves* as barracks f'r the Fourteenth Company of coast artillery. He will move. Into the new Y. M. C. A. building at the poBt next week and will both lodge and have hi a offices there.Besides baseball he has charge of the track meets at the post and all other forma of athletics.BEIGADIER GENERAL BORN IN GERMANY HAS BEEN DISMISSEIWashington, April 10.—Discharge from thu federal service of Brigadier General Frederick E. Reache, of Minnesota, a national guard officer born in Germany and charged with unpatriotic expressionsand I imnnto wo * * nnnMnr'pH tnrlav »vtne war department.The discharge was ordered by Presi* dent Wilson after an Investigation of th* chargee. General Hesche hae been serving with the Thirty-fourth national guard division, composed of troops from Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska and North Dakota, now training ar Camp Cody, New Mexico.At the war department it was stated