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Walla Walla Union Bulletin (Newspaper) - November 21, 1982, Walla Walla, Washington Cougars win Washington state University took the University of Washington out of the Rose bowl saturday. 17berry brigade the Berry family has a tradition of firefighting in Walla Walla. 9 114th year Jallo urn in of. O i a Ca i a a. I bulletin sunday november 21,1982 50 cents state Council to recommend income tax 1>b phone by John brooch or if a substance can be shown to produce certain symptoms when ingested by a healthy person it can be used to cure a sick person who has those same symptoms. Homeopathy becomes epidemic by Debbie Cafazzo of it our a but tot people taking their health and Well being into their own hands making educated decisions and asking questions no one dared to ask before. That show Walla Walla resident Debbie Starcevich described the alternative health care revolution that a reaching epidemic proportions around the country a a revolution that has touched her family for the better she said. Debbie her husband Alan and their two children who moved to Walla Walla a few months ago have been treated by a homeopathic physician for several years. Last month they invited their Portland physician to speak to interested Walla Walla residents about the principles of homeopathy. Homeopathic Medicine first developed in the late 18th Century by a German physician named Samuel Hahnemann is the treatment of patients using substances derived from plants minerals and animal sources to stimulate what homeopaths say Are the body a own Healing processes. Homeopathic physicians believe that a Duke cures in other words if a substance can be shown to produce certain symptoms when ingested by a healthy person it can be used to cure a sick person who has those same symptoms. The Starcevich a experience with homeopathy began about four years ago when Debbie was seeking treatment for Low blood sugar or hypoglycemia and allergy problems related to that condition. She said she consulted traditional medical doctors who told her a sorry there a nothing More we can do for next she said she tried diet and Vitamin therapy which both had a temporary effect. But she Felt there must be something More. On the advice of a Friend she consulted a Homeopath whose treatment she said a turned me right although she admitted that she turned to homeopathy Only As a a last resort a she said it is the treatment that gave her what she wanted a results so lean about 30 people turned up at an october meeting to hear or. Samuel Flagler n.d., a Naturopathic physician who practices homeopathy in Portland speak on the principles of homeopathy. Flagler a graduate of the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland stressed that homeopathic physicians Are not interested in replacing conventional Medicine. They want to work hand in hand with it he said. Homeopaths do not say they have equated the accomplishments of traditional Medicine in the area of crisis or emergency Medicine Flagler said. But neither has traditional Medicine found All the answers to the treatment of patients with chronic diseases homeopaths claim. Flagler practices and is licensed by the state of Oregon As a Naturopath a physician who May use any of a number of natural drug less processes in the treatment of patients. Water therapy diet and nutrition therapy herbal Medicine acupuncture physical manipulation and exercise All fall within the realm of the Naturopathic physician. Homeopathy too is one of the Many treatments a Naturopathic physician May employ and one in which Flagler specializes. Naturopaths Are licensed by the state of Washington As Well As by continued on Page 4 Olympia a gov. John Spellman s tax advisory Council appears ready to recommend adoption of a 1 or 2 percent state income tax in Washington with a vote possible on monday. Preliminary voting Over the past two weeks indicates that most of the 15 Council members Are ready to urge that the legislature approve a a single rate Quot income tax As a state constitutional amendment and submit it to the voters next fall. The proposal probably would include a fairly Large exemption perhaps $7,500 per person or $15,000 for a joint return before any tax would be paid according to Council member Charles Hodde former state House speaker and Revenue director under several governors. Council members took about 80 votes on tax questions at their last two meetings and the a show of hands was better than two thirds for some kind of income tax a Hodde said. A the amount of strength shown for an income tax was surprising Quot he added a but Many members of the Council Are still not agreed on the kind of tax High Low Flat or another former Revenue director Glenn Pascall has been hired by the Boeing co. For the month of november to determine How top officials of other major corporations feel about a state income tax. Quot i think that the Grote it of companies won t take a position an whether or no binding vote has been made pm what tax package to Pope attacks mafia style violence Palermo Sicily a a heavily guarded Pope John Paul ii travelled to this mafia stronghold saturday and decried the a barbarous violence Quot that has claimed 130 lives in Gangland murders this year. Hie Pope was shot and wounded by a turkish extremist in St. Peters Square on May 13, 1981 and a year later escaped unharmed when charged by a Bayonet wielding renegade Spanish priest in Fatima Portugal. After his motorcade passed just Yards from the spot where Italy Stop crime fighter was assassinated in september the. Pope went to a Palm lined Central Square saturday and challenged Palermo authorities and citizens to end the killings. A the deeds of barbarous violence which for too Long have bloodied the streets of this splendid City offend human dignity As do subhuman conditions discrimination against fundamental rights and economic and social inequality a the White Robed Pope John Paul ii pontiff told More than 50,000 people standing shoulder to shoulder in Cool sunny weather in Palermo a pol Teama Square. Hundreds of police lined the Popes route. The pontiff Rode standing in the Back of a Glass enclosed White jeep. Authorities closed the City Center to private traffic and erected barricades to hold Back the crowds. The 63-year-old Pope did not mention the mafia in his speech made in response to a Welcome by City officials but later in remarks to University professors he denounced a the mafia John Paul told the professors they have the Power which a Springs from the strength of ideas and which is needed More than Ever today As an antidote to profound evils particularly to those connected with the mafia phenomenon that concerns today a making the first trip by a Pope to Sicily in nearly 600 years and the first Ever to Palermo the polish born pontiff gave his support to a Campaign against the mafia waged by the islands roman Catholic Church. Mafia violence reached new ferocity this year capped by the september assassination of Gen. Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa his wife and bodyguard in an ambush in downtown Palermo. Dalla Chiesa had been sent to Sicily to direct the governments Campaign against the crime Syndicate which has become the largest supplier of heroin for addicts in the United states. Us. And italian officials say that $560 million Worth of heroin is produced in Sicily each year. Suspected mafia gunmen armed with pistols and sawed off shotguns killed four people overnight in the outskirts of Palermo in two separate ambushes. Test tube program brings flood of inquiries Seattle apr plans to begin a test tube baby program at the University of Washington have brought a flood of inquiries from women unable to Bear children As Well As concern from human life advocates. A a More than 100 women unable to Bear children swamped the us switchboard Friday officials said. Quot the phone has been ringing All Day a said or. Leon Spadoni vice chairman of the University a obstetrics and gynaecology department. Quot the response has been Kenneth Vanderhoef head of the states human life organization said die group would Reserve judgment until it had More information on the program. A one of the difficulties is that this procedure is fraught with ethical and moral considerations a Vanderhoef said. A in order to make a judgment we really have to know the or. Michael Soules an assistant professor in charge of the University Hospital program said he expected to have 200 to 300 cases annually and feared that the program might be unable to meet the demand. In Vitro fertilization which has resulted in More than 100 live births since 1978, involves surgically removing several eggs from a woman a ovaries combining them with sperm under Laboratory conditions and returning the fertilized eggs to the woman a uterus for Normal development. Spadoni said the procedure which is estimated to Cost $3,000 to $3,500, would be monitored carefully like any other medical undertaking. A Medicine in itself is unnatural a he said. A we transplant hearts transplant kidneys repair defective tubes. I have a hard time thinking its immoral. We re always modifying the course of human Spadoni said most of the inquiries have been from women 35 to 40 years old who have had problems conceiving a baby for a variety of reasons. Recommend but if there is one Here a some principles that ought to be involved a Pascall said a Flat rat tax with constitutional Protection of the rate and a guaranteed reduction in other major taxes such As the sales tax and the business and occupation Pascal was fired by Spellman earlier this year after he said the governor was considering an income tax proposal. Hodde explained the difference Between single rate and Flat rate taxes As follows suppose the rate is 5 percent and it the exemption is $15,000. So the couple making $20,000 a year would pay 5 percent of $5,000, which is really an effective rate of 1.25 percent but the Guy who makes $50,000 would pay pm $35,000, so his rate would be 3 or 3.5 a Flat rate tax by contrast would be imposed at All income Levels. The Council has been directed to Issue a recommendation by 30 Days before Jan. 10, when the legislative session begins. The Council is scheduled to meet monday and nov. 29, and chairman Graham Fernald of Seattle said another meeting would be necessary to prepare a final report. Fernald has directed that the Council reconsider All items on the list of 80 questions that got a majority vote in preliminary debates. Pascall said he hoped to relay a big business consensus to business representatives on the tax Council. Missile announcement expected monday before arms speech Washington a president Reagan is hoping the latest plan for Basing my nuclear missiles will be Able to survive both a soviet attack and congressional scrutiny. Reagan is expected to announce monday that he has approved an air Force recommendation that the 100 intercontinental weapons be clustered in underground shelters within a 14-Square-mile area White House and Pentagon officials say. Hie announcement was expected to come a few hours before Reagan gives a nationally televised address on arms control monday night. Reagan sex plan known variously As a closely spaced Basing and a dense pack a comes in response to a dec. 1 deadline set by Congress for proposing a Home for the missiles. Then Congress which begins a lame Duck session nov. 29, will have 30 legislative Days to veto the plan a vote that is expected to be dose. Meantime it has forbidden the Pentagon to set aside Money for Basing the weapons. Hie question of How and where to deploy the 71-foot-Long, 192,000-Pound missiles has been unanswered since the weapons were first proposed in 1973. More than 30 different Basing plans have been considered. Even though the weapon system has no Home More than $4.5 billion already has been spent on research and development. The Pentagon has set the total program Cost at about $25 billion but critics say the final Price could be double that. Supporters of the program say the weapon is needed because increasingly accurate soviet missiles have made the current us. Force of 1,052 minuteman and Titan land based intercontinental missiles vulnerable to destruction in their silos. Each my or a missile experimental a will have 10 warheads and will be highly accurate. While the my is scheduled to go into production next year the a dense pack base won t be ready until 1986. In the interim Reagan proposed putting the first 40 missiles into existing minutemen silos but the idea was turned Down cold by Congress. Although the president could make some last minute change the version of a dense pack he is most Likely to approve would Pirt All 100 missiles into an area about 14 Miles Long and a mile wide. A dense pack Quot backers say the missiles would be saved by a a fratricide a a theory which holds that meaning soviet missiles would Knock each out leaving some my weapons Able to retaliate. Another option is to build More than 100 silos for the missiles leaving some of the shelters empty. That would make it More difficult for the soviets to target the missiles say my advocates. A dense pack Quot has Many critics As have All the other Basing plans. One is Charles Townes a physicist and Nobel laureate who headed a defense science Board panel that studied the idea. Townes has reportedly questioned whether the missiles can be put into a super hardened a or blast proof silos quicker than the soviets can come up with better weapons. The names and addresses of callers Are being taken while us officials decide on the criteria to be used in choosing women for the program. A everything is sort of snowballing a he said. A we Hope to set Down criteria that will be fair and equitable for everyone at the outset Spadoni said those in the program will seek women with the Best Chance to conceive including those with damaged tubes who have conceived in the past. Spadoni said it probably will be next simmer before the program is raided and ready to go but he Hopes to have a successful pregnancy by Early fall. Rain Snow or rain showers Are forecast for today with some partial Clearing expected tonight. The High temperature is expected to be near 40 with the Low going to 25. Details on Page 5. Whereto find classified 41 dear Abby 12 Donohue 14 editorials 34 Horoscope 15 markets 36 obituaries 5 Oregon 31 outdoors 23 people 27 perspective 33 sports 17-22 to 16 Washington 6 world 26

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