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Walla Walla Washington Statesman (Newspaper) - October 11, 1862, Walla Walla, WashingtonTee washi7�g7t6��txtieemxe ext urday none Ian h. 1862. The division question. Some Little discussion has occurred Dur ing the past few months touching the ques Tion of the division of Washington Terri tory originating with the people of the sound and mostly con Ned to that locality. There has been thus far but Little Merit in the discussion and but Little importance has been attached to the question by the people the measure being regarded As in expedient at the present time. The sound people we believe propose the Cascade Range of mountains As the Boundary line Between themselves and what they have been pleased to term the new territory or state of Idaho. The Al Mountaineer an Oregon paper enters the ring with an argument in favor of a new state based upon the doctrine of incompatibility of interests and makes the modest request that Wasco county be lopped off from Oregon and added to the new state a proposition that will be regarded is unfavourably in Oregon As is the sound Boundary line by the people of the t upper country. We have no idea that at the present time i the division of the territory is in any Wise a practicable scheme. It is not Only impracticable but it is premature if it were not so. The Only importance that can pee. Sibly attach to the measure in the primer embryo condition of things is of a purely political character and the discussion of the question owes its origin to a desire on the part of certain politicians to secure by a division what they feared they might some time otherwise lose. Under these circumstances the discussion took its Rise and there is just about As much Merit in the project As in its promptings. In a com Mercial Point of View the present arrange ment answers All the purposes of Trade or at least As satisfactorily As could be hoped through a division of the territory. And particularly is this True if the Cascade Range is to be the line of the division for the people of the upper country holding As they do the Paramount interests in the Channel of communication Between them selves and the shipping Points below can never consistently consent to relinquish their voice in the legislation touching the conduct of this Channel. We Are Content to take our chances with the territory undivided in securing just and equitable legislation for the interests of different localities but we Are not disposed to forfeit our natural rights to the keeping and control of those whose interests it is alleged Are inimical to our own. So far As the sound people Are concerned they would reap no benefits by a division in respect to these advantages that they do not already pos sess. The argument of incompatibility of interests is a very weak one As applied to the pre sent condition of the country. It May have some Force in the minds of aspiring politicians who Are striving to make additional seats in Congress and create numerous of Ces of emolument. There Are no pressing wants that could be met by a division no exigences that demand it or embarrassments that would be removed by it. Be apprehend that the territory will remain undivided in spite of the agitators until it becomes suf a gently populated to entitle her to admission As a state then i the sound people desire to stay out and remain in territorial Vassalage we won t object provided we can agree upon the Western Boundary. It is not at All Likely that Oregon can be induced to part with that portion of her territory formerly included in Asco county it promises too Rich a Harvest at the present time to admit of such a supposition. Nor do we think it any More Likely that Congress can he induced to believe that a division the chief Merit of which rests in creating positions for political Summers would be expedient or advisable. _ a subject for . A i Lone has succeeded in getting out another number of his seditious and traitorous pub 3 Lic Tiou the Oregon weekly Union. It is an infamous libel upon the name it has As l sued. As before its suspension the paper is crowded to the very guards with the most contemptible selections from the most bitter of the secession journals denouncing himself with All Northern people As cowards and patroons. His leading 1 editorial announces the utter futility of his i a Orts during the time of the suspension to harmonize the democracy of the state and concentrate its support upon one Lead ing paper. He travelled thousands of Miles in his peregrinations and owing to the fact i that he represented himself As the moving i spirit in the amalgamation project he to tally failed to enlist the divided sympathies of the democracy. He has reproduced the Union As the next Best thing in the line of his philanthropic endeavours and has the Assurance to Call upon the democracy to rally to its support. They had better turn him Over to general Wright under the or Der for the punishment of treason and thus relieve the country of a pestilent and treason disseminating journal and furnish what he is doubtless Labouring for Corn portable Winter quarters. Large . James fudge left at our of be this week three potatoes which weighed eight pounds. They Are of the White Muchnock variety and were raised on the Touchet. One of the i is Large enough to make a meal for a whole family. Correct Ioir in the letter of or. Chas. Goodnough regarding the Umatilla Agency published in our Issue of the 30th ult., a sentence read the of Cerl of this Agency Are Rotten to the it should have read the affairs of this Agency Are Rotten to the Core. I concentration and Dull times. The inhabitants of the Pacic coast Are said to be More excitable upon the subject1 of Gold and Money making than any other class of the american people. This is doubtless True and it is not Dif cult of so Lution. First we have the Gold mines to excite and second the residents of the Pacic coast Are mostly composed of that class who have been attracted hither by the mines with a View of bettering their for tunes though the rapid manner in which Many of them dispose of their Gold after they have obtained it negatives this latter position. The history of All the mining excitement on the coast shows that at the St reports of Rich strikes there has been a general disposition among the peo ple to Stampede for the new diggings and even these who have followed up All the excitements since the Days of 49. And who should at least have pro Ted by experience Are not less Hasty to pack up and go than those who come fresh from the lands of steady habits. Disappointed in one Twenty and All the excitements they and some quiet spot in which to Settle Down and be contented with a but just As they have placed themselves in a condition to make that living a new Eldorado is discovered in some Remote Point and the old de sire to make a Quick Fortune returns. Home comforts Are Sacri ced and the Means they have accumulated Are disposed of in order to obtain Money to defray the expenses of a journey to the new land of Promise. The sequel almost invariably shows them their error. Arriving at the goal they find that hundreds of others actuated by the same motives and desires have done likewise. The people have All concentrated at one Point the mining Region is overrun and while one Man makes ten or a Hundred Dol -1315 a Day ten or a Hundred men make nothing. The mines Are reported a bum Bug and the Fortune Hunters beat a re treat As Hasty As was their journey Thith Erward. During these excitements the surplus miners disappointed or not generally Tarry for awhile in the Vicinity of the mines to Prospect or to wait in the Hope that something new will be discovered. A demand for goods and provisions is created and one trader who gets in Early with a Supply makes Money. Others hear it and the excitement among this class becomes not less intense and unreasonable than with the miners and almost every Man who is not doing what he May deem it Rushing business at Home starts off with his goods and supplies for the mines. Arriving there they and the disappointed miners All leaving the demand for supplies de creasing and Nally they awake to a realization of the fact that the Market is Over stocked Aud that they must come Down to the Small pro to which they might have obtained at Home if not to the heavy losses which they would not have sustained had they remained in the quiet City or Village where they had become established. This disposition to concentrate makes times Lively at the St ush. But men do not Stop to re act upon the causes and without further reasoning they seem to regard the present Only As the Index to the future. Towns grow up beyond the de mands of the country and those who in Vest their Money in these places Seldom Ever realize a return. Already has the history of the mines of the upper country shown All these results though the mines Are not a Humbug but Are Good Rich and extensive As the hundreds of thousands of dollars Worth of Gold that has been taken from them during the summer full Well establishes. But the emigration thither has been too Large. Too Many men who were not Satis de to let Well enough alone in other localities have gone there to do worse. And to Day both from disappointed miners and merchants in Florence we hear the cry of Dull times and yet the miners who have claims there Are making their hundreds of dollars per Day. It is inevitable however that there Are yet too Many miners there for that immediate mining Camp and too Many tra Ders and speculators for All to realize for tunes from the demands of miners. Lew Iston echoes the cry and merchants who went there Early in the season big with Hope and expectation Are now leaving the place to seek some other 10 cavity for business. In their Onward March to these places they did not Stop to consider that the country was new and its Only resource the Gold mines. As the miners sought Only the locality of the richest diggings so the traders and speculators looked for the site of the Sacramento that should grow up upon the Sand Plains at the head of navigation on Snake i Lvpl or to the nearest Point of Supply for the mines and to Day at their Leisure they Are left to philosophize As to whether a country with no other resources but Gold mines covering a scope for hundreds of Miles in extent and accessible from All Points can support a trading population at one place Large enough to Supply the whole mining District. Whatever their theory May have been it is evident that they Are awaking to the truth that they must change their practice. Yet the impression which is created abroad by this backward move ment is incorrect. The fact that All do not succeed does not argue but that a por Tion May and when the country is cleared of its surplus or in producing population or when they accept the Opportunity to do something in less highly favored Camps the majority will Prosper. Notwithstanding the frequent assurances we receive both from returning miners and traders that both the above towns Are played out we have no Faith in any such doctrine. Hundreds and thousands of miners will work the mines in the Vicinity of these towns for years to come and in this respect they Are not without advantages Andl though Lewista May never become what visionary schemers have predicted for her i nor Florecne Lay claims to permanence and become a City of Magni cent proper tons. They will with the mines live beyond the present year. The presidents intimidation measure. A synopsis of president lincolns proclamation abolishing slavery in the states or parts of states that shall be found to be in rebellion after the St Day of january next. Has been published. It provides that the status of the different states shall then be determined by the president but that any state having a majority representation in the Federal Congress shall be deemed Loyal to the government. It is difficult to pre dict with certainty the effect of this Meas. Ure upon the great struggle now pending 3 i but judging it in All its bearings we can Dot but Rigard its promulgation at this time 88 go Essly impolitic and highly injurious to the cause which we suppose the presi Dent is Labouring to Subserve the maintenance and preservation of the Union. The object and entire Force of the proclamation ads its Compass in the idea. Of intimidating the rebel states into subjection to the fed eral authorities by the simple enunciation that after a certain Date their slaves willbe set at Liberty. Whether intended As such by the administration it willbe so regarded by the people of the South and the Confidence which has been hitherto reposed in the administration by the Loyal men of the Border states is not Only destroyed but the determination throughout the South to oppose the authorities of the government will be greatly strengthened. While their resistance to the Federal army willbe ren dered in the highest degree intense and desperate. In every feature its effect upon the South cannot be otherwise than Una. Morable because it will be evidence incontrovertible to their minds that the rebel leaders asserted the truth when they pro claimed the object of the War to be the abolition of slavery. Up to the issuance of this proclamation the people of the South had no reason to believe that the War was waged against them for any other purpose than the maintenance of the Union and 1 the conservatism of the South of the Bor Der states essentially sprung from and rests upon this principle alone. The address to the president of the Loyal members of Congress from the Border states at the assembling of the last session asserted this principle As the one upon which alone the people of their respective states could main Tain their allegiance to the Union and there is no disguising the fact that their pm adherence to the Union through All their trying reverses has been sustained by the belief that the Only object of the administration was to preserve the authority of the Federal government. It is evident from the declarations of leading Loyal men in the Border states that they do not be Lieve a proclamation of this character was necessary to preserve the Union or that it would in any manner Aid in doing so and therefore they must regard it As a departure from the principle above alluded to and the inauguration of an abolition policy. what degree the loss of these hitherto Loyal states and the conservative element of the South May affect the efforts of the government to suppress the rebellion and restore the Union is perhaps a matter of conjecture but it is certainly the True pol. Icy of the government rather to accumulate strength if possible for the performance of the Gigantic task before it than throw it 1 away upon the introduction of measures l calculated to drive a powerful element from1 its support. The effect of the proclamation in the Northern states will probably be to enlist in the War the sympathies and possibly the services of the abolition Crew who have been impatiently waiting and praying for the inauguration of a policy by the administration which would strike vitally at the whole system of slavery and leave no pos sible Chance for even a remnant of the Peculiar institution to survive the War. The abolitionists of the North the great mass of whom the records of enlistments have proved would not fight for the preservation of the Union will be expected to Volun Teer their services and Means new that an Opportunity is a order in their estimation to Compass their Darling scheme. Be doubt whether they will get much or give to any purpose. They Are eminently of the blustering order and although Blat ant and boisterous when it comes to get ing they Are proverbial for their peace proclivities. In the matter of furnishing the sinews of War we think the administration has Over estimated the Force of the abolition element and that in yielding to its unreasonable and imperious demands it has made a miserably poor Exchange of the conservatism of the country for All the Good that this fanatical horde May be expected to conserve. The president will have to draft them after All. Mails for the upper country. We announce with pleasure the fact that proposals have been advertised for carry ing the mails Over the new routes in Washington territory established at the last session of Congress and congratulate the people that we Are at last to have the Bene to of Uncle Sam s mails. Bids Are to be closed by the 10th nov. Next and con tracts Are to be awarded by the 17th. It willbe seen by reference to the proposals published in this Issue that we Are to have a weekly mail from Vancouver to this place. A slow coach still but a decided improvement on the Semi monthly service. Blank proposals for carrying the mails can be obtained at the Post of be in this City. Proposals for carrying the mails in Washington territory. Proposals received until 10 a. M. Nov. 10, 1862 decisions announced by nov. 17, 1862. 15274. From Olympia by Steilacoom City. Seattle port Madison Legallet port Ludw port Townsend Coveland new Dungeness port Angelou san Juan Unionville and whatcom to Victoria 230 Miles and Back once a week. Leave 01 Mia monday at. 8 a a arrive at Victoria next Day by 7 p m 3 leave Victoria wednesday at 8 a m arrive at Olympia next Day by 7 p m. Bids to run twice a week by proposed sched ule will be considered. 15275. From Lewiston to Florence City 90 Miles and Back once a week. Leave Lewiston monday at 8 a a arrive at Florence next Day by 10 p m leave Florence wednesday at 8 a m arrive at Lewiston next Day by 10 p to. 15276. From Walla Walla by Antoine Plantes and Coeur Dialene Mission to hell Gale 350 Miles and Back twice a month. Leave Walla Walla the is and 15th of each month at 8 a m arrive at hell Gate in 10 Dave i 8 p m leave hell Gate list 7,& 15th of each month at8 a my arrive at a v Alla Walla in 10 Days by 8 p to run once a week by a proposed sched ule will be considered. 15277. From Walla Walla by Lewiston and Oro Fino to Pierce City 150 Miles and Back once a week. Leave Alla Walla monday at 8 a m arrive at Pierce City thursday by 6 p m leave Pierce City monday at 8 a m arrive at Walla Walla thursday by 6 p m. 15279. From Lewiston to Elk City 80 Miles and Back once a week. Leave Lewiston monday at 8 a m arrive at Eli Wen Day by 10 p m leave Elk 0&0 de essay at 8a a arrive at Lewiston next Day by 10 p m. 15281. From Walla Walla to fort Colville Miles and Back once a week. Leave Walla Walls arrive at fort Colville leave fort Colville arrive at Valla Walla. Bidders will state the distance and propose a schedule. 15282. From Vancouver City to Walla Walla Miles and Back once a week. Bidders will state the distance and propose a schedule. Another Sacramento to use a favorite expression of our far seeing town site speculators for this upper country is about blowing into existence below the Mouth of the Umatilla on a Sand bar somewhere near what is known As grand Ronde Landing. We believe it is intended by the moving spirits in this Enterprise to Lay even Lew Iston in the Shade. Then we re act that Lewiston was so much below High water Mark in the Spring and is now so much above it in one sense of the word it seems As though there might be some method in this madness. Val Lula they argue can never be the Point for there is Nei ther soil not Timber there they must de Pend upon the Lovalla Walla Mills for their lumber so their Redwood from the remorseless Waves of the Columbia during the june freshest arid tribute to the Walla Walla Valley for All their beef Mut ton our and potatoes hence her Sacra mento pretentious Are ignored. So grand Ronde Landing must be the Point for they must have another Sacramento some where besides this place possesses some very be natural advantages some Cottonwood some stones considerable Sand and gravel and a few grass. And then this is the natural Landing Point for All the grand Rondo freight and for the Sake of convenience All the freight Des tined for the upper country must go through the grand Ronda Valley. It is Only about forty Miles from grand Ronde Valley Over to Valia Walla by the new Trail and Only about double that distance Over a very Little worse Road from grand Ronde Landing to grand Ronde Valley hence Walla Walla merchants will have All their Good packed through by this route in preference to having them shipped direct to Val Lula and on the other hand they can haul All their produce and supplies for the powder River country to Val Lula ship them to grand Ronde land ing and have them packed via the grand Ronde Valley into the mines and again. As the soil at the Landing does not prom ise a support for a Sacramento population Walla Walla producers can pack their produce Over the Trail to the grand Ronde Valley and thence across the mountains and Supply the people at the Landing. Very Lucid certainly but gentlemen if you must build Sacramento have some mercy leave us breathing room and dont smother us with the breath of count less thousands for we have a decided partiality for pure is a great place just now for the auction ering business on a moderate scale. For some time during the season the Only voice we were permit Ted to hear with its peculiarly musical going going gone Luj was that of our old Friend on the opposite Corner. Of course those who were located within the sound of his voice were extremely fortunate in hav ing the Dull hours of the Day enlivened by his felicitous harangues and were immensely delighted and Edi de. The Only misfortune was that the whole people of the town could t hear him. But at length an auctioneer with a pair of lungs like an of and voice quite As sonorous made his Way into our midst and in a Short time so in nicely did his vocal Powers transcend those of our modest old Friend the latter was completely overshadowed and retired we presume in disgust from the Ordinary eld of business. Another came and still an other both of whom possess in a. Remark Able degree the attribute of gab and have been enabled thus far to hold their own with the Vang Bisbing hero and extend to the entire town the privilege of hearing from Early morn till dewy eve the captivating words going going gone auctioneers Are a great institution and we would not part i tar them for the world. four Hundred Emi Grants who come with the intention of settling Here have arrived in this Valley during the week. Latest Eastern news. Dates to september 25th. Washington sept. 22.- a he president has issued a proclamation in which he says that on the is of january 1863, All persons held As slaves within the states or part of state the peo ple whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United states shall be then and Ever after free. On that Day the executive will designate by proclamation. State or Art of states in which the people shall be in rebellion. A state represented in Congress by representatives elected by a majority of the electors thereof shall not be deemed in a state of rebellion. Rebels admit their loss at the Battle of Antietam to be 25,000, and since the invasion of Maryland 30,000. An Alabama. Brigade commanded by col. Corning has not been Able to Muster Over 50 men since the Battle. Baltimore 24th.-the american correspond ent from Sharpsburg under Date of 22nd, snug both armies Are lying with the Potomac betwee them awaiting Develon gents. We hold the be org in Strung Force while there Belg old the opposite Bank. W e also hold Williamsport with suf client Torce to repel any at tempt of rebels to dislodge us. New York 24th.-the heralds special Dis Patch from Washington says a reconnaissance to Ashleys Gap returned last night at the Gap the federals met the 6th Virginia cavalry and Dis Persed them capturing a few prisoners among whom was Lieut. Col. Green. Altoona pa., sept. 24.the governors of All the Loyal states met Here to Day according to agreement a 4 were. Present and 3 were represented by proxy unanimity prevailed in regard to the presidents proclamation of emancipation. New York sept. 25.--the heralds dispatch from Altoona says the War has been the topic among the governors. Two propositions have been discussed. First to demand the immedi ate removal of Mcclellan. Second approval of the presidents emancipation proclamation. Todd of Ohio and Cut tin of Pennsylvania opposed the proposition. Gov. Andrews of mass. Made an hours speech in favor of both. He urged that Mcclellan be removed and fre Mont la his place. Sprague of r. A argued the removal of Mcclellan. Washington september 25.the president has issued a proclamation relative to rebel sympathizers giving Aid and Comfort to rebels or endeavouring to hinder enlistment or resisting draft and making All such persons liable to a trial by military authorities. The Hareas Corpus act is suspended in respect to All persons who Are now or May hereafter be arrested by military authorities. Louisville sept. 24.there is great rejoicing at the immediate proximity of seven divisions of Buell s army. The enemy seem to be concentrating at Bloom eld about 12,000 of them were seen there and beyond Salt River on the bards lows Road. Louisville sept. 25.-gen. Buell has arrived. Gen. Nelson issued an order permitting resumption of business. Day our cavalry captured 450 rebels at Georgetown. On the 21st, three regiments under Mccook drove 8000 rebel Cav Alry out of mum Fordsville. Rebels lost a col Onel Aud a Lieut. Col. Chicago sept. 25,a? the evacuation of Cumberland Gap gen. Morgan marched on Rich mond ky., and re captured that place with Large amount of stores and prisoners. Philadelphia sept. 25, t has been Semi of scially stated that our loss in the Battle of Antietam was 9220 killed wounded and missing. Washington. Sept. 25.-Surveyor general Hammond has just returned from the Battle eld Between Manassas and Bull run he says people have buried Over 3000 rebels who were left dead although rebels had Possession of Battle eld after engagement. There Are 600 More to be interred. Dates to sept. 261h. Washington sept. 26.- a he governors of Massachusetts Pennsylvania Ohio Virginia Lulli Nois Wisconsin Lowa Michigan new Hamp Shire and Indiana arrived this morning from Al Toona. The governors had an interview with the president and presented an address expressing let. A cordial personal of Cial respect for the president. 2d. A determination under All circumstances to support and maintain the presidents constitutional authority. The governors there speaking for themselves and the people of their respective states. _ 3d. Pledging to the president their Aid in All Eumea calculated to bring the War to an Early termination but which should be prosecuted to ultimate Victory until the. Rebels return to their constitutional duty. 4th. Congratulating the president upon the proclamation of emancipation believing it will be productive of Good As a measure of Justice to humanity and sound policy. The governors were courteously and kindly received. And their suggestions listened to with close attention by the president. It is stated by those who had the Best Opportunity of knowing that no proposition was made at the recent conference at Altoona nor even a suggestion was ventured touching the removal of Mcclellan nor was any proposition or suggestion made to Promise Fremont the head of the army or As to its future disposal. The general address to the president As agreed to was written by gov. Andrew at the suggestion of the governors present. Gov. Bradford alone did not sign the address expressing a car that the proclamation for the emancipation of slaves might not prove As advantageous As the conference hoped and he regarded the matter As too doubtful to justify him in taking sides for its support. New York sept. 26. Al he Richmond exam Iner claims the Battle of Antietam As a great rebel Victory. It says it was directed by Lee in per son with 60,000 men. Rebel accounts place the Federal Force at 150,000. Jackson commanded the right of the rebel line Hill the left and Long Street the Center. The Petersburg express makes a Signi cant admission that a Hopes of Maryland uniting her destinies with the South must now be banished. The Experiment to reuse her people to follow the fortunes of the rebel army has proclaimed her pm adherence to the Federal government. It is acknowledged by the express that the victories claimed at Boonsboro and Sharpsburg Are unprofitable to the rebel cause. The same journal advocates the destruction of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad and an attack on Pierpont. New York sept. 26,the evening Post says editorially that there is not the slightest foundation in fact that certain governors endeavoured to impose on the convention any action regarding the commanding general in the eld or else where or in regard to other details in the management of the War. The action of the Conven Tion was most Loyal. The Only act of the convention was to draw up a letter referred to in the Washington dispatch of to Day. The letter closes by suggesting to the president the Propri Ety of providing a corps of reserves not less than 100,000, to put into Camps of instruction in the different i tates. It was shown during the Dis Cussion Iii ill Siatt were 229 to blame of any de Cliency in their troops the delays being caused by the Lack of the mustering of ices clothing equipments Etc. The posts article is on the authority of one of the members of the convention. A Sivington sept. 26.the interview be tween the president and the governors of states lasted three hours. Their recommendations All partook of the nature of Friendly suggestions. Some of the subjects the president said had Al ready received executive consideration while others being for the St time presented were at the presidents request reduced to writing in or Der that they might meet the attention which their importance demanded. Louisville sept. 26,-the City is quiet. The streets Are blocked up All Day with Buellis forces passing through to camping grounds in the Vicin Ity. The markets Are almost drained of the Neo Essaris of life from the producers supplies being kept Back. Refugees Are rapidly returning. Business is becoming quite Active but no liquor is allowed to be sold. Baltimore sept. 27.the americans Cor respondent at Sharpsburg writing on the 24th, says since the rebels were driven Over the Potomac our forces have made frequent dashes across. A few Days since one company of the St new York brought Back be brass pieces. Yesterday the 62d Pennsylvania Crosset below Shep Ards own and captured 400 Ries marked Lon Don 62, and one 12-Pounder of English Manu facture. The rebel pickets in All cases fall Back at our approach. The bulk of the rebels seem to Remaina Ong the Potomac. Our recon nuisances Gener ally and them in Strong Force and the smoke of their Camp res is seen opposite All the Fox do. These manifestations Are not altogether to be trusted As it is part of the rebel tactics to show the most activity where they have the least Force and it must be difficult to feed their Large army at a Point so far from Railroad connection. A suspension of picket ring across the River has been agreed upon. Fon mass Monroe sept. 25. 1he Richmond whig of the 24th, says that reinforcements have reached Lee since the Battle of manasses enough to replace his losses in the recent Battles. The yellow fever is at Wilmington n. 0., very malignant. Dates to sept. 27. Philadelphia sept. 27.ihe Washington Star of last evening says that gen. Sumner occupied Bolivar hights a. Gen. Williams late of Banks corps occupied Maryland rights. Burnsides s artillery forded the River at harpers ferry on Friday. It was thought that his in pantry would Cross on 5. New Pontoon Bridge to a. R s a Louis sept. 28.a get is reported to Haw a taken place at Cassville mo., on the 2lst, Between a Hundred rebels and a company of the list Arkansas cavalry resulting in the Complete rout of the rebels with loss of teen killed and 19 taken prisoners. Our troops captured 20 Hor ses and a number of guns. Our loss Only one killed. Cincinnati sept. 28.rehels last night Cap tured Augusta ky., 40 Miles above this City. After robbing several houses they destroyed the place. The citizens de to the Ohio Side. New York sept. 28,the news of Pope s reverse was the theme of Universal comment in England. The intelligence was regarded As most disastrous for the North. The times argues that the Federal government is brought to the verge of ruin and believes such terms might be safely used when it is no longer Safe to execute the functions of government in the capital. I Srock Stock Market seems Tower a Lively at peasant but uni i Mals of All kinds Are Selling at unusually Low prices. Indian horses Are knocked Down under the Hammer at Sis to s4o l per head mules at so to $75 and Amer Vican horses Emigrant generally at s3o to s6o. This depreciation in prices is owing perhaps to the great in us or Over plus of animals from the Plains and the mines. Another reason is buyers remember the disasters of last Winter and that. Those who saved their Stock did it at a Cost equal their value in procuring food for it. Consequently they cautiously calculate that the coming Winter May be similar to the last. If however it should turn out that we Are favored with a mild Winter those who Are buying at the present rates will with reasonable calculation double their 1 investments Early next Spring. L Raina the Rainy season the papers. Of Portland 0111 it the equinoctial storm has commenced in Oregon. The Orego Man says i bids fair to last until Spring. Very Likely for during a seven years res Tidence in that country we never saw it let up sooner than that and every year we were told by old oregonians that the sea son was an exception. Very exception Able we thought. Where is hip a. J. Howard of the Granite Creek express has failed to connect during the past two weeks. Pretty other views a Man May in time grew tired but in the countenance of woman there is a variety which sets weariness at de Ance. The divine right of Beauty says. Junius is the Only divine right a Man can a ? knowledge and a pretty woman the Only tyrant i he is not authorized 0 resist. L probate court. The Iomah term of the probate court or Walla l Walla county will commence its session at the Cou t House in this City on the St monday in november l 1562. By order of the probate court. Tins a. Linsom Luk. 42w4 l get Youl a Ai Iki l Frank Dugan Vatu maker and jeweler Walla Walla would respectfully announce to e the citizens of this Vicinity that he has located in z Vulia Walls. And is fully prepared to do All kinds of 5 work in his the in a. Stile unsurpassed by any Workman in the West with the experience of fourteen years. And having i worked most of that time in some of the largest re pairing shops in new York and Cincinnati. I am con 1 deut that 1 can Render entire satisfaction to All who May to Uvo me with their patronage. Watches and clocks that others have failed to make run solicited i and no charge will he made if fail to put them in Good running order. Puri Euler attention paid to the r repairing of Pine watches All work warranted l Welve months charges to Vas the lowest. Miners can Send their watches to me by express and i will the express charges Here and Back. I shop on main Street next door to May Bush & cons. Lumber of be. F. P. lit time f. P. Dugan m Baker Walla Nlle. Auburn. Dugan Baker. Attorneys and Conns Ellms at Law and solicitors in chancery. Refe fringes lion. Samuel r. Curtis Lowa. Ben. C. 0. Cole Des Moines Lowa Hon. J. S. Townsend judge 9th judicial District Hon. H. of Tymna Lowa. 43gmo notice will be sold at Public auction on saturday the18th inst at 1 o clock my at the Quarter Mas ter a Coral thirty 30 mules belonging to United Stales Quarter masters department. Cheeks on the bub Treasury and approve Cert de voucher issued by the Quarter masters department received in . Ment. We. B Hughes is Lieut. 91h infantry a. A. Q. anal Walla w. T., oct. 11,1862 43 w2 dissolution of Cova in ship. Notice is hereby. Given that the partnership heretofore existing Between John Creighton and . He Miltby under the name of Creighton &co., Day dissolved by Mutual consent. Al business relating to the pm will be settled by John Creighton. John Creighton. Thomas d. Maltby. Florence w. T., sept. 12th, 1862. 43-6 w Ohn Meder Molt formerly of Buffalo n. Y., May be placed. In receipt of information of import Ance by sending his address to g. W. Wardman Walla Walla w. A. Walls Vulla oct. 11th, 1962. 43-Llno notice obis solution of Copartnership. The partnership heretofore existing Between Thom As l Paine and f. A. Bake is hereby dissolved by Mutual consent Walla Walla october 7th. 1862. Thomas j. I Ayne. 437w Fancis a Siake. Notice. I have this Day sold my entire interest in the wholesale liquor business lately conducted under the pm of hum Stoudt Mondun Portland Oregon to messes. J. Wilson and Geo. W. Stevens of san Francisco. C. N. Humiston is duly authorized to Settle Allne Colts of the Lute pm of Huliston 6l Mann. J. Madan. Portland july 31, 1862. 36tf books and stationery. Just received a varied assortment of books and stationery which will be sold at wholesale and retell at the City Book store Post office building Walla Walla. E. E. Kelly. Sept. 13, 1862. 89. Notice to merchants. 0f Oregon and Washington territory Ladd Reed it 00. Take this method of informing merchants and a a moors us Lin gun and Washington that. They Are now ecu i veg at this port As per arrange ments with their agent at Haw York direct from Eastern markets selected by their agents especially for l., r. & 00., Large invoices 0f 0superwr old Rye id 7 and Bourbon w Heise y comprising upwards of 50,000 Gallons which they Are prepared to sell to the Trade at a Enma rates a Low As the Quality can be sold on the Pacic coast. They would also remind dealers that they Are new of c ring of their own importation. War ranted pure and free from adulteration an assortment of s us follows a r i. f. Martell London Dock. Vineyard proprietors do do a. C. Goddard do do also 01d London port and Sherry 0f High Grade and Rich Avor. The above Are especially designed for. Family and medicinal purposes also a Large assortment direct importations of Friend ii b ii andies on follows Champagne Brandy Jules Robin do., Vine growers do., together worn Rochelle and Bordeaux brands of lower Grade. Wines Duff Gordon Sherry Crown Sherry Russeau Oporto port pure juice very heavy and be Burgundy a. Rim 02d Hudson is Bay Jamaica Emeram St. Crow a. Old Iio lands Pine Apple grape Leaf Swan and wind Mill. Also of their own importation they Are also constantly receiving from thei Housa in san f in ciscon full assortment of Case goods consisting of wines bitters cordials syrups &c., which will at All times be sold at a Tri ing Advance from West to the Trade. Trusting that the merchants of Oregon and Washington territory will and it to their advantage to encourage importations to their own seaport they most cordially invite then to Call and compare qualities and prices before pure using elsewhere. Ladd Reed & co. 218 front Street front Street. San Francisco. Portland l6ly Cal. Oregon. L. Whitti Ghadi 55 00., Wallula City w. T., offer for Sale he largest and Best assortment Ever brought Tot Washington territory comprising a. Variety of wines and. Liquors groceries provisions boots and shoes hardware and general. Merchandise. 500 barrels. Ilour s9l3 always on hand. Wipe ties intending to Purchase Are invited to Call and get our Priles. As we will sell at 11. Small and Vance on san Francisco Cost. For Cash. L. Whit Tahham & co. \anluln,sept.27, 1862. _ sllll3 for Sale. 30,000 lbs flour. 5,000 Bacon. At the lowest Market Price. J. H. Fairchild do co. Val Nln sept. 15,1862. 0. Notice. 3 .2 t 0 Charles w. Walters. _ you will take notice that i shall apply to the " next legislature of Washington territory for a dissolution of the Bonds of Matrimony existing be tween us. Mary j. Walters. Colville ,l�62. 4011 powder Rybi and John a r prices reduced. Shepherd Cooper & 00. Run 1 weekly express from Walla Walla tothe powder River and John Day mines. Leaving Walla Walla Evern Ari Dagand Auburn every tuesday. Zig our charge on letter. Is Only 25 cents. Office in Walla Valulu at Wells Fargo & co s. Sll sepherd Cooper & co. Sept. 27, 1862. 4ltf 9mossman & 00. S express. Vive undersigned now extend their express from Portland to the Salmon River powder and John Day mlll�3. Of Iee in Portland at the Post of be 1 Dalles at the Post of be Walla Walla h. Parker. Agent Lewiston D. Thompsons store Auburn j. H. Williams. Agent. Letters intended for any of the above mining to Coli tips. Addressed to our care at Portland Dulles or Walla Walla will be promptly forwarded to their Dos Tinnion. Mossman & co. _ sept. 27, 1862. Stltt

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